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Game consists of several activities related to mobile phone, especially texting. Each chat scenario, where you choose what to write, is followed by one or two fun quick mini games.

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3 star

It kept saying memorise this shape and I could not do it I kept reloading the app but it would not work for some reason.It was good at first but now I am sadly going to delete it even though at first it was good but now it is not sadly.I wish there was a way to skip it but it won’t give me a option.When I reload it , it keeps showing the same screen.Also there are way to many adds.

1 star

I downloaded this game thinking oh yeah this will be good. God was I wrong it crashed lagged and there was an add every 5 seconds and it was a joke I’m playing a different game and again the adds pop up so much you out an add in my game that I have to sit through it makes the game even more

1 star

Deleted after 3 levels due to terrible game content and constant unskippable inappropriate adverts.

hunters ae the best
Hunters ae the best
1 star

It wouldn’t let me in the game and after I tried to get in it I glitched my whole screen.

Liam Hartwell
Liam Hartwell
2 star

The amount of adds in this game are unnecessary. It’s a fun game but fix the grammar.

chil dude 44444
Chil dude 44444
5 star

It’s a fun game but there are sooooooooooooooo many ads I can’t stand the ads if you can please fix the ad problem

1 star

I thought this would be funny to try. I lost because I didn’t lie to my boss? Honesty should not be looked at as a losing trait, bummer to think that some children are going to be learning from this.

great in all but....
Great in all but....
3 star

i love this game, i just wish the levels were either longer or there were more of them. i finished all the levels in under an hour, i’m absolutely obsessed! over all i think that this game could be better with more levels.

4 star

It’s not that bad but when it says sort the apps it does not work it’s not the best app but I guess it works it’s fun to chat and have fun but the sorting the apps does not work but great app good job you did very good job but to many ads why so many after everything there is a long ad so that’s not very good but everything thing else is for n and cool thank you for making this cool game

turd birds 1234
Turd birds 1234
3 star

Don’t get me wrong it’s an awesome game but I hate the idea of restarting every time you reach chat master because it doesn’t allow you to get any better and they are all just the same things

3 star


4 star

It’s a great game but there are only 2 problems. 1 there are like way tooo many ads and 2 after you become chat master you start all over again like come on the creator of the game needs to add more levels or something because this is like way to easy. But other then those 2 reasons it’s really fun and such a great game !!!!

3 star

I started today and a like twenty mins later I’m done then it restarts :/ more levels please

4 star

The game is really fun but I think there is too many adds it’s fine about the fact that you have to pay to have no adds but I think it’s a really good game but less adds pls

5 star


Franklin  Roosevelt
Franklin Roosevelt
29 October 2020

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  • Relase Date17 July 2020
  • CategoryGames
  • PriceFree
  • App Rating4.72424
  • Current Version2.2
  • Operating SystemIOS 10.0 or later

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