Battle Disc

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Throw the disc and eliminate opponents defences.
But be carefull...

If he catches the disc, he will throw it back.

Battle Disc Levels 1-10 IOS Gameplay.

- Customise your character with OUTFITS - Get sweet CELEBRATION MOVES - More ARENA UPGRADES

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césar minecraft
césar minecraft
20 August 2019

jogo mais idiota do mundo acho que geral achou idiota

Bharath P Mathew
Bharath P Mathew
11 August 2019

I am lvl 101

Emilio Vargas
Emilio Vargas
06 August 2019


ԵíԵØ_007 games
ԵíԵØ_007 games
05 August 2019

Chupa o marretao

Justin Martinez
Justin Martinez
02 August 2019

Im at 61

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
21 August 2019

If you're a horse, here's a little advice: Never look a gift CHUCK NORRIS in the mouth!

Christian Micallef
Christian Micallef
02 August 2019

Where the hell did they get the idea for this game, especially the name 'battle disk' releases this year... e-e I feel like some asshole stole my idea...

Tighten  Upser
Tighten Upser
23 July 2019

"He's quicker than me"🙂

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
21 August 2019

Truth is generally the best vindication against slander.

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  • Relase Date16 August 2019
  • CategoryGames
  • PriceFree
  • App Rating4.5
  • Current Version1.3.0
  • DeveloperSayGames LLC
  • Operating SystemIOS 9.0 or later

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