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🙂I LOVEEE THIS APP. I normally don’t complain but why is it so hard to delete a account it took me 1 whole hour just to delete a account I didn’t want anymore... please please just put a button to delete account it takes ages !!! But overall great app. Very fun. And more !! I love making story’s and so much more!!.Score: 4/5

Instagram BugI’ve been experiencing a recent problem with my account where some people cannot follow me and some people can. The ones who can’t, all they see on my account is “No Posts Yet”, that I have 0 followers and I’m following 1 person. When they try and tap the “Follow” button, nothing seems to happen. I am not too sure when this started happening, but it’s really brought my engagement down and my number of followers daily as well. I’ve tried to report this in the help centre as well a few times and have not heard anything back. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem at all and INSTAGRAM please help me fix this!.Score: 1/5

Instagrams new update!Won’t let me post videos or reels. Please fix it!.Score: 1/5

Music and filtersYeah it’s a good app but for some reason I can’t search up music for my Instagram stories it just shows up with no results found and now half of my filters are gone from what I saved.Score: 3/5

I can’t log inJust says error on everything won’t even send code for new password I’m fuming.Score: 1/5

Uploading videosI’m currently having an issue with uploading a 33 second video to Instagram. It doesn’t violate community guidelines and nor is it any form of copyright, and also my wifi is connected so I see no issue there. But every time I try and upload it, a message says “something went wrong, please try again later” I’ve been trying for two days and I have tired logging out and back into my account, uninstalling the app and reinstalling it again but nothing seems to work? Please help 🤍.Score: 4/5

IdkI don’t get any notifications even though everything is turned on and doesn’t give me an option to have notifications in settings.Score: 5/5

Updating messager not showing.So basically I use a iPhone 6, I recently heard about the update messenger thingy but even though I have updated Instagram multiple times it still doesn’t show, any help??.Score: 3/5

Instagram notifications don't work!I have tried everything. I have turned on everything on the notification in Settings still I don't receive any notification on my Instagram. I need a real solution zero stars this time.Score: 1/5

Brilliant AppInstagram is good to use, the only limitation in Instagram is that it doesn’t let the user link their product link in the information area on the product. This will be a big weakness if the area on the BIO is not the same as the area on the information. There should be an update to make this happen. I have recently heard in the news that Instagram has passed facebook in its audience, and it (Instagram) is being looked at, hopefully this update can happen..Score: 5/5

Not video postNot video post.Score: 5/5

Not able to upload videosHi so this app is usually amazing i enjoy using it very much and posting my edits and stuff like that!! but recently i have not been able to post videos which is a massive problem for me since i post video edits. i have 4000 followers so i really really don’t want my account to start flopping because of this glitch!!!! it’s almost my birthday soon too and i would love to post a birthday edit for my birthday!!!!! also i know a lot of people are experiencing this problem, not just me, so we would really really appreciate it if you could fix this glitch. thank you:).Score: 4/5

ReviewThe app it’s amazing of the many opportunities you can meet new people. Share you’re talents and interests, or get inspired by the content. This app is amazing !!.Score: 5/5

UpdatesThe new updated app looks amazing on the photos but is nothing like it on my version of the app I can’t update it or anything what should I do?.Score: 4/5

Great app just asking a questionThis app is amazing where me and my friends can communicate you can post (on a public of private account). You can also have multiple accounts Which is what my question is about, me and my friend have both made a business selling key rings (not selling to people we don’t know) and we can’t make or see reels which is really annoying Thanks if you read this and I definitely recommend getting this app :D.Score: 5/5

I have a problem that needs fixingSo basically you see i own a creator account that of course posts regularly but one day it stopped because i could post any videos, this problem is still up to this day and i cant post any videos, it says “ sorry we’ll try again when theres better connection” even though the connection is perfectly fine and then it went from one account onto my personal account and my other accounts. i have send requests to help center etc multiple times and the problem still hasnt been resolved and i havent even got a reply. please fix this instagram, i want to be able to post again.Score: 1/5

UGHHHHNot letting me post!.Score: 1/5

So upset!!!I’m so upset that I can’t upload a video all it comes up with is “ Will upload when better connection” i’v tired Wi-Fi and data but still the same issue comes up! I never used to have this issue until recently. I have searched online and it says about converting it to H .265 whatever that means! Fix this please as I’m not happy!!.Score: 1/5

Logging inPlease help . I keep getting messsge try again in few minutes, when logging in. I have tried everything ..Score: 1/5

Bugs need fixingCant upload videos, music doesn’t work otherwise on.Score: 1/5

Steals too much of your data!It’s a good app, I’m not going to lie. However, I have gotten fed up with all the user data that they steal. They can see what you do, what you post, what posts you like, who you follow and who you message. They then steal this data, store it in their servers and sell it, then they make money and sell you personal recommendations and ads. This is just ridiculous! Everyday I get notifications about people who I might like to follow. People who’s interest and followings are similar to mine. Then I see ads whilst scrolling related to my interests as well. This is just too much! Furthermore, this app is owned by Facebook and they are the biggest criminal when it comes to stealing user data. That makes my case even worse! Please don’t download this app. Otherwise be prepared to get your data stolen and to be bombarded with personalised recommendations and ads. Shame on this app!.Score: 1/5

E.M.editzI really like this app but I got copyrighted for no reason and now I can’t upload any videos and I’m an edit account. I have reported the problem and it hasn’t been sorted for three days..Score: 3/5

It wont let me tagIt only lets me tag 1 person 🤬.Score: 1/5

Send to list (for posts) is in the wrong orderThe send to list when sending friends/ family posts on Instagram is in the wrong list order I have to manually search their names every time and getting randoms pop up at the top which is annoying this has been happening for months now and Instagram has done nothing, they updated the app and made it worse. Otherwise I still enjoy the app.Score: 2/5

MarkThere’s no vbucks.Score: 1/5

CommentsI do wish we could edit comments..Score: 5/5

Keep crushingFor some weird reason, the app freezes and quits!! Happened many times. Annoying!!!.Score: 2/5

Can’t stop message requestsLove Instagram but there’s no way of stopping message requests from what looks like dodgy accounts. The only thing that you can do is turn off notifications which doesn’t help. Sort it out please?.Score: 3/5

InternetI cannot post anything on my account because I have a unstable connection apparently, please fix this my internet is fine.Score: 5/5

Not letting me in my accountsI know all my accounts passwords and usernames and it’s not letting me in at all and I’ve tried everything. I even tried to make a new account but apparently I violated the terms from making a new account like what the hell 😒.Score: 1/5

Fix the problemSo I do love Instagram soo much I’ve met soo many amazing friends on this app but there’s one thing that’s not working I haven’t been able to post anything in the last four days I don’t know why I’ve tired everything so please fix this problem then I will be very happy. If the creator of instagram can see this and get back to me that would be amazing Many thanks Aimie.Score: 1/5

Other accountsWill not let me log in to my other account it’s very disappointing I’ve tried everything.Score: 1/5

Quality of pictureEditing and quality of content good.Score: 5/5

Make new features available to accounts in more regionsLook, I love IG. I use it for my social media coaching business. I relocated from the U.K. to the Caribbean recently which meant, all the features I could use whilst in the U.K., I can’t use in the Caribbean. I can’t use IG music or reels. Such a shame. I tried using a VPN (didn’t really want to), but that work either. So whilst everyone else in the worlds has access to these great features, using them to boom their account, some Caribbean islands are missing out. Which is a great injustice. I hope IG will do something about it..Score: 3/5

Too many useless and intrusive advertisements and suggestions.Which are totally mis-targeted, irrelevant or pointless..Score: 1/5

Awful don’t bother.Instagram and Facebook are both awful. You’re more likely to go to Mars than ever get a response from them and that’s assuming you manage to contact them in the first place!!! They deactivated my account for no reason for the 3rd time and no luck trying to get it back. Might aswell stay on TikTok now..Score: 1/5

Instagram is not workingEverytime I try to upload a video to Instagram it won’t let me because it says “better connection needed” my connection isn’t the problem because when I post photos it works fine but when I try and upload videos. It won’t allow me to, I know at least 50 people that have this exact same problem as me, I’ve tried everything to fix it but nothing has worked, the problem is the app , hurry up and fix this Instagram.Score: 1/5

Message settingsMy message setting has disappeared. I literally cannot find it. I’ve been getting spam messages and I found this video on how to solve this problem. However, my ‘Message’ option in Privacy settings has disappeared! I wonder why!.Score: 5/5

Video QualityNeed to make video quality to 4K, you can only post in 1080p.Score: 4/5

NotificationsStill a problem with notifications since the update! It does not take you to the followers page just the main Instagram page so annoying!.Score: 2/5

NipermiNipermi.Score: 4/5

Version 177 BugThe latest update (V 177.0) has broken my ability to upload videos from my camera roll. I’m on IOS 14.4 (the latest as of today) and Instagram are useless at getting back to me. Rubbish! Utter Rubbish!.Score: 1/5

Not goodI’m keeping get locked out my account lots think Instagram is shocking locking people out there accounts for no reason at all and ask for your phone number can you not get any privacy on it at all can be dangerous people get your phone number I’m not happy at all with Instagram needs lots work on it.Score: 1/5

VideoI was going to give insta 5 stars can forget it now I’m getting sick of all these bugs especially I can’t post videos at the minute it’s annoying I want to post my video edit keeps saying connection lost sort it out insta stop with all these bugs.Score: 1/5

Where is reels atI’m sick and tired of not seeing a complete post cos I don’t have reels. My smaller account has it so why don’t I????????? FIX IT.Score: 4/5

The number one photo app.Best photo app out there..Score: 5/5

To much spamTo much spam please sort it out.Score: 3/5

Stay connected, keep in touch xA picture tells a thousand words 😉.Score: 5/5

Getting fed up with this.I can’t post videos, my Instagram is way behind updates. Like the replys, reactions and chat themes. Music doesn’t work. My notifications don’t work. They just send me to the main page. All Facebook care about is money and the amount of users their platform has. They don’t care for whose using it. Just listen to your audience instead of adding pointless things..Score: 1/5

Bug with notificationsThis app is great when it works but after the recent update I’m still having a problem with notifications. When I tap on them it doesn’t take me to the post I want to see, only to the top of my feed. I’m also not getting any notifications at all for certain accounts so I’m still missing a lot of posts..Score: 2/5

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It’s okay-My opinion on the app instagram is... okay I guess, it just needs to update with at least a new filter because it hasn’t updated since 2020 since I checked and it’s been 3 months I’m not begging or sayin it’s bad it’s okay this is just my opinion..Score: 5/5

Limited Access to my AccountMy account has been restricted for months now. I am unable to like other people’s posts or add any of my own captions to the pictures I post. This restricted access was imposed by IG for no reason. Needless to say that I’m not at all impressed and will likely have to shut down my account and make a new one. Very inconvenient!.Score: 1/5

FI tried to delete an account because I accidentally logged in with Facebook. It’s overly complicated and I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t figure out my password so I sent it to my phone number, every single time I clicked the link that was sent to me, it took me to my account, which you can’t delete on the app. So I’m like okay I guess I’ll change my identity. No, they didn’t let me. It said I changed it in the last 14 days (which I didn’t) and they wouldn’t let me change my profile photo, which is now stuck as a picture of shrek with a beard. I am embarrassed, thanks Instagram..Score: 1/5

Feedback.Developers! It would be great if in the Home you guys could create an options to Sort who I wanted to see. Like have 1 for my close friends and have another options to view others..Score: 4/5

MUSICMy instagram music isn’t letting me arch any songs it just says “no results found”.Score: 1/5

ContenueTrop de publicité ou/et de chose recommandée sur mon mur et pas assez de contenu provenant de mes contacts!.Score: 2/5

Instagram Review 2021Instagram is a great social media platform for sharing our everyday lives and connecting with other users. After the Instagram algorithm came into affect over 5 years ago it appears the app does not favour business accounts nor does it favour creatives. There are enough instagram users using the app and spending an ample amount of time being exposed to ads and sponsored posts that the app should no longer hinder users and new potentials followers from seeing business and creative accounts content. Hence why most users are spending more time and energy focusing on Tik Tok creation..Score: 3/5

Swipe up link issueI have the latest update. However, I don’t have the option to add a URL link to my story. I only have the IGTV video option. How come?.Score: 3/5

Account disabled no reasonInstagram disabled my account and whenever I try to appeal it an error message appears. I hardly ever post anything and just post cute pictures of my cats in the stories. I adhere to the terms of use and guidelines, Instagram please give me my account back!.Score: 2/5

Always crashesYou would think in today’s age of technology, a multi-million dollar company would have the resources to know how to implement an update WITHOUT it crashing every time I use it 🤦🏻‍♀️.Score: 1/5


Fun to useReal fun and real easy to use.Score: 5/5

ReelsReels are not working.Score: 5/5


“Suggest Posts”Hate the Instagram format that inserts “suggested posts” amongst the regular feed and forces you to sift through what feels like ads..Score: 1/5

Changed my lifeInstagram has helped me in so many ways, I can’t even explain, I definitely recommend this for anyone who wants new friends or if you want to promote!.Score: 5/5

Message vocalJ’arrive pas à envoyer des messages vocal et j’arrive pas non plus à envoyer des photos ou vidéo 😢.Score: 5/5

Best social media toolPowerful messaging platform. Thanks, Chef..Score: 5/5

IssuesVideos won’t post.Score: 1/5

Needs better and clear reporting options.I wish there was away to report accounts that are trying to get you to follow their page that’s only fan related. Like I’ve gotten so many requests because from random people mainly other females who post decent photos trying to hide the the true intentions with their accounts. I’ve had to make my account private so that they have to request to follow me because I got so many of those types of pages trying to follow me and randomly messaging asking if I wanna trade photos and other things like that and I really don’t think that is appropriate and needs to be stopped. Like I’ve tried to report this many times but there isn’t a clear response to give when trying to report it..Score: 2/5

Update.Wont let me upload videos..Score: 1/5

DéçuJe suis vraiment déçu de cette application. Impossible d’identifier des personnes sur une photo. J’ai signalé le problème plusieurs fois mais rien n’est fait. Pas de réponse par rapport a mon signalement, pas de correction. Sur le site internet, il n’y a pas de moyen de publier plusieurs photos en une .........Score: 1/5

PerfectGreat App!.Score: 5/5

I can’t postWhy can’t I post anything? For the past 2 days it’s been saying “something went wrong, please try again later” like bro what the crap.Score: 1/5


PostingIt’s a bit to figure out how to post a pic and caption or rather how to go back after selecting a pic..Score: 4/5

Auto Audio Ads? Auto Deleted.The app is fine, i’ve always had a problem with clicking “hear audio” on one video and having every following video playing audio afterwards, but that just meant i had to turn on audio to hear a specific CHOSEN video’s audio and then turn it off. but now it automatically plays audio on videos? i’m scrolling through my feed on a morning with my coffee and before i can even see that a post is a video it’s audio starts blasting. jarring and automatically deleted. weird update to make guys. weird..Score: 2/5

Cannot post videosI have been trying to post a video and failing for the past hour now. I tried all formats and still couldn’t do it, even though the video’s length is under a minute..Score: 1/5

AddictedAlways fun.Score: 5/5

Videos wouldn’t post and I still have it for like 3 daysSo I was supposed to be posting a video but for some reason it would say that “we’ll try again ounce there a better connection” tbh I reported it and there’s nothing. I still have till this day and I’m kinda disappointed. My connection is fine and my video follows the rules. For some reason videos wouldn’t work on any of my 2 accounts. Is there anyway you can fix this because I still have this problem.Score: 3/5

Help!! Locked out 6 MonthsHelp me instagram this is ridiculous it’s been 6 months your help options are not working please help! I’ve literally done everything can’t believe how horrible you treat your users! Your help page is TRASH!!!!!.Score: 5/5

I’m not interested button does nothing?Why is the “I’m not interested” button there if it doesn’t do anything. No matter how many times I click it I keep getting the same pictures. Now my entire fyp is architecture. No thank you. Please fix this. My explore page suddenly changes to architecture and similar photos even though I’m not liking or looking at pictures like that. It’s so annoying.Score: 1/5

Fix it!I love Instagram I have 3 accounts that is one my personal, an animal Jam one and a fan account. But it’s been 3 days since I can’t post any videos. I can post pictures but no videos I thought it was due to copyright but it’s not so can you please fix this bug..Score: 4/5

MehIt’s good but it’s really laggy recently, it wont let me upload reels because my connection is bad but it’s fine, I’ve been trying to upload reels for 2 days now and I still can’t, please fix this.Score: 4/5

NoNo.Score: 5/5

Terrible appTerrible company ! No help. Deactivate people for no reason and no way to reach out. Trash.Score: 1/5

Good stuff bad stuffI love how I can monitor my time on this - I don’t like how I get to much of what I do t want to see- the algorithms are almost fighting me -Thanks.Score: 5/5

Mon avisNul car quand ton compte ce fait ban temporairement il prenne ton ancien numéro.Score: 1/5

BoringHate that it’s owned by Facebook. lame.Score: 1/5

Great AlgorithmI really love the experience of the Instagram algorithm. I am really able to tailor my experience to see exactly what I want to see to engage me in positive sustainable emotions that I want to feel for good mental/emotional in health. My favourite activities are creating stories (I love all the features - however tagging people on reels is challenging - don’t know how to do it), messaging my family/friends, and looking at cat photos and watching cat videos. Out of all the social platforms, (fb, YouTube, reddit, Tik tok), the cats are the best on IG!!.Score: 5/5

Fix your appWhen you update it there’s a bug that removes from someone you follow and won’t let them add you back.Score: 1/5

Bugg 3-4-5 (and counting)/03/2021-Notifications don’t work! -I can’t share videos on storys - notifications on top and shopping at bottom is the worst !.Score: 1/5

BonjourLa censure de facebook et instagram est stupide.Score: 2/5

Blocking functionsThe new algorithm doesn’t favour new influencers tho.Score: 5/5

It TrustWorthy!!I don’t know what happened, but I recently got Instagram and got into making reels, I’ve saved them all as drafts because I wasn’t ready to post them. But this morning, they are all gone!!!! What’s with that Instagram! There is no explanation of why they should be gone if I didn’t delete them, and the help centre is useless you can send in feedback but nothing is ever done about it! I like Instagram it’s a cool idea, but that fact that I can’t even trust them to keep my reels safe and not even get help when they disappear is upsetting! I am not one to get easily mad and upset but this has done it for me. I worked very hard for those reels and I’d like someone to at least explain what happened! If this has something to do with some update? I shouldn’t have to update the app to be able to not worry about losing these things and I tried to update it but it wouldn’t even let me!! Someone please answer for this, and for everyone else? Don’t even get Instagram, it’s sucks up time and data and isn’t even trustworthy. Please Instagram just let me know what happened. Thank you,.Score: 1/5

Notifications brokenNotifications no longer go to the post it is supposed to go to now it just goes to the the main feed.Score: 3/5

The App Is RuinedBasically, everyone knows you ruined the app Facebook. The Instagram App was better back when we had the feed, when the buttons WERE at the BOTTOM of the screen, and how there wasn’t any REELS. Also Including the stupid shopping thing, you’re making this app look like a damn online store. This is an app that gives creativity! Not some lowlife EBay, or Amazon online store. Also fix the bugs within the app. I can’t even post videos, reels, IGTV, and even save livestreams to my account. It’s been buggy for two whole days to the point where it only works for photos..Score: 1/5

Sent iPhone appThanks for your feedback messenger Story albums homes Rules.Score: 5/5

It’s not workingIt says can’t refresh feed when my internet is fine.Score: 4/5

Stop deleting useful accountsYou guys ask me for a review right after you guys delete my account. pretty smart..Score: 1/5

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Amount of ads in feedThe amount of ads that appear every third post now is infuriating. You all have input so many ads into the feed it doesn’t even look like my own anymore. Insane. Reduce the amount of ads..Score: 1/5

No customer serviceNeed to be able to talk to someone I can’t post videos.Score: 1/5

Tracking is creepyI’ve been using Instagram off and on for a while, knowing about the privacy concerns of Zuck’s data mining machine, but lately I’ve been getting these targeted ads suggesting “x app is a perfect alternative for y,” Y being something that’s installed on my phone. Nope. I’m done. Zuck doesn’t need to know what’s installed on my phone, not to mention literally every single category of data he can possibly scrape from my device. Back to using it in private browsing mode for me..Score: 1/5

Can’t post videosEver since the last update I have not been able to post videos on my page. That’s why I have Insta so it’s very frustrating! Please fix!!.Score: 1/5

LogoChange the logo back to the original one!.Score: 1/5

Disappointed on Instagrams care for AccountsI help manage am Artist’s account with over 110k followers, that already had the blue check, however it was hacked about a month ago. We have done everything asked of us by Instagram, but not only has nothing been done for us to retrieve it, it seems we are being ignored and receiving any feedback status nor updates. The account seems to be in limbo, and we are upset and beyond frustrated as it took us long to get to this point in followers and authenticity, but we aren’t receiving any assistance. Please advice; a reply would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.Score: 1/5

Can’t post videos + the LayoutI can’t post videos at all. It keeps telling me to wait and it’s been DAYS. Other people are having the same issue too. Also the layout is awful. I don’t care about reels or the shop I just wanna post..Score: 1/5

Issues uploading videosI’m having a problem uploading videos, every time I try, it would say “Something went wrong, Please try again”, And I never had this issue before until I got the new update. And it seems like everyone is having the same issue, Can you guys fix this issue so I can post again?.Score: 2/5

Notifications don’t workI receive post notifications from accounts but when I click on them, they open the app but don’t take me to the post. They also then delete all post notifications. So I can only choose one before they’re gone and I can’t go to the post. What’s up with that?.Score: 2/5

Too many adsToo many ads..Score: 3/5

Instagram no permite que me siganTengo una cuenta de negocio y ha presentado error las personas me van a seguir y sale o que la cuenta no existe o que mi cuenta está privada y sin publicaciones, he perdido posibles clientes por esto, he escrito a soporte y no he tenido respuestas, necesito ayuda.Score: 2/5

Cant stay those spam requestsTo much of them coming through how is insta allowing those porn spams.Score: 1/5

Love it❤️Very fun and interactive!.Score: 5/5

No puedo publicar videosInstagram no me deja publicar videos o reels ya que sale un mensaje de ERROR😐 SOLUCIONEN ESE PROBLEMA!.Score: 1/5

Account not workingI was using an unfollow app for instagram and i got locked out of instagram for “suspicious login” how do i fix it? whenever it says verify your account i don’t get any codes??!!.Score: 1/5

Instagram new features and layout isn’t showingI tried restarting everything and uninstalling ig but it made it worse it looks like the old insta back in the days and i dont know what to do.Score: 1/5

AmourJ'aime trop ce site.Score: 5/5

WHERE IS THE SEARCH BARWhere is the search bar I can not find it why did you delete it where is it how do I get the search bar to find filters what did you do mark zuckerburg what did you do where is the search bar for filters I don’t want to use the ugly filters you have this is unfair..Score: 1/5

Problem with posting videosOkay so for the past 3 days I have not been able to post videos on any of my accounts. Out of the middle of no where on Thursday evening I just couldn’t post videos all of a sudden even though I could earlier that day but oddly I can post photos on all of my accounts. The message “we’ll try again once there’s a better connection” keeps popping up every time I try to post a video and I know I’m not the only one who is having this problem a bunch of people are and it’s seriously becoming frustrating to deal with, I don’t know if it’s a bug or what but I’m hoping it can be fixed..Score: 3/5

Instagram not working rightMy instagram won’t let me follow people.Score: 2/5

Love This AppI Love Yall.. Just Don’t Start Acting Weird 😘😘.Score: 5/5

.It has a lot of lag on ios.Score: 2/5

Post notificationEvery time I receive a post notification and I click it. It goes to the home page rather than the post itself directly like it used to..Score: 1/5

Better than Tik-TomI have learned to just be patient with faulty censoring algorithms; it’s worse in any other worthwhile platform....so far TikRot is a total waste of time much worse than insta. TikRot is a slave farm now u know.Score: 5/5

BrokenIts just completely unusable i havent had any notifications for two weeks. ive reported the problem several times and NOTHING..Score: 1/5

@9a.ms7He is deleting your accounts on charges of impersonation, and all the pictures in the account are my pictures, and I tried to contact technical support without any assistance or reply to any message from me and my account since 2018 except now for no reason @ 9a.ms7.Score: 1/5

Posting GlitchThis issue has been occurring for about 3 days ago, and the problem is that I am unable to upload videos. I can post pictures perfectly fine, but everytime I try to upload a video it tells me to please try again later. I know I didn’t violate any policy, or do anything wrong so idk what the issue is. Instagram was a good app to express my creativity, but now that I am being blocked from even posting videos, it makes me not want to use Instagram at all. Instagram, please just help me, I didn’t do anything wrong. Weird thing is, this error occurs on ALL of my accounts, and other people have had this issue. I’ve tried reinstalling, checking my WiFi, etc. nothing is working. My experience with Instagram these past few weeks has not been good at all. Anywho, I just need help on resolving this issue..Score: 2/5

Love if InstrgramGreat way to socialize messages.Score: 5/5

Easy NavigationI love IG.Score: 5/5

😕😕Yeah no I’ve had Instagram for awhile now but now there really just petty at this point they restricted my account because I was unfollowing inactive accounts or people I don’t care for no more so now I can’t get back in it and I have a new email nor is my number in that account so I permanently can’t use the account no more it suck😫.Score: 1/5

Can't upload a short video as a post?Why can I no longer upload videos to Instagram? I have a video that is about nine seconds long, it is an MP4 format, I can upload it to my story, but I cannot upload it as a post. I have always been able to do that before. Has there been a change in the app? Yes, I have checked my Internet connection, and I have tried it with both Wi-Fi and with cellular. Thank you.And you no longer have app support?.Score: 3/5

I like itIt works great.Score: 5/5

Trying to hard to be like other appsInstagram is trying way to hard to be like apps such as TikTok and Snapchat. Also the new lay out of the app is all over the place and kinda confusing. Insta has gone down hill for sure..Score: 1/5

Such funI love all the interesting posts. It is great to see what everyone is doing..Score: 5/5

Instagram is trashWhats the point of updating the app if you dont bring features users want like a chronological feed or better tools for blocking bots and spam.Score: 1/5

Love Instagram but won’t let me use new featuresI can use messenger features and I have an updated phone I’m so confused.Score: 5/5

The algorithmThe algorithm is always changing. It’s difficult to grow on this platform. And the ads are never ending..Score: 1/5

No GIFs in DMs on iPadThere is not GIF option when sending DMs from the app on my iPad. App is up to date..Score: 2/5

Block kidsUnbug.Score: 5/5

Instagram is no longer enjoyableEveryone knows what Instagram is. My review isn’t going to change anyone’s opinion. But unless you have 100k followers, what’s the point anymore? It’s not a social media app, it’s an advertising juggernaut with an ugly interface. We all have it, but the only reason we don’t delete it is because something better hasn’t come along yet..Score: 1/5

Many issuesFirst of all, i haven’t been receiving message notifications since summer 2020. the issue isn’t with my phone or with my notification settings, it’s with the app itself. i’ve reported this issue several times since then, but instagram has done nothing to fix it. second of all, i haven’t been able to post videos for days now. i even tried posting a post that had 5 pictures and 1 video, but it still wouldn’t post. some of my friends have been having this issue too. please fix this..Score: 1/5

AnnoyingKeeps saying “all caught up” after scrolling for a couple minutes knowing I’m not all caught up. Then starts showing me pages I’m not following. It’s super annoying..Score: 3/5

NotificationsOk I’ve had Instagram since maybe 2018 and I’ve loved it, but recently the notifications won’t show up on my Lock Screen and on my notification settings Instagram won’t even show up. I’m not able to know if I’m being messaged or tagged or anything on Instagram unless I go into the app. Please fix this!!!!.Score: 4/5

It let me post on my Instagram @poohshiestyprivvvvIt let me post on my Instagram @poohshiestyprivvvv.Score: 1/5

This app is very usefulI face a problem in this version. It can not stop kicking me out of the app. It is crashed.Score: 5/5

Très coolInstagram 🤜🏽.Score: 5/5

NOT UPDATINGI have not been able to get the messanger update on Instagram. I have iPhone XR and I have tried everything to get it..Score: 1/5

Algorithms are ridiculousThese new algorithms are killing small business on here..Score: 1/5

ProblemasMe encanta Instagram pero no puedo promocionar porque me arroja un error 😩.Score: 5/5

Can you create a desktop version for Mac App StoreCan you create a desktop version for the Mac App Store.Score: 5/5

Performanece Lab 🎯Performance Lab ® CORE Formulas support all aspects of human performance, across all walks of life. Boosts work performance and productivity with nootropics for focus, multitasking under stress, creative problem-solving and more. Buy Now!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

Fix ItThe update borked notifications..Score: 1/5

NotificationsNotifications are broken. You click on it and it doesn’t taken you to it!.Score: 1/5

I am putting 2 star to get attention but I will fix it later.I have noticed my PM has some delays issues. I could get the message straight away. I have to refresh for couple times and get all the message in once. Could the manager group check this for me please? I have deleted and reinstalled few times. Thank you.Score: 2/5

Direct MessagesThe direct messages need to be policed a little heavier, I deleted all of the spam messages I receive less than a week ago, and I already have 16 again. My page is private, how are these scammers messaging me? It’s a trivial but irritating issue. Can this be looked into?.Score: 3/5

Instagram not workingHi lately my Instagram isn’t working properly as it doesn’t send notifications to my iPhone 11 Pro Max - all notification settings are on and within the app itself as well, but I still revive no notifications, help please..Score: 2/5

Instagram USED to be greatI used to love Instagram but it’s been ruined with advertising, reels, shopping, sponsored pages etc. Would love someone to create a new app for photo / art and social sharing..Score: 1/5

Won’t stop crashing :(I’ve had Instagram for a couple of years and haven’t had any problems with it until recently. Wanted to post some wedding pics but before I could finalise the post it crashed. That was nearly two weeks ago, and ever since the app has crashed every time I’ve tried to make a post and even when I’m just trying to browse my feed. The longest it’ll work for is about 10 minutes (or just before I can submit a post). Tried all the recommended solutions for a problem on their help page, which hasn’t helped. I reported a problem in hopes they’d get back to me, but it hasn’t happened yet. Feeling quite frustrated that I can’t post anything via my computer as it seems like the app on my phone is just not going to work anymore..Score: 2/5

Please let people deactivate their accountPlease let people deactivate their account.Score: 1/5

New updatePlease fix the new update where when we want to upload a photo it’s so zoomed in and there’s a black boarder that makes the photo so small and it’s horrible so please fix the update as we cant even upload a full photo or video because it gets cropped thank you.Score: 1/5

Perfect for our businessLove insta.Score: 5/5

OptionI want a dislike option for stupid reels.Score: 3/5

WhyCan the reply to a specific message feature actually be implemented? And why is it that I can’t create reels?.Score: 1/5

BuggyEverytime I click on a video in my discover the video plays and then pauses back onto the thumbnail with the audio still playing in the back. Have to go out and then go back in to fix it.Score: 1/5

MusicSince the update I can no longer search specific songs to use in my stories like I could before?????.Score: 1/5

Help meI want more followers 😢.Score: 5/5

Don’t eat hereDo yourself a favour, don’t eat or drink here..Score: 1/5

DM not loadingMy dm haven’t being loading for almost a week now. i’ve been reporting the issue as ‘something isn’t working’ but no response. i’m not able to send any messages. it just comes up with the loading symbol every time i click on the DM icon..Score: 1/5

Have fun in instagramAwesome.Score: 5/5

Music search bar not workingWhenever i search for a song on the music tab on my story, no music comes up except for a few suggestions that arent the right song. how do i fix this? it works on my other account but not my main.Score: 2/5

Long term user but concerned about IQI noticed recently that there are contrast/colour differences that occur as soon as i pick a photo from my camera roll then press ‘next’ to begin the i.g posting process. Which is noticable with my iphone 12 pics but very noticable with photos i upload taken with my fuji x series camera- the colour vibrancy and contrast seems noticeably lessened. The same seems to happen whether i have processed with snapseed or if i just use jpegs straight from the camera.. no one wants their photos to lose their pop! :(.Score: 3/5

Jack Dalla VeneziaI like Instagram but why they don’t let me follow other people anymore? I’m trying to show my music.Score: 5/5

Fix your appI can’t upload videos either to my platform or via IGTV..Score: 1/5

Are you that desperate to be tiktokForcing reels onto users so aggressively is embarrassing..Score: 1/5

Still group message spamSeriously? Turn off that feature for new users/non-friends - full stop. Stop the BS spam. It’s such an easy fix to stop spammers & fake porn accounts..Score: 1/5

Very good condition but some don’t need to halp🇹🇷🇦🇺🇹🇷🇦🇺🇹🇷🇦🇺🇹🇷🌱💚💚💚🙏🏻🙏🏻🌿🌿🙏🏻.Score: 5/5

15 sec Videos won’t load even with a strong connectionRepeated problem. Instagram is also definitely accessing my microphone without my permission..Score: 1/5

KK.Score: 5/5

Song searchSo I’m a person who always puts music on my story and it’s been fine till this patch and now I can’t search for the songs I want it just says no results or doesn’t load even when I search songs I know are on there.Score: 4/5

Error “error please try again in a few minutes”Hi people, can someone help me !? This is driving me mad 😠 I keep getting the above error when I try signing in from either the app or the desktop website. I know it’s been caused from me signing in & out too many times over a couple of months. I legitimately use my account and don’t do anything that should have banned me. Does anyone know what I can do to re-gain access ????.Score: 1/5

Good appIts a good app but i get notifications when people post a pic, i click on it n now it doesnt go to that, jus to where i can see everyone elses posts.Score: 4/5

Music search bar brokenInstagram is a great app but for the past 4 months when i try and search up music on the search bar it has not been working and is broken. please let me know what i can do to fix this or fix it yourselves please..Score: 3/5

Spam accounts!!!Get your act together with spam accounts. I’m over having to report 20+ spam accounts every single day, day in and day out because you fools can’t do your job properly and maintain a suitable standard for accounts.Score: 1/5

IssuesMy instagram music is buggin, every song title i try to type, it says no result found. can you pls fix that.Score: 2/5

UploadingHey there Instagram some how I can’t upload on my on my profile can you please fix it please thanks.Score: 5/5

Some of my dm’s marked as unread even though they are readFix this problem please . Only until I comment on some of my dm’s received , they won’t go away. Really annoying.Score: 3/5

Disabled for no reasonBusiness account of 5 years disabled without reason. Going in two months now and instagrams “support” system is non existent. Send a selfie of me holding a piece of paper with a unique code? Are you serious? Is this the 90’s? This is pathetic. I’ve lost contact with business clients because of this broken system. As of 5th March the account seems to be gone. No warning, no email, no explanation. Five years of work and contacts gone from my videography business. Suck my ringhole Instagram :).Score: 1/5

It was great while it lastedWhy on my feed there is other people posts which I am not following? Instagram you will fall instantly with big bang..Score: 1/5

Is the Instagram down?I was in the middle of posting stuff and my story. Something is going on. Is it down? I can’t refresh it or see my friends posts or stories. Idk if it’s me or the Instagram being down.Score: 5/5

Instagram ErrorMy Instagram will not let me search songs to add to my story, I can do it on any other account but my main one Damon_hanson won’t work and it is clearly a common issue..Score: 4/5

Music sticker bugMy music sticker has completely disallowed me from accessing a wide variety of songs for my stories. I am only allowed to use recommended songs which is songs by underground artist or songs I personally dislike, there’s only a handful to use anyway and I personally would like to be able to pick any song I want. I was able to pick any song I wanted on my second account but my main has lost access to that feature.Score: 4/5

Fix the message on the appFix your message on the app I keep getting fake account in group chats you need to fix that.Score: 1/5

Quality of photosReduced quality of photos. It has gone down the drain Instagram. It’s not the same as 1 year ago..Score: 3/5

MusicSo when I try and play music it just comes up with “no results found” when i try and look up a song... any help?.Score: 2/5

Please fix thisWhile I enjoy using Instagram, I can’t get the messages update, and I don’t have an option to update messages in the settings, please fix this.Score: 2/5

ACant upload videos, and when i can, they lose a lot of the quality, please fix, i work with the vids i upload ):.Score: 1/5

Can’t post videosI am a video editor who likes to post my edits on instagram but for some reason i can’t post videos. it always says “try again when there’s better connection” but there’s nothing wrong with my connection. if you don’t fix this i will be deleting the app and posting on tik tok in stead..Score: 1/5

Recently deleted new featureThe new feature of recently deleted, actually isn’t working and deletes the story from the recently deleted after 24 hours rather than 30 days as it claims.Score: 3/5

Video Uploading Not WorkingI am completely unable to upload any videos to Instagram. The error reads “Try again when there is a better connection” but I have tried every available troubleshooting method. I have reported the issue to Instagram multiple times and am yet to receive a response. The app is currently unusable for me..Score: 1/5

AddsLove Instagram, started using it more and more because Facebook was full of adds but it seems you guys are doing the same. When l hop on my social media l want to see my friends posts not adds all the time.Score: 3/5

Unable to change profile photoThe app won’t let me change my photo with no reason. :((((.Score: 3/5

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