Remote Control for Fire TV

*** Directly control and send text/commands to your Amazon Fire TV/Stick without installing any third-party apps on your Fire TV/Stick first. It works natively!
*** This application lets you control your Fire TV wirelessly using your iPhone or iPad. It supports Fire TV Box, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV-enabled Smart TVs (e.g., Insignia, Toshiba)!


You must enable ADB on your Amazon Fire TV device before you can connect to it. Here's how:
1. From the main screen of your Fire TV, select Settings.
2. Select My Fire TV > Developer Options.
3. Turn on "ADB debugging".
4. Make sure your iPhone/iPad and Fire TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
5. Run this app. The first time when you run the app and connect to your Fire TV, you will get a popup saying "Allow USB debugging" on your TV screen. Please select "Always allow from this computer", then select OK. Done!
Note: If the app fails to find your Fire TV, please restart your iPhone/iPad and your Amazon Fire TV device.


[+] Compatibility with most Fire TVs.
[+] Remote control of your Fire TV.
[+] Left, right, up, down, and OK buttons.
[+] Home, back, menu, play, pause, rewind, and forward buttons.
[+] Navigate content and applications on Fire TV.
[+] Send text to Fire TV.
[+] Send a custom Key Event to Fire TV (useful for developers).
[+] Send a custom ADB Command to Fire TV (useful for developers).
[+] Show/hide Fire TV's log (useful for developers).
[+] Automatic discovery of your Fire TV devices.
[+] Haptic and sound effects when using the remote.
[+] Support for portrait and landscape orientations.

[Some Useful Event Codes]


[Some Useful ADB Commands]

Df --> Disk space details
Ls --> List directory contents
Pwd --> Print working directory
Cd --> Change current directory
Netstat --> Show network status
Uptime --> Display system status
Reboot --> Restart your Fire TV device

Enjoy! Thank you!

Cetus Play is probably Best Fire TV & Android TV Box Remote App 2018; this also works great on your Nvidia Shield Tv, Mi Box and more. Besides being a great ...

* App Improvements and Bug Fixes.

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The Red Tea Detox
madaalle daallan
madaalle daallan
16 June 2019

Thnks good app

Toti Fanara
Toti Fanara
05 June 2019

Didn't work for me :(

pratik damani
Pratik damani
13 May 2019

No microphone in CetusPlay app for Voice Control / Voice Search ?

Ki Queen
Ki Queen
08 April 2019

How is this possible without a remote period?

Wendi Folkersen
Wendi Folkersen
1 star

I got this for my fire cube as it was the only one that came up but it does not work with the cube.

5 star

I guess I was the guinea pig ... but it was only 2.99 and I followed the instructions in the app info section (enabling ADB in developer options ) and it works great with only a half second lag. The first time I’ve taken a chance on an app and was Happy!! Thanks devs you get 5 stars *****


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my mom, in her polish accent: thor! our tv’s voice control: door? my mom: thor voice control: 4! my mom: T H O R voice control: porn


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Uma Chaurasiya
Uma Chaurasiya
30 March 2019

My fire TV option nhi hai

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

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YaSherif Da Gamer
YaSherif Da Gamer
24 March 2019

mine is not working, there is no keyboard that comes up and it won't response like in this video.

The walk of Champions
The walk of Champions
04 March 2019

Thanks so much bro!

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
5 star

Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.

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