-unfold- is a spatial ability trainer puzzle game. There is no time limit, move limit and points in the game as our successful game "-look-". You just need to match the geometric shapes into the corresponding pieces.

-unfold- is waiting for you to train your spatial ability. Ready?


◈ Minimalistic design
◈ 50 mind-blowing levels
◈ Relaxing music & sounds
◈ Enhances 3D thinking
◈ Sharpens the mind
◈ Exclusive for iOS


Spatial ability is "the aptitude needed to mentally process three-dimensional images of objects." (Fleisig et al. 2004).


"There is evidence which indicates that strong spatial skills are required for achievement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers. Many people, including science and engineering professors, view such skills as important for success in fields like engineering." (Gutierrez, Dominguez, & Gonzalez, 2015)


"The level of spatial performance someone is capable of may change over time. You are likely to gain in performance through practice, training, and learning, but you may also lose in standing relative to others if they acquire more experience that supports their performance or make more progress in their intellectual development." (Johns Hopkins University, 2018)

If you wish to improve or retain the level of your spatial ability, -unfold- will be the best option for you.

Fleisig, R. V., A. Robertson, et al. (2004). Improving the Spatial Visualization Skills of First Year Engineering Students. Inaugural CDEN Design Conference, Montreal, Quebec.

Johns Hopkins University. (2018, August 28). Spatial Ability. Retrieved from jhu.edu: web.jhu.edu/cty/STBguide.pdf

Martin Gutierrez, J., Garcia Dominguez, M., & Roca Gonzalez, C. (2015). Using 3D virtual technologies to train spatial skills in engineering. International Journal of Engineering Education, 31(1), 323-334.

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The Red Tea Detox
Issa Luisaaa
Issa Luisaaa
19 January 2019

Oooooh these seemed helpful asf

16 January 2019

what’s the app that had the black border around ur photo in the thumbnail?




Brianda Salcedo
Brianda Salcedo
12 January 2019

thanks for this! definitely gonna be downloading some of these apps as well! you’re beautiful btw ✨🌹

3 star

The user interface for switching and placing is faulty and difficult to maneuver. Also misleading folds.

2 star

Some of the shapes, when dragged on to the pattern, aren't even the right orientation to match the folded design. The folded design is difficult to rotate as it always snaps back to where it started. Should just let us spin it however we want and stay where we have it when we lift our finger. Could use a graphic artist to update the look of everything as well. Bought it, pushed through a few levels, and uninstalled. Sad, but may come back to it later and see if things have improved...

Ximena Alemano
Ximena Alemano
08 January 2019


4 star

It has been amazing. I just can’t find the music anywhere and would like to listen to the artist. Also, can’t find an email to ask about it.

5 star

Interesting and low pressure explore and solve.

4 star

I like the idea of this game, but I’m annoyed by the fact that there’s an error in the third puzzle.

It's Mumba
It's Mumba
07 January 2019

I love snow💖

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

A single hair from Chuck Norris can split a diamond.

Domenica Velez
Domenica Velez
27 December 2018

Idk why in un unfold app doesn’t appear the one that is black and says unfold :(

19 December 2018

What did you film this video with?

5 star

We choose our destiny in the way we treat others.

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