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Automatically track your sleep from your Apple Watch*. No buttons to press. Even the Watch app is optional! Just sleep! Total Privacy. ------------- AutoSleep has no user analytics tracking. No advertising plugins. No 3rd party code. No data upload. Ask your "free" sleep app if they can say the same. Everything Included. -------------------- No extra In App Purchases. No subscriptions. About AutoSleep ----------------- Using Advanced Heuristics AutoSleep works out how long you've slept so you don't have to. If you DO wear your Watch to bed, you don't need to do a single thing. AutoSleep will track your sleep & quality and send you a notification in the morning. Even if you don't wear your Watch to bed, AutoSleep can track your time in bed. It's extremely simple. If you DON'T wear your Watch to bed, then simply take your Watch off before you go to sleep. As soon as you touch your iPhone or put your Watch back on in the morning then AutoSleep will know that you have finished sleeping. As everyone is a little bit different. AutoSleep provides a simple setup wizard and an option to tweak if you are a very restless sleeper. If you wear your Apple Watch to bed*, AutoSleep will also analyse your sleep quality. By using time asleep, restlessness, time awake and heart rate it can score the quality of your sleep and provide you with a comprehensive nightly analysis. *Note. If you do not wear your Watch to bed, AutoSleep simply captures the amount of time sleeping. AutoSleep also works with HeartWatch our premier heart & activity monitoring app and writes your Sleep information to Apple Health. *Requires Apple Watch running Watch OS 4 or higher. WatchOS 5 recommended. Best of 2018 Best of 2019 Best of 2020

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AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch App Reviews (38,653)

Fantastic app with oodles of dataThis really is a fantastic app. And it does have oodles of data. Consequently it can be a little overwhelming at first. But stick with it. Study all that in-depth data for the first 2 or 3 weeks, then you’ll begin to understand which parts of the app are relevant for you. For advanced users the app allows you to export that data. If you think this app is for you, then I would highly recommend you purchase the bundle which gives you Auto Sleep, Heart Watch app, and Autowake. Heart Watch is another great app..Score: 5/5

Waste of moneySo inaccurate sleep data, it shows that I’m awake despite being asleep. I can’t find anything on the App Store that is as accurate as the Fitbit sleep app. Don’t waste your money on this app because you will be extremely disappointed..Score: 1/5

Beats the Fitbit sleep trackingThe only thing I missed from moving to Apple from Fitbit was the sleep tracking. This app is incredible - it does everything and more..Score: 5/5

So much better than Apple SleepI suffer with insomnia yet the Apple sleep app would be saying I’d hit my sleep goals all the time when I barely slept at all. This app mostly gets it right and allows me to adjust it when it didn’t - finally getting a good insight into my sleep..Score: 5/5

Love itI love this app :).Score: 5/5

Very good sleep trackerInstalled it not knowing whether it would be useful - but it has been..Score: 5/5

Helps monitor sleep and know when you have had a restless nightVery useful information it will help me improve my sleep and give early warning if daily stress is effecting my sleep..Score: 5/5

ExcellentBrilliant App and extremely informative. Have been using the App for well over a year and find it to be accurate and helpful. Thanks!.Score: 5/5

Does what it promises!Better than Apples one. I’ve used it for a while and it doesn’t let me down..Score: 5/5

Still use thisI’ve had this tracker a long time, I still use it and seems to me to be the best and most reliable one..Score: 5/5

Easy to use appReally enjoying this app. Easy to use and a quick visual give you the info I need. I love that it’s a one off payment rather than subscription and that I don’t have to start the sleep cycle myself but have the option to. The adjustment options are great, although I haven’t used them yet as only a week in. Also received a quick response from the developers when I had a question. 😀.Score: 5/5

Good sleep trackAmazing how it actually monitors your sleep hygiene.Score: 5/5

Love this appThis has helped me with my sleeping and even though they collect your data in the apps, they don’t sell it to third-party, which I really like it. I’ve been using it for a few years now..Score: 5/5

GreatI really like the app, however the only thing it doesn’t tell you is how long you spend in the REM stage of sleep.Score: 4/5

Deep sleep!I love this App! It is so in-depth & accurate. It has helped me work out the exercise & activities, which give me a good night’s sleep & as a result a healthier more energetic me..Score: 5/5

Very informativeUsed a few sleeping apps to try and understand problem areas with my own sleep. This one pretty much nails all aspects, and puts problem areas across in a very simple and extremely comprehensive way. Detailed help section that also gives a huge number of interesting facts. Highly recommend app, ridiculously small price for all this info and advice..Score: 5/5

Fine tuning sleep is complicatedGood app, but when I want to correct it when it says I was asleep and I know I wasn’t, the tools to do that are extremely confusing. The fine tune your sleep feature needs a proper tutorial explaining the repercussions of pressing each one. It would be better to just give us a simple sliding tool so we can adjust our overall sleep and wake up times..Score: 3/5

Sleeping through it.Love this app. It makes me feel a little better that I can see I am getting some sleep. As I used to keep wondering if I’m actually sleeping or not as I don’t have a regular sleeping pattern. Thank you..Score: 5/5

Fantastic appBest sleep tracking app I’ve used. Does everything you would expect and more and provides excellent visual analysis. Also happy that it sells for a fixed price. There aren’t many apps like that anymore and as a rule I try to avoid subscriptions except for essential services. Thank you for this excellent app!.Score: 5/5

Brilliant in depth viewThe first app to give me the in-depth view of my sleep pattern.Score: 5/5

Fantastic app! Best sleep tracker on iOS!This has been the best sleep tracker I have found on iOS. Before switching to Apple Watch I used to have a FitBit and I missed the sleep tracking ability on it. The built-in software on Apple Watch isn't as detailed and is inaccurate. AutoSleep solved all that. It's the first app I check when I wake every morning and gives me fantastic insight into my sleeping habits and various metrics recorded during sleep. Highly recommended!.Score: 5/5

Pointless app!!If you do not log into the app every single morning, and choose between one and 12 different sleep patterns, it doesn’t record any data. I purchased this app hoping for it to track my sleep, so I can see the pattern. What is the point of having to login every single day, and choose which sleep I had the night before, I’ve paid for an app to do this for me. Save yourself the money and just buy a diary and write down what time you go to bed and what time you wake up..Score: 1/5

Great to help manage energy levels!Not only do I know whether I have slept well, the daily readiness indicator is invaluable to me, as I have long term cancer related fatigue. It helps me plan my daily activities and I have no longer the fear that I start something and get stuck when utter fatigue strikes. It has improved my ability to be more active immensely. Bet it might be helpful to those with long Covid, who also struggle with severe fatigue....Score: 5/5

Sleep Accuracy better after last few updatesSleep accuracy has returned back to normal since last 2 updates, the readiness score is pretty pointless if your on beta blockers or any medicine that affects heart rate or HRV, it’s a shame this can’t be taken into account like the Apple Watch, apart from that great to see the app functioning well again..Score: 5/5

Becoming an obsessionHusband and I compete as to who has slept the best…. !.Score: 4/5

Brilliant insightful appEasy to set up and really good insights into your sleep pattern, definitely recommend.Score: 5/5

Impressive range of dataThis is pretty amazing in terms of the graininess of the data it collects and the range of ways of fine tuning it to your own norms. The only possible flaw is that is seems to record a high proportion of deep sleep, which may just be me, but seems outside of the expected parameters even when calibrated to its max. It would be interesting to understand the population data they used to set the norms in the first place. It is graphically really tidy and easy to interpret the charts - recommended!.Score: 5/5

Great appReally accurate.Score: 5/5

The best sleep tracking app. Don’t look any further.Great interface, amazingly precise data, it has it all..Score: 5/5

Great appI’ve been using this app for over a year now snd find it really helps with my sleep patterns and making sure I get the right amount of sleep.Score: 5/5

Great until problems aroseI really liked this app. However the app stopped giving much of the data. I suspect there is something not quite rightly with the Apple Health data and this app cannot handle it. I contacted the developer for assistance and got no reply..Score: 2/5

Only one you needBest App on the market :).Score: 5/5

Very InsightfulI’ve been using this for about 2 weeks now and am very impressed with the app overall. After the first day or so I had to adjust the sensitivity, but this was really easy to do as the app gave me various options of when I’d gone to sleep and when I’d woke up and I selected the most applicable and its been all good from there. I like that the app sets a bedtime to help you get into good sleeping habits, but still tracks and accumulates data if you had a nap in the afternoon. My sleep pattern was goosed last weekend due to illness and it tracked everything even though i was asleep a couple of hours and the awake 0200-0500 and then off again. It’s also flexible with quality ratings; I only sleep for about 6 hours and it lets me adjust that so that is considered a good sleep session rather than enforcing 8 hours sleep, which I rarely do. The amount of data and trending the app carries out is also good and highlights things you might not think about. I also like the tie into the Breathe app and the readiness rating and again it’s helping reinforce some good habits. All in all, well worth the price tag for what its giving you if you want information on your quality of sleep and supporting you to get into good sleep habits..Score: 5/5

FantasticReally enjoying this app. In-depth knowledge of your sleeping pattern. Highly recommend.Score: 5/5

Excellent app!!This is a fantastic app!! Looking at the price of other sleep analysis apps, I can’t see how any of them can be doing anything better! Plus the customer service is fantastic! I had a slight glitch at the beginning and I was totally talked (via email) through it... I highly recommend this if you want to geek out on your sleep quality.Score: 5/5

Very accurateAlthough I do not use every night this App is incredibly accurate..Score: 5/5

Great AppGood app to have.Score: 5/5

LloydSuffer from RBD-REM sleep disorder and it’s amazing to get a graph to see how I have slept on certain medications and for it to tell me my HRV ms in the morning when I have awoken is great as well 🥇suffer with ADHD as well and the more sleep I get the better I can focus so all good 👍.Score: 5/5

Best sleep app by farI love this app! Finally an app that is 110% accurate! It’s one of the first things I do of a morning, check my sleep and it’s interesting to see all the data! I’ve had FitBit for years but that’s nothing on this. Would highly recommend!.Score: 5/5

Random results mean nothing!The results are inconsistent. I’m going to bed and waking up at the same time, following a eating and drinking pattern. This has been the same for the last six months. The results are random and have no bearing to my cycling sleep pattern. This means I can not use to improve or change my sleeping habits. Very disappointed!.Score: 1/5

Latest update a bustWhat happened??? Been using this app for ever and love it! Did the latest update and now apparently whenever I sit down I’m asleep. When I wake up, I’m asleep. The only time I’m not asleep is when I’m on my phone 🥺 So it’s wrong pretty much most of the time.Score: 1/5

Excellent app. Tells me when I need to catch up on sleep.A useful tool to breakdown how you sleep and to understand what you do every night. It tracks the events and allows me to compare to me cpap machine..Score: 5/5

Best sleep app I have foundThis is the best most informative sleep app I have come across. I have used it for months now and it helps me record my sleep patterns accurately..Score: 5/5

Works for meAfter a few months of use and seeing the data it gives I’ve found this app very useful. My sleep pattern is erratic at best and tha app plus my watch keep up with the differences and changes well. After going through many, many sleep trackers, I’ve found a keeper.Score: 5/5

InaccurateThis app is so inaccurate. Keeps telling me I’m asleep while I’m at work...? Doesn’t track my sleep correctly. So I can’t even give this 2 stars. Not a good app for the money!.Score: 1/5

Great appGives good insight to sleep patterns and interesting to analyse the details...Score: 5/5

A very useful app!I’ve been using this now for a couple months, and it really does give you a good indication of not only how long you’re asleep, but the quality of your sleep too. As sleep is so important to our overall health, I find it useful to target myself for 7-8 hours a night. The app is fine tuned enough to really see stats and data, including heart rate, deep sleep, noise etc, and used in conjunction with the Apple Watch, you probably won’t find a much better sleep tracking app..Score: 5/5

It’s so easyJust install the App and wear your watch. The App does everything else. You can use the ‘Lights Off’ function on the watch and it will track how long it takes you to fall asleep. The information provided is comprehensive and easily understood and useful for spotting trends and then making a few simple changes to improve the quality of your sleep. I am aware from comments on here that some people charge their watch overnight so can’t see how you could wear it all night. My watch takes about 45 minutes to fully charge so I charge it up when I am preparing and eating breakfast in the morning and dinner in the evening. In summary, lots of very useful information and so easy to use..Score: 5/5

Doesn’t seem to sync with phoneI use AutoSleep every night on my watch: activate Lights Out before going to bed then turn it off. Every day. But when i go to the iPhone apps History there are massive gaps for each day. It’s frustrating because i’m trying to build a sleep history….Score: 3/5

Has potential but buggy and support no help.I’ve had this app for several months and, when it works it provides some really good, helpful insights. But it hardly ever works. Regularly it will record me as being asleep when I am sitting at my desk working, or reading my son a book, even if it’s 11am or 3pm. You should be able to tell it not to track sleep when during certain time periods. There is a setting for something similar but it didn’t resolve this issue. The smart alarm does not work. I have to rely on my phone to wake me up. Some days it won’t allow me to edit my sleep, it just crashes the phone app. Charge reminder doesn’t work. Does not remind me to charge even though all settings have been checked. Finally, when you contact support they respond quickly. But don’t actually do anything to help. I’m summary, I’ll keep using it as it doesn’t provide good info, but I’ll do so accepting that I’ll need to make constant adjustments, when it will let me, and use other apps to fill in the gaps..Score: 2/5

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Indispensable pour une Apple WatchCette application est précise et utile pour calculer le temps de sommeil et surtout la qualité. je recommande.Score: 5/5

I like itIt takes a little adjusting to get it to register your sleep properly. That’s easy to do. Once you dial it in, it does a great job of letting you know how much sleep you’re getting. Or missing!.Score: 4/5

RecommandationAutoSleep doit bien être utiliser; il ne doit devenir un focus sur notre capacité ou notre incapacité à dormir. Moi, je l’utilise pour observer à quel moment de la semaine mon sommeil est plus court et je tente de l’expliquer. J’aime le fait que les données recueillies me donnent aussi beaucoup d’informations sur mes phases de sommeil. En soirée, j’ai un avertissement me suggérant de brancher ou non ma montre, afin qu’elle soit fonctionnelle pour la nuit qui s’en vient. Ma montre me suggère aussi 🙂 de commencer à me préparer à aller dormir. Enfin, je crois que cette application devient un excellent outil d’analyse du sommeil..Score: 5/5

GreatAbsolutely beautiful and very accurate.Score: 5/5

Very usefulI use it every night to measure my metrics and am not disappointed. It’s one of the better apps out there for sleep tracking..Score: 4/5

Do not rely on the smart alarm, It doesn’t work.The sleep tracking is good, overall I like the app. However, trusting the alarm function to work at all was a big mistake..Score: 3/5

No monthly plan for sleep is a must for a good nights sleepFunctional without a subscription. you love to see it..Score: 5/5

Helps me go to bedLoving the way it tracks my deep sleep and heart rate - well done!.Score: 5/5

Useful appGood app, I use it every day..Score: 5/5

Great appTell you what you need to know. From your previous nights sleep..Score: 5/5

Works well as a one time buyI really like the one time buy it has some really nice features and I like the UI setup as well pillow has updated but it’s still a payed subscription unlike this app which is just a one time three dollar buy !!.Score: 4/5

Don’t waste your moneyI never write reviews but this app does NOT work. It does not track your sleep at all. I used it a few times and it still does not track anything. I would like my money back..Score: 1/5

Le MeuilleurJe ne saurais plus m’en passer maintenant.Score: 5/5

Watch and app give detailed analysis of sleepThe app uses my watch to analyze my sleep and give me a lot of information about how well or poorly I’m sleeping. It’s very detailed and I’m very pleased. I charge my watch after dinner to have it at 100% before I go to bed and it’ll last all day afterwards..Score: 5/5

Scary AccurateIt knows when you are sleeping, it knows when you’re awake! —but in detail! I highly recommend this app to monitor sleep habits..Score: 5/5

Good so farI have just downloaded this app and it looks great. Info is well laid out and easy to understand. I’ll see how it fares tonight on my 1st sleep with it. But it does look promising! And thanks ever so much for not basing this on a subscription!.Score: 5/5

Awesome app!!I’ve used this app for only a night. but it was insightful, and had lots of detail, No ads, and it isn’t a recurring membership, i highly recommend this to anyone who is considering it..Score: 5/5

Auto SleepSo many useful metrics. Still learning. Helps keep me disciplined regarding my sleep..Score: 4/5

Great app with no subscription fee.Excellent app, easy to use, very intuitive and accurate..Score: 5/5

Application efficaceL’application fonctionne encore mieux quand vous avez la Apple Watch! Beaucoup d’informations qui vous donne un portrait assez réaliste de votre nuit 🥱..Score: 4/5

Great appIt does exactly what I want it to do and so much more..Score: 5/5

Getting used to the appI’m not a technophobe but there is so much information that I found it hard to use it all. I’m slowly starting to get used to it and it certainly does have a lot of useful data..Score: 4/5

Simple to use, informative and challengingThe app gives you great insight into your sleep patterns and motivates you to address where you sleep hygiene is lacking. I use it every day when waking up with my Apple Watch..Score: 5/5

Great with watchVery simple to use it’s far better than Apple application..Score: 5/5

OutstandingI’ve been forgetting to use Sleep Cycle consistently (thanks ADHD!) and unhappy with the lack of detail in the reports- WOW! I didn’t know what I was missing! AutoSleep gives so much more meaningful detail, without me having to lift a finger. I love seeing my sleep debt, it’s a metric that’s helped me work on what I actually want from a sleep app- to be more consistently rested! The watch app is outstanding, it’s made getting better rest fun and less stressful because I have one less thing to remember..Score: 5/5

Great AppEach morning, I can’t wait to analyse my sleep and it makes me realise what actions give me better health..Score: 5/5

Great App!Very easy to use and coordinates all sleep and heart rate data in one place. Beautiful graphics are clear and expandable to provide additional breakdown if desired. A nice way to compare how you feel one morning after a “good” sleep with a morning after an interrupted sleep. The morning vibrating alarm is also less annoying & gradually awakens you - better than an alarm clock that jars you awake!.Score: 5/5

A great sleep tracking appI really like this app, I’ve being using it for years now, easy to set up, I use it every night, but I would like to see a nap function for the weekend.Score: 5/5

AccurateI tend to be sceptical about claims from many health apps. Some of this is also due a lack of faith of claims from hardware manufacturers. But in this case, both my wife and I have heavily scrutinized both our Apple Watches and this app and have come to the conclusion that not only is it quite accurate, placing trust in the data and changing habits has proven incredibly helpful and ultimately helped us improve our sleeping habits..Score: 5/5

Best sleep app for watchI’ve tried a few sleep trackers with my watch and this one takes the cake. It tracks my sleep perfectly. Best of all, it encourages me to set sleep goals and strive to achieve them. I have never prioritized sleep like this before in my life!.Score: 5/5

Don’t buyNot a good app. It can’t tell when you fall asleep or wake up if you’re just laying in bed..Score: 1/5

Best appThis is the best app ever I used..Score: 5/5

Super AppCette App fonctionne très bien et très pratique. À recommander sans hésiter..Score: 5/5

Great App With My Apple Watch But, Was Very Difficult to Understand At FirstI decided to purchase this app as I love Sleep Tracking apps and I finally just bought my first Apple Watch, and this app had the best review’s for Sleep apps that are compatible with the Watch. It was very hard to understand anything at first, the layout was very confusing for me, and still kind of is but I’m slowly learning. The app called ‘Sleep Cycle’ has always been my favourite sleep tracking app and I really wish it was compatible with the watch. I buy the yearly subscription for that app and still use this app at the same time. It would be great if the layout was more like the Sleep Cycle app as its very easy to understand! Also, I watch movies/tv a lot and it always detects that I’m sleeping when I’m doing so. And for it being an “Automatic” tracker, it’s a real pain having to manually delete the time that I was sitting still watching TV everyday. Overall I’m happy with this app and it does a great job at detecting my sleep, and doesn’t drain my Watch battery any more than my battery would be draining if I wasn’t using it! And it’s 100% worth buying as it’s a one time payment and no I’m app purchases. If you’re on the edge about getting this app, Id indefinitely say go for it! Take it from someone who has very VERY little extra $ to spend lol.Score: 4/5

Journal entry disappearsThe journal is wonky. I enter it twice and it disappeared. Tried again the the morning and it save showing the paper lip icon. I went back to edit it and save again. When I went to check it disappeared again. I tagged it with the teacup icon each time. Please advise. The app gives a lot of info which is cool and it seems interesting. But without the journal then I’ll be missing out on documenting important patterns that possibly affect my sleep..Score: 2/5

ExcellentI’ve used and tested quite a few, this one is actually fantastic, actually enjoy looking forward to it every single morning, I find it to be very accurate as I reflect on my nights sleep, and I like how it provides a lot of interesting data points. Don’t hesitate to get this one..Score: 5/5

Best Sleep appI have great difficulty sleeping and have tried many a sleep app to figure out how much sleep I actually get. This is the only app that lets me hit "lights out" when I actually turn my lights off. I read for hours in bed at night and all the other apps took reading time as sleeping time and I could never get an accurate reading until I got this app. A lot of the other apps were $40-$50 and were garbage, this app at $5 is outstanding. This app also provides me with detailed info on all stages of my sleep. LOVE THIS APP AND YOU WILL TOO!!!!.Score: 5/5

AccurateApp Preforms very well. Accuracy is a standout and consistent performance can be relied on..Score: 5/5

Great appGreat way to understand your sleeping trends!.Score: 5/5

Good appIt provides good information but I wish there was a notes section so I could add comments for each night and keep track of them.Score: 4/5

User for four yearsI find the info from AutoSleep to be important for my health tracking. Tracking heart rate and blood oxygen matched with the graphic for sleep “activity” is huge. I was diagnosed with marginal sleep apnea a few years ago but my watch really helps me to understand that it is less of an issue these days. To me, with a watch 6 and AutoSleep my sleep is understood and managed. I have been a user since version 4 and appreciate the ongoing incremental improvements..Score: 5/5

Amazing App! Well worth it!I’ve been using this app now for a while, to take full advantage of this app, you must wear your Apple Watch to bed while sleeping. This app has made me better understand my sleep habits and pin points how times I wake up during the night..Score: 5/5

Just purchased this app!!I just purchased this app today and it wouldn’t install on my watch!!.Score: 1/5

Great appEasy to set up. Take your time and customize to your needs.Score: 4/5

Wasted $12.00I originally bought the group of 3 apps. I had great hopes for this app after looking at the reviews. But like almost all sleep apps it decides when your sleep has ended. Last night I went to bed at 10:45 PM. I woke up at 1 AM and had to pee and that’s when the app decided that my sleep had ended. Despite the fact that I went back to sleep and slept till 7:30 AM. There is no way of even adjusting it manually because it no longer even tracked information. Deleted the 3 apps and all the inaccurate information collected. The only sleep app that I have found that you both start and end manually is Sleep Cycle. Fortunately I got that app when it was first released years ago and was free. Now it’s over $30 a year and I would not recommended it because of that..Score: 1/5

Interesting and easyIf you like looking at your health data this is really neat - works great with the Apple Watch and is mostly automatic. Plenty of good data at fist glance, along with extra layers or detailed information. I also use HeartWatch and together they add loads to my nerdy data experience..Score: 5/5

Great for sleep apneaI suffer from sleep apnea. This app is great at recording my sleep quality, my oxygen levels. I can make decisions based on what I see on the graphs..Score: 5/5

Ne compte pas bien le sommeil profond !Après 1 semaine je n’ai de données pour le profond sommeil qu’une seule nuit ! Et pourtant d’autres applications en parallèle l’on compter chaque soir !.Score: 1/5

User-friendly & very detailedAs someone with sleep issues, I really enjoy the feedback I get from AutoSleep & it’s super easy to dive into the details - use of colour & graphs communicates information in a way that’s very informative and easy to interpret. I enjoy looking at the trends over a week or month’s time as well. I feel it’s accurate as when it reflects how I feel when I wake up in the morning. If I feel refreshed AutoSleep indicates I got plenty of deep or quality sleep, if I feel lousy the results show me why..Score: 5/5

ExcellentLove this app!.Score: 5/5

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Really detailed sleep App for your Apple WatchI wanted to get more than just the iOS basic readings with my new Apple Watch 6, and this turned out to be an excellent addition for just 4 dollars. It shows combined sleep/heart rate/rest and even ambient noise as well as SPO2 information, and gives you other great tools to adjust your sleep cycles. Has a great system to compare your recent sleep history, showing whether actual rest is increasing, or decreasing. I have not yet bought their heart app, since the iOS version seems good enough, but this sleep app has been everything I wanted and more. Thanks for a great product!.Score: 5/5

Great way to track quality of sleep!I liked my Fitbit sleep tracker but this takes it to another level..Score: 5/5

Helps with my sleep goals!PROS: Whereas having Sleep in iOS and watchOS is helpful, this app in combo with HealthWatch and AutoWake by the same developer is really so much more powerful for both automating the monitoring and in analysis tools. CONS: I withhold a fifth star because the settings are Byzantine to set up and understand, and it takes a while to fully understand how the apps and your devices interact. Additionally, the UI is so dense and detailed that it takes a long while to understand all the colors and info graphics being used. They could be considerably cleaned up and simplified for understanding by the right UI/UX consultant..Score: 4/5

Part of my daily routineSurprised how just being aware of sleep quality makes a difference. That, and my core strengthening exercises are the best things I’ve done for my health recently. Also surprised that I would not be bothered by wearing my watch to sleep. Now it’s just seems normal, part of my daily routine. No problem. This app is an education in how my sleep varies throughout the night. Deep sleep is such a short period, sometimes only an hour or two, but I can feel it’s benefits if I am lucky to get more. This app has opened my eyes to this major part of my day that until now has been mostly a mystery. Love it..Score: 5/5

Excellent Sleep AppComprehensive sleep app!!! I’ve been using this app for over a month now and have enjoyed reviewing the data on my sleep vs my impressions. Worth the cost!!.Score: 5/5

Helpful!I was looking for an app better than the basic Health version. So far this has met my expectations (which were very high). Excellent product and would buy again!.Score: 5/5

Amazing appSo easy to use and provides an incredible amount of detail. Highly recommend..Score: 5/5

Great sleep appI’m obsessed with AutoSleep! It’s important for me to get 7-8 hours of sleep, but it’s especially important that I get at least 90 minutes of deep sleep. Deep sleep is the time your brain is clearing out plaque that can cause dementia. AutoSleep helps me monitor all of this and helps me determine what is affecting my sleep. As a flight attendant it is especially hard to keep track, given the time zones but AutoSleep keeps me informed without having to guess..Score: 4/5

Don’t waste your time and your moneyThis app is not reliable. It doesn’t record sleep correctly, has a lot of missing data. I was awake, but the app was still showing I’m asleep! I doubt if it is based on proper sleep science. It also has ridiculous technical issues! On the main page, almost constantly, there is an “ERROR”! I don’t know how so many people gave it five stars!.Score: 1/5

We improve what we measure… Purdy darn simpleTitle says it all.Score: 5/5

Love the dataGreat way to monitor your sleep..Score: 5/5

Accept no substitutesAfter years of trial and error with dozens of sleep apps, I come back again and again to AutoSleep. This app has an excellent, intuitive UI. It’s data rich insights translate raw numbers into actionable information information. Continued, thoughtful development adds more features, keeps updated with technology advances and improves legacy functionality. You can’t go wrong here.Score: 5/5

AutoSleep great sleep monitoringThis is one of the best sleep monitoring appsI’ve used it tracks all sorts of things your total sleep time, your deep sleep your light sleep.It also gives you a readiness rating,Sleep rating and so many more I haven’t even got into. Plus it also links to heart monitor. This app is definitely worth checking out!.Score: 5/5

This App Changed my LifeAfter having increasing problems with depression, anxiety, daytime sleepiness, and lack of focus, I decided to discuss my AutoSleep history with my doctor. We thought my average heart rate at night seemed very high and decided I needed a sleep study. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and now I can treat my problem and get back on track. I recommend this app to everyone..Score: 5/5

Amazing appThis app has really helped me get my sleep back on track. I feel more rested. It clearly shows you when you wake up and when you have deep Sleep. This allows you to make adjustments where necessary to get the right amount of quality sleep. I love this app..Score: 5/5

Love this appSo easy to use! Even when I forget to explicitly turn it on, it detects my sleep..Score: 5/5

Nice appSeems good so far. Only on day 3 of using it but it seems pretty accurate after calibrating. It was too generous so to say by default, saying that I slept more than I know I did. I calibrated it by editing the sleep time to a different preset option it gave and it seems more accurate there. Like the integration with heart watch for HR tracking and such as well. Would be better if info was a little easier to understand from the start. Needs to have more legends on the data displayed so you can easily figure what’s what or something like that. I’m testing other sleep apps right now also; sleep watch, pillow, and this one (AutoSleep). Pillow seems quite promising but requires $40/yr for the full experience. Not too impressed with sleep watch thus far. And AutoSleep seems quite nice overall and the price is very reasonable, only a few bucks for the complete/paid app with no subscription necessary..Score: 4/5

I love this appAutoSleep is awesome, I got this app to measure my sleep and it work great. It is also easy to use, just follow the instructions and were your watch while you sleep. It will also tell you your sleep debt/credit and that resets every week that you get 8 hours of sleep all of the days. If you feel like it measured you sleep incorrect you can exclude it from your sleep history. It cost a little bit to get but then you don’t have to get a subscription, you just buy it and can use it indefinitely..Score: 5/5

PuddletreeTerrific app! Reveals why your sleep is great, or not. The mic info provides reasons why I woke at night; Street noises. Recent increase in exercise (exercise cycle) improved heart dip! Awesome. Keep up the good work folks. Great app!.Score: 5/5

LoadedGreat info and graphs. Only thing I cannot identify REM, only deep sleep.Score: 4/5

Best Sleep Tracking AppI have been using AutoSleep for a few years now and I have had no desire to even try Apple’s native solution. This app is robust, accurate, and highly customizable. I love it and have shared it with all of my friends and family. I used to not like sleeping with my watch on but this app got me used to sleeping with it and now I only ever take it off to charge. It’s so well integrated into the Apple Health app too. All in all an A+ application..Score: 5/5

Awesome appI love being able to measure my sleep. I also love to having to pay a subscription fee like many of the other sleep apps..Score: 5/5

This is my goto sleep trackerYou don’t have to think to turn this one on, it’s just works. Pretty cool. I like to see my heart rate patterns as well. Nice work from this developer..Score: 5/5

Seems great!First few days and learning allot. Very informative but in an easily understandable way. Will update after more time..Score: 5/5

Was great, now not so muchThis app started off great, comparable to Fitbit as far as tracking sleep goes. But here in the past week, it hasn’t been calculating my sleep correctly at all. Keeps saying I have 3-4 hours of sleep a night and the sleep app on the app watch is showing 7-8 hours. Why is it so off? Again, I only started having this problem within the last week, and I did check to see if their was an update before coming on to review. Just disappointed!.Score: 2/5

History stopped updating in MarchBig fan of the app but it hasn’t updated my sleep history in about 3 months. Stuck in March..Score: 3/5

Best sleep appI love this sleep app because it tracks my time all day long. As long as I have my Apple Watch on, it tells me how much asleep including naps throughout the day..Score: 5/5

Works and interesting.I like to check out my sleep habits with this app. Seems fairly accurate. Most times..Score: 5/5

GreatIt took me a bit to figure it out, ( but it was just me, ) but it works great. Tracks it all. Highly recommend.Score: 5/5

Cool concept but wildly inaccurateI love the layout and the features, if accurate, would be awesome but after using this app every night for a month, I am disappointed. This app has no idea when I am sleeping vs when I wake up. For instance, last night I woke up twice, and rolled around in bed for over an hour trying to fall asleep. Yet in the morning, the app shows 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. This happens quite often..Score: 1/5

It is the bestBeen using for almost 5 years. Simple to use and provides extensive data information..Score: 5/5

Love this App!I love how this app tracks when I sleep and shows deep sleep and when I’m awake. It shows exactly the times I wake up and when I’m in a good sleep. Great for someone who has issues sleeping..Score: 5/5

Auto SleepGreat app. Offers a lot of good info. Pick what is important to you and it’s available. Very useful..Score: 5/5

Worth it!I bought the app but I haven't begun tracking my sleep yet (well, I have but from synced data by Apple Sleep) I appreciate why they don’t collect data. There are also a ton of details and various types of sleep data to learn about. I am looking forward to sleeping tonight!.Score: 5/5

Had no ideaI’ve used several of these apps. I live near a highway. I’m tired all the time. I can now see how I’m affected by the oil tankers that are out at night. My noise level was high and I never went into deep sleep. This app has helped me so much so I can be well rested. Plus I love data!!.Score: 5/5

PerfectThis is the MOST ACCURATE app for your health, I saw some are worried about your data, not A THING IN YOUR LIFE is private, not a thing. My health is more important..Score: 5/5

Simplifies sleep tracking with excellent accuracyI’ve tried three different sleep apps. Autosleep makes it easy AND the ability to calibrate the results makes the info much more accurate. Efficient and truly useful information. What’s not to love?.Score: 5/5

Overly complicated UI in need of simpler modeUI has so much stats and so many screens it is very confusing compared to Fitbit watches. I wish Apple Watch has better sleep apps. I wish this app offer a simplified view mode option. All the graphics, dials, colors is very overwhelming and confusing..Score: 2/5

Great app!Thank you for all the hard work it must have taken to create this app. It really helps me to monitor my health & make progress toward meeting fitness & sleep goals!.Score: 5/5

Top Notch AppHas helped me understand my sleep habits and I’m still learning. I look forward to seeing the results each day. Highly recommend this app..Score: 5/5

MedicinalI used to have several apps to keep track of my medical problems. This app allowed most of the m to share information. As the updates came in I began to notice the other apps were just talking up space. I have turned off apps that came with the phone. I have three apps and yours does most of the work. It will do all the work if I figure out why my watch won’t connect to certain parts of the app. Weird I know. However: can someone look into more options for adjusting your sleep time. Specifically the time when you have fallen asleep without the watch..Score: 5/5

Worth the small priceI was very surprised at how accurate this app is. I appreciate the dimming of my watch and the alarm features..Score: 4/5

Only for Apple WatchWanted to use this with my Garmin but it’s only designed for the Apple Watch.Score: 1/5

Great appThis app is amazing, at first it was my family telling me I didn’t sleep enough, then my coworkers and peers in college classes but now my iPhone too. I can now see how sleep deprived I am and act accordingly and I think that’s magical. I find myself competing with med students to see who can function the best with the least sleep. 10/10 recommend.Score: 5/5

Love it!I’ve been using sleep monitoring apps almost since I got my first Apple Watch many years ago & this one is the best. Blends perfectly with my Apple activity rings (another reviewer remarked that it’s almost as if it was designed by Apple and I agree). So far it has seamlessly and, more importantly, automatically tracked my sleep and seems to match up pretty well with how rested I feel when I wake up … and I haven’t even explored what all the data rings mean yet. Anyway, I recommend it, especially if you wear your smart watch when you sleep..Score: 5/5

Worked fine until updateThis app is pretty good and can provide some good insight into your sleep. However if you need to add a manual correction to the data, my experience has been that the app crashes and closes. This did not used to happen so I suspect that it is related to either an app or IOS update. Either way it is annoying. I have 1 day that I was trying to correct with the manual data entry and now all data no longer appears for that day. If I select the day now, the app crashes and closes..Score: 3/5

Doesn’t work very wellHonestly, I’m kinda mad. I paid for an app to track my sleep, and it just simply doesn’t do it very well. This is the third night in a row I’ve done everything correct. I’ve told the app “lights off” to start tracking my sleep. It hasn’t. It keeps saying there’s an error, which is annoying. I’m wearing my watch every night, I’m the correct position. I’m putting my phone on my bedside table and not moving it. I’m doing the lights off thing. It just doesn’t work. It’s also pretty annoying that every night I have to set the alarm to remind myself to charge my watch a bit before bed. It’s like that alarm just…disappears every day. I paid $4 for this app, and I want my money back. The Health app tracks my sleep better than this app tbh. Not to mention the app is very confusing to use, I had to watch the tips and into like 3 times to figure it out when I first downloaded the app. The only good thing about this app is the wake up alarm (which I can’t set on an automatic schedule either. I have to set it every night I want to wake up with it). It’s nice waking up to a soft nudge, but that’s about it. Summary: the app is confusing, and doesn’t track sleep very accurately. The wake alarm is alright, and it’s nice not paying for a subscription. If you want to waste $4, get the app. If you want to save your hard earned money, find a different app :).Score: 1/5

Disappointed + soon to deleteI did my research before downloading this app, and was so excited about being able to get sleep insights like my Fitbit gave me. No such luck😕 The data is inaccurate, the UI is hard to use, and the editing function is a joke. Save your money and try an alternate sleepv app until Apple can get it together and at least provide us with the same data and view currently used in the FitBit Charge 2HR..Score: 1/5

ImpressedIt works.... without doing anything. Just wear your watch. (Tip: put it in theater mode, so that it doesn’t light up and uses less battery. And put it on DND so it doesn’t vibrate with notifications). As it builds a history it has helped me identify the best time to go to sleep. And it is clear that drinking, even a single beer, throws off sleep a lot. Super helpful and revealing..Score: 5/5

Essential AppAs a confirmed sleep apnea and AFIB patient for over 14 years, this app uses mi iWatch to provide MUCH more quality data than just basics from AirSense 10. It is essential to my life and I am grateful..Score: 5/5

Performanece Lab 🎯Performance Lab ® CORE Formulas support all aspects of human performance, across all walks of life. Boosts work performance and productivity with nootropics for focus, multitasking under stress, creative problem-solving and more. Buy Now!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

A great aid to improving sleep patternsI have used quite a number of sleep aids, including a variety of sleep apnea machines. While it was not a severe sleep deprivation, it was mainly for my wife at that time to help her sleep, so I had opportunity to be monitored overnight and learn of issues with my sleep. Since then, 7 years later, I now have found an app to work with my Apple Watch that gives me all the key vital signs to “tweak” my heart rate, getting to bed time and wake up time. Not only that, my deep sleep has much improved, and I have gone from being often sleep deprived to now being in credit. A very good app. One of the best!.Score: 5/5

Great appThis is a must have if you have a smart watch. Can become a little obsessed with your sleep so be warned!.Score: 5/5

Does lotsGreat app. Have intergrated it with my Apple Watch series 4..Score: 5/5

Rude unhelpful tech supportAutosleep and the Apple Health app show different results. The tech was really short with me and treated me like it was my fault. I did what he said and the issue is still not fixed. Lift your game..Score: 1/5

App asked me to leave a reviewThe app prompted me to leave a review straight after I had set it up. Are u happy with the app YES or NO. Picked NO. Says WHY. No option to not leave feedback. Cancelled back to last screen. Picked YES. Please leave review. No option to not leave review. Cancelled back to are you happy with app YES/NO. Couldn’t work out how to use app without answering the questions. So here I am leaving a review about an app that didn’t let me experience it and wouldn’t let me not leave a review. I hope the app is happy now..Score: 4/5

Gr8Opens your eyes.Score: 5/5

GreatIt’s great. It’s enabled me to identify lots of life patterns that relate to sleep quality..Score: 5/5

Love this appThis has also become one of my favourite apps. I was a little apprehensive about setting it up right but it was just following the wizard and I was able to start tracking my sleep. Over the next week, I learned what the bits and pieces meant and tweaked the settings to increase its accuracy and tried out AutoAwake to wake up with; it was an enjoyable process of discovery and I now have a very accurate sleep monitor that lets me know when I have a sleep debt, how long it takes me to get to sleep, how consistent I have been with regular bed times and wake times, what the quality of my sleep is, and even what my oxygen levels are when I wake. I use this with the watch..Score: 5/5

Love itI love this app, so easy to use. Breaks down data well..Score: 5/5

Superb app, without a subscription!This app is amazing. I’ve had an Apple Watch for about a year, but have only been wearing it to sleep for the last week, since getting this app. The insights it offers are great - and are presented in varying levels of detail across different screens so you can decide how much depth you want to go into. I’ve already learned a lot about my sleeping patterns and I’m expecting the app will help me make various changes to improve them. Lastly - the app doesn’t require a subscription fee. It’s well priced, and if brand new versions emerge in the future, I’ll be happy to pay for them. (So a note to the developers... please keep going against the flow and sticking with an up front payment rather than the subscription that other apps require! And... great work!).Score: 5/5

Great appThis has always been a a fantastic app, easy to use and well designed. The recent updates and features are very useful enabling further insight to track my sleep. I love this app and use it daily. I highly recommend it..Score: 5/5

Very good sleep trackerEasy to use. Measures all the right things. Gives good insight into sleep hygiene. Highly recommend..Score: 5/5

FantasticI’m loving this app. It gives me slot of information about my sleep habits. What I don’t understand it gives me a quick simple explanation. I look at my stats every day.Score: 5/5

The best sleep tracking app I ever haveI have tried several sleep tracking apps, this is the best one and must have. Very detailed and thoroughly. Strongly recommend👍🏻.Score: 5/5

Best sleep tracking appBest app.Score: 5/5

Awesome AppAwesome app! Works awesomely!!.Score: 5/5

Best sleep appI love this sleep app. The developer regularly invests in improvements, it’s easy to use and helps me track my sleep. The alarm is great, the watch widgets are great to customise your watch face and see your sleep at a glance. Highly recommend this sleep app above all others. Thank you!.Score: 5/5

Sleep trackerReally enjoy this app. Can track and adjust to my need. Can set goals and love to see my deep sleep. Really opened my eyes to my sleep deprivation and realised I need to make changes to hrs of sleep per night. It covers all aspects. Deep sleep Goals Readiness for the day and more Great app to have.Score: 5/5

Great sleep appI never write reviews because I almost always end up with issues and I’m hard to please 😆 but this app is rate worthy and I can’t wait to check my quality of sleep everyday and try to adjust my habits. Also happy to tell others around me about it. Cheers guys.Score: 5/5

Best sleep tracking app I’ve ever seenPretty impressed with the UI, Ux, and mainly the amount of data it presents. Having an Apple Watch and relying on default sleep app for stats only works within your sleep hour boundary. If you sleep outside of your usual hours and needs loads of stats, here you go. Sometimes the data collecting algorithm fascinates me even when I don’t have my watch on me. Still haven’t completely explored all settings or how this app works. But it’s really cool :).Score: 5/5

Doesn’t show REMThis app is great however it doesn’t show rem. I used another app and it said I had 1hr and 49m rem sleep and 2hrs 48m deep sleep yet your app is just saying 2.5hrs of deep sleep so I don’t know what to think 🤔.Score: 4/5

Very good AppLove this app, I look at it every morning and it helps me keep track of my sleeping patterns. Fully recommend!.Score: 5/5

FantasticAwesome app with so much info..Score: 5/5

JanollyThis is a great app. It has everything you need. I have recommended it to my friends.Score: 5/5

Amazing AppI think this app really does get the best out of my iWatch 6 I wear it every night and mist of the day and it really does track my heart rate and oxygen levels A great app love it.Score: 5/5

Comprehensive informationI have a problem with my sleep since I remember, but only now I start to understand where my problems lie . App contains very helpful information and insight..Score: 5/5

It’s greatThe app works great to track how much actual sleep I’ve had, however since I got the app it’s said I have had 0 minutes deep sleep... in over a month. I definitely have had more than 0 minutes deep sleep. And there’s no way to change your settings to increase your resting heart rate so that you can actually have a deep sleep?.Score: 3/5

Give me my money backNot working at all, I want my money back. I set it up, put my Apple Watch on all night. It did track my sleep in the Heath app but not this app. I want my money back..Score: 1/5

Best sleep tracking appSimply great tracking app. If you have an Apple Watch this app will help track even more details while you sleep. Clear interface and very detailed analysis. Also super private , this app devs doesn’t track anything. All stays in your watch and your phone. Have a good sleep !.Score: 5/5

Very detailed, accurate and good for watchI like using the watch to track my sleep and this app seems to do it quite nicely. The smart alarm being able to wake you during light sleep is a cool feature..Score: 5/5

AmazingIf you wear your watch to bed, and do the breathing exercise upon waking, and check the sleep monitoring results each day for the first few weeks to help train it, it produces amazingly accurate results which can be tracked over much longer periods of time to observe both short and long term trends in your sleep quality, making it much easier to correlate other stuff going on in your life and its impact on your sleep..Score: 5/5

Best sleep app I knowApple’s sleep app provides very limited information. There are other good sleep apps but often require a subscription to provide more than the basic analysis. This app is good value, has an excellent UI and provides more than enough analysis of my sleep patterns and related data. Highly recommended..Score: 5/5

SandraExcellent app to track sleep patterns which affects overall well-being..Score: 5/5

Night watchAutosleep is exactly that, and in my use so far the app (with the Apple watch naturally) is automatically marking sleep even where spread across multiple sessions. I guess if one was a shift worker it may not be flexible enough, but if sleep is between 2100 and 0900 the sleep state seems all to be there. My personal opinion is that their Heart Rate tracker (which is offered in the developer’s bundle) is a little more useful, but both apps are well leveraging the magic of the watch..Score: 5/5

AutoSleep is helpful and easy to useI appreciate and I am happy in continuing to use AutoSleep. Single, helpful and easy to use..Score: 5/5

Best app everI really enjoy checking how much sleep I have had and it’s been interesting to see when I wake and how long I have been awake - as I can’t remember waking at all unless it is to go to the toilet - so now knowing that there are times when my brain is awake I can understand more if I feel drained or really tired. I also love that it tracks your deep sleep and that you can change your bedtime setting easily..Score: 5/5

Forget the rest, this is the bestI have tried many many sleep apps and this app is, I believe, the most accurate and comprehensive of them all. A real bonus is the one off purchase and no monthly subscription. Well worth the investment.Score: 5/5

Best sleep appI tried all the sleep apps suggested by the iphone, this one being by far the best. It takes a while to get your head around the data, but once you understand, it gives you heaps if info about your sleep! Works best in combination with the heart app. I purchased the bundle that also includes auto wake..Score: 5/5

Loving the informationThis app is really helpful for me. Tracks many different parts of my sleep and provides data for me to track and plan for deeper more relaxed rest. I find it useful to see the outcomes if I have a late night or a night out drinking and what effect this has on my rest and sleep. Highly recommend.Score: 5/5

Great toolI’ve found this app a great source of information when trying to sort out issues with my sleep. It’s a great way to find out how much sleep you need, what affects your sleep (late eating and alcohol impact me greatly) and to prompt better sleep habits. Enjoy your days better and be healthier with better sleep..Score: 4/5

Superb appWell designed app. Reliable and consistent. Superb use of watch data. This app alone makes the Apple Watch worth having..Score: 5/5

Great detail. A valuable tool.Easy V to use and so helpful when trying to balance sleep quality and sleep debt. Once set up properly it provided an excellent suite of information in an easy to read format. Thank you!.Score: 5/5

5 star sleeper!This app has proved to me that I am a great sleeper! Before, I may have thought I had a terrible nights sleep and been awake for hours....seems not :).Score: 5/5

Best Sleep appAn awesome app, was sceptical at first but a great app that provides everything. As a result of this app my sleep patterns, focus on certain sleep Patterns have dramatically improved my sleep overall..Score: 5/5

Great AppVery informative and easy to use.Score: 5/5

Display more useful info in complicationWhy does it show whether your alarm is on or off. I want to know more about how well I slept..Score: 2/5

Works wellAfter getting the adjustments right it works well. Much better than Fitbit..Score: 5/5

Love itSo simple too use with no monthly fees just the one off payment,I purchased all 3 apps and love them all,so happy that I can track my heart and sleep patterns and have a alarm that wakes me in light sleep I recommend getting all 3 off the apps especially if you want too keep an eye on what your heart does through the night and day.Score: 5/5

The best I’ve triedPretty good, although, I know that I’m in bed very relaxed for a couple of hrs before getting any sleep but because I’m very still and relaxed the app thinks I am asleep so now I get up so to know what time. It also proved my suspicion that I was not getting to sleep before 4 or 5 am. Good to show my doctor sleep patterns..Score: 4/5

AutoSleepBest sleep out on the market. Full of stats and tracks through my watch brilliantly. Looks excellent. 5 stars.Score: 5/5

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AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch app imageAutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch app imageAutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch app imageAutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch app imageAutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch app imageAutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch app imageAutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch app imageAutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch app imageAutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch app imageAutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch app image

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