Holon.ist uses sensors from your iPhone, Apple Watch or Suunto Movesense to enable the creation of musical mappings from real-world data.

Holon.ist gathers sensor data and can output MIDI and OSC to control software and hardware instruments. With embedded libPD, you can create your own instruments and musical rules for places, sports, games, or anything involving movement and micromovements.

Holon.ist features:

-mDNS autodiscovery for zero configuration setups; no more IP addresses, network ports or cables of any kind to plug or configure.
-integrations with Ableton Live, Eurorack modular, Reaktor and VCV Rack.
-native support for OSC with two-way communication.
-MIDI over USB, Bluetooth, WiFI and Inter-App Audio.
-Ableton Link
-embedded libPd for user patches.
-JavaScript console for custom processing of signals (sum, compare, schedule etc).

Our Holonic Source plugins integrate Holon.ist with Ableton Live, Eurorack modular, Reaktor and VCV Rack.



Some Holon.ist scenarios:

• Use non-volitional micromovements for subtle accents or rhythmical modulations.
• Use ancillary or accompanying gestures to augment your other instruments.
• Sonify local weather and astronomical events
• Use biosignals musically for embodied cognition and biofeedback loops.
• Control lights, stage effects, and video rigs physiologically for fully immersive experiences.
• Use your favourite apps at all times, synced and controlled by Holon.ist.
• Use sensors to turn everyday objects into willing musical agents.

When used passively, Holon.ist leaves your hands free for your conventional instruments, or anything else. Try controlling timbre and effects with a Suunto Movesense on your head. Add another sensor on your foot for pedal action anywhere.

Holon.ist features a multiuser implementation of Ableton Link that allows collective sync of tempo for every device on the network.

*** Known Issues ***
-MIDI note generation is under development. Currently, MIDI CC is fully supported, while notes can be generated within Pure Data. Please try the preset "pd_midi_demo" and edit Mappings as required.
-Holon.ist may require a restart after IAP transactions and some system settings.
-Apple Watch app may take a long time to install.
-Apple Watch app communication may become unstable, resulting in "Watch dogs" (red X icon). Reinstalling app and restarting iPhone and Apple Watch usually resolves the issue.

Our online user manual can be found at: holon.ist/manual/

At Superbooth, Holonic Systems was demoing their mixed reality music system, Holon. We talked with Henri David, who demonstrated how Holon works with ...

- Various UI improvements. - Reduced IAP pricing to USD 3.99/EUR 4.49 per IAP, including custom OSC. - Support for Native Instruments Reaktor 6.3 Blocks. Download free Holonic Source block from http://holon.ist/reaktor

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