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Transform your iPad into smart digital paper. Take handwritten notes in digital notebooks, on imported PDF, PowerPoint, and Word documents, or on images and photos. All notes are searchable and you'll never have to worry about losing or misplacing them again. GoodNotes is one of the top paid iPad apps worldwide and is frequently featured on the App Store, making it a must-have for your iPad. WRITE NATURALLY - LIKE ON REAL PAPER * Fluent, precise, and completely natural writing experience thanks to GoodNotes pioneering vector ink engine * Write with the Apple Pencil, Logitech Crayon, or with many capacitive styluses and even your finger * Select and customize your pen color, thickness, and style (fountain pen, ballpoint, brush pen) * Easily switch between pen, highlighter, and eraser ALWAYS FIND WHAT YOU WROTE * Everything is indexed: Search your handwritten notes, typed text, PDF text, document outlines, folder titles, and document titles * Convert your handwriting to text to share it with other apps or add it to the page as a text box to continue typing with your keyboard NEVER LOSE YOUR NOTES AGAIN * All your notes with you at all times thanks to iCloud Sync VIEW DOCUMENTS SIDE BY SIDE (requires iPadOS) * open GoodNotes in multiple windows to view two documents or two pages side by side * use tabs to quickly switch between open documents ESCAPE THE LIMITS OF ANALOG PAPER * Move, resize, and rotate your handwriting or change colors * Draw perfect shapes and lines with the Shapes Tool * unlimited undo & redo including gesture control for faster corrections * powerful & smart eraser tool: Choose to erase the entire stroke or only parts of it. Set it to "Erase Highlighter Only" to leave the ink intact * Pinch to zoom and write more precisely * Navigate through imported PDFs with existing hyperlinks CUSTOMIZE YOUR NOTEBOOKS * Choose from a large set of beautiful covers and paper templates: Essentials, writing paper, Cornell paper, dark paper, checklists, planners, and more * Import any PDF or image as a custom template for more customization GO PAPERLESS * import PDF, PowerPoint, Word, images, photos and more to annotate them right on your iPad * export documents and share them with others for a fully digital workflow * scan your paper documents and recognize the text EFFORTLESS DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT * Organize your documents in folders and create unlimited subfolders * Mark your most important documents, pages, and folders as Favorites to access them quickly * Create custom outlines for easier navigation through your documents CONVERT YOUR IPAD INTO A DISTRACTION-FREE DIGITAL WHITEBOARD * Keep your audience focused on what's important: Presentation mode lets you hide all distractions on an external screen when you connect your device via HDMI or AirPlay * Use all of GoodNotes' tools, including the Laser Pointer on the iPad, while your audience only sees the page and the content * GoodNotes empowers you to give more engaging presentations, lectures, and lessons. You can move around freely and interact with the audience while adding new information to the digital whiteboard for everyone to see Visit our website at for more information, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram as @goodnotesapp.

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Some issues about documents filingDo you have some advice about how’s your filing working? It looks too complicated for my brain... many thanks for your help..Score: 3/5

Amazing appThis app is amazing for note taking, well worth the price. However, if you are a math student, this does not have support for LaTeX. It would be a great addition to be able to use LaTeX, hopefully this becomes a feature in the near future..Score: 4/5

Sceptical and turns out very satisfiedI was sceptical about the app as it costs a lot for a note taking app but then I realised after using it that it’s amazing! Easy to use and the possibilities of what you can do with this app is as much as infinite! I love you GoodNotes <3 Thank you.Score: 5/5

Love this appUse it every day for all uni work and as a planner. I wish you could change the colour of folders though like the notebooks :).Score: 5/5

Not goodThe app is not opening on my phone for over a week now!.Score: 1/5

Really good for studying but...This app is very good and I love using it for my studies however I noticed that when I study flashcards, it just blurs the notes and photos on the flashcards, so I hope that they can fix this small issue but overall it’s an amazing app..Score: 4/5

Game changingThis app on my iPad Air plus an Apple pen changed my life. It’s stunningly good. The handwriting search is like something out of sci fi..Score: 5/5

We need layersLayers would be a very useful function. Currently having to use alternative software. The flash card function is a great idea a should be developed. Features for more technical drawing would be good; rulers, scaled grids...Score: 4/5

Great digital plannerLoving GoodNotes!!! Using as digital teacher planner. The free downloads you can get make it even better product!.Score: 5/5

Best App for studentsThis app is absolutely amazing I tried notes pro writer but this app is so much better it allows for easy organisation, neat yet original note-taking (i.e: annotations for those with apple pencils) and also has other tools to help. It’s also allows the use of pdfs, and slideshows and you can simply open them up from other applications. I know it’s a risk taking to pay without a trial but honestly it was worth the money..Score: 5/5

AmazingI use this on my iPad Air to study and it’s honestly amazing. All the features operate flawlessly. Although I have only been using it for a couple weeks, but honestly so worth it would definitely recommend and would buy it if it were more expensive..Score: 5/5

My WishListExcellent app, but some additions I'd like to see are: - Up to 6 pre-defined colours - Auto-deselect shape tool - Outline: Ability to group pages into subpages Thousands of customers have voted for these improvements, and a few sensible others, yet two years later we're still awaiting a single one to be implemented..Score: 3/5

Good to use but can have more optionsI really enjoy using this app as it is easy to use and pretty much replaces my notebook. I feel like it would be good to have sticky notes in the app as well to provide more space and expand the topic. Also text recognition would also be helpful which can convert the writing into the text. However there is nothing negative about this app. It’s great and very convenient to use. 😁.Score: 5/5

This app requires updatingThis is the message you get on nearly a daily basis! utterley ridiculous need to keep on updating this app to use it, have now stopped using.Score: 1/5

Amazing appThis is the best note-taking app I have used. Worth the money but also much higher quality than all its competitors. I love the feature which allows you to share documents with others. I wish the feature for zooming in were better so that writing could be more uniform and that there were more paper templates, but other than that it's perfect..Score: 5/5

Good. NotesAmazing and very useable, loving new flash card feature, would say to maybe link this to calendar so we can set spaced repetition reminders?.Score: 5/5

Superb app! I can only recommend it!One of the most creative productivity apps I have ever used on an iPad. GoodNotes has many sides and makes it extremely easy to mock up design ideas or annotated mood boards. From the designers perspective you have to rely on only the essentials -with regards brushes or image manipulation features etc.- but I consider this a benefit rather than a barrier, especially if you don’t wish to get lost in the details. Organising files and (!): searching handwritten text are also great and sometimes extremely useful features! I have just started to use the flash cards function too as I’m trying to improve my ability of speaking. I use GoodNotes on a daily basis and it is truly a great app!.Score: 5/5

Easy, simple and convenientWorks seamlessly without any issues and has many options to make your notes attractive.Score: 5/5

Best app everFirst time using it good notes 5 and my new apple pencil = the best thing ever!!.Score: 5/5

Really useful, some features and bugs bring it down thoughA great app, so useful for notemaking. I would like for the text tool on the macbook to be more flexible however, as I find typing to make the notes is much faster than the pen tool (without a pen tablet). For example, being able to type the font instead of using the slider which can be quite cumbersome. Clicking on text to edit it is also quite obnoxious as I find having to type something in the middle usually means I have to actually delete the text all the way back. If there was also a way to choose the ordering of text/images like you can in microsoft word (i.e. send to back), that could also help the app be more flexible and easy to use. Some bugs that I have found include: when inserting an image I cannot undo anything I do after this. similarly when inserting a new custom template page I get the same issue. These bugs are not that bad however, as you can simply restart the app and load back your work (the autosave feature is great)..Score: 4/5

Missing a few key featuresFor me, this app needs windows sync and keyboard support.Score: 3/5

Should have dotted line feature and fill feature for self drawn shapesVery good.Score: 4/5

Its great but a slight problemIts amazing ive used it for abt a year now and love it. I keep all my zoom class notes on it but the only problem i have it sometimes the sensitivity with the apple pencil and the ipad are a bit... odd. It will mess up my handwriting and make random dashes when im writing or sometimes it will eliminate what i have written.Score: 5/5

Versions history would be nice!Been using it for note taking quite a while now for my uni but sometimes accidents happen!! Say accidentally changed the template after notes were written and the notes are not automatically adjusted to the size of paper so they got chopped off. Sometimes accidentally deleted something and that’s it, gone for good. Therefore, it would be nice to have versions history where you can go back and restore :).Score: 5/5

Great for students!!I wish apps like this one were around when I was still in school. I would’ve never forgotten a pen or ran out of pages in my notebooks! Great for university students, use it all the time in my classes and it helps me keep all of my notes organised and neat!.Score: 5/5

Great app but deleted of my iCloudAfter 3 months of owning the app and all of my gcse notes on it, it updated and deleted of my phone and iCloud, meaning I will have to pay another £8 in order to reinstall. Very disappointed.Score: 1/5

Goodnotes - name say's it allI use Goodnotes mainly on my ipad with an apple pencil 2. i have tried several apps before this and this is my favourite. another well known app had an issue a few years back when it lost content for some users on a buggy synch - i was one of them. no such problem with this. easy to use, free hand,multiple colours, highlighting, shape drawing, inserting pictures oh and text boxes too. recommended to those other note takers among us who also need the formalty of folders, and so saving in structured way, and the search facility is a good too..Score: 5/5

Found It!!I have used most of the 'best' note taking and journalling apps, but was delighted to finally fiound one that works REALLY as a notbeook/scraobook/journal/diary/planner on all my Apple tech (iphone, ipadpro and macbookpro). Without breaking the bank, wanting subscriptions, etc... I bought a template for a 2021 diary/planner on Etsy and use the app every day. I have found the best, I will not look at another app now..Score: 5/5

Missing functionalityAs a note taking app much of what it does is really great, but a few things really let it down. First, you can’t have a document shown as two pages over a horizontal view meaning such a big waste of viewing space for any standard portrait documents. Second, the keyboard text inputs aren’t great. I don’t expect word processor level, but not even to have a bullet list option is a pain. Finally, organisation of front page folders and docs is very limited. You can’t have your folders anything but alphabetical. You should be able to organise icons in any order..Score: 3/5

PerfectPerfect.Score: 5/5

Amazing, minor nitpicksThis is my go-to app for note taking, it’s just such so convenient to have everything digitally and it has everything you’ll need. Minor nitpicks: - shape tool recognition needs some work, works fine until squares but it keeps changing eg hexagons to circles, frustrating for chemistry - be able to move selected items across different pages rather than having to copy/paste or cut.Score: 5/5

Excellent app for exam studiesEasy to incoprorate pdfs , amend , add notes, change, backup, write. all of the joy of notetaking without the hassle of photocopying and having to tipex improvements and changes or re write in at a later date syncing also means its easy to use on multplie devices, although best on ipad, computer is not so good for handwriting etc.Score: 5/5

Good App but the failure to write smoothly ruins itThe app itself is good but recently every time I’ve been writing using my Apple Pencil the page freezes and doesn’t register my writing, this happens ALL THE TIME and it is incredibly frustrating to the point I don’t use the app anymore. Hopefully this is fixed..Score: 2/5

This app is amazing but I have a suggestion...I use GoodNotes almost everyday for work, revision, drawing, the list goes on. And there are so many features such as the one which moves along the page so you can write without moving the screen every 5 seconds. The amount of colours you can use is amazing, especially since I’m a bit of a freak when taking notes. However, it would be so much more efficient if you could rearrange the colours and group them so you can find specific ones more easily. Apart from that I highly recommend !!.Score: 5/5

Great way to go paperlessThis is a great way of having all my notes in one place. I’m studying Mathematics and among other benefits, this saves me the hassle of balling up and binning many sheets with mistakes I will have written with ink on expensive paper. Im sure the environment could also benefit from this by having less trees being cut down..Score: 5/5

Good on the iPad but want to link it to my MacBook Pro and cant?Do I have to pay for another download for the Mac? When I link it to my MacBook it says I have to pay again?.Score: 3/5

Very good but with some gripedGood feeling writing, rarely have issues. Imports pdf’s well. All the basic functionality is pretty good. However I have some issues. Sometimes when I double tap my Apple Pencil to switch to the eraser it draws when I try to rub out if I make contact again quickly after it switches. It seems like it’s lagging as when I lift the pencil and put it back down it’ll start erasing. File system is also quite weak, can’t search all files by date, and makes really inefficient use of the space because you can only have icons or a single column list. Given that this app is designed mostly for iPads I’d have expected files to be able to display in columns like the finder as opposed to only icons or a list..Score: 3/5

ExcellentGreat for organising lecture notes.Score: 5/5

Need more than just 3 pen colors on the bar!Wastes a lot of time to switch between colors since you’re limited to 3. That’s my complaint about goodnotes. Would also appreciate endless/unlimited space as it is on OneNote for Microsoft..Score: 3/5

Auto-Updates are not autoApril 2021: The auto-updates are unreliable. The saved versions are now several days out of date. They also take a long time to upload. I’m looking forward to the new features as voted on the Goodnotes website..Score: 4/5

AmazingThis really has changed my life. I no longer ever lose a document. The word search is phenomenonal. I have no need for paper notes at all, and it has made me far more organised, as I can file things as I wish, in a maneer that is incredibbly easy. Only comment is it does struggle a bit if I inport multiple photos into a document but this is a monir problem..Score: 5/5

Deletes your notes if your device locksThis app seems really good. Apart from a major bug on iPad. A few times I’ve written detailed notes, only to find the note completely erased if my iPad locks. It’s incredibly frustrating..Score: 1/5

Amazing!!I bought this to go paperless for all my uni work. It really works, I use this on my phone, ipad and laptop and have all my notes everywhere. This has been so helpful!!.Score: 5/5

Amazing. But some improvements.Really good. One improvement thought, it would be nice to be able to have different colour folders..Score: 5/5

BrilliantBrilliant app fro students wanting to take notes or make flashcards! no complaints.Score: 5/5

Fantastic on the iPad, but very slow and glitchy on the MacI love using this app on my iPad. The typing function on the Mac doesn't function very well and the text box function doesn't work as smooth, which is a shame..Score: 2/5

The best note taking appThis app has completely changed the way I revise at university, the features and slickness have been second to none and it completely eclipses Microsoft one note - never written a review in my life but felt compelled to write this one!.Score: 5/5

Very very, very good!Does about everything I need it to and I love how many options there are + makes it easy to organize schoolwork and stuff, just wish I could make shapes like you would make shapes on Microsoft word.Score: 4/5

Absolutely Amazing!!!...because yes!.Score: 5/5

My go to app...I really like this app and find it really helpful. Some additions would be really improve the way it works: - being able to crop images imported. - file system is not as intuitive as it could be. I am in one document but opening the source seems to depend on where I last came from not the source of the current document? Would be helpful to open up the source folder of the document I am using (this will add another level of navigating to the required folder without having to click back down the file-tree and then click back to the required folder) - Once you enter the file system there doesn’t seem to be an intuitive way to jump back to the documents you have open and working on. You can fiddle and find recent docs opened but this doesn’t seem to be a good solution (it relies on remembering what your document looked like?!) Still the best app I have for notes. Love that you can import/export pdfs. Works well for me despite the niggles..Score: 4/5

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Great appVery useful app. Happy to have found it..Score: 5/5

I love this app but.....It lags all the time with my Apple Pencil. It is very annoying when I’m taking notes. I’m not too sure if it’s the pencil’s problem or the app’s. But my Apple Pencil is quiet new (bought in November 2020). Pls fix it, thank you..Score: 5/5

Highly recommended feature!!!When I click on “New” to create a new canvas under “Image” uploading, we should be able to add more than one picture at the time it is a real pain having to select every single image individually and the steps needed to upload a screenshots from textbooks and other document in picture format is a little upsetting. To improve: We should have a selection tool that allows us to select more than one picture at the time without having to upload them one by one individually to our canvas or document.Score: 1/5

Good, Needs some additional tools!Overall a pretty good app, comparable to notability. Could use some urgent improvements: 1. Be able to go back to the last page you saw. 2. Provide a link to another page anywhere in your goodnotes documents..Score: 3/5

Perfect! Just a few suggestions...I hope there’s a LOCK item feature, it bugs me a lot when some items gets included in an action I do (erasing, lasso selection, etc.) — Another one would be page order option (ascending or descending depending on created date). Other than that, very perfect!.Score: 5/5

Dotted Line Pen neededI am very satisfied with the app, just want the ability to have perfect dotted lines and arrows.Score: 5/5

Nice appIncredible app. thanks.Score: 5/5

Pretty goodWorks well with apple pencil, cannot complain about it. It can be better if it can recognize your hand writting automatically and make the hand writing looks better..Score: 5/5

Sensational. Game changer.Go for it! My messy desk, typically buried in paper, loose ends, ideas, and noted deranged, now clear. All my notes automatically filed on server..Score: 5/5

THE BEST on the iPad and this mac version is a great companionIf you have an iPad you absolutely must use GoodNotes it is the best of all the note taking apps on iPad OS. Having the Mac version available and syncing with the iPad version is wonderful. I use the Mac version all the time to share notes, reorganize notes, paste things in, export things out, etc. But, every time I want to actually take notes, I find the mouse/trackpad/keyboard interface is not really ideal. This program was designed to be used on an iPad, especially with an Apple Pencil. So, you should definitely have this app on your Mac to compliment the version on the iPad and make your life wonderful. But, if you don't have an iPad, I think there are probably better ways to take notes than using this app..Score: 4/5

Nice app - but not M1 optimizedThis is a really great app and I'd give it 5 stars if the developer would make this available as a universal binary. Non universal apps eat more battery on M1 macbooks so this would be a pretty major feature to add that would make many people, myself included very happy :).Score: 4/5

Please fix Mac appOn the Mac app, whenever you add a file to an existing note or bookmark a page it randomly scrolls away to a random page within the document. It is really annoying, especially because I use these functions regularly.Score: 2/5

Great for Grad SchoolI'm currently in grad school and Goodnotes has seriously made my note-taking a lot more organized. It's handy to have my notes all in one place. I also import pdfs into Goodnotes and can highlight and add notations. The highlighter fades behind the words and makes the print sharper. I no longer have to carry multiple notebooks and files with me. It's also great to be able to change ink colours and make your notes aesthetically pleasing. I find them easier to remember that way. I've been using Goodnotes for about two months. I highly recommend it..Score: 5/5

Absolutely Brilliant!This is a great note taking app, and that’s how it should be used. I don’t recommend using it to download PDF or PowerPoint class notes on to it, as is the case with many University classes. But this is by far the best app when it comes to personal, handwritten notes on the IPad! The experience is extremely enjoyable, super easy to use. It makes it fun to write out notes on this app! It does what it supposed to do, really, really well! One of the best purchases that can be made for the IPad..Score: 5/5

Random lines and dotsLoved the app at first and then it started to glitch every time i would finish writing a word causing lines and dots everywhere. I would try to restart the app, but that did not help with anything. I am not to sure how to fix it. Please fix this..Score: 2/5

Mostly happyGreat app, very intuitive. Would appreciate to have the option to view a note as an endless scroll vs as individual pages.Score: 4/5

Has elevated my productivity in my MGAGoodnotes 5 has brought together the best of both worlds for me..Score: 5/5

CrapUsed GoodNotes 4 for years. Easy, intuitive, great. This newer version is garbage..Score: 1/5

Best Buy everI usually don’t say this but the developers on this app are legends. They know exactly what students and instructors need. And I love the constant updates fixing issues and bugs. Keep up the good work. Really satisfied with my purchase. EDIT: Can we have a virtual ruler please or when drawing straight lines have it view the length of the line..Score: 4/5

Folder coloursCan you make it so we can change the colours of folders please.Score: 5/5

Do Not Buy if You Plan on Doing Any Serious WorkWill crash after a few minutes of use. Save your money. Use Google drive or notability. This app is NOT safe for your work..Score: 1/5

Good organisationPlease add a ruler which would make this the best note taking app on earth Edit:Experiencing a lot of lag.Score: 5/5

해결해 주세요어제부터 사용을 하는데 PDF 파일을 불러오기가 안되네요. 계속 불러온다고만 하고 멈춰버리는데 이유를 모르겠습니다. ㅠㅠㅠ 다른 메모에서는 잘 되는데 유독 이 어플에서만 안되네요.Score: 1/5

Two suggestionsSuggesting two features: - the among devices syncing feature to be improved, since it takes a long time and doesn’t sync much - input date and time feature is available. Like a button to print current date/time and to be adjustable Thank you.Score: 4/5

Good Notes 5Switched from Natbility to Good Notes 5. 2 reasons: 1) Notability would not sync with my M1 Mac Mini. all my Intel Macs were fine but no matter what the M! would not Sync. Their tech support was horrible to help. 2) i like the format better of Good Notes and the flexibility..Score: 5/5

2 pages viewThere is still no 2 pages view when viewing books in pdf formt.Score: 3/5

Love this appAt first it was intimidating to learn all the cool tricks and tools because becoming a paperless student is definitely a transition that takes getting used to. With the amount of work I have to do I was not looking forward to teaching myself about a new app but once you get the hang of it, it’s sooo worth it! I just wish there was a way to make bullet points in the text boxes for when I want to copy and paste from word or when I feel like typing. So if they add that and the ability to voice record, they would be hands down THE BEST.Score: 4/5

This app is amazing!!I got this app and did’t use it very much until I started online school! It helps me keep track of my assignments with the planner options, it’s easy to make a to-do list and put them in folders to keep it organized! Love this app!<3.Score: 5/5

Very Neat AppEasy five stars if they added audio recording..Score: 4/5

Better than paperI’m a Social Work student in my first year and have been using this app for 2 semesters now. This app is fantastic. My notes are always organized and on-hand, it’s so nice not having a stack of notes to the ceiling to sort through like my earlier years of college. It’s easy to insert and resize images, which is nice for inserting graphs and diagrams. I absolutely adore the export to PDF option - my classmates are always asking me to share my notes with them. I’m never going back to paper. I’m not the most organized person and notes used to be a big headache for me. Not anymore..Score: 5/5

Amazing for note takingI use this fir all my university nite taking, as well as signing electronic forms and pdf’s. Buy it, and stop spending money on notebooks..Score: 5/5

Best planning systemI have brought a $40 day planner every year for at least the last 12 years or more. No more paper. One price. One payment. Forever in my iPad iPhone and MacBook.Score: 5/5

Apple Pencil glitchThere’s 2 glitches that sometimes happens with the Apple Pencil. Sometimes if the app has been on for awhile every time I try to write it automatically goes into the straight line mode after I finish a pen strike making my writing blocking and sometimes unreadable, but this can be stopped by restarting the app every time it happens. Second, sometimes the pen “jumps around” when I try to write and adds a bunch of dots or long lines all over the page. It takes awhile to redo all these random lines/dots and is hard to precisely erase since you can’t customize the size of the eraser. I have not been able to find a workaround for this glitch. So devs, please fix!.Score: 2/5

Keep getting error messagesOn demand resources missing?.Score: 1/5

Excellent - Cross Platform ConnectivityIt works wonderfully between my Mac and my iPad. I highly recommend this program with its seamless integration and work platform..Score: 5/5

Simply AmazingGoodNotes is from far the best note taking app I have used so far. There is a lot of paper templates you can use, a lot of tools and finally, the app is so easy to use..Score: 5/5

Energy hogKills your battery life and slows everything down. They need to fix this..Score: 2/5

Password protection neededLove this app compared to others I have used but I wish I could password protect some notes. I have private/sensitive notes and work notes that I would love to be able to password protect. PLEASE add this to the next update!!.Score: 5/5

Great application for taking notesUsing it for my daily needs to write down. It would take a bit of getting used to writing on an iPad and with an Apple Pencil. Nevertheless, no regrets paying $12 on the app, very useful ever since I got it..Score: 5/5

PDFs disappearImported PDFs turn blank, annotations remain..Score: 1/5

Almost so goodLovely to be able to take handwritten notes when working with a student. So nice The missing stars: no audio clips; no easy sharing with individual students Please add audio clips and I’ll be yours forever.Score: 3/5

Great App! Could improve in organizationI really like the writing in this app and it's great for quixk notes. I wish I could organize my notes a bit more like in Notability though. Having them all open as tabs on top is kind of distracting and the folder system doesn't work..Score: 4/5

More features!Love Goodnotes! I would like a dotted or dashed lines for sure, the ability to change line thickness after drawing it, not just changing color and size. Also, customizing the fill color of shapes would be great. Thanks for all your hard work..Score: 4/5

Get it. 1000001% worth itLiterally. Just get it. Why still reading this? GO GUY IT!.Score: 5/5

GreatBeen using this for about 4 years love it !111!.Score: 5/5

No password/locking optionsSo far I really love the options for note-taking on this app. Very versatile and user friendly. My only wishes: 1) no option to insert page numbers. Have to do it manually? 2) I wish I was able to password protect/lock documents..Score: 4/5

Off-page post-its please!!Great app and has a lot good features! Only thing I would love to see are off-the-page post-it notes that you can add to a pdf document to give it that notebook feel!.Score: 4/5

Great PurchaseI love GoodNotes! I use it everyday for school note taking and for work. Although the app is great and worth the money, there are some things would make it better... - add a graphite pencil option... the opaque pens look sort of artificial and not natural - add an action to change the colours of folders - add a ruler and perhaps an option to make graphs and tables Otherwise, love the app!.Score: 5/5

Good not great...I love this app but there’s a few things that I think would make it even better and easier to use, especially for students -add a ruler feature -add an insert graph feature (this would be SO helpful) -be able to change the colour of folders (right now it is very hard to differentiate the different folders).Score: 4/5

GOODAwesome app, however i would like the developers to have the index search for specific files rather then the entire app..Score: 5/5

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Text feature need an update an so doescolor selectionNow that good notes is trying to use apples written to text feature more it has brought to light how lacking the txt feature actually is on this app. Preset color pallets that wont let you change it or add additional color to it so if you have a color pallet your working with for that particular page you have to type in the hex code every time. The color pallet is not universal ( like on every other note taking app , so if you want to use the same color scheme you will have to add the individual hex codes to every thing( pen, tool, highlighter,text, ext.) it seems that since the app has gotten so popular the creator don't care as much about meaningful updates any more bu just doing one off update and bug fixes. Hopefully, something will come along that challenges Goodnotes so they will be forced to start listening to consumers and updating again..Score: 2/5

Goodnotes - I love it and dislike itWhat a nice tool that I use everyday on iPad and iPhone. Unfortunately my M1 MacBook air is unable to run it alltogether and support has ignored me since December - will this review get me sone attention?.Score: 1/5

SuggestionThis is he best note taking app so far for me, would just like a few additions, like dotted lines! And the flash cards are glitchy still.Score: 5/5

A great tool for taking tech notesI am old school so I read a lot of physical programming books. I take notes just like I used back in the days. It's like a notepad that never ends. And it converts my handwriting and voice notes quite well. My workflow has improved significantly.Score: 5/5

Buy This AppIf you are a student or someone who reads or uses a lot of electronic files (especially PDFs or PowerPoints) this app is for you. It has completely changed how I work and study within a week’s time. Buy this app..Score: 5/5

Promising but Needs ImprovementAs a student who used Notability for many years I tried this app. The iCloud syncing is great, but some of the features are a bit disappointing. There are a lot of features that have been recommended by users on online forums that need to be put in place. For instance, you can only quickly access 3 highlighter colors on the toolbar. Having to switch between colors in the pop up box is INFURIATING for any student that color codes their notes. It’s also very difficult to retain writing/drawing on an inserted image if you want to move or resize images because there is no way to modify the layering..Score: 2/5

Highlighter malfunctionThis app is great, but the one thing I hate about it is... for some reason when i want to color in a letter with the highlighter setting the highlighter will turn into a box. I will be coloring in my bubbled letter and as i am almost done filling it in so it looks nice... the highlighter decides to form a box rather than just stay filled into the letter. Hope this makes sense (probably doesn't). That is my only complaint, other wise this app is pretty good..Score: 4/5

Good notes reallyI use good notes daily on my iPad, it keeps me organized and having multiple notebooks available for different projects and meetings is a huge benefit. No more steno pads and lost papers. I love this app and have been using it for almost 2 years. Excellent product!!!.Score: 5/5

Most ridiculousCopy past text from other pdf is exhausting. never copies exactly how it is in other pdf. now all letters from pdf is copied as ???????? question mark.. i ended up typing it. it will re,move all spaces between all words, when it copies. now meticulously i need to add spaces. and some days it wont copy paste. just does nothing. on other days it copy-pastes 3 or 4 times the same thing. it was supposed to make my life easy. but it feels like i can type faster than just adjusting copied material. waste of money.Score: 1/5

Great appBetter than notably for the most part.Score: 5/5

Battery hogThis is a great app but with some update last year, it has become a battery hog. So much so that I go from 100% battery at 8 am to sub 40% by 12 pm with light use. I have it on my 2021 iPad Pro and 2021 iPad (8th gen). The battery app on both show this app to be the culprit responsible for over 90% battery drainage. Under heavy usage, both iPads become hot. I had the exact issue on my 2018 iPad Pro which I traded in believing the battery was going bad but then seeing same issue on new iPad Pro and iPad, I looked deeper and realized it’s this app causing the issue. This bug really needs to be fixed. This is making the iPad unusable for more than a few hours. Search for “GoodNotes draining iPad battery” on google and you will see plenty of other people with this issue..Score: 1/5

GoodI just download this note app and I like it, good for capturing just about everything you want to do in a note app. I would have gave it 5 star because you are not able to scroll down on a page, would love to see that in a update where you can scroll down on a page instead of jumping to the next page..Score: 4/5

Great for handwriting, terrible for typing.Best app for handwriting, terrible for typing. Works great on iPad, works poorly on Mac due to incompatibility with mouse as opposed to pen. Major bug is the selecting where to type and where to edit typed text. Changing setting such as line height can take forever as you are clicking down decimals until you reach desired number. I have used all major note taking apps and this one is the best when it comes to handwriting and organization. If you are looking for note taking on ipad then this is your best choice. Settings could be better..Score: 3/5

Love it!I like the fact that you don’t have to waste paper anymore. So convenient for me. Thanks for this app..Score: 5/5

Overall fantastic, but sync issuesI've had so many syncing issues between the 3 devices I have goodnotes on that it makes the product quite difficult to use at times because I rely on that syncing to be able to access notes at different times. I love this app, but the syncing really gets in the way. I've had to restore from backups a couple times, and I end up losing all my favorited pages in the process as this doesn't seem stored in the backup files..Score: 3/5

Would be 5 but Ive run into some problemsThe app has been excellent for the few months I’ve used it, but recently it stopped opening PDFs/ppt’s. Not sure if this is a safari issue, but it happened without any updates or thing of that nature..Score: 1/5

Color picker would be niceI love this app quite a bit but it’s frustrating when I’m taking notes sometimes because I’ll make a random color from the custom color section but if I use more than 3 colors it’s hard to replicate that color, so it would be nice if there was a color picker or a color history tool.Score: 4/5

GoodNotes 5 for MacI find it difficult to use GoodNotes 5 when I'm trying to edit a text box on my Mac. I have genealogy PDF pages that I'm trying to add information to and it is not an easy task with GoodNotes 5. Is there a manual somewhere or a help page? If so, I haven't found it yet!.Score: 4/5

Seriously solid note-taking appIf you love taking notes by hand, this app is incredible. I seriously value my handwriting and have struggled to find apps that adeqately translate my paper experience to an iPad scree. GoodNotes does so well with that. It's a great addition to my workflow and I love that my notes are everywhere — my iPad, my iPhone, my MacBook. Such a good purchase..Score: 5/5

Was working great and just stoppedThis program was really great at first. I import files from google Drive to draw on them with my Apple Pencil but recently google drive has been freezing up while using this app and the folders are not updating like they should.It doesn’t seem to be a Google Drive issue. I use notability now and so far it works great.Score: 1/5

Amazing👍love it.Score: 5/5

TemplatesI would really like it if you had a template specifically geared for chemistry. The template would have hexagons throughout so that it's easier to draw compounds..Score: 5/5

Love itI was using notability, which I like a lot, but the speed of synching with my other devices using goodnotes makes it superior. Absolutely love it!.Score: 5/5

Flash cardsI love this app, but the flash card feature is not working. I want to rate this 5 stars, but the feature I use most is just not functioning.Score: 1/5

Really good app but missing some featuresThis app allows you to share individual documents, but when there are multiple documents you want to share with the same people, this app doesn’t allow you to share folders. You can only share individual files.Score: 4/5

Love (and one request)Been loving the app so far. The only thing I’d like even more would be if there was a way to lock a specific notebook. Like we have on the Notes app, you can lock a note with password, so if someone uses your phone, they can’t have access to that without the password. So if I wanted to have a diary or write down some important account numbers and stuff like that, I would feel much safer if I could protect that notebook a little bit more..Score: 5/5

Cannot select multiple slides on MacIt freezes and prevents you from further selection, once you try to select multiple slides on the desktop version..Score: 1/5

Life-ChangingAs a student, it has changed my life! It is great for my homework and now with the virus, it has become very useful during online school! I would definitely recommend it!.Score: 5/5

Please make it easier to scroll thru open tabsI love goodnotes and use it EXCLUSIVELY ON MY IPAD for everything- work, school, personal projects. i just really wish it were easier to scroll the open tabs. I always keep multiple tabs of notes open and i try to scroll across the super thin line- i end up dragging 1 and opening a weird dual goodnotes window thats never useful to me! I just want to not have that thin bar anymore with tabs. Give me a button that opens a page of the open notes, identifiable by thumbnails! PLEASE. i cant be the only person that wants this!.Score: 4/5

ScrollingScrolling up or down in GoodNotes is a pain. For the first entire second the app does not follow the movement of the finger, no matter which direction you scroll in. This makes the experience of the app seem pretty glitchy. On the other hand, this kind of an experience is very smooth on apps like Notability..Score: 3/5

Updated handwriting engine rules!Ever since the latest update, the recognition for my writing has gotten so much better! Thank you so much for updating the handwriting recognition software, as it is able to detect my writing much better than before. Keep up the good work, devs!.Score: 5/5

FIX YOUR BUGS!!Even after updating it, when I write it erases whatever I have written, and when I rewrite it, everything suddenly comes back, but it’s now what was erased, plus what I rewrote! The annoying thing is when I erase the whole thing to write it cleanly, it goes back to what I rewrote and what was erased, making it look like I wrote on top of what I wrote initially. No matter how many times I erase it, it comes back! For an app where we have to pay to use, this is very frustrating! Now I get scared when I’m writing and I immediately export it because I don’t know if it’s going to get erased when I come back the next day!.Score: 1/5

AppI recently started using this app, and it is great from school and work. It would be good if it could record lectures, for notes..Score: 5/5

DisappearingEverything I type keeps on disappearing.Score: 1/5

Useful app needs ability to create and edit URL links within the appI use this app daily. It is useful for organizing work projects, saving and organizing PDF files, taking notes, and a wide variety of other projects. I would award an additional star if the developer made it possible to create and edit URL links in the app..Score: 4/5

Love the app, just a few suggestions1. Make it possible to use lasso tool while in zoom window. 2. Add more than 3 colors to the top bar (maybe 4 or 5). 3. Make double tap to undo optional. I keep accidentally double tapping with the side of my hand as I write. 4. Add more folder colors. Makes it so much easier to organize and find things..Score: 4/5

Awesome appLove this app..Score: 5/5

Very GoodThis update is finally good! not that much bugs, and very smooth transitions from light mode to dark mode.Score: 5/5

Close to perfectLately my app has been glitching A LOT with my Apple Pencil and making crazy marks across the page. That’s been super irritating. Overall I love the app but here are some suggestions to improve: 1- select tool: I wish I was able to select and automatically drag to the next page without having to copy and paste. Also when resizing, I wish there was an option like in notability where I’m able to choose a size that I’ve already pre-chosen, like and actual number size. That way all my writing is consistent in thickness even after I enlarge or shrink it. 2- the zoom in feature: Sometimes there is sill space on the page and when I press enter it advanced to the next page and I have to move it back up. That’s annoying 😕 3- shape tool: Also the straight lines don’t always attach to each other as well as in notability. So drawing graphs or tables is difficult and doesn’t look neat. 4- PLEASE MAKE AUDIO RECORDINGS!!!: That would be the cherry on top 😫😫😫 it is the one thing that is missing from this app..Score: 4/5

This app was Perfect =(I’ve been using this app for the past 6 months to take notes for school and search my notes, I liked that there was a way to search an individual document and specific folders I specifically created to narrow my search for specific classes, instead of being overwhelmed with everything in my good notes app, but with the update I don’t get the option to search just my specific folders anymore 😭 instead it searches everything. Please fix!!!😭😭😭.Score: 3/5

My staple note-taking app, but...Love GoodNotes. I like it better than my other note-taking apps. However, I’d love to see some more writing utensil options, like a pencil. Other than that, great app!.Score: 5/5

So much potential but there’s a terrible flawI bought this app after buying a new iPad and pencil. I use this app for taking notes on PowerPoints and writing general notes on the pages. The importing pictures, exporting, sharing, scanning, all that is great. However, when I take notes, or writing anything in general. The app does this weird thing like it’s trying to correct or smooth my writing except it glitches and messes it all up! I thought it was my Apple Pencil but when I use Apple notes my terrible handwriting shows up fast, accurate and without any glitches. The only way for me to take notes is by writing really slow and big or hitting the undo button every other letter. It especially has difficulties with separating letters and and the letters, ‘O’, ‘C’, ‘K’, ‘Q’, ‘I’, ‘U’. So if you are planning on writing any of those letters or would like to write more than 5 letters a minute I would either save your money and use Apple notes or look at the other apps..Score: 2/5

So close…I’ve been a long time user of Goodnotes, but there has been one thing that’s bothered me since day 1: the pens and weird pressure/tilt sensitivity. I am constantly flip flopping between Apple Notes and Goodnotes because I love Goodnotes format, but LOVE the way the pens work in Notes. I’m not sure if its due to the fact that Goodnotes determines how to have the pen react by manually setting the angle and direction you typically write in, but it makes the pens stiff and my handwriting very inconsistent. It would also be great if they looked like real ink. For example, with Notes, if you highlight something, you can see the “bleed” and texture that is reminiscent of real ink on paper. My needs for a 5 star review are simply updates for more accurate handwriting. That means updating the pressure and tilt to work no matter what angle you have the tablet at..Score: 4/5

Excellent integration between IOS and Mac OSLove that I can see my docs in both platforms. Keep up the good work!.Score: 5/5

Folder colorsI love the color choices for the notebooks but I wish there was also a way to change the color of the folders. Please make it possible to change the color..Score: 4/5

Love love love!!!This app is so my new fav! I can’t get enough and it’s so fun to use with an apple pen! I don’t have to print very much anymore and it keep things in a tidy place! I use it for taking notes, and drawing and coloring! It’s worth it!.Score: 5/5

Amazing UI and sync but...I love Goodnotes and I love the fact that I can use it on my iPad and my MacBook and it syncs in a few seconds, if not less but I do want dual screen on my Mac.....Score: 5/5

Great APP!I love the simplicity.Score: 5/5

Buggy mess in ios 14Other people have reported the same issue, the app constantly freezes and crashes and causes me to lose a ton of work every time. Sometimes tools like the eraser will randomly stop working, and the only way to fix it is to restart the app and have it lose a bunch of progress..Score: 1/5

Fantastic teaching toolI've been doing a lot of teaching using technology for the past year; Good Notes has been invaluable in that process. Don't know what I'd do without the laser pointer!.Score: 5/5

Performanece Lab 🎯Performance Lab ® CORE Formulas support all aspects of human performance, across all walks of life. Boosts work performance and productivity with nootropics for focus, multitasking under stress, creative problem-solving and more. Buy Now!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

Good note taking appI am using this app for taking notes for university. The app is stable and the search function is powerful. However, I have found some functionality lacking in regards to drawing shapes; where pre-set shapes, such as arrows and circles would greatly speed up note taking and study. Also being able to have more control over the notes, e.g. to be able copy a complete page from one notebook to another would be helpful. Overall, it is a really good app. Four stars..Score: 4/5

More toolbar coloursApp is good. But needs more colours in the toolbar to switch betweeen. 5 is a decent amount..Score: 4/5

Convenient and is used everydayUpdated review and rating 3/5: Goodnotes app is bloated to 27 gb despite having deleted most of my previous years documents, trash, and disconnected my backup. Backup storage only took up 5gb at most on iCloud. I see this issue brought up by others online who have contacted Goodnotes and not received any reply. The issue is that my ipad no longer lasts a whole day because of the energy used by Goodnotes. Review: I bought this app to use on my newly bought Ipad 2018 since the combination of Apple Files, Microsoft OneNote, and another pdf annotating app just wasn’t cutting it. This app provided everything I needed in one app, and other functions I never thought I needed. I can separate large pdf files into smaller ones easily which is more convenient then bookmarking multiple the pages i need to go to, or endlessly scrolling through pages to find the chapter I need like I always had on Files. The Onenote app provides an expanding canvas to write notes and draw diagrams on but I realised that I missed easier organisation on a page and so Goodnotes was a better alternative. The only major drawbacks I can think of is that there is no option for split view within the app which would be easier then using two apps separately. Also, you have to manually back up your files which I do to Google Drive - this takes a long amount of time and is a little annoying. I can’t backup to iCloud because after years of using apple products, I’ve filled up the space with other important files. Other things: navigation would be much easier if we could organise by file types (folders in one section, notebooks afterwards, etc). Also, for some reason, my auto-capitalisation doesn’t work when naming notebooks and folders. Just a slight hindrance..Score: 3/5

Great app for UniWould have given 5 stars if I could simply open files and take notes instead of having to import them to goodnotes..Score: 4/5

Good appA very clear structure for noting, however, some features need to be improved.Score: 4/5

Getting better and betterI have been using this for a few years now, and it just keeps getting better. I rely on it heavily for work and study.Score: 5/5

Trust me, this will save your gradesSee above.Score: 5/5

Very good, but text entry?This is excellent. Solid as, great doc management, PDF markup, search etc is all great. But entering text is ridiculously painful. Why not have a template than can be text based rather than those annoying text boxes?.Score: 5/5

Handwriting Improvements recommendedI love the app; however, it is clunky in the sense that converting your handwriting to text involves a process that requires you to circle the writing -> then tap convert -> then copy the typed text in the box -> then paste it back into the Goodnotes document. Why not simply convert allow you to convert the handwriting to text without the process?.Score: 4/5

Can't email to good notesHaving issues syncing and emailing to good-notes. Online support difficult to access..Score: 3/5

App not available for iPad 4th genHi, is it possible to make this app to work on the 10.3.3 iOS version on the iPad 4th? I bought this app a few days ago following recommendations of friends and for my surprise it won't work on my old, but very reliable iPad 4. It says it only works on the 12 iOS version or newer, but as a paid app it should be a lot more inclusive, you are leaving aside a lot of users, not only me, it's very frustrating not getting support from app developers seeing the market only focused on new devices..Score: 2/5

The only note app I’ll ever needAbsolutely LOVE using GoodNotes for all my university work. I use it for readings (so good to highlight and put notes on), lecture notes, and regular old note taking. Very handy, pretty intuitive, and nice looking. Highly recommend for anyone studying or taking lots of notes for work!.Score: 5/5

PLEASE ADD A RULER!My life would be 100x better if you'd just add a ruler! otherwise, a fantastic app!.Score: 4/5

Import audio/videoGreat app for note taking, I’m wondering if it can import audio/video as it would be helpful for studying a new language..Score: 5/5

Great App but Not improvingI have used goodnotes for more than a year now and I noticed the app doesn't update often. I wish there were more inprovments in terms of the quality of writing and the pen options. Overall, it is a great app and definitely provides a good writing experience..Score: 3/5

Functionality with mail could be improvedLove the app, but needs to interact with mail apps better..Score: 3/5

Good on ipad, bad on phoneI love this app on the ipad but it never sync properly over icloud to the phone. the pages become all blank.Score: 1/5

Life changing!Cannot live without this app. I have so many notebooks that I will never have to worry about carrying and saves me from carrying heavy books all the time. Perfect for studying!.Score: 5/5

Good up hand writing to text could use some improvementImprovements to handwriting to text would be appreciated.Score: 3/5

GREATJust started a Masters degree and downloaded this app and it has made my life of studying so easy. I can organise everything so well and love the layout of everything. Great app if your needing it to take notes and study and not lose anything.Score: 5/5

Easy to use!Very good application for daily use, wrtie notes and pdf reading.Score: 5/5

Please add GIF supportBrilliant App & My favourite for note taking. But please add GIF support as many of us have been asking for years since earlier versions! There is a competing app that offers video/GIFS. Can you please too? :).Score: 5/5

Good NotesThis app is a life saver! Totally worth the money. I use it to write ideas, notes and things I need to do in the coming weeks. Thank you to the people that designed the app and all of its features..Score: 5/5

One of the greatest App I used so far! Well worth!Very User friendly and this helped me to go 95% paperless. I thoroughly enjoy using GoodNotes app. If you using a paper like screen protector in your iPad, it nearly feels like you are writing on paper. Few things I would like to see in the future.. (these are just ideas I have when using the app) 1. The pen writing to be more fine tuned like apple note pen writing. My writing is bit different when writing on the apple note app (lot closer to my pen on paper writing) and good note app. So if you can make it closer to that it would be really great!! 2. May be introduce some gesture controls in the future rather than selecting functions from the top menu going back and forth, having 3 finger swipe to pop up a menu (or something like that, just an idea) 3. Have more colour options to save as favourite on the top bar than only 3. Even though you can go and select a new colour from the colour swatches, it will change the saved colours from the top 3 bar and sometimes you need more than 3 colours ready to select and it’s really annoying to go back and forth to select and re select the colours.. not to say very time consuming. 4. Ability to select several pages and duplicate within a book. I don’t know this is available even now, but I couldn’t find a way to do rather than duplicating one by one and repositioning each page. 5. Ability to Select several pages and make it in to a new document. Even though it allowed me to select several pages and export it as goodnotes files, when I select the option to open on the goodnotes, nothing happens and I can’t find those selected pages alone anywhere in the app. These are just few things I came across that I thought would have been nice to have. There were few more and I cannot recall at the moment. Will definitely put them up if it’ll cross my mind again! Overall I love the app and use everyday !.Score: 5/5

Ipad and Macbook won't syn despite having all the boxes tickedI have read the troubleshooting info, despite having the boxes checked for what is required, I still cannot sync my notes on my ipad with my macbook. Too.Score: 1/5

Fonts and pen stylesLoving the app, just wish there were more font and pen options..Score: 4/5

Great AppAllows for good interaction with study content. Has enough tools and options, and runs very smoothly. Although a bit confused why we are able to highlight and strikeout text when selecting text but not underline? Would be good to have as I’m currently switching between document edit mode and text select mode..Score: 4/5

垃圾真的越更新越垃圾.Score: 1/5

So easy useI’ve been looking for an easy to use app for taking University notes for a while and finally caved and paid for GoodNotes. So worth it! The UI is fool proof and it makes my notes look very pretty, which is always a plus..Score: 5/5

AWESOME!This app has soooo many features that are super convenient. I use it to take notes as I am a full time student. There are some features however I feel that need to be added to make this app just that little more versatile in its functionality of the formatting that it offers. An insert table option, different page templates like a calendar weekly, daily, monthly and yearly would be super cool and most importantly, the option to download documents from the internet just like notability would have saved me the cost of one the apps and had all my note taking in the one place. Overall, it’s very easy to use and makes note taking fun!.Score: 5/5

Loving this as a teacherThis app has changed the way I do my day to day tasks in the classroom. *Assessment *Admin *Planning / Documents BEST MONEY I’VE EVER SPENT! Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.Score: 5/5

Textbox bug in the lastest updateGoodnotes overall is mine go-to notetaking app, I just want to catch Goodnotes team's attention on this bug. I can't add textbox more than 3 times, it starts to be unsuable after a few textbox is added. I need to refresh the app multiple times in order to use the textbox function. Looking forward for the update on this. Cheers.Score: 1/5

Very good just glitchy at timesExcellent for taking notes etc but sometimes the font you select doesn’t work and when you save notes sometimes the words you write transfer onto your other notebooks haha, if you can fix the glitch this would be 5 stars. Anyways it’s good for it’s price but fixing the glitches would make it less frustrating to take notes..Score: 4/5

Great mark up doc appIt’s been an easy app to use to mark up documents using my iPad & pencil. My only frustration is not being able to access hyperlinks in the document - it means I have to go back into the original version saved on my device or re access it through the website and click on the link there to access anything that is embedded in the document. This really needs to be added to the functionality of the app to make it a 5 star one!.Score: 4/5

V5.6.5 is frustratingly buggy. Keyboard isn't registeredI had to keep shutting down the document and program every 10 mins for it to register my typing. The selection is on entering text so there is no excuse when it can't recognise my keyboard..Score: 2/5

An app that totally changed my study flowNever found any other app can import and highlight pdf and screenshot so smooth and organize them so well.Score: 5/5

Not yet a replacement for GN4 Even After Years of ReleaseAs few others have mentioned already, this is not quite a replacement for Good Notes 4 yet. It's becoming more and more unfathomable these days, that why do developers insist on removing well used features with each new update. One wonders. Feature in question is of course the variety of backup options that were there in GN4 and the fact that you could connect to other cloud providers. Even if you rewrite your codebase, you can still use your existing code. Yes there are some new features that are welcomed and an obvious improvement but those do not outweigh the lack of existing features. It’s now more than a year since release and yet there are features from GN4 still not available on GN5. Empty promises at best..Score: 2/5

My fav app for uni notes and annotating pdsEverything seems to work except I can’t find the option to read text aloud from the PDF files. It would say it’s an amazing app If they add the text read aloud functionality..Score: 5/5

Very impressedNew to this app, using it for my bussines, marking up PDF's, taking notes for quotes and small reminders / to do list's. Still a lot to. learn, very posiitve thus far..Score: 5/5

Great note taking appAwesome functionality and very reliable..Score: 4/5

Please add speak for pdf and record audioPlease add speak for pdf and record audio I love mostly everything about the App but not perfect Please add auto bullet point recognition.Score: 3/5

Synching problemThere is a synching problem that makes it difficult to access notes across the board.Score: 1/5

IPad app is extremly good, macOS is very buggyThe iPad app is the best note taking app I've used and I personally prefer it over Notability & Notes. Would rate 5 stars except the macOS version is extremly buggy and pretty much unusable. Would defenitly recommend getting this app for iPad though..Score: 4/5

Can’t save favourite pen colour from text functionHi, I can’t save favourite pen colour from text function. The button of adding new pen colour just disappear from text function. Other function is normal, highlight and hand writing are able to add new colour. Please fix it..Score: 3/5

Way Ahead of AppleWhen it comes to making the most of the Apple Pencil, this app leaves everyone in its wake. It is such an incredibly versatile app. It makes note taking so enjoyable. I love handwriting notes now..Score: 5/5

Missing Essential Note Taking FeaturesDoesn’t do bulleted lists..Score: 3/5

GoodNotes!I love it. Makes form filling simple. Taking notes is a breeze. Annotating images. It’s one of my favourite iPad apps..Score: 5/5

Buy this instead of NotabilityIf you don’t need audio recording, GoodNotes is hands down the best note taking, annotating and sketch document creator, taker and maintainer. Simple choice. More polished. More “Apple”. More thoughtful and considered app..Score: 5/5

Great for students but a few bugsGoodNotes 5 is great for students! Have many wonderful varieties of tools and colours. Been using GoodNotes for more than a year and have found it truly helpful with my studies. Just that sometimes GoodNotes will randomly crash and I would have to go back into the app. But any previous changes are usually saved!.Score: 5/5

Good NotesI am still learning how to use the app but it seems great so far. Wendy.Score: 5/5

Coursera 💡Start your future on coursera today! Build skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies. Join for Free!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

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GoodNotes 5 app imageGoodNotes 5 app imageGoodNotes 5 app imageGoodNotes 5 app imageGoodNotes 5 app imageGoodNotes 5 app imageGoodNotes 5 app imageGoodNotes 5 app imageGoodNotes 5 app image

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