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4.4 star

Enjoy the beauty center simulation with many different operations. Your service has to be neat and clean. Try to be as perfect as possible. It is not easy to satisfy all your customers. You won't regret to try this game!

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This is badIt’s just bad.Score: 1/5

AdsThis game is satisfying, but there is WAY too many ads.Score: 3/5

Do not downloadThis game has Hackers I have been playing this game for 24 hours and it’s so boring I hear breathing all the time and it swears warning do not download.Score: 1/5

TriggeringOn most people they have unnecessary marks all over their backs or legs that look very similar to scars and cuts ? Very unnecessary and triggering.Score: 2/5

Not the bestIn my opinion it’s a bit inappropriate for young children’s who probably don’t even know what waxing means and this game is really glitchy so yeah kids don’t download this game!!!.Score: 1/5

TriggeringWhen i do the shaving especially on back and thighs it looks like they have cuts all over them and it’s quite triggering.Score: 1/5

InappropriateIdk why this app is for children like the people are barely dressed in it and children probably don’t even know what waxing is.Score: 1/5

Prefect wax 3DKeep up the updates please.Score: 5/5

It’s a weird gameIt should be 15+ 👁👄👁.Score: 2/5

It’s a bad gameRight this game is so bad it does not let u melt wax and put it person and then u press tap to start the person is not hairy any more.Score: 1/5

HorribleThis is not what. It says it is you don’t even mix wax all you do is tap on a person watch an add then your done. Then you just do it all over again.Score: 1/5

CrapIt’s not a game it’s more like huge advertising. Sounds cool but when I actually downloaded it it’s crap, can’t do nothing waiting till adverts end..Score: 1/5

So confused :/I don’t know if this is just for me but all I do is watch a ad and then it’s done but I don’t get to do anything. Plz tell me if this is just for me idk.Score: 2/5

😒😒😒Not great it is true it looks like there is like marks and it is really bad DO NOT DOWNLOAD.Score: 1/5

I don’t no whyI don’t no why this game has bad reviews I really like it but I find it a bit weird and funny.Score: 5/5

TriggeringWhen you shave, the game gives the appearance of cuts on the person, and this is insanely triggering.Score: 1/5

WorstLiterally opened the app to play it, and I couldn’t. It let me tap to ‘start’ but then finished it without me doing anything moved onto the next day!.Score: 1/5

Its good but-Its super super satisfying, but the cuts on some of the bodies cld be triggering. i also think there needs to be more tools! its pretty good tho & i enjoy the satisfying part:).Score: 4/5


It’s OkI am obsessed with salon and makeover games, but this game I don’t like as much. I don’t understand how this is a 4+, it should be a 10+ game because it shows cuts and bruises. My sister downloaded this app and she soon asked about self harming. Some children are too young for this!.Score: 3/5

Too many adsAds.Score: 2/5

This game is boaring- and wierd sos but waste of time downloadingUhm.Score: 1/5

Don’t downloadWhen shaving the body there’s cut like things on the skin I would don’t download if easily triggered.Score: 1/5

Don’t play this gameThis game is so glitchy I have had like 5 mins and I’m soooo gonna uninstall worst game EVER!! If I could give it a zero I would deffo do that!!! Hope this helped 🌈.Score: 1/5

Yall are rlly bored and it showsAnyways this is disgusting it makes me feel weird and it’s a no from me 🥱.Score: 1/5

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Don’t try itDo not try this game it is the grossest thing ever this review is short because it’s so gross.Score: 1/5


CBy.Score: 1/5

BadIt’s so laggy and takes 10 years to the part where I can actually wax and it’s very repetitive..Score: 1/5

Explain!I don’t get why this is a 4+ game , this app has cuts on the bodies, ladies in bra’s and pants and u shave their stomach ! And u can shave the back thighs, I won’t even explain that part. Anyone who’s not 11+ please don’t download this app!.Score: 1/5

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A big problem in a child’s gameSo I was waxing the rockstar’s hand and when I was done she flipped me off is that supposed to happen?.Score: 1/5

AdsThere is too many ads and when you get ads they’re practically porn ads.Score: 2/5

It sucksAll you do is shave not wax.Score: 1/5

GrrrI played for a bit and got to day 60 but the tools repeated and I got really bored pls update.Score: 2/5


I don’t like itJ’aime pas on dirais qu’il y a des cicatrices de mutilation lorsqu’on les rase.Score: 1/5

Super weArid......I hate it.Score: 1/5

It’s fun but...It’s a really fun app but there is to many adds.Score: 4/5

Awesome!At first it’s a little nasty to see all the filth but at the end it’s so zen!.Score: 5/5

Just let us play the game.Way too many ads and that makes people delete the app. I won’t be having this any longer because of this..Score: 1/5

It’s terribleIt makes me gag it’s too much i highly recommended you dont get this app but if ur weird try it who am I to blame and too much adds.Score: 1/5

Adds and about the waxingThere’s an add after every person and this game is about waxing you only get to wax 5 people 1/5.Score: 1/5

Not what it saysWay too many adds your not waxing your shaving don’t get the game it sucks only had it for two days dumb Game.Score: 1/5

AdsThere are way too many ads in this game. I deleted the app. There’s literally an add after each customer..Score: 1/5

Gets boringFun but u finish it rlly fast and then it just repeats.Score: 2/5

How to control the adsOkay so y’all can turn of your wifi and the ads won’t appear! I tried this after reading some reviews and turning off your wifi helps! :).Score: 3/5

Let us play.There is a ad after every little segment and I just can’t stand it just LET US PKAY THE GAME. Im deleting this app because of the ads..Score: 1/5

Shaving the legsI don’t like that when you are shaving the person it makes it look like scars it really bothers me for some reason but the game is good.Score: 2/5

I hate it❤️This game is a big fat ew. I was bored and don't have any games on my phone but one. So I got this app first few minutes I'm like ok ummm this is weird than after I'm all like EW EW EW EW EWWWWWWW! So I don't recommend this if you think you should get it..Score: 1/5

I thought you got to rip the wax off! that’s what it says I need to doTo do shaving!.Score: 2/5

EWEwww why is this a thinggggggggg it's gross.Score: 1/5

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NOOOO NOT SAFETHIS GAME Is INAPPROPRIATE IT USES A LIGHTER TO GET HAIR OFF NEVER DO THIS IT IS VERY HARMFUL. When do we ever In the real world use a lighter for hair removal.This may teach young kids who want to shave to use something that can hurt you...FIRE. NOT OKAY THEY SHOULD DO SOMETHING.Score: 1/5

EwwI hate how weird this game is Please do you not get this game.Score: 4/5

Really?I saw this on TikTok and I wanted to see how it was. When I played the game after a couple of days I got sick to my stomach because of the graphics and the game in total and I am going to delete this 🤮🤢.Score: 1/5

Please read.Horrible I just wanted this game to wax people and all it made me do was shave people and it was so disgusting it was just nasty and inappropriate if they would change it to just waxing because that’s what the game is supposed to be about I would rate it if I could four a half stars but I can’t write that so I would do 4 or 5 stars..Score: 1/5

OmgThis is such a fun game I love it.Score: 5/5

Don’t download this gameI am only giving this game one star, and here’s why. I downloaded this game just for fun and I was playing it and playing it until I came across doing a mans chest (I know so weird). I put the wax on and I couldn’t take it off. My phone was vibrating, but very intensely, like over vibrating. My phone started to glitch and I couldn’t turn off my phone. I pressed the home button at least 5 times until I decided to try and power it off fully. I had no luck and the game finally stopped glitching and my phone turned off. After I turned it back on my phone was back to normal. I deleted the game. My phone is way better without this game..Score: 1/5

So satisfying butI was really satisfying but there is lotta ads and I was really laggy.Score: 3/5

I LOVE IT!It’s a satisfying game an I want the adds to be more kid friendly🥳.Score: 5/5

This is not for kids like why we i hate this game😡😡😡😡.Score: 1/5

Mia/playgamer YTAmazing so Like and game so cool! ☻︎.Score: 4/5

Great gameThis game it the best yes some may think the game is “gross” but if u saw the ads then u should know what it’s going to be like I personally I love the game but some may not and that’s ok it’s ok to have an opinion but don’t put down a app that u knew u probably weren’t goin to like it but yeah this a a great game and fun to play 😁👍.Score: 5/5

No sister 👁👄👁This game is not leting me wax people it just says press start so I do and that happens 👿DO NOT DOWNLOAD.Score: 1/5

No👎I had this game for a while now but I it was dum I I did not play I again so gross 🤮.Score: 1/5

Really badUncomfortably bad, how is this suitable for children?! Even my mom was uncomfortable. Bad. -Goldenblade logging off.Score: 1/5

NONow remember that this is just a review. It was too much skin showing. And I personally think they should raise up to like 15+. Overall I think it was a good game but it started off so annoying. It took me forever to shave the hair. And I still think that this should not be for kids. This is too much skin showing and it might be personalized to the kids thinking they can do it to. Overall I think it was a good good game but I gave it three because skin was showing too much and there was overall so much ads. Now thank you for reading this I really hope people read this so they can get it and realize why it’s coming up. Upon kids they should not be reading or hearing or even thinking about oh hair is gross when really it’s just a part of your body that God made..Score: 3/5

A good game but glitchesI play the game and it glitches a lot and ruins the game but it's fun to play.Score: 4/5

App doesn’t workI saw an add for this game and it looked oddly satisfying. I downloaded it was skipping the actual shaving part. I hit the press to continue button or something and it just skipped 3 days! I do not recommend this game at all. Please do not download it..Score: 1/5

NOThe adds are. Disgusting it has no body positivity adds and you can’t even wax you go and tap start and then it’s e man all waxed this is the worst game ever.Score: 1/5

To many adds 😡This game is a good game for people that are about to shave. But it is inappropriate to..Score: 1/5

Too Many Ads!It has potential to be a fun relaxing game but the levels aren’t that long and there’s an ad after each level...Score: 1/5

It’s fun but...The game is 4+ which does not make sense because the adds are inappropriate for 4 year olds and so as the game because there are woman with bikinis on and men with no shirts on. It is still a good game but just change the age rating and get rid of the inappropriate ads please..Score: 3/5

No just stop at this pointOk, so to start things off if you are hair or grow a lot of hair you are beautiful. This is teaching kids that hair is ugly but it is actually so amazing. Women grow hair too it’s natural, but making kids think that we shouldn’t want girls cause they have like a little bit of leg hair is DISGUSTING..Score: 1/5


HorribleWhen I do a level adds pop up and it glitches I don’t really recommend this app.Score: 1/5

NoI haven’t exactly played it yet but it looks disgusting. The adds I see. GROSS! of course every first comment is by the creator or a bot that works for it. Saying “it’s amazing” NO!.Score: 1/5

GrossThis game is rily disgusting but I am fine with this game!.Score: 2/5

Tell me why😑So this game got me wondering why does the lady has so much body hair like I have body hair and things and this made me so mad like wth and the music goes like mMMmM i don’t know its like anime music and why is it 4+ that’s not right so these people who made this game good job of making me hurl how strange this game is so this is the lowest star I could give if I could I would give it a (0).Score: 1/5

It’s okay.I don’t really see why anyone is saying that the characters are showing a lot of skin. They aren’t. Pretty normal skin showing almost as much as you see in movie and television. It’s fun and passes the time well. Also I read other reviews I don’t know what you’re doing to shave them but my characters have never gotten cuts. My only issue is that there isn’t much to do. I only wish to be able to customize or choose what I want to do such as I don’t want to burn with the lighter I want to wax. I just think it’s boring if I’m not able to choose the tool! Thank you..Score: 2/5

BadIt lags, has alot of ads, and shows pretty inappropriate things. Do not download this game, I'm uninstalling now..Score: 1/5

Love it but how do I switch my toolsI love it so much its very relaxing and sometimes I play a game with my aunt where we see who are we like we see our shirts and if it has that color it’s my aunt or me. I also wanted to see if you change the tool your using because I wanted to use wax but I couldn’t so can someone help me or can you guys put so you change your tool thank you so much🥺🥰.Score: 5/5

The best thing everThis is one of the best games ever play it now we can just watch TV is the best it’s just I mean I mean I mean I mean like I love it OK now you need to watch and play this game now watch the ads except the ads this is one of the best games in your life that you will ever see do you replay just I love this song games so much please write a really good review about it thank you too doing so much for it I love this game it is one of the best things ever.Score: 5/5

I hate addsDUMBEST GAME.Score: 3/5

SlowSo I downloaded this game because of the ad and it looked pretty nice but the only thing wrong is that the game crashes a lot and it is very glitchy I opened the app to a black screen another time I opened the app to the razor not even there and the screen zoomed out really far..Score: 3/5

Ever worst game everIt does not let me wax it only lets me shave the people it’s the worst game ever.Score: 1/5

Waxing gameThis game is weird but cool! I love it!!.Score: 5/5

NoNo.Score: 1/5

NOOOOBRIH It’s close by putting people skinny and why in the picture get a bikini and I wonder why people want their skin because it is so gross.Score: 1/5

Why? just why??I was playing a game and saw an ad for this. why is this for kids 4+. Not even that it shouldn’t be for ANY kids. BODY HAIR IS COMPLETELY NORMAL. For women and for men. please take this off the App Store. 😞 it’s saddening and disappointing.Score: 1/5

Fun but.....THE ADS!!!! Just like the other review “No❤️” ! The hair ad, it’s not fun to watch. Pls fix that! -Coco.Score: 2/5

Two starsI like the game but like one thing i hate is that u cant mess up or anything and it would be more fun if u could mix more then one color of wax wit eachother and there should also be levels like where u can choose if u wanna wax or shave 🪒.Score: 2/5

Hahahahaha No💅Do not get this it is just straight up bad.Score: 1/5

Love it…But there’s way too many ads. Add a “NO ADS” button and I’ll give you 5 stars..Score: 1/5

Do not get this is appI got this app for my child and it not good for a child it should be 15+.Score: 1/5

No😐🙄I tried this game and it’s just not it. I’m not even gonna write a lot ITS JUST NOT IT. Don’t waist your time on this app..Score: 2/5

Our Review.We Love waxing. Thank you..Score: 5/5

NoThis is a kinda gross game and it just makes me want to throw up 🤮.Score: 1/5

Yeah sureIdk why people are saying it shows “to much skin” like how else am I going to shave it? This game is fine and does not body shame hair it shows people just want to get rid of it I know it’s perfectly fine to have body hair but some times it has to go so people get your head of your butts if you don’t like this game don’t download it thats all you have to do overall really good game and really satisfying..Score: 4/5

Don’t waste your time.Downloaded the app, mixed the wax had to many ads an wouldn’t let me do anything. Don’t recommend this game..Score: 1/5

No 😍🦶🏾✨I hate this game and here’s why 🥸. It’s doesn’t promote body positivity and basically putting the idea that having body hair is bad and that if you have it then you are unwanted and no one will ever like you into the minds of possibly young children. These ads are disgusting. These ads could possibly make someone insecure sad depressed just for having hair THAT THEY CANT CONTROL. No one can control how much hair they grow so when they have it it shouldn’t be a problem. Overall I hate this game I hate this ads and I hate who ever came up with these ads and I ONLY downloaded it to write this. Don’t get this game if it’s gonna promote negative energy and shame people for having body hair..Score: 1/5

Great game but I’m here for is the age ratingSo I got this game A few hours ago no it’s a greatest game but the rating concerns me. Like there was like an ad show someone check in there but for some reason and I think this app should be like nine and up like come on you seriously have to show us some random person shaking their butt are you kidding me that makes no sense but although the game is great but here’s something that you should add like since there’s like waxing and stuff maybe we can do like painting some nails maybe so this game is great but the age rating concerns me.Score: 5/5

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Too many adsAside from too many ads to get stuff the game is weird. Basically people end up looking at almost naked people and shaving their bodies..Score: 1/5

🦢🌹🍁🌸😱🤗🥴😵🤧👹🤕🤧.Score: 5/5


Concerning visualsWhen you shave away the hair with the shaving cream, and there are a lot of marks- that look like cuts. it’s kinda odd for a game like this. the cuts look like s*lf h*rm and i’m sure some other people would think that too..Score: 3/5

UninstallingBad and boring don’t bother installing.Score: 1/5

Concerning thingsThis game was really good to start of with but when I got to day 4 I started noticing weird scratches on the body from the razer . I’m concerned this looks like s*lf h*rm or someone’s been abused. I would like this to be an update thing that is fixed just for the safety of others in a bad state of mind. Good game overall just that one thing.Score: 3/5

Bad appBad there is cuts in their bodies after about day four witch can be concerning and triggering so don’t install.Score: 1/5

TriggeredThis game is not good at all it looks like there are cuts all over there bodies that look like s*lf h*rm and it can be really triggering for people who have suffered with that.Score: 1/5

Waxing 3DAwesome game.... get too ads after I pay for the game.Score: 5/5

Don’t botherBoring & not like the advertisements..Score: 2/5

Repetitive but okSo the first two pictures u see aren’t what actually happens, it’s less satisfying irl but it’s still pretty good. After you pass a certain amount of tools to remove hair with, they just keep repeating the same tools.Score: 3/5

What’s wrong with day 4??People are saying there is something wrong with day 4 there’s nothing wrong and this app is fine just very repetitive.Score: 3/5

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