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1) choose a lens game 2) friends answer right on your story 3) get responses on sendit --- sendit IAPs pricing and terms sendit offers an auto-renewing subscription of: $1.99 per week for premium sendit games.. try it now, yolo. sendit offers an auto-renewing subscription of: $1.99 per week for sendit unlimited hints.. try it now, yolo. sendit offers a consumable purchase of: $12.99 for revealed messages.. try it now, yolo. these prices are for united states customers. pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. the subscription will automatically renew unless turned off in your apple account settings at least 24 hours before the current period ends. you can go to your account settings to manage your subscription and turn off auto-renew. your account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. if you subscribe before your free trial ends, the rest of your free trial period will be forfeited as soon as your purchase is confirmed. terms and conditions: privacy policy:

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Won’t let me upload onto snapchatI try and post it onto my sc story and it’s not letting me it just comes up with my sc camera.Score: 1/5

Age restrictions!So I loved sendit so much and it was one of my favourite apps. Then I updated it a couple of days ago and the age restriction changed. Now I cannot access the app and it is still on my phone, so I don’t know whether it is still taking up storage or not. This is a great app but now I cannot use it which is disappointing!.Score: 3/5

ReviewThis app is amazing it helped me to get me a girlfriend.Score: 5/5

Very goodIt’s very good.Score: 5/5

I don’t recommendIt won’t open.Score: 5/5

Needddd helppp ASAP!!For the first couple of sends it let me open it and post it but now whenever I press it my screen goes black and goes back to my home page on my phone!!?????😒☹️😭.Score: 1/5

Won’t let me openWon’t let me open the anonymous messages.Score: 1/5

Kathryn 💘The app keeps crashing when I try to open a message.Score: 3/5

ConfusedI saw this app used on my friends snap and I downloaded it because it looked fun but it won’t let me open any of the messages it says ‘tap to see’ but I tap and it doesn’t work.Score: 1/5

Great appMy fav.Score: 5/5

I love it but make it free omgI use this game A LOT. it’s so fun, but i want it to be free!! :(.Score: 2/5

Ur terribleHello, i just wanted to say u are terrible, please don’t do this again to me. i paid for the hints and they are useless. people are gonna be stressed about their purchase and just saying things like they live in dubai and they have an iphone isn’t gonna help. so if u could cancel my purchase that would be amazing because this is just stupid. if your reading this and u get sendit. don’t buy the hints. you will regret ur decision because they are the most dumb hints thanks.Score: 1/5

AmazingThis is a really enjoyable app.Score: 5/5

SenditWont let me open them?.Score: 1/5

WowAmazing.Score: 5/5

✨K A R E N ✨Hi um when I go to post one it doesn’t show the hole message and idky 😭😂x.Score: 1/5

CrashingIt keeps crashing when I try to respond to a answer.Score: 1/5

AmazingggAmazing!.Score: 5/5

Letters won’t openWhen I go to read what people have said the app crashes and it’s very glitchy. I have tried deleting it and downloading it again but it still doesn’t work, thanks for reading my review!.Score: 2/5

Won’t openMines won’t open the messages any help ?.Score: 5/5

Amazing!!I love ut.Score: 5/5

HelpWhen I click on the message it kicks me off the app ??.Score: 1/5

HiyaLove it.Score: 5/5

GoodGood.Score: 5/5

It won’t let me open itThe app keeps crashing when I go to open the thingys.Score: 2/5

Good app but...My friends are sending me msgs but they r not snowing up ?.Score: 4/5

Won’t openKeeps crashing and won’t let me open the letters.Score: 3/5

:(I accidentally payed for a subscription for this app now i can’t get a refund. it says to message them on snapchat and they will help but they haven’t even replied and i don’t want to be paying for a app i don’t use.Score: 1/5

Don’t workIt keeps crashing and it won’t let me open any letters :((.Score: 1/5

FunQuite fun.Score: 5/5

NiceEw.Score: 5/5

ReviewMines not letting me open the messages, anyone know why.Score: 5/5

It won’t let open my messagesCan you try to fix you’re bugs pls and thank you.Score: 1/5

BotsIt works just like YOLO except quite a few of the messages are from bots saying stuff such as “have you ever thought of been bi?” and “have you ever given a hickey”.Score: 3/5

NopeMine doesn’t work at all :(.Score: 1/5

HiSo good lots of fun.Score: 5/5

My things won’t openMy thingys won’t open anymore what am I supposed to do.Score: 2/5

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GoodI like how you can keep them running for weeks on end, as with yolos after 24 hours you can’t get any.Score: 5/5

AnnoyingPlease this app is starting to get annoying, you should make it so they only can atleast post once every year or just take down the app, i can’t stand watching my friends post these EVERY hour, it just makes me want to 👊👊👊👊, so i’m begging you please end this..Score: 1/5

Best appLove it.Score: 5/5

CDRat.Score: 5/5

Yes!!!!I love this app it’s so amazing! I love how you can add different background and you can get badges!💗.Score: 5/5

Cordell’s reviewThis is a good app. It’s like yolo but more complex..Score: 5/5

Love itIt’s literally so much better than YOLO and I love it a lot!!! I haven’t come across any glitches or anything strange and you don’t need to verify your phone number/ email or put in your account log in info. Plus, sendits are so much to make and design, and I really like their little mail system that they have. Sendit is like those really underrated apps that literally everyone that has it, LOVES it. I really recommend it!!! Sendit probably doesn’t even NEED any updates because there’s no bugs or glitches and there’s a huge variety of designs and the fonts are all easy-to-read. It’s a must-have app for ANY Snapchat user!!! Lastly, my friends have no problem with sending messages. None of them came across any sort of glitches either, so ditch Yolo and GET THIS APP!! ❤️.Score: 5/5

Noice👌Read the tittle👌.Score: 5/5

Great appLove it so much and I use it everyday.Score: 5/5

OofNot all show up.Score: 2/5

Cool appMegga cool.Score: 5/5

SenditI love this app so much it’s so fun answering anonymous messages.Score: 5/5

BobbyGood app.Score: 5/5

YoyoLove it.Score: 5/5

DopeIt works nice.Score: 5/5

Seems good!Just got it and it seems too work pretty well. Bravo! 👏.Score: 5/5

This app sucksThis is the worst app ever it didn’t even let me sign in.Score: 1/5

Can’t seeI’ve gotten a notification for 3 messages, and haven’t been able to see any of them..Score: 3/5

Loving this appI am loving this app!! So much fun in this app and great ideas to come with the app.Score: 5/5

EpicThis app is great! 🙂.Score: 5/5

LoveitttIts so good and better then yolo tbh.Score: 5/5

ThoughtsTons o fun and simple to operate.Score: 5/5

LikeI love this.Score: 5/5

HiI love itt.Score: 5/5

RateAmazing.Score: 5/5

Keeps logging me out:(.Score: 1/5

WoahSksksk *dies inside*.Score: 5/5

StupidKeeps crashing when I click on my inbox, and you can’t even chose what emojis you want to use, it’s pretty overall stupid.Score: 1/5

WhyIt keeps logging me off and when I try to login with Snapchat it says something went wrong I’m getting pretty mad about it.Score: 1/5

WowzersGreat app for your friends to secretly tell you hat they hate you and for people to ask if you’re gay!.Score: 5/5

It’s okI mean it takes FOR EVER to download but it’s pretty cool I guess but it would be the first ever app I’ll recommend.Score: 4/5

CringeIt sucks.Score: 1/5

AwesomeThis is so cool! Sooo much better than yolo!!.Score: 5/5

IdkBROOOO WHY IT GOTTA BE 17+😭😭.Score: 1/5

BotsMe and my friends have noticed that we have been getting the same messages over and over again. Its annoying and is just used to make you look at the app, but overall good app. Yolo is still better for just questions though.Score: 2/5

SenditIt isn’t working for me.Score: 1/5

Ok:)The answers kinda take forever to finally actually get sent to u and u need to wait for like 20 mins to get it.Score: 3/5

Smart appI love how this app blocks all the bad messages.Score: 4/5

AhhIt’s awesome.Score: 5/5

So COOLIt’s so cool bc you can do anything.Score: 5/5

IdkKeeps logging me out.Score: 3/5

MehI got the latest update and i tried to do the new poll thing and used the “what was your first impression of me” but i cant click on the notification thing because then the app crashes, fix that please, my app worked and didnt crash until i got the latest update for it..Score: 5/5

Not that goodNo that great but what ever I guess 😕🤨👍.Score: 1/5

JdjsHaha.Score: 5/5

BadIt makes u pay after u get 3 responses.Score: 1/5

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Great appYes.Score: 5/5

YayaIt good.Score: 5/5

HiThis app is amazing.Score: 5/5

AwesomeGood quality.Score: 5/5

Login issueHey I am having troubles connecting my snap account onto this app. It says try again later and it doesn’t work.Score: 3/5

Fake notifsI like the app, but I get a million notification saying “new 💙” and I go to the app and theres nothing, it makes me very mad. Yolo is 100x better.Score: 3/5

AaliyahI love this such a fun way to intact.Score: 5/5

UghI don’t know why it won’t let me on the app I’ll rate more when I can get on.Score: 2/5

Best app everThis app as really changed my life and can change other kids like me to so I really thank you all for making this app so ur friends can really give you all the best info about what they think about you so thank you again for making this app! 🥳.Score: 5/5

Not the best.My experience hasn’t been the best. it sends messages and i receive them, however my bitmoji NEVER updates, it’s been the same for so long and i changed it a year ago. the backgrounds don’t load, and everything just seems to be a hot mess..Score: 2/5

PerfectSuper cute and easy to use.Score: 5/5

Love this appI love this app it lets people get closer to me through sendit and Snapchat.Score: 5/5

Good, but…I like this app because it’s very easy to use, but not all the messages come through and it says they did but they haven’t.Score: 2/5

👉👌👺🙇‍♂️🙄👃💳 an emoji story💃🕺 🚶‍♀️🕺. 🤷‍♂️. 🧘‍♀️🚽🩸. 😱😱..Score: 5/5


UGHSend it has logged me out of the app. And will not let me back in this is really frustrating because i do use this app alot. Please explain why i cannot get back in the app. Other then this it is a great app!.Score: 3/5

Poop5/5.Score: 5/5

Love itI really would pick Sendit over Yolo this app is really amazing.Score: 5/5

:):).Score: 5/5

ReviewThis is a better app then YOLO because there is like “games” you can pick from and it’s super cool. ❤️❤️.Score: 5/5

DebatableI do thoroughly enjoy this app, but there’s two major flaws with it: 1) it’ll alert you that you have a new message, but then won’t load it. 2) I’m about 96% sure there’s bots on this, as there’s been several times I’ve asked an edited question like “me and ___ should be a couple?” and gotten a new message asking something like “What kind of phone do you have” or “what did you have for breakfast” on a question that had NOTHING to do with either..Score: 2/5

TerribleWhen you go to buy a hint, they don’t specify that it’s not telling you who sent it and they scam you into thinking it is. I bought the $10 one when I could have just bought a week one for $1.99!!! thanks for ripping me off hope you enjoy my money!!!.Score: 1/5

AMAZINGThis is fun!.Score: 5/5

GoodI like this app.Score: 4/5

GreatThis is a good app to use simple but yet better than most.Score: 5/5

Send itIt’s very fun to use I like it a lot.Score: 5/5

HintHi my name is Zac and I had family issues with this app and I purchased a hint and it looked like someone scribble on it so if someone can plz let me know why someone would scribble on a hint before sending it.Score: 1/5

UghI think the app isn’t working because it doesn’t let me post it on snapchat..Score: 2/5

BugsNeed to fix it can’t post anything sitting at 3 stars till it’s fixed.Score: 3/5

The appI actually really like it,It helps waste my time and see what some people are scared to tell me and it’s fun a good waste of time.Score: 5/5

It’s amazingIt blockes out all names and it is great for talk to me or tte.Score: 5/5

Thank you for this appThank you for this app just one suggestion can you make it where you extend Texts.Score: 5/5

Very goodVery very good.Score: 5/5

LolGood app.Score: 5/5

Glitch??I keep getting a notification saying i have a new message but when i go to the app there isn’t one.Score: 2/5

??Can’t login to the app. It keeps saying try again when I try to connect the app to snap..Score: 1/5

Love thisSuper fun to do.Score: 5/5

Good but..It’s usually a good app, but it won’t let me share anything and I’ve tried reloading the app and it still doesn’t work. please fix this.Score: 3/5

Add my snap🤪My snap is albreefeb2008 and uh i like the app also pretty good.Score: 5/5

LOOOOOVE THISSo good and helps me stay busy and keep up with my friends.Score: 5/5

Nothing like itIt’s nothing like yolo ❤️❤️.Score: 5/5

Great App!Love it 😊.Score: 5/5

StuffThis great.Score: 5/5

Sendit reviewThis app is so fun to use and very easy to work !.Score: 5/5

Awesome app!This app is a really nice and cool app. i love how it lets us play games and posts on snapchat. this app is absolutely one of my favorites! there is nothing i think they could change about this app. it is really cool and i 100% recommend!.Score: 5/5

IssuesI accidentally bought the Hints. 10 bucks for something that isnt even useful 😐. I would not recommend this app..Score: 1/5

Double messages?Hey so i really like the app and haven’t had (mostly) any problems with it, but i noticed that the exact same questions sometimes come through twice. it’s happened three times now, that a message would come through twice, and they never come through at the same time. are messages automated at all or am i actually just getting people asking the same thing twice?.Score: 4/5

YesYes.Score: 5/5

HhhhhhjIkkkkk.Score: 5/5

FunJust another fun add-on and I appreciate how they made it so you can send messages after 15 minutes to an hour it’s great.Score: 5/5

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Pretty goodWay better than yolo. All of the messages send through, there are more decoration options and better bug fixes.Score: 4/5

It was ehKinda good.Score: 2/5

☀︎This app is quite fun to use actually, having people anonymously answer you questions or vote. Then you get to try and guess who wrote it, or just leave it and be happy with what they wrote! Issa good app..Score: 5/5

ContactThis keeps me really entertained and it is fun to ask friends questions!.Score: 5/5

SenditReally good besides hate🖤.Score: 3/5

GoodGood app.Score: 5/5

Watch out!!!At first I thought it was a great app to find out honest messages from your friends but then I found a problem with the app. The problem was my one of my friends from Snapchat sent something rude so I blocked the person. But I went into my settings on Snapchat to find that I hadn’t blocked anyone. I don’t know if someone hacked the app but it seemed really weird. I recommend this app but be careful and don’t say I didn’t warn you.Score: 5/5

Very good app but some bugsI’ve been using this for about a week and i think it’s great because YOLO got banned but when i type a custom message on the app and click ‘share’ it just takes me back to the home page off sendit. please fix.Score: 3/5

Great appThis is a five because it’s not like yolo when u have to have the app to say stuff but this is a great app and I don’t see why u guys shouldn’t download it.Score: 5/5

This is appallingI downloaded this app thinking it would be like yolo but no, whenever it takes me to Snapchat its way to big to even fit in the screen.Score: 2/5

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