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Beach house? Condo? Cabin? Your perfect vacation home awaits. Travel better together with Vrbo. • SEARCH from over 2 million unique places to stay in 190+ countries • PLAN and collaborate with friends and family using Trip Boards • BOOK securely from your phone or tablet • TRAVEL anywhere and share trip details with your group With the Vrbo app, you can: SEARCH • Browse vacation homes with pools, backyards, and all the room you need. • Find vacation homes you won’t find on many other travel sites. • Filter by what’s important to you and your group: price, location, amenities, and more. • See property photos and reviews at a glance. • Have questions about a property? Get quick answers from our virtual assistant. PLAN • Tap the heart to easily save and compare places you love. • Invite friends and family to join your Trip Board and help you plan. • Leave comments and vote for your favorite properties. • Keep your trip conversations in one place and chat with your group from anywhere BOOK • Have questions? Message the owner or manager to ask about the property. • Book and pay securely on the Vrbo app with your credit card. TRAVEL • Quickly access important booking details like check-in instructions, WiFi passwords, and arrival information -- even when you’re offline. • Share important trip details with friends and family by adding them to your trip. • Access your conversations and message homeowners from your device anytime. • View a trip countdown and get helpful reminders on your Home Screen by adding the new Vrbo Widget available only on iOS 14. Note: currency is displayed as USD in the property listings unless otherwise noted. Please visit www.vrbo.com/mobile for more information about the Vrbo app.

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Vrbo Vacation Rentals App Reviews (676,419)

Great App for ApartmentsI love this app, easy to use, lots of selection and clear / easy to understand. Booking is transparent and all the terms are clear..Score: 5/5

Mobile phone bookingI couldn’t complete my payment on my mobile phone but accepted on my iPad.Score: 4/5

Correspondence when a problem is terribleThey take commission from both owners and travellers and do very little to help when things go wrong (see other reviews on sister sites). Would definitely NOT recommend this company. We lost hundreds- our deposit and the lack of correspondence from homeandaway (one of vrbos sister companies) meant we lost chance to change our flights. When the owners didn’t respond in midst of lockdown, the only help was for them to call the same number ... but take 3 days to do it and state Covid-19 is an act of god. You have to chase them up to get any answer and no help when things go wrong. Would never book with them again. Understand things go wrong, but farcical help..Score: 1/5

Links don’t workIf you want to share a property via WhatsApp, email etc, the link never works. Used to work fine on HomeAway, but never works on Vrbo..Score: 1/5

Name only!This review is for the name only, not the service. We used to use HomeAway, which we found easy and reliable to use. Apparently they have been bought by another company with this stupid name. It’s the sort of meaningless jumble of consonants and vowels that Silicon Valley thought was mold breaking about 15 years ago. The world has moved on, and ‘current’ or ‘relevant’ name styles (branding) have too. It creates a sinking anticipation that the service will be as mediocre as the branding. I really hope not..Score: 1/5

No customer support - avoid!!I’m sure they’re a great company when all goes to plan. But really the power sits with the property owner and if anything goes wrong (like it has done for us) be prepared for zero support or protection from Vrbo. They don’t even bother to reply to emails..Score: 1/5

Would like to view site with villasI would like to look at the site myself what my villa is on.Score: 3/5

PoorHad a real problem making payments on the new web site.Score: 1/5

Bring back HomeAwaySince the app switched over to VRBO, the search facilities have become a nightmare. Despite having the instructions on how to sort, you can’t..! There are fewer filter options, and generally it’s just not as user friendly..Score: 2/5

DriftwoodThe site gave me a false address and are not very flexible or understanding particular during the covid pandemic.Score: 1/5

Brilliant siteAs long as you know the area you want to visit it’s so easy. This is the second time we’ve used this site and we have found 2 gems and just what we were looking for..Score: 5/5

ReservationsVery efficient service.Score: 5/5

Can't save your search on ipadGood site, but I can't save my search criteria, so have to re enter everything every time i put my device down.Score: 5/5

Not as good as its predecessorNo longer able to search with minimum or maximum price range, got to use the generic search then hope to get what your look g for by manually looking at each and every property available until you get your your look g for. This would be so much better is you could eliminate anything below or about your price range..Score: 1/5

Not had a good experienceIn theory this should be great but from my experience I have tried to book accommodation 3 times now and I’m not staying in any of them. First the owner asked me to cancel the booking as they were selling the property but hadn’t taken it off. They lied, they still have it listed but with an increased price. The second and third have never responded within the set 24 hours... Totally useless....Score: 1/5

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

The best way to travelWe have stayed in about 10 home away/ Vrbo . Have stayed in some amazing places . Thank you.Score: 5/5

Use any of their competitorsHighly recommended that you avoid using vrbo and use ANY one of their competitors. Our group of 10, which was inclusive of individuals who work as first responders/essential services (nurses, teachers, seniors care, firefighters, lawyers and law enforcement corrections) wanted a deserved break/kid free weekend and decided to book a property in early December when the region we were staying in was still in the “green zone” and allowed indoor gatherings. However, due to the uncertainty of future events, it was confirmed in writing by the owner of the property that if for some reason he could not rent to our group due to government mandates, that we would be issued a credit and allowed to rebook for a future date! When the covid lock down occured and the "stay at home order" was imposed in Ontario, we attempted to reasonably come to a resolution to rebook for a different weekend, which was previously stated by the owner to not be an issue. But to our surprise, the owner went back on his statement and instead told us that he didn’t offer refunds or rescheduling and that he would not allow us to rebook for a different weekend as previously stated because “he could still honour our booking and recommend a one household limit” (even though he charged us for 10 people) and that we would be responsible for any fines issued if we were in violation of the rules. He then suggested that we cancel our booking (no refund) and rebook a weekend that worked for us (charge us another $2,100) so that he could attempt to rebook our dates and only offered us a “chance” of receiving a refund based on the funds he could recoup. We were then threatened with fraudulent claims that we would be held responsible for damages to his property for the weekend we had booked even though we told him we were not coming due to government restrictions. I contacted vrbo multiple times to get help in resolving the matter and on many occasions I was either hung up on or disconnected from the chat. They didn’t want to deal with any of it. They also just kept saying they can’t change the cancelation policy, which I wasn’t arguing with them. I was arguing the fact that one of the owners they advertise for was going back on a written agreement that was in place before I booked the property. Needless to say, they did nothing. Their customer service is a joke. Following our weekend, in which we didn’t attend, I received an email from vrbo to write a review. So I reviewed my negative experience with the owner and how useless vrbo is in resolving any issue and to use caution when booking a property through them. I then contacted vrbo after 2 weeks of not seeing my review posted and was told they rejected my post because “you didn’t stay at the property”. So I wasn’t allowed to review my negative experience with the owner (to warn others) or with them as a useless company because “I didn’t attend the property” which I wasn’t legally allowed to do...I also asked to put in a complaint about the owner they advertise for and was given an email that doesn’t even work. In conclusion, I would avoid using vrbo. If it was so easy for this one owner to get away with taking money from travellers and not receiving any help from VRBO in rectifying the issue, I would assume that it is common practice..Score: 1/5

AVOID VRBO!!!Used to love VRBO until recent buyout by Expedia. They couldn’t process a simple payment on my recent rental leaving me scrambling to contact the owner myself. Multiple calls and online chats ended every time with promises to get back to me, elevate it to tech department, a resolutions department etc. All went unanswered. No responses until I re-initiated contact. Their final resolution? PAY THE OWNER DIRECTLY IN CASH!! Spent 3 days of my “vacation” travelling across a Caribbean island to meet up with the owner and pay him as much cash as my debit card would let me withdraw each day. On the third day the bank flagged my card due to multiple large cash withdrawals in a foreign country. 2 hours on hold for that.... I have used AirBnB as well with NO issues whatsoever. They have my business now. VRBO - never again. Cam I give Zero stars?.Score: 1/5

Easy PearySo easy to make a reservation! The site is so easy to use and you can contact the rental owner with gyrations at any time - love it 😊.Score: 5/5

Happy for fine great spots!We have used VRBO for a few of our vacations and love it - thanks!!.Score: 5/5

Terrible experienceAfter many hours and 4 failed calls with customer service I gave up trying to navigate the set up. Nothing but error messages and frustration.Score: 1/5

Confusing and note helpfulWrong price advertised. More than doubled before accepted by owner and then couldn't book it. We spent 1.5 hours on hold and 3 phone calls to VRBO and multiple messages to the owner. Both ssy they can't fix it "call the other party" and neither would call each other to solve their/our problem. Frustrated beyond!! This is not customer service! Next time will use air bnb or another booking agency..Score: 1/5

PricesWhen I put my price range for a nightly rate the list shows that but once you click on a house to see it the prices increase- therefore they don’t show the amounts in your price range.Score: 2/5

Worst booking experience everWhat has happened to VRBO’s user experience to cause it to be THE WORST travel booking experience on the web? After 6 weeks we can finally get through the payment process. Do better!!!.Score: 1/5

Difficulty sending a message to ownerI had to revert to my home away account to send a note to the owner. Using the VRBO app, I could not find a place to ask a question without booking. NOT VEY CONVENIENT. Dave Woodhouse.Score: 3/5

Price details not what quoted.Price details absolutely made no sense. Had discussion back and forth with owner who said it was VRBO issue. Which is difficult to understand. Never had issue when previously used VRBO. Also they are charging us VRBO fee, we pay to use VRBO ? Should have went directly to resort I guess..Score: 2/5

Top Vacation Rental siteOur family has used VRBO several times over the years and we have never been disappointed. This is the #1 vacation rental site!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Twin Palms Vrbo # 358482We rented this home from Dec28/ 2019 until March 15/ 2020. We moved out of the house on January 22 due to numerous issues . I think vrbo should ensure that pictures on their web site are accurate and updated . The outside furniture looked fine in the photos but was in fact broken and the paint was peeling on the bench that was also rotting out . The kitchen cupboards were dirty and open food was left in the cupboards and fridge . The atrium in the master bedroom was not cared for and the last straw was an ant infestation we had to deal with . This home is not what is shown on the vrbo website . We would like to forward to vrbo Cecile and Rob Neil.Score: 2/5

Price trapThe lead price should be the price paid per night..Score: 5/5

Villa for 2021Spent a great deal of time searching for villas in Southern Dunes for next year as my place has already been booked. Using VRBO was a great time saver to review places in this community. Booking was easy and confirmation immediate. Thanks for helping get settled for next year!.Score: 5/5

CommentaireFacile et rapide merci.Score: 5/5

Oops!For a couple of years now, when I try to access my bookings in the app, I get the “Oops! Try again” message. So frustrating. Never happens in airBnB app so what’s the issue here, VRBO? I just access my account via Safari now..Score: 1/5

Terrible AppThis app is totally non functional. Non of the actions work. Including trying to make a payment. It was designed on the cheap and they won’t spend the money to fix it. I would give it no stars if I could..Score: 1/5

ArghCanadian issued MasterCard that is not acceptable for VRBO while I am in the USA. Does not make sense..Score: 3/5

WorthlessApp and company are both worthless. Will not refund any amount or allow you to reschedule a booking even during a global pandemic. They could step up and force the policy but refuse. Use AirBnb at least they actually care about people..Score: 1/5

Impossible to contact anyone!!!The app has no help or way to contact anyone at VRBO. VRBO website is also broken. I have an urgent question. Why don’t you have an email or phone number for people with questions!!!??? Airbnb is so much better for service and they aren’t great..Score: 1/5

HorribleNegative 'stars' This is the final time you'll hear from me. Your support with a difficult owner/manager is dismal ... during a pandemic ... thanks for nothing. I couldn't be more disappointed and angry. Geri M Smith wow can't even leave a review...Score: 5/5

VRBO makes vacationing a breezeWe have used VRBO to book holidays all over the world and have consistently had positive experiences. I highly recommend this app!.Score: 5/5

Despicable CompanyThis is an Expedia owned company that didn’t help us out when we weren’t even allowed to leave our country to travel to our rental property during the COVID-19 pandemic. Greedy owners took all of our money, and VRBO just stood by and supported them. AirBNB did full refunds for their renters - they get ALL my business from now on..Score: 1/5

Payment issuesI wasn’t able to pay through the email link you sent me. I had to go on the main website in order to make the payment..Score: 1/5

VRBO BookingEmails that I wrote requesting info were answered promptly and professionally. The website was efficient for booking and payment. Joy.Score: 5/5

Lousy followupWe have been attempting to book a stay for a week now. The app hangs and is unable to redirect, and we can’t get a confirmation of whether our reservation is confirmed. The VRBO bot is useless for anything beyond checking availability dates and it doesn’t pass you on to a human. Very disappointed. Conor Sampson.Score: 1/5

Does not workI’ve always used Homeaway seamlessly and now that it’s VRBO the app won’t let me sign in and keeps saying unexpected error Can’t even view upcoming trip..Score: 1/5

Worst place to bookI’ve planned trips frequently and was sent some links from buddies they found off vrbo. The first place I booked said they had availability for the week however this was not the case. The second place I booked, I received no response from the owners. The third place I booked was a scam that required a certain amount of guests therefore upped the price but advertised it at a cheap price for less than the maximum that turned out to be the minimum number of guests at a set price. This app is god awful, owners don’t reply/have no obligation to, there is no commitment or service for the customers wishing to rent a property..Score: 1/5

Greedy ScammersVRBO refused to issue a refund after i was unable to travel due to Covid19. They would not assist in any way and their live chat was frequently disconnected by the chat agent anytime it was convenient for them. Do. Not. Support. This company..Score: 1/5

The VRBO captions are tiresome100 people looking at it always booked good find etc etc etc Just the facts and forget the hype..Score: 2/5

A fantastic tool for any travelingWe have been using VRBO for many years now, and our experience has been in all cases absolutely flawless. Thank you very much!.Score: 5/5

IPadPoor performance when using an iPad.Score: 1/5

Programmer for this app should be fired!!!Worst most useless app ever!! VRBO get a new programmer ASAP!!! You are probably loosing tons of customers!.Score: 1/5

Bad very badI booked a place for my birthday and the day I was suppose to check in... I was outside the place but no one showed up. I waited there for 2 hours and then I got an email that my reservation is canceled. DON’T TRUST THEM.Score: 1/5

Haute Bohemian HideawayKelowna’s best kept secret, a cozy cottage downtown! We loved our stay, the place was spotlessly clean , lots of towels and best of all he beds were comfy . Decorating was something out of a magazine ,it was perfect . Check in was easy and being my first time using VRBO the owners were super helpful and responsive to any questions I had . The Guest book was also very well laid out and tried several of the suggested restaurants too! Cheers,Melissa.Score: 5/5

Vrbo app. issueI have used this app before on other trios and it was very good This time the app would not load my trip info. I’ve been somewhat in contact with tech support but they were not very helpful. I am a bit disappointed.Score: 1/5

Damage deposit takes foreverTakes two weeks from ending our stay to initiate the damage deposit refund then takes 3 to 4 weeks to process. Will not use this again..Score: 1/5

Bad experienceDo not install this app!! Worst customer service and people fraud on this app.Score: 1/5

New version issue won’t allow me to payDefaults to zip code and I am Canadian eh not American so I have a postal code and it won’t change so now I cannot pay my remaining balance.... fail on the update.Score: 3/5

No communicationI have been trying done 9 days to get in touch with anyone at vrbo or evolve vacation rentals. We are trying to cancel due to the state being on lock down, and have still not heard back from anyone. They have now gone and processed the entire payment, after 9 emails, Facebook messages, comments, calls, and 5 messages through app. This is a joke!.Score: 1/5

Can’t use the app to bookStick with the website app is useless.Score: 4/5

DisappointingThat the pricing shown on the listings does not reflect actual/final prices....teaser prices to get you to book then horrendous additional “fees” to both Vrbo and owner to overall total. I find this practice to be very deceptive..Score: 3/5

Great ServiceUsed VRBO for years. 99 % success. ( only one bad experience ) Thanks.Score: 5/5

CurrencyThe web site gave the option of choosing Can $ but when booking the final option was US $ only. This was very confusing. I contacted VRBO and was given different answers from the virtual chat. Eventually called a live person who advised I could choose Can $. We went through the VRBO screen together and at the end Maria said I could only pay in US$. There was no option to pay in Can S..Score: 1/5

Buggy APP. Great idea and very useful if it worksDates malfunction. Payments malfunction..Score: 2/5

QuestionWhy are the prices in US dollars?.Score: 3/5

Excellent APPI have used this service several times and have always gotten excellent service. It is so user friendly and gives me peace of mind that my information is secure and everything is professional. I only book a vacation from VEBO and recommend it to everyone..Score: 5/5

VRBO crooks during COVID pandemicOur March 21-28 VRBO booking on St Maarten, Smaart Vacations PM John, refused to refund the other 50% of our vacation in spite of COVID-19 pandemic. We are both health care workers and unemployed with no income in sight. Our loss was over $3000 CDN. We can’t believe how heartless these people have been! Our family will never book with VRBO again unless this gets rectified. We have written to everyone and one of the agents did call us back and said that almost all owners were giving full refunds in the light of the situation, and we are in an unfortunate 1-2% of owners who are instead choosing to be very greedy, steal our hard-earned vacation money and run! Despicable. At the end it’s the owner’s discretion. We have, however, been contacted by a lawyer looking into a group action suit against VRBO..Score: 1/5

Why show unavailable listings?This app shows me listings that are unavailable for the dates I selected, does it want to waste my time on purpose?.Score: 1/5

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UnprofessionalOne of the worst weekends I ever had, booked a room through VRBO a week beforeTo find out on the day of go in there that it has been double booked because of the property owner using another website. Even though she had a second condo she ended up giving it to someone else because I didn’t respond, it’s frustrating because everything was paid in full. Customer service was no help, I had to spend the next $300 on another room using priceline.com which they were very helpful. I’m still waiting for my money to be refunded, beware of the availability because they can double book your room at any time. If you use as website please double check.Score: 1/5

Availability not up to dateHosts should be penalized when not keeping availability up to date. Listing shows multiple units with multiple units free in August, but host responds to booking request saying it’s sold out through Labor Day. Ridiculous!.Score: 1/5

Credit Card IssuesI love this app, it’s super easy to set up trips and find good places to stay! The only issue I had with booking was that I was unable to use my Discover card because it’s apparently not a supported card through VRBO, which I was surprised by since Discover isn’t an uncommon card. Definitely something the developers should consider!.Score: 4/5

Search filter improvementPlease add bed sizes in the search filter. We need a king size bed, and I waste hours clicking into each property trying to find those that have king beds. Some don’t even specify so I’m stuck sending messages and waiting for replies. It’s very frustrating..Score: 4/5

Good reference toolUsing VRBO was easy except for lacking attributes on the front listing. I wish the town, the listing number and the descriptive words like On the Beach were on the front descriptive page..Score: 4/5

VRBO is the best booking site with the best properties and the best prices.This is my fourth time booking through VRBO and it never disappoints, all of the properties I have booked have excited our expectations! The pictures have actually not done the properties justice! Love VRBO.Score: 5/5

Total scamI booked a beach house for 4 girls in Tulum ,Mexico and right before we arrive there is no answer from the owner ! No keys , no correct address and no response ! I thought they would let me know as we were arriving . It was a lot of money and it was very very traumatizing to be in Mexico with no where to stay with 4 girls . I had to just about beg them to believe me that this guy took my email changed it and said I cancelled ! I did not cancel at all ! Thank goodness two days later they found out it was fake but what a nightmare ! I can’t believe that it isn’t checked better we are thankful that hopefully I’ll be fully reimbursed by my credit card ! But nothing is 100% ! Please please Vrbo check your properties better this was a horrible situation for all of us !! Never again !!.Score: 1/5

Damage Deposit RefundPolicy they say is 14 days before they issue your money back. Why? They say so host can access any damage. 14 days?!! People come in right after us. So why 14 days? Time useage of money. So VRBO can use your money is what I see. I guess last time I use VRBO. Airbnb is my only choice from now on..Score: 1/5

Good experienceVRBO is a great organization to work with!.Score: 5/5

Search needs improvementNot everyone plans their lodging around their vacation dates; some people plan their vacation dates around lodging availability. Need to enhance search where a user can specify a duration of stay (e.g. 7 days), can specify a date range during which they would like for that stay to occur (e.g. June 5, 2021 through July 31, 2021), and maybe even go so far as to allow the user to specify which day if they week they would prefer their stay to begin or end on. Currently, users have two options: specify the begin and end date of the stay and browse available properties, then change the date range and browse available properties again to see if there are any properties available on another date range that were not included in the first result set; or search without dates and manually review every property listing for availability. Many properties have seven day minimums with check-in and check-out on Saturday only, but many are flexible (e.g. 10 day stay that begins on a Tuesday). To limit search capabilities is a disservice to both the customer and the owner..Score: 4/5

Horrible customer serviceWe booked a property through Vrbo and suddenly on my app the property confirmation disappeared. We then called customer service several times each time was about an hour they could not tell us if we still have that reservation or any information about it. Then they gave our information to the financial department who still hasn’t contacted us and it’s been a week to let us know if we’re getting refunded or if we even have a property. no one seems to know what they’re doing probably the worst customer service of my entire life..Score: 1/5

So hard to talk to someone and needs more filter optionsI tried chatting with someone twice both times the rep disconnected within seconds. Also more filter tabs would be helpful. Additionally, hosts need to be told the difference in a hot tub and a jacuzzi. They are not the same ppl..Score: 4/5

Warning not real listingsWarning to everyone out there. I was not looking for a vacation property but a temporary home because I was renovating and in need of temporary housing. The listing I booked was instant and turned out was not a valid listing. I was suspicious something weird was going on but VRBO didn’t help me follow up. Took 6 different calls and they made me call the property owner myself and that’s when I found out that the home was sold and the owner said they told VRBO but VRBO never took the listing off. Anyway it was a nightmare dealing with VRBO and I was out of luck, no options for housing and VRBO WILL NOT HELP. They will not assist in rebooking or give you any credit to book at another place at a similar rate. Their customer service and case managers all told me different stories and just didn’t care about their customers. They will lose so much business with this model. I will never use them again and deleting the app..Score: 1/5

Search Pictures Not in OrderMe and my family love Homeaway and VRBO. I love the conscience of using the app; however, it is very frustrating that when you get search results, the pictures are never in order. Owners put their pictures in a specific order, but when the search results are brought up I need to scroll all the way to the left to bring up the first picture. It seems like it should be extremely easy to have the search results always show the first picture for each property and provide the scroll by the property’s picture order..Score: 3/5

VRBO Is Awesome👍VRBO is so user friendly and connects us with infinite possibilities! We love it!.Score: 5/5

Zero appI have booked a property for this July VRBO has debited my card in full amount but I have asked multiple times for a confirmation to no avail AWFUL APP ZERO STAR DO NOT USE IF POSSIBLE.Score: 1/5

Hidden costsVRBO should provide a TRUE cost of occupancy. Instead of hitting us with surprises like a $59 compulsory insurance...on top of cleaning fees and some other fee. Basically, multiply by two. It went from $103 advertised to $220 per day. Deceiving.....Score: 1/5

Don’t use this company.Major disconnect between owners and them. Booked a property only for owner to tell us the property is already booked. Seems like a circus act just trying to take my money. I will not use this company again. Spending a few more dollars with a more reputable company is worth its weight in gold..Score: 1/5

Trip amenitiesI have used the app in the past with no problems BUT I just booked a home on Plum Island and am having a problem. Under amenities in the app it was stated that linens and towels were provided. After booking, I find out there is a fee of $200. I also find out that the fee is stated on the web site but not on the app. I have tried to contact vrbo but haven’t had any luck. I am unable to send this without tapping a star, so it gets one..Score: 1/5

2 horrible experiencesThis site has the worst possible customer service ever . I book and paid for a nation rental . When booked I paid in full only to find out the rental was never available. It took almost 14 days to get my money back . That was the first screw up. #2 I booked a two night stay and I received a quote looks good so I paid . Well it turns out that the property was only available for one day and I had no idea until it was too late plus i was charged the same amount as the original 2 Day quote . Unreal.Score: 1/5

Disappointed but it all worked outMy four friends are coming in from VA, all in the medical field, and have been working through the pandemic and needing desperately to get some self care. I live in the area and I had a booked a house, already set to go, 7 days before the scheduled time received a msg from the owner they had to cancel and that was it. We were able to find a condo instead but not the same, so disappointed 😢.Score: 3/5

Always a great place !I have always used VRBO whether traveling in the US or in Europe. I have had great results each time ..Score: 5/5

Used for Years, can’t go wrong!We have been many places using VRBO. The reviews are useful and authentic. We haven’t met a host we didn’t like and that did not go above and beyond to make our stays wonderful!.Score: 5/5

VRBO App needs workWe like arranging stays and vacations through VRBO, but the APP needs improvement. The email inbox feature and messaging feature with owners takes forever to load and sometimes never does load on my Apple iPad IOS device. I have to repeatedly close and reopen the APP. Have also deleted the APP and reloaded it, but the issue persists. I do not have the same problem with the Airbnb APP. This long delay in loading or failure for messages to load at all happens despite the fact that we have premium high speed WiFi. It has to be an issue with the APP design. We prefer using an iPad for VRBO to see property photos and location maps in larger formats than iPhones allow..Score: 2/5

Poor QualityWe rented home by Bozeman MT. I called to ask about all the fees added on. This house was NOT what we thought we were getting nor what is advertised on VRBO. Dirty, Old and unresponsive owner. $300.00 cleaning fee and it was filthy. $1800.00 later for 3 nights and could not check in before 4. Never again!.Score: 1/5

The app’s a bit complicated to get from your notes to the place you write to the home owner.See above.Score: 4/5

ConvenienceThe VRBO App is a Breeze for someone like me who complains and is very nit picky about everything. I live by the honest reviews of others so it was wonderful to have that option..Score: 5/5

Easy, safe, and friendlyLove using this app for vacation planning. It makes it very easy to communicate with the owner of the home we are renting..Score: 5/5

Bad appThis is a crap app. It has lots of quirks that make it very user unfriendly. You will find yourself repeatedly inputting the same filters over and over bec it won’t remember them after adjusting map. I Might go with Airbnb simply because Vrbo couldn’t make things more difficult from a user interface perspective..Score: 2/5

VRBO is GreatEasy to use app Easy to book trips Great Hosts.Score: 5/5

LeahShe is very kind and generous!!!!.Score: 4/5

Painful experience finding a placeLooking for a long term rental and the process is so frustrating I’ve left the app twice now (and this was the last time). Search on a map and there are no prices listed. Click on the map icon and you get a message saying ‘see full details for pricing’. Click on full details and it says the dates you’re searching aren’t available.... then WHY OH WHY make me click several slow loading screens to find that out or even showing me this place???.Score: 1/5

Great way to find a rentalLove this app to find a rental. Recommend updates to include searching for multiple week options. For instance if you wanted a week in July. Any week vs searching individual weeks. Also would like if there was an option to report a listing for inaccurate information. For instance, if I am looking for a oceanfront house and filter that way, I don’t want listings of condos or houses that are blocks away..Score: 4/5

Terrible refund policyGroup paid $5000 to go to New Orleans last March 2020 for a bachelor party but we were unable to go due to covid. Almost a year later and New Orleans still has restrictions that make it virtually impossible for a group trip. The bachelor party is no longer happening. The property owner is only offering $2500 back as a refund. It blows my mind that someone who has offered no service is entitled to any of the money paid. Anyone looking to book a rental property, I recommend using a different company that doesn’t allow property owners to dictate whether or not you get a refund..Score: 1/5

Not goodApp has been very glitchy for me.Score: 1/5

Cancellation policy!During a pandemic VRBO does not take COVID-19 serious. It always you to pay for an additional cancellation policy but when you go to use it does not honor it. Won’t give you your money back if you cancel trips due to covid 19..Score: 1/5

Not helpful and they don’t careI had a very unfortunate experience using vrbo. my husband and I went to a resort in hawaii and the room looked COMPLETELY different and didn’t have the amenities we were planning on having. after talking to the owner, they DELETED THE LISTING. so I couldn’t make a review on the listing and I couldn’t refer back to it. I called vrbo a week after my trip and they said there was NOTHING they could do now that I had left. VERY VERY disappointed and will NOT use vrbo again..Score: 1/5

VRBO, tighten up your propertiesFinding many properties that show available and when you book it, you find it’s been rented previously..Score: 3/5

FraudBoth houses I rented were fraud!! Never again. Book through Airbnb instead!.Score: 1/5

33 Redondo Mission Beach San diego Ca- ExcellentGreat owners Sandi was wonderful- Hostess Katherine was superb. Unit was in a Great Location in Mission Beach on the Strand. Near everything! Parking inside a secure parking garage under the building with an elevator is a BONUS in San Diego! Especially at the beach where parking is impossible! This condo is good for a couple or family with 2 small children or a second couple who don’t mind a pull out couch. Equipped with everything you need - plus a bbq grill and beach chairs. Coin Laundry on property. Bike and Watercraft rentals are nearby. Boardwalk is one building away - only 55 steps! Restaraunt’s and stores are all in walking distance. Sunrise . sunsets and view of Mission Bay, Pacific Ocean and City lights are all there on the balcony. Clean and Comfy Property that is great for a beach getaway! 20 min from San Diego airport! Close to all the attractions!.Score: 5/5

Need filtering options for pet/dander free listingsPlease provide an option to filter out pet friendly places for guests with severe pet allergies. This is a medical liability..Score: 2/5

Condo in Orange BeachLast year we got one and it was Awesome.Score: 5/5

Two days to get booking doneI had difficulty using Vrbo making many attempts to get the booking site to work and then it wouldn’t accept my credit card and I had to use a card that I didn’t want to use in order to finish a two day booking procedure. I even had to call the property owner to preapprove the booking and try to get the Vrbo system to work..Score: 1/5

Ozarks vacationUsing the VRBO app was very easy I could share the houses I was looking at with My family so we could decide which house to rent.Score: 5/5

Not that greatDoesn’t have the same info readily available as website. I did my searching there to see everything for the property Put in favorites then using app It would be nice if it had all same info easy to find and see as website.Score: 2/5

WHY I CANNOT SHARE PROPERTY WITH MSG?Terrible… Simplest feature doesn’t work. How it sends a super long link and imessage hyperlink detection fails to link the full url. TERRIBLE! DEVELOPERS! SHORTEN THE LINKS!(workaround, copy msg to notepad and then select the url part to safari… also that link doesn't open the app, it opens the appstore! seriously get it together).Score: 1/5

This app is easyI like this app. So far, each booking we have made has been as described. Expecting no less for our trip in March..Score: 5/5

FiltersI love the app but I wish it had a filter that added an office or workspace. I am a remote worker and would love to be able to filter an office/workspace option so I didn’t have to read every description..Score: 4/5

App is terribleFreezes and shuts down before being able to look at properties.Score: 1/5

Forced app downloadI don’t want your app. I want to see the listing on a browser..Score: 1/5

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Vrbo Vacation Rentals app imageVrbo Vacation Rentals app imageVrbo Vacation Rentals app imageVrbo Vacation Rentals app imageVrbo Vacation Rentals app imageVrbo Vacation Rentals app imageVrbo Vacation Rentals app imageVrbo Vacation Rentals app imageVrbo Vacation Rentals app image

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