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Connect with friends, family and people who share the same interests as you. Communicate privately, watch your favorite content, buy and sell items or just spend time with your community. On Facebook, keeping up with the people who matter most is easy. Discover, enjoy and do more together. Stay up to date with your loved ones: • Share what's on your mind, announce major life events through posts and celebrate the everyday moments with Stories. • Express yourself through your profile and posts, watch, react, interact and stay in touch with your friends, throughout the day. Connect with people who share your interests with Groups: • With tens of millions of groups, you'll find something for all your interests and discover more groups relevant to you. • Use the Groups tab as a hub to quickly access all your groups content. Find relevant groups based on your interests with the new discovery tool and recommendations. Become more involved with your community: • Discover events happening near you, businesses to support, local groups and activities to be part of. • Check out local recommendations from your friends, then coordinate with them and make plans to get together. • Raise funds for a cause that’s important to you, mentor someone who wants help achieving their goals and, in the event of a local crisis, connect with other people to find or give supplies, food or shelter. Enjoy entertainment together with Watch: • Discover all kinds of content from original shows to creators to trending videos in topics like beauty, sports, and entertainment. • Join conversations, share with others, interact with viewers and creators and watch together like never before. Buy and sell with Marketplace: • Whether it's an everyday or one-of-a-kind item, you can discover everything from household items to your next car or apartment on Marketplace. • List your own item for sale and conveniently communicate with buyers and sellers through Messenger Read our Data Use Policy, Terms and other important info in the legal section of our App Store description. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Facebook doesn't run GPS in the background unless you give us permission by turning on optional features that require this.

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Big problemI can't access Date content despite deleting and reinstalling the app many times.Score: 1/5

Lego👍💕👍👍.Score: 5/5

HisHsjka.Score: 3/5

Your masterDare to put anything on Facebook that does not fit in with their narrative or have a different opinion and your account is deleted without warning. Make sure that any content you ever wish to keep is stored elsewhere as well. The Facebook overlord will censor you and your freedom of speech..Score: 1/5

Cannot open comments on iPad with keyboardUsing current version of iOS with updated facebook, each time i press the comments button the screen freezes and the app needs to be shut down and restarted. After searching for this fault it seems that when i have my apple keyboard connected to the iPad this is what causes the issue. When i disconnect the keyboard the app works fine. Please fix as this is irritating.Score: 3/5

Blank pagesWhenever I click on a Facebook page through the app, I get a couple of seconds on the page then it just goes blank. Drives me insane - works on my iPhone but rarely works on my iPad. So fed up with this - please make it work!!!!.Score: 1/5

Group notificationsNotifications Within the Group tab to join suggested groups, no way to turn that off.Score: 1/5

Palestine foreverPalestine forever.Score: 1/5

Zkfkfz😍😏😏😏.Score: 5/5

Poor - political and all about moneyFacebook has become a tool to mis-inform people , promote hate and hide facts. Stay away and keep your kids away from it..Score: 1/5

Why can’t I post my leader photoI was trying to photo photo of tamil leader Methagu prabakran but you have been removing them.why are you controlling and manipulating.Score: 1/5

SuspendedCreated an account and was suspended 10 minutes later, I didn’t even post anything..Score: 1/5

Zfkxk😭😭😭😭😭.Score: 5/5

Thqtwn😭😭😘.Score: 5/5

Lethally🤔🤔🤗🤗.Score: 5/5

Mgzgmgmagakkys❤️❤️❤️.Score: 5/5

Too many ads and too restrictiveFacebook has gone down hill rapidly. Will give MeWe app a try instead ..Score: 1/5

What have you done?Works ok on iPhone but iPad os 👎🏻 how on earth does a billion dollar company like meta not test its apps, get it fixed. 3 weeks now still can’t read comments what you doing fix this mess mark..Score: 1/5

Lviv👍👍👍👍👍👍.Score: 5/5

Biased censorshipFB claims it’s not pushing any political agendas while actively censoring content that doesn’t fit with their subjective agenda. It is not a free share app, it’s carefully censored and vetted to show only one rhetoric, one that supports apartheid and oppression..Score: 1/5

Discriminating against specific languagesFacebook discriminate against Arabic content and wrongly remove more than 77% of the content..Score: 1/5

Half’s✌️💕👍💕💕.Score: 5/5

Hugh👍👍👍👍👍.Score: 5/5

#FBCensorsJerusalem#FBCensorsJerusalem.Score: 1/5

Too Many Adverts100% agree with the one star reviews. Adverts are out of control - every other post or hidden as a somebody likes. Far too much pushing friend, group suggestions. This app has just got worse and worse and worse and Facebook takes no notice of users. Why would any company pay to advertise on this. I’m so hacked off with Ads I automatically hide them. It’s an automatic response to seeing an Ad heading. Company’s take heed as you’re wasting your money..Score: 1/5

AngryWhy Facebook book against Tamil peoples Why you removed our national leader prabakaran photo and post ?😡.Score: 1/5

Censorship and suppression of human rightsFacebook is linked to Zionism, aka racism, and is censoring and deleting journalistic exposure of Israel’s human rights violations. Facebook is guilty by proxy and very dangerous to humanity and decency..Score: 1/5

CensorbookTerrible app. Social media is supposed to help democratize news but that isn't possible with apps like FB that actively suppresses the views of some of the most oppressed people on earth. It is shameful and unacceptable..Score: 1/5

BXb😩😩😩.Score: 5/5

AwfulAwful.Score: 1/5

Freezes following updateNot easy to use now as app freezes following the most recent update. I’m on IOS 15 and Facebooks latest update 4 days ago doesn’t appear to have kept up with it.Score: 1/5

FREE PALESTINEFree palestine.Score: 1/5

Gxgxg😋😋😂😒.Score: 5/5

#FBCensorsJerusalemBy deleting the Mayda al-Quds and al-Qastal official Facebook pages, Facebook is actively censoring crucial Palestinian perspectives and news sources. FACEBOOK STOP CENSORING PALESTINE. #FreePalestine.Score: 1/5

UnimpressedPolitically bias, dubious privacy and utterly polluting for youngsters. I keep up with distant friends but rarely post as I do not trust FB at all..Score: 1/5

Stop censoring ethnic minoritiesPuts me off using it.Score: 1/5

Bad app - doesn’t show posts to anyoneUseless app that doesn’t even show your posts to your friends.Score: 1/5

Freezes too oftenClicking on the comments often doesn’t display the comments, it just freezes the page so you have to close it down and reopen. The post you were looking at isn’t always there when you reopen. It’s a bit annoying.Score: 2/5

.The worst app of all time.Score: 1/5

Facebook working against eelam TamilsFacebook removing eelam peoples post and working against them.Score: 1/5

Biased appVery biased app .. you are ok as long as you support Israel .. but if you are pro Palestine you are always heavily censored and spend most of the time on big bans Free Palestine 🇵🇸✌🏽.Score: 1/5

Confused!Why is it that the same version (345) has different settings options on iPhone or iPad?? OR - if they must be different why not have different solutions in the help centre according to which hardware you use?.Score: 2/5

…..Hey Facebook team “mark”…..! where is my Facebook account...Score: 1/5

Not safeTracks everything and mandatory cookies.Score: 1/5

Gregg👍👍👍.Score: 5/5

We see what you’re doingCensoring Palestinian content just to mask the international laws the “Israelis” are violating everyday..Score: 1/5

Dish❤️❤️😊❤️.Score: 5/5

News CensorshipBlock or banned accounts raising awareness specially anything against Israel...Score: 1/5

CensorshipExtreme bias and censorship. #FreePalestine #SupportAlAqsa #SaveGaza #SaveSheikhJarrah.Score: 1/5

LG phhxphh😔😍😒😔😒😒😒😒.Score: 5/5

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

Facebook community standards against tamil nationalismFacebook community standards against tamil people and tamil leader “prabhakaran “.Score: 1/5

Great platform if you love censorshipMeta uses censorship to silence indigenous folks, Palestinians, black activists, etc. but if you report racism, transphobia, etc. it’s not taken seriously at all.Score: 1/5

Deux poids deux mesureLes produits Facebook appliquent une politique différenciée entre palestiniens et régime d’apartheid israélien. Des expressions identiques sont acceptées pour les colons, et refusées pour les palestiniens..Score: 1/5

TerribleIf I could give 0 stars to this app I would. Censorship is not cool. I couldn’t make a post about my Tamil Heritage and background because apparently I was violating a community guideline. There was no inappropriate language, threats, or harm in my post. Facebook is trying to silence those speaking up with good intentions. Don’t use this app..Score: 1/5

345 version fail to load contentSince upgrade to version 345 i am unable to load Pages, profiles, marketplace. good side i have a lot of free time without facebook now..Score: 1/5

Racist anti- Palestinian censorshipSick and tired of the censorship on the app, defeats the entire purpose of you can share the TRUTH. Would put zero stars if I could..Score: 1/5

Crash and freezeI cannot make any comments on Watch Videos! Kept crashing every time I pressed on comment!!.Score: 1/5

One star for censorship!They’re limiting access to free speech and promoting the terrorist ideology of Israel and their Zionist movement..Score: 1/5

BruhConstantly crashes.Score: 1/5

Just another of countless issuesWorst social media app ever! 1. When get a notification that you are mentioned in a post, clicking on the notification never brings you to that mention! So if theres hundreds of comments you have to look through all of them and sometimes you still cant find it because only relevant comments are selected; Which brings us to yet another issue: 2. Sometimes there is no option to change “relevant comments” to “all comments” on a post. There simply is no button! It say “only relevant comments are selected” but no option to change it to “all comments”. So at times you can see someone replied to you comment but you can never see or reply to that comment ever again!! LISTEN TO THESE REVIEWS!! THIS IS WHY YOU HAVE LESS THAN 2 STARS!!.Score: 1/5

Very one sided marketingVery one sided marketing that doesnt allow free speech.Score: 1/5

Videos not working properlyIPhone X not able to watch videos properly and will not allow to view comments.Score: 1/5

I’m addicted and I hate itI’m addicted to the mind numbing nothingness I get when I scroll infinitely through this social network garbage. If you have a shred of dignity as a company, be a leader and deplatform yourself..Score: 1/5

Big time censorshipFacebook censors Jérusalem. Free speech is an illusion. The truth is being hidden from everyone. What is happening in Palestine is very disturbing. The bad guys as being mistaken for the good people while the good people are being mistaken for the bad ones..Score: 1/5

CensorshipCensoring news that doesn’t serve their purpose. Absolutely disgusting..Score: 1/5

Supports terrorism. Censors victims.Has consistently been censoring posts which show the reality of the terror attacks against Palestinians. Facebook has disgusting resiliency in their support for state sponsored terrorism, apartheid, and genocide..Score: 1/5

CensorshipStop censoring Palestinian journalism Stop silencing Palestinian voices Stop erasing Palestine.Score: 1/5

Palestinian human rights matter.Censoring content in favor of fascist Israel’s war crimes not cool..Score: 1/5

Palestina 🇵🇸libreSi yo puedes poner menos de un estrella lo pongoLa política de Facebook es apoyar a Israel y está eliminando muchas páginas de Palestina . Está tapando a muchas cosas que los haces Israel de Criminal y matanza a los niños jóvenes y mayores no quiere nadie que apoya a Palestina por eso elimina toda la página para que el mundo no sepa nada Y la realidad es que está pasando en la tierra santa Palestina Palestina libre de estos parásitos israelita.Score: 1/5

BadOne sided company with terrible morals ps: they love the murder of children.Score: 1/5

No freedom of speech 👎Facebook asking apple to remove all the negative reviews, Facebook trying to take over the freedom of speech Facebook want the freedom of speech to match its one side of view 👎.Score: 1/5

It’s been over half a yearFor over half a year, Facebook has gone from a social media platform to an agenda following platform where they decide who’s voice is worth amplifying and who to shut down. The platform has been used by the voiceless as a means to get their voice out to the world. Instead of amplifying it, Facebook decides to censor and shut down those voices. This is disgusting. Aside from all that, who the hell uses Facebook anyways 😂.Score: 1/5

Against Tamils freedom of speech.Facebook is against Tamils freedom of speech..Score: 1/5

CENSORS WAR CRIMES TAKING PLACE IN ISRAELFacebook has a heavy hand in censoring human rights groups especially in Palestine..Score: 1/5

Political censorshipFacebook blocks and deletes accounts that go against their political narrative even if it has to do with injustice or activism. Predicting political events could get you banned too even if they do come true in the future..Score: 1/5

Palestineفيسبوك يحجب القدس.Score: 1/5

#FBCensorsJerusalemFree Palestine.Score: 1/5

Palestinian media censorshipIt’s a shame how they want to control the narrative so bad.. disgusted Uninstalled fb, done my part.Score: 1/5

Against free speechAgainst free speech.Score: 1/5

Community standardsFacebook community standards are against Tamils nationalism.Score: 1/5

Disgusting company and appAbsolutely disgusting the censoring of the Palestinian plight by the disgusting Zionist scum..Score: 1/5

Racist and censorshipFacebook censoring Palestinians voices and supporting Israels genocide.Score: 1/5

Awful spying tacticsFB is ready to sell your information to anyone for the cheapest price possible . They enjoy sending copies of your chat to authorities or even spying agencies for other countries or just a scammer who is looking to fabricate a story to steal your money , blackmail you with old pictures and relationships FB does all this and even more for few cents The true enemy of the free world and humanity is Facebook and all related apps Like what’s app and instagram. Changing the name to meta and making cheerful videos about it doesn’t help 👎.Score: 1/5

A PURE TOXIC ENVIRONMENTI was banned from Facebook for 30 days for posting a funny meme of Kyle Rittenhouse and Alec Baldwin. Facebook says that posting any pictures of Rittenhouse is in support of dangerous people and terrorism. But for some reason this only applies to my account as I’ve seen other people post pictures of him as well. This ban also took place four days before the young man’s trial finished and at the time he was not presumed guilty or not guilty. But Facebook said that he is guilty regardless of what the Supreme Court of the United States of America says. This makes no sense. I will never pay facebook for another ad for my small business, nor will I ever use their services ever again, and I suggest everybody else that doesn’t want to be part of their grand narrative of a complete garbage society does the same. Facebook is toxic to the human mind and it does not represent what social media is supposed to be whatsoever. The best thing any human being can do is get off Facebook, delete the app, and never go back..Score: 1/5

It’s an evil company.Come on. Seriously. It’s just a platform for creating discord and hate.Score: 1/5

No free speechWorse app ever No free speech.Score: 1/5


Locked my account and wants my government idLocked my account after three days. Asked for my phone number and government ID for authorization. You have to be out of your mind if you think a company like Facebook is trustworthy enough to have a copy of your government ID..Score: 1/5

Freezing…Keeps freezing on iPad….Score: 1/5

Not 120hz promotion yet???Put update to were it support 120hz and fix the damn scrolling jitter and lag for fawk sake!!.Score: 1/5

#FBCensorsJerusalemFacebook is censoring Palestinian pages.Score: 1/5

سيئ للغايةمحارب للمحتوى الفلسطيني 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸.Score: 1/5

Free Palestine, stop censoring Jerusalem!#facebookcensorsjerusalem.Score: 1/5

Needs updateMany times the videos can’t be skipped through clicking in it. That part just hanging..Score: 2/5

Shame on you, unhuman workers!Stop working fo this compagny. Where are your values?.Score: 1/5

Promotes censorship of speech like crazyOne example: I posted a quote by Ayn Rand that says: “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” This is only one example how Facebook deals with differences in opinion and freedom of speech. Shameful..Score: 1/5

Apple Music and FacebookMy audio now turns off when I open Facebook, can you please fix this audio issue..Score: 2/5

BugsThe fb watch just disappeared for no reason.Score: 1/5

BrokenAnytime I try to login with this app, it just thinks that I’m a spammer and a hacker. When I tried to login on my computer, it works first try. The app is just straight up broken..Score: 1/5

DisappointingAs a member of the Tamil Community I want to be able to express my feelings about our heritage. Earlier I was trying to make a post about our heritage hero and history of Tamil Eelam, but Facebook did not allow me to do so. There was no harm in my post, no inappropriate language, or threats made, but Facebook said that my post had restricted their community guidelines. Facebook is trying to silence the Tamil Eelam community as well as our other brothers and sisters trying to bring awareness to injustices around the world. We don’t want to use Facebook regarding it’s unethical guidelines..Score: 1/5

Payoneer 💰Payoneer is an online payment platform that lets you transfer money from any corner of the world! A best and must have payment service for every blogger, traveler, freelancer, affiliate marketer, consultant, virtual assistant, business person, online sellers, and receivers. Earn $25 for free by joining Payoneer. Sign Up Now!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

Zero customer serviceA hacker was allowed to change my password on 7/30/2021 and there is no recourse for me to recover my account. I filled out the FB form to “verify my identity”, sent a photo of my ID, and have heard nothing 4 months later. TWELVE years of memories just gone. And Facebook does not give a crap..Score: 1/5

Kids are all over the appKids reporting cussing like we ain’t adults for 18+ sure ok whatever..Score: 1/5

Facebooks problemHow are you gonna disable my account it’s 12+ and that’s my age but u didn’t disable my 10 year old cousins 😐.Score: 1/5

Fb Censors Marginalized CommunitiesThis site censors protest pictures and the algorithm works against BIPOC and LGBTQ. Bigots aren’t banned, but activists are for refuting their bullying. Facebook has admitted they promote outrageous content because that’s what sells, despite knowing how dangerous misinformation and bigotry is to the lives of the oppressed. (MITTechReview) Free Palestine. Stop censoring apartheid truth. 🇵🇸❤️.Score: 1/5

TOO MANY ADSI understand the concept about ads, just like YouTube, you need to monetize one way or another and that’s fine. But why is it that I can’t watch a video without every two minutes having an ad pop up? It kills the experience, seriously. Please reduce the amount of ads shown in videos or at least increase the timing between them..Score: 1/5

What’s the pointThe algorithm prevents me from seeing the few things I’d actually want to see on Facebook, don’t at all feel like I can be myself there so I got fed up and deleted it..Score: 1/5

Constant censoring of Palestine in favor of Israeli crimesFacebook constantly censoring Palestinian posts exposing Israeli war crimes. It is sickening and evil how they filter content and show support for the apartheid state.Score: 1/5

Not receiving any notificationsI’m not receiving any notifications I’m supposed to get either by me commenting on someone’s Facebook or them commenting on mine. What gives? Is it an iPhone thing? I can only view if someone tags me..Score: 2/5

BrokenMy Facebook app won’t even open I open Facebook it shows the blue title screen and then instantly closes..Score: 2/5

TrashBanned over nothing, take a joke. Trash app.Score: 1/5

Facebook is not farBad app.Score: 1/5

FB review.Censorship issues. Very disappointing..Score: 1/5

Too much censorshipFacebook is not what it used to be..Score: 1/5

Locking up!For the past month or so every time I touch the see comments button the app just locks up. I have deleted and reinstalled several times. I am running the latest update. Every once in a while it will work fine for a while. Then for no reason at all it just starts locking up again. Another problem is that marketplace also shuts the whole app down and closes it out but this has been a problem for some time now. Running an ipad pro 12.9 inch running the latest IOS.Score: 3/5

UselessI’ve been using FB since about 2012 and for the last 5 years I’ve barely visited or posted. I really only keep it because I like browsing the marketplace. However, they keep changing the controls and forcing paid ads on me. I want to view local sales! If I want to buy junk shipped to me then I’ll go to Etsy or amazon! Let me view local sales and let me browse whatever is in my local area! Screw FB/ meta whatever. I’m going to delete my account..Score: 1/5

Newsfeed BugMy news feed sometimes doesn’t work. It’s usually fixed in a few hours. For over a week I’ve had a notice that there “may be a technical issue” it says they are working to get it fixed. I can only access my groups and friends by going directly to them. I’ve reported the problem with screen shots 5 times. No response from Facebook ever came and it’s not fixed. I’ve reloaded and refreshed the app. For a large tech company this is unacceptable..Score: 1/5

GkjggCcggbhg.Score: 1/5

I was Hacked & Got Data StolenThis Company is Know for selling data, But stealing it? They keep listening to my voice and since apples New update I see if they are recording My voice and it shows! I do not recommend this app to anyone!.Score: 1/5

Overall Bad ServiceCensoring real information and news to please your masters is affecting the app quality. I am being shown what i don't want to see and forcibly not seeing what I want to see.Score: 1/5

Facebook badNo good, they rotten..Score: 1/5

Login issueI can’t log in my accounts…. why?.Score: 1/5

Facebook disabling Palestinian contentFacebook disabling Palestinian content.Score: 1/5

Dangerous Propaganda and Censorship platformFacebook interfered in the election, suppressed the Hunter Biden story on their platform, spread Covid misinformation daily 24/7. Dishonest fact checkers. If you’re a conservative they will suppress your speech by punitively censoring your jokes, memes, comments on photos from a decade ago all in the guise that goes against their “bizarre” community standards that changes daily. Make no mistake, this has played out before in Nazi Germany. They want to silence you, permanently..Score: 1/5

IPad App not functioningLately, when you try to like or comment, or try to read comments on a post, the app locks up and stops responding..Score: 1/5


Facebook iPad appIt freezes each time i want to make a comment, or look at comments, also sends me to another page to like and i sometimes have to push numerous times to like, I haven’t been able to love a comment or picture for some time. I dumped facebook on my iPhone but I’m still having problems with my iPad Pro.Score: 1/5

Marketplace AdsYou are real quick to fact check political stuff but you won’t keep fake sales ads off , I guess you don’t care as long as you get paid for advertising!! Marketplace on iPad app always crashes the app when I search for local listings! Again I guess you don’t want me looking at local listings because they are not paid listings. Money grubber..Score: 1/5

Censors JerusalemDeletes posts and accounts of Palestinians expressing their voices.Score: 1/5

Please fix the “comment” crash on FBI have reported the comment crash on FB for months now. Why can’t this be addressed for iPad users? Also, page updates are happening at a ridiculous speed on ipad. Since IOS 15.1 update FB has been frustrating to use on an iPad..Score: 1/5

Facebook has caused harmIn 3rd world countries Facebook had launched their free Wi-Fi. Allowing users to access the internet only through facebook. Malicious groups have then spread propaganda on Facebook cause 3rd world countries to fight and murders their neighbors. Facebook is not good..Score: 1/5

Facebook app lags horribly and doesn’t loadI often end up connecting to Facebook via the browser instead of the app because it’s so buggy and slow..Score: 1/5

Orwellian threat to Democracy!Corporate America addicting you to likes, and telling you how to think and how to vote, all paid for by the highest bidder. Just look at open secrets and see how much money is being paid to politicians by FaceBook, it puts the oil companies to shame..Score: 1/5

UnusableWont work on my iPad Pro. The only app that just freezes for no reason..Score: 1/5

AnnoyedI’ve had Facebook since I was around 13 and now I’m 20. As you can see I’ve had it for a very long time, never really had issues with it except for the occasional crash that everyone has had. But for the past week now my Facebook has like completely stopped working will not refresh I’m getting the same posts over and over again. I even had a post pop up from 2020 that I shared last year no matter what I do, I’ve restarted my phone. Deleted the app reinstalled it, clear data. I don’t know what to do I’m getting very frustrated I might just delete Facebook officially now. Ever since Facebook has been updated and has changed its name it has completely sucked. Maybe it’s time to move onto a better social network..Score: 2/5

القدسالقدس.Score: 1/5

Still crashing and freezingAnother update and still freezing. And forget marketplace. That crashes my iPad completely..Score: 1/5

GarboThanks for helping be apart of turning our country against each other!.Score: 1/5

HEx -human exploitation and traffickingFacebook provides an outlet for the exploitation of children..Score: 1/5

Free PalestineThis app censors and suppresses content about Palestine and its struggle for freedom from the apartheid Israeli regime.Score: 1/5

Log in issues and no customer serviceI recently got put on orders to another country and I can’t get ahold of my family plz let me into my account.Score: 1/5

Trashy App don’t downloadIf you want Mark Zuckerberg to censor your every posts and let people hack into your accounts (it’s probably Zuckerberg doing the dirty too) then I suggest not downloading or getting Facebook. It’s a trashy social media platform and will always be..Score: 1/5

MehIf you’re into sharing and reading politically conservative false news stories this is the app for you! Otherwise steer well clear of Facebook..Score: 1/5

Horrible AppFaceBook shouldn’t be politically involved with any country, group or organization and yet it limits people from speaking freely against a side it gets paid from..Score: 1/5

Freedom of speechI have the right so say whatever I feel your in violation of my amendment rights by simply restricting me from posting and blocking or deleting my statuses because your admin doesn’t agree your violating the rights of millions by simply blockin them from posting and or saying anything I’m in the works of trying to figure out how to build a case on your site as we speak I’ve had enough of the spam adds pop up messages page blocks and horrible “fact check” that keeps the truth from people.Score: 1/5

I Can’t Log In!I can NOT log into my account on this app. Highly upset!!!.Score: 1/5

App locks downEvery time I try to read a comment or make a comment, the app locks down. Come on Facebook, you can take care of this. IPad Pro iOS 15.1. November 27, 2021 and it’s been happening for quite some time..Score: 1/5

Screen FreezesThis is getting ridiculous! Every time I click on Comments related to someone’s post, the screen immediately freezes. I cant do anything but close the app! If I try to expand a post by clicking See More, the screen freezes! Why am I having this issue, but others aren’t? I have updated the app, and have done a hard reboot, and still have the same issue. I am running on the most updated OS as well! I have never had a problem with Facebook until now..Score: 2/5

App keeps freezing on IPadWon’t allow post comments, freezes. IOS 15.0.2. For reference. Completely locks up have to delete app and reinstall..Score: 1/5

Watch changes are garbageLayout for video and watching changed for the much worse. I want videos for folks and show I follow, not sorting through random crap. Will be using YouTube from now on.Score: 1/5

This app’s intrusiveness is astoundingly annoyingMost of my feed is ads from stuff I searched on google. I’ve gone back to using the browser to connect to Facebook. And low and behold…NO ADS! I’m never using this app again smh. And if it weren’t for the networking capabilities and messenger I would delete my account all together..Score: 1/5

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Last updateSince the last update every time I click on a post to read a comment facebook freezes. I have to go out a couple of times until it resets. I have deleted the app and re installed it but still the same..Score: 2/5

FreezingApp constantly freezes and is totally unusable..Score: 1/5

No sound on storeysI have no idea why but storeys don’t play sound anymore.. soooo annoying!!! I have checked all settings and it works on Instagram but never on Facebook..Score: 1/5

Freezing upApp freezes up on iPad when making a comment to a post..Score: 1/5

Unacceptable censorshipFacebook is infringing on our basic writes to freedom of speech! Free Palestine!.Score: 1/5

Thank you for sorting the bugs outThank you facebook for sorting out the latest bugs with your app on iPad OS15, oh wait…………………….. no you haven’t it still crashes when you try to open comments 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️.Score: 1/5

1 star for 1 reasonBANNED EYE IN PALESTINA.Score: 1/5

The app freeze after open the commentI dont know what happen but only in my ipad pro everytime when i open my notification n want to reply or want to comment always freeze and i need to close the fb app and open again. Its been 2weeks already..Score: 1/5

App keep crashingThe APP is crashing when you like something. What is going on? It doesn’t matter is on the phone or on the IPAD. Same thing happen everyday..Score: 1/5

Facebook marketplace is always not availableGumtree is way better then this stupid app.Score: 1/5

Why do I keep seeing movies I’m not interested in?I see movies, videos and click the hide more like these option, I still keep seeing these very tedious and uninteresting videos from users I am not interested in. Why is that?.Score: 1/5

Mistakes in the system2 of my accounts got suspended and i cant get them back. It didnt even gave me a reason why it got suspended..Score: 1/5

TerribleFacebook bans you for swearing or what it thinks is swearing. It’s bullying and harassment algorithms are over the top. Yet they still let the extremists, conspiracy weirdos, propaganda and false health information run rampant. The sooner another similar social media similar to Facebook the better..Score: 1/5

Poo formDictatorship. You sensor what people have the right to read..Score: 1/5

Most RelevantThe most relevant option that’s always on in comments as default on any given post is the most stupid useless function I’ve ever seen on any app in my life. It literally just jumbles up replies and makes and conversation happening impossible to follow unless you turn in off but to go and then it off you have to go back up and select all comments again and unless you remember it every post you lose your place and then even if you find it it wasn’t originally ordered right so you have to start again. Trash And stop choosing what we see and what opinions get shoved down our throats it’s disgusting.Score: 2/5

I won’t be censoredI won’t be censored, you shouldn’t poke the bear..Score: 1/5

STILL CRASHINGWill someone fix this fkin app! Every time I click comments the whole app freezes, been doing this for weeks under IOS 15 and it’s not just me. About time someone did their damn job and fixed it!!.Score: 1/5

Constantly crashes since latest updateThe Facebook app used to be great, now it is unusable, crashes every time you click on comments :(.Score: 1/5

#Fb admin you updated my fb page to make it load faster and now it won’t load at all.Score: 1/5

Zero Customer ServiceFacebook has no Facebook customer service or support and never responds to or acknowledges complaints. My page was hacked over a month ago and I was removed as the admin - I have made numerous reports (as have my friends) without any acknowledgement from Facebook. This is not acceptable and I’m looking to leave Facebook entirely..Score: 1/5

Biased MediaDoes FB understand the value of justice and fairness? FB should reconsider your community guidelines which hurts Thamizh (Tamil) nationals’ feelings. Otherwise please show your true face to the World. We always stand with justice ,fairness and love..Score: 1/5

Constant crashesThis app constantly crashes every time you try and go to the comment section. It really is so bad on an iPad it’s not funny..Score: 1/5

More and more crashes since updateSince doing the update it’s created more crashes not less especially with marketplace but slow loading and crashes with FB. Seems the updates cause more issues than fixes lately.Score: 1/5

Facebook Update crashed the appEver since the last update - facebook will not open on my iphone6.Score: 1/5

CensorshipThe matrix that this app uses seems to be politically motivated, this app has gone from one where you could freely express opinions, to one where only opinions pointed towards views that only Facebook agrees with aren’t censored. The above statement is also valid for the “fact checkers: It’s gone from a 5 star in the past to a 0-1 star rating in my humble opinion..Score: 1/5

Facebook removes Tamil hero V.Prabakaran related postsFacebook removes Tamil hero V.Prabakaran related posts, this is against freedom of speech, and Hon Prabakaran is the only leader of the entire Tamil population.Score: 1/5

Please fix the glitch!Barely compatible with IOS15. Crashes every time I press 'comment'. I have to double press to post. I use an iPad..Score: 1/5

Politically biasedFacebook purposely sensors political content of certain perspectives while allowing political posts that they agree with to stay up. Very shady.Score: 1/5

App freezing using iPad on Comment tapThe app is constantly freezing if using an iPad with you tap the comment link on a post.. Very frustrating and needs to be addressed ASAP..Score: 1/5

App Freeze When Viewing CommentsThis is unbelievable. What’s going on? The app keeps freezing whenever you try to view a comment thread. Seems to be happening to people who have upgrade to the new iOS..Score: 1/5

MarketplaceConstantly crashes. Has been crashing for years but with the latest software update on iPad, barely have to wait 10 seconds before it crashes again..Score: 1/5

I couldn’t add music with photo in my day.From Nepal.Score: 4/5

No response over 3 years as promisedFacebook blocked my market place by mistakes since mid 2018. I was keeping emailing them, but no reply and outcome since it happened in 2018, even shows they are reviewing and will respond with 24 hours! Very disappointed! What a rubbish firm! Sorry for my language but it’s really my feeling though..Score: 1/5

IPad app no longer works, constantly freezingIPad iOS 15.1 iPad Pro 11..Score: 1/5

SOUND In App Audio BUGTurn off in app sounds, quit app, relaunch app oh look! in app sound is back on. 1 star to hopefully get attention will upgrade when fixed. Very annoying bug - how many people need the app burping and chirping at them besides accessibility of course?.Score: 1/5

Freezes every time I click on CommentsFacebook has gone from bad to worse since it became Meta. I cannot see comments or make comments on any post, as the App freezes whenever I click on “Comments”. Facebook is not much value if I can’t read comments. Time to find another social media platform..Score: 1/5

Content unavailableHave been unable to load activity log for weeks..Score: 1/5

Always removed my listingsThis app has been getting very frustrating lately, I have been trying to list some authentic watches on marketplace, and they are continually getting removed for “violation of Facebooks policy, even though they comply perfectly, and I see illicit substances on marketplace that somehow seem to make it on there. I have looked to find support on this, and there is nothing! I’m very unimpressed, save yourself some time and get Instagram or Twitter instead!.Score: 1/5

JunkWhat a cluttered mess, only used it to sell something on Marketplace, been years since I used FB until now and boy has it turned into sad place to spend your time..Score: 1/5

Needs to monitor fascismToo many white supremacists spreading disinformation.Score: 1/5

NewsfeedWhy are we now seeing our friends’ birthday wishes to people we don’t know? It’s unnecessary..Score: 4/5

Stop Spying on meStop stealing my info and selling it to companies you lying stealing morons.Score: 1/5

Not what it used to beIt’s rare now I will check Facebook. Always given the same information repeatedly new info from friends always missed. Too many unwanted messages, friend requests from fake accounts If I want to read comments and it’s always ‘most relevant’. I just want to see them when I want to….Score: 1/5

Useless service and glitches galoreI bought rayban stories and during set up for blocked out . I have sent my car license in multiple times but have never been contacted and I don’t like their policy of holding your idea but not helping me log back in . They send a code and then when you put it in you need another code And so it goes on . Or you need a code generator but you have to be logged in to get to this , makes no sense . Rayban are damaging their brand !!!.Score: 1/5

FreezesEvery time I click on a post while on the IPad app, the app then proceeds to freeze and not work at all. Completely unusable. Have tried to reinstall a number of times and continues to happen..Score: 1/5

New Update - 16 SepWith this new update I cannot watch any videos featuring on my timeline..Score: 1/5

IPad freezing issuesFor the past couple of days when you click on a post on an iPad the app freezes and you ca do nothing. Seems like there may be a problem.Score: 3/5

Pro Ziönįsts crimes in 🇵🇸You can’t keep censoring ziönįst crimes in 🇵🇸 forever..Score: 1/5

Sensor if the oppressed is no different to being the oppressorThis platform should advocate for human rights and justice for all, not for those who money to manipulate the narrative for their own agenda.Score: 1/5

Please do thisIt’s my 12th birthday on the 10th of February 2022. Please just suspend my account until then please as I don’t want my account to be suspended permanently. It’s just under 3 months then I’ll be old enough to use it. Just don’t suspend it permanently. Just give it a while and I’ll give a 5 star then..Score: 1/5

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