Brilliency gives households and businesses one place to track and optimize their usage of electricity, gas, and water—all from their preferred device with a single login.
Our intuitive, user-friendly app makes it easy to track usage, report outages, send and receive messages and learn to save. With our unique ask-and-answer process you will be delivered energy saving tips crafted just for your property.
Commercial customers have the ability to receive 1:1 support from our customer care team – login to find out more.
For residential customers, dynamic insight into usage along with fun games give you more control than ever to make choices that save money while ensuring ongoing access to those most basic needs for power, heat, and water now and in the future.

For all customers, Brilliency is good for your budget and great for our planet.
• Track usage over time, understanding how weather and other events impact your monthly bill
• Set specific savings goals and receive personalized tips to reduce costs and reduce wasted resources
• Make conservation fun, earning points and badges for your progress
• Have a “one-stop shop” to manage all utilities with a single log-in, including transactions/bill payment
• Receive messages/alerts, tips to reduce consumption, pay bills, give feedback, all from one mobile app
• See a granular view of energy and water usage based upon EPA data comparisons
• Report outages faster and give feedback to utility
• Choose a preferred method of communication and customize other aspects of the user experience based on customer data
• Be a good steward of the community and the planet's resources

Market research shows us that consumers want one place to go to connect with their utilities. Our enterprise platform is flexible and modular. Utilities gain ...

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Chuck Norris
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Lee Mildon
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