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Are you ready, kids? Play as SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy and show the evil Plankton that crime pays even less than Mr. Krabs. Want to save Bikini Bottom from lots of rampant robots with your mighty bubbles? Of course, you do! Want to underpants bungee jump? Why wouldn't you! The battle is on! Features: - Play as SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy and use their unique sets of skills - Thwart Plankton's evil plan to rule Bikini Bottom with his army of wacky robots - Meet countless characters from the beloved series - Faithful remake of one of the best SpongeBob games ever created - High-end visuals, modern resolutions, and carefully polished gameplay - Game Center support - Full controller support Thank you for playing SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom! Get in touch with HandyGamesTM: www.handy-games.com Join us on Facebook: HandyGames Subscribe to our YouTube channel: HandyGames Check news on Twitter: @handy_games Follow us on Instagram: handygames Imprint: http://www.handy-games.com/contact/ © www.handy-games.com GmbH

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SpongeBob SquarePants App Reviews (596)

This is awesome on iPad!Would love to see more console level games ported to iOS. It runs brilliantly and the controller support is awesome! Feel like I got my own little console to take around with me now lol. I would love in future to see a remaster for the game that was based on the movie! Along with an impressive port for iOS 👀 If you are nostalgic about this game like me especially, you can’t go wrong for the price too, so no complaints here!.Score: 5/5

Will it ever be full screen?Great game just doesn’t fit the whole screen for iPhone 12.Score: 4/5

Very good port.I was enjoying this game a lot I was having fun comparing it to my PS4 and switch versions until 3 spatulas away from unlocking the final boss my iPad ran out and because of this my save data corrupted all I can say is this is probably a one time thing on iPad but I’d still recommend buying it due to being a great port. I’m editing this review to say thanks to handy games for trying to get my save back the save is unfortunately lost forever due to me deleting that re downloading without saving it to iCloud but this is great company who made a really impressive mobile port..Score: 4/5

Better than the switchNow I know the switch isn't that powerful but this version blows it out of the water and for less than half the retail price of the console versions it's definitely worth it!!.Score: 5/5

This game is the best!!!!!I have been playing this game for a day now and it is amazing. This game looks incredible and has a really interesting story. Keep it up developers!!!!.Score: 5/5

Please add more to the gameCan you please add bonus levels and extras please?thank you.Score: 5/5

A fantastic and faithful remake.If you got kids that like Spongebob or you’re a sad adult like myself, this game is perfect for you. It’s a game that has it’s challenges but it’s too difficult overall at all and has a lot of fun to be had. It’s got a great story and it’s written in a way that is very reminiscent of classic Spongebob Squarepants. The game is visually stunning and plays beautifully on newer hardware (played on iPad Air 2020) and the touch controls are surprisingly good and responsive. Be sure to fiddle with graphics settings before you jump in to get it looking best on your device. The ONLY gripe I have is a technical one, and that’s the texture pop in. The level of detail changes are very noticeable in grass especially on “Epic”. This is no reason at all to skip this game as it still looks very very good. I played the original version when I was a kid and this game stuck with me all this time. Played the PS4 remaster version on a PS5 and it’s strange to say that this version holds up wonderfully... and it supports controller! Overall, just buy it. It’s a lot of fun and a FULL console game on mobile that costs under half the price with absolutely nothing left out..Score: 5/5

Simply amazing, highly recommendedAt first I was a little skeptical. But once I got into the game I was greeted with 60fps and console like visuals! I played for hours on my iPad Pro (2018) and had no problems. Works great with my Xbox One controller too. Definitely worth the purchase.Score: 5/5

Elvis fan 57Nice game can’t fault it so far, only downloaded it a short time ago but so far it play’s nice on the iPhone, great graphics plenty to keep you busy in the game. Definitely worth the money have to say. Nice one developers..Score: 5/5

Good but some problemsThis game is amazing fun and it wouldn’t have any problems but this happened to me in January or something but as I was doing the graveyard ship thing i pressed the canons but as it was loading to do the boss battle my phone died and sadly the game didn’t let me do the canons again and load me in so I was very sad and wanted to do the boss so I had to do the whole game again! This game is fun overall and I would recommend it and it has very good quality but also some of the quests are hard..Score: 4/5

The game is fantasticI was begging for the game on the switch but then my mum said I can download the game. But I want to be able to edit the screen.Score: 5/5

Great game remasteredThis version is great to play with a controller it’s like playing the console version. I see a lot of people surprised that this game is on a mobile phone. But I don’t think people realise the iPhone 12 has more power than the original PS4. I would recommend this to anyone the game is great..Score: 5/5

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BahIt’s crashing mobile..Score: 5/5

WowThis is a cool game! I really love this game like this looks like ps 4 graphics like what game has ps 4 graphics.Score: 5/5

Keyboard supportThis game is absolutely amazing but it would be perfect if it supported the magic keyboard & trackpad on iPad.Score: 5/5

One of the best games I’ve played in 2021. But has some bugsThis game was very fun to play, but the level when you have to switch to sandy to glide but if she’s on a ledge There’s a chance of her just flying forever and you can’t do anything but restart from last check point, other then that the games great I love the bosses and I’m hoping they make more games. The games about six hours long but could be longer if your looking for socks..Score: 4/5

This game is good but...This game is good but I got 100 golden speculates but it said I only got 99 so I did not get the achievement..Score: 5/5

Cool gameIs it scary I’m waiting for it to install.i hope it’s not scary but the graphics look great.Score: 5/5

Why isnt there any sound in the game the sound on my ipadNo sound i’m pretty sure that i have my sound on my ipad. it works fine on my iphone that’s weird..Score: 3/5

BuggyGame froze and screen went blank. After I tried to reopen it the game data was corrupted..Score: 1/5

100% recommendThis games graphics are so amazing and all the colours make for an amazing and exiting game, It really just hits different..Score: 5/5

I’m loving this on mobileI love rehydrated on mobile i 100% beated rehydrated on ps4 and switch and I’m so excited to 100% beat this on mobile I hope thq Nordic remakes the spongebob movie game.Score: 5/5

How.No, seriously! HOW IN THE EVERLOVING H E C C DID THEY MAKE THIS BETTER THAN THE SWITCH VERSION OK, that's out of the way. I love this game. I loved the original as a kid, and I love the remake now..Score: 5/5

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Excellent game minor glitch issuesI’m really enjoying this game but a recurring issue I am having has to do with sandy’s lasso ability. I’ll hold the lasso button but instead of flying across like normal I’ll fly straight up without being able to cancel or anything please fix this issue and I’ll definitely give a 5 star rating!.Score: 4/5

AmazingWorks great on Phone.Score: 5/5

Nostalgic, but Awesome!!I have to say, they made some really good improvements to this game. But in the end, it’s just like the one i have played on the PS2. Brings back Memories. I have a suggestion, is it ok to add online Multiplayer to the mobile versions as well?.Score: 5/5

Fantastic job, just needs the patches from console and PC versionsReally well made mobile version of the game, but I noticed that the patches that were added to the console and PC versions like refighting bosses, Mr. Krabs’s shiny object requirements being lowered, and the theatre having actual concept art in it are not in this version. Will you be able to add those to this version at some point soon? It’ll make getting 100% way better..Score: 5/5

It’s perfect!!!😊😊😊I love it 😍😍 I enjoy playing this game❤️❤️❤️ it’s very Better than the old version👌👌👌.Score: 5/5

CAn I use a rotor riot wired controller to play thisSomeone help.Score: 3/5

I’m stuck on a levelThere is one problem on a level the game keeps forcing me back on a sliding part I’m sorry I was going the wrong way..Score: 5/5


No audio?I’m hoping to get a response. I love this game and I really want to play it but it’s hard to be interested when their is no audio in the game. Their are volume knobs in the settings so I’m guessing it’s supposed to! Super weird. I already tried restarting my device as well as testing audio with other apps. Works fine. I also made sure the audio tabs were all the way up in the app and still nothing. I also restarted the app multiple times! Help?.Score: 2/5

Best game ever!!!!I❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ spongebob -v.kitten.Score: 5/5

SpongeBruh gud.Score: 5/5

Absolutely Amazing!!Definitely my top list of supported iPad games! The controls and graphics are smooth. It is truly the best experience I’ve ever seen for the Spongebob series of games. Who would of thought it would run and be better than the console or pc variants!?!.Score: 5/5

RidiculousI’m a fan of Sponge bob but this game makes me want to throw my phone. The game itself is not bad but the controls are ridiculous. I have to replay something 20 plus times and it still doesn’t work. You died for this reason you died for that reason. Absolutely maddening and I wish I could get my money back. Fix your controls, they don’t work well with the platform..Score: 1/5


Where’s multiplayer :(Sadness.Score: 3/5

Do not downloadI just started playing and yes it is adventurous but it is not very exciting Also I just gave my momhmy mom $9:00 and I just started today and not even ten minutes later I’m all ready writing this review. Please do not buy this game is not very cool or exciting. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS GAME PLEASE!.Score: 1/5

TerribleI hate this game so much because we can’t save and don,t download this game because I hate this game l think this game is so terrible!,,,!!!!!,!!!!,,!,! Booooo!!!.Score: 1/5

Need assistanceYour game freezes on the opening load screen.Score: 1/5

In my opinionI think that the game is really good and you should try it !! I love the art style of the environment and the animation of the characters, I like spongebob that’s why I brought it and because I saw that it looked like a good game so why not? Very well done thank you for doing this game!.Score: 5/5

If you’re a fan and you want the full game in pocket size, download!I’ve never played the console version of rehydrated but I’m a big fan of the original BFBB (i play it on PS2) and let me tell you, this remake is amazing! i have horrible data service and have been running this game on mobile WITHOUT a controller and it’s great! i have one major complaint and some smaller things i should note for big fans of this game in this version. my complaint is that this game appears to be in pre 1.02 update as YOU CAN’T REPLAY BOSSES. i learned this the unfortunately hard way by playing the final sequence before i had went back and completed the game, then attempted to replay the chum bucket sequence in order to get the special 100% outro (which, as fans know, isn’t that special but it’s still nice to experience) and yet was greeted with an empty chum bucket arena with no ability to replay. i also loaded the second level via portal (i know that this technique typically doesn’t allow you to complete it for the outro bc of the diodes not resetting but i didn’t know if i may have left a reactor unbroken or something, i figured maybe there was something i had to manipulate in there) and it was 100% finished, not reset, and i still got accosted by robot plankton every time i approached the brain :( please update this!!! people love playing the bosses over and it’s unfair to 100% casual players who thought that some locations of collectables (im looking at u patricks socks) were not worth sweating over until after completing the actual game, and are WILLING to replay the final boss levels in order to experience the special outro. now that that’s dealt with, i have a few things you should probably know before diving into this yourself: -unless you play this with a controller, you can’t cruise boost. there’s no physical way to tap both commands with your fingers at the same time to allow the screen to register both taps. this means if u wanna speed run with this, get a compatible controller! -multiplayer, for whatever reason, is also not included in here. now, if i had the console, i’d probably never play multiplayer anyway because as i’ve heard it’s pretty much worthless and a sorry excuse for an “included” squid bot and patrick’s dream. but these are more matters of opinion so let me move on :) -other glitches still work, INCLUDING the flying squirrel and bounce boosting. i’ve never tried clipping through anything (can you believe i completed the ball room MANUALLY??!?!?) but i doubt it’s possible unless you have a controller because of how hard it would be to press all those commands on a touch screen. i actually stumbled upon the flying squirrel prior to educating myself on the maneuver, and ended up in an ascent to nothingness. it scared me!!! i thought i broke the game!!! but now i realize this glitch is definitely a force to be reckoned with :) i’ve only tested bounce boosting down in bottom feeder lane in attempts to reach the patched extra sock in the movie theater, and while it allows you to still engage in the technique, it will NOT allow you to clip through solid objects via hans because of the patch where hans spawns you in your last spawn/checkpoint location rather than your last routable point :( even IF hans would still clip you through, it’s extremely hard to attempt this technique now ALSO because they put the theater (and other buildings in this area) on a small ledge where if you’re using bounce boost, since that technique keeps you constantly moving without being able to jump, once you fall off that ledge you can’t get back up & therefore have no way to move yourself into the theater :( i’m very determined though and i’d like to somehow figure a technique to GET THIS SOCK. -this does NOT mean boundary breaks are impossible, i’ll leave it at that :) -using spins to elongate jumps is also a technique not available for hand players (again, controller players, you’re in the clear) other than that, the game is great! i 10/10 recommend any fan download this!.Score: 4/5

I’m unculturedI have never played, watched, or really ever been interesting in anything to do with spongebob, but this game is actually really good! I’d recommend playing with a controller, though. It’s pretty hard with mobile controls! Tbh, this version looks and runs even better than the Nintendo switch version..Score: 4/5

Buttons too smallI like the game but it’s annoying how the button isn’t responding bc I miss it by an inch. Make it to where we can make it a certain size and it’ll be more enjoyable.Score: 2/5

Fix down in the swampI would probably rate this five stars if it weren’t for this one thing in kelp forest. The button next to the freeze fruit in the swamp is missing, and the grate with the spatula activated by said button is already lifted without the spatula as if it had already been collected. But it hasn’t been! Now I can’t 100% the game. Either the game hates my phone or you screwed up..Score: 3/5

Brings back memoriesI had this game on the PlayStation when I was like eight or nine years old and I don’t have a PlayStation no more so I never played this game sense and now this is on the App Store this is even more awesome brings back my childhood I am 21 now! Lol I can’t believe it’s been that many years since I’ve played this game thank you guys so much for reliving are childhoods!!.Score: 5/5

Want moreThis is amazing. First off I never expected to see a console game of this quality on mobile. Mobile games are fun.. however this.... this, is where the real fun of gaming on the go is. I wish for more like this.. like I hope this app succeeds so more developers can follow suit and release their games on this. And make it fun like handygames did. As for (handygames) you guys are awesome! thank you for this game and to your team for the time a hard work it took to make this. Was blown away by how smooth and intuitive the game is on mobile. Hats off to you 👍🏼.Score: 5/5

This game is THE bestI love it it’s so 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩.Score: 5/5

WowGuys idk how u ported this console game to mobile but it is worth it, and I have a question are u guys gonna add multiplayer to it like on the pc and console version and ty.Score: 5/5

GlitchDowntown by the spot where you switch the sandy across from golden spatula the three tier hop-up on the second one Sandys lasso turns into a helicopter and puts you over the entire map please fix.Score: 4/5

So this isn’t controller compatible???I bought this game thinking I could use my controller that works on my other compatible games. There’s no instructions, no adjustments, and it just won’t connect????.Score: 1/5

Update packages require the full game?Edit: taking off another star because these updates really shouldn’t require reinstalling the entire game. Other large games work around this. I have to take off a star only because while these updates are great versus no updates, I know other larger sized games don’t force you to download the whole game again. Not all developers have their updates slimmed down like this, but many do. I feel like I am downloading the whole .ipa file again..Score: 3/5

Amazing game but I need help with somethingI love this game but one thing, how do I get the lifeguard towers to work. I’m using spongebobs bubble bash and it’s not working. Please send me a hint..Score: 5/5

Good game but I’d like to Report a bugHello this is my first time playing that game and I love it. I grew up off of the movie game both on game boy and console. On the bikini bottom sandy can use her rose to slow her fall... the problem is some of the time she just RISES instead and I can’t get her out of the animation so I just see her rise to the top of the map SO HIGH to where I can see a small square which is the whole level map below lol. It’s an interesting bug but makes sandy’s movement mechanics broken. Thanks for reading.Score: 3/5

THANK YOU FOR THIS TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANEThis is literally the most breathtaking gaming experience on iOS and tvOS. it feels just as good as the console version. this is amazing playing a game i once played on the PS2..Score: 5/5

Great game!Awesome game all the creators did I awesome job!.Score: 5/5

I want my $9 back!The game keeps freezing at the same spot even after downloading it 3 times. I feel like I wasted so much money for something that doesn’t work :(.Score: 1/5

Good but needs some fixingFirst it loaded took awhile second sometimes of the time my game crashes when I’m doing something and it would be awesome if you would add more characters and to unlock them it’s a story mission like gray could clam up walls mr karps doble the money just some ideas.Score: 4/5

Oh..my...GOSH ^w^This game is awesome! I love how everything is created, it’s so worth the money that the game costs!.Score: 5/5

CAUTION!!!This game will overheat your phones battery while playing!! FIX THIS ASAP!!! Already need a new phone because it melted my phone.Score: 2/5

Why I want this game so much.Ok let me say this game so cool! So did you know that my dad this game on his phone? You know every time in bikini bottom we found Patrick. But the problem is, every time l tried to get my brother to go to jelly fish fields , he just would not go. But that’s fine..Score: 2/5

Yes. Much fun indeed.It’s battle for bikini bottom, but on your phone. It’s a great game if you like spongebob..Score: 5/5

Great gameI love the game but I don’t know how to hit king jellyfish and it’s super hard I just need a tip how to hit king jellyfish where do I hit him.Score: 5/5

AMAZINGAmog u- nope I love it.Score: 5/5

Sandy GlitchIf you grab a ledge while lasso-flying with sandy, she will constantly have her lasso moving afterwards and if you jump you will continually float upwards forcing you to restart.Score: 4/5

Great game love it!Great game I’ve played the ps2 version and fell in love with it years ago as a kid and now it’s back! Only down side is I can’t connect my Xbox one series X controller to it if you can update it to support the new control it would be 10000%.Score: 5/5

Too hard too get to next level 😫 need helpI’m sorry but this game is a little too hard can someone help me to get to the next level but this is just my opinion 😟.Score: 2/5

Weird Save ProblemFirst off, the game plays well and is a great port. I remember playing this game as a kid and love it as much now as o did then. However I am having a save issue after getting about 2 hours in the game. I saved and when I went back 30 mins later the save says I have 40 golden spatulas and 55 socks. The save also won’t load. Not sure what happens but help would be appreciated. I don’t wanna invest anymore time and it happen again. Is this a known issue?.Score: 5/5

Doblaje español latino pleaseEs una gran juego y hasta el momento no tengo problemas de rendimiento jugando con gráficos al máximo en el ipad pro 2018 de 12.9... lo único que si le veo de malo es que no tiene el audio en latino como las otras versiones como de pc y nintendo switch... por favor agreguen ese idioma....Score: 5/5

Nostalgia rebornThis port has much better detail than the Nintendo Switch version. Thank you for making a REAL good on-the-go port :).Score: 5/5

By zemiraThese are a annoying bots whenever they kill me I kill them back because you’re stupid.Score: 5/5

So...Sandy floats into the sky.It’s been fun. I played this on the ps2 when I was younger. It’s just as frustrating as I remember and that’s the beauty of it 🙃 I literally spent 45 minutes just jumping, trying to get a spatula after finishing a mission. It’s been fun. Oh, also, Spongebob once fell into the floor and wouldn’t stop falling, and Sandy lasso’s into the sky and won’t stop flying. You know. Glitches. Overall very satisfied. 10/10 would recommend. 🤣.Score: 5/5

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Better than Switch versionHow is this possible?.Score: 5/5

BEST GAME IN THE WORLDI play this at least once or more everyday. Wanna know why? 1. I’m a HUGE fan of SpongeBob SquarePants 2. The game is SUPER fun! 3. I got this as a gift and I really appreciate it! 4. BETTER THEN THE SWITCH VERSION! why? BECAUSE WHENEVER I WAS WALKING AROUND IN THE GAME (on the switch) THE TV SCREEN WENT BLACK! I was playing the switch at my cousins’ house- I don’t actually have a switch- 5. No app is better then this 6. People who HATE SpongeBob SquarePants are LUNATICS! For example, at school, there was a boy called Byron and I talked to him about SpongeBob SquarePants..guess what he said? HE. HATES. SPONGEBOB! How could he?! How could you HATE Spongebob?! He literally said right into my ear holes: “I hate Spongebob!” I just can’t..I really can’t..believe..what my ear holes...actually heard...*cries* (jk) -Sincerely, SpongeBob SquarePants’ Number 1 biggest fan! Me!.Score: 5/5

Can you please make it easy on poseidomeWhen trying to kill the Robot Bear on Poseidome please make it little easy because it’s hard & I feel like not playing it anymore. Should be option to skip or make it but easy. Thanks.Score: 1/5

IPhone 12 full screen support pleasePlease.Score: 5/5

Great gamesYe im a huge spongebob fan and this is game is impressive in my opinion. I just hope that there would be another DLC of this spongebob games..Score: 5/5

Best game everIt is the best game in the world I love spongebob.Score: 5/5

Won’t openPaid $14 and after the first play it keeps crashing when I try to open :-(.Score: 1/5

Great Mobile PortHandy Games has done a excellent job porting this console game that running Unreal Engine 4 to mobile device. At first I was be worry about this port going to end up like the switch version. But I can say this version is better then the switch version. This mobile port runs and look better then the switch version. If you looking for a portable version of BFBBR definitely pick up this version of the game over the switch. It at a great price. The game had everything that the other version do beside the weak multiplayer and this version has a graphic options that the PC version still doesn’t have yet. If you an Apple TV 4k user, you can run this on epic resolution and antialiasing while the rest on medium and get a great looking game at a Solid 60fps If you an IPhone XR,XS,XSMax or IPad Air 3, you can run this on epic everything and get a solid 60fps The only issue I’ve noticed is the shading and lighting are a downgrade to the other version and there are some weird shadows on some objects that none existent on the other version. A major issue is iCloud save will not transfer over to other devices. Or will crash the game when saving on a save file that has been saved on another device..Score: 4/5

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