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I love itDisney + is so worth it .would deffo recommend ..Score: 5/5

So many glitchesApp closes on its own, unreliable interface, makes no sense. Crazy that an app as downloaded as Disney+ would allow this. Feels like it’s still in beta-test. Worst thing is, it’s not just the Apple Store one. It literally has glitches on every platform. They should really get it fixed. Is this because it was launched too soon ? Budget cuts ? What is going on here ? I guess it’s more about making money than allowing money and time for developers and a proper app. If it works just enough to get you hooked it doesn’t matter if you’re unable to watch the shows or if you have to re-start the app a 10000 times..Score: 1/5

Where is spider-manI was rewatching the marvel movies when it turned out that spider-man is gone now I’m sure this is gotta be a flaw cause why would u remove spider-man will he be back cause it kinda ruins the hole thing of Disney plus being a hub for all Disney and marvel films.Score: 3/5

TV set upLove disney+ but they need to make it easier to set up on tv’s! I tried over 10 times doing the same thing with the code on the screen, even tried using different devices and it wouldn’t work for ages! It was all connected to the same wifi so i really don’t know why it can’t be straight forward. Was about to give up when it randomly decided to work! After it giving me a blank screen every time i put the code in!.Score: 2/5

SlowStop start stop start Stop reload 🤐 start nope stop 😴.Score: 1/5

App has many bugsWhen you want to watch the movie and do something else (video inlay) it keeps closing unexpectedly. Happens when you minimise Disney, pause Disney app. Movie selection is great for Disney for classics but I am not sure about viability with future growth of its catalogue..Score: 1/5

Buffering too muchDisney really need to work on the app, especially the one for the Gaming consoles , you can barely skip without having to close the app and restart all over again, it works well on laptops and phones and iPads but can do a lot better with the. Insoles.Score: 3/5

Will not chromecast anymoreThe app will not Chromecast anymore.Score: 3/5

Not badThey could fix the too many devices because it’s really annoying.Score: 4/5

Slow!! Constantly freezing and buffering!!Great content but... constantly stops and buffering even though I’ve got infinity WiFi and full bars on iPad WiFi signal!! It’s extremely annoying! I can’t get through one episode without this constantly happening!! Please fix this!!!!.Score: 2/5

Really amazing but one questionHi so I’m a frequent Disney plus user and a massive miraculous tales of ladybug and cat noir fan and I’m just wondering if the Shanghai special will be on here soon because I’m curious of how long I have to wait because it’s the only way I can watch it other than that I love this!.Score: 5/5

AmazingI have had Disney plus for a while now and I love it but I have been running out of things to watch on the platform. All round great service though.Score: 4/5

Can this have the five nights at Freddy’s tv seriesCan this have the five nights at Freddy’s series.Score: 5/5

Rip offHappy to take the subscription fee yet haven’t been able to watch anything in weeks! I won’t be renewing my subscription and I’d seriously advice anyone to avoid! Really didn’t expect this from Disney!.Score: 1/5

Very glitchy but there is good contentOk so i have Disney plus on my iPad and computer its also on the downstairs tv , every time i try open it on my iPad it immediately kicks me out and idk why another thing is premier movies like we pay 60 pounds a year why charge an extra 20 to watch a movie i will probably only watch once However there are some good things 1 = i can watch the majority of marvel movies ( I understand why Spiderman isn't on there) 2= with star i can now watch horror movies and my favourite show the x files.Score: 3/5

Dose not work on smart TV most of timeHighly disappointed, have tried it on my smart TV and keep crashing most of times. Have tried to delete and re start still dose not work..Score: 1/5

The bestEverybody loves it.Score: 5/5

SubscriptionSo I want to watch films but I have to pay and that’s a lot and my parents wouldn’t let me and I really want Disney + because it’s so cool I really hope that my parents will help me Evie.Score: 1/5

Error 93&70“Not available in your region” I’m in the UK on an iPhone 8 running iOS14.4.2 it’s just not having it sort it or I want subscription money back. This is unacceptable..Score: 1/5

LanguageDisney + is an amazing app if you like Disney and their content and more but at the star there many languages to choose from to watch the movie not the menu language but recently me and my mum haven’t been to choose any other language other than English and Spanish and is the same thing with subtitles can anyone help as please thank you..Score: 4/5

IPad not compatibleHelp, iPad not compatible with latest app version..Score: 1/5

I expect the full movieAfter paying for a full years subscription to Disney+ and being 18 3x over I did not expect to have cut scenes... Guardians of the Galaxy has swearing left in but scenes omitted for no reason... If I have ticked the 18+ adult box, I expect the full unadulterated film as sky shows... Really there isn't anything Disney has produced that can cause offence unless you don't like penguins... PL Travers... Rediculous get it fixed....Score: 3/5

Offline playback buggyGreat app but only if connected to Wi-fi. If I download anything to watch offline it will say error every time I press play. I then have to either connect to Wi-fi or tether briefly to my mobile, hit play for it to start, then switching iPad back to airplane mode, which it carries on playing ok..Score: 3/5

Apparently not their full back catalogueFunctionally it works. Sadly though, there are Walt Disney films that do not appear in the search results. I searched for One of our Dinosaurs is Missing - no result at any stage of typing. Therefore, don’t expect their full back catalogue for your subscription..Score: 3/5

Brilliant since 1.14.1 updateI don’t know what Disney plus has done with the update 1.14.1 but the picture now is 50 times better on my iPhone X especially with the hd Dolby vision films like the Star Wars films I must say I’m impressed with Disney plus keep the good work up..Score: 5/5

Great appGreat app has all the movies I watch DOWNLOAD DISNEY+.Score: 5/5

Love itThe whole family has been binging on Star Wars Mandelirian, All the Marvel Movies and the new Helstrom. No streaming issues at all even with the 3 hours Avengers End Game. We would have gone nuts without Disney+ during the lockdowns. Fantastic service. 😀.Score: 5/5

Disney+Love! Love! Loveee!.Score: 5/5

Disney +It had so many films and of course Disney is amazing. It also has alternatives and supports younger and older kids. However, It would be great if Disney could show all seasons of Violetta and miraculous etc. Also, this isn’t really app related but we would all really appreciate if more films and episodes could be made and filmed. Maybe a new thing. We’d really appreciate a new Tinkerbell film with Terence in more!!!! Basically, please update and make sure you have recent episodes but otherwise it’s so amazing and has so many movies!!! Also oh my goodness PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put Jonas and Jonas LA back on!!!!!!!!.Score: 4/5

Cancelling...How can they put out only the first two seasons of Runaways, knowing they won’t show the third (available to buy on Apple - haha) Too many missing films in series, too. Might come back when they’ve sorted themselves out..Score: 2/5

Movies to die for and bugs that kill youI love basically everything Disney(Highly recommend Boy/Girl meets world for tweens) but the bugs kill the mood of an awesome movie/episode. A lot of the time I’m watching something on my iPad or phone(this doesn’t happen when casting to a different device) and it will suddenly fast forward quite quickly and I have to find where I left off. Sometimes it’ll just stop five times a minute. And sometimes I pause an episode to get some popcorn and I come back to find it playing, or I open the app to find it’s played a million episodes even though the device was locked. It’s so annoying so please fix this and I can give you a 5-star review..Score: 1/5

Great but!Your apple TV app needs sorting, when Ive finished watching an episode and started the next, the sound from the last episode, usually the end credits music, carrys on over the current playing episode. Your help fixing this would be appreciated!.Score: 3/5

Amazing!!Endless entertainment for all the family! Especially since they introduced STAR decently recommend.Score: 5/5

Woke political agenda BSTitle says it all. Political views are driven through it shows and anyone who speaks out is bullied and cancelled. Total trash and poor management. Disney is no longer entertainment..Score: 1/5

BrilliantIt’s a good app I give it five stars!.Score: 5/5

Good content but app clunkyI am enjoying some of the content but the app is not as sleek or smooth as its competitors. For example, there is a lag time to open the app. Also, the latest show you are currently watching isn’t immediately visible so it takes some scrolling to find it again. I also miss some useful features from rival apps such as being able to navigate in app to a reference page about the show’s actors or trivia. So there are a few tweaks which would make this app great..Score: 3/5

Great app - why not available on M1 Mac?Great catalogue. Good interface. But Disney, why not make it available on the M1 Mac? Before it was blocked it was my go to option for accessing Disney+ on my Mac. Small footprint and one click to launch and no browser overheard. Please click the available on Mac button..Score: 5/5

Incredible movie’s all in one appIt has got so much movies and series I don’t know what to say because it is so awesome.Score: 5/5

Love it 😍I just like Disney+ so much. I just like you so much because it has lots of movies that is my favourite. You know you’re the best best thing I’ve ever known in my whole life. Don’t worry it’s really good and I thinking I should like you. thanks so much.Score: 5/5

RThe addition of star greatly improved Disney plus.Score: 5/5

Great but bugsIt’s a great selection but sometimes when i resume a show or a put it back on full screen, it will play the full outro until it finishes..Score: 3/5

AhhThis is amazing.Score: 5/5

PerfectGave me never ending entertainment.Score: 5/5

Great service rubbish appLove Disney+ as a service but the mobile app is useless for mirroring via HDMI. Both downloaded and streamed content keeps failing to play with an error message. Sometimes starts playing then drops after a few minutes. Tried multiple devices but useless on all of them. There is also no clear direction from Disney+ that they don’t support mirroring so I can only assume this is a huge error in the app..Score: 1/5

Problems with auto playAs much as I am a Disney nut and love everything Disney, the app for me is a let down. At night I like to leave the app running but for some reason auto play will stop working, and sometimes it’s a pain for it to even work on my iPhone. The juggling around I have to do to get it to work sometimes is a joke. 90% of the time I have to reset my phone in the hopes of it to work and most of the time it don’t . And when it does work it will turn off the auto play.Score: 2/5

RubbishI just really wouldn’t bother wasting your time..Score: 1/5

Tv app buggyPlease fix the Apple TV app, is buggy as hell and to make it better you removed the skip/rewind 10s. The scrub bar timestamps are not even at the min recommended min font size for that UI, it’s not readable, all other apps are..Score: 2/5

Need more seasonsModern family in real life has 12 seasons not 8 and I would like to see 12 seasons in order to give it five star.Score: 4/5

Very good app but a big problemThis app is great for watching movies and shows but when we renewed our subscription it still said we had to renew our subscription. we tried offloading the app and uninstalling it and my phone still says renew subscription so that’s a big problem.Score: 3/5

AmazingOverall the game is amazing and I am addicted to 9-1-1 I have finished season 2 but the have removed the last two seasons of it please add them back!.Score: 4/5

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

Nice but Netflix is better there should be the power rangers movieI like to wach wird but tru and brin games People who are wanting continue watching You can press or klik your show or movie 🍿.Score: 5/5

Pls add spider man moviesPls add spider man movies to Disney + and the other marvel movies like the Incredible Hulk.Score: 4/5

Get itIt is amazing it’s like any movie that you want !.Score: 5/5

App has issuesI love the content. However on the app when you stream through google chromecast there are things missing. When I watch on my tv, I can’t resume on the app where I left off... it just replays the episode, also you can’t skip intro on the app like the tv version. It’s annoying..Score: 3/5

Change passwordShould fix it can’t use an iPad to enter the emailed code does nothing when you try and enter numbers not everyone has a computer.Score: 2/5

Rumplestilskin movie???It’d be waaay better if you’d make a movie about rumplestilskin..Score: 3/5

Disney+J’aime Disney+. Disney+ est très bien. 👍.Score: 5/5

Great, just one issue we find trouble with.We love the app and the myriad of movies spanning decades that we can watch together. You need to work on a problem that arises when you want to watch a movie again...if someone didn’t see the end or we want to watch it a second time, there is no “start over” button so it takes you back to the end credits (don’t get me wrong, it’s GREAT that you can pick up where you left off if you stop part way) and then immediately kicks you out and suggests other movies to watch, such as a sequel. On my Apple TV I have to try to jump in and pause and quickly rewind before it boots me out, which often takes up to 6 or more attempts to get the timing just right. Other than that, two thumbs up!!.Score: 4/5

Horrible bufferingSince day 1 the selection has been great. The user interface is great…but the inability to stream a movie without constant buffer is a joke. I know I’m not the only complainant either..I have no issue with internet provider or any streaming from any major known companies. This renders your service useless until fixed.Score: 2/5

Several glitches on Apple mobileAmong the many: - iOS 12 or up requirement is just unacceptable - half of « my list » not showing up in the app - HDMI casting often leaving a dark screen.Score: 3/5

Really Bad AppThe app on the TV won’t remember your login. I have use to the app on iPhone to give permission every time I want to watch anything. Further, all my viewing history is suddenly gone. The app is garbage on most platforms. Two thumbs down..Score: 1/5

Always cuts outThis app is terrible for all of a sudden closing in the middle of a show, it also doesn’t stream as good as Netflix or prime, constant loading or stalls.Score: 3/5

Group watchCan you fix the group watch please it’s not showing correct time and we have to keep continuing sending links for the person to join.Score: 4/5

Needs Dolby Atmos via HomePod/AppleTV 4K!Good so far, but there needs to be Dolby Atmos playback via HomePod through Apple TV 4K. Netflix, AppleTV+ and most other streaming services offer it... now it’s your turn, Disney+! Make it happen soon, please!.Score: 1/5

Rock SteadyI found this app to be reliable and ok to navigate. On the other hand, the selection of movies is disappointing. There are a lot of backlogged Disney films missing. ipI subscribed for one month and got my fix. I look forward to when the entire Disney catalogue of films is available..Score: 4/5

Disney supports pedophilesDisney allows James Gunn to keep making movies... many others I won’t name because it’s awful when you learn some of your favorite actors are actually pedophiles. So on the one hand Disney is one big pedophile culture. And on the other they cancel small stuff like Gina for being Republican. So long, Disney, you sick pos..Score: 1/5

Worth itI recommend this. Worth the money. And it is soo fun..Score: 5/5

I love itABSOLUTELY AMAZING IM IN LOVE!!!! But i think the simpsons should be options for your profile!.Score: 5/5

Why can’t I 🔒my Disney + plusLock up our account for our safety.Score: 5/5

Very badly designed appThe mobile and tv app do not sync. The mobile app asks to create a new profile even when the tv is connected with my profile. The TV login says ‘Open your mobile disney+ app on same network and we will take it from there’. Guess what it does not take it anywhere. Needs alot of improvement..Score: 3/5

GLITCHThere is a glitch in your code that DOES NOT let the user tap the (x) on the top right of your screen to close a window. The button DOES NOT work any longer..Score: 1/5

Interface is horribleThe actual content is great but everything else about that app is horrible. Recently it won’t let me log in on my phone , auto play has stopped working and even if the content is good the interface is so crap I can’t even watch it most the time . The only good thing about the interface is the search system but that’s my least of my worries when I comes to a streaming app.Score: 1/5

What the hell is this appThe app crashes A LOT and whenever i try to move 10 seconds back or forward it takes like 5 whole damn minutes for a freaking 10 seconds. also, it takes a really long time to resume watching when i pause whatever im watching for more than 1 minute AND why is the sound always unstable like that? sometimes its reducing by itself and sometimes its increasing by itself. this app is not worth the price.Score: 1/5

Great content, obviously, TERRIBLE APP!!!You’d think, being Disney, they would take the time to design an app that can function properly. Clearly no one on the development team his children who want to watch and rewatch the same movie repeatedly. Specifically with the Tinkerbell Fairy movies. Get to the end of Secret Wings, for example, and once it gets to a certain point it’s gets stuck forcing me to select the next movie in the queue—except my daughter to Secret Wings again. But there is “no play from the beginning” option. I’m stuck fighting with the app, trying to catch it once it transfers to the sub-window. I try to maximize the sub-window, so that I can pause and rewind Secret Wings, instead of starting the Pirate Fairy movie it wants me to watch. I can’t believe I have to rewind on an online streaming service. It also doesn’t matter if I’m trying to rewatch it immediately after or a week later. I’m embarrassed to say that I watch a lot of tv and have tried multiple steaming apps. Disney+ is one of the worst. I don’t get how the team could overlook something like this..Score: 1/5

WhyI don’t like this app since, I was gonna watch mlb the movie but then u have to pay, like can u make come of the movies for free?.Score: 1/5

Great!👍🏻I really like this app it is amazing 🤩.Score: 5/5


Come onHave to turn subtitles on for every episode I watch because it doesn’t save. Doesn’t have a resume playing option and it doesn’t remember what episode you were on. They don’t have English subtitles for Last Man Standing season 1 so it’s impossible for me to actually watch the show and get into it. And for real? You can’t resubscribe until the current subscription is finished. Garbage..Score: 1/5

Needs a bit of workGreat platform, nice library, clean ui, but holy shot the app is buggy. Seems every other time I open it it’s broken, downloads often expire immediately after the download finishes, constant connection issues that only seem to be solved by updates that aren’t available.Score: 3/5

Not badI watched several movies... then I ran out fairly quickly... no kids movies for me... but it’s great for families I’m sure..Score: 3/5

Horrible.THIS APP IS TERRIBLE! why can’t y’all Disney Plus just make the app world wide? it’s annoying please make it worldwide I can’t watch some where else sometimes on Netflix I don’t find the movies I need thanks bye..Score: 1/5

BrokenThe app is broken. If you pause what you're watching and flip to a different app, when you flip back to D+, it plays the last few seconds of the previous thing you watched OVER the audio of the thing you're currently watching. It's obnoxious. The small screen that plays when you click away from the app is also broken in that it doesn't pause no matter how many times you click pause. It stops for a second then forces itself to play. Trainwreck of a garbage app. Try getting some advice from Netflix, they know how to make a streaming service app..Score: 1/5

It’s fine but parental controls are awfulBecause you highlight the numbers as they are entered even on a remote control, anyone can figure out the passcode for parental controls. Honestly, just copy Netflix.Score: 3/5

They’re still selling out there content to other streamersI thought it would be worth it with the edition of star because of all the studios disney now owns, and I don’t like how netflix doesn’t allow you to purchase there content so I gave Disney some business. The movie Alita: Battlefield Angel, should have went to Disney+ after Craves exclusive Canadian license ran out since disney owns the studio that made that movie. Instead the rights to stream that movie were sold to netflix. Not cool disney, your suposed to be trying to compete with netflix, not selling out to them. P.S. this streaming service is almost 2 years old and there’s still no windows app. Netflix and Amazons Prime Video app are on windows but not disney+, thats just further proof of there bad service. I wanted to like disney+ because of it’s potential to beat netflix, so far they don’t seem to even be attempting to live up to that potential unfortunately..Score: 2/5

Resume FeatureI can’t believe that the resume feature doesn’t work now..Score: 1/5

Better now.While I loved it from day one due to being an age regressor. It’s gotten a lot better now that it has kid accounts and adult accounts. With a lot of movies and tv shoes that are for adults instead of just being all kids content. It will have more appeal for people who don’t have kids. It’s actually worth paying for now for most people..Score: 5/5

Disney plusI love but whenever I log in it says offline so I have to erase my memory and load back in again it’s so annoying! But other then that best app ever!.Score: 4/5

Best streaming serviceCancelled Netflix for this. just having every marvel movie in one place makes it worth, let alone everything else..Score: 5/5

Andi MacIf you have watched this show already on tv then it’s fine to watch again on Disney plus but if your watching it for the first time it’s very confusing because you took off to many episodes. I know why you had to take off the episodes but I feel that there is no point having it on Disney plus.Score: 3/5

Great, but please add the Indian languages tooIt’s a great app and i love it but please add the Indian languages for the shows and movies too!.Score: 5/5

FanamanalThe best app ever!!!!! I love that they have a-million things to chose from..Score: 5/5

🐜I find it a bit sad that a billion dollar company can’t manage to make an app that works. with all the good things to watch on disney it really is a shame they can’t find a way to fix bugs and glitches..Score: 2/5

Good appThis is a good app 😃.Score: 5/5

Constant crashesThe app and the people keeping it running are terrible. The app constantly crashes, takes forever to load, and takes longer to buffer than it does to play. I have Prime, Netflix and Crave as well. Disney is the only one that has problems, and it’s constant. Plus it only works on select devices. Called tech support 3 times for it. Each time they tell me a senior tech will call me within 48 hours. Waited a few days between each call. Yes it has lots of great movies and shows, but doesn’t mean much when you can’t watch them. Save your money and go with any other streaming provider..Score: 1/5

Can’t note movies and showsI would like to be able to note movies and shows. E.g.: with stars or thumbs up/thumbs down like on Netflix..Score: 4/5

Grant MartinAwesome movie app!!!!!! 👍.Score: 5/5

7th season of baby daddyWE NEED ATHOR OF BABY DADDY.... Disney pls one more season,make Riley give brith make Ben,tucker,Danny get married get brad of jail......plz.Score: 4/5

Great content but one major glitchLove the app content, love the UI but one big glitch messed everything up. I had downloaded one episode of Falcon and The Winter Soldier so that I could watch it during my flight. But when I tried playing the episode on airplane mode it just timed out every time. Please look into this! Great job otherwise.Score: 4/5

CaptionNeed to fix the caption for this app , never goes back to English caption, and it never has that options sometimes..Score: 1/5

Charging my card?!This app... although sure movies are nice to watch. i paid for ONE month and canceled because it was quite expensive... and then it’s charged me for a few months when i canceled the subscription... thanks disney.Score: 1/5

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I can’t watch anythingWhen a I press on a movie or show to watch it it won’t let me.Score: 5/5

RatingI love Disney and all the things on Disney+ but the reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is because there isn’t a like or dislike button as well as it never takes things off your continue watching both of which sort of annoys me but overall I love this app..Score: 4/5

Whoever messed up during the last update needs to be fired.Allow me to explain why. It’s very simple. When you cast to literally any device there is no sound at all. I can pick literally any other app, do absolutely nothing to my volume and they all play with sound just fine, but god forbid I want to watch something on Disney+ because there is no audio on anything if I try to cast it on my tv. Everything was fine until this last update..Score: 1/5

Things I hate about Disney+1. It’s to buggy 2. You have to wait for minutes and minutes for the creator to upload a movie or series 3. Too much comedies 4. Some of the newer comedies are in the throwbacks(that’s a glitch for me) 5. It needs more movies series and shows 6. Buggy Jessie episodes.Score: 1/5

CrashesGreat shows but they upped the price for a crappy service. It constantly crashes and buffers.. hard to keep your toddler occupied for 30 mins when the show crashes 3 times.Score: 2/5

IYes ma’am I.Score: 1/5

BlueyPlease add more bluey and i will stop pestering you about it. Other wise this app is great..Score: 2/5

Streaming is great, watching offline never works!We have been enjoying Disney+ for a while, and as a streaming service it is great! But we have tried numerous times over the past year to download content to watch offline, and it almost never works. :( We download shows/movies to watch in the car or on a plane, and they won’t load to watch! We’ve tried on different devices, but still no. We’ve learned to download content on Prime and Netflix since disney+ never works, but wish we could also have some offline Disney+ stuff too ;).Score: 3/5

MUST WASTE DATA!!!Still required to connect to wireless network to watch ALREADY DOWNLOADED MATERIAL. Apparently the people that know what they’re doing work on the HBOMax and/or Netflix apps, because while still not as much of a horrendous joke as Hulu, Disney+ is still a 1-star experience after 18 months. Big round of applause for mediocrity..Score: 1/5

I requested a cancellation and I was ignoredNothing is better than that..Score: 1/5

SlowThe only problem my kids have is that it takes a long time to load in the living room tv but runs fine on iPads. May cancel soon.Score: 1/5

WHERE’S SPIDER-MAN!!!!I really like the Spider-Man movies and Disney still hasn’t really tried to get the Spider-Man or the hulk movies on this app🥲.Score: 5/5

Love Disney content, the bugs make the app unbearableI love Disney, Marvel, and Pixar. When I got this subscription that’s all I was really interested in, and being able to just go to one place to get everything I want is pretty nice. This app would be perfect for it if it wasn’t for the consistent bugs. I have several that just seem to be a consistent thorn in my side. 1. The picture will freeze in the middle of a movie/show, while the audio continues. Not a big deal, I’ve had similar issues with other streaming platforms. It usually rights itself by skipping 10s forward or back, but with Disney+ it just continues to freeze and then hit me with a “There’s an error playing .” Restarting the content, completely closing Disney+, and sometimes restarting my phone does not help. 2. Disney+ will start pausing itself in the middle of content. Upon being played again, it will repeatedly pause itself over and over. Just like the above issue, solving the problem is near impossible. Just gotta wait for the app to want to work. 3. Not a major one, but whenever I have content windowed while I’m doing other things it refuses to pause. If I pause it it plays itself. No matter what I’m doing, even if I’m playing a Snapchat real quick or recording a video. Doing both at once is not something either want to do, so it’s kinda a mess. The app would be great if it wasn’t for the above problems, and honestly I wouldn’t care about a few bugs if I could actually right them. But I can’t. And that honestly makes me wonder if I still want to pay for a subscription when half the time I use the app it decides it doesn’t want to work..Score: 2/5

Cannot Watch DownloadsHave to delete and reinstall app every time I want to watch a downloaded movie.Score: 1/5

This is the worst streaming appThe Disney content is good but his is the worst streaming app. We have 3 different user profiles but the app does not treat them as separate. Whatever one person watches is updates in all profiles. There is no way to easily start an episode from the beginning. The app just forces you into the next episode. The apps constantly changing the default language without ever going into the language menu. If you just pause what your watching and come back and unpause the app will start from some random previously seen part of the episode. This app is so frustrating..Score: 2/5

“Watched”Wish the app would track what episodes are watched even if they are watched offline. The delete and play next feature is great!.Score: 4/5

This is actually a really good appI like this app! It’s almost identical to Netflix, but has its own individuality. I like how your shows and movies wear off, so they don’t pile up like on Netflix. Just ONE request: Could you put Marvel and Star Wars on the Kids section? There are some movies and TV shows that are perfectly safe for kids to watch (Examples, Inside Out, Zootopia) that aren’t on the kids section. My brother is really into Marvel (he used to be 12 but turned 13 a few days ago) and had to have his profile on PG-13+ just so he could watch those movies. Everything on the Kids section is for LITTLE kids (5 and below) and I’m an older kid (7 and up) so please please PLEASE do this. Thank you for reading this review. I hope you take my ideas into consideration..Score: 5/5

Joel MendozaI like to request something I like spiderman into the spider verses on Disney+ because it's a part of marvel.Score: 5/5

PerfectPrefect....I LOVE IT!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

F Disney plusThey put a block on my account even though I’m paying for it. And now I won’t be able to ever get back in..Score: 1/5

I was HACKEDI was hacked and now my password isn’t working. I’ve tried all methods, nothing works..Score: 1/5

SimpsonsAdd Simpson season 32 pls.Score: 5/5

You should add Simpsons profile iconsIt would be nice if there were some profile icons for the simpsons.Score: 4/5

Kicking me outWhenever I am watching something, it also ways kicks me out at the beginning. It is really frustrating to deal with it..Score: 1/5

UpdateIt says I need to update it why?.Score: 5/5

AmazingDidkdkdkdkd.Score: 5/5

Needs better filtering for familiesDisney was once seen as the family-friendly choice, but those days are long gone. I’d love to see filtering options for this app (profanity muting would be huge!). PG-13 today is = to R from 1990. Really sad, but we can’t tone the movies down at all. There are so many cuss words in Marvel movies and more get added with each release. I loved using VidAngel to watch my collection of movies a few years ago. They just collect dust now. I’ll be back when I can filter the junk out for my family..Score: 1/5

Add these shows to Disney+I love this app and I believe it will be even better if you were to add Cory in the House and So Random! because both these shows made me laugh and I would be so grateful if these shows would be added to Disney+.Score: 5/5

Liberal SJW garbage!!!I was going to rate this a high score to counter ultra liberal Netflix but it turns out you’re just as liberal as they are! SCREW ALL OF YOU LIBERAL FREAKS!!!.Score: 1/5

Tv showsI like Disney+ but The app just forgets about tv shows and never puts all the seasons and just leaves the tv show with not even all its seasons.Score: 4/5

Very good appI love this app because it brings back memories from the old times and the best part is that you can watch anytime anywhere without any trouble. I would also would love if they put Rio 2 in here even though they just put Rio in but this will make the app much better and should start making more movies out of the old animation movies but overall this app is amazing and i love it..Score: 5/5

INCREDIBLE!!!Disney + is on of the best things ever! I’m literally watching Jessie and my fav Disney movies all the time!!!!!! Keep it up!.Score: 5/5

I already have Disney+Why are you asking me to pay for the app, and get charged before I log in on my account.Score: 1/5

“Big Problems”I gave it a five star because it is genuinely good, but I was scrolling through the reviews and I looked at the one stars, almost all of them are either one starred because of them over exaggerating the problem or because they made a mistake so they blame it on Disney, don’t be fooled by the one stars it is a genuinely good app totally recommend (also it does cost money but I think it is worth it).Score: 5/5

Disney listenDisney can you please put ice age on Disney+? It’s been my favorite fox movie since I was a kid and I would mean so much and to other people to. Please consider it..Score: 5/5

No way to describe this!Disney+ is THE BEST watching app I’ve ever had. Pros: Better parental controls then Netflix. Only top of the line movies and tv shows—unlike Netflix which has a bunch of crap on there. Organises its shows perfectly. And it’s logo is white and blue—much more calming colours then Netflix’s black and red colour theme. Cons: None. Given the evidence, Disney+ converted me to a Disney liker instantly. I deleted Netflix—for this app is twice the Netflix it’ll ever be. Trust me, it’ll be worth your while..Score: 5/5

Fix thisKeeps crashing... ahhhhhhhhh.Score: 1/5

Add thisAdd ladybug and cat noir plsssss.Score: 5/5

Group WatchVery good but not group watch! We can only send it to people we have on messenger!!🤬🤬🤬!!!! Now I can’t watch it with my little sister!? Brown.Score: 4/5

Disney+ Is Great But....Disney+ is a great streaming site. It contains Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and Nat Geo content all in one platform. I love how I can watch Disney’s classics and newest films. But that doesn’t mean the service is without any flaws. An option to slow down and speed up watch I’m watching would be nice. This would be good for finding Easter eggs in shows and films. That is the one complaint I have with the site, but otherwise the service is great. Therefore I give Disney+ 4 stars out of 5..Score: 4/5

Says not in RegionSince when is Minnesota not in region? Fix this..Score: 1/5

App makes me sign in every timeThis app is more than annoying. I have to sign in EVERY SINGLE DAY.. Really?? Do you not know how to store a password?? What a joke.Score: 1/5

Great but two things missing...It’s really great! But the two things you’re leaving out are Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From home. That would complete the timeline as of right now for Marvel..Score: 4/5

PLEASE READ!This app has all the movies you can imagine , BUT it comes with an unfair price. Like for example, The new movie Raya and the Last Dragon, YOU LITERALLY HAVE TO PAY 30 FRICKEN DOLLARS FOR THE DARN MOVIE OR WAIT ONE MILLION BA DILLION MONTHS TO WATCH IT!!! and disney KNOWS that some of us can’t afford it or we dont wanna pay for it!!! PERIODT.Score: 4/5

Stupid stupid stupid no offenseI hate that if u don’t watch something it disappears it’s so annoying I was watching a movie and got of it and didn’t go on it in 3 days and now I have to skip it to where I was before. That’s just dumb again no offense so can u make new button that has the choice of if u can remove it. Pls Pls Pls Pls PLSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤.Score: 3/5

Switched to German, can’t get back to EnglishOne day my content all switched to German. None of the regular fixes worked. It kept saying it was in English in Settings but out came German. This glitch cost me hours of frustration. You can see online that others ran into the glitch too, for Spanish or other languages. It’s inexcusable that this happens because it’s simply shoddy programming..Score: 1/5

There's not any way I can get into the appWhen I use the app and click 'sign up now' it says "Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again. No matter how many times I press it that happens. I was trying to buy the app about 4 months ago and this was the problem. When I try to get into the app through my Xbox it tells me to go to disneyplues.com/start. When I type that in the site is blank everytime like it was a few months back. I've tried everything. When I go to the browser site and click "get this Disney plus bundle" the site then goes blank as well. I just wanna watch Marvel😓.Score: 3/5

Needs workIt seems every week I’m having to re log into my tv apps. Weather it be through Roku or my smart Tv itself. Incredibly annoying especially because it does not support the keyboard provided by the Roku app so having to type in my username and password with the control character by character is time consuming. There’s been times I want to watch Disney+ but see that stupid “sign up now” screen again, I’m so over it, I just switch to Netflix instead..Score: 1/5

Nice but...I really like this app because it has g r e a t quality. But it never shows my downloads. Can you fix that please.?.Score: 5/5

Really good showsSo if you love Disney movies this app is for you because I love frozen two and do you love you this is the app for you and yeah I downloaded it and I don’t know it was about that as great as a friend and that’s good and make sure you look just description and thank you so much.Score: 5/5

Performanece Lab 🎯Performance Lab ® CORE Formulas support all aspects of human performance, across all walks of life. Boosts work performance and productivity with nootropics for focus, multitasking under stress, creative problem-solving and more. Buy Now!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

CrashAll my downloaded episodes are crashing after a couple of minutes watching, that’s very annoying, I’m not paying for this.Score: 1/5

Lighting HDMI issuesHi Disney, I live in an areas with not much bandwidth and have to download content in off peak hours. Some of you content like Pete the last dragon works and other content like Ironman, Frozen 2 and WandaVision don’t work. I simply get a “oops something went wrong”. Could you please look into the issue? Thanks,.Score: 1/5

The best but one issueThe glitch is when I have watched a movie it will still be in continue watching at a random time and also when I have finished abit of a movie and come to watch it again it doesn’t save at the right spot..Score: 5/5

If there’s negative star i would definitely giveIf you subscribe via iTunes, DisneyPlus will tell you that you can only use it on your iPhone but not any other devices eg website, iPad, Chromecast, AppleTV, smartTV. They said there’s no active subscription on their system even if you pay for 1 full year. They refused to let u speak to escalation team and there’s no response after 4 months waiting. Think twice before you subscribe it as you can only watch it on your tiny screen of iPhone and nowhere else..Score: 1/5

Not that goodAll thou there seems to be a lot of shows, after a while you begin to notice a loop of the same 30 to 40 shows looping around, The app does not seem to be capable of remembering where you last left your show and resumes from the very beginning, thus if your watch a 3 hour Marvel movie and needed to leave it, it will reset back to beginning. Possible improvements, recommend shows and movie that are at least similar, stop recommending items that have already been viewed. Give people a feature that allows them to dislike item and stop it from reappearing in recommendations list. Give everyone the chance to clear Continue Watch list plus the ability to pick up on a movie or show where you left it last..Score: 2/5

TitleReview Edit Review.Score: 5/5

LOVEYou can see all of your favourite Disney movies again.Score: 5/5

I shouldn’t need to update the app to watchLove getting home to watch and it says I need to update the app. Next..Score: 2/5

Hello Disney plusIt’s stupid because it asks for your card details but there is no reason it needs your card details because I use iTune cards to pay my payments and now it’s asking me to put my card details in which I know that it will take money out of my account. So over this. GIVE ME A REFUND OR PAY OR THIS MONTH!!!!.Score: 1/5

Latest update broke!!I did the latest update and now my account is locked and it’s saying I’m in a region where Disney+ isn’t available. Please fix!!.Score: 1/5

Getting in!I have just joined and got as far as choosing a profile pic, when the entire screen went blank. I can’t even log out. The web site “help screen” doesn’t have a human being to talk to, just FAQ which was no help to me..Score: 1/5

All Family Guy seasonsThis is fantastic! Just a question, I would just like to know when all the seasons of Family Guy will be included? Because there is only two seasons which are 18 and 19. Just like to know when all the seasons will be included. Thank you :).Score: 5/5

Stuck on “who’s watching” pageI have an active Disney plus subscription with Apple associated to my Apple ID. With both iOS and AppleTV versions I am consistently blocked on the “who’s watching” page in the Disney plus app, and can venture no further. It’s virtually impossible to get past this - remove apps, delete, turn off equipment for several minutes and recycle power, and so on. “Log in” to the app with my Apple ID and attempt to restore purchase after deletion. No joy. Then try again this time via the “sign up” option and again restoring purchase. No go. I click the “profile avatar” and it just does nothing. On very rare occasions after several delete / reinstall / restore attempts I will get through for a brief time - like magic and a miracle - and regain access.... and don’t want to log out or switch to another channel on Apple TV for fear of not being let back in. I might enjoy a few brief moments to watch something. Last time I was able until it then refused to play content and gave me an obscure “error 43” message - and when I quit the app to try relaunch it from fresh, I was back to square one, unable to get through the door, stuck right back again at the “who’s watching” barrier. Sadly it inevitably comes to that scenario and I am again barred from entry. Quite sad. I’ve seen numerous forum posts from other users having similar trouble - there is no solution that is reliable. Not good enough. Apart from this - if you do get access, the material / content is fairly good..Score: 1/5

Great appsWill be 5/5 if Vietnamese subtitles available.Score: 4/5

APP global promotion♚With a professional promotion team and rich operation experience#, we will promote each App well in the world and increase revenue significantly,⑤Provide free test now⑨,Ping me at Skype&Whatsapp&Telegram:€{+86 18228157920Ⅸ.Score: 5/5

AwesomeThis is so good I think this is great for kids and adults ther is so many things to whach.Score: 5/5

WowAbsolutely amazing.Score: 5/5

WoefulDon’t bother with this app, they want you to download and then give up personal info, and then tell you it isn’t available in your region, so f you and your lack of corporate morals. DIAF.Score: 1/5

OkIts ok.Score: 3/5

IPhone unable to cast to google chromecastThis app worked great but just noticed in the past few days the casting icon for Chromecast is no longer available on my iPhone. Usually not an issue as I have Apple TV BUT needed to use chromecast this week due to tech difficulties and found am no longer able to cast using iPhone. This is poor form..Score: 1/5

Why 😭I really like the app and the idea of having so many great titles in one place, but very disappointed when I realised they don't have spider-man. It just don't make sense 😔.Score: 4/5

Amazing!It’s goated no cap.Score: 5/5

WorkdIt does it.Score: 4/5

Good content. Very poor app.This app consistently has problems. When you go to your device to pause or rewind, the option is unavailable. It buffers during the best parts of movies. When you’ve stopped casting and have switched off your device the movie keeps playing. It doesn’t remember where to resume either. Pretty disappointed with the team Disney has hired to put this app together... Compared to Netflix, this app is 1 star. What’s the point of having good content when you can’t enjoy watching it..Score: 1/5

Fed upThis is supposed to be a review for the app. But since a few updates ago you now keep forcing me (when watching on my Bravia to open the app to verify my login) I’m going to rate you based on this. No matter how many times I login and enter my details and save them on the device you keep logging me out then asking me to open my phone app. This was never the case before and now it is pissing me off! Maybe as a company you should be more focused on providing a working service for your customers which keep you employed, instead of all your woke shi! Then you wouldn’t be having so many upset customers leaving in droves....... eg winter soldier Hey Disney. Go woke, Go Broke!!!!! Walt would be ashamed..Score: 1/5

UselessGlitchy app!All these ppl reviewing the content is just as useless as the app. Impossible to cast, says it’s casting but not or just won’t connect. Trips the devices wifi on/off constantly and Resume playing rarely works. It’s not my connection etc, Disney said it was known issue..Score: 1/5

DiscontinuedSeriously the worst App! I don't care what shows are on there, I have ended the subscription! Constant freezing, not updating with the show .. Ending credits can be heard over a new show starting! Not user friendly!!.Score: 1/5

Cast to tvThere is no cast button so now i can’t cast to my tv please fix.Score: 4/5

If I could give 0 stars I would.Impossible to cancel when you need to, bordering on criminal..Score: 1/5

Used to be goodSince Disney started getting discriminating woke and canceling people based on their political views whisked keeping people on the payroll like Kath Kennedy that has destroyed Star Wars, Disney has gone downhill.Score: 1/5

ResumeFix the resume feature. It’s so simple. Why has this not been addressed, this should be basic UX..Score: 2/5

Doesn’t let me add to listI love this app, especially now with Star on there, but it doesn’t let me add some things to my watchlist.Score: 4/5

The bestI love Disney Plus it is the best thing ever I can watch all marvel movies it is amazing and Star Wars movies and just any movie really it’s amazing I would recommend Disney plus to anyone 5 stars.Score: 5/5

Hood app, glitchyThe newest update is horrible, it’s stopped saving your progress and deletes shows out of your continue watching almost instantly.Score: 3/5

Unable to mark off what you have watchedAfter watching a movie especially in a series the app keeps making recommendations for movies I have already seen, this is really annoying especially when you are trying to watch a series in order. Googling this issue it was brought up back in 2019 but still this issue has not been resolved which is really quite pathetic for such a large organisation. Also when you message Disney + you get no response, it is particularly annoying when you make available only some movies from a series, as well as the second movie from a series but not the first movie, again very annoying..Score: 3/5

Memories RebornAs i am a 30 year old i am happy too watch these oldies with my son 3 year old son adrien, the things i love are back to life with this amazing app..Score: 5/5

AwesomeWith the introduction of STAR to the mix, its the best streaming app out there. Love it.Score: 5/5

StarDisney Plus has a cool layout with iconic titles. Then you have “Star” with a cheap logo. You guys are Disney. You should replace “Star” with something like “20th” or “Century”. Keep it iconic. I placed one star so you guys can see and read this comment. But really Disney plus is awesome..Score: 1/5

Enjoyable App!So far so good, enjoying the app. The only improvement I would suggest is for the “continue watching” section should have a option to remove the show/movie if you decide you won’t continue.Score: 4/5

Terrible and slowMy download speed is average 15mbps yet for some reason Disney always buffers, none of my other streaming platforms buffer whatsoever so the problem must be with Disney. Even switching to lower definition doesn’t solve it. They will also email you every single day even when you’ve opted out of all emails..Score: 1/5

Love butI love Disney plus I introduced me to my favourite tv show but can u plsssss add season 3 and 4 of duck tales to Disney I’ve been waiting.Score: 4/5

Disney plus is goodI am asking if guys can give a preview in Disney plus.Score: 5/5

CD ChexGuy hîç guy addeduujy yum bb.Score: 3/5

Disney +What the hell is going on with your app. I pay my fees and I cannot link on. I have to delete the app and reapply it to continue watching shows..Score: 2/5

Content is great but app isn'tIt drains my battery. My other steaming apps doesn't . Please fix ..Score: 3/5

Frustrating to say the leastWatching Bob’s Burgers and the credits are a big part of this show. I’m sick of autoplay minimising the credits at the end of the episode... it’s literally driving me insane. I don’t need a synopsis of the next episode. I’m trying to watch the credits. Please add an option for accounts to be able to use autoplay with no minimise window, and then roll to the end of episode..Score: 1/5

Disney +Disney plus charges you money to use it like for one year it’s 111.99 dollars and I’m already paying for Netflix and it’s the same so there’s no way I’m paying for both.Score: 2/5

Awesome100% AWESOME no problems at all.Score: 5/5

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Nickelodeon pleaseI love that app but I think that because they have star and others things like that I really want them to put Nickelodeon on it bc that would bring so many more people to talk to much more 👍.Score: 5/5

Coursera 💡Start your future on coursera today! Build skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies. Join for Free!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

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