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Won’t open appThis has been happening for ages (and yes I’ve updated) when it used to be fine. If I click on a link in - say - the Reddit daily email, it opens in safari but asks if I want to open the app, if I click open in app it takes me to the App Store every.single.time. So irritating..Score: 1/5

Terrible updatesRubbish video player Free awards make none of them special Avatars are awful Asks me to upvote a post or join a community which I can’t turn off Awful video player.Score: 1/5

Bad updateHorrendous new update. Why did you have to break it? Videos playing in the background when scrolling through comments. Clickable area to hide the comments is too small. The button that scrolls through the highest upvoted comments suddenly sends me to related content. Bad.Score: 1/5

Pointless… use the websiteThis app doesn’t really provide essential advantages over the website, and contains some real annoyances that actually make it harder to use, such as the way the scroll-down icon sits right on top of the post/save link, preventing you from posting/saving unless you scroll right to the bottom of the entire thread. I tried to report the bug, but r/redditmobile has a requirement to post 2 pieces of “flair”, which the app cannot do! You can only select one via a single-choice radio button - there’s no way to add the necessary app version number. My advice is simply to use Reddit in a browser (if you must) and avoid subreddits with childish restrictions..Score: 1/5

Censorship here is disgustingCensorship here is disgusting.Score: 3/5

Rubbis video playerThis isn’t TikTok! The comments are just as important if not more than the video. The new design has ruined this! I’m off to another app..Score: 1/5

New comments design is awfulYou can’t easily pause videos while reading the comments. Comments are hidden away after the first comment. Scrolling down on a video makes you go to a random next video rather than the comments or the next post. Buttons are not in logical places so I find myself moving around my phone in my hand to be able to navigate through the app. No idea who thought these new changes were any good..Score: 2/5

Bad updatesApp has been near perfect up until the last year. New features have been adding constantly asking for feedback, reminding you to upvote, playing irrelevant live feeds despite having the option turned off, increased pressure on monetisation and now pushing a new highly unpopular video player which makes accessing the comment section, the most important part of the app, much more difficult..Score: 2/5

New features are worse & worse, use alternativeAdding trending into front page as ‘normal’ posts, messing up the front page Having to maximise the screen to pause a video while reading comments - a ‘reel’ esque feature that doesn’t work on reddit. Consistent crashing Advertisements becoming more aggressive Will use alternative now.Score: 2/5

Banned from RedditI was banned from Reddit because I told a pro-Israeli moderator to “F-off vermin” after they wrote to me “don’t let the door hit you on the way out” when they temporarily banned me on their sub-Reddit (ironically, I was defending Israel and arguing with an anti-Semite). So I get banned but they get to remain on the site. Ridiculous. If you want not freedom of speech and to have your words moderated, download the app. If not, avoid it. Moderators on the site are not worth it..Score: 1/5

Avoid!Forced install and slows phone and takes up storage..Score: 1/5

Reddit gloryAmazing diversity and fun for unreasonable hours, I love my time on this app..Score: 5/5

Annoying pop-up asking me to upvoteRecently, when I leave a post there’s a pop up asking me to upvote. This is very annoying. Would like removed..Score: 1/5

Each update worsens the experience.The app continues to get more bloated, and less usable, in the name of “increasing engagement” by attempting to emulate apps like tiktok and instagram. If I wanted to use tiktok and instagram, I’d download tiktok and instagram..Score: 1/5

New video player is terribleThe new version of the app uses a swipe up function very similar to Tiktok. It’s horrifically slow, doesn’t load comments, and you cannot see subreddit names or comments without maximising. Also cannot scrub through video quick. Massive step back in a bid to apparently copy a different app with a totally different function, takes all the worst parts with no benefits.Score: 1/5

App has become non-responsive and not working wellThe app has become a bit slow lately (since June 10th evening), seems like a bug that needs fixing..Score: 2/5

Left wing extremist appAs above. Very poor app. No tolerance by people who run it for diversity. Very narrow minded racists. Full of leftie filth.Score: 1/5

Unbelievably annoying appSince the last update it now nags you to upvote every time you read a post. And it keeps showing me suggestions I don’t want. The latter give you an option to "show me less of this", which is useless. What I want is "don’t show me suggestions at all". Permanently. I know what I want to see, and I know what I want to upvote/downvote. According to the relevant subreddit, the latest update has also messed up the video player, though I deliberately avoid watching videos on Reddit..Score: 1/5

Good app. Please stop changing the video playerThe app works well and does what it should, BUT every so often the video player is changed into something that resembles the Instagram discover feed where you can’t pause the video or access comments properly. Please stop trying to over complicate things, it worked well before..Score: 1/5

Why I love RedditIt good the end.Score: 5/5

The last update killed RedditAfter the last update I haven’t been able to get back into the app.Score: 1/5

Awful new video player…The new video player makes the app unusable, please give an option to revert this back to the normal one at least..Score: 1/5

Forced by website spam and blocksForced to download this because the website constantly spams you and blocks certain content from being viewable on the mobile website. Absolute garbage behavior..Score: 1/5

Awful updateNew video player is so hard to use and has an disgusting UI/UX. Wasn’t the best app before, now it’s the worst. Honestly just use safari, that’s better somehow. Also, the auto playing of adverts is INCREDIBLY annoying if you’re listening to music..Score: 1/5

Worst app everBe prepared for them to randomly take your account of you for no reason and when you report it they let you know there was no reason but still don’t help you and you accounts getting randomly removed when you do nothing wrong the worst app to ever exist.Score: 1/5

Forcing users to download appForcing users to download app, screw you, I’ll use old.Reddit instead..Score: 1/5

Please fix bugPlease fix bug where links open the App Store page instead of the Reddit app.Score: 1/5

The way the internet used to beI like Reddit. I join forums about things I’m interested in. The other people are smart, decent, polite and supportive. Community moderation works well. It’s like Twitter a decade ago before it became ugly..Score: 5/5

New Version New BugsEvery new version of the app brings new bugs. It’s astounding to me that this app gets through QA each time. A lovely example is that you can no longer pause a video in the feed. If you tap on it it goes full screen and continues to play, you pause the video and hit back and it starts playing again..Score: 1/5

Change UI backNew video player and accessing comments is awful, along with the recommended posts at the bottom, it’s turning me off using the app and feels like a massive step back from something that was not broken..Score: 1/5

Nee video player experienceIs absolutely awful- keeps playing when you are in comments, and when you click it to mute and go back, the experience is repeated. Time to find another app to view..Score: 1/5

Link doesn’t workWhenever I’m on Reddit on google(on my phone) and I click on a topic it says if I want to continue it needs to take me to the app but whenever I click that it takes me to the App Store not the app can this be fixed please or is there a way for me to fix it and my Reddit is on the most current update so updating it is not the problem over then that no problems.Score: 4/5

FunIt’s pretty fun and surprising.Score: 5/5

Terrible updateNew video UI is horrible and getting constant notifications asking if I want to upvote a post is annoying..Score: 1/5

Video interface update is garbageSo I can watch a video, try to view comments and it plays again. Try to pause the video by tapping the centre, Now it’s full screen and playing again! Swipe up to find the video controls and now it’s playing the next video!! This is absolute garbage off an update to a feature that was not broken. What the hell were the devs thinking??.Score: 1/5

New video player and ux is awfulDid you even test this? The video ux is now awful..Score: 1/5

Latest updateThe latest update has really been horrible. The video interface that is being used is dire and difficult to get to grips with. Throw in the bugs that accompany it and I think you get a universally hated update. Needs fixing..Score: 1/5

Use a different appI can’t recommend this app when the alternatives are soo much better..Score: 1/5

New video and forcing me to choose to up voteJust like everyone else said, I want to scroll a post not all videos!.Score: 2/5

Videos are now the most user unfriendly thingApp worked perfectly fine but now any video post, enlarges the video automatically if you tap on it. Want to read the comments? Sure, but only in the bottom half of the screen. The video will continue to play, and it’s nigh impossible to navigate those posts easily anymore..Score: 1/5

Devs are destroying the app and experienceDevs do not listen to any feedback and instead keep pushing updates that harm the usability and intuitiveness of the app, for example the new video player, an attempt to copy tiktok and be trendy while harming the user experience. It requires more taps to do the same things, ruins the comment section and cannot be paused without going full screen. They tried it once and were met by thunderous disappointment, rolled it back and now a few months later they’ve forced it on most accounts on iOS. Additionally they’re pushing you to subscribe to more and more subreddits you don’t want to, “oh you upvoted a post, surely you want a pop up asking you to subscribe to that subreddit”. Plus their incessant requests to allow location services to see what people near me are upvoting, no I don’t want to. But no, the site/app designed around tailoring your experience and content has a “show me LESS of this” option. How about show me none of this, get it off my home screen and never show me it again? Bear in mind that even if you did like the new changes they’re wasting time fixing things that weren’t broken while ignoring things that are broken like soundless gifs and videos interfering with music playback.Score: 1/5

Good but could be better..It would be great to have additional privacy features such as unlocking the app with Face ID..Score: 3/5

Terrible updateThe new UI for the video player is abysmal. Particularly busy interface and difficult to control. Overall the app isn’t terrible but this update is making it worse..Score: 2/5

Video playback awfulApp is getting worse and worse. Now, when I flick up to close a video, it goes to the next. I DO NOT WANT TIKTOK. MY MIND DOES NOT NEED A NEW VIDEO EVERY 2 seconds. Grrr.Score: 1/5

Its goodIts basically unlimited memes and entertainment.Score: 5/5

Username ShameI’m stuck with a username that was autogenerated when I registered it’s been 100 days and all I want to do is change it. If yall to lazy to provide the capability to fix usernames maybe don’t pollute the username with immutable garbage for new users?.Score: 1/5

Change the video player backChange it back. It is ridiculous how this even passed testing. I am uninstalling the app and using Apollo instead, this was the final nail in the coffin..Score: 1/5

Revert the recent updateRecent update has made browsing horrible. Trying to scroll down from a video to the comments has been an absolute nightmare. Great app before the update but this one seriously makes me shut the app and go on something else..Score: 1/5

Video UINew video UI is terrible - I don’t want the video to keep playing when I’m reading the comments..Score: 1/5

Amazing appLove it already.Score: 5/5

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AwesomeI love Reddit ! So much useful information.Score: 5/5

Baba boeyBruh this app is wholesome 100.Score: 5/5

New Video Player Ruined ItThe new video player is exceptionally bad. I cannot stop the video if I wish to view comments, the video now scrolls with the comments, if you want to pause it you have to go full screen but then when you exit full screen it leaves the comment section and resumes the video. I don’t know who thought that changing it this way was a good idea but it’s completely idiotic..Score: 1/5

Good app, but...Quit forcing people to use the app apposed to using Reddit with your browser!.Score: 3/5

They changed the video viewer 😐The new video play is HORRIBLE. Trying to unmute takes me to a weird screen and viewing comments is weird. On a side note I DO NOT want to use reddit avatars. Please bring back the cute default pfps why bother even getting rid of those? The default pfps were amazing :( I’m getting really sick of the reddit avatars being shoved down our throats as well. I can barely tell the difference between users now because everyone makes their avatar look like the Wall Street bets guy. It feels like they’re just slowly making the app worse over the course of a year. Please revert back to what it was like in May 2020. Also I miss the group chats that would be randomized on subreddits..Score: 1/5

Just kill meHow am I expected to use an app that’s 90% videos when you massacre the video UI? My god….Score: 1/5

New video player is awfulPlease change the video player back to the original..Score: 1/5

The last IOS update is trashChange it back. The stupid scroll to another post instead of down to the comment section is infuriating. Reddit really seems like it’s turning into all of the social media apps I hate, got rid of or never wanted to use in the first place. Why do you have to change it from how it was. I don’t want a stupid IG/Snapchat garbage style app, I want a app like a forum where I can view one specific post I see, scroll down and comment. I don’t want to see another post when I scroll down when watching a video. With all of the stupid choices you make to the UI I might as well stop using it. Whoever decided this was a good idea should be fired..Score: 1/5

Bad bad badThe new UI for videos is really bad and making reading the comments impossible. Use another Reddit app if you can. Avoid this one at all cost…..Score: 1/5

Re-direct connectivity sucksWhen I’m browsing a thread on Safari and the page forces me to open the reddit page in the app, it should just open the app up to the thread I was browsing. It shouldn’t continuously direct me to the App Store in an inescapable loop.Score: 1/5

How do ILove the app but can’t my delete bad subreddit how?.Score: 5/5

It’s time to finally switch to ApolloThe new update IS TERRIBLE! Very unintuitive viewing of video posts, stupid mute/unmute logic, unable to hide repetitive ads!.Score: 1/5

Left due to new tiktok style video player updateLeft due to the new tiktok style video player, the UX is just pire garbage. Moved to Apollo the app!.Score: 1/5

AnnoyingStop asking me to upvote every post I look at. Incredibly annoying, please get rid of this feature..Score: 1/5

Please stopWhy do you feel the need to ask me if I liked a post after leaving it? And if yes, to please upvote? What’s the deal with pushing upvotes? Let me upvote what I want to upvote!!!!!!!.Score: 2/5

New video player?New video player is really bad because it makes looking at posts with videos a big hassle. Especially if you want to look at comments.Score: 1/5

AppIts ok pretty boring even seeing people arguing on twitter over not using those weird tone things is more entertaining than using this app the people who use this app for hours must have absolutely nothing to do in their lives and there’s barely anyone online most the time in sub reddits.Score: 3/5

New video player is awfulNew video player is terrible and needs to be reverted or tested further.Score: 1/5

Ruined by the updatesThis app was fine, usable, simple, convenient. Then they started updating it. The video player wasn’t the greatest, so they removed it and implemented a tiktok ripoff that’s hard to use and annoying. They literally send you pop-ups asking you to upvote posts?! Adding useless things that end up just making things take longer to load, and no option to opt out of any of this..Score: 1/5

What is that new video thingComments don’t appear when you click on videos anymore. You gotta click again and then the comment button on the side, kinda like for Reddit streaming. For god’s sake, why??.Score: 1/5

New Video player sucksThe new video plate makes watching videos literally impossible on mobile. It’s terrible..Score: 1/5

No need to join subsNo need to join subs. Used to be Home Screen is only for loved subs. Now all subs go to your Home Screen. Also mods are toxic..Score: 1/5

Really bad video playerThe new video player is the worst! Bring back the old one..Score: 1/5

Updated UX is terribleThe UX update is terrible and frustrating to use. The video player makes it hard to view comments or exit the video. Also, you have to press ‘more replies’ just to see more then a couple comments. Very bad update for UX..Score: 1/5

New version is awfulI don’t need to be reminded to upvote every single thread I read, with a pop up. Also your new video player is awful. Let me read the comments while I watch the video..Score: 1/5

Loved the app, they ruined the video playerWould have given 5 stars a few days ago, the new video player is broken and out of sync with the rest of the app. You now scroll up/down for videos but left/right for images? On top of that scrolling in the video player now scrolls through r/all regardless of what sub your on..Score: 1/5

Mostly good but fix video UIMan you gotta revert this new video UI, it is atrocious. How many damn interactions do I need to do before reading a full page of comments with the video paused. Think about it..Score: 3/5

Good appThank u good app for allowing me to scroll and forget everything this is what i want in an app.Score: 5/5

GarbageDon’t install, you gain 10lbs on your neck instantly.Score: 1/5

Video playerThe new video player’s horrible. Twisted logic (full screen playback > pause > go back to normal size > playback automatically resumed), the UX must’ve been designed by a drunken mole..Score: 1/5

Latest update ruins experienceThe latest update introduces a terrible video player that ruins engagement and usability. Video posts are now difficult to navigate and has led me to try out third-party Reddit apps..Score: 1/5

New design and user flow destroys RedditEvery post lets you see a comment or two before recommending more post, it encourages you to slide down to best post when you don’t want to, etc etc It’s like it wants to be tiktok and have you get to the best content rapidly instead of lurking. That’s not what Reddit is!!!!.Score: 1/5

Video format is awfulWhy did you guys change the video format? It’s horrendous. Please fix it back.Score: 1/5

Horrible New Video BehaviourThey’re knocking off IG, Snap and Tiktok’s scrolling video feed and it’s a horrible implementation. When I watch videos I like to read comments but now it’s 3 extra steps to read a comment. No matter what video clock on it opens in a split video/comment mode. I need to pause the video, reach over the corner of the screen because I’m left handed to click the comments button then maximize the comments. 1 step forward, 3 steps back..Score: 1/5

Almost as many ads as postsI hope you like seeing the same ads every 7 posts, and in every comment section..Score: 2/5

Newly designed layout - ZERO STARS!Reddit, your newly designed designed layout for iOS is HORRIBLE. ZERO STARS..Score: 1/5

WishesI wish all social media things were super similar to Reddit with it's great layout. I think it's layout, even for the app is good..Score: 5/5

Best app for so many reasonsI love this app.Score: 5/5

Their frantic pace of change is causing the app to break a lotHave been an iOS device Redditer for ages. Alien Blue and now this. Their manic/frantic pace of adding ‘features’ I don’t want, which breaks the functionality I use has inspired me to take a break from Reddit. The straw that broke the camels back is the current mess of a video player. The app was usable and now is impairing my ability to get at content..Score: 1/5

Video player is awfulWhat did you do to the video player? This is clunky and awful. Change it back..Score: 1/5

How did you make this app even worse? Seriously bravo, didn’t think it was possible.Nice work!.Score: 1/5

It was better before the excessive censorshipAdmins messed everything up. Now it’s full of leftist propaganda..Score: 3/5

Give me some old RedditNew direction is garbage. Auto play garbage. Reward garbage. Payed and power hungry moderators. Do yourself a favor and just use a browser..Score: 1/5

Video format sucksGo back to the old video format. You can’t pause to read comments, the video screen is cluttered and feels like a social media app. I just want to watch a video by pressing play and pausing when I’m done. And put the upvote bar back on the comments screen. I don’t want to go to full screen just to upvote.Score: 1/5

10/10Reddit has everything! from creepy old men to censoring women to sa fantasies!! love it here xx.Score: 1/5

Don't updateThe new player is terrible! I regret updating the app as it's almost unusable now..Score: 1/5

New mobile app video play is terribleNew mobile update is terrible, the video play is feature is terrible and can’t read the comments properly and the video keeps playing in the background nonstop..Score: 1/5

Latest update to videos is badThe latest update to Reddit brings the “feature” of making every video you click play on turn full screen that does not load. So I have to click play then swipe back for every video/gif I want to watch now..Score: 1/5

New video player is awfulIt’s laggy, and for some reason puts me in a completely different subreddit than the one I’m trying to scroll though, which makes no sense. Stop trying to be TikTok.Score: 3/5

New video player is terribleI hate the new player. There should be a way to disable it and have the pre update flow..Score: 1/5

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UghhhhI prefer to use official apps, and I’ve been using this one for almost a year now. while it’s been great, the new video player is absolute GARBAGE and there’s no way to opt out of it. Will be searching for alternative.Score: 3/5

New video player is awful.Can’t even look at comments on a video without accidentally opening a new video or going back to the main feed. Horrible update..Score: 1/5

ENOUGH WITH THE STUPID POPUPSI can’t leave a comment without a tedious, meaningless popup asking me if I’m having fun and want to join another sub. Stop doing stupid things. The comments are limited to a tiny little panel you have to scroll up and down. Makes it really difficult to gain any context in the conversation. Stop doing stupid things..Score: 1/5

New update/video player is terribleThis used to be a good app. However, the latest update with the new video player has made it almost unusable..Score: 1/5

Free speech is not allowedThis app is heavily influenced by China and suppresses anything pro westerner.Score: 1/5

Other Apps work way betterDo your research to find the app that works best for you. The video player is the absolute worst implementation I’ve ever seen (June 2021). I used the app and was very happy with it up until then. The player causes many problems and is very annoying to use. Until this is fixed, DO NOT USE THIS APP..Score: 1/5

KarmaDon’t like karma aspect of things can’t comment or ask questions on anything.Score: 3/5

A pretty good appI would say ready is a pretty good app although I did not give it five stars because I feel like it's recommended section doesn't give you everything you would like..Score: 4/5

Video playback UI update is terribleFix that and I'll come back to update my review. You can't see comments without the video playing again in loop and it's nearly impossible to go to the comments with it paused. God it's awful..Score: 1/5

New video player is awfulThe video player in the app was recently changed and is so frustrating to use that I decided to stop using the app entirely..Score: 1/5

Stupid AppIt’s honestly really stupid that you can’t just do things on the internet anymore. It forced me to download the app to read one post that was all I’m going to read. I’m deleting the app after this but you get 1 star for forcing me to have to download it just to read one story! So freaking stupid!.Score: 1/5

New video to comment scrollingHey guys, the new instagram reels/tik tok inspired navi flow of video playback to comments is not great, imo. it was more convenient to see the video on feed, then one tap if i wanted to go to comments+video. just my 2¢—i dont think the ig and tik tok model is worth copying..Score: 2/5

Good appI personally love reading stories and it keeps you anonymous so if your feeling nervous that people will know you you’ll be fine.Score: 5/5

Curated political garbageAbsolutely blatant leftist bias. You’re constantly fed reddit sponsored ads supporting HR1. “Trending” is basically Twitter, except it’s almost exclusively left-wing political content via subs whose rules and mods ensure that any nuanced discussion of ideas will be shut down immediately. Sometimes cool things will show up on trending, but it’s not worth bearing all of the intentionally inflammatory content, and the advertisements that you CANT remove from your feed. Came for PokemonGOFriends, but I left feeling more than a little weirded out..Score: 1/5

New video player is horribleRevert it or give the option to do so!.Score: 1/5

Deleting people doesn’t work 😡🤬Why cant i delete certain people, it says i deleted them and it doesn't…..super annoyed at this. Hope someone reads this and fixes this issue. I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to delete ghost accounts and they keep popping up 😡.Score: 4/5

New feature is really badThe new “tik tok” feature you guys added for videos is very glitchy and ruins what I love about reddit, please add an option to at least remove it!.Score: 1/5

Apollo is betterThat is all.Score: 1/5

SugaAria29 SugaAria#5830(discord tag)This is the best place for memes.Score: 5/5

Loved it until…Reddit tries to force a safari redirect to the Reddit app. This is fine. But the recent update made it so Reddit redirects safari to the App Store instead of bringing the page up in Reddit. Guess I can’t use the power of Google to search Reddit anymore….Score: 1/5

Horrible video playerThe new video player could not be any worse. I’m astonished that made it past QA..Score: 1/5

Video player is horrendousI have very few issues with reddit, but the biggest one by far is the god awful video player. Every social media is trying to mimic tik tok nowadays but it doesn’t work when 90% of the posts on your feed aren’t even videos. The video player needs to go back to the way it was before (which is saying something cuz that player was pretty bad too) and have a dedicated full screen button. I don’t browse Reddit to just look at the videos, I’m there for all the posts in my feed and the discussion in those posts. I don’t want to scroll through only videos and be stuck in full screen the whole time. And pause the video when I’m looking through replies, I don’t want it playing on repeat when I’m trying to read something else..Score: 3/5

The smart ones are quietThe loud ones are meh, wish the smart ones wasn’t as quiet though..Score: 3/5

This is Reddit, not tiktokThis new update basically turned this app into a tiktok clone. When I watch a video the app now loops it and it’s unbearable. The way the comments are set up with the videos is like tiktok as well, small video looping while I’m reading and it’s so annoying..Score: 1/5

MemesMemes.Score: 5/5

Review for RedditHey, I love you guys and spend many hours here since I am retired. I am not happy with the connection and tuning issues. You guys have to get this under control please? I waste so much time because of connection issues. I’ve worked with my phone carrier and it’s not on my side but yours? Love “thepeeps”, blues music, thotty. But I wish you would have a separate channel just for guitar music? Thanks, RustyZ225.Score: 5/5

Poor design changesThey moved the audio mute/unmute button on videos from the bottom left to the bottom right. Why? it was better on the left.Score: 3/5

HorribleHow do I block this off of my phone.Score: 1/5

New video player is terribleReddit replaced the default video player with one to resemble TikTok, which while not bad in theory was executed so terribly it should never have made it into production. Bring back the old player!.Score: 1/5

Quit AskingI don’t need to be asked 30 times “did you like that post?” And ask me for an upvote. If I liked it, I’d upvote. Making the app annoyingly tedious..Score: 1/5

Terrible UI from websiteOnce u download this app u can never use Reddit from chrome or safari browser without constant pop ups telling u to use the app which only contains a link to the App Store and will fail to open or save any location u were already viewing. Not a huge concern but clearly this app is just made to control your ad viewing experience and does not help or load anything faster. In fact it is very slow compare to the website experience..Score: 1/5

What’s with the god awful new video player?I use Reddit for community. Not as a video playing platform. I’m there to read the comments. I’m there to see every post in a topic that interest me. What does Reddit do? Make a video player that makes it a 2 step process to see all the comments, and makes it where scrolling down takes you to a new video in a completely unrelated topic. Then, if you have the full comment view open, good luck swiping it down to go back, it’s. 50/50 chance you will bring down the iOS notification screen instead of the comments. Garbage..Score: 1/5

Tap to view more replies?Why are users now required to tap "X more replies" on a post thread within the app? Now I have to repeat this garbage step almost every time I view a thread I'm interested in. Trash..Score: 2/5

The app is faultyLove Reddit, hate the app. Whenever I google something to find random Reddit topics it allows me to go to browser mode of viewing the topic, but won’t let me read the topic and comments without switching to the app. This would be fine but whenever I accept to switch to the app it sends me to the App Store and won’t let me get back to the topic I had opened the app for. Because of this I will be deleting the app as it does not provide function. However I do love Reddit and will continue using it on my computer..Score: 1/5

Stop asking me to upvote a post after I view it.Disruptive user experience with the CTA to upvote a post after viewing. Will probably just use a Reddit alternative app.Score: 1/5

What’s with the like and dislike feature?Why doesn’t it show how many likes and dislikes a post has? The like and dislike button share a number and it’s so annoying. All it takes is 1 dislike with no likes and the Reddit hivemind takes over and everyone dislikes likes the post..Score: 2/5

Good platform, bad app.I love Reddit, but the app is bad. The constant pop-ups asking me to upvote, join a subreddit, and generally trying to force engagement are very frustrating unless you enjoy closing a pop-up every 30 seconds. The video player doesn’t work reliably, either..Score: 2/5

ReviewReddit is a place for me to go where I can find people with the same interests as me and we can enjoy it together.Score: 5/5

New video player makes the app unusableSimply put, the new video player makes the app unusable. It repeats videos endlessly (there's no way to pause them), and it doesn't go away (you can't scroll through the comments without half the screen being taken up by the player. There was a brief moment yesterday when they rolled back the update and returned the old player, but now it's back. This is the 'feature' that finally made me go look for a better app to browse reddit. Congrats.Score: 1/5

YesProbably the best of social media platforms, tho 17+ age wise seems a bit overkill.Score: 5/5

Video player is horribleThe latest update to the video player is such a pain to use. A 4 star app otherwise..Score: 1/5

Toxic online environmentThis is just like any other social media platform..Score: 1/5

Enough with the “Did you enjoy that post?” already!I enjoy reading and posting in Reddit. I regularly upvote posts and comments when I’m so inspired. But this recent pop up nag notification to upvote is only making me angry. Please make it go away and stop interrupting my Reddit experience!.Score: 4/5

EIt’s Reddit.Score: 5/5

Remember to upvote!I don’t need this reminder with every post I read. Makes using the app too frustrating..Score: 1/5

Reddit would hold my interest however...There is one characteristic about Reddit that I do not care for. Reddit promotes technical controls that encourage the censoring of speech. I deleted my Facebook account a month ago because of censorship. I am from the United States. Somebody in Europe, or places where censoring is legal, somebody might complain about somebody from the United States. By effect, they are imposing their culture of, ‘no freedom of speech’, on us. If somebody is from the United States and complains about somebody’s statement from their own country, traditionally we just ignore it or challenge it through discussion. Reddit needs to remove the controls that censor their user’s thoughts and opinions. If not, well, I will permanently delete my Reddit account as well. I have no reservations at this point with them..Score: 1/5

Video player is garbageWhy would anyone approve the new video player.Score: 1/5

Website and App DysfunctionalityIf Reddit is gonna BEG me to use the app anytime I even remotely *think* about using the web browser version then at the very very least, the thread could carry over from the browser app to the Reddit app..Score: 2/5

Pauses my music for ads when scrolling.Doesn’t unpause after I scroll past th ad either..Score: 1/5

We know better than youThis app could be good, Reddit is at its heart good. But this app believes it knows better than you what content you want to see. Popular near you - dismiss Similar to a subreddit- dismiss Based on your recent - dismiss I subscribe to subreddits because I want to curate the content I see. I’m not engaging more, you’re not delivering better ads. Stop this absolute algorithmic, uam manipulating trash. It’s not working and you’re killing what makes Reddit unique. I’m moving to a 3rd party app and now you get no ad revenue from me..Score: 1/5

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No sound 😡😡🤢🤮No sound.Score: 1/5

Link from web just takes me to the AppStoreI have the reddit app. When I google a topic and find a reddit link, it opens reddit in my browser. Reddit forces me to open the app, which is fine. But it just takes me to the AppStore. I find myself stuck in this vicious cycle of browser to AppStore with no way to read the article I found on google..Score: 1/5

Amazing no problem with it at allThe reason why I put four stars instead of five is because of the inappropriate content.Score: 4/5

It’s redditSeriously stop reading the reviews and just download this!.Score: 5/5

What a shameI love reddit, I spend inordinate a Libra of time daily there. Well I did. The new app is full of poor choices that seem to have been done to transform it into TikTok. The video player is now broken, scrolling through casually is broken, reading comments on videos broken. Can’t even pause a video while scrolling. The whole design is just not user friendly now. Then the annoying notifications to join subs or to like posts whenever you purposely didn’t in the first place. Disappointing that Reddit didn’t listen or engage their users. I use Reddit because I expect more, expect better than other social networks. There has not been one single post about liking the updates. Go check out r/redditmobile..Score: 1/5

BadTwo words. Reddit mods.Score: 1/5

Latest updatesThe latest update turning the video and comments into split screens is frustrating, and hard to manipulate. It’s either have mostly video and trying to scroll through a couple of lines of comments at a time, or all comments and no video. Trying to close the screen to go to the next Reddit story is infuriating and doesn’t always work. I’ve been on Reddit for years but this is unworkable. I give up. No more Reddit for me..Score: 1/5

Life ChangingIt’s like Facebook, only broader than your close friends and advertisements. Get the premium version..Score: 5/5

Constant design changes ruined the experienceI used to love the app but finally deleted it for a competitor. I don't know what the designers are thinking but they're constantly updating and ruining the experience. Video players that imitate tik tok terribly. Videos that keep playing on repeat when you go to the comments section. Comments forced to a collapsed state so that you always have to click a link to see the rest of them. Ads for other subreddits suddenly appearing midway through the app and more. I just can't suffer this app anymore..Score: 1/5

Hippity hoppityThis app is now my property.Score: 5/5

Uninstalling until the video player is fixedThe updated video player is rubbish and makes the app unusable..Score: 1/5

The new video player…It is horrible. My tapping on the post does not mean I want the video in full screen. The way that the comments are integrated into the post makes it such a chore to view them. The video doesn’t stay paused if I leave the post either. Fix it..Score: 1/5

The video player is awfulI just want to pause the video. Is that too much to ask? But no, tapping the video now opens it in some terrible player, and then once I pause it in there and tap back to get to where I was, the video starts playing again. Oh and now all the comments are crammed below the video player that stays on screen, unless I take the extra step of dragging a tiny bar up, but mostly I miss and accidentally drag the comments. This app has become so unintuitive it’s now barely usable. Time to switch to Apollo..Score: 1/5

Comments are now horrible to useWith the new App, when I click on comments I can only scroll on half the screen while the video that I have already watched takes up the top half of the screen. So now I need to drag the comments up to cover the video. Then it’s reversed when I’m finished. I’ve got to drag the comments down and the video , that I never wanted full screen, goes full screen. Then I can close it. Why did we need the extra steps that provide no benefit ?.Score: 1/5

Reddit?It is poggers.Score: 5/5

App good, link not so goodWhen following a link from safari on iPhone 12, link leads to App Store page for reddit, then tapping “open” leads to reddit app main page. Ie, broken link protocol.Score: 4/5

They messed up the video playerTime to uninstall this app and get Apollo. After using this app exclusively for years they go ahead and singlehandly destroy the user experience trying to make it like tiktok. Whoever suggested this change deserves to be fired honestly..Score: 1/5

PenisPenis.Score: 5/5

Change the comment section backThe new layout is stupid and makes it really hard to scroll through comments..Score: 1/5

Not an original thought.Reddit Inc once again showing their employees don’t have any idea what reddit is, that they don’t employ any UX engineers / designers and instead just try to clone the latest craze app into their own. This months update brings us the TikTok interface to navigating posts that have videos. Who needed to see comments anyway? Now all videos loop and the entire post is just a single button to open the video in full screen. If you try to swipe it away it just shows a different video instead. No more reading or engaging on reddit. Just blindly consume never ending videos instead because that’s apparently popular now..Score: 1/5

Everyone on this app and website is a moronWord of warning.Score: 1/5

What do you need?You can find great communities and endless topics/forums/interest..Score: 5/5

AmazingI can see hot anime girls and dank memes, very cool!!!!.Score: 5/5

Video player is horrendousStop switching between the old and new video player and just stick with the old one. The new one is terrible and everyone hates it.Score: 1/5

No longer user friendlyVery annoying that you now have to open a post to view the image in full screen, essentially making you double tap when it used to only be a single tap. Also makes it take longer for you to close the full screen image and get back to the main page..Score: 1/5

GoodReddit good.Score: 5/5

Reddit is dopeReddit is the B-O-M-B.Score: 5/5

Nice RoosterSome people are toxic but join r/memes.Score: 5/5

Used to be greatHonestly just take this app around the back and end it’s misery. It’s crazy slow, the video player is a joke, it force closes every day, you got rid of the news tab, and on top of all that you somehow make it worse with every update. Pressing on the comments box shouldn’t full screen the video where I have to press the comments box again, and then swipe on a tiny little bar to minimise the now half screen video. So help you if you forget to mute the video before doing that too, as it’ll play on repeat while reading the comments. You care more about getting new accounts with a fresh, but not necessarily better, format. Well guess what happens when those teenyboppers grow up? Take a look at Facebook for an example. I would know, I was one of them. /rant.Score: 1/5

Some bugsAlways there are always bugs. Video controls don’t work if you scroll it. Full of friction and interferences. Crappy design..Score: 1/5

If I could rate lower I would.This app has become a huge money grab. Before it was ads you couldn’t stop every 3-4 story in the feed. Now it’s ads at the top and within threads. Reddit app is a cash cow. The competing app doesn’t have ads, has better performance and isn’t morally bankrupt..Score: 1/5

They ruined itThey ruined the video player in the latest update. It’s so ui is so freaking bad it’s hilarious..Score: 1/5

IncompetenceThey took all that feedback about how bad their video player is, and then released an update that somehow made it EVEN WORSE. BRAVO. The video player UI was perfectly fine before reddit bought this app and they’ve been breaking it since..Score: 1/5

The new update is garbage.This update is garbage. It is much more difficult to view comments on videos or even pause a playing video and scroll through the comments. After playing a video with sound in reddit, it keeps pausing other sources from playing any time another video scrolls into view (auto play is disabled). This has been an issue for months. Have uninstalled and gone to using safari.Score: 1/5

TikTok style video viewerHave used the app for a long time, what is the point of the TikTok style video viewer now Instagram has. Defeats the purpose of seperate categories and r/ groups, and extremely difficult to read comments. Has seriously put me off using the app as it no longer smooth, please undo the update..Score: 1/5

Remove the notification to upvote a postIt was great, until Reddit decided it’s necessary to notify a user when they are done reading it with a pop up notification asking them to upvote the post. Stop it, it’s irritatting..Score: 1/5

YesLove it amazing distraction from the real world and a good way to waste my time so 10/10.Score: 5/5

Ahhh so good 😊Everything you need to find on the internet is here!.Score: 5/5

What the heck?The video I can’t stop. Comments I can’t close without restarting the app. What the hell is this update? Are you serious?.Score: 1/5

R/entitled parentsMy favourite subreddit of all time (so far) the stories on here have been really entertaining, and are the best way to start a morning or to read in bed..Score: 5/5

Great App! I comment on it a lot!I have this app on both my iPhone 5s and iPhone 7, this is a great app for the latest News/Weather and Wrestling updates in general..Score: 5/5

New Video Interface Is TerribleThe new layout for video content & interaction on mobile is terrible. It makes it very difficult to navigate, tapping the screen to scroll to comments doesn’t feel natural, scrolling ‘down’ to see comments no longer works, scrolling through comment feeds is buggy (iPhone 11 Pro), comments only show half the screen size which makes them difficult to read, resizing the comments pane doesn’t work 50% of the time. UI is inconsistent - why only change video?.Score: 1/5

New update ruined video experienceWhen you try to read the comments stupid video keeps playing with full volume again and again and again and again. So smart guys. Whoever dev behind this must be a very smart person. :@.Score: 1/5

New update tries to be more like tik tokThe new update has completely changed my experience of reddit. No longer can you read the comments full screen, instead you have a video taking up half the screen. When you click to play the video or turn on the sound, it gives you a player similar to Tik-Tok. Gone are the days of Reddit being a community based news and media platform. We are now in the age of Reddit being mass advertising and meme circus..Score: 1/5

Bartard storiesV good.Score: 5/5

Terrible video player designLove reddit, hate the new video interface. It’s unintuitive to use. When I want to read the comments I have to maximise the video, click pause, click the comments button, and then minimise the video. If I click the comments button without doing all of this, the video continues playing on a loop with no option to pause or mute from the comments section..Score: 1/5

New Reddit User Adore It!!!Absolutely amazing. Have had so much fun and will continue to. Monitor’s are great and trolls are far and few between now. It is nice to feel comfortable to share experiences and journeys 🥰.Score: 5/5

Love everything but one thingI’m a massive fan of Reddit and spend nearly every day logged on and browsing content. The layout is great and it’s easy to navigate. My only issue is that videos don’t have sound unless the link directs you away from Reddit. It’s incredibly annoying to have to copy the link and past it to a browser on my phone any time I want to watch a video with audio. If they can fix this issue soon I’d be happy..Score: 4/5

Change the video player backPlease just change the video player back no one wanted you to change it.Score: 1/5

The new video player is a sinThe new video player is awful in so many ways. There were issues with the video player on the app before, but the new update has made watching anything on the app an incredibly unpleasant and unintuitive experience. It’s like they forgot to run the change through Q&A testing. It would have been much wiser to have focused on ironing our the issues with the old video player instead of replacing it with one that has even more problems..Score: 1/5

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