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WhatsApp from Facebook is a FREE messaging and video calling app. It’s used by over 2B people in more than 180 countries. It’s simple, reliable, and private, so you can easily keep in touch with your friends and family. WhatsApp works across mobile and desktop even on slow connections, with no subscription fees*. Private messaging across the world Your personal messages and calls to friends and family are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of your chats, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them. Simple and secure connections, right away All you need is your phone number, no user names or logins. You can quickly view your contacts who are on WhatsApp and start messaging. High quality voice and video calls Make secure video and voice calls with up to 8 people for free*. Your calls work across mobile devices using your phone’s Internet service, even on slow connections. Group chats to keep you in contact Stay in touch with your friends and family. End-to-end encrypted group chats let you share messages, photos, videos and documents across mobile and desktop. Stay connected in real time Share your location with only those in your individual or group chat, and stop sharing at any time. Or record a voice message to connect quickly. Share daily moments through Status Status allows you to share text, photos, video and GIF updates that disappear after 24 hours. You can choose to share status posts with all your contacts or just selected ones. *Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details. --------------------------------------------------------- If you have any feedback or questions, please go to WhatsApp > Settings > Help > Contact Us

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WhatsApp Messenger App Reviews (8,759,849)

PrivacyI don’t believe that my privacy is protected since WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook..Score: 3/5

I rate itIt’s a really good app i definitely would recommend however I have no friends so I can’t really use it and my only Alive family is my dog he and can’t use phones or walk.(lost his leg in the wars).Score: 1/5

They have changed the callsIt’s annoying.Score: 1/5

Finally a feature to suppress ongoing highlighting of archived group!About time. This omission has driven me mad for a few years..Score: 4/5

Very helpfulNice app.Score: 5/5

Great App!🙏.Score: 5/5

AwesomeI Love it It’s so easy to use And say I need to log in all I need is a code which is texted to you Some things I would change though Setting up an account with the option for your phone number.Score: 5/5

Brilliant way of sending photo’s and keeping up with the friends and family’s 👍With the families xxx.Score: 5/5

OkayThank you.Score: 5/5

Hide chatsYou need to make it so we can hide chats from people we don’t want going through our phones.Score: 2/5

DeezShrek funni.Score: 5/5

Where the codeHi where the code you were supposed to send to me.Score: 1/5

New group call settingsDon't get me wrong WhatsApp is brilliant!!!! But there is a lot of problems the new group call update. I love how you can rejoin the call without having to message someone to add you back but I hate it how they have changed the call notification because it doesn't let you decline a call!!!!! It should let you rejoin a call you have actually joined not a call that you haven't joined..Score: 1/5

PIP not available for Video callsThis is frustrating as PIP is not available for video calls.Score: 3/5

New update is rubbishWhen you search for something on what’s app, you cannot copy it, in this day and age you would expect an app to be able to perform this simple task yet in this update, this isn’t the case. Sort out please as use what’s app for majority of my work..Score: 1/5

Ongoing group calls, with leaving and being able to join back bugs.This has caused for people to not watch any videos, or switch apps, and is not able to play and other games such as roblox. please fix this!!!.Score: 2/5

Screen goes blackTry and hang up a Whatsapp call and the whole iPhone screen is locked/jammed. It won’t unlock for a few minutes. Super annoying.Score: 1/5

FumingI am honestly appalled tbh , none of my notifications are coming through and to be honest its shocking you would think a million dollar app like whatsapp notifications would at least work!😡😡😡😡😡i will be telling my friends kaz and donna about this and they will also file a complaint! If my notifications dont work one more time i will not hesitate to come down to whatsapp headquarters! I am NOT happy😡😡😡🙄🙄🙄.Score: 1/5

Love itI never use normal messenger I only use WhatsApp.Score: 5/5

WatsapI whatsapp my frend every day to play frotnit and he says yes so we go and get vkityoyr roykw.Score: 5/5

BadThe new update has mad e my phone glitch.Score: 1/5

WhatsApp is GREAT!WhatsApp is amazing!😊 It ticks every box.✅ You can do so much with it and it’s very reliable.🤩 Yeah there’s normal messages but WhatsApp give off a completely different vibe!😃 Get WhatsApp and life is easy peasy (trust me).🥰 I love WhatsApp and recommend it to family and friends all of the time.❤️ I will use it until the day I fall and die.😌.Score: 5/5

ImprovementsMake it like iMessage. Let us see other people’s last seen or read messages/ blue ticks if it’s turned on, whilst ours is off..Score: 4/5

Great butThe privacy identifiers mean that I’m uncomfortable having this on my phone. Since it has been bought out by Facebook I’m less likely to use it. Sorry! Though it is good and does what it says on the label. In fairness, it’s a great way to keep up with your friends and family. Perhaps I’m just a bit paranoid lol!.Score: 3/5

Thankyou WhatsAppThankyou WhatsApp bhai.🙏.Score: 5/5

It’s brilliantGreat app.Score: 4/5

Needs improvementWhatsApp new call sound is very low with the new update. Please change this..Score: 3/5

This app doesn’t workI’m trying to go on an app the same time as be on WhatsApp but it does not work! So annoying. They need to fix this!!.Score: 1/5

New update.WhatsApp is an amazing app, letting me communicate with friends and family. Although, this recent update is now not allowing me to go onto different apps when I’m on group calls with friends. I used to go on socials and games whilst talking to my friends on call, but now I am not able to do that. I hope the app will be updated so people can go on different apps whilst on calls..Score: 1/5

Privacy is a concernSure - can’t read content of messages. But can use my message frequency and contacts. Not a fan..Score: 1/5

New messages in archieveHi, new messages from contacts in your archive used to automatically come in to the inbox. They are not now since the app got updated… please can you fix this. Thanks.Score: 1/5

What happened?Since I updated it within the last few days my phone no longer tells me when I have notifications off people. I’m not in silent mode or don’t disturb mode. I allow all notifications for the app in my settings. Is this just me ?.Score: 2/5

Terrible customer safetyMy WhatsApp got hacked and it was impossible to get through to WhatsApp and they never replied to any messages through the chat/email function..Score: 1/5

Ew updateThe new call layout is horrible. Everything moved and it’s an ugly colour. I don’t have baby fingers. Why WhatsApp WHY. Put it back to normal or I will sue jeffery bezos. Mark my words..Score: 1/5

Copy and paste?Used to be able to tap on a message or photo then forward, reply copy etc to anywhere within the app. After the latest update I only get the above option if I manually find the the message I want to adapt/ forward or photo save etc. However, If I search in the top bar for an address or keywords in a conversation, it will find the correct message no problems but when I tap on the text wording or photo (like before) it no longer gives the option to forward, reply, copy etc. It just does nothing. If I want to send a photo I now have to press on the photos so they open and them select individually then forward but I still can’t do anything with the text? WhatsApp please change it back to how it was. So frustrating!!!.Score: 1/5

StorageOkay I love WhatsApp don’t get me wrong I use it every day, but in the last year I keep having updates that no one else does, that I can’t do because of my storage (which is a whole other story, my only app is WhatsApp and I have 2 photos and I’ve used 31.8 out of 32 anyway) so I’ve not been able to use it for days and days because of this pointless update that no one else but me has.Score: 4/5

I love WhatsAppI think WhatsApp is an amazing app because it lets you do statuses, taking pics, change your profile and even make a group!.Score: 5/5

AmazingThis app is amazing for texting and love using it.Score: 5/5

Continuous issues with voice messages and other things i wish they didI am always having issues with listening to voice messages. it will work fine and the message will go through the external speaker but then for no apparent reason it will stop going through the speaker and start using the internal speaker and the only way to sort the issue is force restarting the app. Please can this be fixed. Also why is it not possible to video call people and have the screen minimise on the home screen so that i can multitask? Apart from these thing i really enjoy using the app..Score: 2/5

Enjoy end-to-end encryption... while we data rape your phoneTwo updates in last 7 days extolling two features - neither of which works/appears. Facebook = WhatsApp = total joke At least make the update notes match the rubbish you push out. Muppets!.Score: 1/5

WhatsAppLove WhatsApp messaging. You see when message arrives and then when they’ve read it. When they’re online. Just so easy to use..Score: 5/5

New updateNew version what’s app aren’t comfortable.. grup call system has changed . When i add someone to grup call , that person wasn’t takeing my call .. so I couldn’t to cut that phones.. i want to the system before i used.Score: 1/5

The New UpdateNo offence, but i personally think the new Whatsapp update made the app itself more worst. I say this because for mobile gamers, if we are in a call with people sometimes when you go into a game/watching entertainment the call just ends. Please fix this Whatsapp! :).Score: 4/5

Not working for about 2 monthsWhat’s going on with the app? For about 2 months now the internet data is turning itself off just for WhatsApp,every other app is fine..Score: 1/5

Whatsapp update.The app is amazing is very usefull,but the only thing is the new update like i Dont Really like it but when it calls there is new respond Buttons but the circle ones are better..Score: 4/5

AmazingIt lets Samsung and Apple text and phone.Score: 5/5

Cut offsI would like you ask you why does my WhatsApps keep cutting off when I’m in mid conversation . And then I have to ring back the person again to continue conversation , I ve never had any problems until just recently . Thank you.Score: 2/5

Don’t live the new call displayThis I the exact same thing as FaceTime for IOS devices if I wanted to see the FaceTime display I would make a FaceTime call.Score: 3/5

Doesn’t sync contactsThis update has stopped syncing with iPhone contacts and there is no help. I’ve tried toggling contacts in privacy and in WhatsApp and everywhere else the suggestions say to online however they appear as just a number whereas I can see the contacts on my iPhone…………not great Facebook.Score: 1/5

Dr HanksWhatsApp ought to make it possible for user to retrieve messages send by mistake even after 24 hours. Thank you. Regards, Dr Hanks..Score: 3/5

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

SuggestionPlease add one separate column for group where we can find that in how many groups we are and we can chatt separately in groups. Groups should have separate list and colum..Score: 4/5

G FC un ceOmg.Score: 2/5

Cannot download any mediaI am not able to download any video or pictures while i am not the call. It doesn’t matter if i am on wifi or data. I dont wait to delete it and again download it. I have some documents and chats that i need. Please, update your app..Score: 2/5

Data lossHow the heck do you lose all my chats just like that when I delete the app this is ridiculous.Score: 1/5

Full of errorsWhen we are on call and other person drops the call , it doesn't allow them to call us back it keeps showing them that we are on another call . Call failure has increased . I must say this is the worst version of whatsapp . Please improve these bugs . Moreover gifs and other media don't get download even when you set the auto download for all media. From my side this isna huge disappointment 👎🏼👎🏼.Score: 1/5

No permission needed to create a group. No privacy!You have a big flaw. You allow anyone to add anyone to a group and expose the contact numbers. Let people have a choice to join groups after they know for what it is and who are there. And also a way to block their numbers from showing in groups..Score: 1/5

GoodIt’s good but there should be a Whatsapp kids.Score: 4/5

New updateNew update is confusing for iphone. Is it a facetime or whatsapp? Adding more people in call is confusing..Score: 1/5

About photos and videoWhy i am not able to download videos and photos during call ???.Score: 1/5

Not able to download media while on callWe’re not able to download media anymore when we’re on a WhatsApp call..Score: 2/5

Weird new bugsIPhone app, can’t hide archives. The archive folder appears at the top of recent chats. Conversations in archives do not come forward into the regular ‘current chats’ section 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️.Score: 2/5

RrRr.Score: 5/5

S..Score: 5/5

Use signalWhatsapp will mine your data for Facebook.Score: 1/5

Please allow to download photos while on a callRecently we are not able to download and see the photos during a call!!! Please fix!!!.Score: 1/5

“frank is here have no fear”“machobaby”.Score: 5/5

Doesnt load or notifyI do not get messages reliably. People send things and it wont give me a notification for over a day. Signal is almost instant..Score: 1/5

New update and incoming callsI’ve been a WhatsApp user since the beginning . I don’t want to show my messages in Lock Screen and since the newest update The incoming calls don’t pop up on my Lock Screen anymore and it just vibrates until I go in the app. I do not like this option and have been missing calls due to this new feature..Score: 1/5


Images don’t download during a call or video callThis is annoying now I am in call and then the opposite person shares an image and it can’t be downloaded which is very annoying and it was never before My internet is perfectly fine and don’t say I am just dumb person who doesn’t know latest technologies. I am currently unhappy with latest release.Score: 1/5

You’re basically giving up your privacyThat’s why there are few ads.Score: 1/5

Can’t download photosWhy one cannot download photos when they are on a WhatsApp call ??.Score: 5/5

Message deletedCould you please remove the “you deleted a meesage” because there is absolutely no point of deleting a message of this shows up on the recipients account.Score: 5/5

Shady underhanded behaviourUpdate “bug fix” ok I was in a meeting when the equivalent to a mail bomb ruined my life. ApplePay to loblaws chequing account and phone stock accounts. You are going to be more specific right? Tech billionaire star can’t come up with better description?.Score: 1/5

Delete old versions to updateMy desktop app stopped working this week, telling me it needed to update, but when I went to the App Store it would not download. No information was available to resolve this. In true FB fashion, assistance and contactfor problem resolution is minimal (and they don’t monitor to answer questions such as this that arise continuously) . I finally just archived my chats, trashed the version of the app I had on my computer, and was then able to download the newer version, which worked perfectly. I then restored all my archive chats with no problem. It may not even be necessary to archive, but I can’t say for sure. Good luck..Score: 2/5

Crochet groupsI do not want any of this on my phone but I have no way of getting rid of it Every time I get rid of one pile of them they keep coming back piles of them.Score: 1/5

Screen turns off on WhatsApp Video CallI am using Apple iPhone 8plus. I got an issue while using video call on whatsapp. Screen turns off after 30 sec or 1 min. Moreover, When I am on voice call and reciever request me video call on voice call. The, my phone shows black-screen..Score: 1/5

Video call answering problemsWhenever i am try to answer a vdo call, screen becomes black. My phone is updated and i have updated version of WhatsApp as well ?.Score: 5/5

No se oculta la bandeja de chats archivadosSúper la nueva función. Los chats archivados no vuelven a salir aun si me escriben nuevamente. Pero que sentido tiene dejar a la vista la bandeja de chats archivados? Por favor!!.Score: 1/5

Excellent Messenger ApplicationThis messenger application stands out from all the messengers out there in the market. I highly recommend it to everyone. I offer the following suggestions to enhance and optimize the performance and experience of the application: 1) Implementing a translator feature that translates languages to eliminate barriers to communications with others. 2) Adding video call filters and effects features to increase the fun of video calling..Score: 5/5

If somebody makes a video call when you are already on voice call screen goes blackWith this new update when somebody trues to video call you when you are already on voice call the screen goes black and no controls are visible… 🥴.Score: 3/5

AppreciateThanks dear for all the wonderful things..Score: 5/5

Great appGreat App.Score: 5/5

Poor appZero privacy, Thanks Zuckerberg.Score: 1/5

BugsFor the last i don’t know how many months, while on a video call, if you open and watch a video that the other person sent you, the screen turns off after about 30 seconds. How can this not be fixed I don’t understand. I have to end the call and call back the person in order for everything to work fine. Also in the most recent update again while on a video call, you can’t open the media the person sent you. It shows its downloaded but you can’t click on it. You can only open once you end the call. These issues are really annoying, I hate that. I’m not even gonna bother writing about connectivity issues. Fix this app please!.Score: 3/5

Why can’t see another callWhen anyone is another call why I couldn’t see him or her another call ,,,,,it’s not good Otherwise everything is better I prefer most.Score: 5/5

Can not change group video call notifications soundHi Team, After latest updates group video call sound is low and we can not change it..Score: 3/5

BugToo much new bugs.Score: 2/5

Edit optionWhile typing messages to someone there is no edit option user has to type message again if typed incorrectly..Score: 3/5

Unable to load pictures or videos during callsSince the last update something went wrong. My family and I, we are unable to download the pictures or videos while on whatsapp voice call. Very annoying!.Score: 1/5

Needs a like message optionThere needs an option to “like” “thumbs up” or “haha”a message in group chats. The only way to acknowledge a message is to add a reply, and then the first message gets lost in the thread and missed..Score: 3/5

ImprovementHey guys this need to be in place ASAP..when recording a status on WhatsApp instead of press and holding my phone screen why don’t you guys give us the option to record automatically without pressing on my phone screen that’s really annoyig please give us that update thanks.Score: 1/5

Doesn’t workNew update to archived messages don’t work. Still unarchives when new message has been sent..Score: 3/5

Very goodStill I can consider What’s up as the best chat program in my opinion..Score: 4/5

Cancel the callsIt's automatic cut the call when we pick direct call.Score: 1/5

Not able to view Videos and images in WhatsApp messagesVideos and images in WhatsApp messages send while on a WhatsApp call are not viewable (I think it downloads, but the download icon doesn’t disappear). Same problem when checking new statuses too while on WhatsApp call. Kindly fix..Score: 2/5

Do not use whatsappWhat’s up collects all your personal data and does not allow you to delete your messages that you sent to people!.Score: 1/5

يرب عليك من كل شيء من عندك ولا شي ما في …انا.Score: 5/5

Update has issuesThe new update has so many issues, pictures dont download, the screen hangs at times. Everyone i know that downloaded the latest version has the same issue. Please fix the issues as soon as possible. We depend on whatsapp.Score: 2/5

Plz Fix archive messageReceiving messages from archived contacts cannot be displayed automatically. Please fix the problem.Score: 1/5

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Can't download images while in a callAs per the title.Score: 1/5

Permanent ArchiveHi Whatsapp May I please ask if a permanent archive option will be a available anytime soon as some groups are quite annoying but can’t exit due.Score: 1/5

FacebookSerious privacy issues.Score: 1/5

Unable to add friend to my WhatsAppI’m trying to invite a friend to my WhatsApp and I have been unsuccessful many times any help you can give me please .. Anne.Score: 4/5

:(Change to Archived chat is very disappointing... there is a constant archive tab at the top now and no option to make it invisible like before... very disappointed.Score: 2/5

To show the Numbers os contact on WhatsAppHello how are you How can I see the numbers of contact I have on WhatsApp? It is showing the same number of my mother? 256? Is there any way to see how many contacts do I have ? if not could u update a new version please ? Thanks.Score: 5/5

Photos and files not being downloaded immediately in iOSI can not download media files. Its not an network issue the file cant be downloaded as when I click on download button on file theres no response from that..Score: 4/5

RestrictionsPlease introduce Restricting individuals from calling. We should be able to stop some people from calling us by turning it on or off after clicking on their profile.Score: 4/5

Not DownloadingAfter the latest update it is not downloading files, photos or any media while on whats aap call which is really frustrating.Score: 3/5

Make it more like telegramMake it more like telegram Bruv.Score: 5/5

PLEASE REMOVE ONLINE STATUSWe all need this new feature. As we can show or not the latest seen, it would be amazing to do the same when we are online or not, like iMessage or other apps. Sometimes we can’t/don’t want to answer but the other person can see us online and that can be rude for them. It’s about privacy too: I don’t want people to know when I am online and when I am not. Thanks Whatsapp I hope we find a solution for this..Score: 3/5

WhatsApp new featuresWhatsApp added a new feature that allows you to join a call from a group call as long as it still continues..Score: 1/5

SuggestionBetter hide archive option.its apperaing on the screen..Score: 3/5

Apple Watch callsHello Team i am loving the whatzapp feature. Can you please add whatzup calling feature on the apple watch please..Score: 5/5

RudeRude too interrupt my conversation thanks.Score: 4/5

Update has caused a horrible experienceI am always using whatsapp for chats and calls on a daily basis. The new update has caused a lot of issues. 1. Calls sometimes get cut off for absolutely no reason. 2. Pictures will not show up properly if you send them at the same time as you are on a video call with someone 3. The type box will sometimes disappear and you have to scroll down for it to reappear. 4. The screen will disappear just like when you are on a call and it goes black when your ear is on the screen but it happens in all instances as long as the app is open. I could just have the app open and hover my hand over the speaker area and the screen goes black which is kind of annoying really when im not actually talking to someone. A few other minor things too but they are the main ones. I love Whatsapp and like I said, I use it several several times a day so I would appreciate if you could update it again with those issues fixed. Thanks.Score: 1/5

Unable to load picsUnable to load photos on wifi and 4G when on the WhatsApp call.Score: 3/5

WhattsAppEverything Works Easy to Use And great way Too Connect....Score: 5/5

Random messagesReally not liking that I receive phone calls and messages from people I don’t know. Not sure why anyone possibly thinks to just send a random message saying ‘ your gorgeous’ or to call to speak to someone they don’t know..Score: 1/5

Archive featureThe latest update has messed up the whole functioning of archival. Pre update : if I archive someone’s chat and if that person/ group messages me then that chat automatically comes out of archive and gets displayed. Post update: if I archive someone’s chat and if that person/group messages me then that chat does comes out of archive. We have to manually go and see the archival tab. Because of this feature for last two or days I missed to read messages on time..Score: 2/5

Images not loading and the screen is all black sometApp is playing since a few weeks now. It’s terrible as I can not download pictures I receive while on a call anymore. I always have to hang up to download the pictures. It’s actually annoying. Moreover, app goes all black and I can not see anything sometimes while talking to mates. Overall, app is not doing a good job since a few weeks now..Score: 1/5

Standard helpful feature missing - please consider implementingWhatsapp is my go to for communicating with friends & family around the world. The most & only annoying thing is that once you open the app the unopened messages notification badge disappears so it is easy to miss unread messages (whether unopened or marked unread). All other apps keep the notification minus those messages you have dismissed. I would love for this to be improved by the development team as it decidedly makes the app less user friendly & less helpful..Score: 4/5

ThankAppreciate your service !.Score: 5/5

When I’m on a call I cannot open any photos or videos I receiveWhen I’m on a call I cannot open any photos or videos I receive.Score: 1/5

Archive chats featureThis was a much awaited feature for me since a long time. WhatsApp has delivered and how!!! Great work and thanks for listening to your users. Excellent!.Score: 5/5

2.21.120Its not Good Working. before using whats app running best without any bug bt after update. its working like local app🙏🏻🙏🏻.Score: 1/5

Archive chatsHi team In the new update when a text receives from an archived chat it shows there is a message from archived chats automatically. Which is annoying. Until the last update we had to scroll down on the main chat list to enter to the archived chats but now its showing automatically. Could you please fix that to as it was in the previous update? Thank you!.Score: 3/5

Unable to download media while on callMate, you need to fix this issues, it’s very annoying and hate this app, when I tried to download media while I’m on call, it’s not working even I tried restarting my phone and updated the app on apple store.Score: 1/5

BikUseless Aap.Score: 1/5

SmoothSmooth.Score: 5/5

Cannot download media when in callHi Whatsapp, im having an issue after the latest app update. When im on a video call, im not able to download any media at all. Is there way to fix this?.Score: 3/5

New update July 2021The new update is not that great. When you are on a call you can’t see the photos or images the person sends you. You have to get off the phone to see the images. Please fix this and return to original. 🙄🙄🙄 thanks 🙂.Score: 2/5

Mr Abdulkadir’s MukhtarThanks whats App.Score: 5/5

BugsWhen I’m calling someone, I cannot open the photos that were sent to me. When I switch on my video during a call, the screen turns black with only the status bar is shown. Had to switch to telegram to send photos without any interruption..Score: 1/5

Making phone calls since the latest updateEver since the latest update I can hear perfectly the other person but they can’t hear me and only every third word is getting through, we never had this issue before. It is frustrating even on video calls as the same thing is happening also I’m in a long distance relationship and this is our main form of communication so it’s frustrating and sad that we can’t hear each other..Score: 2/5

.صار كتير عم يعلق من بعد تحديث الستوريات ماعم يفتحو.Score: 1/5

SuggestionOur family are big users of the app and I was wondering if you could consider being able to like or react to comments people make using emojis like you can on FB?.Score: 5/5

Problem with appPlease make Delete for everyone option available all the time irrespective of msg sentat-least in the whatsapp group where chances of inappropriate content is high. Admin should have right to delete inappropriate content for everybody in the group to avoid embarrassment..Score: 1/5

New update …Don’t like the new update , when on call I now have a slide up menu with new participants, why ? Now the is a slide up menu and also a button … when next to an ear , buttons are pressed sometimes and it adds people to a call just annoying.Score: 2/5

Calls not working!On call for both ends the call keeps cutting out so you don’t get to to hear what the other person is saying.Score: 1/5

BugsThe phone call (audio or video) hung up when turning the sound in other app. Also while watching youtube the call hung up itself. Also, in recent days, we are not able to download the image or video file while in the call..Score: 3/5

New updateDid not liked the new look of this update in calling feature and adding person on call, difficult for older generations to understand the procedure of calling and accepting calls, specially group calls. The last version was good.Score: 2/5

ReviewWell done..👍🏼.Score: 5/5

PésimoLlevo 2 semanas sin whatsapp.Score: 1/5

New update is crashingI got a new update today. The videos don’t play sometimes and today the phone rebooted itself while playing a video..Score: 5/5

NotificationsTurn off notifications and app opens every time with a notification that ived turned off notifications..Score: 2/5

Where is the delete for everyone option?So instead of adding features that help protecting privacy and online abuse, you remove key features? Why? There used be an option where you could delete a sent message after it’s sent and received. It’s gone now. Great job everyone!.Score: 1/5

SecurityI am concerned about the security flaws surrounding whatsapp.Score: 3/5

MicrophoneMicrophone is not working.Score: 1/5

ReviewThis is a very good app for texting my friends.Score: 5/5

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WhatsApp BusinessWhatsApp Inc.

A simple tool for businesses to talk to their customers. — WhatsApp Business from Facebook WhatsApp Business enables you to have a business presence on WhatsApp, communicate mor...

WhatsApp Messenger app
WhatsApp MessengerWhatsApp Inc.

WhatsApp from Facebook is a FREE messaging and video calling app. It’s used by over 2B people in more than 180 countries. It’s simple, reliable, and private, so you can easily ...

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