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The Air University LREC Symposium provides a platform for academic exchange on topics specific to culture and language education in the military. This year, AFCLC will be addressing/exploring the theme of "Inter {cultural} operability".

The theme is pulled in part from the 2018 National Defense Strategy. The document focuses on interoperability, especially when it directs us to "strengthen alliances and attract new partners".

Interoperability, in the military context, usually brings to mind the technical and procedural means for cooperating with joint and coalition partners. Cultural knowledge and skills are also an essential element of interoperability, yet they are often not emphasized in military planning. Military personnel regularly face hurdles of a cultural nature when coordinating efforts at tactical, operational and strategic levels. Therefore, this year's AU LREC Symposium asks participants to focus on how culture, regional expertise, and language are at the heart of interoperability.

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2019 Air University Language Regional Expertise and Culture Symposium at Maxwell AFB. Register online at:

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The Red Tea Detox

@lrec2020: 2nd Call for Papers for #REPROLANG2020 is out 👉🏼 Submit your paper on STA @ …


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@lrec2020: #LREC2020 2nd Call for Papers is out: NEW: #LREC2020 now solicits Full Paper (4-8 pages) submissions…

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Chuck Norris
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Chinese Proverb
Chinese Proverb
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