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Life360: Find Family & Friends

4.5 star

Protect and connect the people who matter most with comprehensive safety features for life at home, on the web, and on the go — all in one place for added value and convenience. Enjoy modern, advanced tools that go beyond a basic GPS phone tracker. Bring your family closer with comprehensive safety features designed for busy, modern life — all in one place for added value and convenience. Go beyond basic GPS phone tracking with smart tools and anytime, anywhere emergency support. Life360 membership offers a wide range of all-new services. Highlights include: - SOS to send a silent alert with your location to family members, emergency contacts, and responders. - 24/7 Emergency dispatch that’s always on call for your entire family. Even if you can’t call for help, we will. - Family Safety Assist for comprehensive real-time specialist support anytime, anywhere, and in any situation. - Identity Theft Protection to safeguard each family member’s sensitive digital information and white glove restoration service, including up to $1M in coverage. Explore Life360 for free Download Life360 and get started with advanced Location Sharing, 2 days of Location History, and 2 Place Alerts to see family members come and go from your top places like home, school, and work. Protect your drivers and passengers and respond to a car crash faster with automatic Crash Detection, and stay safe on the go with automated SOS. Upgrade to membership for premium features and tools, backed by 24/7 specialist support and emergency dispatch. Find the plan that fits your family’s unique needs and try free for 7 days. Life360 Platinum Be prepared for anything, anywhere with all the features of Life360 Gold, plus: - Family Safety Assist: Disaster Response, Medical Assistance including a nurse helpline during the pandemic, and Travel Support with a team of trained, live agents - 24/7 Roadside Assistance, including 50 miles of free towing - $500 in Stolen Phone Coverage - ID Theft Protection & restoration with up to $1M in coverage per person - Credit Monitoring Life360 Gold Protect your family on the go with all the features of Life360 Silver, plus: - A full 30 days of Location History - Unlimited Place Alerts - Individual Driver Reports to see how (and what) your drivers are doing behind the wheel - Crash Detection with emergency dispatch and live agent support - 24/7 Roadside Assistance - $250 in Stolen Phone Coverage - SOS to send a silent help alert, plus 24/7 emergency dispatch to your location - ID Theft Protection & restoration with up to $25k in coverage per person Life360 Silver Make daily coordination a breeze with features like: - 5 Place Alerts to stay in step - 7 days of Location History - $100 in Stolen Phone Coverage - Crime Reports to see and avoid dangerous situations - Family Driving Summary Disclaimer: Continued usage of location services while the app is in the background can excessively drain battery. But not to worry, we’ve spent 10 years developing our location technology and our algorithms always keep battery usage to a minimum, even while you drive!

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Life360: Find Family & Friends App Reviews (336,956)

Great AppSo easy to set up and use, it’s saved me worry several times in the short time I have had it as I can see where family are at any point during the day..Score: 5/5

My sons app doesn’t work!I’ve tried all the troubleshooting & suggestions from Life360 via email, but the app just doesn’t work on my sons phone-that’s the whole point of having it!.Score: 1/5

Extremely unreliableUsing this to teach my kid on the way back from school, it works sometimes but most often it shows entirely wrong location without any indication of any issue, which makes this app completely useless and if used for any sort of serious purpose outright dangerous. We ended up using WhatsApp share location feature instead which works flawlessly every time. I cannot understand why these incompetent developers cannot make this app work the same way. Rubbish app..Score: 1/5

AMAZINGThis app has helped me feel safe when ever I’m out with my friends. I can see where my parents are and my parents can see where I am I feel so much safer know where people are and knowing I have some one who can see where I am !!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Love this app.Score: 5/5

Not able to update locationApp was great to start with, but has stopped updating location on a family member, states that person has been home for nearly a week now, even though they have left, battery status updates daily, have even tried downloading app again but no luck & cannot see a help button on the app anywhere & I’m paying for the monthly subscription..Score: 2/5

Accurate positionVery good with showing precise location.Score: 5/5

Peace of mindGreat app for the family to use. I can see where everyone is when they’re not at home..Score: 5/5

Very helpful app!This app is very useful when making sure your loved ones are being safe. It has many features that will assure there safety and it even has a way of warning someone if you are in danger! This app helps me trust my loved ones better✨✨✨✨✨.Score: 5/5

Very frustrating appI can’t believe there are so many good reviews because my experience is different. It states that my daughters phone is either on battery saver mode which it isn’t I’ve been through all settings or it says her phone is off which again it isn’t, this happens with my sons too also it won’t update for a few hours. I’d like to know where they are in real time. I paid for the premium service in the hope it would improve but it actually got worse. I love the idea of this app but in my personal experience it’s not great at all..Score: 1/5

Great app for keeping track of familyAs my kids are becoming more independent, this allows me a little more peace of mind. Only 4 stars as I have been using free version, I have just upgraded to premium and hopefully I’ll give it 5 stars ! Invaluable app !.Score: 4/5

MehWon’t allow me to join a circle … no matter how many times I get a code or log in or delete the app.Score: 1/5

My life360Life360 is a perfect tool for a family. It helps to keep your close ones close..Score: 5/5

Good but could be betterMy only fault is my son is always running out of data and the app does not locate without data on ,should work through gps with opinion for data.Score: 4/5

Great app to have when you have childrenMy daughter will be going to high school in September and I’m so nervous about her safety. I’ve only had the app a short time but I love how you can add multiple locations, and the notifications it sends you. I use Location Sharing on iPhone but it’s no where as good as this app, and for £4 a month you can’t moan at that price for knowing where your children are..Score: 5/5

A few errorsGreat app but it’s a bit wrong. It tells you the wrong road if you put in a post code and the chat glitches a lot. Other than that it’s a pretty good app and I use it to see when my friends have arrived at school..Score: 4/5

OkIt doesn’t always update a member’s location even when their location settings is set to always.Score: 3/5

Amazing!I recommend this app 100%. All my family use it and it’s amazing to let the kids go out and I can always check where they are. Also good for when you need to know how far away family is on journeys as the map is so accurate! Well worth the £40 a year..Score: 5/5

Hit n missTakes ages to update latest location so not really the best of apps.Score: 3/5

MeganIt’s really helpful so I can see when my friends get home and my family it has saved me so much time and I have recommended to so many friends.Score: 5/5

Piece of mindLove it, I can check where my son is..Score: 5/5

Hate itHuge invasion of privacy.Score: 1/5

Pretty cool I guessIt works pretty well (only got it so me and my friends could mess around with it) the chat thingy can be sorta glitchy majority of the time though :).Score: 4/5

Easy to useLove this app, I know where my girls are and it’s easy to navigate! What’s not to like ?.Score: 5/5

359 miles in 14 minI’m in the South West but this app places me in Norfolk!! A 14 min drive according to the app 🤣.Score: 1/5

Why this app is goodGreat allows me to feel safe.Score: 5/5

Like it… butI really enjoy this App. I did try the free Trial, however, I do find it to be a bit pricey foe the full unlimited package..Score: 2/5

Great!This app is so good! It helps me find my family and friends. The only bad thing is you need WiFi to track your location, overall I recommend this app.Score: 4/5

Things I would likeThe things I would like are when your child makes their own bubble parents can’t see their friends location but can still see their Childs location and also more features and more updates more frequently thank you.Score: 3/5

This app is okIt takes a while to update the location of your loved ones, which can be very annoying. Sometimes a message pops up saying someone cannot be found..Score: 3/5

😍😍😍This app keeps me in peace of mind that my kids r where they should be. As a mum it’s the best thing ever..Score: 5/5

Used to be goodUpdated the app today and it now no longer works. Can’t get back into my account or even try and reset my password..Score: 1/5

Very good appThe best app in the world you should defo download.Score: 5/5

Brilliant appI was recommended this my the police, you can’t get better recommendation then that. I know where my kids are l, I know when they have arrived places and how much battery they have on their phone. For about £1 per week it’s worth it’s weight in gold.Score: 5/5

It actually works!This app is brilliant and in comparison to Apple’s useless app, it actually does tell me where my family members are. Even tells me how fast they were driving and how hard they were braking. Very useful for parents of teenagers. It’s not free to use but worth the money for peace of mind..Score: 5/5

Phone numberBad app my number was stolen and used and nothing was sorted to fix it out.Score: 1/5

YuhpI love this app so much.Score: 5/5

ExcellentHighly recommend this app, great way to check if everyone got home ok, especially when you know they will forget to call in!.Score: 5/5

Really lovelyReally. Lovely. App. Love. The. App. lots. Reminds. Me. Of. Me. Childhood..Score: 5/5

TerribleTerrible doesn’t stay on date and crashes a lot. The locations don’t update on time. Don’t recommend and you have to pay for extras which isn’t ideal.Score: 1/5

Ended up deletingWorks fine on iPhones, tracking isn’t great as it tells me I’ve been places I haven’t. Anything other than iPhone it tells me phone off or no network when my son has it on with everything switched on. Also told me he was out driving the other night when he was up in his room 😒.Score: 3/5

A little lag.Occasionally there has been a little lag with location data which may not be the apps fault! But it’s by far the best that I have used as I am very impatient..Score: 4/5

Inaccurate dataI am deeply disappointed with this app. The information it sends in regard to my children whereabouts are misleading and incorrect! I’ve cebádele le my subscription and will not be using it again..Score: 1/5

Life360My wife and I use this app to keep on the children. It’s also useful to gauge when each of us will be home for dinner! Really useful and reliable!.Score: 5/5

Messaging systemYes the app is very good but it didn’t deserve a 5 star as the messaging on this app is very laggy, everyone that sends a message it will come up again and again every time you send another message and it says seen by your own name on your own messages, please get this fixed..Score: 4/5

AppVery good app can see where the family are and don’t need to stress when they are out.Score: 5/5

No worriesApp let’s me know where my loved ones are, and I feel safer knowing they know where I am..Score: 5/5

Not accurate, lacks customer serviceHighly inaccurate location. It says people have entered my location when they are several roads away driving past. Customer support is non-existent. I have tried to contact them several times and not got a response, then a week later I get an automatic message asking me to rate the response from them, and they haven’t responded at all. They offer paid plans but if they can’t respond and aren’t accurate there’s absolutely no point paying for it..Score: 1/5

Buggy as I’m a celebLaggy buggy inconsistent crap.Score: 1/5

❤️I love it.Score: 5/5

HazardousThis is a very good app for trust issues people. Once I was in the mall, shopping with my friend. The network issues are very poor in that area. All of my family members were assuming I’m skipping my lessons with friends and having fun. I hate this....Score: 1/5

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Don’t use it to track kids!!This app is great for keeping yourself safe between friends or family if you want. features like crash detection can and probably have saved lives. don’t hate the app for what it was supposed to be for! on the other hand, please don’t use it to track your kids. you may think you’re just being protective and are worried for their safety but there are other ways to do this. this can destroy your relationship and make them not trust you..Score: 5/5

Felt safe with this appMy boyfriend sent this to me since i’m being threatened for no reason... this app lets him know i am safe and sound at all times ❤️.Score: 5/5

Re-reviewI have 2 ‘Circles’ 1 is Premium and 1 is not. They both work for the reasons I use them. What recently found out. The Crash Detection had previously said ON but after a few updates it no longer did and I had no way to turn it on. After 3 days of back and forth, I have been told the Crash Detection is ONLY available in the USA. Obviously, as a Canadian, that sucks. So I have lowered my Review due to that and that the Premium Help Center took some time to get an answer to why it wasn’t working. Also leads me to believe that is glitched and said it was working, while it was not. If there was a Canadian App that was similar, I would use it..Score: 3/5

Good interface, bad ideaMy parents still force me to have it and I’m 18, it’s a great way to loose trust in your kids and too constantly stalk them but if you want to keep a good relationship I wouldn’t recommend. I absolutely hate this app more than anything, I wish it was banned so children of struct parents weren’t subjected too it..Score: 1/5

BestBut we want more facility.Score: 5/5

Excelente para la familiaEs excelente para cuidar la familia, lo recomiendo ampliamente, inclusive si perdió el teléfono es la manera más rápida de localizarlo, thanks is wonderful.Score: 5/5

ParfaitJe peux espionner ma blonde comme je le veux 😆.Score: 5/5

Please Add a Dark ModeThe app is great. A dark mode would be lovely..Score: 4/5

Great for friendsThis app is great for friends keeping each other safe, as well as family (when not used in a controlling way) Would be 5 stars if there was an Apple Watch app, as I do not like to bring my phone everywhere.Score: 4/5

HorribleThis is a way to lose trust and your relationship with you and your child will go to trash. it is sad and cruel.Score: 1/5

Sick appNice.Score: 5/5

NoWorst thing ever created. just goes to show how little my parents trust me and won’t even let me delete it. i can barely have enough privacy as is and this just makes it worse. if u wanna get sent to a retirement home download the app and track ur kids, probably the best way to start 💀.Score: 1/5

About the app Life360This is a little scary and people need their privacy so I do not recommend this app.Score: 5/5

HowHow does it have a 4.4 rating... literally ruined sm relationships between parents n kids.Score: 1/5

Horrible glitchesI’ve been using this app for months and at first I really liked it but after using it for awhile I noticed my friends and my location would always glitch and say I was at certain place while I was at home overalll very inaccurate information , can’t always trust it ..Score: 2/5

U have lost my trustIf u r a parent and have this app and make your kids use it. I hate u. That’s all I have to say.Score: 1/5

DickDick.Score: 1/5

Loved the appI love this app ..perfect app for the famiy now you can track your all family members in one app. When anybody is coming home it gives u push notification.Score: 5/5


Does the job and that’s itOkay. I have had my qualms with Life360. I use it primarily as a way to keep in touch with my friends, to remind them to charge their phones and just check in from time to time. The chat, however, is laggier than anything I’ve ever experienced, and I used Skype after it updated prior to switching to Discord. You can type something and it won’t even register you’ve typed it until 10 seconds after, and hitting the send button is laggy too. It also looks like you’ve sent duplicate messages when apparently you’ve only sent one. The chat is extremely slow and laggy to open up and just shouldn’t even be there if it’s going to be so bad. If you get the app, the features you want to use (location tracking and such) work just fine — but go to literally any other app for chatting..Score: 3/5

ReviewI am 14 and i got this app for my safety i use this app as a way to share my location with my friends. To parents i dont recommend this app to track ur children as it will ruin ur relationship instead suggest they get this app and share there location with a close friend so if they are in trouble it will be possible to find them and bring them home safety.Score: 5/5

Bad updateYour latest update deleted my entire circle and all of my pinned locations. I’m starting from scratch again. Not impressed..Score: 2/5

BallsYall, unless u want trust issues with ur kids, dont invade their privacy. for friends to stay safe its good tho.Score: 3/5

Worst decisionAbsolutely ruined my relationship with my kids they hate me now and call me toxic and I know it is. I do not recommend this if you want to have a good relationship with your kids😢.Score: 1/5

La la la la la la la la elmos homeAmong us in real life.Score: 1/5

HmmWell idk its not completely free it would be cool if you can set up places without giving money like 3 places and then we have to give money but i have only one and ye.Score: 3/5

Even Thomas Emma HowittI’ll put you guys on the map which truck you guys at work.Score: 5/5

Inconsistent connectionMy wife’s status on my phone says she’s paused the connection but on hers all the location parameters are set to always be connected (I’m looking at them side by side right now). A month or two ago, the situation was reversed where mine was constantly “off” while my location parameters were set to always on. It’s a decent enough app but this glitch should be addressed in the next update..Score: 3/5

What is happening?I wanted to install this app to see if it is truly good for friendship, but I couldn’t even get to try the features. Every time I tried to enter in a password, it says that it doesn’t support emojis but i didn’t even use emojis...Score: 1/5

Gracelyn’s reviewI love this app it works with my family and notifies you, but I don’t like how you have to pay for things and it is not very good but other then that I love it!!.Score: 3/5

YesEveryone’s saying this is how to ruin relationships but that’s only if it’s forced. it’s actually a really good app and i recommend it! my friends and i have it and track each other and it’s really helpful..Score: 5/5

Helicopter Parenting 101I feel beyond terrible for any child who has to be subjected to this. And I feel even worst for the parent of this child who is unable to emotionally self-regulate their need for control which will only cause the child to develop a dysfunctional attachment. Just like the parents..Score: 1/5

I hate this appMy parents started using it on me and I can’t go outside anymore.Score: 1/5

Cool for friends but chat is so laggyI have a circle with my friends but whenever i use the chat feature it bugs out and lags everything and is incredibly frustrating. pls fix thank you.Score: 3/5

IdkIdk about you guys but i think it’s a good app to track your kids for safety purposes but don’t betray their trusts.Score: 3/5

This App isn’t what you need in your life.I come from a very progressive family, and this application has ruined my life. My parents have meddled me for a lot of things in my life. I’m 21 y/o and ‘cause of this application, there’s no privacy. I can’t even delete this app or turn the permissions off, since this app literally affirms it out to all. Why. Why would you?.Score: 1/5

ReviewLove the app.Score: 5/5

Invade of privacyIt sucks it’s absolute dogwater plus it an invade of privacy.Score: 1/5

Premium not all inclusiveWhy do I need to have the plus to get driver reports when I’m paying for premium?? Shouldn’t premium be inclusive of everything.Score: 3/5

Au début je le trouvais super bien et maintenant il bogue et n est plus précis merciJe.Score: 2/5

It track youThis app track you once I put my location 1 day later people where trying to spend money on my mom credit card.Score: 1/5

What about those with older IOS ? Gone !!!IOS 13. Not everything can afford it!!!!!.Score: 1/5

😐I use it with my friends for fun and for our safety, i personally think that if your downloading to keep track of your kids, your kids are gonna be more sneakier and loose all trust in you and still are gonna sneak out or run away and just leave their phone at home 😐.Score: 1/5

LolCould have a more accurate point location and jumping around and could have a feature if there are active on their phone.Score: 4/5

ToxicThis is how you lose your relationship with your kids. All trust will be gone and they will feel trapped. Life 360 also shares your location with other companies..Score: 1/5

Perfect for family lifeWe use it to keep in contact with each other. I get a notification when my wife reaches her work so I don’t have to worry about her. She can see where I am at any time so she doesn’t have to worry about where I am..Score: 5/5

GREAT BUT…It’s great but y’all should add a shared calendar so we can keep track of our appointments and work schedule together.Score: 5/5

Très précisApp’ication très précise je làdore.Score: 5/5

Literal TrackerMy mum made me download this.Score: 4/5

HomeNice to know when my daughter is near home.Score: 4/5

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Great AppGreat way to keep an eye on each other when your family is all over the place like mine!!.Score: 5/5

Great app for priceIt could be a bit more accurate with the locations with arriving and leaving but it’s really assuring to have. I know where my loved ones location, if they’re driving too fast, and even if they were in a accident. (Well supposedly on the last one, luckily haven’t had to find out yet!).Score: 5/5

Love my appThis is the most helpful tool I’ve ever had ! Works great, easy to use ! Thank You !.Score: 5/5

Changes are not goodI loved Life 360 when I first got it. It helped me give directions to my children when they were lost, check on locations if they were late coming home (since they couldn’t text and drive). Great to ensure their safety. However, today, when I opened the app, it refused to locate my child unless I changed my location from “when using” to “active.” Since it is not my children’s business to know my location, this is not acceptable. If I try to use the app again, and this occurs, I will be deleting the app from all of our family phones and finding a different app to use..Score: 1/5

Love this appGreat for location, driving routes and battery percentage. Glad I have this for my family and husband to feel safe!.Score: 5/5

Amazing appThis app is helping me see where my family is when I am like home alone or something. You can also trick people because the app tells you what percent people have and how fast they are driving. I recommend this app..Score: 5/5

Families need thisThis has helped in so many ways. Accountability, scheduling etc....Score: 4/5

AwesomeThis is very easy to use.Score: 5/5

CEO is goodThank you for working on making this better for kids being tracked by parents. It’s a helpful app it’s not the developers fault parents misuse it..Score: 5/5

Awesome Family appGreat for families to have that piece on mind knowing everyone is safe..Score: 5/5

Inaccurate locationsInaccurate locations.Score: 1/5

Always Location for on of my people keeps turning off every few days Why?Always location will not stay on for one of my contacts. Have to go into setting every 4-5 days and turn it to always again. Why? How do I fix this. Very frustrating..Score: 4/5

GreatGreat app, but to access everything you have to pay to upgrade..Score: 4/5

NoPls delete this app i cant go anywhere w/o my mother constantly tracking me 😰😰.Score: 1/5

App works wellI do not have an icon on my phone. I go App Store for iPhone and click to open. The icon does not appear anywhere on my phone..Score: 3/5

Peace of MindWe have the app for our family. Whenever my teenaged son or elderly mother are out, I can keep track of them. If anything bad happens, I know where they are..Score: 5/5

Saved my kids life!Best app ever! My children were in an accident and I was alerted immediately by this app. We new exactly where the were and we’re to send help..Score: 5/5

The Ruining of My ChildhoodI’ve been honest with my parents. I just want to be places without them getting mad..Score: 1/5

Complete invasion of privacyEven with the new ghost mode out, life 360 completely takes away all the freedoms of being a kid. Parents were never tracked as a kid and most turned out fine. This app has also destroyed any trust I previously had with my parents because they are constantly questioning my whereabouts. If my parents really wanted to know where I am, then they could simply ask and I would tell them..Score: 1/5

Great appGreat app but it needs to really zone in on location. Sometimes it shows I’m in a field 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️.Score: 4/5

OofI wnba play roblox noe noe now.Score: 5/5

Won’t update locationUseless app if it doesn’t update location for 6 hours. No response back from anyone. No help at all. Useless paying for monthly fee if it doesn’t work..Score: 1/5

Life 360 is awesome!My husband has Alzheimer’s this is a great app to keep up with him!.Score: 5/5

3605 star rating.Score: 5/5

Helicopter MomII I.Score: 4/5

Safe and soundGreat to know where my family is and know they are safe!.Score: 4/5

Does not let me setup.Seems like someone used my number already?!.Score: 1/5

KidnappedSo a guy named bob was able to hack intk my life 360 and KIDNAPPED MY CHILD and cut him and fried him and ate him 😭 all because of life 360 and you need to pay for SO MANY things and it doesn’t work unless you have wifi (no it doesn’t work on data).Score: 1/5

Life 360Plain and simple. Love the app :).Score: 3/5

I was trackedA man hacked our life 360 and stalked and killed my mother after raping her for two years and then taking her child which was born from rape and also raped it.Score: 1/5

Great AppVery valuable. Works well. Adds a real measure of safety and comfort to the family..Score: 5/5

Cancel AppThis app is an invasion of privacy. It doesn’t only track your location. It sends out all your information to the people in the group. I access all you personal items in the phone. It will even program and hack your phone so they can find you info. Life 360 sent prevs to my house. They found my location. They broke my windows with rocks. I don’t recommend this app for anyone. This will not get any stars.#cancellife360.Score: 1/5

I hate itMy mom made me get it and i’m mad about it.Score: 1/5

Convenient for usThe Life360 is really nice. When my family needs to know my ETA, they just look at the app will find me. Eliminates short phone pain to see where your person is. Love it & use it everyday!.Score: 5/5

App problemsI like the app and all but man you guys need to fix it for iOS cause it’s so difficult to use when it’s all laggy.Score: 1/5

6 starsWould give it 6 stars. Very user friendly. Even let's you know if someone is using their phone while driving. Love the location history feature. All around a great way to stalk, I mean monitor, your kids!.Score: 5/5

Life 360Stalking yo kids isn’t coo.Score: 1/5

Scared to deathI used to love this app. But after tonight we will be looking for another app. The app listed our special needs son 2 miles from where his work was for over 3 hours. We could not reach him and panicked!!!! To make a long horrid story short he was at work the entire time and now the app shows he never left. Not worth the heart ache..Score: 1/5

The apps okayI like it to keep me and my girlfriends trust and know where we are however I hear about parents abusing this app to give their kids no freedom whatsoever everyone is a kid at some point and needs freedom a little bit how would you like if you had this when you were in highschool? But I think this app is a little useful sometimes.Score: 2/5

Life 360Life saver! My husband hit a deer on his motorcycle and was thrown from his bike 30’ into the woods on a rural road. We were notified by the app that he may have had an accident. Followed the app to the exact location where he was badly injured and unconscious with a skull fracture. This app saved his life..Score: 5/5

MonkeThis app is monke poop. I hate being stalked. Pp.Score: 1/5

Stop telling me to turn my location onI love this app an use to keep track of my kids whereabouts. I do not want them keeping track of mine so i have my location services off. Every time i open the app app i get a pop up telling me to turn my location services on. This is so annoying and there is no way to keep it from doing that. I know they’re off, i want them off, i don’t need to be told every single time i open the app. Only thing keeping this from getting 5 stars..Score: 4/5

Great applicationGreat application on safety.Score: 5/5

This is awfulMy mom constantly asks me what I’m doing and where I am. She has lost trust for me because of this app. It’s a nightmare. I can’t do anything without her watching what I’m doing. It’s so mentally draining and gives me major anxiety. My mom doesn’t trust me anymore because of this app, it’s horrible. This app should be taken down..Score: 1/5

Perfect for parents of young teensPerfect app for parents of young teens who are starting to venture out more on their own. Very helpful and it’s always been spot on..Score: 5/5

Should be deleted 💕Definitely should be delated.Score: 1/5

Mama caresLoved this app! It’s great view and it’s easy to see the locations!.Score: 4/5

Dad’s best friend love itLove it.Score: 5/5

PamI noticed lately my 360 is not updating frequently. It is one and two hours behind..Score: 2/5

Find your loved onesNot always accurate. Sometimes it will zag across fields and neighborhoods that cannot be the correct path. However, it’s great for finding your kids, seeing where they’ve been… seeing that they spend an hour doing donuts in a parking lot. I also like watching their drive, when they do pick ups, I know they arrived and I don’t have to call while they are driving. Kinda hate having the husband being alerted to my leaving the house so he can call and say “where ya going?”.Score: 4/5

Performanece Lab 🎯Performance Lab ® CORE Formulas support all aspects of human performance, across all walks of life. Boosts work performance and productivity with nootropics for focus, multitasking under stress, creative problem-solving and more. Buy Now!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

FunMe and my friends got this as a joke and it works great for us and since it’s just friends it’s fun and good for meeting up.Score: 5/5

Amazing Tool ✔️My family love it 💕.Score: 5/5

Family contactGreat for keeping in touch with Family love it.Score: 5/5

Not workingApp is complaining about GPS not turned on. Settings on phone says it is. Therefore, not working..Score: 1/5

Apple Watch pleaseExcellent app - please enable for Apple Watch tracking.Score: 5/5

JanAmazing app especially when on holiday to find were everyone is.Score: 5/5

KingsleyVery happy because when you have a partner with a health problem very handy.Score: 5/5

Life 360Bad because my mum and dad now track me.Score: 1/5

“something went wrong”Every time i try to make an account and every time my friends try to make a life 360 group it comes up with the error message “something went wrong. try again”. very hard to give an app 5 stars when it doesnt even work :/.Score: 3/5

Great app!Shows the travelling speed for the free version as well. Using this for years now. The desktop website need to get improved since it's not refreshing as the mobile app and does not show the travelling speed. Other than that love the app!.Score: 5/5

Sneaky linkThe best thing to have between your friend group. Esp to make sure your friends are safe for sneaky links.Score: 5/5

It USED to be the best ☹️Since they started with the regular pop us ‘informing’ us that it is using our location in the background ALL THE TIME, it’s just a damn annoyance. The hunt is on to find one that doesn’t constantly hassle you with unwanted full screen notifications 😖.Score: 1/5

My friend made it home safe & soundI was just thinking about my friend and getting home safe. The Life360 gave me peace of mind that he made it home safe - thanks..Score: 5/5

Positive feedback, please iron out aforementioned below :)For an app founded in 2008, you would expect it would have ironed out the flaws, it is pretty good and offers decent use for a free account, I’m mostly disappointed with the driving history, it doesn’t recognise being on a train, giving a false reading of your actual driving; I think if snapchat can do this, so could your developer. One other thing that could use some improvement, is travelling passed “home” it alerts that I’m home, instead I often on my way home go passed on the way to the shops, surely if still driving, the app can work it out not to alert within a zone, unless you’ve stopped the car? I’ll finish on a positive, this has great potential and for now is still really good at tracking you and others, and would recommend for tracking alone, that works great..Score: 3/5

Doesn’t work & poor customer serviceDuring my free 7 day trial I had several issues with this app not performing as advertised. I contacted support with a very detailed enquiry explaining my issue, only to have to wait days for a response that contained pre-scripted FAQs and did not address the issues I was experiencing. I am glad this happened during the free trial period so I could cancel and not waste my money on a subscription..Score: 1/5

GThis is a great app if you want to know where your family is and if there safe.Score: 5/5

Don’t subscribeI payed for the yearly subscription and it charged me twice..Score: 1/5

Simple, reliable appExcellent app to quickly identify the whereabouts of your loved ones, great tool for safety and peace of mind!.Score: 5/5

Pros and consThe app is great it is quite simple and useful but I just wish you wouldn’t need a subscription for the other features..Score: 3/5

4 stars however....I believe that the app should be called Life369 because it sounds a lot better and rolls of the tongue when compared to Life360.Score: 4/5

Love itGreat for keeping an eye on the kids when they are out and about.Score: 5/5

Good nameIt is a perfect circle.Score: 5/5

ImprovementsMake the app more exciting.Score: 5/5

Life360This app is very fun.Score: 5/5

Life360Great app. Always accessible and is free. Excellent quality and very easy to use. It’s great for teenagers to know where they’re at and what they’re doing. I definitely and very strongly recommend this app. 👍😁.Score: 5/5

Ruined my lifeRuined my life, It’s painful being excluded from having fun with my friends since I know my parents are glued to this app constantly tracking me. This app is a clear violation of privacy, nobody deserves to be constantly tracked with accuracy by anyone or for any reason..Score: 1/5

Great appIt’s a great app to have but can you Please make it available to iOS 12? I would love to have it on my phone but currently my phones too old..Score: 4/5

Purple AppDis app purple.Score: 5/5

Does not work anymoreUsed to work but now I just see a purple screen with the logo when I try to open the app. Tried deleting and re-installing but the problem persists..Score: 1/5

The location not accurateThe location not very accurate lately. Please can you fix it thank you :).Score: 1/5

Poor Customer Service.This app used to be okay but now it’s not accurate & now we can’t track each other live, it keeps saying cannot locate other person/people. I pay for premium but if I change circles it cancels my premium. It also keeps saying people are offline when they aren’t. Contacted support 3 days ago with no reply. Starting to feel I want a refund & to go to another app honestly..Score: 2/5

Amazing!Incredible app showing my family’s precise location and driving speed at all times!.Score: 5/5

GlitchesI use this for my girls to make sure they get to and from school It is amazing, honestly it is. But every now and then it delays, and - for example - the girls will be at the train station then it says that one kid is on the freeway.... I freak out a bit, and end up calling them hahah Is there a reason for this.Score: 5/5

Fantastic-Easy-Detailed-ReliableI love this ap. It not only makes it easy for my husband and I to stay in touch with where we are, but it even shows as we move and speeds we’re travelling. I can see this being an asset when my kids begin driving themselves. It’s easy to use, accurate and reliable..Score: 5/5

Soooo goodDefinitely download this app cause i can use it to see when my mum is coming to pic me up if she isn’t looking at her phone. It also tells me if they have a low percentage which is a great feature..Score: 5/5

Update not goodYour new update is not good. it keeps on crashing. can’t even open the app.Score: 1/5

Love it!Great way for families to feel connected, safe and worry free. Also handy if someone you set a pin on the grocery store and get alerted that someone is nearby to grab milk etc. cool for the kids in that they can ask you to pick them up from somewhere and you can see exactly where they are..Score: 5/5

PogPoggers.Score: 4/5

Awesome AppSuch an awesome app. I can keep track of my son while he is out riding his bike and going to and from school..Score: 5/5

I LOVE THIS APPThis is one of the best apps on my phone.Score: 5/5

FunIt’s fun, I use it with my friends but wish we could have more notifications available than just 2 per circle. I like the notification sound..Score: 4/5

UnreliableMost unreliable app ever, does not have the ability to track/find people. Just fortunate enough that I don’t have to rely on it for emergency..Score: 1/5

ExcellentA no frills app that does what it is supposed to do. Works well for us..Score: 5/5

BestThis is the best family tracking app. I would recommend.Score: 5/5

The best appI never write reviews but this app is insanely good. Great for safety for family.Score: 5/5

StfuWho tf would make an app that allows parents to invade their child’s privacy.Score: 1/5

Not working and it’s in spanish?All my notifications are in spanish?? i only speak english.. it said that one of my family members was in africa and i can assure you we don’t live there so.. It also keeps crashing or say that they aren’t on wifi for have disabled their tracking when they haven’t..Score: 1/5

HelpComplicated to use :).Score: 5/5

AppTrashy app this review work.Score: 5/5

.My life360 is amazing apart from one thing. I have this for me and my friends and you can send messages to people in your circle, but when I try to send messages it says “Failed to send. Tap to retry” I literally looked everywhere to find how to fix this but nothing is found. None of my friends have this problem though..Score: 4/5

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Life360: Find Family & Friends App Images

Life360: Find Family & Friends app imageLife360: Find Family & Friends app imageLife360: Find Family & Friends app imageLife360: Find Family & Friends app imageLife360: Find Family & Friends app image

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Life360: Find Family & Friends app
Life360: Find Family & FriendsLife360

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