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PLAY YOUR WAY. Create a legacy and make a statement. The world of MLB awaits in R.B.I. Baseball 21. R.B.I. is the fast-paced, easy-to-learn baseball franchise perfect for anyone who wants to pick up and play, and R.B.I. Baseball 21 brings new features including create-a-player, play-by-play commentary, immersive time-of-day, and incredible visual improvements. Step up to the plate, crush home runs, and take your club to a World Series title in R.B.I. Baseball 21. NEW FEATURES TO RBI BASEBALL 21 - Create-A-Player Mode: with enormous customization options, create a slugger that fits your style and make him an MLB superstar - Play-by-play Commentary: Our most requested feature – Play-by-play has come to R.B.I. Baseball! Striiiiiiiiiike! PLAY BASEBALL YOUR WAY - Pick up and play with exhibition mode – Fast-paced baseball on demand - Start a dynasty with Franchise mode – pick your team and develop your own MLB story - Deep customization options allow for you to manage the complexity to the way you like - 12 batting control style combinations – crush dingers your way - Customize difficulty with contextual difficulty sliders - Set your preferred camera angle for pitching and batting with 19 options - Jam out to over 20 licensed tracks, including songs by Justin Bieber & Travis Scott, The Chainsmokers, Diplo, blackbear & more AUTHENTIC MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL - Incredible player model improvements make the action more realistic than ever - Pitch paths driven by MLB STATCAST totally unique to pitchers in the game - Play-by-play commentary makes the game feel more natural than ever before - Weekly Roster Updates keeps your squad up to date with the latest MLB breakout stars - Play as all 30 MLB Clubs & every player, as well as over 165+ legendary MLB players and clubs

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R.B.I. Baseball 21 App Reviews (856)

TerribleThis is not a decent game. It’s not even a okay game. It’s an utterly, utterly dreadful game with absolutely zero redeeming qualities..Score: 1/5

Imagine being able to throw to a base in a baseball gameGame works ok? Few crashes here and there. Guess it’s part of the process. But then the fielding comes along. For some reason, the fielder has no intent on throwing the ball to a base, even with some furious taps to the button. Means you can’t do grounders or throwing ahead of the runners. Absolutely game breaking. Maybe that’s why the devs did not decide to give a tutorial on how to throw a ball to a bag. Not recommended unless this is fixed. Period. I mean can you imagine an MLB game where the infielders just hold onto the ball every time they get the ball? Update: despite the update you still cannot make a groundout to save your life. Also more buggy stuff.Score: 1/5

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Crash all the timeBruh.Score: 1/5

Fix this game!Just like the other reviews say, can’t throw to bases!.Score: 3/5

Bugs and concernsI have noticed a couple times after I finished a game I tap “continue” and I cannot advance to next screen but there will be ambient background sound. Then just recently, I choose a pitch and the screen will be stuck at pitching screen with ambient background noise. I am running iOS 14.5. It feels like I wasted money buying this game..Score: 2/5

Too many glitchesGame is fun when it works but there are way too many glitches. Many times the game will just hang indefinitely and you can’t progress, or if you’re pitching and there’s a runner on first their display bar will be flashing all over the batter. When batting, the display bar for the runner still moves around strangely and obviously not intended. Have bought this game the past couple years and this is the first time I’ve seen so many bugs on launch..Score: 2/5

ThrowingGame is great and fun but I can’t throw the ball to a damn base.Score: 3/5

A step backwardsUPDATE May 23 - since last patch, runners on base no longer seem to know when they should run on force plays. Trying to send runners doesn’t always work, I have had runners on third refuse to advance after tagging up. Slow batters still get thrown out at first when hitting singles to right field. Lots of work still to be done..Score: 1/5

GarbageDoesn’t have updated teams or jerseys like it says and the game won’t even loud in for me i have no spent 20 dollars of my money for this game and it works every 2 days .. I’m not happy. At All. Fix your games or just stop selling garbage..Score: 1/5

TerribleIt is impossible to play baseball when the creators of the game don’t even make a game with the rules of baseball correctly. On a two out fly ball the runner can not tag up. The inning is over at Three Outs! I want a refund! WASTE OF TEN DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!! Batting timing is off so how are you suposed to hit the ball when the batter swings 2 seconds after you press swing.Score: 1/5

Game closes as loading !I just bought the game on my iPad and can’t play. It shuts down as soon as it’s loading even though I have the newest version....Score: 1/5

Unplayable constantly crashesJust terrible- this game crashes on iPhone XR and is unplayable. Not worth anything.Score: 1/5

CPU line upsComputer doesn’t play it’s best line up make them re adjust when guys get hurt or return.Score: 4/5

Fielders do not throwCan’t throw to any base..Score: 3/5

Knuckleballs?Since when does every MLB pitcher throw a knuckleball. That ridiculous pitch that every pitcher throws ruins the experience. Change-up? Sure. But a pitch that drops dead a foot in front of the plate? C’mon..Score: 2/5

Could be great if fixedThis game has great potential. The gameplay is great and really fun but there are a few things that I think should be fixed. Number 1: When I finish a game and I hit continue to go back to the menu but it just stays in the box score screen but I know it isn’t frozen because the music is still playing. This is the really big one. Number 2: When I try to throw to a base it works fine but it glitches really weirdly in that it looks like that ball goes through the fielder but then ends up in his glove. This is not fun for the eyes and gets pretty annoying. Number 3: When I have played on my IPad I have experienced a lot of crashing after about an inning maybe more and this makes it so I don’t want to play anymore. If this continues I will not be playing this game anymore. Even with all this, I still think this could be a great game. Minus these things the graphics are awesome and I love all the gameplay options and camera angles. If they put in the effort to make fixes this could be a 5 star caliber game..Score: 2/5

All of above.Great when it works. Which is a rarity. Plz fix..Score: 1/5

Sucks.This is one of the worst baseball games I have ever played. The graphics are not that good, the game keeps glitching on my phone. Or sucks.Score: 1/5

Fix your gameInfield not throwing ball to the base.Score: 5/5

FixCant throw to any base while fielding and game stops in 4th inning.Score: 1/5

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R.B.I 21The only problem is it wouldn’t let me throw to a base so I was forced to turn auto fielding on. Other than that good..Score: 5/5

MehI’ve got to start out by saying that this is so much better than the console version, as that was the worst $20 I have ever spent in my entire life. But to hit on this one, there’s some things I like, and a handful of things I think could be better and one major thing that you need to fix. Gameplay is nice and (kinda) smooth. One thing I would fix, give us the ability to sort by position, when doing trades, looking at the roster, and editing. Other than that, it’s a pretty decent experience. But for the love of god, can you please fix the fact that I can nail a ball straight center and somehow and infielder magically catches it from 8 feet away?? Every single time. It’s impossible to ground to the outfield because of this..Score: 3/5

Interesting physicsThe fasted pitch ever recorded clocked in at about 105 mph. Which make the Cubs’ pitcher’s 160mph curveball look impressive, impossible even. Well, because it is. The new update seems to have added a few glitches, such as moments when the app is loaded and nothing shows but the team backdrop after the title screen. And impossible catches and pitches. If only I was that good in high school....Score: 3/5

Good Game butThe game glitches sometimes.Score: 4/5

Awesome but a few stuff.To start it off I think this game is awesome and all but there is some stuff they can fix.#1 whenever I hit a GREAT hit it hits the ground and the players teleport to the ball and off the hop and call it a fly out.#2 sometimes I hit a ground ball thru a gap and they tp to the ball again for an easy out. That’s only 2 things they need to fix but all I can say is otherwise this is a great game. I would recommend buying it!.Score: 5/5

Tiene alguno defectosMe gustaría que el juego sea más realista deje de está haciendo jugada que se ven imposibles y que porfavor celebren los homerun para dejar en el terreno y que se celebren la Victoria de otra forma más real!.Score: 5/5

Choppy gameI have an iPhone 12 and I got the game thinking that it would work very good but everything is very choppy.Score: 3/5

FreezesWhile playing in Franchise Mode the game freezes every 10 games. I have tried closing the app and reopening but it would still be frozen. I have to restart that game but it still freezes in that same part of the game. I have to play and restart that game at least 3 times before it eventually works. I contacted support for the game and they replied saying they are improving the app for mlb.tv I do not need support for mlb.tv, I need it for R.B.I. 21. I replied explaining that to them and they have not responded since..Score: 1/5

Best iOS Game Purchase I’ve Ever MadeLove having a ‘real’ MLB baseball game and running a franchise just like I would on console/pc version. Mechanics are great, visuals great, the only thing I would like is more sound options. Namely the ability to MUTE THE ORGAN. I love this game, but really dislike the quick organ “beep” after every single play/pitch/hit etc..Score: 5/5

Glitches and unplayableWhat a terrible version. After playing RBI19 and RBI20, this is a disappointment. The game freezes mid game and at the start of new games, which does not allow the game to progress..Score: 1/5

Waste of moneyIf I’m paying 6 dollars for a game, it better not be crashing. Ridiculous..Score: 1/5

I love this gameBut it’s been glitchy as of late ! Mayb someone can help me how to fix it an I tried to re download it but it not any better.Score: 2/5

It’s good when it doesn’t glitchI like playing this game and enjoy the franchise mode I wish it had more but it is a mobile game but there are constant glitches that can ruin an experience such as: -Fielders not throwing -When you steal they run towards the outfield then go to 2nd Also sometimes a ball teleports into the opponent’s glove once a fielder dove and a ball that normally drops for a hit teleports into his glove even though he was a good 6ft away from it.Score: 4/5

2020 is WAY...... better.Terrible terrible terrible. I’m hoping that there’s going to be some bug fixes down the road because when I initially purchased 2020 it had bugs as well and those were then fixed. Idk if Covid-19 affected the process for how 2021 was made but it’s way more glitchy then 2020. Stops too frequently. And the commentary is horrendous. If you can’t do the commentary right, then leave it the way it was in 2020. You need an actual game caller in there like Matt Vasgerssian or Bob Costas or Joe Carver .... and if those kind of guys are too hard to get, then go with any team’s dual. As long as it’s a two man game calling situation like a real game. I like Fran Charles but you guys just have him talking by himself and it’s just corny. Anyway........... despite the commentary just PLEASE FIX THE BUGS AND GLITCHES..Score: 1/5

Great... but glitchyOverall this is a great game. It has all of the extra features that I like. Like your own player, and different power level swings. The only reason I give this a 4 star is evacuate of minor glitches. It’s not a huge deal, but they do get a little annoying. Like when you get the second out of the inning, the commentator will say, “that’s the first out!” Other things like how a player can dive 30ft away from the ball and still somehow catch it. Little stuff like that. But overall a first game and fun for new baseball fans!.Score: 4/5

App keeps freezing; unable to sim to current dateApp would have gotten a better score if it did not keep freezing up to the point where I have to restart my phone. If I want to bring it so my team is up to date with the current real team as far as the calendar goes, the app does not let me sim to those dates; the only message I receive is that the app is either loading or saving. I have tried going forward with another team and I get the same a message. This is extremely frustrating especially since I’ve hardly ever had issues with previous editions. Please fix!!’.Score: 2/5

Or worth 7.99This game has terrible graphics compared to the others. It is not worth 6.99 on mobile(Maybe on a Version 1 DS). So if you want to try it out go ahead and waste your money. I think the free game,(MLB 9 innings 21) has better graphics. Another thing is, is that when I throw or hit the ball it seems anticlimactic, like the throwing is not fast enough to be a 99 mph fastball. Same goes with the batting. I recommend MLB 9 innings 21 instead of this game..Score: 2/5

More realistic but..Crush allot.Score: 4/5

Crashing problemFun but crashes a lot. It gets frustrating Bc it doesn’t save your game when it crashes. I’ve played a few times and still on my second game.Score: 3/5

Needs 1 fixThe only issue that I have in this game is that it is SUPER laggy. I find myself never being able to hit the ball bc of how laggy the game is. That is literally it. This game has improved a lot in franchise and I’m glad I got the game. All I need is a server boost.Score: 4/5

Moving backwardsI don’t understand how 21 can have even more glitches than last year. As technology advances, this game gets worse? Doesn’t make any sense to me.Score: 1/5

Still crashes,same bugsPlease update immediately.Score: 3/5

Players get dirtyYou should makeWhenever a player slides or dives they get dirty.Score: 5/5

Talking about the gameI love this game it like the original game on a game station.Score: 5/5

Still didn’t fix the injury bugFigured you’d fixed the bug where if a created players gets injured, it locks up on the lineup screen. I have to turn injuries off to get it back to normal. I’d like for injuries to work, since it makes you have to sub in less used players. Please fix.Score: 3/5

UnplayableThe game is unplayable super laggy can’t hit what a waste of 7 dollars.Score: 1/5

Good update but with bugsSome interesting bugs. When base runners are on their banner seems to float in random locations and it is often impossible to press on it to get them to steal. Game gets hung up often and needs to be restarted to continue. Other small issues..Score: 4/5

Fun but flawedMinor things. Every pitch according to announcer is a fastball…crowd cheers for visiting team hits homers…balls driven into the alleys and the batters gets gunned down at second…ball goes to the track is a single…every throw on the money. Graphics are exceptional. Stadiums awesome. But people sitting behind home plate don’t love it when the visiting pitcher strikes out their hitter..Score: 4/5

It’s not badIt keeps kicking me out every 5 minutes my mom should get her money back.Score: 4/5

Game keeps crashingIs there a reason y this game keeps crashing? i didnt spend $6.99 for me not to play this game.Score: 2/5

1.0.2 still buggyI just scored a game time run in the bottom of the ninth, then saved and quit the game. Upon re-opening the app, that game tying run was now gone and the player that had scored of the run was no longer on base. Also, please remove the facial hair, beards specifically, from the player models of the NY Yankees..Score: 3/5

Glitch GaloreLots of annoying glitches but the one that bothers me most is trying to play post season mode and the game never advancing past the wildcard game. Win the wildcard, and then like Groundhog Day you’ll just play the same game 1 over and over in the first series. I’m going back to 2020 which has its own issues but at least you can play a post season..Score: 3/5

HelpTried to email a response to a review and it’s saying the email isn’t valid.Score: 1/5

Update today made it unplayableWhen I go into my franchise mode and start my game, I can’t get past my lineup. I’ve closed and restarted the app numerous times and it keeps doing the same thing. This wasn’t happening until the update today. Please fix!! Game has been great until today..Score: 3/5

Kind of FunI was a bit concerned when I saw all the bad reviews, but for $6.99 I rolled the. And you know what? The game isn’t that bad. Sure, there’s some weird looking physics that occurs with the ball and the players, and I sometimes need to restart my device in order to keep the game from crashing when I open it, but once going, the game is kind of fun, you can save in the middle of games so you can get in a few innings here and there without committing to a full game, and the representations of each stadium, at least the ones I’ve seen so far, are pretty cool. All in all, not bad for $6.99. If you’re not expecting too much, don’t worry about the bad reviews and take a shot..Score: 4/5

R.B.I 21A little better, doesn’t crash at least but after a game you can’t go back to the main menu. But otherwise a little better.Score: 5/5

Great game but horribly doneCome on guys! I can’t even get on my franchise page 1/3 do the time even when I do it kicks me out of the game when I push start game. I now have to boringly sim games and half the the time it doesn’t work. As for idea, if it was bug free I would play it 24\7.Score: 2/5

So many glitchesI’m disappointed with this game. I think the game can be good, without the glitches and crashes. As this being the main baseball mobile game, it should be better. It seems like every time i play something goes wrong. My game has crashes when i hit home runs sometimes, button glitches, created player glitches, etc..Score: 3/5

Awesome, but crashes too muchThis game is awesome, but the only thing is that it crashes way too much, and it’s not compatible with my Riot controller.Score: 4/5

I have always been a RBI fanThis is probably one of the best mobile apps for baseball. The authenticity of the team colors and stadiums make it enjoyable to play..Score: 4/5

Great gameThis is a great game, it just needs a CPU vs CPU.Score: 5/5

The game is trashThe game keeps crashing out haven’t been able to play a game had it for one week.Score: 1/5

Glitchy and laggyBase stealing buttons are completely broken and batting reaction times are severely lagging. Game is broken overall..Score: 2/5

Missing Player Career ModeSport sims really need proper career modes, not interested in managing an entire franchise over multiple seasons in a mobile game. Just copy NBA2Ks career mode..Score: 1/5

I love your guys games I’ve been playing since r.b.I 19 and can you guys pls add diamond dynastyPls add diamond dynasty.Score: 5/5

Very fun few setbacksThis game is bery fun to play on carrides or one the plane but it drains your battery very fast. Overall amazing game..Score: 3/5

I can’t use the pitchers I makeEvery time I try to play a game and it’s time to pitch my custom made pitcher causes glitches and all of the buttons disappear or the camera messes up or both.Score: 2/5

HorribleGame doesn’t work at all. Can’t play an exhibition game. Can not get out of any menu because back buttons done work. Lose pitching menu half way through the game. Worst version yet..Score: 1/5

Fix the batter boxI think hitting is terrible i swing at every thing because my batter box is tiny then on top of that you can only see your batters box after a strike or ball im not downloading again until its fixed.Score: 1/5

I’ve played 8 games, my record is 4-0I thought I would like a few of the new features in this year’s version of RBI and they are OK. They even fixed an issue I’d had with multiple previous version where my players would invariably be thrown out trying to steal huge I’d throw out 1 in 500 of the CPU’s runners. But a far worse bug is going to have me setting aside the game for awhile It’s supposed to be a 10-season “franchise” game wherein you record wins, losses and stats. In RB21, I’ve physically played 8 games but only the results of half have been recorded. This defeats the purpose of building a roster and figuring out lineups, etc. just reduces it to a series of exhibitions if you can’t experience long term success or failure. This isn’t a new product. I know they made a few major changes but I wouldn’t think recording results and stats would be affected. Only 6.99 true. But you wouldn’t throw seven dollar bills out the window either. Not worth buying at this point..Score: 1/5

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