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Clue: The Classic Mystery Game

4.7 star

Clue is the classic murder mystery board game played by millions - Now you can effortlessly enjoy the beloved Hasbro family board game on the go. Download the official app and crack the mysterious case! WHO, with WHAT weapon and WHERE. A grand mansion… a dastardly murder… a gathering of six suspicious characters. Join Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Dr. Orchid, and Professor Plum on a night of murder and mystery in the Clue Tudor Mansion. Features: THE CLASSIC MYSTERY BOARD GAME - Play Clue, the classic murder mystery board game by yourself or with family and friends! A PREMIUM BOARD GAME - No pay-to-win, no ad pop-ups; an app approved by Hasbro BRAIN TEASER - Puzzle your way to the solution and train your detective skills in the classic murder mystery board game. SINGLE-PLAYER - Play against our AI and choose your difficulty level. ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Play a game of CLUE with people from all over the world or create a private multiplayer game to play with your friends and family. 10 ADDITIONAL THEMES - Step in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes or go on a spectacular Egyptian Adventure with the CLUE Season Pass. HOW TO PLAY Mr. Boddy of Tudor Mansion has been murdered! But who did it? With what weapon? In which room? The suspects have arrived, and it is up to you to find out who committed the evil crime. Roll the dice to make your way around the luxurious mansion and ask questions like: "Was it was Miss Scarlet, with the Rope, in the Study?" Use the innovative logic-assisted virtual Clue Sheet to take notes and eliminate red herrings. Follow one clue after another and puzzle your way to the solution. Play CLUE any way you want! Enjoy the classic murder mystery board game the way you like. You can create private multiplayer games with family and friends. Or get automatically matched with CLUE fans around the world. Play in the Single Player mode and choose the AI opponents' difficulty - challenge yourself with hard mode or cruise along in easy mode. Never miss another clue! The ideal companion for every detective: The virtual CLUE Clue Sheet helps you take notes when you make your deductions. Use your Clue Sheet notes to perfect strategy to win the classic Hasbro board game. CLUE, a mystery brain teaser The classic murder mystery board game is perfect for practicing your deduction skills. Find the solution to the heinous crime and train your brain with the tantalizing riddle of who murdered Mr. Boddy. DISCOVER gorgeous new worlds in the CLUE Season Pass! Explore ten different boards with the CLUE Season Pass. Roam the dark streets of Victorian London where Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson solve the heinous crime at hand. Or travel to the hot sands of Egypt, where an archaeological dig becomes the site of an Agatha Christie inspired murder mystery. Each theme adds new characters and spectacular 3D boards.

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Play with friends not workingWhy is it when I give my code for a friend to join into the private game it doesn’t work. It keeps telling them incorrect code. Anyone else having this problem? Also there should be time limits on people making decisions on the online play some people take way to long.Score: 4/5

Fun but...Fun game but... why can’t we play just 2 players (2 friends online) at a time as it is possible in the real board game? Don’t want to be match with the computer which ALWAYS win on all modes (easy, normal & difficult). Want to play at just 2 real players please!!!.Score: 3/5

App mot workingI paid for this app And its not working... really upset.Score: 1/5

NahNot allowing you to change rule sets and forcing you to play one way makes the game far too easy and quick. I’m used to playing with the card in rooms as well makes it more difficult and impossible to just go your first turn and guess correctly immediately ending the game..Score: 1/5

Great gameGreat game but additional buy ons are too expensive..Score: 5/5

Too many micro transactionsIt is a well made game of clue to play on the go, but there are too many micro transactions to make it an amazing app.Score: 2/5

DisconnectImpossible the play with my friends, impossible to launch when we are all in the lobby !!! I want a refund please..Score: 1/5

90% Colonel Mustard did it 😕Not impressed with the “random” solution. It’s always the same! Why can’t players earn points and medals to get more variety for boards, themes and characters? Pay for variety? No thanks..Score: 2/5

Best gameI love clue and monopoly I think you should get the bundl.Score: 5/5

Play with friendsBought the game to play with friends but every time we make a lobby it always says incorrect password, games looked amazing when I got it but now I wish I didn’t waste my money as the only reason I bought it was to play with my friends.Score: 1/5

Love the game, one thing ....Love the game , they did a great job on turning the classic board game we all know and love into a perfect rendition for iOS and PC , however ... why is the season pass say 50% off at $49.99 Canadian ? Does that mean it’s $100.00 normally? I ask because this same game is on steam by the same developer and the season pass is $40 regular price ... I’ve since switched to the PC version since it is WAY cheaper to purchase then on iOS ..Score: 3/5

SmartVery smart.Score: 5/5

NotNot cool bécasse is not frère caracther.Score: 5/5

CrashesI bought the game but it always seems to crash. Haven’t been able to even get into the actual game without it shutting off. Disappointed.Score: 1/5

Fun but costlyYou only get some of the characters and one board. You have to pay to get more so you really don’t get much from buying this game... wish you could unlock features with number of games played instead....Score: 3/5

Dare I say better than the board game?!By far, the best version of Clue I’ve played since the original board game. I play this FAR too much. So much so I always play on Very Hard (5 hard opponents). The only thing this app is missing, and I mean ONLY, is a way to review my notepad after a loss. I’d like to be able to see where I went wrong. Besides that, this game is absolutely perfect..Score: 5/5

$50 for the full game is 50% off?I don’t buy that it was ever actually $100 to unlock all the boards and characters at ANY point. That seems like they are using the “50% off” to try to get people to buy it before the sale ends or feel like they are getting a discount, when in reality it is just a ridiculously high price to pay considering you have to buy the app to begin with. I mean, the actual board game is less than that and doesn’t require data/WiFi. I might have spent $20 on that but $50? Never going to happen. The only reason I really buy apps is because I prefer them to the pay to win ones where you have to spend money to enjoy the game, progress in the game, or actually compete with others. So having to buy the app only to have to spend +$10 per board/pack is a bit ridiculous. But the basic pack and game is playable as is. I don’t use hints anyway, I don’t know if that puts me at a disadvantage when playing against others online or not but I don’t play against others often. This isn’t exactly related to game play but as a fan of the original game and the movie it inspired, it bugs me that Mrs. White isn’t a starter character. It should be her not Dr. Orchid. Also, not a big deal, but I like how on the score card you can put notes beyond just ✅or❎ but I wish you could put notes for cards you have in your hand to keep track of which ones you have already shown and to who. If I can still put a 1 through 5 under the automatic ❎s, then I would really like to be able to put a note under my own so I can keep track of who knows which cards I have and if they ask more than once (which they sometimes seem to do one Easy). Overall, I like the game but feel like some of the additional is very over priced for an app that wasn’t free to begin with..Score: 3/5

ProblèmeLes autres membres de la famille ou les amis doivent aussi acheter de jeux pour jouer en ligne, ça m’a beaucoup déçu!.Score: 1/5

ClassicVery fun! Wish more characters and maps are free though.Score: 5/5

DisappointingNot impressed that so little content comes with the purchase of the game..Score: 4/5

Slow to playI enjoy playing the game but I really wish when you were playing offline that you could increase the speed of all the background activities (I.e. the computer players rolling the dice, moving, etc.). Especially the opening sequence which takes over a minute after a selection before the game actually starts. This would make the game a 5 star in my opinion..Score: 3/5

Why do I have to pay again to play?I bought the game as part of a 4-pack, but I can't even open the game without paying more? This is bait and switch and I am not happy about this..Score: 1/5

Great game but multiplayer freezes all the timeGreat game I love clue! The single player mode works great but once you are on the multiplayer platform the game cane freeze frequently. It has even caused me to restart the app and lose my game which was almost completed and I was about to win. Other than multiplayer issues the game is good..Score: 3/5

Can’t use family sharing for board/character purchasesThe game is great but the additional boards and characters are ridiculously expensive. It also doesn’t make sense that the super expensive character/board purchases can’t be shared with the family sharing plan, like the game can. Bought the game to play with my family but it limits us to the standard board unless I purchase additional boards/characters for each family member ($$$).Score: 3/5

Great version of the game, one flawThis is a near-perfect adaptation of the classic board game. But it has one MAJOR flaw. The online mode desperately needs shorter timers, and players should be kicked from the game for exhausting two consecutive timers. Some players exhaust the timers (which are FAR too long) every chance they get and it ruins the game for everyone else..Score: 4/5

2-6 players but not reallyTried to play with only one other person online but the game always adds in a computer player would like to see an option to play without any computer controlled players..Score: 4/5

Indice on peut meme pas contacter le développeurHi how we use indice card in the online game. Bonjour comment on utilise les cartes indice en ligne?.Score: 1/5

Jeu intéressant mais avec des amis difficileNous avons de la difficulté à jouer entre amis en ligne.Score: 5/5

Ne fonctionne pas sur iPadÉvitez ce jeux si vous désirez l’utiliser sur votre iPad. Le jeu ne s’affiche pas en mode paysage. Un jeu iPhone mal adapté au iPad.Score: 1/5

Problème dans le jeuOn paye 5.49$ pour l’application, mais l’aspect jeu avec des amis ne fonctionne pas et le problème n’a jamais été réglé, décevant..Score: 3/5

GlitchFor some reason after one game being solved the second game I play has the exact same combination in terms of order in the list which is dumb..Score: 3/5

So slowRegardless of where I am for wifi or if I am using my data with full bars of reception, this game is often very slow. After you finish a game it will say the length of your game, its often 20+ minutes long. The actual playing time is more like 10 minutes when its lagging. Occasionally the speed is good, but more often slow and takes away the enjoyment. I have just exited many times because it’s so boring to sit there and wait. You can’t leave the app to do anything else and have to sit there and wait for the next move sometimes for a whole minute.... and then again for the dice to pass to the next player.... then another minute while that person decides their room..... then another minute while they game moves their pawn... etc. On a related note, it’s illogical to rank game success based on how long it took to solve a crime, it should be based on number of turns. I have played 25-35 minute long games where I have only had 3 turns. Not worth the high cost for such basic function in an app. Fun graphics..Score: 2/5

Unity opt out button not availableHaven’t even tried the game yet, but based on family’s opinion it sounds great. However in your personal data statement it says if I wish to opt out go to setting screen and click the Unity Data Privacy page button. There isn’t one. And when I look at the info off App Store, it says that much of the data is not tracked. These are opposing concepts. Either change the App Store details to reflect the correct information that includes the opt out and/or fix the settings so that there is an opt out. I’ve purchased most the the Hasbro/Marmalade games provided. Love them all. Exceptionally well done..Score: 3/5

Glitches need to be correctedFun game to play as it’s a classic however too many glitches. Constantly kicking you/others out of the game and unable to re-enter. Fix that..Score: 3/5

Game doesnt work!!!!! Give my money back!!!Paid more than $5 for this game. It always freezes when it gets the choose character. Maaan you guys gotta fix this !!!!.Score: 1/5

SuggestionI love the game it’s perfect. the only thing is i wish we could talk to online players. even just preset messages like “hi” or “hurry up” would be helpful. maybe even being able to add friends so we can play together again cause there are some amazing players that i wish i could play again with..Score: 5/5

False advertising for in app purchasesI have recently purchased the board game bundle through the apple store including the game Clue. Through in-app purchases I was offered at 50% off to buy an extended pack advertised at $24.99; however when my payment verification and purchase went through it took the full amount of $47.99... Yet they still have the sale advertised at 50%.Score: 1/5

Keeps disconnecting and no way to rejoin gamesGreat game but when someone gets disconnected (happens a lot) they can’t join back in. It’s a huge issue and we only get to finish 1 game out if 10..Score: 1/5

We play it everyday!I bought this game and all the add ons when it was on sale and family shared it with my girlfriend. We’re addicted and play everyday. Such a great nostalgic game with so many different boards and characters🤙.Score: 5/5

Dumb choices by computerThe game is good but when playing against the computer, it makes dumb choices in “difficult” mode. It can be improved. For example, when starting the game a player has to roll at least a 4 to get into the closest room (Ballroom). When a computer player rolls less than 4, the most strategic move is to move by 1 square only toward the ballroom and stay next to the stairs. That way the path to the Ballroom is blocked for the next player and they need to roll at least a 5 to get to the Library. In expert play mode, the strategic goal by the computer players should be to make the other players not get to a room and therefore not get an opportunity to make a guess. Another example, is on the player’s very first time making a guess, they should never choose a character that isn’t in a room yet. (Picking yourself for the first guess is more strategic) Again, the goal should be to make it harder for players to get into rooms at the start of the game. They need to roll the dice and hope they can get themselves into a room..Score: 3/5

Beaucoup de boguesQuand le jeu marche, c’est bien, mais il y a des bogue. Par exemple, si je joue avec ma conjointe en ligne, elle est toujours avant moi et moi après..Score: 1/5

Can not play multiplayer games without computer presentPlaying two players in the friends mode is impossible without the game adding a 3rd computer controlled player. It says that this issue has been fixed and it has not been, it is still happening. Would like to see this fixed in the future so we can play an actual “private” game..Score: 2/5

The online room with friends does not workMade my friends get this game so we can play a room and we cannot join. Keeps saying the code is invalid. Only one person can join. If two people make it in- it doesn’t show them on both persons screens. Huge disappointment and waste of money. Please fix the app..Score: 2/5

Love itt❤️.Score: 5/5

Good, with suggestion :)Well done game, great graphics. Could we get option to not be able to make Accusation and Suggestion on same turn? Would make for much better strategizing otherwise :) Thanks!.Score: 4/5

Great app of the game itself. But...The app plays well, and is a good adaptation. There are many additional characters, rooms, and character appearances for purchase, but the prices are completely unrealistic, even at the “50% off” bundle. Greedy, greedy. I would have given it five stars If you could have earned at least some of these as achievements (e,g, earn a room or a character after 10 successful solves, or 5 in a row, etc)..Score: 2/5

Pas de son ni musique!!Pas moyen d’avoir du son ni la musique ni le son de jeu, est-ce en lien avec mon refus de transmettre à Facebook mes données!? J’ai un iPhone 11pro Max et je ne veux pas le jeu si je n’ai aucun son d’ambiance c’est ennuyant ....Score: 4/5

Slow and dullConstantly trying to make you buy more add ons..Score: 1/5

Bot Mechanics Make For An Uninteresting GamePlayer order is never random - if I play with a friend, we are always back to back, with whoever created the room in front. Bots laterally disprove, meaning they will check for a person card, THEN if no person, will show a weapon, THEN if no weapon, will show the room. Makes pinpointing targets a lot easier than it should be. The bots NEVER guess wrong, and only guess once the answer is public knowledge. It doesn’t simulate real Clue at all - no chances being taken, no being outsmarted, just “I don’t know what room it is” next person solves the room with their guess, and then it’s 4 turns until you get to go again. By then, everything is already known. If you don’t have a group of 5 available for Clue and you’re considering playing with bots, don’t get this game..Score: 1/5

Solid game, but expensive add ons and one feature requestI have started playing this game on iPad as well as Switch, and it is very well made. However, the iOS pricing for characters and boards are ridiculous. If they brought this down or at least offer a bundle of all of them for max $20 or less, would sell lots I’m sure. At those prices, I would stick with the basic board, or play Switch where you get all of them for much less $$. One feature I would like to request is if there could be an option when playing on iPad to zoom out the note sheet to see the entire page without scrolling (like when playing 1 player on Switch). I realize a phone screen would be too small for this, but iPad has plenty of real estate, particularly if using an Apple Pencil. Same applies for the companion app for Switch. Other than that, great game! If those two things were addressed, I would change my review to 5 stars..Score: 4/5

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AvatarI’m trying to change my avatar and I read online that the game takes it from your steam account and I made an account with an avatar and it’s not showing up in the game. If there is a way to fix it please let me know thanks..Score: 5/5

A cash grabThe game is very reminiscent of the original board game. The biggest issue is the cost of everything. It would be one thing if the cost were under 10 but most are 12 or more. Very disappointing..Score: 2/5

RatingI love the game! But to buy other game boards/update the players are kinda expensive..Score: 4/5

Best board game everI love this game, i haven’t stopped playing it, my only request is that it has a horizontal mode like the steam versions, so you can see your notes and board at the same time.Score: 4/5

Currently doesn’t workI paid $3.99 for nothing. The app doesn’t allow me to play any versions of the game..Score: 1/5

TerribleTerrible.Score: 1/5

Great GameI love this game it is so fun to play you should try it out.Score: 5/5

Love thisI love mystery games and have always loved clue this is funny and interactive love it 100%.Score: 5/5

Character selectionI cannot pick a character..Score: 1/5

My favorite game app!I love this game! It’s exactly like my favorite board game from my youth. It’s very intuitive and it’s obvious that attention to details is important to the development team. Thanks for bringing back a piece of joy from my past..Score: 5/5

Solitaire gameI was so excited to get this app thinking i could finally play clue with just 2 people with my husband thinking in error that this would have a pass and play option. The only way to play offline is playing by yourself with AI’s. To play with anyone else you have to have the internet plus your friends or other family members have to buy a version for their device. I wanted to be able to play this with my granddaughter while camping without the internet. Very disappointed there is no pass and play option like in many other game apps. I’d give it 5 stars if they put in a pass and play option for offline..Score: 3/5

It will not down loadI have been trying to down load this for 2 hours !!!.Score: 1/5

Needs an updatePretty fun but there hasn’t been any new sets or character outfits in a long time. Also: it lags sometimes for way too long. If a player is unresponsive, the computer should kick in. I would also like to interact with other players with emojis..Score: 3/5

TerribleGame is fun and legit but I pay $4 for an app and still get ads to spend 40$ to unlock more. Everything is buy this or that. Very unfortunate that I’ve already paid $4 just to download the app. Don’t let this game trick you into sucking all your money away. Why not make everything free once you BUY the app instead of trying to charge for everything.. Wish I wouldn’t have bought this.Score: 1/5

GlitchIf there is no move on a dice roll, no way to pass turn. Game stops.Score: 1/5

GlitchesGLITCHES! GLITCHES! GLITCHES ARE EVERYWHERE! One day it froze ON MY TURN and I was doing amazing and then it froze! I was so disappointed because I was in the accusation process... then... FREEZE! It was frozen for about 5 minutes, so then I tried to re log by just pressing the home button, I had no luck. It just took me out of the game. I WAS ALSO PLAYING THE GAME WITH 5 OF MY FRIENDS!! Btw it freezes all the time. It wasn’t just the 1 time. Also another glitch is that it will freeze for 2 players and the rest of the players are not frozen. And then it unfreezes but the other 4 players freeze 2 minutes later. This has happened to me very frequently and I hate this glitch. I hope you find this helpful! Thank you for looking at this developers. This game would be super good if there were no glitches. (I play the game twice a week) it’s epic! Get rid of the glitches in an update please and then I will write a 5 star review! Ty again!.Score: 3/5

RNG stacked against the playerOn Hard difficulty, the way the game achieves difficulty is by making all the AI opponents constantly ask for cards that I have, thus forcing me to show them. It happens so consistently that it can’t possibly be coincidence. They do this on Medium difficulty too. This makes me quickly lose faith and interest in playing the game at all..Score: 1/5

BEST GAME EVER 😍😊😅😀🙂😆😄😃😄😇😉😉☺️🤗🤗😜THIS GAME IS LITERALLY THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😊😁😅😀🤪☺️🤗🙂😎😆🥳😄😃🙃🤩🤭This game is so fun and definitely worth the money! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄I wouldn’t buy the in app purchases because those are a waste of my time and money.😂 But the game itself is like literally the best! I would definitely buy it!!!!!! 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯It is totally worth the money!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😃😃😃😃😃🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🙃🙃🙃🙃.Score: 5/5

Awesome app!Clue is my favorite board game but you can’t play without people and you can’t take it in the car or anywhere else. That’s why I absolutely LOVE this app because you can either play with real people or by yourself with computer generated people! The money is totally worth it. There’s not many ads like most games either. There are a few changes to the online game like the characters and the places, but over all, it’s an awesome game and I highly recommend it!!.Score: 5/5

CassieI love this game so much keeps keeps me occupied.Score: 5/5

ClueHello wonderful game it so fun and keep me entertained for hours but I did delete at one point and I had the all the packs and borad and they all went away that something that I spent money on that u lost other whys it a great game just the price is kinda a lot and it would be fun if it was a free game like the passes anyways it aml amazing fun entertaining game thank you.Score: 4/5

ClueI’d like to see a help guide that explains some of the pop ups. Also the ability to play a game with others who are in the rooom with me. I’d like to play with my grand kids..Score: 5/5

Love the game! BUT..Love the game but when I play online it makes me skip my turn and does not let me do anything. So annoying. Please fix.Score: 3/5

Not badIt’s good, you win through making suggestions. I would only maybe suggest adding a little more? When you win, it just ends, there’s nothing to reward your victory. Not even a better upbeat background tune. It leaves much to be desired after spending so long winning it and recovering the bare minimum. In real life, the reward is seeing the others defeated looks or yells of frustration, but you can’t do that online so I thought they’d have some other way to make it worthwhile. Honestly speaking, not really worth 4$ if you have the actual board game and some people you can play with. Not to mention how you have to pay so much inside to game for all these individual things, quite clearly a money grab scheme..Score: 3/5

StuckI rolled a 2 and the game will not let me move to a different room or pass my turn to the next computer player. I’m just stuck and can’t do anything unless I delete the save and start a new game instead. Also the game is not very clear on how to play if you’ve never played the original board game. Way too much pay to play on top of already having to purchase the app just to install it..Score: 1/5

PaidOk I bought this game I don’t think we should have to buy extra ppl or extra for the places once someone buys this game it should either open all the stuff that you all want us to buy or at least let us level up to open new ppl and new places I can’t afford to buy the extra after all I bought the game what a rip off buy the game then spend and extr 35 dollars for the rest of the game so so wrong.Score: 1/5

Cluedo/ClueThis game is addicting! Saw a streamer playing this and had to try it since I loved clue as a kid. My favorite board is snowy peaks ^.^.Score: 5/5

Massive rip off, want an extra $35 on top of the cost to buy the game.So saw this as a bundle for $9.99 known in the past it had tons of in app purchases which made this a non starter for me. This time didn’t have any in app purchases in the purchases information so me thinking people can’t lie in their app descriptions or that Apple would hold them accountable if they did pulled the trigger. Massive mistake all the apps require massive amounts of in app purchases and in many cases apps aren’t anything close to the actual board games..Score: 1/5

Very fun but could desperately use some tweaksI like this app but there are two main issues: 1-This app forces my iphone to stay on - it overrides the auto-lock feature. If I put my phone down in the middle of a game, it never goes to sleep and then drains my battery completely. Please fix. 2-I like to play on the hard mode, but that setting doesn’t save so if I choose nee characters I also have to reset their difficulties. It would be nice to be able to set an overall difficulty and then tweak individual characters from there..Score: 5/5

In app purchases on paid game?I don’t know about you, but when I pay $3.99 for a game, I don’t expect 90% of the content to be in app purchases.Score: 2/5

Hard setting doesn’t workEvery time I play in single player mode on the “hard setting” and win , the scoring and results screen always says I played on the medium setting..Score: 4/5

Favorite gameI got this game when it was super cheap because I love clue but don’t always have real people to play with (then covid happened). I haven’t bought any extras and I don’t play online so I use it for the basic but it’s a great game with superb graphics and gameplay. I recommend it to everyone as it keeps my mind active. My only con is that within the last few months (can’t remember exactly when) the sound stopped working. No matter what I do the game is silent. It’s not a huge deal for me as it doesn’t impact gameplay but sometimes I wish I had the music to listen to while I play. I still love this app and game and play almost every night!.Score: 5/5

Game is RUINEDClue is an amazing game... but when you take the notes for you and there is no setting to disable automating note taking you ruin the entire point of the game: MAKING YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS. Desperately need to have an option to disable automatic note taking. Thank you for making me waste $3.99.Score: 1/5

Would like to play my sister without the AI participantWe are required to include the AI and it cheats. Seriously will just come up with the solution seemingly out of nowhere. We just want to play a game like we would as kids but it forces us to add the cheating AI. Would love to see us able to play a two player game..Score: 3/5

BoringDo NOT buy! Save your money for a better app! Boring and no refund is available!!.Score: 1/5

What the...?I can't understand how to do anything on this game, absolutely no instructions or settings?!!! Bought this game to play with my daughters but i can't find options to play a private game with three people??? Why?????? Also there is NO where to connect to my facebook profile? Even though it says you can there is nowhere on the app to click to connect 😬 not happy with my purchase guys. (I never leave negative reviews, and I usually do not have issues with technology, so......).Score: 1/5

No way to communicateI like the game, but there’s no way for players to communicate with each other. Not enough settings, can only edit/control music, sound, and name. There’s no way to keep my score on the board globally. Not sure if it’s because I don’t have a facebook..Score: 3/5

Doesnt even let me play with peopleCant even play with a friend what the heck a waste of money.Score: 1/5

ClueI always loved this game! When I saw the bundle pack, I had to get it. My only grip is that you have not only bought the game, there is a catch that you have to purchase more options on playing. It’s kind of a waste of money to buy it when you have to end up purchasing a lot more than when you originally set out to enjoy the benefits. Personally, it’s a waste and really disappointing..Score: 2/5

Can’t believe it’s been 5 monthsJust hopped on to play some Clue with an out-of-area friend, and the multiplayer function seems completely out of service. We cannot join each other’s rooms or start games together. Looking through the reviews, it appears the app has had this issue for at least five months with no improvement, and the same response from the developer saying they’ll consider switching servers “if the issue continues much longer.” How much longer than five months are you going to wait? Disappointing to say the least! I liked this app before this issue arose..Score: 1/5

I adore this game!I really can’t play Clue with my family because I think by talking, and have the worst time thinking the logic through with this board game without saying spoilers. This game on my iPad is just the best! I love and adore it, and even spent a few dollars on an expansion pack. It’s beautiful, cleverly executed and zero annoying features! Get the game! So worth it. Exercise your brain and have fun!.Score: 5/5

Has glitches. Bad for a paid game.IPhone 6s+. After I roll the dice, it often does now highlight rooms that I can move to. I have to end the app then restart. Extremely annoying. Free games get their glitches fixed quickly..Score: 3/5

Loved itGood game, recommended, worth the price.Score: 5/5

Change the murdererI love this game. I grew up playing the board game but I’ve been playing this game for TWO days straight and Colonel Mustard has been it every single time!!! I’m thinking of undownloading this game because it’s going to get really boring really fast if that doesn’t change..Score: 1/5

This is pretty fun.There are many enjoyable parts of this game on that it pretty much replicates the original! I just wish it could hurry along a little more. Also, the upgrades should not cost between $45-$70. That is insane!.Score: 5/5

Don’t waste your money, the game doesn’t workI can’t even start a game, it gets stuck at the character select page without any characters showing.Score: 1/5

This app sends your data to FacebookI bought this app and when I went to play it I found out that I can’t play it unless I agree that my data can be sent to Facebook. I never would have bought this knowing that. I really would like a refund or the ability to opt out..Score: 1/5

Paid for this...Not only does it have ads on the menu after I paid for this I cannot play with my friends because one of us is always removed from the lobby..Score: 1/5

Love this game!I LOVE clue. But I am disappointed that the makers haven’t made a “Friends” themed clue game yet! In the app AND a physical game. They have a bunch of dumb themes already, why not Friends?!?.Score: 3/5

Love it but had a questionI love this game, me and my daughter play all the time. But the add insult are expensive. My question is, if I buy a board or theme and start a game with friends will they also be able to play the board or themes I buy? Can we only play on a board if we all own it?.Score: 3/5

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Clue: The Classic Mystery Game App Images

Clue: The Classic Mystery Game app imageClue: The Classic Mystery Game app imageClue: The Classic Mystery Game app imageClue: The Classic Mystery Game app image

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