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Buy, sell, and discover deals on the things you love most—from rare sneakers and luxury watches, to trending trading cards and top tech. New to eBay? Register now and join the world’s most vibrant marketplace. MAKE THE EBAY APP WORK FOR YOU: • Get app-exclusive sale offers and discover online shopping deals. • Quickly and safely speed through checkout. • Track your online shopping orders in real time. • List items you want to sell in just a few minutes. • Easily message buyers and sellers. • Your eBay, your way: personalize your settings with features like Dark Mode, custom notifications, and much more. BUY NEW & PRELOVED ITEMS FROM BRANDS YOU LOVE • Sneakers - pick up authentic pairs from Jordan, Yeezy, Nike, and more. • Watches - find vintage, rare and new designs from Cartier, Omega, Breitling, and more. • Tech - score unparalleled deals on computers, smartwatches, gaming consoles, TVs, and more. SHOP CERTIFIED REFURBISHED • Shop smart and get amazing deals on premium brands backed by a two-year warranty. • Browse laptops, headphones, kitchen appliances and more. • All items are inspected and approved by the manufacturer to operate like-new PLUS all items include eBay’s Money Back Guarantee and hassle-free 30 day returns. EBAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Get the item you ordered or your money back, it's that simple. Our eBay Money-Back Guarantee applies to virtually everything on our site, and there's no extra fee for coverage. It's automatic and covers your purchase price plus original shipping on eligible purchases. AUTHENTICITY GUARANTEE Our independent authentication gives you peace of mind from start to finish. From watches to sneakers, you can safely buy and sell with our Authenticity Guarantee—at no cost to you. YOUR EBAY. YOUR WAY. Discover a range of useful features on eBay's app where you can find exactly what you want, at a price you'll love: →Seamless payments: Buy with Apple Pay, PayPal, PayPal Credit, credit card and debit card for a quick and easy checkout. →Dark Mode: Enhance your experience with our award-winning Dark Mode feature. Simply go to My eBay > Settings > Appearance > Dark Mode to turn on or off. →Barcode Scanner: Scan the item to instantly find what you're looking for. →Image search: Snap a photo with your phone or upload an image—we'll find it for you! →Great Price Badge: We'll help you spot a great deal.Keep an eye out for our Great Price Badge. →Buy Again or Buy Similar: Our Buy Again feature makes repurchasing an item from the same seller easy. No longer available? We'll help you find similar items. →Watch items: Not quite ready to buy? Add items to your watchlist and stay up to date on price changes or low stock. →Save your favorite sellers: Like a store or seller? Save them so you can see what they're selling in your feed. →Make an offer: You can negotiate your way to a great deal by making an offer. It's super easy in the app! →Make a bid: Make an auction-style bid or select automatic bidding. We'll take care of the rest. →Contact sellers: Want to know a little more about an item? Tap Contact seller on the item page. MAKE $$$ FAST BY SELLING ON THE EBAY APP List your items quickly with smart features to help you make money: → Barcode Scanner: Scan the barcode of the item you want to sell and instantly get the details (description, shipping) for your listing. → Image Clean-up: Snap a picture (or use one you already have) and use the background-remover to make your listing stand out. → Up and Running: eBay proudly supports small businesses - join a community of sellers and access powerful selling tools and insights. Download now to enjoy the best shopping and selling experience with the eBay app. KEEP IN TOUCH Thanks to all our loyal fans for your support and suggestions! Your feedback is important to us. Please contact us with any questions by tweeting @askebay or join the discussion at www.ebay.com/iOS

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& into &Typing & into the item descriptions is then showing as & when listing the item! Please can this be sorted. Thanks.Score: 1/5

Very good dealsI bought a quite lot of good products since 2006 and always works well between me and the sellers. I’m still very happy with that. Thank you.Score: 5/5

EBay serviceExcellent service thanks quick response.Score: 5/5

Great eBay appEasy to use to find everything on eBay, well recommended with regular notifications..Score: 5/5

EBay needs to up their gameI love using eBay and have used it for years however the app is so outdated now. It is slow and glitchy and so many things you click on link you to the eBay website (which isn’t very mobile friendly!) rather then being available within the app. I would use eBay more if the app worked better. Other selling apps are a lot easier to use and make for smoother selling. The messaging system for contact buyer/sellers is also outdated and it is complicated to find where to contact someone if you need help. There are just pages of advice where you end up going in circles rather than easy access contact details..Score: 1/5

Still buggy!The latest version of the app still has slow response and multiple bugs. When deleting items from a watch list for example, the list still freezes for far too long and scrolls straight back to the top of the list every time a new item is deleted. Very frustrating..Score: 2/5

15/6/21 updateUpdated on iPad yesterday and app now consistently crashes after about 1 minute..Score: 1/5

Not greatReasonable, but quite a few things you can do on a laptop you can’t do on the app. Limited if you don’t have a pc available unfortunately..Score: 3/5

EBay going downThe app is being improved yet it’s harder to use. For example now it’s very hard to add gallery photos for more than one item as a seller. You have to completely close the app to be able to post photos for another item which makes it extremely time consuming. They always don’t want you to be able to contact customer service and you finally get through, you talk to people that cannot understand English and that repeat everything like w robot rather than try to understand what the issue is. As another review said, eBay is now littered with cheap Chinese products and it’s extremely exhausting, it’s no longer a market place but a Chinese dumping ground with people selling fakes and no means to report!! I reported a seller selling designer clothing and have proven it and guess what, they are still selling because eBay is greedy and only cares about the money. Moving away from it slowly but surely and hopefully everyone else, this is not a sustainable business but one that is desperate to make money..Score: 1/5

Ebay reviewSuch a great app to buy and sell on.Score: 5/5

The pictures on watch list are too smallEventually your going to destroy this app if you’d keep on making pointless updates like why make the watch list pictures smaller there was no need just absolutely pointless please make them bigger I can barley seen what I’m looking and iv got an xs max. Crazy.Score: 1/5

5 starsI’ve had good experience with E-bay..Apart from my last couple orders..Apart from that, I cant complain..👍.Score: 5/5

Great way to buyNever had a problem buying luckily I haven’t come across any fraudulent company, when I have had a problem if something has arrived not as described I have had my money refunded pretty quickly but thankfully that doesn’t happen often. Rosina.Score: 5/5

Not happyNot happy I can’t use PayPal pay later.Score: 2/5

Screwed Up App Since iPadOS 14.6This app is completely messed up since 14.6 ..even after today’s update. Listing has become a mammoth task, and writing a description is impossible. You type in the details of an item.. and then the window closes, losing all that is typed. Nothing saved. I spent 40 minutes trying to list an item yesterday.. and just gave up! Your poor attempts to fix this on today’s update have failed. I have contacted your staff through Twitter etc.. and they deny the issue.. and just tell me to use the webpage. I won’t do that. Time is precious. You are losing out on business. Etsy have it right..so why not the worlds largest marketplace? Sort it out!.Score: 1/5

Was better 10 years agoAs per other comments here, ebay is not taking its responsibilities seriously. What’s the point of having a UK sellers only option, when it’s dominated by sellers that are clearly based in China? Not only does this make it a hassle if you buy a sub-standard product, but also a hassle searching for anything when there’s page after page of the same generic mass-produced knock-offs. This hurts both genuine UK sellers and customers. Sort it out!.Score: 1/5

SuperbbbbSuperbbbb!!!!.Score: 5/5

EBay is fabI love looking at different things and shopping on eBay as most of the time items are cheeper to purchase than in the shops It’s quick & easy to set up account with Ebay and PayPal Although their are a few scammers on there too Also with some sellers you gotta check some details like where items are being sent from as some items are too good to be true Also some sellers say items are being sent from the UK but when purchased you do notice once you have paid for items that some sellers business address is from China/Singapore/Beijing and also sellers name is in Chineese too and these items take longer to arrive from there but they are cheeper if you want to wait for their arrival I really do like EBay although when click & collect items are delivered to a chosen store fir delivery a few times I’ve had to call eBay and ask them to send me the pick up code other than that I love eBay shopping I’ve only bought from there I’ve never sold items on there but my son has as it’s easy enough to do Have fun and enjoy shopping on eBay its fantastic ❤️.Score: 5/5

Great ebay bestWorth cheaper anything’s.Score: 5/5

Great siteFantastic site.Score: 5/5

Happy customerGreat service and communication. Delivery was a day earlier and product came well rapped. 👍.Score: 5/5

Authenticity teamSorry but eBay’s authenticity team is absolute and utter washed trash. I recently bought Jordan’s and they came and they were clearly fakes! I waited over 2 WEEKS for a FAKE PAIR of shoes I spent ALOT OF money on!!! I was skeptical but not sure at the time if they were fakes because I am just getting into the shoe game but I was very sure that the real ones did not have what these had. I undid the laces and ‘tried’ one shoe on. Didn’t fit correctly because I have had the type of Jordan’s before. I appeal for a refund and it gets declined because I ‘tried them on’ I literally undid the laces and tried one shoe on in my house so it’s not got any creases or nothing on them. Im very very very unhappy with this bummy ‘authenticity’ team!!! what did they authenticate? The box ? The box even had a fake label on it !!! DO NOT. I repeat DO NOT buy shoes that say ‘authenticity guarantee’ because it’s a LIE they will STILL SEND YOU FAKES. If eBay can not get actual ‘authenticators’ I am not going to be buying from eBay for a long long time. What sort of btech authenticators are you paying? They’re not doing their job correctly. I wish I could rate this 0 stars honestly I spent good money and I’m not getting it back. This just tells me that I can’t even trust the ‘authenticity guarantee’ when I’m buying EXPENSIVE shoes that COULD BE fake. Nowadays fakes are getting better. REAL and GOOD authenticators are needed and frankly, if you’re gonna put ‘aUtHeNtIcAtIoN gUaRaNtEe’ on every bludclart shoe and then STILL send fakes to the BUYER you might Aswell stop it completely. eBay has been good to me buying wise but after this situation and the team I spoke to that is SUPPOSED TO HELP ME!! I’m NOT buying of eBay again..Score: 1/5

HorribleBeware sellers and buyers beware.Score: 1/5

Cannot use the app today 16/6/21I can no longer use this app on iOS 12 on an SE 2016. The option to download the last working version also does not work. eBay please help..Score: 1/5

E bayA+++++.Score: 5/5

Older IPhoneGreat thanks.....now I can’t even open the app as my software is just out of date!!! Gives you the option to download last known version my phone can use but won’t let you. Very disappointed, looks like I’m going to have to buy a new phone thanks a bunch ebay and apple very clever!! Another added expense along with everything else during these tough times. NOT HAPPY!!!!😡🤬.Score: 1/5

Now uselessBeing forced to update the app by a message stating my current version (working perfectly fine) is now expired, app then crashes Current app in App Store requires a newer version of iOS....can’t download an update compatible with my phone now stuck in a Boot loop Well done..Score: 1/5

Boyesm2Great app, great for a collector and buyer..Score: 5/5

Message issueI love this app it’s great for my business but since the last update I’m having an issue with my messages. Even when they’re deleted it’s still showing I have messages it’s a bit frustrating, I’m forever shutting it down to make sure I’m not ignoring one. After reset it does update..Score: 4/5

Another retrograde stepThe app has always been functionally poorer than the site (and so many UX fails) but now with the latest update most of my purchases are missing and none of my messages show. No amount of refreshing, rebooting, you name it, brings them back. Giving up.Score: 1/5

Love it ❤️You can literally buy or sell anything on ebay. What more would I ask for. Thanks ebay 🙏.Score: 5/5

Iphone xs maxOn the app this needs fixing when items are saved and you delete 1 and want to delete next 1, you carnt it takes you back to top of the screen then you got to go do it again to delete other 1, its a pain.Score: 5/5

Far too many none UK sellersAs other people have commented far to many none uk sellers stating that they are in the uk and they are not . Goods come mostly from China and are of a poor quality . Still ok for used UK items . Not using PayPal anymore is also poor ..Score: 2/5

Not the sameI do not like the new way they pay you from sales. Used to get it into PayPal then you could manually withdraw it, and it went into your bank pretty much instantly. Now eBay message you to tell you your being paid two days later 🙄.Score: 3/5

New issue and still 2 issues still not resolvedGone on the app to list some of my drafts, but needed to change/move around the descriptions, when load the descriptions page, it moves up and down constantly, very difficult to write or delete anything. the little description page regularly just goes off suddenly. if had managed to delete or write anything, when go back on the description box anything that you wrote or even deleted is still on there but none of it is where it was so the whole thing then makes no sense. it’s impossible to copy and paste, as the screen with your words scrolls up and completely disappears under the new heading. i had a long description that i have wanted to add, move and delete a few words, sentences etc, i have had to take a photo then delete the whole lot as whatever is happening with it mixed it up that much it was impossible to resolve with the screen been like this. so instead of the quick copy and paste method, i will have to copy it off the photo, let’s hope i don’t make a mistake with it or i’ll have to start again. these issues are time consuming and happen too often and stop people listing their items, then on top having to write this (in the hope you will sort it) old issues not resolved: when view items or delete items in watch list it jumbles everything up, have to constantly refresh. the ended items list still doesn’t have all ended items showing, it’s useful to watch again if item didn’t sell if debating whether to buy etc..Score: 1/5

Prop bag.Seems to be good quality for the price. Vivid colour. We’ll have to wait and see how resistance it is to UV. Good sizing. Would recommend..Score: 5/5

What have you done??And because I don't have ios 13.4, I can no longer use your app!.Score: 1/5

Update not possibleDespite my ios being as up to date as possible, it is not good enough for the ebay update so i can no longer use the app. Brilliant - well done developers. Sort it out. Seriously. Not everyone has the latest phone..Score: 1/5

CrapJust because I don’t have a new phone I can no longer use eBay. Half way trying to get a car and garden furniture. So I am being victimised for not having a better phone.Score: 1/5

Software updateI do not want to update to the latest iOS version thank you very much Now I can’t use the app It was working fine , why do you have to impose something like that Please make it work again.Score: 1/5

Excellent servicesI like the eBay, thanks.Score: 5/5

Automatic defaultsGenerally the app works well but I do find the automatic defaults when listing things to sell are difficult to override eg postage.Score: 4/5

Great appEasy to use and manoeuvre around, help is there online if you have any questions, sometimes message box doesn’t want to work but that’s what the internet version comes in handy for...Score: 5/5

AmazingBrilliant app.Score: 5/5

Very good serviceVery good quality service and good quality items.Score: 5/5

❤️ EBAY 💯Best of all, always sort thigs out, great deals and its just great place for shopping 🔥.Score: 5/5

IPad to old for eBay app!Once again, as with every Apple product I have ever owned, the OS can’t be updated to a version that runs the apps and so a perfectly functional device becomes redundant, destined for landfill along with the many, many charging cables that have failed along the way. Now the eBay app has had its day. Thank goodness for my Windows laptop..Score: 1/5

MessagesAfter several updates you still haven’t solved the glitch that shows I have unread messages even after I’ve deleted them all and refreshed the page. How hard can it be????.Score: 1/5

Selling on eBay is awfulCannot get past verifying my phone number it keeps telling me there is an error.Score: 1/5

Fradulent car seller protected by EbayI bought the classic car of my dreams from a seller abroad. After having handed over the full amount to seller, he delayed shipping more than 40 days, with the result that I could not give feedback on the cars condition within 60 days. I gave neutral feedback based on shipping and communication. This feedback was nevertheless deleted, so he still appears to have 100% positive feedback. Others buyers have since confirmed my experience with this seller, so he can not have purely positive customers. Ebay denies knowing anything about the feedback deleted. When the worn, dangerous and faulty car arrived it had nothing in common with the car described in the advert. The wheels literally fell of during shipping. His totally fabricated description was copied from a different, restored car. Ebay does not care that the seller delayed shipping, lied about the description and deleted feedback. Ebay has no interest in getting resolved after money has changed hands. Buyer beware..Score: 2/5

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

Easier than I thoughLoooonnng time user and buyer. Always hesitant about selling till now, very user friendly and easy to sell. Thx eBay lol.Score: 5/5

NOTIFICATIONS GALORE.Get rid of the watch reminders. Get rid of the offer notifications. I dont need a message AND notification for a $1 off offer. thats garbage. I only have notifications on for promo codes from ebay which i never get so delete..Score: 1/5

GoodIt sells your product for sure. I made money through selling used clothing..Score: 5/5

Essential!Very fun app, practical to use. There’s one improvement that should be done: the possibility to ask for a new shipping quote when buying several items from a seller..Score: 5/5

Customer; Jack DoyonI appreciate EBay for it’s easy access and offerings.... the only issue I have is that often the product ordered and paid for in advance takes too long to get us....Score: 4/5

Terrible app, terrible company.EBay is littered with scammers. They do nothing to stop it. If you think you’ve sold something, you’re wrong. It’s a scammer wasting your time. They won’t pay you, and then your listing is removed because eBay thinks you’ve sold the item. It doesn’t allow you to repost it without charging a fee so you have to go through the tedious process of re-listing the same item again. It’s annoying and happens every time I try to sell something. eBay has gone downhill and needs to get with the times..Score: 1/5

Pictures Only When You’re PayingIt annoys me that eBay won’t let me view pictures of the item I’ve purchased - they host all the seller’s pictures when you’re browsing, but as soon as you pay, you can only view a thumbnail of your purchase..Score: 3/5

Version 6.14.0Since the last update there is severe lag in the messages on the app. I have an older phone without the update and it works much better there..Score: 3/5

Update sucksWas able to easily delete items from lists, now list scrolls back to top after every delete. That’s rediculous..Score: 2/5

App problemsCan’t refresh… must kill app to refresh the item list… app shows 330 items, kill the app, restart the app, app now shows 2742 items…I must kill the app every time I do a search…..Score: 1/5

Best app ever to take my money when I’m drunk10/10 I have spent way too much money when on drunk on this app. I usually wake up the next day and look at the financial mistakes I’ve made..Score: 5/5

ThxThanks ebay.Score: 5/5

CancellationIf the seller agrees to a cancellation on a follow up request to the first request denial it should be accepted within 24 hrs if both parties agree. Right now this does not happen. So it means a waste of time and money to have seller send and the buyer returning item since the buyer is working on the the follow up agreement with the seller to cancel..Score: 1/5

Bye bye eBayWill not update anymore..Score: 1/5

No support for finding partsIf you into the website you can input your car and search for parts and everything on their the app doesn’t allow you to do this (which it should or would be great if it did) also when searching through the automotive section it forces you only to look at actual cars and not parts.Score: 1/5

Great ProductPerfect fit, easy to install and a killer look. I would highly recommend them..Score: 5/5

Glitchy and painfully annoyingExhausting, just trying to sign in, edit profile and etc. The developers are pathetic, get a grip on the issues already, please don’t tell you you don’t have enough “data” to fix issues which has existed for years on your website/platform.Score: 1/5

Service cGreat. Fast. Amazing.Score: 5/5

EBay won’t issue a refund or deal with a rogue sellerI sent out a refund on time and the seller wouldn’t issue a refund and did not want to pay for shipping, when I told eBay about this they immediately decided to not intervene and deny any request or appeal, all of the request I made were looked over by a AI, I didn’t even get to talk to someone from customer service, until I was able to find the customer support number. When I got to talk to someone about it, they said they would do something about it, then they hanged up, it was the end of the day so I decided to call them tomorrow. Then the next day eBay decided that any contact to eBay support should be done by email, so I contacted them about it and told them about that someone from customer support was helping me with this problem and I ask them the status of it. They told me that they will not refund me and they will go against their own policy to not refund me and they also told me that I didn’t contact them in time to resolve this, when I actually did, so the people at customer support decided to argue with me, this went on for four months and they’re still not refunding me and they’re making a bunch of weird accusations about me, that don’t make any sense..Score: 1/5

3D printerGood price. Fast delivery..Score: 5/5

MusicThank you for helping me and my music. Rock n Roll eBay!.Score: 5/5

On y trouve de tout! 💫Super facile de magasiner ✌️😏.Score: 5/5

PurchasesGreat place to shop. Shipping prices on some items are pretty high.Score: 5/5

JoeGoog.Score: 4/5

Excellent appOnly down at the moment, the way messages are is very confusing. I want to be able to see my replies too..Score: 5/5

Still ❤️ eBay!EBay has always been great for us. We didn’t use it in a bit, but it’s as great as before!.Score: 5/5

Update ruined the appEBay app used to have detailed filters that would make shopping for rookie cards unbelievably easy. Since they removed the advanced filters it’a not even usable..Score: 1/5

Crooked eBayThey alowe u to buy products! then say u can’t pay for them cause they won’t ship to your country But then it won’t let u cancel the order Causing frustration for both buyer and seller and seller has to open a non payment case.Score: 1/5

Shipping is way to high and that the trueWhy is it so expensive for shipping. I have order sum boots payed for them,never received,almost a year now,how can we trust PayPal??????.Score: 1/5

EBay is a jokeEBay had become a joke. There’s basically nothing for buyers protection. The review system is junk too. It makes sense for when you are buying used items like an auction, which is how this website and app used to work. But now it’s filled with stores that are mostly selling cheap Chinese knockoffs. Basically it’s trying to turn itself into a version of Amazon but it’s a joke. Why doesn’t it let you review or rate as seller after you’ve actually had a chance to use an item for a decent amount of time. Especially for the stores selling brand new items. At least on Amazon that gives you some form of buyers protection if a seller doesn’t want a bad review. And at least on Amazon you can go back half a year later or longer and change your review if the item turns out to be terrible quality..Score: 1/5

J’adore eBayJ’adore.......Un choix superbe, je suis toujours à la recherche de choses très rares et très souvent j’ai tout trouvé ici....! Continuer le bon travail.....!.Score: 5/5

Love itUsed eBay for years and now the app makes it even better!.Score: 5/5

Need lower shipping costsYou can find everything you want, which is the good thing about eBay. But, too often, the shipping costs don’t make buying an item worthwhile..Score: 4/5

Excellent experienceA great place to find almost anything you need at a reasonable price, shipping from the states lately has been outrageous..Score: 5/5

Shipping Costs are too highAnd sellers are often crooks that don't supply what they they will or something completely different than in the picture..Score: 2/5

Not usable with current login loopCannot even purchase any products without constantly logging in. Keep getting redirected to login screen.Score: 1/5

FraudesPleins d’annonces frauduleuses. Pas d’assistance et un mauvais service à la clientèle..Score: 1/5

Feebay Scamming You Out Of Your $Don’t sell on feebay. They are gonna be ripping you out of your cash and screw you over on your next year tax income..Score: 1/5

Stay AwayNow they force you to link a bank account instead of PayPal, now people are going to get scammed left, right, and Centre, if you must use this garbage make sure you have a separate account just for this scam..Score: 1/5

Great appIts a great little app. makes buying and selling on eBay super easy!.Score: 5/5

Seller Account IssuesSince eBay changed from PayPal to direct bank deposits nothing works and everything got more expensive. My advice is to stay away from selling stuff on eBay! Not worth your buck and is just a place for scalpers to sell stuff for more money….Score: 1/5

Ebay’s appEvery time ebay’s guys update the app they make it worse Now you can’t send any feedback to your orders because when you click on the order it says. Nothing to show here. FIX THIS APPLICATION.Score: 1/5

*Do NOT Waste Your Time With Ebay*First off if we compare this to Facebook marketplace, Ebay is terrible. Why is there a limit of what you can ask for on something you’re selling.. how useless is that. Normally a $1000 limit per month wouldn’t be terrible, but that $1000 is applicable to all items added together per month.. I was trying to list like three or four different items and i only got to 2 items because my amount per month was over. Then when you try and request more it says you have to wait a month.. If this wasn’t enough to deter you, the user interface on the app is way to much in depth. I get they tried to add options, but I feel like they just over complicated the whole app compared to other selling apps and websites. Its sad cause I used to really like Ebay back in the day. I pretty sure there is also some hidden costs to selling certain things. Take it from me don’t waste your time with this app. Just use fb marketplace or kijiji!.Score: 1/5

SellingDo not sell on this app I sell digital codes and people would redeem them and then call a dispute and then they take the buyer side and then you also have to pay $20 for a dispute even though you’re an honest worker even with all the positive feedback you get.Score: 1/5

Recherches difficilesLes recherches sont parfois difficiles à faire sur l’application..Score: 4/5

Watchlist doesn’t workCan’t load my Watchlist, the progress wheel just spins until it says “Oops! No internet connection” When I clearly have one; I can search and make purchases just fine?….Score: 1/5

Awesome online storePls let the shipping cost as low as possible and the items as well.Score: 5/5

Lower costs compared to other marketplacesI was looking for Sony headset and found it at a really good discount right after its launch..Score: 5/5

Unusable for iPhones not running iOS 13Downloaded older version, glitches, horrendous lag, shipping calculator incorrect, buttons don’t work. For a seller impossible to use..Score: 1/5

SatisfactionBonjour..certain que j suis satisfait au bout merci 🌹🌹🌹.Score: 5/5

Payoneer 💰Payoneer is an online payment platform that lets you transfer money from any corner of the world! A best and must have payment service for every blogger, traveler, freelancer, affiliate marketer, consultant, virtual assistant, business person, online sellers, and receivers. Earn $25 for free by joining Payoneer. Sign Up Now!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

Bad strategyMy phone is not supported with the updated version. I could not use eBay anymore! eBay abandon its customers. Goodbye eBay!.Score: 1/5

EBay Rocks!Gave up Amazon and back to EBay! Would rather pay individuals than build an empire that will strike back!.Score: 5/5

Read!!Happy with buy process not so happy with selling hidden fees and charges for shipping that was already paid in advance!!.Score: 4/5

EBayPlease try to remember this “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it ! “ that one day I lost out on many items and you lost that revenue..Score: 1/5

ReviewIt’s a great app!.Score: 5/5

HelloI can’t update eBay I liked the old version.Score: 5/5

HATE THE UPDATE!Why did you ruin the EBay App?.Score: 3/5

Won’t be using ebayI do not want to update my phone so I can’t update the app so I will be forced to use other selling apps for purchasing.Score: 5/5

Poor updateSo now the app won’t run because it needs to update, but the update also needs my phone to update. I chose to not update my iOS because I don’t like the current version, so now I can’t use eBay? Guess Amazon it is. So long eBay. 🤡.Score: 1/5

Not friendly to people with hand disabilitiesEvery time I change one word in the search it resets all of the parameters I have set in the preferences for my search results how many times do you want me to go in and check a box saying US only and not from China? how many times do I have to go in and tell her that I want the price lowest to be first? when is this app going to work for me and not eBay tricking me into buying crap from China that I have to wait six years to get? I will give this a zero star review in the App Store every time it updates because the app doesn’t work for me it works for eBay i’m disabled my fingers don’t work very well do you know how much more work it is for me to have to reset these things every single time I search for something? It’s a lot of wasted effort where every bit of everything I do every day is effort and eBay is it making life any easier for me when they certainly could. I can’t go to stores so I buy on eBay but I keep getting tricked into ordering things that aren’t even from this country and aren’t going to get here in any kind of a timely manner which is what I’m looking for. maybe I should report you to the Americans with disabilities lawyers Because this is not disabled friendly.Score: 1/5

RateI really like it very useful and efficient.Score: 5/5

New appThis new app is a joke. Your Star rate doesn’t go low enough..Score: 1/5

Es buena se lo recomiendoSúper.Score: 5/5

Great siteI love shopping on eBay. I’ve found some really great items, including a rare tea pot I’ve been searching after for years. I’ve only had one issue with a seller that did not respond to me, but when I contacted eBay, they assisted me with it, and it did not tarnish my taste for this site. I’m still a happy customer..Score: 4/5

Ebay new app.Guess I won’t be buying from Ebay anymore. Can’t navigate you through all that mess..Score: 1/5

Love the eBay appLoving this eBay app I can bid on the road but Lois it’s really addicting.Score: 5/5

ThanksVery nice… I like it.Score: 5/5

If I can’t use my current app, then it’s Amazon from now on.I have an iPhone 11. I’ve bought a ton of stuff from eBay over the pas several years. But I’m not playing this game. Either give me access to my old app or it’s bye bye eBay..Score: 1/5

Great quality PartsExcellent parts, fast shipping..Score: 5/5

Helpful!I like eBay/the app and have been using it for years! Somethings should be easier/more straightforward than they are but it works. Thanks!.Score: 4/5

Da Best.Awesome.Score: 5/5

New AppI cannot use it on my IPhone which is the way I do my listings. The new app will not load. Why was the old version disabled? It was easy to navigate and has the features I need,.Score: 1/5

Taxing everythingEBay charges taxes in items that do not go to the seller. This is fraud in my eyes. This is gathered for the seller to pay taxes on items sold to his or her state. Go back to letting the seller take care of his or her own taxes and remove that from the sale.Score: 1/5

Better than I thought!My 9 year old son was eating his heart out for one of these. We searched, actually bid and won one but that other seller canceled. He was so disappointed. He found this one all by himself. It was delivered fast, in like-new condition & he treasured the personal thank you note..Score: 5/5

Why would you require an update?Since when do we HAVE to get an update on a non-bank product? I am not changing from iOS 12, so you just lost my $1000s of dollars I spend here. Guess I’ll buy direct from websites. You lose, not me..Score: 5/5

Horrible sellersI’ve been on eBay for at least nine years and as time goes by there are many more crooked sellers. They lie through their teeth about how good their item is and it works. But when you get the item it is complete opposite. Yes eBay will help you at times get your money back. But I have noticed over the years that there are very few sellers offering returns anymore. So now they can lie to you and tell you the item is near perfect and when it is not they are covered. They lost a good customer now because I’ve spent many thousands of dollars but not again..Score: 1/5

EBayCan always find something and everything here!.Score: 5/5

Update b sI’m Trying to check on quick thing and I’m interrupted by the update. No way the software is that different. Let me finish my work..Score: 2/5

Unable to use for older iphoneEbay is forcing an update that is unable to be installed on the older model iphone which I happen to use. Due to this I will no longer be using ebay for selling or shopping..Score: 1/5

App reviewGreat but please make it easier to do two things. 1.) search sellers other items. 2.)Search completed items more conveniently and for longer duration(past 12 months or even farther back). Other than that the app is great!.Score: 4/5

The best way to buy anything!Price change a lot after you buy it.Score: 1/5

Can’t update on my phone. Said to download a older version, could not find oneUpdate does not work. My question is ...why?.Score: 1/5

TerribleEbay is slowly imploding. No more PayPal? Really? Changes seem to be for change sake. No rhyme or reason. Guess some programmers/ execs feel they have to change everything every so often to justify their jobs. Iphone & tablet versions now nearly impossible to navigate, and lack important uses the PC version has…why? For instance, had to update my credit card expiration date. Not possible in my Iphone version. Why? Home screen is a joke! No info, just suggestions. Oh, & removing PayPal is going to save me $$? NOT! Just raised final fees to compensate. Horrible horrible changes guys. BTW been an Ebayer since 2002. Seen all the changes, NOT a happy camper..Score: 2/5

EBay forces updates on usersJust use the website, the app is useless. It literally will not work unless you agree to their constant updates, you cannot opt out. I update on my own accord, being forced feels wrong..Score: 1/5

Booted after nearly 20 years. No one to talk toEBay deleted my messages, and locked me out. No explanation. Not sure if that’s a sustainable business model. Throw out your long time customers?.Score: 1/5

New updateMy phone software doesn’t support the new update, so no way to use the eBay app. Time to start using Amazon..Score: 1/5

Knowing your vendorsHello , I will like to say eBay has its down side and most of all it has it up side I’ll say prices are better here then Amazon but eBay has to get to know their vendors better and something have to be done with shipping with most stuff I need fast and I have to turn to Amazon because of the two day shipping some are the next day and some item come from across the United States and it free shipping ! Thank you I hope this will help and make a difference.Score: 5/5

ReviewGood site.Score: 4/5

No longer launchesNo luck for those who chooses not to update beyond iOS 12. Since the update, I can’t launch the app due to it requiring iOS 13.4. Please fix for those still running earlier versions of iOS..Score: 1/5

Es muy confiable y segura esta aplicación!!!!!👍👍👍👍.Score: 5/5

DisappointedI got scammed two days ago and trying to contact to resource center for help. The only solution is contact to the seller and need to wait 10 or more days for letting eBay stay in the case. Even more Everyone have negative feedback of that seller and eBay still letting the seller to keep up the business. Really disappointed.Score: 1/5

Great appGreat for buying selling is good too on here. Do shipping on the site tho not app..Score: 5/5

No more eBay for me!!My phone will not accept this update therefore I can no longer use this app or purchase anything from eBay!!.Score: 1/5

My first time shopping and maybe my lastTaking too long to receive my order and get try of the slow process..Score: 1/5

Cully VaughanMy Apple8 iPhone works with EBay. But I am locked out on my IPhone 6S Plus. Problem is: to verify my identity, my old phone number 469-410-2388 is still active on this phone. My current phone is 469-823-9379. Please UPDATE so I can verify myself. Cully Vaughan 1128 Signal Ridge Tx 75032. I need to SELL COINS..Score: 5/5

Going down in likabilityEbay is less attractive as a sales platform. They charge too much and with the new payout method I am losing motivation to sell here..Score: 1/5

👍👍Nice.Score: 5/5

Shopping 🛍 Made simpleThe ebay app is simple and always offers the items you need to compliment your purchase. Excellent experience. 5 stars ⭐️.Score: 5/5

Where are my eBay bucks?I’m constantly buying and no eBay bucks ?.Score: 3/5

FarceWon’t let me update e-Bay!.Score: 1/5

Performanece Lab 🎯Performance Lab ® CORE Formulas support all aspects of human performance, across all walks of life. Boosts work performance and productivity with nootropics for focus, multitasking under stress, creative problem-solving and more. Buy Now!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

ShippingIt’s shocking the price of shipping! And I struggle to find what I like. When I find it, the shipping is very very Expensive!!.Score: 5/5

EBayGreat app very helpful and I would happily recommend it to anyone else..Score: 5/5

Thanks eBayIt’s just a great website.Score: 5/5

Cool way to gets bargainWhy buy new!.Score: 5/5

5 StarsThis app is fantastic to use as always, I never have problems with it at all. It has made buying & finding what I need so easy. Great range of products for all your needs. Fantastic & keep up the great work with the app. Thank you..Score: 5/5

Collects online banking logins!EBay now uses bank accounts to make direct payouts. As part of the payout setup process they ask for online banking logins. This is INSANE. It’s not necessary, since users can just manually enter bank details, and it is risky, since those login details are handled by intermediary services that the user is unlikely to know; specifically Trustly, who I don’t know from a bar of soap. This goes against the most basic security principles that the software industry has been trying to drill into users. Unnecessary, risky, and irresponsible..Score: 1/5

Items Delivered but not syncedFix the issue, updating didn’t work as well. 15-June-2021.Score: 1/5

Unable to select delivery OptionHi there, I’ve been trying to select Australia post parcel $9.15 but every time I select it when trying to list an item, it disappears . What’s the go?.Score: 3/5

SavFind what ever you need.Score: 5/5

EBay is excellent!I have had very positive experiences with both domestic and international purchases, I recommend eBay to anyone..Score: 5/5

To eBayBest app great people haven’t ran into a scam amazing love it.Score: 5/5

Authenticity guarantee worthlessBought some shoes, went to eBay authenticator, he wrecked the box and stained the shoes, can’t contact seller if anything is authenticated by eBay and as far as eBay is concerned the shoes were as described by seller so they won’t refund me or exchange. After some forums I’ve realised it’s a massive problem with 100’s of people ripped off by eBay with this process. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING THAT HAS THE EBAY AUTHENTICATION GUARANTEE!!!! Direct sale from the seller is actually safer since eBay won’t admit it’s employees are at fault.Score: 1/5

NO MORE PAYPAL - GOODBYE EBAYWon’t be selling or buying anything on eBay anymore !!! No more PayPal abd wanting my banking info - this is BS So many sellers say they are Australian but the item comes shipped from China this is also misreprestation under the Trades Practices Act.Score: 1/5

BiddingI’m not liking the fact that some sellers have automated bidding and that as soon as I bid I’m outbidded 2 seconds later.Score: 5/5

Ebay seller fee is way too highYou guys took so much from sellers, not good please review your fee dont be greedy..Score: 1/5

Ebay Plus is a scamEBay plus is a scam. I signed up to get a benefit that was no longer available as soon as I finished signing off. eBay is refusing to refund me the annual fee despite not getting the offer I was after. Total scam..Score: 1/5

USELESS APP AT BEST TIMES !STOP deleting my reviews ! App keeps showing a blank/white screen any action I want to take... It’s impossible to contact tech support, which is not very smart as; You’re just pushing customers to buy elsewhere!.Score: 1/5

EBay offered discount but stole my moneyEBay customer service is disgraceful! I contacted them to get an issue resolved and they continually cut my contact. No help at all. Ebay offers in listing with discount codes for $50 discount and when buyer clicks the copy option for the code and pastes it into payment page the code changes and discounted amount is substantially lower ($30) than that advertised by eBay. eBay refuses to resolve and just keeps your money. Theft!.Score: 1/5

EBay review EBay is like therapy for me 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I feel better every time I visit .Fast and reliable shopping site 5 Stars from me ..Score: 5/5

App crash in checkoutHi app still crashing on checkout when entering postage and offers value in selling.Score: 3/5

Room for ImprovementTWO stars at present. >>> YOUR NEW LOGIN SCREEN LOOKS LIKE A PHISHING POP-UP. <<< Why, for the love of furry little kittens, are you (devs) wanting feedback to be submitted via another (social) platform? Is it too hard to visit the App Store and see what users are saying? How can I not be cynical/sarcastic? *** Several years since installing it, still a deficient App with easily addressed problems! *** App is slow to open. ALLOW SCREEN ROTATION NOW PLEASE. *** 2019 and I’m still waiting for screen rotation to be supported on iPhone. *** Now able to access eBay in both mobile account and desktop browser versions at once - this is useful to compare items offered in different countries or with different shipping destinations. Moreover, the desktop view allows screen rotation! Big fail in purchase history, it does not sync with hidden purchases from the desktop version. There are still too many instances of keywords or exclusions being ignored in a search string. *** It’s now 2019 and we’re being offered Premium (Spam), not “Less Spam, for a Premium”. *** >>>2020 Still no screen rotation.<<< Does someone need to shout your tech staff a junior app developer course? A buyer can’t mark items as “Paid” using the app. I get constant pop-up adverts for EBay Plus. How about “No, not now, not tomorrow, not ever“ as a check-box response? If I were to as persistently ask a woman out as you pester me, I’d be in jail for harassment or stalking. A final semi-related tech note, I dislike the difficulty of viewing the desktop version on my mobile devices. Why do you see it as clever to hinder and annoy people? >>>2021 AND NO SCREEN ROTATION<< You are beyond my lexicon for criticism, I have met incompetents and cretins with greater, more worthy abilities. • I have disabled notifications because they are increasing in both frequency and irrelevance..Score: 2/5

ConvenientShop without the hassle of salesperson. Delivery to your door step with guaranteed quality product and no fuss warranty claims..Score: 5/5

Newly listed search only displays 40 itemsIn the latest version, the newly listed search update only shows 40 items for saved searches. Although It gives an option to show all, that option is to show all the search results, not the newly listed since last search. Please revert it back as it worked perfectly in older versions..Score: 2/5

Good sales medium, customer service lackingGlitch in app refused to allow me to specify postage details. Couldn’t reach point of resolution forced to sort myself. Not getting money until a month after sale is frustrating as well. Not sure why this is but assume 3rd party is getting a percentage of the transaction. Average..Score: 3/5

No good for sellers anymore. The end is in sight...This whole not using PayPal and entering bank account details is ridiculous. So is having to wait until after an item is delivered to have payment released. If someone buys something and pays for it, the seller should get the funds right away. I can’t go to Coles and get my groceries and pay them 3 weeks later after I’m satisfied with my purchase. eBay was great once upon a time but sadly I think it will be gone before too long..Score: 1/5

What I love about ebayLove to find new products, home decor for my new home and quick in response from sellers and discounts, bids, auctions and many more things ❤️❤️.Score: 5/5

ExcellentI find this app easy to navigate and extremely user friendly..Score: 5/5

Ios 13.4??The latest eBay app requires ios 13.4 or later version. I am using an iPhone 8 and now can’t use the app any more..Score: 1/5

AFTERPAYI used to buy all my phones and iPads on AFTERPAY in EBay, now you can’t..so moving on as being on a pension it is the only way we can own things. Also get with the times and put[Openplay] on there as well as [Humm]. Truly it is the only way we can actually have a go at owning things for ourselves..Score: 1/5

Good quality itemsGreat bargains available.Thank you👍💐.Score: 5/5

RuvoowEBAY is nice but not the best same thing need to change ushers don’t overall EBAY is solid plus let us sherch brand’s.Score: 4/5

MrI need job out at engery Australia and petrol.Score: 5/5

WhyWhats the point it means i have to update my phone and ipad just remove the ap and go back the old way.Score: 1/5

RefundI was meant to receive a $27 refund which I paid,and after a long conversation was promised this refund that l already paid over 6 months ago!?.Score: 2/5

Waist BagThe bag came is exactly what was advertised. It was delivered in time. Very happy with the product..Score: 5/5

Feedback strikeI like eBay, but so many items are seriously overpriced, or postage rates are beyond ridiculous prices. A bargain can be found every now and then, which is great. I have never requested a cancellation of an order, but I had to (ONCE, in the many years of using eBay), when I realised it had overdrawn my account. I cancelled the order within 10 minutes, but the request was denied, as apparently the order (from China) had been received, processed, packed, and posted, in that time. I highly doubt it! So many shops claim to be Australian when they aren’t, why isn’t this being dealt with? The biggest issue for me is being fed up with this neediness of constantly wanting reviews/feedback, and now that I have to write an individual review for every purchase, I refuse to do them. I have better things to do than waste precious moments of my life giving feedback (not just eBay, but EVERY company does it now. Buy a rubbish bin bag, and give a review of the life changing experience it gave you….). The irony of reviewing eBay doesn’t escape me, but I had to vent. Stop hassling & emailing me to give feedback..Score: 3/5

FeedbackLuv eBay easy very user friendly..Score: 5/5

Errors and updatesWhat is the good of telling us to upgrade when it won’t! The app will not let you put in postage amount just flicks back to previous screen it’s a terrible app now unusable.Score: 1/5

Suggested updateApp is good. Easy to sort. What would be great is when looking at seller feedback, a search function so buyers can look for the same product they are trying to buy..Score: 4/5

Great place to buy Star Wars figuresThere’s people on eBay that sell Star Wars figures for a reasonable price you have to look around and might find something that’s worth your while.Score: 5/5

If you dont have it - get it!! Do yourself a favour!!Best app i ever downloaded. Will never delete it. Have zero complaints. I havent been to a shop for a long time. Well done Ebay👍🇦🇺.Score: 5/5

So SimpleEasy to use and pay. Very Impressive.Score: 5/5

Happy customerLove the bargains.Score: 5/5

Why forced updates?One star purely because you forced me to update!.Score: 1/5

Great app when logged inCan you please fix the issues regarding log in. I open the app after a few weeks, have to log back in, now it logged in, go to messages, action to leave feedback, takes me to a web view to log in again!!.Score: 3/5

Simply love eBayEBay makes life easier for me.Simply love to shopping with eBay...👌😊.Score: 5/5

EBay legendLove this App. I don’t use it too often but when I do it feels like home. It’s easy to use and just seems friendly in a strange way. User friendly is maybe what I am trying to get at. Thanx EBay.Score: 5/5

ExpensiveEverything is just getting way over expensive. It’s easier to just by local now which is sad..Score: 3/5

Cant load postage details!App keeps crashing when trying to sell items on the app fix it its so annoying!!!.Score: 1/5

TrevorFix scrolling issues. When you delete a item it reverts to top every time. Frustrating.Score: 1/5

Coursera 💡Start your future on coursera today! Build skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies. Join for Free!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

eBay - Buy, Sell, and Save App Images

eBay - Buy, Sell, and Save app imageeBay - Buy, Sell, and Save app imageeBay - Buy, Sell, and Save app imageeBay - Buy, Sell, and Save app imageeBay - Buy, Sell, and Save app imageeBay - Buy, Sell, and Save app imageeBay - Buy, Sell, and Save app imageeBay - Buy, Sell, and Save app image

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