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Struggling to calculate Number of Days , Weeks , years, Month between two given Dates.
Forgetting about the Leap years while doing the Calculation?
Our Days Calculator App will make the Calculations simple for you . and you will never struggle for doing the Days/ date Calculation .

How to use the App .

1) Simply select the future / Past date and you will find the Answer immediatly .

2) if you want to find number of days between two given Dates then that calculation is also made simple with our App . Just select the between dates navigation option at the bottom and put the initial and next Date . the calculation will be done instantly for you .

Features of App
1) Ads Free
2) Date Calculation made simpler
3) Between dates calculation
4) Leap year considered while doing Calculations.
5) Developer Support , if you want to Add some new features or feedback, simply email us we will try to incorporate the new features.

Date Calculator Pro is an Ads Free version of Date Calculator.

Hope you enjoy using the App.
Thank you !!!
Esperto Team

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