Twisty Arrow!

Twisty Arrow is a simple tapping strategy game fun for users of for all ages. Shoot arrows at the spinning circle target but don't touch the other arrows. Use the right strategy to improve your accuracy and hit the bullseye on the circle as it twists every time. The more arrows you shoot, the harder it is to be accurate and hit the bullseye. Can you beat this impossible rotating wheel? What level can you get to? Download right now and spin the wheel to find out.

How to play

> Tap your screen to shoot arrows at the spinning wheel
> Hit the bulls eye with the arrows without touching other arrows
> Each level requires a certain amount of arrows to hit the bulls eye to complete
> Different levels spin, twist, and rotate in different directions and at different speeds


- Quick reflex twitchy tap style gameplay
- Over 100 levels to master with more updated weekly
- The most addictive casual spinning circle game
- Funky fun soundtrack to jam to

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◉ Bug fixes & gameplay improvements ◉ More new stuff coming soon

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The Red Tea Detox
25 June 2017

Song name ?

07 October 2016

Помогите найти трек играющий на фоне, неделю страдаю в поиске !!!! ПЛИЗЗЗЗ

5 star

I love aiming for clear spaces to shoot a arrow at.

3 star

I had a problem with the ads continuing to appear despite paying a relatively hefty AU$4.49 to remove them but fortunately this was resolved the same day I posted an angry message on here. I say hefty because it’s such a simple game but considering there are no other in-app purchases it’s probably a fair enough amount. I’ve been playing it heaps and really enjoying the challenge with each new level. However, I’ve been stuck on level 95 for ages and it’s driving me bonkers. Somehow it seems to defeat the purpose of the game if it’s impossible to crack above a certain level. A couple of other games I play frequently have had a similar issue when a particular level was reached leaving me stuck for weeks on the same level. It was exasperating and I’d all but given up but when I next opened the game, oddly enough it was nowhere near as difficult to solve the previously impassable level. Clearly the developer must have rejigged it to make it more gamer-friendly.

adds adds. adds
Adds adds. adds
5 star

Good game but way to much adds when I start there’s a add I loose there’s a add add add add the crazest thing on earth so when I download it I say I’m downloading add game because "there are to much adds”How annoying

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

When Sir Edmund Hillary first climbed to the summit of Everest, he saw empty beer cans, condoms and cigar butts strewn around, plus a giant snow angel and the words 'CHUCK NORRIS BEAT YOU, BITCH' written in urine in the snow.

3 star

Güzel oyun da saçma sapan reklamlar olmasa

nazlı koç
Nazlı koç
3 star

Çok güzel ama AA dan kopya ama daha zevkli.

4 star

Oyun çok eğlenceli ama reklamdan kusucamm 🤮🤮🤮

5 star

To give ones self earnestly to the duties due to men, and, while respecting spiritual beings, to keep aloof from them, may be called wisdom.

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