Tiny Bubbles

Winner of over a dozen indie gaming awards (full list below)! Play with squishy clusters of soap bubbles in this mesmerizing new puzzle game. Inflate, mix, match, pop, and win with hundreds of super fun goals to complete.

Fill bubbles with colorful air and push nearby bubbles around using the physics of real bubbles! Break edges between bubbles to mix new colors and create matches of 4 or more. Plan your strategy from a Tetris-style queue to build up cascading chain reactions and longer matches for dazzling bonuses and wilds.

Experience unique surprises down every path! Each of the over 170 handmade puzzles requires new thinking and twisting strategies with ever increasing challenges. Play in 3 different game modes: PUZZLES, ARCADE, and INFINITY. Try to beat 35 bubbly achievements that will test your mastery.

Relaxing ambient music gracefully integrates with the satisfying sounds of popping bubbles. Put on a pair of headphones and experience a new level of flow and mindfulness. Play Infinity mode to earn helpful hints for when you get stuck.

From the vision of artist/coder/designer Stu Denman and inspired by the work of his MIT scientist grandfather, the game brings the beauty of nature to your screen. Incredibly fluid “molecular dynamics engine” animates hundreds of bubbles at 60 FPS.

Help tiny aquatic creatures that are trapped in the bubbles. Avoid greedy jelly crabs and spiky urchins. Love him or hate him, a curious fish named Bloop will surely reveal your nature as an optimist or a pessimist.

Featuring an innovative color-blind mode that provides an authentic and accessible game experience without intrusive icons or patterns.

* No advertisements or in-app purchases. *

------ AWARDS ------
● Winner, Best Mobile Game, Gamer's Voice Award at SXSW
● Winner, Best Quickplay, 14th International Mobile Gaming Awards
● Winner, Google Indie Games Festival
● Winner, Grand Prize, The Label's Indie Showdown
● Official Selection, The PAX 10, Penny Arcade Expo West
● Winner, Amazon Games Forum Showdown
● Winner, Seattle Indie Game Competition
● Winner, Best Overall Game, Intel Buzz Workshop
● Official Selection, Indie Megabooth, PAX West
● Official Selection, Made With Unity Showcase
● Finalist, Intel Level Up
● Finalist, Best Gameplay, AzPlay, Spain

See my review: appunwrapper.com/2018/05/07/tiny-bubbles-review/ See my walkthrough: ...

Thanks for playing Tiny Bubbles. I appreciate all the positive reviews and feedback! ● Support for iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. ● Improved visual quality on larger screens. ● ARCADE games now let you know when you've beaten a high score, on replay. ● ARCADE worlds track total score for all games in that world. Leaderboards coming soon in a future update. ● Various minor bug fixes.

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The Red Tea Detox
Greg Barnett
Greg Barnett
07 May 2018

Ok this really does look beautiful and cute...I’m scared of how much I’m going to suck at it tho

4 star

The bubble popping mechanic is surprisingly satisfying. But when you beat all the levels there’s no reason to continue playing. It could do with a high scoring, arcade mode so that one can continue to enjoy the bubbles after completing the game.

5 star

An entertaining game with which to while away a few minutes with puzzles that actually make you a think a bit.

5 star

In an endless sea of dreadful bubble game clones this shines like a beacon. How refreshing to see that there are fresh ideas out there

1 star

I’d give it more stars, but they NEED TO ADD NEW LEVELS. Don’t waste your money because you only get to play it for a few days.

4 star

Game is relaxing and fun. Hate getting stumped and not being able to get a hint.

5 star

It’s been two-three years since I’ve downloaded a new game, and this one’s a keeper. I’ve breezed through four worlds with ease without any hints, and has been a great outlet for idle time while traveling. It’s a true creative’s puzzle game. After I complete the game, I’ll be sure to focus more on the achievements. If you use both of your hemispheres well, you’ll find a frustration-free outlet to jog your critical thinking skills. Well worth the charge, even if the game isn’t expanded. $4 for many hours of entertainment deserves accolade.

4 star

... but can’t get the in game sound to work.

5 star

Super soothing, slow, sweet puzzler. A beautifully calming experience.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris struck gold while performing his own prostate exam.

Denis Waitley
Denis Waitley
5 star

You must welcome change as the rule but not as your ruler.

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