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Your countdown is waiting. Based on the upcoming horror movie Countdown, this app will predict exactly how long is left.

Tag us in your countdowns using #CountdownApp and #CountdownMovie, and be featured in the app.

Countdown in Theaters October 25.

Please note that this application contains vibrations, sounds, music and use of your iPhone torch in order to create the horror experience.

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Disclaimer: this app is for entertainment purposes. Results should not be taken seriously.

More: Free countdown timer (PC & MAC): ...

Time is ticking... - Bug fixes - Take a selfie with your countdown - Use #CountdownApp and #CountdownMovie on be featured on our live feed

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Ashwini Rao
Ashwini Rao
26 September 2019

It counts upto 99 minutes. Is it not possible to count down from like 120 minutes

Mauricio Flores
Mauricio Flores
28 January 2019

hi.. i need modified this app.. only need 30 seconds remain.. and whit one tap restar the 30 seconds is posibly?? you are this work?? mi mail is [email protected]

Jersey rae
Jersey rae
1 star

It scared me like is this app real or not

3 star

So apparently I have like 27years but all of my friends have 2hours which is when I’m going to their house and I oop-. So anyways will update xox I’m back from their house and it’s safe to say, I killed them. They wanted me to put a shell necklace on them so I did and I accidentally choked them both at different times and I oop- sksksk. Too bad my hydroflask and metal straw got bloody but now I have all their money xox. Thanks app for telling me to kill them. Love ya xoxoxxoxoxo

5 star

So me and my bro installed this app and my Little bro had 60 years and I had 5 seconds I’m sceard and searching the house with a knife

David Harris
David Harris
18 August 2018

Thanks!! Just downloaded and it works as describe... Many thanks for all you development works!!

has sextina
Has sextina
5 star

This app is amazing. I have 6 years and my sister got 24 hours

Skittle 😈
Skittle 😈
4 star

So basically it said the first time I downloaded it I have 56yrs (so I’d die when I’m 59) then I downloaded it to show my mom and it said I had 5 years (so I’d die when I’m 18) it also plays music if you wait and click the camera and it makes you flashlight flicker 😳

josh 23577
Josh 23577
5 star

Nope goodbye

Muhammad Jamil
Muhammad Jamil
18 June 2018


Toy Chica Chick
Toy Chica Chick
5 star

time ran out and i didnt die but ok

1 star

you keep giving me like 35 years i wanna die give me 0

1 star

I download this app because everyone else had it. When I got two days left, I was excited for my miserable life to end. With 5 seconds left, I started to panic, for maybe, just maybe, the prophecy would not be fulfilled. I will be filing a lengthy lawsuit due to the corrupt nature of this app. The developers must be ashamed of themselves, giving false hope to the depressed civilians of this world. I WANT TO DIE. 我需要死。 他妈的这个哑巴狗屎的创造者。 我的时间到了。

Adi Imperial
Adi Imperial
26 June 2016

Thank you very much for developing this app. Such a great help to us. -From Philippines

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
18 October 2019

In the semen that made it to Chuck Norris' mom's womb, Chuck Norris was the only sperm. He'd long then round-house killed all the other sperms while still in his Dad's epididymis/balls.

26 April 2016

Great Video. I purchased this when you pointed out that it had the Last Minute Notification feature. I need a countdown timer for flying my quad copter. The last minute alert is what I need to alert me when to bring it down before the battery dies. It would be nice to have verbal notification at every minute and every 10 seconds for the last minute or two. But his will do for now.

1 star

İs game real

2 star

Uygulamaya girdim ertesi gün girince “you can’t cheat death” diyor ve zamanı farklı bir tarihe alıyor. Düzeltin lütfen

ciddi ha
Ciddi ha
5 star

çok fena korkuyorum aq

13 March 2015

It's a great little app but it loses several seconds each time on autorestart.

Alfred North Whitehead
Alfred North Whitehead
18 October 2019

No one who achieves success does so without the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.

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