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Pandora gives you a personalized listening experience that continually evolves with your tastes.

Create stations from your favorite songs, artists or genres, search or browse to find recommended stations for your mood or activity, and discover podcasts that speak to you.

With Podcasts on Pandora, find your favorites and listen to personalized recommendations that actually make sense. Take Pandora on the go with over 1,400 podcasts, including 20 exclusive SiriusXM shows only available on Pandora. Already know what you’re looking for? Just search and play to start listening, then tap + to add to your collection. Looking for something new? Simply browse and tap recommended podcasts to find podcasts on demand whether you're on Pandora Premium, Plus or Radio.

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Pandora Premium™
Subscribe to enjoy personalized on-demand music and podcasts

• Search and play your favorite songs, podcasts, albums and playlists on-demand
• Create playlists, not worklists – on your own or powered by Pandora
• Download the music you want for offline listening
• Unlimited skips and replays
• Higher quality audio
• Listen with ad-free music

Pandora Plus™
Subscribe to enjoy personalized radio with ad-free music

• Unlimited personalized stations and podcasts
• Up to four stations for offline listening
• Unlimited skips and replays
• Higher quality audio
• Listen with ad-free music

Pandora Plus subscriptions are $4.99 per month. Pandora Premium subscriptions are $12.99 per month. You’ll be charged as a recurring transaction through your iTunes account. Pending trial eligibility, charges for Plus ($4.99/month) or Premium ($12.99/month) begin at the end of a free trial unless you cancel 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription month. Any unused portion of a free Pandora Plus trial period will be forfeited if you upgrade to Pandora Premium. You can manage your subscription, cancel or turn off auto-renewal through Account Settings in your iTunes account. Pandora is available to US customers only.

Some advertising exclusions apply. Skips, replays and offline features may be limited by certain licensing restrictions. Pandora may use large amounts of data, and carrier data charges may apply. For best results, we recommend you connect your device to trusted Wi-Fi networks when available.

Terms and conditions:

I use Pandora for my free music streaming service. What music streaming service do you use? iOS DOWNLOAD: ANDROID ...

Meet your all-new bottom nav! We’re giving your thumbs a break and bringing all of your essential navigation tools to the bottom of your screen. Now you can find Search, Browse, My Collection and Profile, all within thumbs' reach.

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Yash Shapariya
Yash Shapariya
05 September 2019

I uses jioSavan.

Alan Roberts
Alan Roberts
05 June 2019

I'm trying to get rid of Pandora's free trial that I just got charged 6 bucks for.

15 March 2019

So did it lose the ability to add new artists and songs to a station to mix up the algorithm? They made it worse?

11 February 2019

This used to be Rdio. I really enjoyed using it, I found it was really good at finding new music I like. Unfortunately when it turned into/got bought out by Pandora it was no longer available in Canada so now I use Apple Music but I miss this.

ooiiaalkekxkdm kkkosoxkdkdid
Ooiiaalkekxkdm kkkosoxkdkdid
2 star

If it’s a free trial don’t make us enter a card let us try it if we like it the get the card instead of wanting a way to make money if we don’t unsubscribe

2 star

I used to use pandora all the time but then the ads for Tide started popping up all the time. They are a bunch of people singing about stains and they are so annoying that I just close out of the app when they come on. Now I only really use pandora once every couple weeks or longer, for a short time.

1 star

I use the app every day. When are you going to let me use the app in my car? you can’t pause the music you can’t see how long the song is you can’t see the full name of the song if you get logged out you can’t log in. passengers cannot use the app either You must disconnect Bluetooth connectivity to use the app on the phone. Reply to Developer: Please don’t tell me to reach out to Support. I reached out to the Support team for assistance countless times and never gotten any help. The app is still blocked. All you need to do is have the development team add a little button saying “dismiss” or a little ‘x’ and you solve the problem. Support cannot help. All your competitors have that solution. Why do you insist on blocking the app?!

I know that
I know that
14 January 2019

Just use spotify...

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
22 September 2019

Chuck Norris drank Daniel Day Lewis' milkshake.

Karam Levi
Karam Levi
06 December 2018

Always put the home country flag on the left. Show respect. If your in Brazil I apologize. Money can’t buy class-

Beto Hernandez
Beto Hernandez
17 September 2018 Click that link its pandora one you have unlimited skips no ads and if you click thumbs up the song can be downloaded to your phone only for android phones its apk file

22 September 2019

There are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept, things we don't want to know but have to learn, and people we can't live without but have to let go.

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Pandora (also known as Pandora Media or Pandora Radio) is an American music streaming and automated music recommendation internet radio service powered by the Music Genome Project. The service, operated by Sirius XM Satellite Radio, is available in the United States. The service plays songs that have similar musical traits. The user then provides positive or negative feedback (as thumbs up or thumbs down) for songs chosen by the service, and the feedback is taken into account in the subsequent selection of other songs to play. The service can be accessed either through a web browser or with its mobile app. Pandora is a freemium service; basic features are free with advertisements or limitations, while additional features, such as improved streaming quality, music downloads and offline channels are offered via paid subscriptions. In 2014, Pandora had about 76 million monthly users, and about a 70% share of the internet radio market in the U.S.Pandora's Promoted Stations rely on its core Music Genome Project. Overall, the Music Genome Project of more than 450 attributes assigned to each song with a human-curated database of recorded music.In February 2019, Sirius XM Satellite Radio acquired Pandora for $3.5 billion in stock.. pandora app, pandora, music, pandora app review, music streaming apps, music streaming on iphone, best free music streaming, learn how, learn how group, iphone apps, music apps, 30 apps in 30 days,

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  • Pandora now lets you share music and podcasts to your Instagram Stories - Pandora today announced a new integration with Instagram that will allow users to share their favorite music and podcasts to their Instagram Story. The feature comes well over a year after Spotify launched a similar integration with Instagram Stories, and onl…

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  • Relase Date11 July 2008
  • CategoryMusic
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  • App Rating4.5
  • Current Version1909.2
  • DeveloperPandora Media, Inc.
  • Operating SystemIOS 11.0 or later

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