Holon.ist gathers sensor data and sends it as MIDI and OSC to software and hardware instruments.

Notable features:
• Holonic Source integration for Ableton Live, Reaktor 6 Blocks, VCV Rack

• User defined postures

• Activity type

• Step rate

• Heart rate

• Accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer

• Local weather

• Distance, speed

• Locations

• Course/heading

• Solar/lunar tracking

• Atmospheric pressure

• Ableton Link support

• Apple Watch app

• Suunto Movesense support

• Compatible with InstrumentsOfThings 2.4Sink

• Embedded Pure Data

• JavaScript editor
• Sensor data recording and playback

Some Holonic scenarios:

• Use non-volitional micromovements for subtle accents or rhythmical modulations.

• Pre-compose for motion with adaptive mappings, including learned postures.

• Use ancillary or accompanying gestures to augment your other instruments.

• Sonify local weather and astronomical events.

• Use activity types as mode switches, for example walking to automotive. 

• Use biosignals musically for embodied cognition and biofeedback loops.

• Control lights, stage effects, and video rigs physiologically for fully immersive experiences.

• Use sensors to turn everyday objects into willing musical agents.
• Use your favourite Link-enabled apps at all times, synced and controlled by Holon.ist.

When used passively, Holon.ist leaves your hands free for your conventional instruments, or anything else. Try controlling timbre and effects with a Suunto Movesense on your head. Add another sensor on your foot for pedal action anywhere.

Holon.ist features a multiuser implementation of Ableton Link that allows collective sync of tempo for every device on the network.

Our online user manual can be found at: holon.ist/manual/

At Superbooth, Holonic Systems was demoing their mixed reality music system, Holon. We talked with Henri David, who demonstrated how Holon works with ...

New UI with extended iPad optimisation. Improved metering, recording, autoscaling and learn features, and much more. Reaktor 6.3 Blocks compatible: Made in cooperation with Native Instruments, Holonic Source Block for Reaktor and Reaktor Player is our new integration to let you control the legendary instruments and effects of Reaktor with movement. Available now for download, but email sign up is required due to limited serials: http://holon.ist/reaktor/ mailto: [email protected]

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The Red Tea Detox
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris can play the Ventures hit 'Pipeline' in its entirety on a slide trombone.

Michael Hanson
Michael Hanson
5 star

To will is to select a goal, determine a course of action that will bring one to that goal, and then hold to that action till the goal is reached. The key is action.

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