Alto's Odyssey

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Just beyond the horizon sits a majestic desert, vast and unexplored.

“Apple Design Award Winner, 2018”
– Apple

“The art of the perfect sequel”
– The Verge

“A true joy”
– TechCrunch

“Dramatic and driving”
– Kotaku

“A beautiful labor of love”
– The Next Web

“Vibrant and poetic”
– MacStories

– Engadget

“Incredibly beautiful”
– TouchArcade

– Macworld

“A relaxing experience”
– Ars Technica

Join Alto and his friends and set off on an endless sandboarding journey to discover its secrets.

Soar above windswept dunes, traverse thrilling canyons, and explore long-hidden temples in a fantastical place far from home.

Along the way, you’ll grind across vines, bounce atop hot air balloons, ride towering rock walls, and escape mischievous lemurs – all while uncovering the desert’s many mysteries.


• A standalone experience. Alto’s Odyssey is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Alto’s Adventure, but you don’t need to have played one to enjoy the other.

• Easy to learn, difficult to master. At the heart of the Alto series is an elegant one-touch trick system. Chain together combos, and complete 180 goals — all with intuitive controls.

• Explore Biomes. From the dunes, to the canyons, to the temples, explore a rich and diverse landscape, with each area boasting unique visuals and gameplay.

• Newfound heights. Discover secrets in the sky with hot-air balloons, moving grind rails, and wall riding.

• Master the elements. In addition to dynamic lighting and weather effects like sandstorms and shooting stars, the desert is home to swirling wind vortexes and rushing water.

• Meet Alto and friends. Unlock six unique characters, each with their own attributes and abilities.

• Zen Mode. Complete with its own serene soundtrack, this relaxing mode distills Odyssey down to its purest elements: no scores, no coins, and no power-ups. Just you and the endless desert.

• Photo Mode. From the pause screen, get behind the lens and take stunning photos of your trip through the desert. Pinch, swipe, pan and zoom to frame the ideal shot, and share them with friends and family.

• Original music and handcrafted audio. Headphones recommended!

• Universal app with iCloud support. Play on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, and your progress will always be in sync.

Alto’s Odyssey is a premium game with no ads or in-app purchases. Purchase once, play forever.

This update shares Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements with the macOS version of Alto's Odyssey.


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Alto's Odyssey Reviews (2,400)

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killerminecraft 1002
Killerminecraft 1002
5 star

The developers have put lots of time and effort into this,also the gameplay is really satisfying and relaxing along with the choice of music definitely recommend for the price

chad d gf shg FX ahd
Chad d gf shg FX ahd
5 star

Most beautiful game I’ve ever played on my phone 😀

5 star

This game is so addictive. And even though it’s a simple concept, it doesn’t get old quickly like other games.

dee jay bears
Dee jay bears
5 star

I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun while playing a video game on my phone. Seriously! From its phenomenal physics to the sheer amount of creativity that’s involved, Alto’s Odyssey is a blast and is worth every penny. As well, because I’ve been a hardcore snowboarder since 1991, I can appreciate just how realistic this crazy game is at times. If you’re remotely curious about playing this game, dive in now! I dare you not to smile while playing it. Well done to everyone involved in making this game. Truly.

2 star

I love this game i beat the snowboard one, but now the sand one always freezes on me in the first 10 seconds everytime its real frustrating

5 star

From Alto’s adventure way back, I never thought it could get any better. You totally one-upped that! From the Soundtrack, to the Zen mode, to the beautiful scenery, to the gameplay, I will never delete this game, and will keep playing it till I die. I mean, wow!!!! Amazing job!

5 star

I’m using my dad’s account to write this. But this is a masterpiece. The artwork is pure gold, and the music brings back so many memories. I recommend this game to anyone who is feeling sad and needs to cheer up. It’s five dollars. But it’s worth every penny -Zachary Rodriguez

oh, amanda
Oh, amanda
5 star

I love this sequel. The wall riding and the biomes are great, and I love the soundtrack. It’s just so visually stunning and I can’t stop playing this incredible one touch game. It takes my mind of of bad things, and that means it can be my personal stress reliever. There are a few things I would improve, like how the auto adjust when you have done a backflip is off a little and when you trip it looks like you are sitting a little off the ground. But still, amazing just how it is. It would also be cool if you could turn things on and off like how I have always wanted to have a run that is normal, but maybe no rocks or lemurs??? But hey, don’t get me wrong, elders and lemurs are one of my favorite parts of this game. So overall, this is a great game!

5 star

First off, I dearly love this game, as well as its predecessor. Simple, elegant, beautiful... a sheer delight to play! My only two gripes are: 1) you can’t level up in the middle of a run without dying; and 2) you don’t get credit for past achievements for goals. I think it would be very satisfying to get several levels in one run, and to discover that you got a surprise level because you’ve already accomplished the goals!

5 star

Very cool game, enjoy it thoroughly along with Alto’s Adventure. There is a glitch where if there is multiple ruins on top of each other, and you are currently grinding on one which has a ramp on it which then takes you to a ruin grind above, it doesn’t actually count as you grinding on that new ruin.

1 star

Since I updated, the wingsuit automatically turns on and off, making me crash. When I am back flipping it will come on unexpectedly, or if I turn it on, it will turn itself off. Is anyone else having this problem?

5 star

I have been searching so long for a game like this. A game where you can just play. No score, no upgrades, no limitations and most importantly, no losing. A game where you can play for as long as you like. No restarting over and over and no frustration over not being able to beat a certain level. This game is exactly that. It is everything I have ever wanted from a game. There are no levels and there is no goal, you just play. Not only that, but also the incredible graphics that come along with it. It’s just the simple, stunning graphics that really makes the game what it is. Combined with an incredible soundtrack, there really is nothing more I could want from this. This is the perfect game.

5 star

Love the alto games. Odyssey has some awesome new features like the radio and the birds that keep you company. However, chasing llamas was such a charming premise to the first one that I’d love to see something of that nature agin for the 3rd edition. Perhaps fleeing bears in the arctic chasing them back because they have escaped somehow. Or perhaps Altos world tour where he gets all the llamas back from different environments that unlock with each character.

4 star

Unless you’re playing this game in a dark room you’re going to struggle a lot of the time. The font is black instead of white so you can’t see it. The night scenes are way too dark on the iPhone X. You will get bored of this quickly because you just can’t see anything. Good game but needs improving on the iPhone X.

5 star

Awesome like a snow version!!

berbat ve ötesine
Berbat ve ötesine
5 star

Gece tek oturuşta o karanlıkta kulağımda kulaklıkla beraber abartısız 4 saat aralıksız bir şekilde oynadım.Kesinlikle oynanması gerek bu oyun mükemmel!

5 star

Oynadığım en iyi oyunlardan . Müziği grafiği oynanış . Zevkle oynayabiliyorsun . Oyun kendini tekrar etmiyor sen hünerlerini gösterdikçe oyun heyacanın artıyor .takla uçmak kırmak lemur zıplama vs ..

5 star

Zen modu harika! Şimşek sesinin biraz geç gelmesi gibi ayrıntılar da çok hoş olmuş.

Georg Lichtenberg
Georg Lichtenberg
10 August 2020

Everyone is a genius at least once a year. A real genius has his original ideas closer together.

Alto's Odyssey Wiki

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Alto's Adventure is a 2015 endless runner snowboarding video game by Snowman. The player-character automatically moves to the right of the screen through procedurally generated landscapes. The player taps the screen to jump and perform tricks (backflips), and works towards goals, competitive high scores, and upgrades. Snowman, a Toronto-based, three-person indie development team, previously worked on productivity apps before Alto's Adventure. The game was made to emulate the ethereal atmosphere of snowboarding, and was inspired by Ski Safari (2012), Tiny Wings (2012), Jetpack Joyride (2011), Journey (2012), Monument Valley (2014), Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (2000), and Windosill (2009).The game was released on February 19, 2015, initially for iOS devices. In September that year, Snowman announced that Alto's Adventure would launch on Android and Kindle Fire. The game was released for Android on February 11, 2016. On July 8, 2016, the game was released for the Windows platform.According to review score aggregator Metacritic, the game received universal acclaim from critics. Reviewers praised its art style and sense of atmosphere but criticized its gameplay as unoriginal. Pocket Gamer awarded the game their Gold Award..

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Application Data

  • Relase Date21 February 2018
  • CategoryGames
  • Price$4.99
  • App Rating4.43708
  • Current Version1.0.7
  • DeveloperSnowman
  • Operating SystemIOS 9.0 or later

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