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Two-week free trial! OmniFocus Standard and Pro are in-app purchases, with discounts for people who bought earlier versions of OmniFocus for iOS. Download the app for details.

Use OmniFocus to accomplish more every day. Create projects and tasks, organize them with tags, focus on what you can do right now — and get stuff done.

OmniFocus — now celebrating 10 years as the trusted, gold-standard to-do list app — brings unrivaled power and flexibility to your iPhone and iPad, making it easy to work the way you want to work.

OmniFocus manages everything in your busy life. Use projects to organize tasks naturally, and then add tags to organize across projects. Easily enter tasks when you’re on the go, and process them when you have time. Tap the Forecast view — which shows both tasks and calendar events — to get a handle on your day. Use the Review perspective to keep your projects and tasks on track.

Then let our free syncing system make sure your data is the same on every device. (And on OmniFocus for Mac, available separately.) Because your data is encrypted, it’s safe in the cloud.


• NEW: Tags add a powerful additional organizing tool. Create tags for person, energy level, priority, location, and more.
• NEW: Batch editing lets you set due dates, tags, and other data for multiple tasks all at once
• NEW: Flexible inspectors allow you to show only the features you use, and reorder them so your favorites are where you want them
• NEW: The Forecast view shows your tasks and calendar events in order, so you can better see what’s coming up in your day
• NEW: Enhanced repeating tasks are easier than ever to set up — and they work with real-world examples such as the first weekday of the month
• Inbox is where you quickly add tasks — save them when you think of them, organize them later
• Syncing supports end-to-end encryption so that your data is safe wherever it’s stored, on our server or yours
• Notes can be attached to your tasks, so you have the information you need
• Attachments — graphics and audio — add rich information to your tasks
• View options let you customize each perspective by deciding what it should show and how it should filter your tasks
• The Review perspective takes you through your projects and tasks — so you stay organized
• With Siri support you can add tasks just by talking
• OmniFocus Mail Drop adds tasks via email and works with services like IFTTT and Zapier
• The Today Widget and the Apple Watch app show you your most important items — you don’t even have to open OmniFocus on your phone to know what’s up
• Support for TaskPaper Text and omnifocus:///add and /paste URLs lets you automate using Workflow

Pro features make OmniFocus even more powerful:


• Custom perspectives help you create new ways to see your data by filtering and grouping projects and tags. NEW: The filtering rules are simpler to use while being more powerful than ever, letting you combine rules with “all,” “any,” and “none.” You can also choose any image to use as your custom perspective’s icon, and a custom tint color to go with it.
• NEW: Today’s Forecast can include items with a specific tag, and you can reorder those tasks however you choose, so you can plan your day better
• The customizable sidebar and home screen lets you organize your perspectives the way you want to, for super-fast access
• The Today Widget shows a perspective of your choice in Notification Center

Download OmniFocus right now and start your free trial! The app includes a quick tutorial and a manual — and there’s plenty more on the website.


If you have feedback or questions, our Support Humans would love to hear from you! Send email to [email protected], call us at at 1-800-315-6664 or +1-206-523-4152, or reach us on Twitter at @omnifocus.

OmniFocus 3 is almost out! This is a full exploration of the iOS beta feature. The soon-to-be released OmniFocus 3 adds a new layout and ability to add tasks ...

OmniFocus 3.1.7 is a minor update focused on bug fixes. • Encryption — OmniFocus now offers recovery instructions when encountering a problem where data on the server is encrypted with an unknown key (formerly “No Key in Slot"). • Notifications — Fixed a problem where completing an action from a notification when OmniFocus wasn’t running failed. The most common scenario involved OmniFocus being force quit—which can still prevent OmniFocus from syncing in the background, and is not advised. • Perspectives — Fixed a problem where setting an icon on the same perspective from two different devices could cause an “Unable to Save” error. If you have any feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you! The Omni Group offers free tech support; you can email [email protected], call 1–800–315–6664 or 1–206–523–4152, or tweet @OmniFocus. If OmniFocus empowers you, we would appreciate an App Store review. Your review will help other people find OmniFocus and make them more productive too.

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The Red Tea Detox
Patrick Mugabeni
Patrick Mugabeni
05 October 2018

Why don't we have OmniFocus for android?

luke williams
Luke williams
17 September 2018

Have they removed Omnifocus 2 form the App Store now? It seems they have. So I guess we will be forced to upgrade at some point ?

3 star

I think OmniFocus 3 is a bit of a backwards step and personally preferred version 2 because the presentation of tasks somehow seemed cleaner. It is also a hugely expensive upgrade for a few iterative changes. I would have been happy to stick with OmniFocus 2 but would have had to upgrade to 3 to get support for the latest Apple Watch. I have therefore moved to Things 3 instead which has a nicer interface, provides most of the functionality and is far better value for money.

5 star

With the new multiple alerts it's actually worth using again, so I will. The contexts-to-tags update threw me for a moment but it makes sense to open the thing up to wider appeal. One *tiny* complaint: earlier today I had 2 days remaining of the free Pro trial, but just now I'm informed it's expired and I must pay.

Melon shaped belly lover
Melon shaped belly lover
1 star


Possibly Correct
Possibly Correct
18 August 2018

Will OmniFocus 3 iOS since with OmniFocus 2 OS X?

3 star

UI is an eyesore compared to other productivity apps... too much information that can’t be turned off. The app is crushed under its own weight when you put your life in their... searching/sorting/entering tags is TEDIOUS. Drag and drop use is very limited. Tags are great for slicing and dicing your tasks, but just make the interface cluttered and busy.

5 star

I use OmniFocus on my Mac, iPad, iPhone, & Apple Watch and I love it. I love the quick capture features, custom perspectives, and how it scales to my project needs. A great app that goes well with the productivity suite by Omni (OmniOutliner is awesome too)!

Quinn Alexander
Quinn Alexander
5 star

I love everything they’ve done with this version. OmniFocus had already become indispensable for me and with the new features and improvements it’s now even more of a joy to use. The Mac and iOS versions work seamlessly together. And tags? I think its safe to say this one feature alone has caused a tectonic shift in the right direction. Hats off to the team at Omnifocus!

Hee Man
Hee Man
07 August 2018

Using is app you will be poor, this company using ommifocus 4 , 5, 6, 7,....... to ask you pay if you want to continuous use. If this apps is object I quietly throw to rubbish bin.

2 star

This app was amazing, for years. It had various missing functions but it was solid and I used it daily. At some point a few months ago something changed and it required a long-ago-created log in, that I couldn’t remember or access (it has an arcane two-different-login system), and I was busy (duh, that’s why I use it) so I let it go and reverted to paper lists. I keep missing it though (paper lists are ok but not enough), so I tried getting back in again - but found it was crashing. So I ran the update - and still, crashing. As in, it’s up for ten seconds and then closes itself. Completely useless. So I’m about to go find myself a new GTD app. Sayonara, Omnifocus.

1 star

I give negative stars I could... I previously bought a version of omnifocus. I paid $40 for it which is on the expensive side for an app. When iOS was updated, the app stopped working. It’s apparently fixed with the next version, however, you must BUY that version for full price! I’ll never buy another product from the Omni Group again. ...a complete and total ripoff! ...absolutely a scam. Why would I buy the product again... it’s gonna stop working and then I’d have to pay again. It’s not lot like there aren’t MANY other apps out there! This is sooooo ridiculously bad!

5 star

I was a bit worried, since I store and organize all my stuff in OmniFocus 2 and I upgraded that one to pro, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pay for OmniFocus3 pro. But here’s the happy surprise, it’s free to upgrade to pro if you already have the pro in OmniFocus 2. And it’s better. All my old data was transferred into the new version, both versions can sync and communicate! I tried on my phone and iPad. Very happy!

3 star

This is a very expensive upgrade for only limited changes. It’s hard to see why this is a major upgrade. Maybe the watch app is the reason but with Apple Watch dying off it is a strange decision by OmniFocus.

5 star

This is by far the best app for an augmented GTD workflow, and I’ve looked at most. The reason for me is its strong support for enabling trust in whatever workflow you develop. Anyone who has used a task management app for more than a month or two will know how easy it is to loose actions in some corner of the database. Omnifocus handles this problem in two elegant ways. Firstly, the pro edition (you’ll quickly find that this is essential) has a highly flexible Perspective generator, for example allowing a view of stalled projects - those which don’t have any available actions. Want to generate a Work view; Home, Errands, People, Overseas Holiday? Easy. V3’s support for Tags greatly extends the possibilities from V2’s basic GTD Contexts. Secondly, even the standard edition has a customisable review cycle for every project, making it super easy to fine-tune, cull, and reorganise. Plenty of other features too: more variety of repeat options, an interleaved forecast view, and we haven’t even seen V3.1 or V3.2 yet.

04 August 2018

hi can i change the colors of the tags?

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris' idea of a relaxing evening stroll is walking through East Detroit at midnight.




Sam Liu
Sam Liu
05 July 2018

I joined the beta and have used the beta for almost two months. I got to say it yet changed how I used it and I will not upgrade it in a foreseeable future.

Lance Gallup
Lance Gallup
04 June 2018

I like OF and the improvements in version 3, but they aren’t earthshaking. Things 3 is still cleaner, quicker and more intuitive for my use.

Carl Sandburg
Carl Sandburg
5 star

Nothing happens unless first a dream.

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