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Send flowers to your loved one with this ready to use floral pictures. Besides the normal greetings messages that you send, why not decorate your messages with real flowers, you can place the stickers on the conversation bubbles, images, even on other flowers stickers and create flowers bouquet. Make your text message more personal today, create those smile on your receiver face that they will never forget and grab their attention.

Grow your relationship just like flowers that are blossoming, celebrate fabulous, memorable day like Birthday, Mother's Day, Friendship day, Wedding day, Graduation day, Valentine’s day, International Women’s day, Baby Birth, Earth Day, Environment Day, Thanksgiving Day, New Year and many more worth celebrating day by sending this floral iMessage stickers pack.

And flowers also can help comfort those that needed one, someone that is sad, in hurt, having heartbreak, sick in the hospital, not well or depressed, when you are unable to be by their side or you lost your words, flowers can become the unspoken language to express your love, concern, emotion and feeling.

Have you thanked the person who helps you today? A thank you message with beautiful flower stickers will be able to emotionally express your gratitude.

All these stickers are easy to use, just drag and drop, send them to your friends, family, girlfriend or boyfriend, ​and your surrounding, use them to start a conversation.

Use them daily, enjoy and have fun!

Open any message you have and at the bottom of the screen, you will see the ​buttons of your app list out. If you saw this app, please tap on it and the stickers collection will show up, if not, please slide to the left to find this app.

● Tap the sticker you want, or DRAG & DROP into your message.
● You can scale & rotate stickers by using a second finger before you place it on a bubble.

Please view other sticker packs by this developer, please click the name “Yenty Jap” above.

We would love to hear from you & appreciate your suggestions. Feel free to send them to [email protected]

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Thank you

Hopefully, this Video flowers gardens will take you back to the pre-industrialization era. While flowers most certainly still exist, few take the time to experience the ...

We have added 10 more beautiful and unique flowers ;)

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