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Join Now, Get Free Stocks.* 1. Get free stocks for a limited time when you open & fund a Webull brokerage account. 2. Invite a friend, get free stocks. More friends, more stocks. * Currently U.S. citizens only. Zero Commissions - ZERO commission when you trade Stocks, ETFs and Options. - ZERO per contract fee when you trade options. - ZERO minimum deposit requirements for brokerage accounts and IRAs. Trade Cryptos with Webull Crypto - Buy/sell cryptocurrencies at a $1 minimum. - Trade Dogecoin (DOGE), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Litecoin (LTC). - Complimentary crypto real-time data, customizable charts, and indicators. Free Level 2 Advance (Nasdaq TotalView) Access - Sign up with us and instantly receive a 3-month complimentary subscription to Level 2 Advance (Nasdaq TotalView). Trade Conveniently - Place orders and look up tickers by only using your voice. - Customize and revitalize your mobile trading space by entering “Big Button Mode” to quickly place trades. - Webull supports pre-market (4:00 AM - 9:30 AM ET) and after hours (4:00 PM - 8:00 PM ET) trading sessions. - Available on mobile, tablet, desktop, and web platforms. Access Smart Trading Tools - Explore in-depth analytic tools and charting software. Over 50 technical indicators and 12 charting tools help you to analyze trends and decipher market information. - Practice and explore trading methods without spending real money. Test out your trading skills with our Paper Trading feature. - Sift through the market swiftly and concisely with Webull’s stock screener. Utilize this search engine to build a diversified investment portfolio according to your investment goals. DISCLOSURES No content in the App shall be considered a recommendation or solicitation for the purchase or sale of securities, options or other investment products. All information and data in the App are for reference only and no historical data shall be considered as the basis for judging future trends. Webull Financial LLC is a member of Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), which protects securities customers of its members up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for claims for cash). Free trading of stocks refers to $0 commissions for Webull Financial LLC self-directed individual cash or margin brokerage accounts that trade U.S. listed securities via mobile devices or Web. Relevant SEC & FINRA fees may apply. Webull Financial LLC is a brokerage firm regulated by FINRA. Crypto trading on Webull platforms is served by Webull Crypto LLC and offered through APEX Crypto. The trading of cryptocurrencies can result in substantial losses. Investors must evaluate particular financial circumstances to determine whether or not trading cryptocurrencies is appropriate for them. Crypto trading is not yet available for New York state residents. Subscription Descriptions 1. Subscription Services: Nasdaq TotalView OPRA Real Time Data 2. Subscription Cycle: Monthly 3. Subscription Pricing: $1.99-$2.99 per month 4. You can enjoy 7 days' free trial for your first subscription. 5. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current billing period. You can cancel your subscription from the iTunes Store/App Store. Upon cancellation, your subscription would be valid until the expiration date of your present order. 6. Your account will be billed 24 hours before the end of the subscription cycle. 7. Once a user purchases a subscription, they forfeit the remainder of their trial period (if any). 8. Privacy Policy: www.webull.com/PrivacyPolicy.html 9. Service Agreement: www.webull.com/ServiceAgreement.html

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Webull: Investing & Trading App Reviews (216,021)

Removed all stock marketsUsed to be really great now useless to non USA interest ! Why.Score: 1/5

FantasticEasy to use, intuitive workflow - perfect for when you’re out the office.Score: 5/5

AwfulAbsolutely awful. It’s not simple setting up your account at all. Can’t comment anymore as the only other thing I can say is when I click deposit the page doesn’t load. Congratulations in making it OVER Complicated..Score: 1/5

AdvertsReally? Adverts are now being displayed at the top of watchlists. Might be a good idea to start looking elsewhere!.Score: 1/5

Ruined the iPhone appSince the last update you can no longer see the pre-market or after hours stock prices when viewing an individual stock. It used to show the out of hours price under the main price, but this has been replaced with a % gain over past 1 year stat. The easy out of hours pricing was my only reason for even using WeBull. Please bring it back to how it was..Score: 1/5

Best Trading App but unfortunately not available in UKGreat App! It would be amazing to see Webull available in the UK, it would definitely be a dominant player in the UK if it does move! I hope that there are plans to expand to the UK soon!.Score: 5/5

Couldn’t deposit funds!The whole interface of the app appears to have changed and doesn’t resemble any of the screen shots advertised above! All the guides online on how to use the app are now useless! As a novice hoping to use your app to start investing you have now lost my business and all I wanted to do was give you my money!.Score: 1/5

Great AppWell done guys a really well thought out app...an apple watch app would be the icing on the cake big thumbs up..Score: 5/5

Not available in U.K.I would like to use this but unfortunately not in U.K..Score: 1/5

Market ManipulationStopping stocks is unacceptable what a scam.Score: 1/5

GreatI love this app I wish they give service for uk traders please give a big reach to uk traders to your plateform.Score: 5/5

App is awful.Bewildering and buggy as hell. Repeatedly asks you to sign up and create a brokerage account, (or you can’t trade). But sends you down a rabbit hole loop when followings it’s instructions; EMAIL -> CREATE ACCOUNT -> HOME SCREEN -> NO ACCOUNT OPTIONS. Webull need to redesign the app UI to be much, much better. Had the app two days and still can’t figure out how to apply for a trading account. Utterly useless. Hamfisted. Poor excuse of an app..Score: 1/5

Won’t give me the option to start tradingLike the title says, I’ve set up an account but there’s been no movement. Won’t let me deposit or do anything other than view the stock market at a 15 min delay..Score: 1/5

VerificationI am in the Uk and can’t verify my account. Wth.Score: 1/5

Webull in UKUsing in UK , amazing app ... can’t wait for them to bring the app over for trading as well as just to view graphs etc.Score: 4/5

Great for custom alertsExcellent app, very functional and easy to use. Many apps restrict functionality behind paywalls but I was able to set up advanced price alerts without a hitch, which was all I wanted..Score: 5/5

To me the best app I have ever seenAs a software engineer myself, I can greatly appreciate the huge amount of effort put onto this app, and how much value it brings, it is outstanding..Score: 5/5

Good but confusedDid you get rid of your free stock promotion ?.Score: 4/5

Great updateThe wealth of information webull gives is fantastic. Great app for keeping track of your existing portfolio as well scouting for new opportunities. Well done, webull team.Score: 5/5

Great PlatformBrilliant platform, very disappointed we can’t use it in the Uk :-( I can only use it for information..Score: 5/5

So annoying!!!I’ve been using Webull for some years now, and it’s been great, nice platform, nice charts, good data. But after the most recent update, on every single chart and timeframe, if you’ve set indicators to be hidden it resets this every-time you change ticker, change timeframe etc.. such a simple thing yet so annoying without it saving your choice! Rating is due to this, makes it very annoying to cycle through tickers. I don’t know if someone’s just forgotten to turn this feature back on but it needs to be fixed!!.Score: 1/5

IPad issueI am attempting to view the app as is in the photos in the App Store page and my iPad only displays in landscape, screen unlocked or locked, why is this?.Score: 1/5

ShameShame.Score: 1/5

Good to badDropped UK ftse on a short notice. Great app but this is bad service..Score: 1/5

Used to be great, please bring back European marketsThis was my go to stock app, clean interface, alerts, wide range of data. Then markets started disappearing, France, Germany, UK... as a European investor it’s now pretty useless. I don’t mind a delay in data,15-20 mins seems normal, I mean you can get price data with this delay almost anywhere, but U.K. data not updated since April 2020, now it’s useless. If you just want US stocks it’s OK, if you want more, forget it. Would change rating to 5* if they brought back all markets (even with a delay)..Score: 2/5

We bull trading appI like the app very useful giving live updates, but when I go on The charts page I have to reload the app because I can't get back to my watchlist ..Score: 4/5

U.K. stocks removed!!!!!Gone downhill in recent months with the removal of markets. LSE was the final nail. Will be moving to another app....Score: 1/5

Dreadful!!Waiting for the account to set up but no notifications. No emails. Silence! Help section is blank. Avoid!!.Score: 1/5

If it isn’t broke don’t fix itThis is a very good app, with clear graph loads of news regarding specific stocks cryptocurrencies. The latest update got rid of a dazzling graph that was reminiscent of the matrix but in a light blue :( why?? It’s now replaced with green and a purple chart..Score: 4/5

Great APPBrilliant app, really like being able to set price alerts..Score: 5/5

DisappointedWas once a great app. Provided you with everything you need to invest while making it simple and convenient. However, removal of the London stock exchange was a step too far. They have been removing different stock exchange’s for a while but the London stock exchange is one of the largest in the world. Once this was removed it made the app worthless. Truly disappointed..Score: 1/5

Great if not in the UKThis app used to brew really great with functionality for stocks on all markets. Although the app is still great they removed the LSE listings recently which - as someone invested in the LSE renders this app almost useless now..Score: 3/5

Stopped workingApp has stopped working. Stocks have just froze. Contacted the support centre and they haven’t helped. Tried to redownload the app but no fix. Hopefully they update the app to fix this..Score: 1/5

Ads? Really?!I’ll stop using the app if you don’t remove the adds in the next update. Thank you.Score: 1/5

Stop showing in UK store !They don’t let people in the UK use the app..Score: 1/5

UK stocks no longer available😧Gutted that UK stocks are no longer available on this app. I had 5 watchlists set up and found the app very user friendly. I now have to find another provider which is as good which is proving difficult..Score: 2/5

Maybe the best app I’ve ever used...seriouslyThe level on depth on this app is incredible, I couldn’t ask for more. They just need to let you use it to trade!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Pretty uselessAll of the European stock markets have gone from the app. Good interface but really no point in having it unless trading in US..Score: 1/5

IntuitiveThe app makes it easier to invest with its simple structure. I’ve been doing paper trading and it’s really helped with keeping track of my progress. It’s up there with the best trading platforms and its commission-free so no B.S..Score: 5/5

NO FREE STOCKI am not able to get my free stocks as I go to menu free stock is not there.Score: 1/5

HorribleThe app isn’t letting me open an account and receive my reward by using a promotion code, therefore this app is horrible and useless. Until I can receive my reward and open an account this app will be rated as a 1star.Score: 1/5

Dropping service bit by bitThis used to be a great app. They gave all the major global stock prices around the world. Then they started removing different stock exchanges one by one. First obscure ones, then Gradually they become more important omissions. France stock market gone, Germany stock market, gone! Now they announced they will be dropping the London Stock exchange, one of the most important in the world. That was a step too far and now this app is useless to me. Very sad I have to dump the app. I used to love it until now. It was my most important stocks app..Score: 2/5

LSE quotes unavailable?All of a sudden UK LSE quotes have stopped updating on the app. Disappointed. Will be uninstalling just like many investors I know. Shame..Score: 1/5

Not available in the UKIt is a real shame that this app is not available in the UK, especially since the range of stock available on UK apps is laughable. This app would literally steamroll competition.Score: 1/5

No UK stocks!!As others have said, this was a great app, which for no explained reason dropped all euro markets and has now dropped all UK stocks. No use to me anymore unless they can bring UK back online. Will be deleting..Score: 3/5

UKIs it available in the UK?.Score: 1/5

CrooksRestricting the buying of stocks, illegal market manipulation.Score: 1/5

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

ExcellentVery good.Score: 3/5

Move to CanadaWe have little competition up here and it’s time you move up here to dominate the market and unify North America under a single platform..Score: 5/5

Open accounts for Canadians please!!!Open accounts for Canadians please!!!.Score: 3/5

Come to CanadaCôme to Canada.Score: 1/5

PLEASE COME TO CANADAWaiting for you....Score: 5/5

SUPPORT CANADA PLEASEEEEEEEPlease enable account for Canadian residents 🙏🙏🙏🙏.Score: 4/5

Canadian stock view is brokenIt is not updating Canadian stock values with the latest update.Score: 1/5

New update is annoyingWhere are my posts?? I have to find where I’ve posted last to find my following/followers and posts. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, like duh.Score: 2/5

Best stock trading app by farI wish BMO InvestorLine would lease your apps. Their iOS app looks like it was designed in the 60’s and their new 2.0 website is just moving into the early 2000’s. I’d pay to use this app for the Level 2 Book Order and other widgets, charting, etc. Fantastic apps for iOS/MacOS. I’ll be disappointed when my 2 month trial runs out..Score: 5/5

Rubbish MoveUtterly rubbish move by blocking some stocks !!! Delete.Score: 1/5

Brokerage not available in Canada.The ads and descriptions are useless and false..Score: 1/5

Robinhood followerJust like robinhood, this junk company cares more about the billionaires in suits rather than the average joe just trynna make some money... pathetic system.Score: 1/5

Market manipulationWebull can burn for all I care. Shutting down the free market to bailnout hedge funds, trying to force stocks down. Pathetic..Score: 1/5

Account creation is terribleIf you are unlucky and the bot they have doesn’t read your ID exactly to what you say your dob is then they require you to give your entire social security card. Then because that’s ridiculous to give that kind of information you can’t even delete your account because it’s “pending” and that you have to finish by giving the details it asks for(the ssc). So now they have my information and won’t delete it, my ID that has my name, dob and picture. They also have my email and phone number and when I want to delete that information so they don’t have it, it won’t let me. Shady practice from a shady app. Don’t get this app..Score: 1/5

Come to Canada !!!!Amazing product, could see them providing the best platform in Canada!.Score: 5/5

Bots everywhere.Great app but god damn it please remove bots from comments as all I see is people tagging a hundred stocks and their comment is irrelevant to any of that. Also blocking user doesn’t fully remove comments, they return after a while. Otherwise great app minus these amateurs waiting to jump a 🚀 and lose all their savings..Score: 4/5

Garbage AppWebull is manipulating the market and it’s customers..Score: 1/5

App login is broken fyiDifferent form validation on the app vs the site. I signed up on web with symbols in my PW but couldn’t log in via the app. Had to reset.Score: 4/5

Display issues with price/% and volumeThere still some bug that needs to be fix since you can't see the latest price/% and volume. It was working fine last week until the latest updated was released..Score: 1/5

Please make it available for CanadiansI will change it 5 stars as soon as it will be available in Canada.Score: 1/5

CANADA PLEASE!!!Please come to Canada!!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽.Score: 4/5

CanadaWhy can’t I use this app in Canada..Score: 3/5

BRING IT TO CANADAWe need it !.Score: 4/5

Market manipulatorI never write a review but this had to be done. I can’t believe I used to love this app for their features and ease of buy and sell of shares. They sided with the big investors of hedge funds to limit retail buyers like you and I from buying specific stocks. They changed the buy option for just sell from one day to another to save the big guys from bankrupt. They even delayed and disabled the comment section with all the graphs and v2 so you can’t use it specifically for those two stocks...this is unacceptable and should not be taken lightly. Consider next time if you want to download this app and all you can do is sell instead of buying a share..Score: 1/5

Run awayStock market is not a free market! Scammers are allowed to use tickers to embezzle, entrap, commit fraud and money laundering! Tikers also know when you place a buy or sell order!.Score: 1/5

TradingAwesome app..Score: 5/5

Wish it was available in CanadaWill change the rating to 5 star when it’s available in Canada..Score: 1/5

USA ONLYWhy is this available to sign up and download in Canada if you have to be a US citizen to use this service? Waste of time..Score: 1/5

Widget feature is horribleThis app was weird it was real time when it was set up in the widget section of an iPhone. They now updated the widget integration and it’s horrible. It’s 15 minutes delayed and the layouts are terrible.Score: 2/5

Buying in Canada?? Still waiting !!!!When you guys will allow buying and selling of stocks in Canada on WeBull? I want that 2 free stocks upto $1400 value deal juts like it’s in the South lol!!.Score: 3/5

Great all around market appThank you for adding true black to dark mode!.Score: 5/5

WebullThe best app to do trading! Awesome! Just wish we could be able to trade on it in Canada..Score: 5/5

FRAUDSNot letting the average ppl trade the stocks so hedge funds can do as they please don’t use this app!!!!!!.Score: 1/5

Good functionalityIt’s a good app in terms of simplicity and functionality. Dear developers, please could you add “Candles” chart function to “Replay” feature (now it has only “line” option, but if you coud add “bars” and “candles” that would be awesome) and also possibility to paper trade on historical data for more practice? Thanks!!!.Score: 5/5

Doesn’t view the dataSince yesterday it doesnt show the data and percentage for tsx I thought it would be fixed but it’s same as today Please fix it asap.Score: 1/5

Rigged and manipulatedWhy not suspend shorting when the stocks go down because of all the shorting. Investors lose money in that too but wait you care about institutions and not retail investors. Puppets..Score: 1/5

Great appSince I found this app on appstore, I became huge fan of it and stop using other app. Developer also keep continuing with new enhancements and fixes bugs which is making this app better and better. I have one suggestion to developer to have 6 months option available on chart. Currently I see 3m and then 1yr so better to have 6m between these two..Score: 5/5

LagApp is unusable on a new ipad pro with the amount of lag.Score: 1/5

Amazing dataReceived level 2 data for free. Amazing interface and live data. Sure hope they come to Canada soon.Score: 5/5

Bring to canadaPlease bring webull to canada 😬😬😬.Score: 5/5


Come to canadaCome to canada please.Score: 5/5

App is buggy on iPadWebull app is so laggy and buggy on iPad. Not good.Score: 1/5

Corrupt market manipulators.Never get this app or robin hood, they are crooks who only support big money they will not let you trade when wall street tells them no. Garbage app..Score: 1/5

COME TO CANADAPlease come to canada, we need you! and i cannot update because i am in canada so please fix!.Score: 4/5

Can’t buy GameStop garbageGarbage can’t buy GameStop stock.Score: 1/5

InconsistentWay to many bugs........Score: 1/5

Support for Canadians??Is there any support for Canada coming soon?.Score: 5/5

Market manipulating, app should be removedDishonest and likely illegal practices. This app and its developers feel that they are able to manipulate the market and undermine their users’ investments..Score: 1/5

Please come to canadaDam first will change the ratings to 5 star when u guys come to canada..Score: 2/5

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Great!!This is really good software!!.Score: 5/5

Is not simpleIs one of the best app for stock but is not easy to use at the same time.Score: 5/5

I’m just getting into it again this is my second time aroundI was at Robin Hood before what I do know is The rich keep getting richer while Us poor stay poor every time I try to grab a stock SEC shuts it down or they say it’s no good or you can’t buy it and then you look three months down the line that same stock is through the roof shame on the rich.Score: 2/5

Other than 4am trading.Charts down, unable to trade at key times. USA stepping in on this China trading app. Hedge Funds begging them to stop letting retail trade. FIX THIS!.Score: 1/5

Beta is TERRIBLEThe new beta is bad. I just want the old webull back.Score: 2/5

So far so good.New to the game here but so far so good, user friendly platform..Score: 5/5

Please give us a user interface organizerI don’t comment on apps typically. I thoroughly enjoyed using Webull, before accidentally updating to 7.0. I have looked though a few comments stating that application was too confusing. While I understand new users, there is already a simplified chart option. In the old ui you could view a lot of useful information at a glance (which I believe is valuable when making decisions). The old ui was perfect, the price/chart was always visible allowing the user to interact with the community and supplementarity data features “while” viewing the chart/price action. I have never developed apps, so I have no reference how difficult it is to make changes. Please give us an “at a glance” data view similar to 6.0 ui. Thank you for your work..Score: 2/5

Time frame and slide bar and Buy/SellLast version changed user friendly easy things. In older versions time frame ,drawings and indicators all in upside near the chart. But in latest version everything in downside. Every time you have to scroll down😞. And instant buy/sell count missing. These all the things make Webull order faster and easier. Can you guys please check these updates 🙏🏻.Score: 2/5

Classic Layout SuperiorI like Webull, but I don’t like the new interface you guys forced onto all of us. For those of us who have already grown adjusted to your older interface, not to mention your desktop interface as well, it makes thing rather annoying and frustrating to work with, as we have to learn and readjust again. I understand you guys probably aimed to have an easier to work with layout, for newer users, which is why I suggest you offer an option to switch between the older interface/layout for us experienced/older users, and the newer layout/interface for the newer users. You can label the older interface/layout as CLASSIC and the newer one as Default/Simple layout. That way newer users aren’t struggling, but the older users aren’t frustrated either. We veteran users just wanna trade, not adjust to every new layout you throw at us. I also ask that you please continue to support the classic layout (if it needs any) and not just let it sit there as time moves on and you guys continue to rollout newer updates. Please consider all, thank you in advance!.Score: 2/5

Beware app is built to stealThis is nothing more than a slot machine made to look like an exchange. SCAM. you will loose money here. DO NOT TRADE CRYPTO HERE. DO NOT TRADE HERE.Score: 1/5

So far so goodIt’s up to me..Score: 5/5

OperationThe overall operation of this app is junk compared to apps like E*TRADE. There’s limits on your stocks. They hold your cash and don’t move money fast enough, or accordingly. They take their time and send some stupid message. I had 1 issue with E*TRADE and a consultant called me almost instantly. This app... it ain’t it..Score: 2/5

Great trading platformBeen trading for a few months started with robinhood but found Webull through treys trades. Way better charts and information..Score: 5/5

Prepare for delays!The app gets your money from your bank that you transfer... then they make you wait several days to buy crypto! Seems kinda scammy! Thanks.Score: 2/5

New updateThe new update took away a majority of the features I used the app for..Score: 1/5

New to tradingI love all the features of the app. Most everything you need is built right in. I have only used a few other trading apps and this one by far has the best charting ability. On the downside the app gets bogged down by all the features and trades get timed out and the app freezes. It’s like we bull needs two apps one for strict trading and another for speculating and research. I’m learning the day trading side so timing is everything but also learned that I needed a margin account and we bull provides a great starting entry point unlike other trading platforms. That whole thing with getting frame freeze might be the deal killer though. It could be that webull turns out to be a great place to get started until you get the min start up for other margin accounts. I do love it so far..Score: 4/5

UX / UI StruggleHate the new update. I had to move one because it’s too many click and and shifts now to put in a simple order and sell. Miss the sliding bar for total shares and it’s quickness..Score: 2/5

Problem seeing my progressI’m not able to see the money that I’ve already invested.Score: 1/5

OptionsI love webull it great! But with options even having live it’s doesn’t update the fills when you have it open. You need to manual update the fills before enter the fill. If you guys can automatic the fills while having the options ready to get fill would be amazing and keep from trying modify it cause you couldn’t get in on time..Score: 4/5

Transfer timesThe deposit and withdraw times are ridicilous! really 5 days to deposit then 5 more days before you can withdraw? If I would of known I would have never used webull in the first place smh.Score: 2/5

Good faith thingWhen breaking it the confirmation screen needs to be different. and more alertive imo intuitive, new update is cleaner and easier to navigate.Score: 4/5

ScamThis app is a scam. I called to have my options exercised, which should of been done automatically since it was one long and short bought together as one position, and it took them 3 days to execute it. 3 days. And it only exercised because it expired. So they did not fulfill my request. And here’s the Best part, I’m getting charged margin interest due to their incompetence. I’m filling a complain on this crap company..Score: 1/5

Webull is awfulVery hard to understand anything on webull, I am going to delete my acct as soon as I figure out where the money I’ve already deposited will end up but I can’t even find that simple info out.Score: 1/5

Feature rich, slick UI with way too many bugs and quirksThe brokerage and trading platform are great, but the apps (desktop and mobile) are simply not developed with enough care and quality assurance. The product development department at Webull needs MUCH more prowess to effectively maintain an app of this scale. They have very obviously bitten off more than they can chew..Score: 3/5

Great App but charts are lagging a bit after new updateGreat App but charts are lagging a bit after new update..Score: 5/5

WeBull UNTIL IT TOOK A WEEK TO RELEASESo I was starting to share webull with friends and family bc it’s huge on YouTube but when I make a deposit I wannabe able to use it NOW NOT IN A WEEK DO U EVEN KNOW HOW MUCH YOU COULD LOSE IN A WEEK WHILE WAITING FOR WEBULL TO RELEASE YOUR MONEY 😱 BACK TO YOU SO U CAN FINALLY USE IT?! ? Otherwise I truly love Webull like for instance I’m buying a house and I need $5000 more ASAP and in here is the quickest way to get the money your Down. But closing is on the 30th and I need to throw money in and have it ready and available in my wallet ASAP I CAN PRAY FOR A LARGE TURNAR aOUND LIKE EXPECTED 🙏🏼👼🏼 but with Webull holding you money for a week that wouldn’t be a easy to do. So WeBull PLEASE stop holding the customers money for so long make the money instantly available in ur wallet like Binance.US does. I would switch over immediately if I didn’t have to wait so dang long to use my money.Score: 2/5

The app has frustrationsIs there a reason why pre market and after market prices are size 8 font on my 12” iPad? The reason I switched to webull was because of your outside market trading hours. The prices should be much much bigger!!.Score: 2/5

Best I’ve ever seenBest app for buying stocks I’ve used so far..Score: 5/5

This new update is badBring back the percentage meter that shows how much of your account is being spent.Score: 1/5

AmazonI love the new update so easy and understandably.Score: 5/5

New update is terribly laid out.The prior design of the app was laid out very well and was easy to maneuver, the new update is too “bubbly” and has way to much extra design feature that make it feel cluttered..Score: 2/5

Information overloadThere is a LOT of information, however for a novice stock holder it can be overwhelming and confusing when trying to navigate Also it takes a long time for your bank transactions to be approbedy.Score: 2/5

DiscrepanciesBalances are not correct in after hours.Score: 1/5

Nice APPThis is the best app!.Score: 5/5

Very Good!!I’m very happy with this app. 😁. The people, once you weed out the inserts are amazing. Not that many trolls looking to shade you and make you think your going to lose money and sell. Listen to the apes. Have patience and make some money because this app is awesome..Score: 5/5

Update appI think Webull is great and has an amazing interface but the only I wish it could do was sync across all platforms. I usually do technical analysis on my computer at home in the evenings and when I get to work and use my phone or the web browser it’s completely useless because it doesn’t sync..Score: 5/5

Good info, terrible rulesThis app provides the best info of any that I have used, but the rules are terrible. My money left my bank account several weeks ago and I still can't invest it where I want to. Fix this and it gets five stars.Score: 2/5

DISSAPOINTED WITH NEW VERSIONThe UI must be easy to use and customize, the old version is was soo good. Who’s made this architectural person made this? I’ve heard numerous reviews of people who disliked the new version. Can i get back to the older version?.Score: 2/5

Constant Twitching ScreenFor the past few weeks the screen in this app is constantly twitching. It’s beyond annoying. I’m also constantly being kicked out of the app. Not sure what the issue is as I’ve never had this happen before and I’ve had the app over a year now..Score: 3/5

ExcitedI’m excited to see a lot of data on one app.Score: 5/5

Could really use some free stocksWould really like another way to spin the wheel then getting other people who I no longer hang with and are all about themselves and or hoping random people use my link.Score: 5/5

Premarket information not availableThe premarket information is not available. Fix it now!!!!!!!!.Score: 1/5

GlitchI noticed every time I’m on GME and on anything other than the intraday chart (ie daily, weekly, monthly) it freezes..Score: 4/5

So much great info!I love WeBull. Harder to get use too, but I feel it’s because there is so much research to use to make better stock decisions. The only reason I didn’t give it a five stars is because it needs DRIP. Happy customer.Score: 4/5

New update killed the funIf it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!! this was one of my favorite trading apps before this most recent update. i used to recommend it to everyone but i just can’t now. this update has made the app way more difficult to use & unnecessarily complicated which is a shame because that was the whole appeal of the app in the first place. i really wish i could roll it back, hopefully the next update gets rid of this new difficult to navigate layout..Score: 1/5

Web version need improvement. Trailing stop needs be supportedGreat.Score: 4/5

Please research or understand what you are doingA lot of people on Reddit were saying don’t go to RH bad app it no no. So I transferred partially out oF RH to Webull, there was a 75 charge for transferring, so before you switch make sure you have 75$ of buying power in RH, webull is SOOOOOOO much better, the charts are insane, buying/selling options are great, real time market data, I’m very glad I switched to webull and their customer support is AMAZING !!.Score: 5/5

UpdateWhoever is responsible for their recent update needs to be fire. It was much easier to buy or sell before the update. Clowns. Is no wonder why Robinhood will always be above them..Score: 1/5

Limit price sell and buy problemsProblem with WeBull app. I have set a limit to sell price and also a limit to buy price. When i hit send it reverted back to the current price causing me to lose over $600.00 on the sell limit and pay more for the buy limit. Please fix this problem..Score: 1/5

Really?Why can’t I see my positions on the charts? Literally have to change back and forth between charts and my options info. So inconvenient..Score: 3/5

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Earnings per stock is not showing correct figuresI’ve updated Webull app to the latest version. However, earnings per stock is still not showing correct figures. Instead, it displays share amount for each stock I hold. Please fix this technical issue ASAP. 我已将app更新到最新版本。然而,个股盈亏显示数据仍旧异常,变成了我持有股票的当前价值,而非盈亏金额。希望尽快修复此技术问题.Score: 1/5

Ticker no longer refreshMy stock ticker no longer refresh.Score: 1/5

Fantastic App I have used so farSuch a powerful app and user experience it has been. I never leave any reviews but you deserve it. The only thing is I am in Australia and I am waiting for you guys to cover Australian market..Score: 5/5

Remix not neededCome on. We don’t need logos on each ticker. We don’t need menu items becoming italics with blue capital letter. Sinplicity is the key to typography..Score: 3/5

Free stockWas super exited to get into trading but once I realised I don’t actually get a free stock it sort of put me off investing.Score: 1/5

AUSTRALIA?!?Great app with great features however you can’t buy or sell shares in Australia. Would be amazing if this app worked!.Score: 1/5

Absolutely amazingAbsolutely love this app and it’s my go to app usually for information and checking charts etc, only problem is I’m in South Africa and can’t open an account here with you guys! Otherwise from what I’ve experienced without it, if you can get an account with WeBull then I’d 100% recommend it, otherwise use it for the information, it really is brilliant I just wish they’d let us South Africans sign up for it….Score: 3/5

5 star App but 3 rating... because Australia is not covered yet :(.Score: 3/5

Wonderful app for TradersUnfortunately I cannot do much In Australia. Wonderful user experience for worldwide traders who want S to get into US market..Score: 5/5

No helpfulCouldn’t find the promotion center that was on the link from a YouTube video..Score: 2/5

Great AppApp contains a lot of information one can use to benefit from, well organised, easy to locate data, info, news, etc. Keep the great work!.Score: 5/5

Chinese OwnedSo if you don’t mine the CCP having access to your account and personal information then use the app.Score: 1/5

Only available in the USIt would be nice if you expanded to other countries, eg Australia. This app is useless if you aren’t in the USA..Score: 2/5

FantasticIt’s good, I like it a lot. It’s clean and functional probably the best mobile experience you can get. 2 requests I use landscape a lot but find it annoying having to flip my device around as I jump in and out of windows. Full landscape would be great. This is no biggy but accessing paper trades without going back to the start menu would be cool. (Not relevant to cash accounts).Score: 5/5

Unavailable in Australia, yet on Australian App Store..Review will change once they give us access to their platform..Score: 1/5

QuestionDoes this work in Australia?.Score: 4/5

Not working in AU^.Score: 2/5

App vs web differentSince your last update on the 20th Jan, the chart markings differ between the app and the web. Whatever you changed stuffed up something. For example I can put a horizontal line in at $10 on the website (desktop) however when looking on my iPhone it doesn’t appear. Even after refreshing/ restarting. I’ve also found marked charts on the iPhone app that was from another ticker. Somehow they switched. ????? Please patch and fix.Score: 3/5

Doesn’t work in AustraliaThe app has got very rich sets of features and indicators. Make it work in Australia..Score: 3/5

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Webull: Investing & Trading App Images

Webull: Investing & Trading app imageWebull: Investing & Trading app imageWebull: Investing & Trading app imageWebull: Investing & Trading app imageWebull: Investing & Trading app imageWebull: Investing & Trading app imageWebull: Investing & Trading app imageWebull: Investing & Trading app image

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