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Give desperately needed makeovers to help people achieve their dreams! Choose highly fashionable clothes, hairstyles, makeup, and even furniture! Deal with dramatic characters like egotistical fashion icons, scheming assistants, or stubborn clients in dire need of a new wardrobe. Play challenging fashion-themed puzzles to help find that perfect look! And don't forget to customize your own signature style with your avatar! CHOOSE from lots of fashionable clothes to create the perfect look! MAKEOVER helpless clients and give them the confidence to follow their dreams! DECORATE a person's room as well as their appearance! DRAMA is everywhere, be ready to meet some extreme personalities! SOLVE addictive puzzles with challenging obstacles! STYLIZE your avatar to stand out on the red carpet! VISIT FRIENDS and see how they dressed their avatar! BLAST through levels with exciting power-ups with explosive benefits!

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Fake advertisingI downloaded this game because I saw the advert that much I thought it looked pretty fun with the beauty side the adverts are nothing like the gameplay there were no match 3 in any adverts and I hate them types of games having a certain number of moves it’s boring and unfun I’m level 140 and it just wants my money at this point would probably be a good game If the max 3 game was taken out or get rid of the moves.Score: 2/5

It was alright till...So I downloaded this game not long after it was released and I was really enjoying it, something simple to play and I like the makeover side of it. However, the game has now started crashing so much that I can’t make more than a few moves! It’s really disheartening that I’ve put so much time into this game only for it to become basically unplayable. I’m a good 200 something levels and now I can’t even be bothered to load it up because it crashes within a minute or so. The crashes even take the hearts I need to play the levels, so until it gets fixed, there’s literally no reason to play it..Score: 1/5

The game never lets you winThere’s isn’t enough moves.Score: 1/5

Frustrating!I feel compelled to write a review having been stuck on level 279 FOREVER!! I really enjoyed this silly game - it’s been great to waste a bit of time here and there. Then I got to this level and it’s just not possible!! I cannot get enough boosters to clear the damn thing and I’m too old to be playing the level hundreds of times over and over. So I’ve deleted it and will watch some paint dry!.Score: 1/5

Ok...First of all, this game is nothing like the ads and the gameplay is completely different, if you’re expecting what you see in the ads, you’ll be disappointed. Levels to earn coins to do makeovers are in a candy crush style, they are very challenging - i have made it to level 131 without buying additional boosters but it’s getting hard to progress without doing so. you only get an attempt at these levels every 15 minutes which can be annoying having to wait for new lives, and the amount of coins you earn from completing a level is so minimal that you can barely do any of the makeover without running out. you spend more time earning coins in levels to do the makeover than actually doing it!! the game becomes tedious and frustrating very easily, it starts off fun but wears off fast. i wouldn’t recommend.Score: 3/5

Of course...Downloaded the app because the ad appeared on EVERY other app I use. Great, level one was nicely done, but of course like EVERY other game of its kind, as soon as you start your second makeover you have to use 100-300 coins for stupid little tasks like removing bits of rubbish individually and removing shoes/gloves/overalls individually! Loosely-veiled garbage..Score: 1/5

Difficulty playingI’ve got to say, I’m really enjoying this game and I don’t usually enjoy them, but its getting extremely tedious losing constantly and having to redo levels, then ultimately waiting for the lives to refuel. It’s putting me off playing I’ve been stuck on the same level after 10-15 goes. Just wish it was slightly easier.Score: 2/5

My ratingIt is a good game but I hate asking for life’s.Score: 3/5

DisappointedWhy make it that difficult that we just get bored with trying? Have deleted the app now - will try something else that gives us half a chance.Score: 1/5

Was ok but now 😣Got to level 121 constantly crashes whenever I use a bomb. I’ve been stuck on a few levels before this as same thing happened. When it crashes it takes a life away too. Frustrating. Updated but still the same. Think I’ll just give up.Score: 1/5

A great gameThis game is awesome.Score: 5/5

Love it!This is an amazing app! I love it! It’s so fun and creative ! I love how u can make there styles!😁❤️.Score: 5/5

Fun for a story makeoverI like this game and I play it every day.Score: 5/5

Good — but 3/4 of the game is candy crushI enjoy the main premise of the game, but the further on you go, the more you need to play the candy crush side game, it’s really annoying, not what I signed up for, and will probably delete soon.Score: 3/5

Love the gameLove this game but it’s too hard to earn the coins and takes too long to accumulate enough. Can’t afford to keep buying. Sad.Score: 3/5

Enjoyed it at firstI enjoyed it the first couple of makeovers, then it got a bit boring. I deleted it for good once the really offensive adverts started popping up in other games. Depicting the character as fat, smelly, hairy and generally ugly. Seriously the adverts are awful such terrible marketing.Score: 3/5

Was fun until app crashedApp conveniently crashed just as I was about to win a difficult level. It’s their tactic to get you to pay so you can continue to play to make pass the level. Don’t fall into that trap!!!.Score: 1/5

Slow progressionThe concept of the game is good. However with difficult levels so early on progression is slow unless you are will to pay. You would need to spend at least £10 a day for the game to progress the way you would expect. Polite request to the developers, to reduce the difficulty. I think you will lose a lot of players early in due to the hardness of the levels..Score: 2/5

Keeps crashing... disappointingThe game crashes every 5-10 minutes... no reason, just shuts down. Very frustrating!.Score: 1/5

BADThis just teaches girls to change what they look like for boys and people wonder why no one had confidence 😔.Score: 1/5

Good game but a bit frustratingSuper fun and enjoyable game but It can take up to 50 minutes to refill your lives! Also the levels are pretty hard after you play for a while..Score: 4/5

Stops workingSo disappointing!! I’ve reached the end of the third person’s makeover and restaurant renovation, it’s time for the reveal so I can move onto another level and every time I pay the money to reveal, the game cuts to my device’s home screen. I’ve tried deleting apps and pictures so I can continue the game but it won’t work. This game was fun but I have to delete it and I’m very disappointed with it. What’s it point in keeping it when it clearly doesn’t work..Score: 2/5

LevelThe level that you try to win is soo hard can you please make it easier thank you.Score: 1/5

Money higherThink as you level think the money would go up too as it seems to be getting dearer to do tasks each time.Score: 4/5

Project MakeoverIt’s a nice game but it upgraded by adding more customer clothes..Score: 5/5

BrilliantReally enjoy playing this game and can’t wait for more levels! Easy and enjoyable game.Score: 5/5

Not goodDownloaded this for my granddaughter but she certainly did not have the patience to try and get umpteen coins to take boots off! So it did not really deliver what it said it would. And the game kept crashing..Score: 2/5

Money spinnerThe game is a lot of fun but from episode 2 the levels are designed to make you spend money, too hard with too few moves..Score: 3/5

Keeps shutting downHaving to uninstall even though I enjoyed playing it . Kept shutting down and now won’t work at all.. Needs a LOT of work as it’s rubbish.Score: 1/5

FunFun.Score: 5/5

:👍.Score: 5/5

Could be betterThis is a great game.. however it’s very frustrating and some levels are impossible unless you buy gems to get past it.. everything costs way too much.. I like it but I will not spend to get past a level.. sometimes it takes days to get past.. it’s annoying.Score: 3/5

FunIt takes to much money to do anything and focus too much on the room. Also can’t get bonus to help with the unless you spend money..Score: 3/5

LaggyThe app would restart every time I reached a new level. Now unable to stay on it for longer than 5 seconds!.Score: 1/5

Good funIt is good fun but it lies a bit in the adverts.Score: 4/5

App crashed...As title.. Not even started the tutorial level....Score: 1/5

One starIt’s a bad game it’s for free but when you get close to finishing and getting all you coins it kicks you off and tells you if you want to carry on you will have to pay so not recommended.Score: 1/5

Great game!I absolutely love this game and I am totally hooked! My only minor gripe is that the game only allows you to store 10 lives given by friends which I think is poor. I also think 300 gems for an extra 5 moves is slightly ludicrous. Otherwise a great game as I say. Would give 5 stars without a shadow of a doubt if we could store more gifted lives and the price of continuing a level was either less gems or more moves..Score: 4/5

I’m a bit stuckFor 2 month i can’t complete level 30 even my dad or mum can’t do it make it bit easier pls I’m begging you plsssssss🙏🙏🙏🙏.Score: 2/5

It’s ok at firstI loved playing this game at first but then as I got further into the levels I noticed that some of the levels are impossible whithout spending real money.Score: 4/5

Amazing game!! But....Hi there Project makeover is such a fun game but it is quite hard to pass the puzzle levels and then your lives can run out so you have to wait for them to refill unless you have lots of gems. Otherwise, this game is so fun and addictive and has no ads most of the time. Great game!!!.Score: 4/5

I love this game but I don’t like waiting for the drama of the gameGet this game!.Score: 5/5

Mean and weird?You’know saying people are ugly because they wear glasses and are ‘ nerds’ isn’t the best. I’m on yr 6 and I saw this game on recommendations but again not too sure about it. Plus it has candy crush and ngl but I hate it now because all the games I go on have candy crush. Sorry.Score: 1/5

FrustratingYou need to complete tasks to earn coins so that you can purchase the things you need to create your makeover, however the tasks are virtually impossible to complete, it can take you at least 10 attempts before you pass a level this will give you enough coins to buy 1 or 2 things before having to pass another level to earn more coins, again taking another 10 attempts. So frustrating, they clearly make it this difficult in the hope that you’ll spend money on boosters. It would be really good if they made it fair..Score: 2/5

All they want is moneyAs most games once you hit a certain level, you can’t progress without a million add ones which of course cost money. Will be deleting the Game/ it’s not that great of a game to spend money on..Score: 2/5

EnjoyableDon’t let the silly ad mislead you, the game is based on a makeover show and is very addictive! My only criticisms are that there aren’t enough free bonuses and power ups earned/offered and it’s very difficult to get through levels without spending money. Also it’s as much of an interior design makeover as it is a fashion one. Otherwise it’s great..Score: 3/5

Not goodIt’s good but I don’t love it.Score: 4/5

AverageTricked by the advertisement of this game, thought it was a funny ‘quick makeover’ game where women need to get ready quick for a date etc. But is really nothing like that at all. The match arcade style game is good, again basic candy crush formula but enjoyable The ‘films’ are excruciating and seem to be never ending.Score: 3/5

I love this game but...If it crashes just as I’m about to win/just after I win one more time, I am going to throw my phone at the wall. It still takes my life but I don’t get the coins I’ve just won because of the game crashing. Very frustrating!!.Score: 4/5

Great gameThis game is great fun because you get to design your own person/room! I would like the game to collect money to be a lot more fun. But otherwise i love it!.Score: 4/5

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Classic Pay-to-PlayThis game, like many others, is a classic pay-to-play style game. The first few levels are a combination of challenging and easy and then the difficulty level spikes to unplayable unless you pay for boosts. The only redeeming factor is that there are not an avalanche of ads..Score: 2/5

Why?I play and play and lose, then I’ll win A few and get a measly 300 coins ! Ok it’s the fun of playing I get it but I don’t see why I get the dollars to dress up the designer I would rather finish my levels or at least have the choice of coins to finish my levels or bucks for the designer! I do like the game but it does get frustrating!.Score: 2/5

LameI literally hate waiting for the lives. Makes me not wanna play the game at all.Score: 1/5

Love the gameIt is so funny it is the best game I’ve ever played it’s just I hate I hate I hate I hate how you have to wait so long for you can get another life.Score: 5/5

The algorithm is designed to rip you off!Always need 1/2 moves to win, which their algorithm is designed to make you much less possible to win!.Score: 1/5

Stupid appWhat a piece of garbage, terrible ads, terrible message to young women and men. do better..Score: 1/5

Not goodThe advertisement shows the game differently but anyway, the game is way too annoying, you should have different mini games so player can choose what mini game he wants to play not just the knockoff shot candy crusj.Score: 1/5

It’s okay, there’s room for improvementA lot of games offer free lives for 1 hour or 30 minutes on a daily basis. It makes me wanna go back to those games and sometimes even buy something. Maybe something for you guys to consider. Another thing is the levels are unnecessary hard!! I play a lot of similar games but this one is just getting annoying with me passing 1 level and the next one spending the whole day on it. Seriously guys let us play the game and actually enjoy the story and the makeover part..Score: 3/5

Not really good appIt’s difficult to pass some levels and when I think I will success the app crash. Seem necessary to pay in the game if you want progress..Score: 2/5

Very dissatisfiedYou would think that when one does pay some money to help with the game that the game would not be so hard as to use up every bonus item bought within the first hour after buying the items. This does not encourage me to buy more. It makes me feel angry and frustrated and want to cancel the game. I have wasted my money and I do not feel rewarded for investing in the game..Score: 1/5

WORST GAME EVER😡😡🤬🤬Never play this game, pretty much every thing is terrible..Score: 1/5

Pretty goodPretty good game other than I swear they make it so hard to pass a level 🥸.Score: 4/5

Shuts down when I’m about to winRight before I’m about to win the app suddenly shuts off... thanks.Score: 2/5

CrashesCrashes every time I’m about to win a game ☹️.Score: 3/5

U bad✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️unholy game NoT god for the kiddO’s 😩🧑‍🦼✌️✌️🦤💨💨💨💨💨💨.Score: 1/5

Same old, same old.Just like every other match 3 game, the levels become impossible to do. You waste so any lives just trying to finish a level to get a few coins. Time to delete this app..Score: 2/5

Not worth itYou hardly play the makeover portion of the game, it’s all just mini games and it takes so long to earn the coins you need for the makeovers..Score: 1/5

What the hecc?BRUH. This game is not what it says to be. I played a little , but it’s really sexist and bad....Score: 1/5

Hot GarbageI was actually slightly enjoying the game for a while, but the cons started to quickly outweigh the pros. First of all, it’s 2% gameplay 98% candy crush, which I wouldn’t have a problem with if the devs didn’t purposely give you less moves than you need. But then I got to level 134 and I gotta say whatever moron designed this level deserves to take a long walk off a short cliff. The circumstances and the number of moves are so dumb it drove me to uninstall this garbage game and write this review. Then the stupid mini games only give you 300 coins per win, which is almost never enough, and the daily log in prizes are a joke. Just like every mobile game these days everything is behind a paywall or is annoyingly grindy. Not to mention the highly offensive ads, and in game messages you’re sending to impressionable children. I played up until the goth girl and all the “designers” were borderline making fun of her makeup and clothes. Distasteful, a waste of time, and terrible game design, which is a shame because this could’ve been a really enjoyable game but yknow....$$$.Score: 1/5

Episode 13Ive been waiting for episode 13 for now a very long time.. will it aired soon ? .....Score: 4/5

ReviewThe game is fun but I do find it a bit to hard to pass the levels which can get frustrating and make me want to give up on the game.Score: 3/5

Can’t advanceLoved it but got to a level I couldn’t beat even when I purchased extra turns. No thank you, I’m out..Score: 2/5

I actually really like this game.People get triggered so easily these days. I honestly think this game is really entertaining. Like, people need to stop being so soft, it’s literally a game. Get over it 😀 But in all seriousness, I’m having fun playing it..Score: 5/5

Toxic, damaging, disgusting 🤮Downloaded the app, just to leave a review. I see the ads for this game in another game I play and every time I see it I cringe! Spreads horrific, toxic, violent messaging to both boys and girls. This makes me sick at my core and I cannot believe this game exists in 2021 and that I have to see ads for it. Whoever makes this game or profits for it should question their lives and seek professional help..Score: 1/5

Stuck on one levelYou will get stuck on one level quite often. It’s frustrating. Too many little games and difficult levels with no powers to clear unless you buy it..Score: 2/5

Becomes impossibleFor the most part a fun game but once you get to the higher levels it becomes almost impossible to advance without spending money and even then it doesn’t always help. I spend DAYS on the same level using all kinds of booster, extra moves and lives without advancing at all. The hand isn’t really worth the time anymore.Score: 2/5

Good but expensiveIt’s really fun and cool! But it costs a lot of coins for things like tables and paintings.Score: 4/5

BeginnerI’m a 9 year old and wanna try I’ll write another review once I play.Score: 5/5

III think that this game has no place in today’s society! I can not believe that the creators of this revolting game thought that the message they are sending to young girls is okay! I only downloaded the game so that I could give it a review..Score: 1/5

I keep running out of livesStop trying to get my money I just wanted give makeovers but I gotta do all these stupid candy crush mini games instead. I can’t get get more lives with gems because I don’t HAVE ANY!! the only way I can get gems is to buy them but I’ve been getting stuck on certain levels causing me to drain out all my lives. Then I gotta wait for a new life but then that ones gone and I can’t even play the game. Literally what is even the point of this game.Score: 1/5

CrashesThis game continually crashes. I had to reopen the game four times to complete a task.....Score: 1/5

Barely any makeoversIf I wanted to play candy crush I would. 95% of the game is mini candy crush style games to earn more coins. 2.5% is making over a person’s room and the remaining 2.5% is making over the actual person. Deleted it within an hour when I realized it doesn’t get better. I would pay for a game where it was just makeovers. But you couldn’t pay me to play this game.Score: 1/5

Coin collectionThe way that coin collection is done in the game, only 300 at a time no matter the level you achieve, is not ideal. Coins should be awarded based on you do on each level in terms of points earned with bombs, color wheels, rockets, etc..Score: 2/5

JeuPas assez de vie illimité & j'ai des amies qui disparaît de ma liste d'amis sans raison.Score: 3/5

Tengo problemas de ropaMi avatar es. Femenino y la mayoría de los premios que me dan son ropas masculinas y no voy a cambiar a mi avatar para tener ropa más genial. Juego mucho y mi chica no tiene ni ropa ni zapatos bonitos Quiero saber porque siempre me gano o me envían cosas para un avatar masculino ???.Score: 2/5

Had to stop playingIt keeps crashing and I can’t advance to the next stage.Score: 2/5

In App PurchaseCharged me twice for one in app purchase! Went to customer support and they are off-line for 9 days! That is bad customer service!.Score: 1/5

Hoax just like other games like HomescapesThis is basically a bad version of candy crush. The makeover kind of advertising is just to get you to download the app. If i wanted to play the mini games, which btw use up all the game time. I would prefer to download the original games instead. Deleting the app. Do not recommend. Play candy crush !!.Score: 1/5

Barely a makeover gameThe makeover options are fun... for the first couple of levels. But once you get anywhere past the first couple of makeovers the coins you take several days to earn because one level is so difficult, you can’t even change one thing because the items cost so much. The coins earned should at the very least increase when the difficulty level increases and the items cost more. On top of that by the time you are actually able to change one thing in the makeover part, you don’t even get to choose things, it’s just all removing items and then adding something standard. I would love to see higher coin rewards with bigger levels, and as the levels go up there should be MORE options and choices for the makeover part! I like a match 3 game as much (or more) as the next person, but that isn’t the reason I downloaded this game. I’m getting bored very quickly..Score: 2/5

Nope not for meFrustrating to play. I agree with one reviewer, too many mini games to play for not enough coins, just annoys me. Games should be a pleasant pastime. This one goes all over the place, and I say it again, those mini games, ugh, annoying Deleted, sorry...Score: 2/5

BibiMe love the game.Score: 5/5

Ayoye estiC’est ben l’fun jusqu’au moment où tu dois passer 15 vies sur un niveau super difficile pis tu gagnes le même montant peu importe le niveau de difficulté Plus tu avances, plus tu dois dépenser pour des cossins inutiles. Avant tu payais 150$ pour mettre du maquillage... après faut que tu payes 300$ pour le mascara, 300$ pour le fond de teint, 300$ pour le mascara... pire qu’un jeu Electronic Games voyons donc Le niveau de frustration du jeu équivaut zéro pis une barre le niveau de joie quand tu relook. J’vais appeler Stéphane Bellavance à place merci bonsoir.Score: 2/5

670 is not beatableTo whom it may concern Number 670 is not beatable. I have enjoy the game up to this point and spent money. But when the rugs don’t even drop down to be removed that is not fair. This need to be fixed. Or I guess the game is considered over at this point. Please fix number 670. Our I will delete the game Thank you Terri.Score: 1/5

Why put on pants?Every time I leave my avatar in his underwear I come to check on him and he is wearing pants!.Score: 3/5

Can you please update??No update for 2 weeks. I am loosing interest..Score: 2/5

It’s pretty goodIt’s a really good game I really enjoy this game but theirs one problem about it I wish that their where more lives cause you can lose lives easily! But other than that I would recommend this game for everyone..Score: 4/5

Stupid.You need thousands and thousands of dollars to do legit anything in the game, and you get money by basically playing candy crush. Fine, except you only get like, 200$ per game. Which means pretty much all you do is play the same game over and over and over trying to save up enough money to style their freaking hair!!!! It’s stupid and repetitive and I deleted it after the first level. It didn’t advertise that part of the game but it drove me crazy and I do not recommend. If you want this game you might as well get candy crush instead..Score: 1/5

I love the gameIt’s so cool and super fun to play I will never forget about the game I love it to much.Score: 5/5

Absolute garbageThis game is disgusting it’s implying that females need make up to be beautiful and it could really lower someone’s self esteem it’s racist and sexist as well i’d rate it zero stars if i could.Score: 1/5

Takes too long to get more livesThis game moves so slowly because you lose a life if you lose a puzzle/game. Waiting for the lives to load takes 10+ min and the only way to fast forward would be to buy lives. I’d never spend real $$ on a silly iPhone game. C’mon..Score: 3/5

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Ran out of ideas for stories?Twice you guys did a story on a character and couldn’t move further in game. This game is good only when you can play. If they don’t change soon will stop playing. Fix these issues, have Stories ready to go and not just one at a time with nothing to do till next story comes out..Score: 1/5

Kicked out of gameTwice now just as I have about to win one of the games I get kicked out and have to restart all over again very frustrating it’s like it doesn’t want me to beat this level..Score: 1/5

MehGame is super fun.. but it becomes impossible to win without spending money. I’ve spent well over 100 dollars on this game since I’ve had it but that’s the end of that. I just opened it to play it again after a couple of months.. and even with the free 30 mins, i closed the app because it’s INFURIATING how impossible a majority of these levels are. . Furthermore, I’ll be deleting..Score: 2/5

Buying Gems not workingI truly like this game!!! It’s very addictive I just would like for you to help figure out what is wrong with the game.Score: 5/5

Okay 😕This game is ok but not the best. I don’t really like it because it is just not what I thought it was when I saw the app.😕😕😕.Score: 2/5

App Keeps Shutting Down in Middle of GameLove the game but recently, the app keeps shutting down in the middle of my game. I know it has to do with the app because I am not having any other issues with my tablet. Please fix!.Score: 3/5

Like the game, not even bonuses to keep playing without buyingThe game is great and fun. But you run in the lives and you don’t get enough rewards to keep playing without having to buy something so I will most likely delete it soon..Score: 3/5

PesimoDespues de mi segundo avatar no me dejaba abanzar al siguiente lo intente mil veses pesimo el servicio de ayuda y justo cuando me enpezaba a gustar buu lo borrare no lo recomiendo para nada 😡.Score: 1/5

Gets FrustratingThe game is really fun,but as soon as you get into the levels you continually get knocked out of the game.... if that could get fixed would be so much happier 👍.Score: 3/5

Game get impossibleI started out liking the game just fine, but after a few makeovers the games get impossible to beat if you don’t buy the extra boosts or lives. Then the make over items you have to buy are so expensive. A few hundred dollars just to remove their clothes is ridiculous..Score: 3/5

SuggestionI would have given a higher review since this game is so fun, but something that has been really bothering me is the fact that my moves register incorrectly and sometimes cost me the game. It would be such a better experience if there was a move reversal for one move back during the game. They could even have it as an in-app purchase. But besides that it is a fun game to play..Score: 3/5

One issue.I love your game!! You have some of the best graphics for a cartoon game. The items we get to select from to use for designing the rooms and outfits are actually pretty and not like most games that are cartoonish in outrageous colors, but are colors I may actually use in my real home. My only issue is how very hard the levels are. I like a challenging level. But taking 10 times to beat every single level is absurd. I get you want to inspire people to spend money on the game. I have no issue spending for in app purchases. Y’all deserve it for the good work you’ve done. But it’s just too much. Spending up to 50 bucks to beat 5 levels is insane..Score: 5/5

Great game but....I really like this game. The makeovers are fun but the games to earn coins... not so much. At first they are super easy but eventually get impossible to beat without just lucking out. It gives you limited amount of moves and, unless you end up with a bunch of combos, is ultimately impossible! I wish they would make it a little more like Candy Crush in the sense that those combos would blow at the end and attempt to give you a chance at completing the board!.Score: 3/5

It’s too much playing levels to help one characterIt is ridiculous the amount of levels you have to play to change one element in the character’s life. You want to change the shoes? 350 coins. Want to add the shelves? 700 coins. Want to die the hair? 600 coins. You only get 350 coins per level. It is RIDICULOUS as some levels require you to complete a goal of belts, sunglasses etc and the amount of moves given is not enough to complete the level. You are playing one level for a whole freaking week at times. It really takes the fun out of the game. To improve it, give more coins per level. If you are having a change of shirt being 600 coins, then each level should gives us 650 coins because their are changes that are 900 coins. Urgh. Very annoying..Score: 2/5

Be Ready To Spend Your MoneySure, games could be fun but they don’t appear meant to be won without paid help. So, be ready to spend some coin in order to move forward as it’s hard to be successful without it..Score: 1/5

Not winnableI liked it until I reached an unwinnable level.Score: 2/5

Fun but....Ok, this really is a soothing game that’s fun to play. Can have some challenging levels which is good but not impossible to pass. The problem is it takes way too long for new projects. I have passed 12 and have been waiting for the next project for 2 weeks. They have “Executive levels” to play while you wait for the next project to be released where you earn stars that turn into rewards later but I’ve passed 71 of them and still nothing. Easily 5 stars if they pick up the project pace..Score: 3/5

It’s okSome of the levels are ridiculous. App freezes on my phone at times causing me to restart my phone..Score: 3/5

Love the game!I love the game, but y’all need videos or packages that include the bombs and sparklers! You make it almost impossible to get those items. Use the dollars we earn to not only pay for the avatar accessories, but those items as well!.Score: 4/5

Fun At FirstI loved this game at first and then it got crazy difficult. They basically want your money to be able to finish any levels past the first few. This game has so much potential but the impossible levels after a bit make it a waste of time..Score: 1/5

WhyIts an ok game but it’s costly and if you don’t pay for stuff you have to wait hours to play again.Score: 1/5

Very StressfulLove the game,but it can be really stressful.Score: 4/5

Poorly designedThe game doesn’t give you enough time to win a game also there are no other ways to get gemstones which feels like they only want you to purchase to make them rich. 5 times to play is not a good way to keep you playing much. I think I might have to find something else similar to play..Score: 2/5

Needs updatesIt’s a great game but it freezes to much. Makes you lose turns. That’s money..Score: 2/5

Gets ImpossibleAs many others have said it starts out fine and fun, but the puzzles get so hard and reward you the same. This means you end up having to beat 3 levels just to do one little thing which becomes very tedious. I’d proceed with caution. If you’re okay making in app purchases than you’d be fine, but it’s really hard to play for free..Score: 3/5

WardrobesNot enough variety.Score: 3/5

Fun but spending too much moneyLevels become impossible without so many extras. Also you pay to remove old clothes but now my person standing in her bakery for weeks with only a towel on. Weird!.Score: 3/5

At first it was fun, but then...I loved this game when I first started. It’s really fun and creative. What I love are the parts where you can be creative. What I don’t love are the mini games to get enough money to be creative. Round 1, great. As the game advances, however, prices go up and the mini games get much harder but still only pay $300 per game. It started reminding me of corporate - work harder, get no more pay. This made it take too long to get to the parts of the game i enjoyed. So I deleted it..Score: 2/5

Way too hardIt’s really fun at first but once you hit level 134 it is impossible to pass a level without purchasing boosters. Not going to do that so the app is getting deleted. Too bad because it is fun..Score: 2/5

Not my favorite.Great concept. Could be addictive. Not worth wasting any money on for sure. Hair styles for avatars are hideous. I’ve seen so much better in games not even about make overs. Only half of your rewards even pertain to you, because they give out rewards for opposite avatar than you. Most rounds within a certain puzzle are not solvable. So wasted effort. Don’t spend money on these. To even get anywhere you require a lot of friends to give you enough hearts (lives) to make the game a worthwhile one to pass the time. If not then it’s over in 2 minutes until you wait another 20 between lives. Who wants to play a game that you have to stop playing for that much at a time?? Ridiculous. Could be so much better...... But it’s not......Score: 2/5

Project MakeoverI thought this was going to be just another boring game. I had know idea I would be hooked so fast! I’ve been playing almost a week and I’m almost on level 200! I love it! It’s fun challenging and gets my competitive juices going! Lol I’m so glad I gave it a chance! 5⭐️’s TYSM!.Score: 5/5

I love it but keep readingI love this game it is lots of fun but I rly hate how hard it can he :( it is so great and I think it’s unfair but other than that it’s an amazing game I play all the time! I rly suggest it to someone and download it to give it a try! And or send it to a friend :) I think that it is with getting and also just enjoy ursslf!.Score: 5/5

Harder Games makesIt almost impossibleOf course it’s to get you to spend money. Ok I’ll accept that. But if you’re going to make the games harder you could at least award higher amounts so we can enjoy the actual fashion part of the app. Just a suggestion..Score: 2/5

It’s impossibleThe idea of this game is nice. But it’s really hard, it has become impossible to continue to the next makeover..Score: 2/5

Take it or leave itI keep playing because the makeovers are fun, but the levels to win coins are bad enough to never want to play again. Weird it costs coins to have the makeover subject remove their old clothes, one piece at a time. Some levels are way more difficult than they need to be, making you feel like you have to pay to win..Score: 2/5

BoringDoesn’t allow you to change avatar keep playing no clothes It’s exhausting.Score: 1/5

The gamesIt takes forever to beat a level like you set it up to make me have to buy the gems... I don’t like it..Score: 1/5

Great game!!Absolutely love playing the game! I enjoy playing it every day before bed. But I’m tired of running out of lives so quickly. It’s honestly annoying. There shouldn’t be lives if the game is going to be made this way. Also, having to play the puzzle game over and over and over again eventually gets boring. Like I said, love the game! But if someone doesn’t fix these problems that I’m sure other people have noticed, then I’m just going to quit playing in general..Score: 4/5

Too expensiveI love this game, nut the clothing items are too expensive..Score: 3/5

ReviewThe overall game is stupid, it took me a long time to get to the place I wanted to (the making over part). I had to sit there and play off brand candy crush just to get where I wanted, and what was advertised. I would suggest having an infinite amount of moves for the game..Score: 1/5

Not really a good gameEvery time I play the game they make me do this weird other game and I don’t like that so could you please fix that because I just gave you one star is because that little thing I keep on failing on it so please fix that I don’t like the game I will still keep it but you have to keep one promise stop that certain thing please I am seven years old this is supposed to be for four years old I don’t believe because like I can’t do it so please fix it because I don’t like it in probably other people of stuff what they don’t like in this game but it is kind of good OK so just fix one for in person and I will give you five stars OK so please please please please do it pretty please do it👗👗👗👗👗👗👗👗👗🧥🧥🧥🧥🧥🧥🧥👚👚👚👚.Score: 1/5

Just wants you to spend money.It’s a fun game for sure, but you only get 5 lives and once they run out you have to buy more, or wait. I don’t like that feature, it makes it hard to play the game..Score: 1/5

I love project makeoverEverything is free unless you WANT to buy gems. It’s not that game where you need to do what it says, I love project makeover because it lets you be creative.Score: 5/5

It controls what your allowed to pick.It say this is optional but you can’t do anything else unless you pick it. Also you have to get diamonds or buy them..Score: 1/5

GreatThis game is so fun and you never run out of things to do I really recommend this gane.Score: 5/5

They’ll take your moneyI bought gems and they took my money but didn’t give me the gems. It’s absolutely ridiculous and they said payment successful and if I didn’t get my items to contact customer service. There isn’t any info on how to do so. So you’re basically screwed..Score: 2/5

The greatest gameOMG I LOVE this game it is so cool 😎.Score: 5/5

It’s okI was addicted to this game at one point, now i hate it. To many puzzles.Score: 2/5

Took my money and my purchaseGot addicted to the game and I purchased gems and chose to use them to continue a game and then it kicked me out. Took my gems and my money..Score: 1/5

Good LuckYou will play level after level after level with no wins. It takes forever to earn enough coins to do anything with. Highly NOT recommended. I’m deleting it now!.Score: 1/5

Performanece Lab 🎯Performance Lab ® CORE Formulas support all aspects of human performance, across all walks of life. Boosts work performance and productivity with nootropics for focus, multitasking under stress, creative problem-solving and more. Buy Now!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

Candy crush rip offCute game based around candy crush.Score: 2/5

DisappointedThis game was fun at first but the levels only get harder and take longer for a full makeover. I’ve been stuck on level 82 for about a week and I can’t keep spending money on gems to get boosters. I think gems should be accessible a lot easier/quicker and levels shouldn’t get harder.Score: 3/5

Dropping outI was enjoying playing the game but it has been shutting down just when you’re about to finish a level. I have lost so many diamonds and lives it’s past a joke. I have numerous games on my iPad and this is the only one it happens too..Score: 1/5

HeyIt’s super fun pls contact me on 0405777669.Score: 4/5

Good but needs improvementWhy do you only ever get $300 reward for passing the gaming levels yet the levels get harder and the make overs cost more and more?? The money you earn for passing a level should be determined by the amount of moves you do it in like most games and keep the prices more consistent. Charging $200 each item of clothing the person is taking off for the make over is ridiculous! There should be a one off strip cost including glasses and accessories. It is impossible to proceed with the make overs as the levels get harder with $300 maximum as the reward and its $900 to add a new bar or other furniture. Come on!.Score: 3/5

TunniSome levels seem completely outrageous. No need to break four shirts, then four material squares just to get to the sunglasses. Why so hard when all you can do is play for days and days till the game to gives you the extras to make it to the next level. It’s supposed to be fun not make you angry!.Score: 4/5

EnjoyedI started off enjoying this game but I am doing harder levels now and sometimes it takes a while to get the level out, very often just as I am 1 or 2 moves from getting the level out the whole game just shuts down very frustrating and is happening more and more.Score: 3/5

Expensive to play beyond first few levels not worth itInitially the game was good and enjoyable however it does not take long before you can not progress without making purchases which add up very very quickly. Don’t bother unless have plenty of money to pay for in app purchases. Gets boring very very quickly.Score: 1/5

BoringNo bonuses each transformation is boring and identical . Game play is fun but you don’t get bonuses and to refill lives costs too much from you inventory. You just get sick of having no lives left.Score: 1/5

Interesting game...I like to play this game but it’s so difficult somehow. Like level 224 ... Even they don’t give you more stuff like bomb or rocket or rainbow....... Even if you find one sometimes, it’s not working the way it should work. Still love it and wanna play but please bring some improvements. Thanks. 😊.Score: 4/5

Keeps CrashingLove the game but it keeps crashing. The games’s Support Team says my iPad is too old but their game notes indicate that my iPad is compatible. I didn’t mind a bit of crashing as I just restarted the game and kept playing. However, since the new update it only lasts less than a minute. I can’t proceed in the game at all. That means all of my progress is now lost. So, not so great now..Score: 1/5

I like the game but...This game is very enjoyable how ever, things are getting expensive and i feel like it would be fair to acquire more coins after completing levels (even if its an extra 100).Score: 4/5

Lives is bsI actually really like the game, but the lives system made me delete it once already. LET US PLAY THE DAMN GAME, or at least only make us wait five minutes between lives..Score: 1/5

DO NOT BUY!!This game is stealing money from my account! I deleted this game a week ago and i was charged for gems 3 days ago. I dont have a child and no one else has access to my phone. I contacted apple for a refund and they wouldnt give me one! So apple is no help either! Again do not buy this game!!!.Score: 1/5

GudThis game is gud.Score: 5/5

FrustratingCan’t move on unless u connect with Facebook. Very frustrating can’t I just play without using social media.Score: 2/5

Game crashing!I did enjoy the game but I am so sick of it crashing just as I’m about to complete a level! Don’t get this game!.Score: 1/5

Could use some tweaksOk game so far, but I feel like you don’t get enough money when u play candy crush.Score: 3/5

The worst!!!DO NOT GET IT!!! It’s so bad you get to a certain level and I can’t pass it everything is so expensive as you get to your forth makeover. If you have no patience and and don’t want to waste your time on trying to pass a really difficult level then do not get it!.Score: 2/5

Good but not that goodReally enjoying this game, half way through my second make over but I’ve been playing the same puzzle for two weeks and starting to get the impression I can’t beat it unless I spend money on the app. No thank you, I’ll stick to my solitaire haha.Score: 3/5

Project MakeoverIt is a pretty good game. However there are some flaws. I think there should be more lives (5 is not enough), that you should earn more money per level 600 Ms more appropriate considering the difficulty of some levels. The power ups should be more accessible ( not cost 400 gems) they should maybe cost 150 at most. And we should be able to get gems easier. They are a vital part of the game and yet are quite rare. Thank you.Score: 3/5

I love it. But.......The game is amazing! You play games to get money then when you have money you can do tasks........ but I wish the tasks where more hands on..Score: 3/5

Fun to play- but it’s pretty much candy crushReally enjoyed playing this at the start, but when you get to level 80 and you can’t pass the level for days it becomes quite frustrating. There are no easy quick levels with a couple of hard it’s all hard. Price for make overs seems to be increasing but the reward for completing a make over is exactly the same. Makes it really hard to enjoy playing a game when you can only actually play it for about 10 minutes a week before your coins run out..Score: 3/5

Good not Make me pay to winGame Are hard. Which is good but unbeatable unless you pay that’s not good about to give up cause it’s taking the piss.Score: 1/5

Money pitVery hard to progress unless you pay money for diamonds..Score: 2/5

Level 258That level is ridiculous and I’m deleting it because of it..Score: 3/5

FunFun , likes it.Score: 5/5

GoodLittle good.Score: 2/5

Fun but time consumingWaiting 20 minutes for one life to refill is ridiculous especially when you have to play a game more than once to win the level. Be prepared to either spend money on gems or spend a whole bunch of time..Score: 3/5

Nothing like advertisedSame as all the other games that you are required to solve levels to gain points or dollars to complete tasks (makeovers) it’s ok to start with then becomes tedious..Score: 2/5

Rigged levelsFun in the beginning but the levels become harder to complete. Attempted a level over 20 times and still can’t advance, makes me wonder if they purposely don’t let us win the level so that we’d spend money on the game. Nice try though..Score: 1/5

DisappointedThis game could be great but I’m going to have to delete. I’m on my 4th makeover and makeovers are so damn expensive and the stupid level is impossible to complete without spending actual money to buy more moves. I refuse to spend hard earned money on an app in these hard times. You need to rethink the set up of this game. It’s a shame because I was enjoying it..Score: 2/5

Rewards ??Definitely could be better. Should be rewarded more as the levels get harder especially since one my current level (5th person I think) it’s $750 for a HAIR CUT ??? That is 3 successful rounds for the mini games 🙃🥴.Score: 3/5

App CrashesLove the games on this app. They are fun. Love the no ads etc. The makeovers are a bit boring because the way it was advertised isn’t at all like how the game actually is. The games on several occasions have crashed when I am just about to finish a hard level that I have been working on all day. Annoying to say the least. Kinda makes me not want to play anymore..Score: 2/5

No star!Level 205 always crashes..Score: 1/5

Very hardIts very hard to plqy. So bad. Im going to remove and uninstalled this game. Time and dqtq wasting..Score: 1/5

PooloooooooooooPoooooooooooôooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooP?!?!?!.Score: 5/5

Too HardThe first couple of levels were enjoyable but when I got up to level 23 it was too hard especially since I didn’t have any gems 💎 If you could make it easier that would be fantastic sand I wish you could just make it available to do designing not the candy rush or the game to get coins. Overall: okay 😕.Score: 3/5

Fun at the start but Annoying by 2nd makeover!!This game is fun, however I’m disappointed that you have to collect coins to be able to use them to give makeovers! Most of your time will be spent actually just trying to collect coins and some of the challenges are almost impossible. You only get 5 chances to collect coins and then it times out and you have to wait until your turns to collect coins or ofcourse spend money. I wait until my lives have been restored and then I have another 5 chances to collect coins. You can only win a maximum of 300 coins per round which isnt sufficient to buy your ‘project’ a makeover!It shouldn’t even be called Project Makeover as all you end up spending time doing is trying to collect coins to buy clothes and furniture got the actual makeover!.Score: 2/5

ReveiwI totally love this game! The only thing I don’t like is that some of the levels are REALLY hard. Other then that love the game!.Score: 4/5

Way too much candy crush....I got this game for the makeover aspect of it but somehow I’m spending all my time playing candy crush to achieve the makeovers. Only up to my third makeover but level 57 in Candy Crush....not what I was expecting! Honestly if I wanted to play Candy Crush I’d download that instead of a makeover game..Score: 1/5

Don’t BotherIt started off great but then as you get higher up the games become impossible to finish without actually buying your way through..Score: 2/5

Rip off gameThis game was double charging my Apple ID for purchases. So I deleted it. Always check your purchase history. I would only buy one small item in any day, but i would have 2 separate charges on the same day in my payment history..Score: 1/5

GlitchySince the latest update it keeps freezing and crashing before it even loads into the game. Such a waste. It was fine before. Why change it?!.Score: 2/5

Exactly what I need👍.Score: 5/5

Fun game but....It’s fun to play but you have to get through way too many levels of the candy crush style game in order to complete the makeovers... gets boring really quickly as the levels become harder and it takes soooooo many goes to earn the coins required for one makeover. I see myself being over it very quickly..Score: 2/5

MehAnother candy crush.Score: 1/5

Frustrating!!!Why are so many levels so hard even when using boosters. Wasting my damn money trying to pass levels. Hate this game..Score: 1/5

Good, but glitchyI’ve really enjoyed playing this game, but it constantly kicks me out. I’ll nearly win a level, then it’ll just exit me out. Now I’m up to a reveal, and whenever I click “show reveal” it exists me out of the game. It’s a pity because I really like this game, but I wish that the glitches would be fixed.Score: 4/5

The best gameIt is so fun and uses a lot of brain power the only reason I didn’t give it a 5 is because it takes 15 mins to get 1life back.Score: 4/5

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