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Your countdown is waiting. Based on the horror movie Countdown, this app will predict exactly how long is left.

Tag us in your countdowns using #CountdownApp and #CountdownMovie to be featured in the app.

The wait is over... Experience COUNTDOWN - on Digital HD NOW, Blu-Ray & DVD.

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WARNING: This application may not be suitable for users with epilepsy.

This application contains vibrations, sounds, music and use of your iPhone torch in order to create the horror experience.

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Disclaimer: this app is for entertainment purposes. Results should not be taken seriously.

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3 star

It’s quite obviously a joke don’t take it seriously but it’s still fun for sleepovers

no name showing
No name showing
3 star

I’ve had this app before and it says minus of the time I have had it deleted now ... it says I’m dying in 15 years , for my friend 44 years and for my sister 7 hours... 😳🥺

5 star

Good app love it but I just wish there was a full screen mode where you only get the countdown and not the options at the bottom, also I would love it if you could change the time for a prank ?! 🙂

help :((
Help :((
5 star

The app told me I was gonna die in 29 years so I decided to attain heaven by having a weird fighting ghost and a gay priest killed a few sinners and said some words and now I can live forever

3 star

Well, I better die in 37 years, or someone gets sued!

5 star

My friend has 3 minutes and then when he leave me to back home he dead with car accident!! That’s real app just be careful I have 38 years

1 star

Esta app solo sirve para inculcar miedo en quien la descargue, el único que tiene el control de permitir si sigues vivo o no, es Dios y tú mismo cuidándote. No permitas que un app decida que día debes morir. Personalmente me dio curiosidad y lo hice. Mi celular comenzó a vibrar y a prender el flashlight, probablemente esta app tenga viruses que pueden afectar tu celular. En fin, es una pérdida de tiempo. Vive tu vida al máximo y no te amargues la vida con esto porque créeme que al momento de ver cuanto tiempo te establece el app te da tristeza. Es una basura, no lo hagas.

1 star

My friend told me about this app while we were on ft and we downloaded the app as a joke because we didn’t think it was real. So I went on the app and it said I had 9 months to live please I’m only 7 years old I have so much to live for I want to get a wife and have my 2 kids. It said my friend had 2 minutes to live he’s only 6 he has potential he loves to play roblox and minecraft. My friend started getting scared because his flash started going off and creepy sound started playing I was getting scared too because I didn’t want my friend to die. Then it said he only had 1 minute left and we both started crying and we were getting scared and we realized that it was a joke anymore he said he wanted to eat his favorite ice cream before he died- when you go to Walmart or whatever store to buy ice cream make sure you get either the snickers one or the chip ahoy and Oreo mix I’m telling you it will change your life it is so good you won’t regret it I had the snicker one when I went to Busch garden with my family and we saw an orangutan it was on top of this tower thing I don’t remember it’s name I think it was Bill or Bob or Bobby, idk it was one of those I wonder if it’s still alive it was really old when I saw about 4 years ago (please let me know if it’s alive thanks) those things are really ugly it looks like a ginger grandpa with a bald spot. Speaking of grandpas when I went to island of adventures this lady in a wheelchair tried to run my over while I was walking my dog, my dog died idk how exactly but I think he choked on his food while everyone wasn’t home he use to poop a lot and he was uncontrollable I will avenge my baby. But anyways my cousin didn’t die because prayed to Jesus and then went sleep.

1 star

So I got this app and it said I had 3 years left to live so then I assumed it just got my name and assumed random stuff well if ur reading this I’m still alive my time isn’t up yet

aaliyah warrior
Aaliyah warrior
3 star

It’s okay But yeah keep it up

1 star

This App Is Horrible It Probably Gave My Phone A Virus I Nearly Had To Reset My Phone And I’m Like Haunted Now🤬So If You Love Your Phone And Don’t Want To Have A Virus On Your Phone🦠DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP⚠️

horror nerd/big fan
Horror nerd/big fan
5 star

Ok so I have watched the movie the day before I got this app unfortunately I have 8 years to live but I wanted like 5 mins to see what happened anyway really cool app it is like the same as it is in the movie the whole music and ring around a rosy ( very creepy) plz don’t hack me if this game allows hackers to hack me. Please don’t

5 star

OMG I Have 5 Seconds Left I Hope I Don’t Di

the clowns 4
The clowns 4
4 star

Okay so I just wanted to know when I die. 25 years boi why not in 24 hours?? And why does it flash its wasting my power. Poor game and waste full of power 4 stars.

5 star

So when I first got on it said I had 27 years, anyone seen IT?

2 star

Eyer öLüRsrm bun dan gogle pılay sıtıore sorumludur

1 star


5 star

Dün herseyimi kaybettim telefonunda bu uygulamayı buldum .00 tum sayilar sıfırdı. Bende yükledim. Heryerde onu görüyorum . 3 gün sonra görüşürüz...

Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson
30 May 2020

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

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  • CategoryEntertainment
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  • App Rating3.18417
  • Current Version1.6.4
  • DeveloperRyan Boyling
  • Operating SystemIOS 12.1 or later

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