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Jack The DictatorAn app that restricts factual information, but allows lies to run rampant. Sounds like the beginning of something that can only be bad. Avoid..Score: 1/5

Censorship!Facebook continues to censor people and groups that do not follow the accepted narrative!Having Nick Clegg Ban Donald Trump is like having Gary Glitter as a babysitter!.Score: 1/5

Disturbing videosOn Twitter its all fun until you see a really disturbing video and twitter makes no efforts to delete or make the video unseen to the public, at least ban the accounts, no? Of course not we are going to leave everything there for young children to possibly see, the age restriction on apps wont stop people and the underage people that download the app aren't the problem its Twitter leaving these kinds of videos on display. Please make changes..Score: 3/5

TweetsUnable to see any of my tweets.Score: 1/5

Corrupt and bias. CensuringThis app is nothing but corrupt. Bias. Unlawful, shadow banning (stop saying you don’t. You do). You shut down truth and justice because it doesn’t fit your bias and crazy narratives. You censor politics you don’t agree with. Likes get removed. You allow mass reporting on accounts over disagreement of views and take sides. At some point this will cost your company..Score: 1/5

Where ignorance is celebratedShameful excuse for a good conversation.Score: 1/5

Twitter censorship has become fascisticAfter censoring the Hunter Biden Laptop, Wuhan Lab leaks and deplatforming conservative voices, Twitter seems to have become highly fascistic and a danger to society IMHO.Score: 1/5

Twitter appGreat app. Easier to use than the website..Score: 5/5

RubbishI have an IPhone 6 and nothing loads on twitter anymore..Score: 1/5

Manipulated platformI didn’t believe the conspiracy theorists that Twitter was actively manipulated by a particular political agenda until I saw it for myself. If you think you can express reasonable, law abiding and inoffensive views on Twitter without intervention, think again. I had my account limited simply for following people and news stations that Twitter do not approve of. This is entirely unacceptable..Score: 1/5

Sponsored rubbish nowadaysWhat’s with the “suggested topic” how many times do I have to select don’t suggest before it gets the message! Obviously being paid to promote that topic. Twitter is coming to the end of its time I think..Score: 1/5

Can’t show fleet bar and also can’t see verification request singWaqas here I am also update the app and uninstall the app but can’t see the fleet bar and verification request please sort it out the issue thanks i have 12pro max Device.Score: 5/5

8 years strongBest social media app bar none, just take in moderation because there’s trolls everywhere.Score: 5/5

Debate, Opinion, Learning.You’re not going to agree with everything on Twitter, make the best Twitter..Score: 5/5

Spam simulatorEvery 3 tweets there’s either an advert or a topic you couldn’t care less about. The rest is toxic..Score: 1/5

Publisher or notYou’re either a publisher or you’re a platform. If you’re not a publisher, then stop censoring people..Score: 1/5

FacebookThe censorship of people questioning covid is off the scale but we must question everything or life becomes a dictatorship.Score: 1/5

🙄🙄.Score: 1/5

Great AppOutstanding App so easy to use, very practical, an essential component in The Saturday Economist daily “What The Papers Say” review … @jkaonline.Score: 5/5

Sharing tweetsEver since the recent update I’ve been unable to share tweets directly or to a group on Twitter.Score: 1/5

Monopoly supplier but woke NSM nut free speechTwitter had a near monopoly but the most interesting people have been banned from it. We Miss Julie Burchill, Tommy, Posie Parker, Katie Hopkins, and of course Donald. It is. Left of centre woke echo chamber that hates free speech.Score: 3/5

Disgusting censorshipSocial media platforms censoring freedom of speech so they can forward their bigotted fascist ideologies. Deleted my accounts. Well done to Nigerian president for banning this piece of crap that doesn’t even let you share the truth!! Never mind your views..Score: 1/5

Weird hate speech policy.Account suspended after 10 years for saying the word “bimbo”..Score: 1/5

PoliticalFull of lefty tossers.Score: 1/5

Not happyHow can you enjoy something that you are suspended on.Score: 1/5

How do I in block my accountWhy am I cancelling.Score: 1/5

😡Trash app. Keeps suspending my accounts and it’s embarrassing.Score: 1/5

TwitterI really like Twitter.Score: 5/5

Free speech isn’t freeTwitter has become a joke, the hypocrisy to call themselves a platform for free expression as they censor alternative opinion is not only self destructive but begs the question as to their motives, do these clowns honestly think the are building a better world or a world of fear and suspicion.Score: 1/5

Howdy all brilliant allThe future in to brilliant works from everyones eyes on workings on . thats whats..Score: 5/5

Hate itTo many opinionated people who.Score: 1/5

THANKS FOR MOVING THE SEARCH ICON,WHERE IT WAS NEEDED MOST!I am pleased with the latest improvement. Over a period of time, the improvements that have taken place, have made twitter very pleasant to use..Score: 5/5

One-sidedPlatform for exchanging one-sided views and the bearded hippy dude will decide which side it is..Score: 1/5

GoodGood for keeping you updated 😉.Score: 5/5

No freedomFreedom of speech is not equally available for everyone..Score: 1/5

My favourite social media platformTwitter is the best way to express freedom of speech, see the latest news in the world and be able to share content with friends & followers easily!.Score: 5/5

CensorshipHeavily censored, unless you go with a Marxist flow..Score: 1/5

Consumer bewareTwitter is an anti-human rights platform that censors free speech of people that do not share their political ideology with the corporation. Do not download if you want to keep your sanity and support human rights for all people..Score: 1/5

Censorship!!!Censorship!! Censorship!! Censorship!!.Score: 1/5

CensorshipTwitter is acting as a publisher banning tweets which they dont like. They are a marxist organisation..Score: 1/5

One of, if not the most toxic app I’ve ever usedTwitter bad.Score: 1/5

Mercedes SL400 Broken key!Today collected new programmed key from Mercedes “ Stoke” after spending two weeks chasing my tail and getting nowhere. What a joy to be treated civilly, professionally and competently by a Company who cares about customer service. Many thanks to Alex and all the staff who had time and a pleasant smile to keep me informed. I have used them before and always felt positive, but this time they certainly impressed me. Why can’t all Mercedes agents have this ethos?.Score: 5/5

Twitter is coolBetter!.... much better than Facebook hands down.Score: 5/5

Promoted tweets, failure to mute or blockPromoted tweets constantly ruining my timeline. When people or words are muted or blocked they still show up which is incredibly annoying..Score: 2/5

Boo hooHate this app.Score: 1/5

RelevantWhat ever you are looking for you can find something on Twitter.Score: 5/5

Close accountI have tried over and over to close my account but it always ends with an error and no solution, they don’t want people to leave because then everyone would know how unpopular Twitter really is Shameful and awful platform.Score: 1/5

Brilliant appI love this app its brilliant for learning new things and mode of communication.Score: 5/5

CensorshipTwitter’s arbitrary censoring of certain individuals for nothing short of political reasons is disgusting. Deliberately misinforming its users by banning users who hold contrary views to their own (especially around COVID) is harmful. Why all of a sudden does Twitter view themselves to be the arbiter of what is or is not true? They should be prosecuted immediately for infringing it’s users rights. Despicable, evil company.Score: 1/5

RubbishNever loads, missing photos, blank posts, never updates. Getting worse with every latest app update- never fixes issues.Score: 1/5

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

Nanny appI am increasingly disturbed by Twitter's censorship..Score: 1/5

My Freedom and liberty to chooseI’m sick and tired of being safe I’m feeling like I have a noose around my neck. I want my liberty that’s more important to me.Score: 5/5

Updates that break functionality and no feedback routeUpdates such as “fleets” break functionality and take up a huge amount of screen real estate with no way to dismiss. Accidentally tapping the top of the screen or the bottom left corner will zip you past your entire timeline with no way to go back (even if you scroll, it’ll stop you before the time you were trying to scroll back to unless it was only a few hours back) No feedback option for the app. Fake link in the App Store page takes you to an “FAQ” page when it’s named “contact the developer”. No actual way to contact. Tried leaving feedback on the FAQ page linked indicating the page is not helpful as it doesn’t leave any way to contact the dev despite being linked as such in the App Store, no response. Use a 3rd party client instead of this steaming pile of garbage..Score: 1/5

Censure extrêmePlateforme d’information biaisée où les opinions contradictoires à celles véhiculées par les gouvernements et les médias mainstreams sont aussitôt censurées..Score: 1/5

FleetsJe rencontre un problème avec l’appli. Quand je me déconnecte puis me reconnecte, j’aperçois les fleets. Mais quelques minutes après, ils disparaissent et l’appli redevient comme avant. RÉGLEZ MON PROBLÈME WESHHH..Score: 1/5

IdkNo one follows me.Score: 3/5

Rampant censorshipOther than the ridiculous censorship, I guess it’s fine..Score: 1/5

They won’t let me back into anythingI was hacked and I got my account locked and for some reason I’m not getting the text verifications anymore. This is really devastating and discouraging to me. Like I should be able to be verified with my email as well as my phone. Just an overall disappointment. And when they let me back into just one of my three accounts, they suspend me.Score: 1/5

It’s not the bestIt’s ok.Score: 4/5

Chrissy teigen makes itLove twitter queen.Score: 5/5

I’ve never used itHi how’s your day.Score: 5/5

MTo much censoring, especially for Palestinians.Score: 1/5

Censure et propagandeTwitter choisit qui et quel sujet doivent être lu ! Manipulation.Score: 1/5

Inseparable fixture(s)Broadly speaking or looking at thing’s directly, Twitter is certainly a transcript for various fields of analysis, sources of education and shared wisdom. Say hello world, it’s possible. #TwitterForGood 👒.Score: 5/5

It’s twitterYou know exactly what this is. It’s a hellhole of horrible takes by terrible people. It’s full of bullying, bad faith, and stolen ideas. The company are led by an idiot, and every change to the software makes it a worse experience. And there’s still no edit button. Yet you crave that instant hit of smugness and banter, so of course you’ll download this. Like Lady Macbeth, this stain won’t wash out..Score: 1/5

CensureTrop de censure..Score: 1/5

Un Grand visionnaire….Ils voyaient très Grand….Score: 5/5

AppThis app is horrible most of the news is fake weird minecraft trending 24/7 this app is probably worse than tiktok. if you want news just use apple news.Score: 1/5

Twitter is lameI wouldn’t even bother leaving a review but hoping a developer one day sees this and it inspires them to build apps that serve and protect their users. Many of our institutions used to do that, too. Alas not enough..Score: 1/5

I like you TwitterAmazing.Score: 5/5

TwitterGreat place to find varying opinions on issues..Score: 5/5

Users friendly featuresIt’s difficult to use Complicated and not users friendly I like it in general but would love it to be manageable.Score: 3/5

Really ToxicI hate Twitter, but I also love Twitter.Score: 3/5

Whats going onI love twitter, but the amount of publicity is insane!.Score: 3/5

Society is progressing backwardsAnd it’s all this dam apps fault.Score: 1/5

FeministPlayground..Score: 1/5

A reviewGreat.Score: 5/5

Toxic and fakeToxic platform.Score: 1/5

👍🏽👍🏽Fantastic app!.Score: 5/5

The best plat form everEver since I joined Twitter, I have always loved it. From the easy access to information to the freedom of expression and the fun people I have met on the platform. I really believe Twitter is the best social media there is..Score: 5/5

Need to stand up against the Indian Govt.Title says it.Score: 1/5

TerribleIt's ironic third party apps are so much better. With this app your timeline is cluttered and seeing recent tweets is difficult. Many good features are missing like scheduled tweets and more. If you want these features your must use the mobile Web or desktop version..Score: 1/5

GjGood job.Score: 5/5

Just downloaded it to rate it 1 star👎.Score: 1/5

DisappointedSo much porn and naked people not thinking there worth more than to be stared at and ogled. There’s no social media that doesn’t have this. Is sad really.Score: 4/5

BadMy tweets aren’t going viral and i don’t like that.Score: 1/5

It’s fineJust get the app if you don’t mind inappropriate videos/images.Score: 4/5

DictatorDictator network.Score: 1/5

ContentThe huge number of fake profiles, and news will some day doom Twitter....Score: 3/5

Don’t botherHas become joke, so many better ones out ther.Score: 1/5

Persistent Weird Bugs Never AddressedApp is fine but there are weird bugs that never get fixed: 1) Horizontal Orientation - the app is clearly not designed to work horizontally but for some reason will randomly revert to a bugged out horizontal view and has to be restarted to correct. This is probably due to the need to view videos and photos in wide view and a leftover from previous iterations that had full compatibility w/ horizontal view but made the timeline so compressed as to be nearly unworkable. Whatever the reason, this bug persists and doesn't even appear to be on their radar. 2) Media embeds, even from well known apps like YouTube, are inconsistent on their preview. If they want link shortening for resource purposes, they should offer it in a way where people can see the full landing page URL to avoid scams that mimic legitimate sites. 3) "Quality" moderation means a lot of hidden replies, including the additional layer of moderation where replies that may be offensive seem to be based on dubious metrics that punish certain accounts. I get it's a constant battle but the current environment has way overcorrected. 4) not offering Tweetdeck as a universal app is silly..Score: 3/5

Fix the bloody profile display issue!Why it takes sooooooo long for Twitter to fix the error while opening a user’s profile?.Score: 2/5

The Future of TwitterFreedom of speech... end of story. - Matthew Robert Bignucolo..Score: 5/5

Waste of HumansTwitter is a total waste of time, world would be better off if all these social sites disappeared..Score: 1/5

Is this legalLots of porn.Score: 3/5

SensorshipSilencing voices..Score: 1/5

Twitter big brother censorship needs to stopThis program is filled with propaganda to help enslave humanity and promote Satan while censoring positive freedom values and good morals . It’s days are numbered as the people will eventually end Twitter and jack dorsey reign as mr woke..Score: 1/5

Too many suggestionsI don’t know why the app seems to think I care about its suggestions. Very intrusive to have to block 30-40 ads a week..Score: 1/5

Propaganda arm of the Democrat partyTwitter censorship of anything that doesn’t fit the Democrat narrative is criminal..Score: 1/5

CensureCensure censure censure..Score: 1/5

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Free speechTwitter is spineless, Jack Dorkey is pathetic..Score: 1/5

Liberal sewerNothing but a paradise for liberals..Score: 1/5

CindySee it did not let me make a password after it had a check mark like 😐umm!.Score: 1/5

Too many trolls and abusive behaviorTwitter used to be fun and for a way to connect people. Now it’s just full of fake accounts and trolls pushing fake news and agendas. It’s too easy for people to abuse users and be anonymous without any accountability. Which as a result does make me question the integrity and value of the platform..Score: 1/5

TrumpUnban trump.Score: 2/5

Terrible app, terrible companyThis app is 80-90% bloated with unnecessary features, there’s ads and promoted things everywhere, the company obviously does not care about their users or what they actually want regarding bullying/death threats/giving nazis and other horrible people a voice complete garbage through and through if you still want to be on twitter without all the extra useless stuff download Tweetbot or a similar 3rd party app that just shows your tweets.Score: 1/5

Fruit and vegetables carvingTwitter is easy to use for everyone but only good for message or event not video or picture wise because it limit number of photo and video. Not too many people viewing your work on this channel!.Score: 4/5

The embodiment of garbageFull of woke hypocrites and zealots, celebrities who think they’re more important than they really are, literal pedos, and so much worse. They’re being protected by this platform for reasons that elude me. This place and most of the people in there are literally the full embodiment of human garbage..Score: 1/5

Too LiberalEverything that trends is ALWAYS Pro Left.Score: 1/5

Where is the‘Verification’ on the Account settings!?I Want to Verify My Twitter Account ,But I can’t find the Request Verification option in the Account Settings!!!! Please Fix Problem and Right Now!!!!!!!!!!!.Score: 1/5


Chiu DuongChiu.Score: 5/5

TwitterIt’s an amazing space , super incite full great for business and communication with the world , A wealth of knowledge humor and happiness definitely the place to stay in the Know on all relevant topics locally and abroad , truly keeps the world entertained and connected in all aspects of Life , no place I’d rather be that the World of Twitter 💎.Score: 5/5

Twitter is not what is use to be!Nightmare to deal with..Score: 1/5

CensorshipThe rating of one star is due to the hypocrisy of this platform claiming freedom of information is important and not allowing the same to individuals using it..Score: 1/5

TyrannicalThey love control.Score: 1/5

CensorshipTwitter is censoring what articles can be shared and banning people without investigating. Twitter is choosing what can and can’t be shared. Ugh.Score: 1/5

The Demokracy of TwitterstanThe app seems to work pretty well but if you are not a delusional TDS infected psychopath they will probably delete your account without warning..Score: 1/5

Stop censorship jack or we will use gab !Where have freedom of speech gone ? Censorship and facts cheking is going to destroy twitter.Score: 1/5


It’s a myth this is an open platformIt’s a garbage platform..Score: 2/5

Go outsidePut y’all’s phones away and walk in some grass or something. App is toxic.Score: 1/5

Get it togetherYou shouldn’t control conservatives more than pedophiles!.Score: 1/5

Terrible rulesNot sure why I got a violation message but I can’t follow people for 3 days. It said I was following and unfollowing. Completely untrue and I follow all guidelines so this app gets 1 star.Score: 1/5

It Twitter what can I say 😂Ditto…..Score: 5/5

Comunist ownedTurn away.Score: 1/5

Should’ve disappeared with vineAll it does is cause drama and allow people to dox and threaten others with no actual punishment or ban they can just say sorry and expect to be okay behind their screens.Score: 1/5

Twitter Foreva!It’s not just a social network, it’s a part of our life.Score: 5/5

Open upTwitter needs to allow freedom of speech.Score: 3/5

SpacesI have over 1,000 followers but i still can’t host a twitter space. it’s so stupid..Score: 1/5

Maybe Eddie Murphy⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ of course…but I’m here to beg again for a blue check mark. I’ve tried more than 140x to apply for one but maybe I’m tackling the wrong dm. Anyway,,, cheers🍻.Score: 5/5

Twitter playGreat social site people are chill..Score: 5/5

❤️너무 좋아요.Score: 5/5

Videos in landscapeSo we can’t watch videos in full screen? If you tap on a video then rotate the phone to view in landscape it just doesn’t do that anymore? It was great the way it was a few iterations ago, y’all keep messin with stuff and creating more bugs..Score: 3/5

Liberal WastelandSuch a waste of time. If I’m feeling bad about myself, I’ll hop on twatter and read incomplete thoughts that actually escape other people’s minds. Then life is instantly better..Score: 1/5

I have a problemI don’t know who made that site where you can turn off sensitive content but it doesn’t work and it’s very annoying when i’m trying to read comments that are probably funny and won’t let me read it. i am very impatient and it should work immediately 🤨.Score: 5/5

Social changeThe app is used to change the public’s views on society. It is not safe to use , and it’s another tool used by communist to attack the US . I love it because it brings the enemy closer because it’s better to know how they try to change us them to be in a dark about their tactics..Score: 5/5

MrGood game.Score: 5/5

Poor support & also how long they tolerated trump’s racist and disrespectful commentsHellyon White’s account was recently restored but for over six months she has been waiting for a human to address how her account was unfairly suspended. Additionally, someone posted a meme about all the suspension cases that twitter support gets it and twitter support has the nerve to condone such blatant disrespect by saying that sums it up about right. Very disgusting behavior..Score: 1/5

CensorshipIf your views were so good, you wouldn’t have to censor anyone else. You censor the truth. There will be a reckoning..Score: 1/5

Don’t downloadI put my email in and I did not receive the message for the code don’t download!.Score: 1/5

Twitter is a criminal enterprise with a communist baseFree speech is not allowed. Twitter would rather censor information than promote information especially the truth. Covid information was falsified and the President of the US was censored. Communism is a prerequisite to work for Twitter.Score: 1/5

Twitter is Communication on Steroids!The title says it all..Score: 5/5

Twitter should disappearBoo for censorship.Score: 1/5

Twitter needs to be regulatedThis is obviously a communist socialist app rag and does it have any place in the United States of America..Score: 1/5

Too many far left people on Twitter.Every time you see a conservative make a valid comment it seems like the woke left is all over it and you can just see the tds in their comments..Score: 2/5

Its dumb that it requires ios 13.4I think its too early to stop supporting ios 12 :(.Score: 1/5

Non CompliantNon Compliant with IT policies. Uninstalling..Score: 1/5

Not goodTwitter exploits capitalism to force people to stay silent. They know perfectly well that they are keeping the people uninformed and they don’t care..Score: 1/5

Marxist appGreat concept. However the app is owned & operated by Marxist who fascisticly suppress anyone with differing thought..Score: 1/5

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No freedom of speech on TwitterTwitter keeps the fake news and deletes the real information..Score: 1/5

Would rate 0 if I couldWhere the fake news is highlighted and the truth get censored. Supporting fake bots who spread misinformation and when world leading Drs, immunologist, virologists, Nobel prize winners, researchers speak out and posts get blocked. You are cementing your guilt as being an accessory to what’s happening in the world right now..Score: 1/5

DangerousStop censoring.Score: 1/5

TrashMore toxic than the Pacific Ocean.Score: 1/5

BookmarkAfter bookmarking for a while now, bookmarks start to disappear because I can’t scroll to them. The more bookmarks the more older ones disappear..Score: 3/5

Policing fake account should be a priorityThe amount of fake users scamming people is unreal. There must be a way to filter these fake accounts out.Score: 4/5

No freedom of speech another censored site owned by the same mob that own FBSee above.Score: 1/5

Biased platformTwitter censor all Zionists crimes in Palestine and suspend accounts which are not aligned with Zionist propaganda and story. However allow hate speech against Muslims and Palestinians. Palestine sooner or later will be free 🇵🇸.Score: 1/5

LunaticsIndividuals who take people down for voicing an opinion, concern or dare say the truth need prison.Score: 1/5

Twitter is too competitiveI think you should remove the likes, retweets & how many followers ppl have, so it’s not as competitive. It’s not a healthy environment and is giving some ppl I know depression because they don’t as many followers as their friends and not as many likes so they feel like losers. This isn’t what Twitter should be about! Ppl get nasty. It should be a level playing field..Score: 2/5

Mostly okayThe Bird App is fine, except when I see people in screenshots that I have blocked..Score: 4/5

If I could I would Rate it -10The mere fact that Twitter are so up themselves, that they believe they have the right to Censor what people think, say and tweet, demonstrates that they are out of Control, just like Facebook. To arbitrarily suspend or close accounts for no other reason than the Account holder breached Twitters so called Community Standards is Authoritarian and shows them for the fascists that they are. They claim they are all about Freedom of Expression yet demonstrate on a daily basis that they believe in exactly the opposite. Everything is fine as long as you play by their rules, but exercise your right to express an opposing view and it’s game over for you! The Twitter Nazis are a disgrace & the sooner Twitter disappears from the Internet the better..Score: 1/5

CommunistTotal censorship. Just like Facebook. A racist platform. Run by China.Score: 1/5

Tweet texts disappearsWhenever making a tweet and if i copy paste something or even add a photo all the texts disappears.Score: 1/5

Latest update has made scrolling through the feed a painWhy. Just why tf would you change it so that now I see what others are liking, what you are suggesting on my feed. I didn’t ask for any of this bloat. And obviously it’s most likely a tactic to get us to stay on Twitter for longer. But if anything it’s putting me off..Score: 1/5

RubbishGot suspended for telling the truth, forget it gone elsewhere..Score: 1/5

Ugly Stories Bar at the topIs there a way to get rid of the bar at the top? Opening Twitter and seeing a big blank space with stories, seriously Twitter is the last place that needs this Snapchat knock off that has been copied by instaham and faceblock..Score: 2/5

Leader in hate speech!Oppression of free speech! Practices double standard in rules! Allows the open spread of White hate! We all know where this kind of hate leads! GENOCIDE! Has the world learned nothing!! Has TWITTER learned nothing!!.Score: 1/5

LameNow featuring your favourite feature; censorship. But no edit button..Score: 1/5

We need an edit functionDear Twitter, Please include an edit function for tweets, then I will give you 5 stars!.Score: 4/5

CENSORSHIPDeleted POTUS Trump..Score: 1/5

Not that greatHate it.Score: 1/5

GrossTwitter is not an app for young kids even though it allows people from the age of 5. There are many videos that are disgusting and that kids should not watch. I give this app 1 star.Score: 1/5

TwitterI enjoy Twitter comments and the fact free speech here is alive and well and anyone can voice what they think Good on you Twitter.Score: 5/5

UselessMost useless app ever. Spreading hatred though the tweets..Score: 1/5

Part of my lifeExcellent.Score: 5/5

END THE GLOBAL MONOPOLY !This is a corrupt, biased, agenda pushing platform that uses slippery immoral tactics to manipulate and destroy humanity for totalitarian financial gain. #TheGreatRevolt.Score: 1/5

Unsafe for women and minoritiesThis app does nothing to limit hate speech, sexism and racism. It is also flooded with bots. Don’t use it..Score: 1/5

@Twitter Second To NoneCheers to the management team @twitter. Thoughtful, tolerant, considerate. Keep it up folks..Score: 5/5

Include Additional FeaturesI love using Twitter, but what I find is missing is the DM voice message function. I know this function is being trialled in a few countries at the moment, but please consider bringing in as a permanent function globally. While it offers to everyone yet is a disadvantage. You will find many users will appreciate and utilise this add-on. What’s also missing? You also need to incorporate an ‘edit’ function when tweeting and sending DM’s. This will also put you in alignment with many other Apps who already incorporate these functions..Score: 4/5


The new updateHave to click like or re-Twit a dozen times before it registers 🤬it’s frustrating. Why the text disappear when adding the hashtag? Have no idea why all of the sudden the taskbar moved from the Bottom of the screen to the left, sad part is we don’t event get a say or choice about it. Please at least allow us to customise the screen..Score: 2/5

I love Twitter!Amazing content everyday. My favourite iOS app..Score: 5/5

Censorship has killed the TwitCommie style dictation of politics and any narrative that could effect corporate profit Eg the billion $ buck v$xs created in a sanitised media vacuum, locked out the clinical effective treatments that would have made the FDA emergency authorisation null and void if the people knew the truth..Score: 1/5

Why can’t I comment or write on Twitter?I have access to read Twitter comments but cannot comment myself or post anything. This is blatant censorship, and I am unable to make a new account no matter what I try. This platform is run by corrupted, censored puppets (CCP). I wouldn’t recommend this app to a potato. No stars..Score: 1/5

Twitter Blue is a jokeYou’ve lost THAT much revenue from users not allowing you to track intimate details about themselves for advertising purposes that you’re now charging for a bookmarks folder and an undo button? Yeah ok good luck with that big ol’ cash cow 😂 - hey while we’re here - maybe Twitter Blue could be completely ad free? Nope - let’s try to have our cake and eat it too….Score: 1/5

Offensive Language/behaviourI’m so glad to see Twitter are now pulling people up for this and suspending where needed.. I’ve seen some very hurtful comments on here. Such comments can ruin people’s quality of life.Score: 4/5

Full of CCP fact checkersWhy?.Score: 1/5

CensorshipTwitter is playing games with the censorship! Stop the censorship!.Score: 1/5

Lou dayIt’s got everything.Score: 5/5

Creepy getting creepier.Making it easier for democrats and co to hide their lies..Score: 1/5

MR.Sometimes can’t see other sensetivity article without a “Solution”. Also sometimes want to write little more in words but it is limited Is any possible to resolve it?.Score: 4/5

Twitter censorship is a crime against humanity. Truth is what we need not more liesSo sick of the censorship of doctors, nurses and anyone else speaking up about the plandemic.Score: 1/5

HeyYeah.Score: 5/5

Violates First Amendment RightsZero stars. Twitter protects pedophiles while censoring and suspending people that tell the truth. Big tech tyrrany at its worst. Will never go back..Score: 1/5

I’d leave zero if I couldIf they can delete a president, they can delete us. We pose no threat to them and their agenda unless we boycott this and other communist platforms Wakey Wakey it’s ALL Fakey.Score: 1/5

Someone invent another Twitter because their corruptStuck with Twitter for trade tips. Can’t wait till Twitter gets the karma train.Score: 1/5

برنامج مو كويسياخي مااقدر اضيف ناس بس اضيف الحد الأقصى ٦٢ والتغريدات مااقدر اغرد والرد مااقدر ارد لازم يحلون المشكله.Score: 1/5

Please remove fleet barThe app is fine, but please remove the empty fleet bar covering a quarter of the screen.!!!.Score: 2/5

Twitter is FantasticA great way to stay in touch with the people and subjects that matter and learn relevant things about what’s going on..Score: 5/5

Coursera 💡Start your future on coursera today! Build skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies. Join for Free!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

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