CatuYeah! is a tradicional dice game.
You throw 5 dices 3 times in each round.
After each throw, you hold as many dices you want to get the best result.
Your goal is to fill all challenges and get the higher overall total.
In the left section if you get 3 of each (ie. 3 numbers one; 3 numbers two; 3 numbers and so on) you get a bonus.
In the right section you go for 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, Full House, Small and Large Sequences, a chance where any result will do and the CatuYeah! a 5 of a kind.

Versions Report 1.2 Version (This Release) - Corrected a bug when 3 of a Kind my add a value when changing other switches 1.1 Version Lots of cosmetic changes. - Random different colors for each game - Better proportions in different devices - New sounds here and there 0.8 Version Bugs corrected - Not need to hold dices for left column scores. (ie. If you get two numbers 4 and click “fours switch”, you get to score 8 even with do dices selected) - 3 of a kind and 4 of a kind will score even if the others dices also has the same value (ie. If you choose 3 of a kind when you had 4,4,4,4,4 it will score 20 points instead of 0 as in previous versions) - 3 and 4 of a kind score now sums up all dices instead of only the same ones. Improvement - Added Yeah! Random sound when scoring a CatuYeah! 0.7 Version Submitted to App Store 0.6 Version - Fixed layout for smaller screens - Blocked landscape mode - Corrected logo screen 0.5 Version - New help video - Bugs fixed - Game Center fully working! 0.4 Version - Game Center ADDED!! 0.3 Version - Added help screens - Added sample video - Sound button now toggle On/Off image - Dices hide result when spinning - Switches color scheme changed - Increased switches font size - Increased high score font size 02. Version Cosmetic changes and layout adjustments 0.1 Version Initial Release

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  • Relase Date24 March 2019
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