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Unfair censorshipInstagram deleting of posts and taking them down. Unfair. Where is freedom of speech and why is it biased and have double standards when it comes to the issues related to occupied Palestine?.Score: 1/5

Double standard censorship apThis is ridiculously racist app where they block true stories.Score: 1/5

PlantsI’ve made so many friends that are interested in plants and gardening through Instagram 💚🌱😁.Score: 5/5

My problem is not resolvedI am using instagram from a very long time and never had any issue till day before yesterday. All of a sudden i am not able to see any conversation in my inbox everything is magically gone, also when i am trying to share some post with my friends i am not able to see my followers name when i click on the share button. I reported this issue but not heard back from the Instagram team and my issue is not resolved till now..Score: 1/5

UpdatesToo many stuff in one app , not well organised and confusing.Score: 2/5

BuisnessLove insta.Score: 5/5

I don't have the new features on my Instagram account like reels and replay..Score: 3/5

INSTAGRAM SUPPORTS RACISM/HATE SPEECHInstagram supports racism and hate speech..Score: 1/5

MY ACCOUNT DOESNT HAVE REELSI don’t understand why my creator account doesn’t have reels almost a year after launch!!.Score: 1/5

Fixed error and now back to square 1I have been using Instagram for a number of year's, always found it a refreshing platform with no adverts popping up Also been able to follow people from all over the world until now! I click on a profile to follow them & then boom it's I followed, this was corrected before the last update but seems to have gone back to this really irritating and annoying problem Come on guys at Instagram! Sort it out & bring back the No1 social networking app.Score: 1/5

I can't log in to my accountHello , please help me I can't log in to my account..Score: 1/5

App constantly crashingPlease fix the current bug, my app refuses to open on a regular basis. Constantly having to delete app and reinstall but it then happens again after a few uses..Score: 1/5

How good this app isThis app brings no negative thing and is filled of lovely people and 1 of my favourite apps.Score: 5/5

Supporter of apartheidBlocking people’s accounts and blocking posts showing evidence of Israeli hate speech, racism and violence against Palestinians. Well done Instagram for siding with apartheid. If I could, I’d leave a minus rating..Score: 1/5

Censorship 121555566777Completely rubbish censorship at its highest level. Instagram have the own agenda which is dictated by compelling individuals..Score: 1/5

HelpWhat is up with the music feature? it’s all random songs i’ve never heard of and i cant find any songs i want.Score: 4/5

Updates.No update, can’t get any of the themes. very very annoying, i need an update please..Score: 4/5

Some fixesThe app is great but I have some things that I wish were different. Firstly, I would appreciate if the option to remove your link from someone’s bio also came with an option to undo what you removed. My friend removed hers from my bio and there is no way of getting it back. Secondly, I would love if you could have the option of stopping certain accounts from being able to see what pronouns i put. This creates safety for people to put what they want to be addressed as without fear of people who don’t accept it from seeing it. Thank you..Score: 4/5

Censorship of a genocideCensorship of Palestinian oppression, Insta is working very hard to not Show the truth. Absolutely shocking and disgraceful app..Score: 1/5

Keeps kicking me off the appLike I’ve tried joining FaceTimes and sending pictures and it kicks me I’ve restarted my phone and nothing.Score: 3/5

Review 2021This is definitely the best app to show who you are where you are and you also get to know people who might need help with mental health and let me say this is the best app to do so! I post quite a lot of photos of just the general world and I enjoy it soo much. However it’s not very easy to keep weirdos the approach by message or just by following you which I’ve experienced in past just random ‘women’ with inappropriate profile pictures and send you messages with links to pornographic websites which is what Instagram needs to fix immediately. Apart from that it is a fantastic app and I highly recommend using it!.Score: 5/5

Instagram is racist and IslamophobicIn the midst of the Free Palestine movement Instagram has behaved appallingly. Routinely blocking, shadow banning and removing posts that aim to raise awareness on colonialism, imperialism, ethnic cleansing and genocide. Sort it out 🕊🇵🇸.Score: 1/5

Censored and biased platformNo freedom of speech. Most brainwashing tool ever made..Score: 1/5

Updates make the app worseLatest update has broken Thai to English translations.Score: 1/5

TakenMy Facebook WhatsApp and messenger been taken off and you ask am I happy.Score: 1/5

Have to install and uninstall everydaySo this problem I have lately. I can’t share any stories from the past. It’s just won’t work when trying to share. Really annoying. Have to install and uninstall everyday for about a months now..Score: 5/5

IPad supportMake an iPad app already.Score: 1/5

Good appGreat to use, especially for most businesses as well as for social media use 💯.Score: 5/5

Poor censorship and double standardsThis app is a joke. It’s censorship guidelines are a complete joke. They are banning pro-Palestinian posts whilst allowing pro-Israeli posts of the same nature if not worse to be freely advertised! 1 star..Score: 1/5

Love it!Absolutely love insta! My most favourite thing is having a picture album of my life to look through and to connect with like minded people all around the world ❤️.Score: 5/5

ADS ADS ADS ADSThe amount of ads is just ridiculous to a point where I’m not using the site/app any more..Score: 1/5

CensorshipDisappointed at the censorship and double standards of how certain issues are covered.Score: 1/5

TerribleAbsolutely terrible social media system. Whilst your browsing through its news feed, Instagram is going through all of your private data, emails, messages and anything else you have on your phone. It dictates what you can and can’t look at/ speak about. Gives loads of misinformation through so called fact checkers which don’t give you actual facts but gives you information which keeps their narrative going!.Score: 1/5

Palestine censorshipInstagram: Can’t put a filter on apartheid? Block it.Score: 1/5

“Discover people”Get that off my profile! The first thing I see is that?! It’s bad enough elsewhere on Instagram but having it on your profile is beyond annoying! I pick who I follow, I don’t need some crap suggestions from Instagram. Also, the feed is still useless - nothing in order, I don’t want to see a post from 3 days ago, I want to see it when it’s posted!🤦🏻‍♂️.Score: 2/5

InstacrapAnother app with terrible privacy issues and censorship..Score: 1/5

You have to upload a video selfieEvery morning my account is blocked and I’m told that I have to prove I’m a human and change my password. It’s so frustrating, now it wants me to upload a video selfie to prove I’m human. As a photographer I love Instagram but unfortunately I have to uninstall it because this is a step to far..Score: 1/5

IPad supportHow is there no landscape option for Instagram? Please bring iPad support to the app! Thank you.Score: 1/5

Free PalestineYou talk about Palestine your account gets blocked ..Score: 1/5

Free Palestine 🇵🇸Bias censorship. Shame on you.Score: 1/5

The Sound...... management in this app needs some really serious looking into. Spontaneous blaring sound from videos is just not acceptable or socially correct..Score: 1/5

InstagramI love instagram! It’s perfect.Score: 5/5

New update broke my instaHi, I see on my feed that people are commenting on my posts, I click on the image it says ‘no comments’ so I go to my profile click on the image, I see the comments, I click the comments to respond and no comments again, just blank. Is this going to be fixed please?.Score: 2/5

شكوىقدمت اكثر من شكوى لاشخاص يحرضو على الكراهية ولم تستجيبو لشكوى ولازالو يحرضون على الكره والعدوان علناً..Score: 1/5

Discover friends on your gridPlease remove the discover people/friends from grid page that’s just appeared on the last update. It’s really annoying..Score: 5/5

Don’t have reel optionAbsolutely love this app But sadly I still don’t have the reel option :( I have updated the app, deleted and reinstalled and logged out and back in Still no luck :( I have option on where I wish to save reels But the create reel feature is showing for me. Please help Username emma.eva.x.Score: 3/5

AwesomeGet me customers call Lucy 07459610472.Score: 5/5

Rubbish!!This recent update was supposed to fix bugs on IG but it’s made it a whole lot worse!! It keeps freezing, spinning or you try to like a comment but the heart just flashes then goes pale again like you’ve not liked it. On every comment you try to like!! Ridiculous!!!.Score: 1/5

Why are you like this?Why do they constantly change features by country? One second I can add reels, the next I can’t. One day I can add music, the next I can’t. One day I can use the pride features and the next day I can’t. And for the record I’m disgusted at the way they use human rights issues whenever they’re trending to market themselves and then in reality take away or block your ability to express yourself like everyone else only because if the country youre in..Score: 1/5

It won’t let me update.I’m waiting for the messenger,Messages updates. I have been waiting for this feature, for nearly 5 months. And I still haven’t got it. I keep on updating & brought a new phone and I still haven’t got it. Instagram y’all really getting on my last nerves. 🙄..Score: 1/5

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

DMs issueInstagram had been helpful and had been very useful in my day to day usage. Unfortunately, a couple of days ago, I tried to access my direct message and it hasn’t been able to function properly. I have tried different methods such as uninstalling and reinstalling the app and I’m still unable to access my direct messages. Contacted help and support from instagram, and no response, felt pretty bad. Will give 5 stars if you can fix the issue!!.Score: 1/5

Fix itEvery time i try to post me on my story with a song it always makes the picture so blurry.Score: 1/5

ReviewToo much censorship, instagram needs to be more fair politically.Score: 1/5

Reel difficultyHi reel length is varying on each account and from person to person. Fox it to be consistent thanks.Score: 2/5

Explore page is AWFULHow many times do i have to tap on “not interested”!! tapped on it 20 times on posts about a celebrity, and i’m still seeing their face on my explore page. not interested means i don’t want to fking see it..Score: 2/5

Some features you should consider adding/changingHonestly a great app. However, I have reported posts for “nudity and sexual activity” multiple times, but it still said that they couldn’t find anything against the community guidelines. Also, the “Remix with (user)” on the reels page is extremely hard to click. I always end up clicking either on the person’s profile or the follow button. Is it just me? Is my finger big? I’m confused. Overall it’s a good app. I have been using it for a while now and strongly recommend it :).Score: 5/5

About privacyNow my page is private but some people can see my likes nd views on post thats very disappointed please change it so if do nobody can see post like views please.Score: 5/5

GayOne word busin.Score: 5/5

HorribleNot great having ads pop up when watching clips or IgTV. IG is quickly becoming a watered down version of FB after it was purchased by FB - it has been a steady decline since then. Not a fan of the linked FB/IG messenger, not a fan of IG suggestion of who to follow, certainly not a fan of all of the racist policies towards BIPOC (ie: allowing racist right-wing comments, accounts, cultural appropriation, etc.) to “not go against community standards” and certainly not a fan of aiG shadow-banning Indigenous peoples accounts..Score: 1/5

You hacker💔Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Score: 1/5

CensorshipShame on you for censoring pro Palestinian posts on Instagram and supporting apartheid.Score: 1/5

Where’s the new chat update ?Mine doesn’t have reply option and also the emoji reactions for messages..Score: 1/5

AwesomeNice to be on Instagram 🙏.Score: 5/5

FunI love Instagram FUN FUN FUN !!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Reels?Why am I not given the option to post or watch reels?.Score: 1/5

Do not use for businessDon’t trust saving anything here for business purposes, as you can lose it all.Score: 1/5

Too many copied featuresWhat’s going on with this app, I’ve been on it since 2013 and enjoyed it so much till the recent times where every 3rd post or story is an ad, there are a bunch of fake accounts asking for sex, everyone gets banned for small reasons like an insult or something “offensive” yet I still see celebs post what ever they want like literally strippers fully naked, we have too many weird assets like the reels which is basically tiktok, posting pics these days are harder than before where it was in the menu bar and not somewhere random,.Score: 1/5

BestIs the best social media 🙌🏻.Score: 5/5

Locked outLocked me out of my account for “suspicious” activity and the emails aren’t sending to me lol rip my account ig.Score: 1/5

Instagram Actively Censors PalestiniansThis app censors and deletes any post criticizing Israel and they actively censor Palestinians who are sharing their stories. This is unacceptable..Score: 1/5

InstagramJune 15, 2021 Instagram will not open all of a sudden. Cannot use it..Score: 2/5

HypocrisyRidiculous censorship and double standards..Score: 1/5

Reporting my posts!!!By Sharing palestinian posts I’m apparently spreading hate and violence!!! Instagram is just another zionist supporter!.Score: 1/5

Please add a feature where we can edit our postI want to edit the thumbnail of my vid after I posted.Score: 5/5

Blocking Palestinian ContentUnacceptable that they are blocking free speech in favour of an apartheid regime..Score: 1/5

RacistsSupports terrorism!.Score: 1/5

CensorshipApp is censoring awareness for Palestinians suffering.Score: 1/5

Awsome⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This is so awesome 💞 I love getting pictures from google then put them on this💔🤎🤍🖤💜💙💚💛🧡❤️❣️💕💞💖💘💝💗.Score: 5/5

IPad IssuesThe app is terrible for IPads. It is not even catered or made for a good experience on the iPads but just feels like a zoomed version of the IOS app. Terrible.Score: 1/5

Engagement sucksFix ur engagement and make it easier for my posts to reach people mf 🤬🤬🤬.Score: 1/5

Adjustment for pic doesn’t workEvery time I try to adjust a pic and press next the pic moves back up and crops everyone’s face. So annoying..Score: 2/5

ABOUT THE PRONOUNSWHY ISNT “it” AN OPTION???? love the app tho it’s great for my depress and nor/mal aren’t an option so thanks for that.Score: 4/5

Great but..Instagram is great but I can't use a filter to take a photo and when I can I can't post it..Score: 4/5

Thanks to instagramThe best and the best social app in the world thanks alot fot create this app❤️❤️❤️.Score: 5/5

#DONTDELETEPALESTINE#DONTDELETEPALESTINE stop deleting Palestine - stop censorship the truth - let people know.Score: 1/5

Racist CensorshipRacist supporters of a terrorist apartheid state and you censor and block anyone trying to spread the truth! What a disgusting racist app. Im so glad i dont use your garbage platform 🤮.Score: 1/5

Best way to stay connected with customersWe have been using Instagram to keep in touch with our clients and promote our products! We absolutely don’t know a better way to do it than Instagram.Score: 5/5

Restricion on accounts from certain regionsInstagram users from certain regions are not allowed to reply to specific messages in direct message Pronoun section in bio does nor appear to some users' accounts either Instagram must provide every user equal function.Score: 1/5

I don’t have music on my storyThe app is really good but I still don’t have music to put on my story it’s quite strange and annoying.Score: 4/5

Censorship of the oppressed! SystemicCensoring the people dying in Palestine, Gaza and Kashmir! Erasure of the voices of the oppressed!.Score: 1/5

No security code, horrible customer service.This app wants to verify you and prompts you to enter security code which never comes. And the help centre doesn’t help at all. They’re just copy-paste robots..Score: 1/5

Bugs and error messagesI can’t change my profile pic since last month. Please fix it !.Score: 2/5

Dm’s not workingPlease respond its been 3 days my dms won’t load, what do i do.??.Score: 1/5

Can’t connectIm sur it’s fun but i cant connect cause it thinks that im a robot.Score: 5/5

Respect for Hindutav and Hindu GodsWhy always Instagram and Facebook allow people to disrespect Hindutav and Hindu Gods Pleased remove all kind of activity’s against hindutav.Score: 1/5

Not able to load chat windowI have tried uninstalling the app and install it again but still my chat window doesnt open i am not able to send any messages nor able to recieve any messages...Score: 2/5

Supporting apartheid and racismI really don’t like an app that is willing to defend an apartheid regime..Score: 1/5

Racist, terrorist CEOInstagram is a racist app, that promotes Israeli terrorism And blocks the Palestinian oppression posts. Delete app. It’s useless.Score: 1/5

Double standards in censorshipUnacceptable! Stop censoring Palestinian voices..Score: 1/5

FIX TAGGINGFor a while now, I have not been able to properly tag people on posts. It doesn’t work. I have to post two pictures, and repeated back in and out to tag one person af a time then rinse and repeat. And i cant even tag in the first photo, but i have to press on the first one then swipe to the second to actually get one tag. Then i repeat the prossess until everyone has been tagged. Its painful and tike comsuming. PLEASE fix this.Score: 1/5

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Does nothing to resolve hate and violenceI have been threatened and harassed multiple times and every time I report it, it either magically doesn’t violate their policies or there isn’t anyone to assist me. But when I talk about ethnic cleansing, genocide, and apartheid—-issues that are very pressing and very much taking place currently—-they apparently violate their FB/IG policies. This type of oppression and censorship is not only morally wrong but also a violation of the constitution. We’ve seen Zuckerberg summoned multiple times for the amount of influence he possesses through these apps. But with that kind of influence comes responsibilities. These two apps have contributed to not only sprees of violet on public and private scales but also are one of the leading causes for ignorance and misinformation. Giving it a 1 star for not just all of things I’ve mentioned, but also because they glitch often and are have now become some kind of aliexpress. Listen if I want to old furniture from some sketchy person in my area or buy dresses from China, I’ll go directly to those websites. Why my timeline and newsfeed is littered with everything but my friends and family is beyond me. This is why the younger generation doesn’t want anything to do with these apps. The difference between Mark and Tom from MySpace is that, Tom doesn’t have blood on his hands and we (the millennials) actually respect him..Score: 1/5

Censorship at its worst!You can not post anything which might be deemed even slightly critical of Israel because your post will be censored as “Hate Speech” even if it has nothing to do with hate speech! Where is freedom of expression? This type of censorship would make Goebels proud!!! Pathetic!.Score: 1/5

CensorshipBad this is a horrible app and platform.Score: 1/5

Blurry stories, music subtitles blurry, Writing on stories are blurry as wellI currently have the iPhone 11 but still manage to get poor quality even when using different kinds of typing font on stories and the picture and the music lyrics are blurry as well I looked up online for the solution such as updating the app going into camera settings and resetting network even though I have 5G and resetting my phone will there be a fix to this? and thank you for working hard have a wonderful day much love and support❤️‍🔥.Score: 5/5

Love the app with one issueI’ve had insta for a long time and really have no complaints until recently. I noticed some of my friends had guides and I wanted to make one on my business account. So I switched from my personal account to the business one, clicked the plus in the corner and noticed there was no option for creating a guide. On my personal accounts I have the option, but not on my business one? It doesn’t make sense. I did all kinds of research, seeing if I could resolve the issue with no luck. I’m not really sure what to do. Like I said, I love the app, but this is really upsetting and getting on my nerves..Score: 4/5

Serious bugs latelyLove ya Insta, but seriously, fix yer bugs. Now, in the likes and comments view, when you tap on a comment or like it no longer takes you to the actual post but a “no comments yet - get the conversation started!” page. Um, thanks, but I was literally tapping on a comment to read it. What is up?? This just started today and things like this just should NEVER happen with an app this bug. Get your Q&A together..Score: 2/5

Choose a songI cannot choose a song next to the questions I just see the color some help plz.Score: 4/5

CensorshipHonestly Instagram doesn’t even deserve a star you can’t censored palestiniens right, you guys are censoring and removing people speaking their mind and their right yet you allowed hate speech. I’m deleting my account and I’m letting everyone to come give you guys 1 start. You might censorship what we said but you can’t denied palestinien right..Score: 1/5

QualityThis app be making me mad. Simply because y’all snatch photo quality. My phone could not be on optimize 100% battery and my photos are blurry on upload and story post. Like ok..Score: 2/5

MusicAfter a few updates happening, I wanted to put music on my Instagram story which it worked a while back, but now it still won't won't play or load for about a month now??? I have good internet tho. plz fix this issue.Score: 3/5

No reels for meAs a nature photographer I love Instagram but even after updating the app and even reinstalling it I can’t access reels. I have reported the problem several times in the past months but got no help..Score: 2/5

Bias!!Facebook and Instagram censors pro Palestinians post!! 🇵🇸 They need to fix this bug that supports Israel’s interests. ASAP.Score: 1/5

Love it... butIt crashes too much..Score: 4/5

Censoring anything that is highlighting the unjust killing of innocent PalestiniansFree the Palestinian people and stop infringing on our rights and freedom of speech.Score: 1/5

Keep my contentWhat do I gotta do to be myself on this app?! Trash.Score: 1/5

Really disappointed with censorshipInstagram has been selectively censoring content. Change your algorithms..Score: 1/5

CensorshipStop censoring people who advocate for Palestine..Score: 1/5

Censorship to the maxLiterally anything anti Israeli or anti Zionist will be flagged. Like you can be talking about the foreign policy of a country and it’ll be considered antisemitic and flagged. Makes zero sense. You can not even mention Israel and talk about human rights of Palestinians and it’ll be flagged. Disgusting.Score: 1/5

Double standard on posting oppressionsIt’s not ok to post about Israelis apartheid government and their child/ innocent human killing stories. But israellies are allowed to say hate speech like - death to Arabs!!! Your end is near !!.Score: 1/5

The most interesting social experience on your phoneAlthough I would luv to have at least an OPTION if havin' posts that show up via time and who posted them in order, Instagram - and it's algorithm is LITERALLY the most important and interesting AI and algorithm-based social media app of our entire post-internet world... It is still an internet monopoly, tho!!.Score: 5/5

Update SuggestionI just have one suggestion for Instagram. When you post on Instagram there’s that edit button. It would be cool if you guys can let us rearrange our photos even after we post them. We press edit on our posts and then we can change the order of the photos. Sometimes I post and I end up not liking the way I arranged my multiple photos but I don’t want to repost. So yeah, I think it’d be a cool suggestion..Score: 4/5

HiReally been awesome on here I guess lolz🥰😍.Score: 4/5

Censorship and blatant racismInstagram is an excellent platform for so many things. But one thing it’s terrible at is unbiased and fair news. This platform (unsurprisingly) censors any pro-palestinian news. Countless posts have been taken down simply for calling out Israel’s several war crimes..Score: 1/5

RubbishWhy is posting about palestinian rights all of a sudden hate speech!.Score: 1/5

App censors Palestinian viewpoints.Unfair censorship. Zionist apartheid viewpoints allowed while Palestinian voices are censored..Score: 1/5

FunSoo fun using this app.Score: 5/5

They need to fix uploaded picturesThis stuff is terrible... I post on my story a lot and 2 seconds after I post a picture it is brought to an extremely lower quality than the original.Score: 1/5

Instagram people.People if ur out there looking at this review please follow me on instagram it’s neahstarlight 😊🙏🙏🙏🙏 Boys and girls. Also the girls are not looking at their camera which is really weird same with twitter so girls if ur all out on social media look at the camera..Score: 3/5

I’M MADI love Instagram with all my heart but the fact that you need your password to delete your account just doesn’t sit right with me. All my other apps let me either delete my account as is or it lets me rest my password so that way I can make a new one for me to be able to delete my account..Score: 4/5

IGAwesome friends, posts and knowledge.Score: 5/5

Prevents free speechDouble standard for many users, Total bias toward a certain group, and won’t allow any free speech comments about that group!.Score: 1/5

Hate SpeechThis platform took down many posts regarding my religion using hate speech to highlight literal hate speech. Ridiculous censorship and double standards..Score: 1/5

IGTV !!!!!!I just don’t understand why i don’t have IGTV anymore !!!!!!.Score: 2/5

Waste of timeApp shows a lot of ads, after 2-3 or 3-5 post shows ad.stop using this app..Score: 1/5

So many bugs and failuresLast night while checking my feed, not posting anything, the app crashed and logged me out. When I attempted to log back in my entire account had been deleted across all of my devices. The support site said to create a new account and accept that all content has been lost forever. Now I can access the new account because Instagram’s phone number verification system has been broken for over 24 hours..Score: 1/5

Switched from android and can’t share stories to FBI have tried everything! Ever since I switched from an android to iphone 11 I am unable to share other people’s stories from IG to FB. They will only share to my IG. In order to share any stories from IG to FB, they have to be my own stories. With my android it was always an option to share all stories to FB. I have deleted the app and reinstalled multiple times and it doesn’t fix it..Score: 1/5

Video chat >:(I liked the last update where video chat looked more like facetime and the other person was on the big screen but then in the latest update it went back to the way it was where it was half and half and UGH just go back please.Score: 1/5

Iphone 6 versions not supportInstagram is too much Glitching in Iphone 6 64gb its so annoying and i cant make a singal reel on my instagram please do work on it its heating phone alot and working properly.Score: 1/5

Unfair and racistAll post about palestines were removed by intagram. All those post weren’t harmful.Score: 1/5

Do not display the suggested list in Close FriendDo not display the suggested list in Close Friend in iphone ! In the new update, I can not choose my friends from Close Friend.Score: 4/5

Built in AI doesn’t work as expected.Built in AI doesn’t work as expected. Randomly picks posts and censors it with no logic etc. crummy application logic !.Score: 1/5

MmmOne day I randomly whent to go take a pic and it said my camara was enabled.Score: 4/5

BotsFix the bot issue cause every viral post ever there’s bots, like a kid could have brain cancer and there’s a bot under the post talkin bout some “you wouldn’t last 5 minutes with me”.Score: 1/5

CringeI do not like this mobile application >:[.Score: 1/5

Biased freedom of speechA biased platform where freedom of speech is practised with double standards..Score: 1/5

Delete instagramAtp instagram is a waste of storage bc the app keeps crashing and new updates to the causes the app to constantly crash i can’t send messages.Score: 1/5

Terrible app Hate itInstagram has gonna to become the most trash app 🧍🏾‍♀️ they block me from doing certain things every other day when I barely be on the app :/ I don’t even post of like posts or do anything on there but talk to friends and everything seems to be “against community guidelines” this app is booty zero stars pure TRASH.Score: 1/5

Pay to play, or suffocateIt is no longer possible as it was in the old days to attain growth without paying for sponsored posts or spending hours each day “engaging” (aka following only to later unfollow) other accounts. Instagram is steadily strangling small artists and businesses in favor of ones who will pay to play. The platform used to hinge on your skill and aesthetic sense, but at this point that no longer matters. In my opinion the algorithm behind the posts you’re shown on a daily basis has gone in a much worse direction too..Score: 1/5

Sick of this appOk well, you’ve officially lost many valuable consumers. You allow full screen on video chat for what a week?? Now it’s back to half screen on the video chats and no one likes that are y’all too stupid to figure this out?? I know you don’t even care what your users think so we are just done. We will NEVER use this app again and I don’t recommend anyone else ever download. Instagram is a horrible app and honestly not worth your time if you plan on video chatting with literally anyone. Get a better app. There are so many of them. I’m done. We are done. Would rate 0 stars if I could because this is ridiculous. Never dealt with a worse app in my life just change the video chat to allow us to see the other person in full screen and FREAKING LEAVE IT LIKE THAT.Score: 1/5

Account problemHi I have a problem with this app I can’t login back into one of my account because of the age thing but I like app use people who made this app please help me.Score: 5/5

Performanece Lab 🎯Performance Lab ® CORE Formulas support all aspects of human performance, across all walks of life. Boosts work performance and productivity with nootropics for focus, multitasking under stress, creative problem-solving and more. Buy Now!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

CatfishSomeone has posted my pictures as themselves and I want it taken down now.Score: 1/5

Deleting one photo from multiple photo postCan you please add a function where you can delete certain photos from a multiple photo post - many people around me think this feature is greatly needed so I speak for at least 100 users and most likely thousands more. Please..Score: 1/5

Love InstagramGreat really enjoy the platform..Score: 5/5

For supporting genocide and censorship of the truthAll Instagram is good for is censoring the truth about was Israel is doing to innocent Palestinian people because they have deep pockets! STOP removing pro-Palestine content, STOP supporting colonialism, STOP supporting genocide and STOP being Israel’s puppets!.Score: 1/5

InstaloveOutstanding ❤️❤️.Score: 5/5

TagsI cant tag anyone on pics.Score: 1/5

App Keeps crashing!I’ve reinstalled it, and it continues to crash. It won’t let me upload anything..Score: 1/5

Needs full iPad supportNeeds to be iPad resolution, not a stretched iPhone resolution..Score: 1/5

Messages not showing upThis is the new problem i got , messages are not visible in my phone..Score: 2/5

Locked out for 30 days and no way of assistance?I’ve been locked out of my account just because I was clearing out some accounts that I follow and no longer want to follow. The app keeps flashing my account and there is no way to get assistance from Instagram and attempting to obtain a verification code via the website is impossible!.Score: 1/5

The only reels I see are TikTok cosplayersIt’s not just me, but several of my friends too. When scrolling through the main feed, or checking out explore, ALL the reels are the same girls dressed up in cosplay dancing. All of them. The only way to get to other kinds of reels is to click on a dancing tiktok girl, then swipe to see the next reel. This is ridiculous.Score: 1/5

LikesThis is by far my favourite social media app, so easy to use and a great way to post content. However a while ago you changed the likes system where only you can see how many likes you have and not others. This is a great thing to keep! People feel less worried about how many likes they are going to get and more happy to share things more frequently, not comparing themselves to their friends and how many likes they get. I’ve noticed that you have changed this back to where you can see everyone’s likes, is there a possibility you can change it back? I’m feeling insecure about it and don’t really want to post for this reason. I have spoken to others who also feel the same way. Thank you ☺️.Score: 4/5

Emoji keyboard not working with my ipad ProI’ve just updated my iPad and now my Emoji keyboard is not working within Instagram. I have an Apple magic keyboard and had no problems until my iPad upgrade! Please fix asap!.Score: 1/5

DisappointingIG used to be fun. Now it’s just ads and trash I don’t want to see..Score: 1/5

My Instagram id #rafiqsk_01 all problems plz instagramMy Instagram problems my I’d #rafiqsk_01 plz Instagram my all problems.Score: 3/5

Andrew Semark.Hi guys. Look I love the app. Just having so much trouble getting verified. I’ve done all the right things. I wish I could just speak to someone via email. Any response is appreciated.Score: 3/5

Keeps crashing.With the latest iOS update the app keeps crashing when I try to launch it. Very frustrating, please fix the issue. Cheers..Score: 3/5

Can't log onThis app will not let me log in. keeps saying i have entered the wrong code too many time. i never revived a code. also it's very difficult to actually rest my password as that stupid thing keeps saying error try again later. please fix the errors..Score: 1/5

***Great platform, but lost 2 stars for all the censorship. #freedomofspeech.Score: 3/5

Cannot edit picturesWish instagram would let us edit pictures after sharing..Score: 3/5

Love it!Fantastic instragram is the best xxxx Instragram is the best.Score: 5/5

Absolutely brilliantInstagram is great and im enjoying it so much.Score: 5/5

Can’t sell on my shopCan’t sell in my shop.Score: 1/5

Instagram stories are poorI have tried through all my settings, but it still will not allow me access for my followers to share my stories. No response when putting in a help request either..Score: 1/5

Orientation issuesPlease fix the auto orientate issue. All my other apps auto rotate but instagram doesnt. Pretty annoying 🤯🤯🤯.Score: 1/5

Could add one more thingDon’t get me wrong I love this app but could you please add a reverse audio and video feature to reels.Score: 4/5

🥰احلى.Score: 5/5

TopsTops.Score: 5/5

The Bondi RetreatThank you for giving me the opportunity to reach clients that are a good fit for me and my business. Without Instagram and Facebook I was spending an inordinate amount of time marketing. I tried everything but the best marketing is word of mouth and now my business grows itself because people do the nsp course/Bondi retreat and then tell their friends and family. But initially I needed to advertise online to get the ball rolling. Keep up the good work. #bondiretreat.Score: 5/5

PoopPoop.Score: 1/5

What’s the point of updating when it doesn’t fix the bugs!I updated thinking it would make the app work more efficiently but nope I can’t post anything without it crashing!!! I HAD NO PROBLEM BEFORE THE UPDATE ASDFGHJKL.Score: 1/5

Music Access DeniedI used to be able to add music to my stories and reels, along with every other Instagram user. But now I only have a weird selection of random songs and can’t search for any artists or songs. It says that the access is limited now? It’s becoming super frustrating and happening to SO many people. Please please fix the music licensing issues!!! I’m literally having to make videos I’m other apps just to post them on instagram..Score: 1/5

Instagram is racist.I am appalled by this app. I didn’t know it was biased and suppresses the voices of oppressed minorities in the world such as the Palestinian siege. Whenever I post a anything about Palestine Instagram deletes my post even though it is not offensive..Score: 1/5

Baised and discrminated appIts funny how facebook and instagram both deletes the posts when its fits to their narrative on grounds of "hate speech" and community guidelines. not recommended.Score: 1/5

I’m outWhy turn an apparent good app into wastebook. Achickens not a vegetable.Score: 1/5

AdvanceAmazing platform!!.Score: 5/5

NotificationChat notification is not working properly.Score: 3/5

BrilliantSpeaks in my language to the collective consciousness and collective voice of Art. Arcanüm.Score: 5/5

No sound on storiesSound from the stories go away and can’t hear no matter how high I put the volume. Even putting my phone off silent mode dosnt work either..Score: 1/5

The bestAmazing , best ever.Score: 5/5

Post forwarding issueI have never had a problem with Instagram until recent update. If you Grey and forward a post to a friend, you can select the friend but cant type a message as the send blue line disappears to the top of the screen and I cant get it back to onforward a post ? Why is that ?.Score: 5/5

Can’t get my account backIt says we will review your account but its been 2 weeks and still nothing what a garbage app you guys need real people instead of bots.Score: 1/5

Please fixWhen you want to turn down a video it automatically mutes the video. Can you fix this? so annoying have to tap again after it’s muted - i just want to turn it down not mute it..Score: 2/5

New to itHi I’m looking forward to using it..Score: 5/5

Great but no reelsI love Instagram but I still don’t have reels available on my account !?.Score: 5/5

Bug :(For some reason, I can’t load any messages in the instagram from the past 2days. Hope it will gets resolved in the new update..Score: 4/5

Removed followers orderRemoved followers chronological order.Score: 1/5

Love itBut where’s the reach.Score: 3/5

PoopDog.Score: 5/5

Angry BullGood service.Score: 5/5

Coursera 💡Start your future on coursera today! Build skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies. Join for Free!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

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