.projekt is a new minimalistic puzzle from creator of Evo Explores.

The game requires to look at things differently. Playing .projekt is like taking a geometry lessons but in a fun and relaxing way.

.projekt is a great training for your creativity. Imagine how an object looks like from a different point of view to match a silhouette.

This is a relaxing experience. There are no ads, no high-scores and no time pressure. Nothing will distract you from pure meditative gameplay.

- 60 mind blowing levels and more to come…
- 3D TOUCH support
- iPhone X support

Download link: itunes.apple.com/us/app/projekt/id1244456273?mt=8&at=10l5ae.

NEW LEVELS! PICROSS mode! Night mode!

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The Red Tea Detox
jasmines dad
Jasmines dad
1 star

The idea is to build a structure which will make a given silhouette when viewed from two different angles in as few bricks as possible. Unfortunately it does not give feedback on individual puzzles leaving you to go to the main menu to see you have completed 8 out of the 10 correctly but not which ones. This is also made much easier as the app allows free floating bricks, if I build a tower three blocks high I can delete the lower two leaving the top brick in mid air. This makes things all too easy to complete.

5 star

This game is super epic

3 star

This game has a lot of potential but it is just to short there is only a few levels

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris gives computers viruses

5 star

Clocked it and now I feel empty.

1 star

Seems like a good concept but slow to get complex and frustrating in a negative way when the block you are selecting on purpose translates to the software adding or subtracting the wrong block.

2 star

I love the idea but it’s so awkward trying to place/remove an individual block in later levels or to hit the challenge targets. Ruins what could be a fantastic game.

3 star

only four, point of views are absolutely making the game so hard and worst boring. We must see the square from every angle. I don’t know if it’s so hard to do that but i would be pleased if you do.

5 star

Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others.

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2 Week Diet

.projekt app wiki coming soon.

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