Find My Headphones & Earbuds

Find lost AirPods, headphones, earbuds, or headsets in seconds! Find one of your lost AirPods or both lost AirPods.

- #1 Utilities app in the App Store!
- Featured 5 times on the App Store
- Over 10,000 lost AirPods found!
- Thousands of Sony, Bose, Beats, and other headphones found

The following devices have been certified to work with Find My Headphones:
• Apple AirPods
• Beats Solo 3, Powerbeats 3, BeatsX, Studio, Pill
• Bose AE2, SoundLink, SoundSport, Revolve, Color II
• Jabra Move, Classic, Storm, Extreme2, Mini, Talk, PRO
• Jaybird Freedom 1/2/F5, X3 Sport, Run
• JBL Everest Elite/100, E65BTNC, J46BT, T450BT, E45BT, Reflect Contour/Mini
• Many other wireless headphones and earbuds. Works with any BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0) headphones, headset, or earbuds.

NOTE: The app's scanner can track other Bluetooth 4.0 devices such as hearing aids that are powered on and actively advertising.

*Device must be powered on and emitting Bluetooth to be found. The app can't find lost AirPods in the case, or a case itself - it requires a Bluetooth signal.*

We are so confident that this scanner will find your lost AirPods or headphones, that we offer a full refund for the cost of the app if your lost AirPods or headphones aren't found. You have nothing to lose except your headphones!


5/5* "You need this. Best five dollars I've spent in a long time. Lost my AirPod in a no service area, and this app put me right on top of it. Absolutely love it, paid for itself right out of the gate. Easy to use. If you have AirPods? Then you need this" - Bullfrog74

5/5* "This helped me locate my lost AirPods really quickly. It saved me a ton of money because I thought I was going to have to buy a new pair. Thank you!!" - SrahBB

5/5* "I downloaded this app because I needed to know how to find my lost Bluetooth headphones. I have Bose wireless headphones and I don't want to lose them! I've lost my headphones a few times and was able to locate them with this app. Also found my wife's lost Powerbeats" - JohnMulaney55

• Find your lost AirPods, Beats, Powerbeats, Bose, Jaybird, or other headphones in seconds - not days or hours
• Works even if you lost one AirPod, can find the one lost AirPod
• Avoid spending hundreds of dollars replacing your lost Bluetooth headphones
• Make finding your device fun, not stressful. Find My Headphones uses the Cold, Warm, Hot game to find your devices
• Use this Bluetooth headphones scanner any time you or your friends misplace your headphones
• Extremely easy to use. Anyone, any age, can navigate the app. Step by step instructions included
• Fantastic app support. Contact us if you need help

Downloading the app before losing your device is not required. Download now - every minute counts before your battery runs out!

Walking slowly with Find My Headphones is the key to find your lost Bluetooth headphones or earbuds.

Please contact support before posting a negative review or asking questions in a review. We cannot respond to questions posted in a review.

Love our app? Please leave us a 5 star review!

Bluetooth Scanner Features

• Can find any wireless headphones broadcasting a Bluetooth Low Energy signal
• Works indoors and outdoors
• Displays the last time your device was seen by our app
• Works with hundreds of wireless headphones, headsets, and speakers from brands like AirPods, Beats, Bose, Jabra, Jaybird, JBL, Apple
• Extremely user friendly and easy to use. Technical knowledge of your devices not required!

From the makers of the highly acclaimed apps Find My Fitbit and Find My Device:
Tens of thousands of downloads and thousands of 5 star ratings! Download our app just for Fitbits, Find My Fitbit -
Lost another Bluetooth 4.0 device? Download Find My Device -

Helped me find my Xiaomi Mi Fit 2 when it was lost in the garden. Play Store - Please ...

Find My Headphones can find AirPods or one AirPod, and many other lost headphones like Bose, Beats, Sony, etc. We've updated the app to improve your experience based on user feedback. It's working better than ever to help you: - Find lost headsets, find lost wireless headphones, and find lost earbuds - easily and quickly! - Locate AirPods, Powerbeats, BeatsX, Bose, Sony, Jabra, and other common wireless headphones and earbuds - Note: can't find lost AirPods in their case; the case doesn't broadcast a Bluetooth signal Join the thousands of people who have used this locator to find their missing headphones!

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The Red Tea Detox
08 April 2019


Tonito El Jefe
Tonito El Jefe
11 March 2019

Doesn't work

Ryan Laurence Garcia
Ryan Laurence Garcia
31 January 2019

If Bluetooth is off does it smell work

Danny Pham
Danny Pham
06 December 2018

App won’t find my device

Emily IDK hahaha
Emily IDK hahaha
27 November 2018

Is the app free

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Paul McCartney eats a vegan diet all the time -- except when he eats in the presence of Chuck Norris.

A Google User
A Google User
01 August 2018

Got the note 5 pro myself. Sadly not for sale officially in the UK.

Martin Fischer
Martin Fischer
5 star

Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification.

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Find My Headphones & Earbuds app wiki coming soon. Find, Bluetooth, Device, Fitness, signal, strength, meter, measure, locality, location, locate,

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