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AnkiMobile is a mobile companion to Anki, a powerful, intelligent flashcard program that is free, multi-platform, and open-source. Sales of this app support the development of both the computer and mobile version, which is why the app is priced as a computer application. AnkiMobile offers some features not found in other flashcard apps: - A free cloud synchronization service that lets you keep your card content synchronized across multiple mobile and computer devices. This makes it easy to add content on a computer and then study it on your mobile, easily keep your study progress current between an iPhone and iPad, and so on. - The same proven scheduling algorithm that the computer version of Anki uses, which reminds you of material as you're about to forget it. - A flexible interface designed for smooth and efficient study. You can set up AnkiMobile to perform different actions when you tap or swipe on various parts of the screen, and control which actions appear on the tool buttons. - Comprehensive graphs and statistics about your studies. - Support for large card decks - even 100,000+ cards. - If your cards use images or audio clips, the media is stored on your device, so you can study without an internet connection. - A powerful search facility that allows you to find cards that match criteria such as 'tagged high priority, answered in the last ten days and not containing the following words', and automatically place them into a deck to study. - Support for displaying mathematical equations with MathJax, and rendering LaTeX created with the computer version. - Support for adding images drawn with the Apple Pencil to your cards. Please note that AnkiMobile is currently intended as a companion to the computer version of Anki, rather than a complete replacement for it. While AnkiMobile is able to display and schedule your cards in the same way the computer version does, certain changes like modifying note types need to be done with the computer software. Add-ons are not supported, so while you can study image occlusion cards created with the computer version, they can not be created within AnkiMobile. For this reason, please start with the computer version of Anki before you think about buying this app. The cloud synchronization service is optional, and data can also be imported/exported from the app via a USB cable or AirDrop. Like all apps, AnkiMobile can be purchased once and then used on multiple devices in a household using the same Apple ID. Family sharing is also supported. For information on bulk discounts for educational institutions, please see Apple's Volume Purchase Program. For more information on AnkiMobile, including a link to the online manual, please have a look at the support page: If you have any questions or want to report an issue, please let us know on our support site and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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BugLove this app but on night mode I cannot view the text on cards.Score: 4/5

ConfusingA guide on how to use would be appreciated especially given how expensive the app is..Score: 1/5

BrilliantI love learning but unfortunately I forgot most stuff! I wish I knew about this app sooner! At the moment I’m using it to study physics at uni and also other books I’m reading plus I’m making great progress memorising the periodic table. For the first time in my life I feel like I will be able to remember most stuff I learn, honestly if I knew about this app years ago and with the amount of books I read I’d be a genius 😅 Highly recommended, most apps are £10 a month so the price for this is incredibly cheap.Score: 5/5

Really difficult to get supportWasting an hour going in circles on their website isnt really how i wish to spend my time after paying for this app. Cannot find any support/contact for the team on the group discussions-Very frustrating and expectations not met. Sharing decks is tricky..Score: 1/5

Fixed Blurry images issue - but lots of room for improvementFirst of all, my blurry image review was deleted for some reason and that is concerning. Assuming it was done by Apple (and probably with the use of an algorithm) I feel like I don’t have a room to vent. It’s annoying. At the very least, I would really like to know the reason why. I was holly tempted to continue rewriting the 1 star review, but the circumstances have changed. With the most recent update, my biggest problem regarding blurry images has mostly been resolved. I say mostly, because I don’t know if it’s just me, but I still see a tiny bit of quality loss during copy paste. The black lines around the images are gone now too. So, this means that I can finally create cards on my iPad and iPhone equally, not just the computer. You say why not able to create before? Because obviously I can’t be spending time typing up cards. I mean I wouldn’t even attempt to type if I really needed to, I would just dictate it instead, but even that is too time consuming. A picture here and a snapshot there quickly takes care of problems. So, I gave 4 stars now to encourage you guys to continue improve Anki on iOS. It shouldn’t just meet the standards of the desktop version but should exceed it by leaps and bounds! After all, we are the only ones paying for Anki while all other platforms are free. Now, I’m happy to support the developers, but on the other hand I expect a corresponding treatment. This also the reason why I’m harsher in my reviews..Score: 4/5

IncredibleBy far the best app I’ve ever used. I have used it near daily for the last two years to learn a whole range of stuff. The £24 cost might seem steep, but it is a one time fee. I personally get so much value from Anki I would pay £10 every month! Also as far as I can tell you get a free cloud backup of your cards. Spaced repetition is a very efficient way to remember things and fits well into daily life - I often use 10 spare minutes to work through my cards for that day..Score: 5/5

AwesomeThis is a great native iOS experience with pretty much every Anki feature I need. The ability to add decks from the internet and learn anything is incredible. I highly recommend you try Anki Web and Anki on the desktop before jumping in. It’s a great system and fully open, which is something I always appreciate..Score: 5/5

Worth every pennyAt first I have to admit I was sceptical of the price, but thought that my current revision methods were not efficient enough so decided to give it a go. I loaded the app and within 30 minutes I had the hang of it, I am now able to do double the workload in half the time. It should be noted that the text to chat feature also make writing lengthy notes so easy. Would highly recommend!.Score: 5/5

PhenomenalBeen using daily for two years to learn Japanese and it has never failed me.Score: 5/5

Excellent learning tool especially if you have a lot to memoriseI used this for my law exams, I had vast amount of case law and legal references to learn. I started making the flash cards and learning them from the beginning of the course, it made revision much easier..Score: 5/5

Good app, Too many crashed!Hey guys, the app works really well for my maths and Chemistry studies. I am a prospective Medical Student. However there is just one little thing, my cloze cards for my decks keeps on crashing. I do not have issues with basic cards, or images, however my close decks crash after several cards. Have tried everything on the internet but the issue still hasn’t resolved. Keep up the good work, the app is wonderful to use, but please rectify this bug. : ).Score: 4/5

Disssapointed so farI must say, that for an app that you have to pay for , it is really poor customer service. For a week now I’ve been trying to activate online account, to synchronise decks between devices. I cannot do this, since the activating email has not arrived from the website. I have looked through the support forum (I can’t log in with my Anki details since i am not activated yet) their only response to similar complaints is - your email provider rejects our emails, try a different one. Well, I’ve tried two different ones. Really poor service. On a top of it, app itself has quite an unpleasant interface..Score: 1/5

Great product, well worth the investmentOnce you get your head around the system, it’s fantastic and so flexible..Score: 5/5

How to hack your memory...As someone who doesn't enjoy learning by rote, I've just mastered 1000 French sentences, spending 10 minutes a day on this app for the past 3 months. You need basic IT skills to create your own cards and adapt 3rd party decks to your purposes, but the reward is that learning becomes insanely addictive! If you want to see what your memory is capable of, try this app..Score: 5/5

Expensive? Depends how much you value your intelligenceThis app is worth every penny for people who want to expand their base of knowledge, which I hope is most of us. Simply put - spaced repetition is the best way to learn things, and this app is the best spaced repetition tool currently available. I used it at first for language vocabulary but now all kinds of things - any time I read something I want to remember, I stick it in my “general” Anki deck and I know it will end up in my long term memory. Just do a bit of Anki any time you’ve got time to kill - you’ll see the results immediately and they keep on growing over time. Hugely recommended..Score: 5/5

Amazing appThis is a very useful app especially as a university student. However it would be useful if there is a way of exporting cards without the statics on ipads so that I can share them with other people easily. But other than that, I really reccomend this app and have been doing so to friends too. It is extremely useful if you do anatomy or anything that requires labelling of images..Score: 4/5

Life changing appI have been using it for nearly 2 years now, almost 300 hours clocked in, worth every penny! This app helped me to achieve things I never thought I am capable of. Thank you for your continuous hard work and effort..Score: 5/5

Decent enough app, but the pricing is highway robberyYmmv.Score: 1/5

Not worth the moneyApp is quite glitchy so I’ve barely been able to use it.Score: 1/5

Excellent study aidI am using this App to help me learn Italian. It provides an easy way to add my own content relevant to my course of study. I would like to make one little suggestion. It would be nice to be able to easily change the text colour using the iOS app. There is a way to do it using that rich text editor but this means adding HTML tags, which is time consuming. You can also do it via the windows app, however I don’t tend to use it very often as I work mostly on my iPad and iPhone with flash cards..Score: 5/5

Why doesn’t it have all the features from the desktop version?I enjoy using it especially for the space repetition tools. However, if they could’ve added add-ons, more colours for texts, highlights just like in the desktop version I would’ve been happier. Its still a cool app but for £24 without its main and coolest features. Naaah..Score: 4/5

Good, but one thing has let it down for me..I bought this app with the intention of studying coding on my phone at work, and writing cards where the front asked you to write a program that does this, or fixes this problem, and you type out the code on the back.. Now I understand that Flashcards are mainly used to learn languages or terms/definitions, and I’m certain that this app is the best out there for that. But I bought this app and downloaded the software online, wrote a load of flashcards on my laptop and synced them over to this app. Then when I used the app later and got to the typing answer cards, there is no return button on the keyboard meaning whatever you type can only be on one line, not very good if you’re writing code. The return button is replaced by a ‘Done’ button.. strange, especially since on the app you can actually write cards that take up multiple lines and have the return button.. you just can’t answer them in the same way. So a lot of my cards, and this app really, aren’t a lot of use to me. If I’ve missed something and you can actually do this then please accept my apologies, I will delete this review and write a 5-star one straight away. I did have a look through settings and searched online but couldn’t find anything. I still think this is a really good app and will continue to use it for anything else, but I just think this is an easy fix and given the more expensive price tag I wish I’d known this before I got it..Score: 4/5

Don’t think of this as app; treat it as a textbook.Because this app will literally get you your A grades in exams. So worth it. I’m doing my exams in 3 months and I will update this to tell you what I got because I ONLY use this app to study 80% of the time. The other 20% is exam practice..Score: 5/5

This is the real Anki appOther apps are copying the name, this is the Anki app you want to use to sync with the desktop application..Score: 5/5

Very good appI'm using this to revise for finals at university and finding it very useful. It definitely improves efficiency in memorising information. One small change I'd like to see is the ability to change text colour on the ios app (the function may be there, I just can't see it). I can do this on the PC app but can't see how to do it on my phone. I've been highlighting the exact part of my answer that I get wrong in colour and have been frustrated that I can't do this on my phone..Score: 5/5

Simply put, the concept of the App is brilliantI first saw Anki, when a video dropped into my inbox. After testing out the concept and finding it fit for purpose, I chose to favour the App for iOS. I found that the customer support was timely and helpful, somebody behind this App is obviously a sensible thinking person; not a robot! Simply put, the concept of the App is brilliant, and the support from the developers is worth every penny of the cost for the App..Score: 5/5

Fantastic app for learning languages!Anki is rather advanced, but a great app for learning things such as vocabulary in a new language. Its spaced repetition algorithm takes the hassle out of deciding when to review flashcards and it’s easy to make multiple cards from the same data (eg English to French and French to English questions, without adding the words twice). Well worth the money if you are a user of the desktop app and want to take Anki on the go..Score: 5/5

Good BUT, Better adding support neededThis is a good app, everything works as it should. It is missing however a feature which allows you create a new card which automatically has the same tags as a card which is already created. It’s very tedious having to remember all the tags on related cards when I decide I need create a new card on the go.Score: 4/5

Best app for university in the AppStoreThis app is phenomenal, I Was president at first but after reading some reviews I decided to take the plunge and spend at the time what I thought was a large pricetag, After five exams and over three months use, Taking into consideration the free data storage that the app provides, the cross platform, and for multitude of plug-ins, I can confidently say this is the best app I have ever bought and I would gladly pay £100 with this purely. I can’t say enough good stuff about this I’ve recommended it to a least 20 people If the creator/developer reads this you’ve done a fantastic job be proud of your work thank you This helped me memorise 75 short answer questions and answers two days before an exam which comprised of 3500 words on a 15 page Word document and single-handedly saved my grade.Score: 5/5

Great Companion to a Terrible Desktop AppThe iOS app on the whole is pretty good for using decks other people have made, but because the only way to really edit cards and import data is through the awful desktop app it can’t be rated alone. I want to like this but if you want to edit or make your own decks and templates like I do the Desktop app is truly a relic of the past that has made no attempts to modernize and streamline it’s clunky card editor, inadequate card template editor and byzantine database systems. - Why do i have to deal with hundreds of tags and dozens of note types for decks other people made that have no relevance to me? - Why does the Card Template editor on either iOS or desktop not even feature basic syntax highlighting or layouts that properly let you visualize both the code and previews without squishing the code into a tiny 10 line box? - Why is creating a simple study deck that takes a slice of content from another deck or decks so needlessly complicated? The iOS app also suffers from a lot of these needless interface complexities but they don’t pile up in the same way when you’re just downloading and using decks other people made, as soon as you step even a little outside that to add cards, tweak your study settings or give a card template some more flavor the roadblocks start to become painfully apparent. For an app so potentially powerful at learning anything it shouldn’t feel like it’s born from a myopic Linux FOSS app culture where the developers think being open source is an adequate replacement for good UI design, and this awesome tech deserves better..Score: 3/5

Expensive but no regretsThis has revolutionised my Japanese learning and definitely couldn’t have passed the jlpt without it. I know it’s expensive but it saved the hassle of syncing cards manually which would have been a pain because I made the decks on my laptop and review them on my phone..Score: 5/5

Life changer!Essential app! Especially after you master the PC/Mac version. This becomes a companion app, allowing you to do reviews on the go!.Score: 5/5

Exceptional Advanced Learning Tool!Great for rapidly learning any essential facts. I have one idea for Anki. If you haven’t tested yourself for a while and some mature cards are several days or weeks overdue, if you get them right then they advance to the next preprogrammed interval. Surely, if you get it right and you have waited much longer than the intended interval, then the ease and next interval should increase accordingly? Would love to incorporate Anki into a learning tool for business. It would be very useful for maintaining knowledge and compliance with standards in strict industries..Score: 5/5

BRILL! But a small tweak please!Loving this app - using it to study for my medical school exams and my knowledge has improved by a vast amount! Was just wondering whether the scratchpad could be improved? The flow of writing on it (when recalling information) is okay - maybe it could be a bit smoother with added pen colour options too! Thank you!.Score: 4/5

Unbelievable!Well, I’ve never wrote a review before, but this app, this app cannot be un-reviewed! First of all, I’m an ATPL student, if you are not familiar with this, its an aviation traffic pilot licence corse. You are required to learn more than 16.000 questions. I was always struggling with the idea, how to keep the memory fresh without repeating all of the subject again and again...this up does just that, not only i can make my own cards/pictures/graphs and so much more, its algorithm is something else...unbelievable! After I have done with one subject, for example Performance, which has around 900 questions, I have made like 200 cards in the process... after a week of just doing those 200 questions in this app, i have proceeded onto another subject which have 1500 questions. Upon finished the second subject I wanted to test my knowledge of the previous subject(Performance), and i got 95%, basically I was able to remember almost everything. Maybe 20£ sound a bit too much, but now after I’ve seen what it does I would be even more then happy to pay 100£ for this app! If you are in the struggle to keep the knowledge sharp and you have been looking for something to relieve that struggle... You can stop now, this is it, you’ve found it!.Score: 5/5

Thank You!Just wanted to say thank you for developing software that I’ve gained so much benefit from over the years. I’ve solely used the desktop version, but after years of excellent use, from preparing for exams at university to language learning in my own time, I feel buying the app on here is the least I can do as repayment. Please put a donate button on the website; I’m sure many people (myself included) would like the option to donate regularly..Score: 5/5

Useful but expensiveThis app is one of the most useful things I’ve come across in my education. The retrieval practice algorithm is extremely helpful in helping me remember the information I need to know for my exams in order to succeed. However at 24 pound it is extremely expensive so I would only advise buying it if you’re going to be using it regularly. If you’re in doubts about spending the money on it, ask yourself this. Would you spend 24 pound on a pair of shoes or a video game? The likely answer is yes. So why not spend 24 pound in bettering your education so you can achieve the grades that you know you are capable of..Score: 4/5

Saves my day when stakes are highAnki gets me ready for a test or speech when I what to be 100%, or close to say. Can't remember when I used it for the first time, must be at least 10 years ago. Thank you!.Score: 5/5

Love the appLove the app, works amazingly only thing is syncing from iPhone to pc is a bit weird and doesn’t seem to work properly but other than that it’s a very good app and extremely good method of learning!.Score: 4/5

Very difficult and unclear;cant find a way to make a folder and put many decks in oneIt’s a shambles.Score: 1/5

Fantastic, worth every pennyThis app is incredible for study. It is highly intelligent and makes for the perfect study device. The ability to add voice notes or pictures to a flash card is perfect - and really helps memory recall. Moreover, the large amount of community decks is perfect for language learning, especially vocab. I cannot recommend the app enough..Score: 5/5

Give the option to switch back to the old theme!So I’ve been using Anki for several months, and although impressive, I am not at all a fan of the new theming design the app was given, and much prefer the old style. The rounded buttons on the bottom tab on flash cards looks particularly out of place. Because of this, I hope an option can be added in the near future to switch between the old and new themes for the app..Score: 4/5

GCSEsI don’t normally write reviews but without this app I would have failed most of my GCSE’s..Score: 5/5

Worth the money but needs some minor improvementsThe app is really useful , especially for learning heavy amounts of content. I do have a few issues with it though, but I’d still recommend it, it’s still worth the money. 1. Unlike the free Anki app, the text colour choices are really limited, making it difficult to highlight amounts of text. I find colour association really useful for learning and it’s difficult to do this when there’s a range of 4/5 colours- it would be better if there were more options like the range of colours in the pallet when you can draw diagrams so you can coordinate text in the colours of your diagram. 2. Is there a way to have pictures and dark mode? I find the pictures blend in (no matter what the pictures are of) so I resort to the lighter mode, but it would be nice if it was a feature on dark mode too. 3. The eraser feature on the drawing function doesn’t erase 1 small mistake, but erases everything. This can be difficult as if on a diagram I happen to slightly draw out of a line, the entire line is removed instead of it acting like an airbrush type eraser where fine details can be erased without sacrificing the entire diagram. 4. Finally, this has only recently been a problem but if I happen to go off of the app, or tap something on split screen, it removes all of the information on the card. Normally I’ve been able to switch between apps (eg looking for extra info) and go back to the unsaved card but recently it keeps getting rid of everything.. I’m writing out the same card multiple times. I usually save cards, but if I’m only switching briefly to check information I don’t feel the need to. Is there a way you could incorporate a drafted cards type feature so half finished or unsaved cards are stored and not completely removed? Any input would be brilliant- this is the best flashcard app and I’m still glad to use it, but little improvements would be really useful!.Score: 5/5

Amazing for RTK (Japanese)I use it for Heisig’s ‘Remembering the Kanji’ method for learning Japanese. So useful how you can pick it up for 5 or 10 mins and it syncs across devices and automatically works out which cards you need to see more often. One thing that could be a massive improvement is the ability to make the bottom bar (good / easy / again) even bigger or a custom size - on full screen iPhone devices (iPhone 10 or later) it can be quite awkward to hit the buttons with your thumb as the bottom of the screen is low. An ‘extra huge’ or custom size would be great to save my thumbs from RSI!!.Score: 5/5

Fantastic for learning a languageI now have used Anki for over 10 years (on desktop and then on mobile). It is still one of the most useful tools to learn a language I have found. Now started to learn another language and finding it invaluable to enter the words from each lesson. Software works perfectly and never had a problem with it. I’m using decks with a total of over 10,000 items..Score: 5/5

Great app- bad change of overlayBest flashcard app out there especially on a compute/Mac but when it comes to the iPhone app I think the latest update has made the app aesthetically worse. Hopefully it’s reverted soon.Score: 4/5

EssentialI balked at the price of this app at first, but I understand the reasoning. I’ve used it every day to learn a language for the last couple of years and it’s been super helpful and rock solid. Only just begun to fiddle with some html to make my own custom cards - very powerful. All in all it’s been great..Score: 5/5

Upload cards to icloud pleaseLove this app. I use it so much that my storage is now being used for Anki. I cannot install anything else on my phone. Please allow the cards to be on the icloud and downloaded when needed or with some smart local cashing method!.Score: 3/5

Great, butGenerally great app, but the sliding animation in the new version is rather annoying - any chance of an option to turn it off so it behaves as before?.Score: 4/5

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Awesome.Great companion to my desktop app. I use it daily to remember all sorts of things. Peoples names, code syntax, history events, facts etc...Score: 5/5

Effective but priceyAnki is very effective at what it does for information retention however it is steep at $35. I hope for frequent updates with new features and polishing at this price point. One request would be to study the cards in my deck in a random order..Score: 4/5

Keeps crashing, other than that it’s goodKeeps crashing randomly when I try to add a new flashcard with pictures..Score: 3/5

Disappointed - Anki can do betterI was surprised to find that the iPad version lacks a lot of the functionality of the desktop version. That would be fine if this app were free, but given the 35$ price tag, that's just unacceptable. For example, I can't use IO cards, and the card management section has been heavily stripped down. If you're going to charge such a high fee for the iPad/iPhone version, then I expect a high level of functionality. You can do better Anki..Score: 2/5

New update helpfulThanks for the bug fix. I really love Anki I have it on all my devices. Fairly pricey for what you get but I really love the product..Score: 5/5

Best app I ever boughtThis is hands down the best app I ever bought. Incredibly stable, and has helped me immensely in academics and general acquisition of knowledge.Score: 5/5

Little things...A bit annoyed after the cost. If I don't finish a whole review session it often forget my place. Just between leaving the app and coming, reasking me questions I've just answered correctly. Good enough to use but not at all good given the cost, the quality is that of a free app..Score: 3/5

Excellent flashcard applicationHigh-tech quality software... It really works. Love it. Un logiciel de grande qualité, ça fonctionne vraiment. J'adore. Pierre Bergeron, Québec.Score: 5/5

The best reason for having a smart phoneAnki at $35 is a lot cheaper than FlappyFarm at a buck. How valuable is the ability to retain everything you've ever learned? Note: the Anki app really has to be used in conjunction with the Anki desktop program..Score: 5/5

LovelyThank you to the developers for making such great software! Happy to support..Score: 5/5

Grey theme gone in newest updateI love the app and use it daily, couldn’t live without it, however, the most recent update got rid of the grey options for theme. White is too bright and black is too stark... can you bring back the Gerry option?.Score: 5/5

Don’t buy the app - web version on smartphone works just as good if not betterI’m quite frustrated after spending the money to purchase this mobile app, because it does not support images from downloaded decks. At the very least this should be a warning in the description of the app so that students like myself who hope to study while working full time to afford school, don’t end up wasting our money. Save your money - anki web works perfectly on safari and chrome..Score: 1/5

AmoAmo o Anki..Score: 5/5

The original oneDon’t be confused by AnkiApp jumping in on the brand.Score: 5/5

Liked the old colours better. Is there a way to revert to the old classic blue theme?Liked the old colours better. Is there a way to revert to the old classic blue theme?.Score: 3/5

Love it - Feature RequestThis app makes my study sessions so much easier. I simply love it. Would it be possible to add a feature: set a learning deadline for exam dates, target dates so that all the cards are distributed in that time lapse..Score: 5/5

DO NOT SUPPORT IMAGE OCCLUSIONI have done many cards on the web version of Anki before downloading the iOS version. Most of my cards are made using image occlusion. On the iOS version my cards are blank. I am looking for a refund, because it’s not worth $35 CAD. Do yourself a favour and stick to Anki web..Score: 1/5

Magique.Je ne comprends vraiment pas pourquoi cette app est si mal noté. Elle mériterait 4,8 étoiles au moins ! C’est l’application de flashcards la plus complète que j’ai trouvé sur ipad. En plus, elle offre encore plus de flexibilité sur ordinateur. C’est magique. Je peut dessiner avec mon Apple Pencil les formules mathématiques ou chimiques que je ne peut pas écrire avec mon clavier. Je rêvais d’une application qui me permettait de faire des flashcards avec mon crayon, et je l’ai trouvé ! Je peut aussi mettre des images. De plus, l’application est fluide et fonctionne super bien. Merci Anki !!!.Score: 5/5

Fantastic for reviewing on the goThis app has made my commute to and from work much more productive. The integration between the desktop application and this app is seamless. I like having the ability to synchronize card reviews between platforms. The developer is very active in updating the app with bug fixes and improvements. The price point is very fair considering the immense value of the app, and I would have happily paid more. To the developer, I can't thank you enough for the tools you have provided to help me further my knowledge of Japanese..Score: 5/5

Crashes after the latest system updateCrashes after the latest system update..Score: 4/5

Amazing app!This is a great and professional app. It has many useful options and features to use. I believe it’s a good investment for learning. This app is amazing for those who are serious to learn new things..Score: 5/5

Worth the PriceAll I can say is that it is well worth the price. I do all my notes on my Mac & then I convert them into my Anki app on the Mac. Sure it takes a little longer when I’m studying, but then I can study anywhere and quickly! When I’m out in a line, I pull my app out. Sitting at the doctor’s office? Yep! Anki! When I’m cramming for finals, YOU GUESSED IT, ANKI! Sure the price is steep, but I’ve found no glitches, and I want to support this developer. Thanks for making studying easier, I can’t wait to see how you continue to make the app better!.Score: 5/5

Great AppLittle bit expensive for some basic UI and Basic function. Need more creating like basic flashcard at least. iPad need a more complex version than a bigger iPhone version..Score: 4/5

Superb.Smart flash cards app for efficient spaced repetition and recall practice. This app will get me through my education and learning. I wish I had learned about it earlier..Score: 5/5

Worth itI love the app so far, a bit pricey I’m definitely seeing mysel using this app daily.Score: 5/5

A little expensive, but worth itThis is my go to app for reviewing anki decks. Very well done. Smooth, simple, no frills style that grts the job done. I didn't love the price, but in the end it is an app I use every day..Score: 5/5

HappyI'm truly happy with my purchase Anki helped me out a lot during these months Thanks Anki!.Score: 5/5

Images don’t show upSpent $34 on this to be able to study on the go but basically pointless without the images.Score: 4/5

Good but missing major featuresOk but for price we need pc level edit Also NO idea how many unique cards reviewed!! Add: Ie search cards for keyword with multi-select and tag ie give us checkboxes to tag in search 100s of cards. Allow easier tagging with reviews Undo/return to previous card button, better photo import and multiple import, improved statistics, view buried cards and unbury, and text and magnifying buttons. Also add card management features found on computer. For 35$ we deserve this not a stripped down version Please keep updates coming.Score: 2/5

Makes learning so much easierThe ability to learn anything, quickly. Seriously life changing.Score: 5/5

Crap crap crapSooooo disappointing This is not easy to use on an iPad and I was I could be refunded Do NOT waste your money It’s the exact same as the free version.Score: 1/5

Bugs in newest updateTags are occluding answers. This was not a problem before recent update..Score: 2/5

No more recording audioI love Anki so much, I has helped me a lot at retaining what I studied because I am easy to forget things. I study another language and listening how the natives speak is the most important thing to me, I used to use Anki to record the audio. This morning I was trying to add some other audio in, as I always do, I didnt see the recording button anymore. Please bring this feature back, Nobody pay 40 bucks for you guys to take that feature off the app.Score: 4/5

Images won’t downloadMy images won’t download is that normal?!???.Score: 3/5

Use the App for Memorization, but some flawsI use the app to memorize my flashcards and create them on my computer. What I realized from using the app, is that the only images that are supported are png images. Jpeg images show up as a small white box (not visible). Also the syncing between anki on my computer and on my phone is skewed. For example, on my computer it said that I had 90 cards to review from my deck. I synced it, and closed anki on there. I then opened anki on my phone, synced on there, and it showed that there was only 50 cards to review. There are some other minor issues, but those are the biggest ones. If you could fix those, I will definitely raise my rating to 5 stars..Score: 3/5

Very useful learning appMakes using anki really easy and user-friendly, especially when studying on my long commute to school. Not sure if the price tag is completely justifiable (given how simple the app really is) but at the same time, it’s such a critical tool to my studies..Score: 4/5

Auto Sync?Great app. Would the developers consider adding an automatic synchronization option in the future?.Score: 4/5

?This app is a joke, right? Cuz I fell for it. You got me..Score: 1/5

Very glitchy NOT WORTH IT!!!!!I did not mean to buy this as the Face ID bought it for me, I decided to give the app a try and it is not user friendly at all. You are unable to do half of the stuff as you are on mac. PLUS IT COST $35!!!!!.Score: 1/5

Fabulous program, great learning toolI use this every day. I have Anki on my laptop, and this on my iPad. I sync back and forth between the two. One advantage with this iPad app that I don’t see in the desktop version of Anki is that I can draw stuff. Here I can easily add drawings to the front or back of any card. Super useful!.Score: 5/5

Really the best app for anything flashcards!I wanted to give 5 stars but i cant because recently, the images have been bugging. I tried reinstalling the app as well as trying it on other phones, but images will stay stuck on the wrong flashcards. I’m not really sure how to explain otherwise, but i thought it would be a bug you would like to know!.Score: 4/5

The new update is greatI am experiencing one annoying issue however. It seems that whenever I add new cards from my desktop, the scheduling settings go back to default. Whereas I always set the day to start at 5:00, it keeps getting set back to 22:00. This has caused me to miss some days of review..Score: 4/5

How to make it work on iOS 11 on iPad mini 2¿It doesn’t download, can you resolve it please ¿ I just bought a new iPad to make it compatible with the iOS 11. Can the pictures be included too ¿ Thanks.Score: 1/5

AmazingI would reccomand this app to everyone. It's great for studying..Score: 5/5

Excellent app, wholeheartedly recommendedI’ve been using Anki for years between iOS, Windows, web, etc. Thank you for providing an awesome product/service for all these years!.Score: 5/5

Great flash card appI was very pleasantly surprised by this app. I tried every free-to-try flash card app I could find and they all lack something. This one has everything I am looking for. Well designed, intuitive and stable. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase..Score: 5/5

Great Investment!Well worth the money to help me efficiently use my time on the bus and on-the-go..Score: 5/5

This is a blessingI use Anki to learn languages, math (there is Latex support), and programming. Since I started to use Anki consistently, my retention of information that I put in grew up significantly. This is a great app! P.S. They should teach how to use it in schools - kids would learn much better with it..Score: 5/5

Random order/shuffling cardsIt’s frustrating that cards aren’t presented in random order when learning them..Score: 4/5

YupIt works.Score: 5/5

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Wow1) Spaced repetition is super effective. This app takes care of the when-to-review-again scheduling work for you, so all you have to do is the study part. This is so convenient and the main draw of the app for me. 2) Cloze deletion. It’s like fill-in-the-blank but better. 3) You can make it so you have to type the answer, which is especially helpful for verifying spelling or making sure you know definitions word-for-word. 4) You can insert pictures and audio into the flashcards, which I imagine is helpful for more visual things you have to memorize and for learning languages. 5) LaTeX compatibility. No more awkward text math like v^2=((v0)^2)+2a(x-x0). No more using a ton of parentheses to ensure that you are squaring the variable v0 (usually shown as v subscript 0) and NOT squaring 0. You can make the math look neat and easy to read, like it does in textbooks. And if you don’t want to learn LaTeX, you still have access to superscripts and subscripts. 10/10 would use Anki again.Score: 5/5

An amazing programThis program is very well done and well thought through. It has played the central role in my language learning process..Score: 5/5

Incorrect payment chargeI just now purchased this app on the iOS App Store. The price clearly said $24.99. My banking app immediately sent me a notification that I was just charged over $32. And I have the screenshot to prove it. What the heck? Why was I gouged for an extra five or six dollars? I need a response right away from the developer. This is not cool at all..Score: 1/5

Add widgets !Would be awesome if you can add daily cards as widget on your homescreen..Score: 4/5

FrustratedI’m so unhappy for purchasing this app. The free version on my computer is more advanced than it. I thought that the paid one will be more better and helpful. Not recommend it to anyone..Score: 1/5

Great tool for learningAs you will likely see in our reviews, the UI definitely has room for improvement. However, the functionality of the app works well and as described in the App Store. At this point, it seems best to set up your decks in the desktop app and use the mobile app as an on-the-go study tool. My decks sync flawlessly with the mobile version. For a mobile app, $25 is more than most apps out there to start but the functionality is really good, spaced repetition is a great way to learn, and I’m willing to see how the developers improve the apps moving forward..Score: 5/5

Classic Anki App that does the JobAnki is amazing - and the app delivers the experience on the phone. It works and is solid build. There could be more functions but I don't think there is a huge team of paid developers behind this so thats okay..Score: 5/5

Love 😍Yes, it’s expensive. But, IMO, it’s worth it. Chalk it up to the cost of a textbook, or any other paid study materials. Seriously though, it’s great. I write all of my cards/decks on my mac, then sync. Decks (even with my mods) come out perfect. For me, it’s a great tool to study on the go. Though, one major thing about Anki, and any other flashcard program/app, you need to learn HOW to make your OWN great flashcards. Downloading premade decks isn’t the best practice. The power of this platform comes from making your own decks, for your own study style, to really get the value from this tool and other tools like it. Spend some time on YouTube and other sites dedicated to learning how to use Anki and it will reward you with an even deeper knowledge and knowhow. Often times I feel that the task of making my own decks is where I actually learn the best. The decks themselves are just for review of what I learned creating them. TL;DR: Amazing tool; worth the investment..Score: 5/5

Crashes every time I try to add a photo...Spent the money to study for school and now I’m just trying to make my own deck and can’t do it at all. Will definitely revise my review when it’s fixed.. And can this app PLEASE get out of 1980? The app is so ugly and ancient to really even recommend to anyone. You demand 25 dollars and yet can’t even make it easier to use? Really? Anki is NOT user friendly at all..Score: 1/5

Just worksJust downloaded this app and it has immediately become my all time favorite app. I’ve been using the desktop app for nearly a decade but now with the mobile version, my language learning is going to be even more successful. I cannot thank you enough, developer(s). Please support these amazing folks and purchase this app, you will not be disappointed..Score: 5/5

Love it!This is one helluv-an-app. It was worth the purchase. Since I have put many of my card categories under sub decks, is there any way to indicate under which sub deck each card falls under? The Android app has that feature. Hopefully it can be added to iOS in the near future. Thank you!.Score: 4/5

Flip OptionPlease add an option so we can see the back of the card, for example after we saw the question we go to the answer page, we can see the previous page again Sorry for my English:) Update: yes we can, but it takes a lot of time Please add this option into “Frequent Action”. It is a basic option.Score: 4/5

CrashesI try to open my 3 GB deck that I downloaded but it keeps crashing....please help.Score: 2/5

Amazing appFinally, I buying this app to learning a new language. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn a new language and increase vocabulary skills. Nice job..Score: 5/5

I want to pull out my remaining hairThis thing has the usability of early 2000s desktop Linux, with a light dusting of Comcast customer support. Yet somehow it has captured the market so that competing Flashcard apps die out. Easily the least user-friendly iPhone app I own - feels like a deliberate provocation..Score: 1/5

Calendar does not work on updateSince the update, the app calendar is now 1 day ahead of the actual date on my phone. Renders it useless across devices because the scheduling is thrown off when trying to use on desktop.Score: 2/5

Worth every buck.This is a very small investment that pays huge returns in your learning journey. Enough said..Score: 5/5

Revolutionized how I learnedCan’t help but give total credit to my learning in medical school to this app. Extremely helpful with its spaced repetitions and I can’t believe how well it’s timing helps me remember things LONG TERM. I would honestly pay hundreds of dollars for this considering how much it helps me and how little it actually is compared to my med school tuition..Score: 5/5

Good support.Very responsive.Score: 5/5

Great app, Amazing learning experienceWell made app to support the best learning method there is, spaced repetition with flash cards. Worth every penny to invest into your learning. ———————————————— Right now as of (1-12-21) searching decks gives you the entire text and makes searching for your card difficult. Would really appreciate a UI change where it just shows the first line of the card to compact all the card results!!! in the future I Would also like better browsing features in Anki web more similar to desktop features and Anki mobile where you can browse more freely and see a left pane of your deck hierarchy. I use Anki web because my work computer doesn’t allow sync on desktop..Score: 5/5

Add option to view remaining on answer sideThe app would be much better if there was an option to see the remaining count on the answer side of cards. Also, showing remaining count above the card would be nice. The problem is that in a series of “type in the answer” cards, you’ll never see the remaining count because the keyboard covers it on the question side and it’s missing on the answer side.Score: 3/5

Sync DocumentWould be nice if we can upload the document to icloud..Score: 5/5

Great in many ways and not in othersI’ve used Anki for years to great effect and will continue to do so, as it’s one of the leading memorization tools out there. This app is great for studying cards. Per the price: Anki is free on the web, PC, and Android. This app is paid to support the development of Anki. And that’s fine. But this app is missing the very basic ability to edit deck options, which is something I need to do sometimes when I don’t have access to my PC. For a $25 app this seems sorely overlooked, when every free version out there can do this. The app is also rather hard to navigate at times. For example, if you want to do a custom study, there’s no way to access this except to complete your first study and then open the deck again to access the option. Overall good but needs improvement, *especially* since this is the official, paid, supporting app..Score: 3/5

Horrifyingly Slow SyncBottom line: Anki works great on a Win 10 PC. My advice: Use Anki on a desktop computer until sync problems are solved. I bulk loaded into a Master deck 3000 kanji cards using a custom designed template which works beautifully on a PC. Created a small filtered deck (100 notes) and imported that into a separate profile. On an iPad I attempted to sync that profile which contains only the small subset of the Master deck. Doesn’t matter that I’m using only a small deck on the iPad. The sync process behaves as if it needs to examine each of the 3000 cards in the Master deck. The sync process is so slow and so gums up my network that I find the app unusable. I don’t want to sit at a desktop to study flash cards, so I’m ditching Anki in favor of Flashcards Deluxe which has other advantages over Anki on iOS besides being able to sync multiple devices in a mater of seconds. Anki on a Win 10 PC is problematic for the simple reason that one is unable to redirect the media folder. All media are saved in a user’s profile which, for most users, is on the system drive. Say you’ve got a large media library on a NAS. All media from the NAS which you use on Anki gets copied to your Windows user profile. Now you’ve got two copies of all that media. This whole show is such a resource hog..Score: 2/5

Refund neededHow do I get a refund on this app? It’s not user friendly and really complicating to use. The functions don’t seem that great..Score: 1/5

Does not sync from time to timeWith the latest ios update, it does not sync 90% of the time. Very annoying..Score: 1/5

Works greatThank for this app.Score: 5/5

A stuck red dot that can’t be removed!New update: The problem was solved, thank you support team. ————————— The badge icon (red dots) stuck at a number from my previous account even after I switched to another account, and no setting option is provided for Anki notifications and I wonder why. After I removed and redownloaded the app, or even restarted the phone, I can’t believe this just won’t go away. Will have to say goodbye to this app until this is fixed..Score: 5/5

Browser?Before making the suggestion, I’d just like to acknowledge the tremendous help Anki has brought to my and my fellow medical students’ study. This is one of the best way for people that are not so bright (like myself) to do well in medicine. Now on to the suggestion for the mobile App: is it possible to add in the browser function to iOS? The browser is the like a God’s view of all of the cards but unfortunately on iOS version it’s very truncated, and therefore when doing slightly advanced edits (e.g. changing templates for a given card) we have to turn to a computer. Thank you! Keep up the wonder that you guys are creating!.Score: 4/5

Always being updated to support new iOS featuees, AnkiMobile is great!Apple Pencil support, gamepad support, sketching support, the customizable quick action menu, dark mode, programmable behaviors on shake/etc - you are knocking it out of the park! I love that this has no subscription, but could you add a tip jar, or a way to send money? The app is objectively FAR better than when I bought it years ago..Score: 5/5

Perfect for language learningIm using it to study language, and its more than perfect. Although there arent many premade study sets specifically for Anki, but theres a free Quizlet converter to use. Worth every penny. Currently im studying Korean, but I plan on learning Japanese, Spanish, and Hebrew with it as well. Thank you developers!!!!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

LOVED anki for desktop but....It works well if you remember to sync. If not, be prepared to spend 45 minutes force quitting the app and restarting your computer until it finally decides to open. This only started happening once I downloaded the app onto my iPad and phone. 2 stars because i love the program whenever I am able to open it.Score: 2/5

It doesn’t work on MacThe most recent update, 2.1.35, opens up a window on the Mac laptop I’m using that cannot be closed and the program doesn’t start..Score: 3/5

A bug in type answer feature to be fixedIt's always on the top, which is not consistent with desktop anki. I want to put it anywhere Appropriate..Score: 5/5

Can't Believe I Paid For App With No Notification SupportFor the price I thought there would be at least notifications prompting you when it's time to review. Nope. Very disappointed, as the app is very unintuitive to begin with..Score: 2/5

Need some new optionsFirst of all, thank you for the app I have some suggestions to be added to the app 1. There should be a back to the default option 2. I tried to find a way to answer the questions before showing up the answer. But it isn't possible 3. Just like the computer version there should be an option to auto-sync before exit 4. Where is the Apple Watch version?!!!! 5. The profiles that I’ve made in computer version aren’t accessible in the app 6.there should be an option to play each card audio automatically.Score: 4/5

Phone App won't accept Anki web accountNow that I've wasted $25 on the app and a whole lot of time making flashcards on my account on the website, the app won't accept my login to sync. I want my time and money back..Score: 1/5

Life-changingIt never ceases to amaze me that this app doesn’t have 5 stars. Anki is an extraordinarily powerful learning tool if you take the time to understand it. Learn how to use it on your computer first for free (and use the website when you want to use it on the go), and then when you’ve proven your own dedication to using it daily, download this app..Score: 5/5

RefunddI’m sure this app is great, but I didn’t realize it was $24 dollars and I didn’t mean to buy it. But by the time I had clicked it to scan my thumb it was too late 😭😭.Score: 3/5

Images don’t show upI purchased this so I’d be able to do Anki for anatomy on my phone and the images just don’t show up..Score: 1/5

AmazingIf you’re a medical student that uses Anki at all, just download the app. It’s so nice to be able to get through some reviews while you’re waiting in line at the store, or just sitting on the couch and don’t have your laptop. Sometimes when I am bored and on my phone, I’ll just tap the Anki icon. Then, I’m doing something productive without really thinking about it. The app is great for those times when getting up to get your laptop requires too much motivation. Makes studying for boards a little less depressing..Score: 5/5

Best flash card app out thereThough it may seem tempting to rely on Quizlet or other flash card apps, if you are serious about the topic you are learning this is the only app to purchase..Score: 5/5

Love the free desktop version but app doesn’t sync so it’s pointlessHonestly infuriated by that I paid 25 dollars for an app I was only able to use twice. Bugs prevent syncing which is the whole point. I feel cheated :/.Score: 1/5

Consider the price a donation to the open source projectThe price might seem ridiculous, but considering that the desktop version is free and open source (and the web version is free), I consider this more of a donation to the project! The app is very...utilitarian. But, it does one thing, flashcards, and does them really well..Score: 5/5

Works greatThe app works fantastically, syncs well and has never given me problems. It’s great for quick review sessions on the go..Score: 5/5

Anki ipad font colour can not changeNo font colour changing icon on iPad,but iPhone has.Score: 2/5

Pricey but totally worth itIf you use anki like I do (daily for the past 2.5 years) then having the ability to easily access it on your device is a game changer. The app allows me to stay on top of my cards and do a few here and there. It’s not the most gorgeous app out there but for me the functionality is truly what I was looking for anyway. With the amount of use I’ve gotten out of it, the price was very worth it for me..Score: 5/5

Responsive and meshes very well with Migaku JapaneseThis app is absolutely worth the money in my opinion. I had been using AnkiApp for a while to learn Japanese - using a shared audio deck from AnkiApp, but once i started my own desktop mining deck I couldn’t get it from my computer to my phone. In addition, that other app did not handle audio correctly so it would significantly lag after just a few cards, and when exiting the app and coming back. A huge advantage this app has over AnkiApp is that it lets you sync to your AnkiWeb account. So now i can make cards on my desktop on the fly and sync it right with the app which is great. Not only is this app very responsive and feature rich, but one thing also really pleasantly surprised me: My custom deck that uses the Migaku(MIA) Japanese plugin on my desktop works flawlessly. This cannot be a coincidence. They must have intentionally coded this functionality in. As such, the furigana and pitch accent highlighting are perfect, even the fonts are preserved. If you are on the fence about this and you are also a Japanese learner (especially if you’re using MattvsJapan’s anki workflow), you should totally get this.Score: 5/5

The app can never sync.Whenever I try syncing, it never does it on the first or second attempt. Also, it doesn’t work properly to show the deck statistics. I still support Anki by having bought the app though..Score: 2/5

Needs UpdateNeeds to be updated as it does not work with scheduler beta on my desktop. This app disrupts my collection. Please make an update soon. It’s been longing for an update..Score: 3/5

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So much potentialLove anki on my Mac, but the iOS version leaves a lot to be desired: - App keeps crashing when I try to sync. Especially when syncing down changes from ankiweb. Syncing up seems to be okay. - Poor support for making cards. - No way to rename decks. - No support for iPad split screen multitasking For such an expensive app, I think it's fair to expect a better product..Score: 2/5

This is a great applicationThis app has proven invaluable to me, the learning curve is a little steeper then some other similar apps but it will blow them away when used properly. I would like though to be able to add to note categories from the mobile app as well as the desktop..Score: 4/5

Excellent but complicatedThis is an amazing program but the interface is difficult to use and understand..Score: 4/5

Totally worth itI've used Anki for years without paying a cent and it's helped me immensely so I'm more than happy to pay the relatively high price for this quality app. The 2.0 update is great, although one thing that would make my life easier is some form of auto sync when I exit the app. I find I often forget to sync at the end of a session on my iPad and then can't study on my iPhone when I'm out because I'm not synced up..Score: 4/5

Images not working on phonePoor customer service, received no reply from customer support at all. Do not recommend.Score: 5/5

Shame on youThe app works but charging $40 dollars for something that’s basically html? shameful considering the demographic happens to be students..Score: 2/5

Excellent appReplicates the desktop version making studying seamless between mobile and desktop..Score: 5/5

Fantastic app - just needs the ability to create flash cards on iOSI have been using Anki for 5 years now, and through this time I have completed my medical degree and learned a language. Anki has been great for my knowledge retention during both of these pursuits. The only suggestion I have is that the ability to make and upload flash cards from iOS would be very useful, and even a very simplistic flash card-making interface would still give me the ability to build my decks while on the go (e.g. Adding new vocabulary while reading on my morning commute). Otherwise, a great app!.Score: 4/5

Best srs app !!This app has best of functionality which i had been looking for and yet despite of lot of features packed it comes in a very simple and uncluttered UI. 👌🏻.Score: 5/5

Audio doesn’t syncFor $39AUD you think there would be active development to fix bugs. Lack of working audio on mobile is obviously something that is plaguing many users (simply google). It’s not worth the money and I’d like a refund..Score: 1/5

Great for study but needs updatesICloud sync would be better than having to manually synchronise to an Anki server. General UI improvements could be made as well, the app is somewhat confusing to new users..Score: 4/5

Gets better and better...butAll the updates are making the app more and more amazing! But I just wish there was more support for Apple Pencil!.Score: 5/5

Not for meThe much vaunted learning algorithm gets in the way more than it helps - a wrong tap means I won’t see a card for weeks, impeding my memorisation. I think I want a much simpler flash card app. One that will just cycle through cards and never, ever, ever hide a card because it thinks I already know that. Is there a way to configure Anki to do that? (I removed my comment about editing cards. Thank you for the correction.).Score: 2/5

Better options available.Downloaded and imported flash cards. App is unintuitive and only has basic flash card functionality. Other apps at a similar price point are better looking. Easier to use. Have better learning options like games..Score: 2/5

BugI have a deck which its audio files are ogg format when I want to review this deck in my iPhone I get this error: NSOSStatusERRORdomain code=1954115647 What should I do?.Score: 4/5

Please add the ability to command-zVery good app, only feature that is missing is the ability to command-z (for those using an iPad keyboard) for undo..Score: 5/5

Most flexible app out thereI've spent quite some time trying to find a decent flashcard app, and eventually settled on Anki. I wish that I'd found it a year ago... but at least I've got it now. Based on the various positive web and iTunes reviews, I started off trying to make the paid version of "Flash Card Deluxe" work for me. Frankly, all the rigmarole around trying to edit cards and upload image files for Flash Card Deluxe was a complete waste of my precious study time and has held me back. (I also put a lot of effort into trying to make the PC application "Recall Plus" work for me, but that's a whole other story!) I wanted an app that was: * going to be productive, in the sense of easy to add content like pictures, special characters and formatted text * was available to me "everywhere": on my computer and iPhone and iPad when mobile * took care of all the spaced-repetition-learning for me without effort So it's with a sense of relief that I've finally found Anki through a web recommendation. It's doing everything I need and the results are really showing in terms of my recall. I like to edit everything on my Mac as it's just easier to bring all the content together with a screen, mouse and keyboard. But I then get away from the desk with my iPad or iPhone to do the actual flash card learning. Anki offers a bit of intelligence in the way it puts its cards together. You edit "notes", which is a database of the information you want to study, and then customise the cards you what Anki to put together for you from all that information. I have to say that it does have a couple of odd, buggy behaviours such as intermittent jumping text when editing fields. However, there's an excellent and open online maintenance system. I've found Damien Elmes to be very knowledgable and responsive in his product support. And, frankly, none of the minor bugs have really interrupted my work. It's good to finally find a product that does what it says, and well. I'm happy to have made this purchase, which has been one of my most productive on iTunes over many years. Buy it: you won't regret making the investment to improve your study outcomes and productivity. The desktop app is freeware, so I guess what you're really buying here is the freedom of mobility with the iPhone and iPad. Given that the programme actually works, you're also buying one of: better knowledge, better marks, or more time at the pub. Given that the desktop app is free, I recommend that you download it first and give Anki a decent run. It's a zero-risk proposition, although you will need to spend a bit of time getting used to the way it works. Once you're figured it out and decide you want to go mobile with your cards, make the investment in this app. Anki has found a new fan in me!.Score: 5/5

Great App, The best everNo doubt it is the best flash cards app ever One Suggestion: It would be great if you could add the Edit option for the photo is taken straightaway by the camera :). So, it would be possible to edit ( cutting for example) the photo is taken instantly.Score: 5/5

Try cheaper apps firstI got all of the anki apps (iPhone, iPad, mac). Great app when not being fiddled with. Too annoying to sign up. Then they had a new version that I had to download again instead of just update. Can only add cards on the computer. There are better apps cheaper out there..Score: 2/5

Great for learning vocabularyI've been using Anki for nearly a year of language learning and it's been great. I use the desktop app to add words and definitions, then use Anki mobile to review them. It is fairly expensive, but it's also far superior to any other flashcard app I've used..Score: 5/5

I can only view one DeckVery difficult to use interface especially for the price. I can only view one deck when I click “Deck” and there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to find the other decks..Score: 2/5

Excellent study toolHelps getting your spaced repetition done in a beautiful way Seemingly sync with the desktop version so you can make your notes and study on the go Really good tool, well worth the price (desktop being free).Score: 5/5

Cool. ButI’m having problems playing the Audi file. Works on my laptop, but not here.Score: 4/5

Just RightI am happy with Anki. It does what I need it to do, and is perfect for on the go or in for intense study sessions. Overall great product, and I can't wait to see what further improvements are made..Score: 5/5

Great app, great supportThe anki support team are great. I reported a minor error and it was fixed within days. A powerful flash card app which will hopefully get me through my exams..Score: 5/5

Extremely usefulVery useful while travelling. I really enjoy the image occlusion enhanced add on, but keep in mind that you will only enjoy this app if you like the computer version..Score: 5/5

Do not buy this app!!!!If you are not good at computer, donot pay this app. It cost me $40, but very inconvenient. Once you reviewed the card. It will disappear and you can not review that again, also it is so complicated to edit the card on computer..Score: 1/5

Great...This isn’t a cheap app, but it’s simple and straightforward to do things like add words in the middle of study. Studying on the go is really easy..Score: 5/5

Useful but needs workOverall its an excellent app, it has improved over the years, but still has a long way to go. The main issue is that it is very desktop centric, you really can’t use this application without installing and syncing with a desktop computer. For example, if you have 1000 cards, and want to unsuspend them in batches of 100 (i.e. You have 100 things to learn for class each week), this can only done on the computer. Which can be a nightmare if you are on the train on the way to class, and want to study this weeks 100 cards, but can’t because they are suspended. Overall, probably the best flashcard app on the app store, but these small issues cause huge problems, (If I was able to un-suspend cards on the way to class last week on my phone, I would have done way better on my test I had that week).Score: 1/5

Love itGreat way to remember things. Sync'ing can be missed between macs.Score: 5/5

Would be better with Apple Pencil supportThere is no scratchpad option that can use Apple Pencil, so if that is added this app is 5 stars. Without it, I don’t think this app would be able to use all of the functionalities available with an iPad Pro. Please add it in the next update?? <3.Score: 4/5

Problem syncingSpent more than $AUD30 to get the cross platform syncing functionality, only to find that it does not upload the new cards to Anki Web and I cannot use it on my desktop anyway. A real shame and disappointment..Score: 1/5

AmazingAnki, on its own, is amazing. I'm learning medicine, and I see a huge difference in my retention of the material with and without ANKI. I find myself wishing i had found this so mich earlier! And this app has just allowed me to bring my revisions with me everywhere - commute, waiting in line at a cafe, on my bed just as I'm about to fall asleep. Everywhere. And the app's updates are great, looking forward to more. $25 well worth! No regrets! It would be something to have an role playing game incorporated into the anki program/ app. For eg, for today's due cards, for every 5% completed, I advance/ achieve something in the game. And the goal is to reach 100% due cards done by the end of the day! I wouldn't mind paying extra for that add on feature!.Score: 5/5

Great App - Ugly InterfaceThis app is incredible, been using it for over 12 months and it is a perfect companion to the desktop client. Unfortunately the latest update featured a design change, and I must say this app is now hideous. The new cog is good, but the changes to the answer buttons were unnecessary and are really really yuck. Please give us the option to have the old buttons back :( The app was beautiful as it was..Score: 4/5

OK app, outrageous price, dismal competitionI don't want to give this app 4 stars but I have to. Let me explain: It's a usability disaster. The desktop client crashes, the menus are unintuitive. It annoys you in a thousand ways (e.g. if you type your password in wrong, rather than getting you to try again, it takes you to a different section, you have to navigate to the login page again, only to find it has now forgotten both your username an password.) Moreover, the author charges A LOT for this app, in defiance of the (probable) economics of the iTunes store -and competitor's prices. DESPITE these annoyances, for a technical user such as myself, this is the best flashcard app. It support many features that it's competitors do not - e.g. bulk editing, colour coding German nouns by gender, rendering mathematical equations. Whilst every time I use this app I am irritated and distracted, nonetheless I have to confess that the functionality is so much better that I can get a lot more done, much more quickly than with competing flashcard apps. If you are learning technical things and can dedicate some time to reading the manual, this app will save you a lot of time and speed your learning even as it makes you grit your teeth in frustration..Score: 4/5

FrustratingNot worth the asking price. Too complicated to set up. Has potential to be a useful product, but the cost is way too much for an unfinished program. Frustrating..Score: 1/5

Great app, would love some font supportUse everyday for medical school and is super helpful, my recall particularly of niche AF topics and info is off the charts, would love some support for more fonts (like Ubuntu) that make a dreary task of getting through 500+ cards a day that little bit more aesthetically pleasing....Score: 5/5

New update broke my deckAll the images on my cards have been deleted with this new updated. Tried restoring from a backup, and they're all deleted from the backup too. Tried doing a full one way sync, downloading from Ankiweb, and again all the images have been deleted. This has made my deck useless and left me with no way to fix it. For such an expensive app, this isn't acceptable and has left me really, really disheartened knowing I'll have to manually build my deck all over again from the start..Score: 1/5

Best implementation of flash cards in an app.I have tried a few different apps for flash cards and this one is without doubt the best. The app shows you cards at greater intervals as they go into your long term memory, so no wasting time on lots of cards you know well. There is a bit of a learning curve to learn how to create cards, but well worth the effort. It also syncs flawlessly with the desktop app. I am using it to learn Latin and Ancient Greek and it just works..Score: 5/5

Love the 2.0 update!The new interface is a lot more polished and sync is quicker. I can also finally add my own flash cards my my mobile device too. Tried a host of other flashcard apps but this is still the best..Score: 5/5

New UpdateIf I leave the app now, the flashcard I'm working on will change. Usually I leave the app to define a word or use a translator app for the current card I'm stuck on. Please fix that? FIXED: They fixed the issue the next day. Now back to my daily study :).Score: 5/5

Where’d the colour options go?I use this for med school all the time - easy 5 stars. Would like to have more customizability in terms of app display colours..Score: 5/5

Good but hard to useSeems like an incredibly good learning tool but it seems hard to learn how to use and unnecessarily complicated. Tutorials and information are often unclear as to what Anki is and how it does it..Score: 2/5

No good for NT GreekI have found this app unusable and a total waste of money. I would like a refund please..Score: 1/5

Good app but stupidly expensiveA good tool for language study but ludicrously overpriced..Score: 2/5

Great for studyingThis app is 10x more expensive than the next most expensive thing I’ve ever bought on the AppleStore, and it’s worth every penny. I don’t know how I’d study languages & biology without it..Score: 5/5

Worth it!!Worth every cent. I end up reviewing on my phone so much more than my desktop. And the app only gets better and better as updates are released. Don't listen to anyone who says its too difficult to use. It's really not. I use it for Japanese. Recommended!!! :).Score: 5/5

Really powerful and versatileIf you're looking for a flashcard application to study chemistry, maths or anything with unusual character or symbol markup, you can't get any better than Anki. Its support for html markup combined with LaTeX markup makes it really powerful. Excellent app..Score: 5/5

Excellent appHave had the Anki iPhone app for years now and continue to use it daily. Over time it’s continued to get better. It’s a no-brainer purchase for anyone looking for a good spaced-repetition app and has already used/is using the Anki desktop version. The sync between this app and the desktop version is the major drawcard. Being able to do reviews on-the-go is really handy. Hard to live without once you’ve gotten used to it. Highly recommended purchase!.Score: 5/5

Brilliant!!!Totally restructured my study method... And self belief. Recommend this app to anyone who would like to enhance their retention of information!.Score: 5/5

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AnkiMobile Flashcards app imageAnkiMobile Flashcards app imageAnkiMobile Flashcards app imageAnkiMobile Flashcards app imageAnkiMobile Flashcards app image

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