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Painful registeringMy partner created an account and sent me a group invite so I followed the procedure and decided to use my Apple ID to register. Other options were with a Microsoft account or Google. So after 2 days in a loop I eventually created an account but the invite was expired despite receiving an email reminder 1 hour ago from this app. Deleted, deleted and deleted email. Life is too short for this..Score: 1/5

Small gripeNewest version always starts rotated vertically. Really annoying for an iPad that's always used on a desktop. Please fix this or add an in-app lock.Score: 4/5

Slow, losing connection all the timeWorst messenger app what I ever use in my life.Score: 1/5

New to group meI like this app a lot but I would like it more if it was bi-lingual and gave people in the groups the option to translate different languages... At the moment I have to come in and out of the app to translate each new message posted... Time consuming!!.Score: 5/5

GifsCan’t send a Gif since the new update on iOS always problems. And when ask get told to connect Microsoft. Very poor.Score: 1/5

Modern WarGame is full of lags and often don’t get rewards as you should do.Score: 1/5

Cross Platform, Full Featured Messaging for GroupsIs a very useful and reliable app that always works smoothly in my experience. Notifications always come through on time and the fact it works across all the main operation system, with a full featured web app means any group or team can use it..Score: 5/5

This a great app! Once you're on!Finding this app very useful for communication! Only criticism is it is a bit confusing to sign up to in the first instance! Took a bit of working out what to do with pin etc. Some people are not getting their pins very quickly and this is causing a problem for them signing up. Other than that! An excellent app! Enjoy using it!.Score: 5/5

Great App!Easy to use, quick and snappy. I love it. I can talk to people all day on this. The interface is great and easy to understand. The design and layout is just beautiful and everything else I can think of is great! Amazing app! Will recommend to everyone who loves to communicate with friends and family!.Score: 5/5

Works perfectly!Very easy app to use with no problems 👍.Score: 5/5

Love ItIt Does What Is Says, So I Can Find Nothing To Moan About. Thank You To The Apps Brain Child & The Team That Care For It.Score: 5/5

Can't view photosGreat app but since last up date it's slow laggy and takes like 30 mins to look at a photos.Score: 4/5

Group meA brilliant app don't know why I have never used it before . I can keep in touch with game friends and have privet chats . Also family groups too .top class.Score: 5/5

Not as gods line appIt could really do with notifications settings adjusting so that that you can mute a chat group but still get a notification but only when some @usernames you.Score: 1/5

Easy to useEasy to use, similar to whatsapp or lineapp. Better though..Score: 5/5

AppThe app crashes on start up won't load any chats.Score: 2/5

Easy to use and great for workEasy to use and great for work.Score: 5/5

Can't use itMy friends have tried adding me into their group chat and for them I am in it but I can't see the group on my screen or take part in the conversation. Very disappointing! Needs a fix!.Score: 2/5

LovelyThe experience so far is being nice.Score: 4/5

CrashingCan’t open the app. Crashing to home screen on iphone and ipad..Score: 1/5

Is the app available in South Africa?Friend used this app before and lives in South Africa, but the app won’t show up for her anymore. We’ve tried everything but a no-show, so has it been restricted in SA?.Score: 4/5

Much shiny. Very group. So me.It's pretty and I like it..Score: 5/5

Does what it says - mostlyAwesome app and really useful for my Bootcamp clients to chat with each other but glitch won't let me add new people to the chat?! Until sorted it's 3* otherwise would be 5*.Score: 3/5

Why is it so difficult to include a DELETE buttonAbsolutely rubbish when they cannot even include a most basic function such as a ‘delete’ button for those posts/pictures which you may have posted accidentally in the group.Score: 1/5

It’s okOk frustrating that you have to manually scroll to find old messages that takes forever, to the point u give up as its laggy and takes forever for the app to load old messages!.Score: 3/5

Same as every other appI thought I would be able to connect to new people and groups out there but it’s just for my own contacts. Does no more than what WhatsApp and Skype does better..Score: 1/5

Doesn't work outside of wifiWould be a fantastic app if we were able to use the app outside of wifi. Please sort this out.Score: 1/5

RuinedHave loved using this app for a number of years. Great way for us to share stats for our fantasy football league and has a nice desktop web app too. BUT ... every time they release an update they add a host of new bugs. This latest update makes the group pretty unusable. Messages don't load unless you exit the group and go back in, viewing images sends you back about 6 weeks in the chat thread. It's totally unusable, not fit for purpose and we have decided to take our business elsewhere..Score: 1/5

REPLY FEATURE NEEDEDWe use this app frequently enough however I think that with the option to view votes would be useful. The app is still not 100%.Score: 1/5

Latest updateNeed another update to fix the last update ... why fix what wasn't broken ??.Score: 1/5

What?It’s for 4+ and I’m twelve so I put my age in and it deleted my account. And it said I’m not eligible for one what ???.Score: 1/5

Date of BirthExactly how many times do I have to enter my date of birth on this app. One more request and I delete this (cr) app.Score: 1/5

Very easy to useEasy to set up, easy to use. Perfect..Score: 5/5

LagThe new version is causing so much lag sometimes it's impossible to chat Needs to be sorted, you've ruined a good app :(.Score: 1/5

Too many things wrongSeeing far too much lag on this app recently when trying to type, still has freezing issues.Score: 2/5

GroupmeAwesome app, has the potential to become the biggest messaging app out there. It's my no.1 at the moment definitely, would 100% recommend it!.Score: 5/5

Can't use my Skype ID on this appI've found this to be of great potential but can't use my Skype I'd to logon to this app. I've had Skype for so long that I do not want to manually find my contacts with a Microsoft account, I prefer using my id instead Can this be looked into?.Score: 4/5

LAG,LAG,LAGIPad Pro on fast wifi...don't make a difference,serious lag and almost impossible to use,was fine before recent update,app going backwards and needs attention.Score: 2/5

Why does Groupme want my phone number?I dont live in the US, so I cant use SMS chat, but i can't progress to use the app unless I enter my phone number. Why do you want my phone number, its not US and I dont want to give it to you..Score: 1/5

New version is junkIts lagging so much and its keeps on insisting on going back to portrait mode when you tab away from the app (when im 100% using landscape all the time).Score: 1/5

Great appA nice, simple and straightforward messaging app. The only improvement I'd like to see is the ability to delete individual pics from a chat gallery..Score: 4/5

Could be best group appThis app has the potential to be the best group app on the market but it needs a few updates first. Updated review 19/02/16 since update. At present you are not able to delete your messages. This needs to get sorted. Your app only allows 30 second video clips which is really poor whilst whatsapp allows 3 minute video clips. This issue needs amending. I will amend review when I hopefully see improvements.Score: 3/5

Good appEasy to use ! Great way to message.Score: 5/5

♥️♥️I am loving it! Best app for group chat. Very easy to use and it's so flaaawlesss 👌🏻✨.Score: 5/5

Date of Birth infoPlease can you add a DOB section in the ‘account’ info section along with name, email address, etc? I keep getting notifications telling me to give DOB, I click the link, am asked to log in online, I do so, then sent from internet to the app page, at which point it all goes quiet and no more requests pop up and there is NO SECTION to enter your DOB manually and so I can’t! I don’t want to be blocked from using this app because of this system - please can you help make it easier. Thanks..Score: 3/5

Won’t let me see any messages or add anyoneThe app won’t let me add anyone or won’t let me see any messages that I’ve been sent.Score: 2/5

Smart chat without a smartphoneThis is great! Now my daughter can join the conversation with family and friends globally and share pictures and videos of her latest escapades. Highly recommended 🙂.Score: 5/5


BugsGood can tends to be very glitchy when reentering the application. There are many bugs, the main bug I find on my IPhone 5S is when I enter the app the group chat scrolls to the top of the screen.Score: 4/5

Great appUsed this messenger app for years, very easy to use.Score: 5/5

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AnnoyingApps pretty good except that when it asked me for my phone number I didn’t know I would start getting text messages from the gc and even after I deleted my account I still get gc messages.Score: 1/5

Contacts are goneSince the most recent update when I try to add someone to a group that I share other group with nothing comes up for names. None of my existing contacts appear..Score: 2/5

Great app!Large groups are able to communicate quickly and easily. Simple and effective..Score: 5/5

Messages can’t be erasedHi, would be good to have the option of erasing the messages, i have some many in the last 3 years,thank you!.Score: 5/5

Deleting picsGreat app but missing the option for admin / owner to delete comments or pictures..Score: 4/5

UpdatesDoesn’t look like they read these reviews so not sure this will ever be rectified... the app is great and easy to use BUT there NEEDS to be an option to delete messages. Especially for business purposes. Groupme! Listen to your reviews..Score: 1/5

Great! But...Add a voice chat!.Score: 5/5

Crashing????Why can I not check my messages??? App keeps crashing.Score: 1/5

GeofencingPlease add geofencing or add an option with IFTTT. Please support Iphone X!.Score: 3/5

Taking photos in the appWhen you try to take a picture in the app, it doesnt allow you to send it. And when you upload a photo, when you try to type in the description it doeant show what you’re typing....Score: 3/5

Great For NetworkingGroupme brought together 82 complete strangers and instantly helped grow our network with discussions such as: “why am I getting this?” “Who are all these people?” “Please stop replying” “EVERYONE STOP REPLYING” “THIS IS MY NIGHTMARE” “I’m roaming FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!” Only 4 stars only as emoji’s were sometimes unreadable and my phone battery died..Score: 4/5

Very slow and crash everytimeIt’s been very slow and crash often in my Iphone x..Score: 1/5

Great appGreat app to communicate for the group I need it for. Love the calendar! Would love to see a Bulletin Board or something similar to post a note that people can easily refer back to - for e.g. an itinerary for a particular event that people don't want to scroll through the feed to find it. Then the author can delete the note once it is not needed anymore. Would also be nice to send longer videos..Score: 4/5

Works as advertisedIt’s great to keep iPhone and non-iPhone folks on the same page!!.Score: 5/5

App reviewGreat app, love how it can be used on desktop and also on mobile. Would love to see if there is a possible chat head that can be used while another app is currently on screen for multiple use..Score: 5/5

Great for restaurant staffGreat app for talking to your co-workers.Score: 5/5

Still some issuesGroupMe is good software but after long time it still has issues like you can't add friend from one group into group without email on iPhone. Very limited video sharing and notification are. It on time.Score: 4/5

New iso 14.1 update killed this appNew Apple iso update killed this app.Score: 3/5

Good app we use it all the timeIt’s good app. We use it all the time.Score: 5/5

It’s goodThe only issue I have this app is that for some reason I’m unable to send pictures. I’ve tried everything to fix it: updating the app, removing the app from my phone and downloading it again, signing out and signing in again, turning off access to photos and turning it on again, and none of it worked. When I try to send it, it immediately appears with a symbol and a notification indicating that it failed to send, and when I try to send it again, it does the exact same thing. Could you fix this issue please?.Score: 3/5

Group meHi Ron and Carol did you receive ‘this message?.Score: 5/5

Group meGreat app bit the picture quality needs more work.Score: 3/5

Group meGreat app 👍👍.Score: 5/5

Great, could use some additional featuresGreat, clean app. Wish you could delete and edit messages after you send them..Score: 5/5

Add access to Ringtones & Text Tones please!This app is pretty nice, though I would really like to use some of my custom ringtones / text tones with it! Please add the ability to utilize ringtones and text tones in addition to the phone’s factory alert tones..Score: 3/5

Requirement for phone number a deal breakerI wanted to use this to connect my family, not all of whom have phones yet. You can’t create an account without a phone number. *deletes app and closes account*.Score: 1/5

Hi group me I want to join the group I don’t know how to joinHelp.Score: 1/5

Great!Works great!.Score: 5/5

Keeps crashing.Please fix this issue/bug. Every time it opens it will close again. Thanks!.Score: 1/5

Great appLove this app. Only thing I would like to see changed is no restrictions on the length of videos you can send. C.Score: 4/5

IdrkI just wish we didn’t need a phone number to create an account.Score: 1/5

TerribleThis app keeps kicking me out and the connection was terrible. Made me so angry and I will try something else, hopefully it will be more reliable than this. Would not recommend..Score: 1/5

Update requestGreat Group app! I love it and use it for all my group work. Highly recommend. There should be a way to send multiple pictures to the group, rather than having to send one picture at a time, and if there is a way it should be obvious. This would make it easier to send pictures in a GroupMe chat rather than creating a new group in a different messaging app and send the pics that way. As well we should be able to delete messages/edit them once sent. So many times the wrong file or text is sent in the wrong group, but there’s no way to delete them. Or if I make a spelling mistake, I should be able to edit the message. Thanks.Score: 3/5

Scam messagesGreat app but receiving scam messages. Please fix!.Score: 5/5

P O SWorst chat app ever created. Makes you wish Bindle was still around. How people can use this laggy piece of crap is beyond me..Score: 1/5

AwesomeIt’s an awesome app!.Score: 5/5

PratiqueTrès facile à utiliser et conviviale..Score: 5/5

Love itGreat way to keep in touch with our kids. ❤️.Score: 5/5

Why a Phone Number?No reason an app needs your phone number. Are they seeking it to 3rd parties or telemarketers? Email should be enough. No thank you..Score: 1/5

SuggestionA message search function in a chats..Score: 4/5

Great AppIt's a great app overall, but the inability to delete a message, recall a perticular message in both direct and group chat is very frustrating. Please think about adding this feature, since its already available in WhatsApp..Score: 4/5

Terrible functionality, many bugs, and lack of innovationHave had this app for 8 years. The only reason i still have it is because my friends think just as archaically as the people who run this app and refuse to change to something else. It is terrible. Every so often I can’t see new messages unless i open the app, quit and relaunch. Message very often are unable to deliver even though i have full service and can send messages and use internet with every other app. All that said about the poor functionality of the app and the many bugs, they haven’t made a significant update to the app since i first started using it in 2012. The design is the same and outdated, no new features. You would think this app was purchased by Microsoft, they would up their game. Utter incompetence..Score: 1/5

Works great!I like it :).Score: 5/5

DisappointedGroups keep disappearing. Very frustrating Can’t seem to get ahold of support. Groups text and images should be editable or delete-able..Score: 3/5

NotificationsGotta work on notifications, they don’t work sometimes..Score: 3/5

Bits and inappropriate messagesSince joining and starting g a private group we have received inappropriate messages and also a bit joined our group. We can’t figure out how to remove them. You can’t delete and why does that happen anyway!!.Score: 1/5

AmazingI love the app but I wished it was possible to unsend messages.Score: 4/5

Great appThis is an awesome way to stay connected with our family on the cellular network. It uses the cell network so those in our family that don't have data can also stay connected..Score: 5/5

JSFLASHThis app is awesome!!!😎😆.Score: 5/5

The appA great app overall.Score: 5/5

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LIARS.The app says 4+ however I put my age in (13) and it logged me out and I cannot make a new account. WHY WOULD IT LIE TO ME?!?!?! I am just trying to join a team groupchat but ig i cant. I HOPE TH.Score: 1/5

No customer supportSo used GroupMe in past and lived it. After 2 years was invited to a group. Would not work despite updating app and removing /adding it back. Logged out and tried signing in. Wrong password but it would not let me reset AND could not create new account because same cell. Emailed customer support. Five hours later got a response to reset password🤦🏼‍♀️. Emailed a second time during working hours…5 hours later no response..Score: 1/5

Cant clear chat historyOption to cheat out a chat is now gone. Bring it back. I don’t want to hide it I want to clear it.Score: 1/5

Edit optionGive us an edit message option, so I can give this 5stars please!!.Score: 4/5

SPAM!Had a warning about this last week, reported to Fraud Center!!!!.Score: 1/5

Logged me outI have been using GroupMe for a while and had no difficulties with it until all of the sudden it asked me for my age. When I put it in GroupMe logged me out of my account even though I’m older than thirteen. I tried to create a new account and it wouldn’t let me because “there was already an account with my email”. I thought it was going to delete my old one?!?! This makes me really mad and I have a lot of important information that I need to know on there..Score: 1/5

Tech issuesI’ve been having a lot of issues with this app failing to update within the group messages and I’ve been missing important info because of it. Never had this issue in years past. I’ve ran updates and I have a new phone. Not sure why it’s hit or miss with receiving the group messages and the group chat updating as they come in..Score: 1/5

A review of this appNot much.Score: 5/5

Camp chaperoneGood keeper up with tool!.Score: 5/5

It’s goodIt’s not that I don’t like it it’s just that I don’t need it a lot. It’s just not something I enjoy using so I don’t think I need to give it a super rating for what I use it for..Score: 3/5

Randomly worksI’ve had this app for 2-3 years and it seldom works properly. Amazing as good as Skype is they can’t fix the bugs with this. Although Skype doesn’t stand a chance compared to WeChat..Score: 1/5

Can’t delete messagesCan’t delete messages. It’s 2021. Wow..Score: 1/5

Great app for communicationOur office uses it for non work related notifications. The alerts can be a bit annoying if you don’t customize it. Many of my colleagues have deleted the app due to the amount of notifications. However, it’s very useful for getting the message out..Score: 5/5

Do more MicrosoftGroupMe is a great app, but Microsoft could do so much more. I love being able to connect with each of my groups and use polls to help us work on projects, but the search feature could be better. More importantly, why isn’t there a scheduled/calendar/ something to help track?? Since MS owns Slack also, why not show GroupMe some of the same love? I would love to se GM pair with Asana or something to help it gain the depth to continue being great rather than get left behind!.Score: 3/5

You do NOT need my personal informationThis app is now requiring users to enter personal information to keep using the product. You can lie about your info, sure. But there’s no reason for it to even be asking. It’s a private messenger app, all it needs is my username and my email..Score: 1/5

Technical glitchI downloaded this app for communicating to group classes. I thought it was going to work well however when I tried to add several contacts I received an error message. I spent 10 minutes trying to overcome the error and it didn’t work. I also couldn’t figure out how to send a link to invite these contacts. This app is supposed to work without having to download the app. I don’t believe this to be true. I’m using the iPhone XR. I’ve since deleted the app..Score: 1/5

Adding member failedCan’t add members outside of Groupme. Makes the entire concept not as useful..Score: 1/5

Great but missing a few thingsGreat app. Wish there was an option to mark messages as important that would save to a personal review later file. Groupme is frequently used for large class chats so helpful links, videos, etc. are sent and then lost in a sea of messages. And ability to pin messages would also be helpful.Score: 4/5

Add number to contactsI’m unable to add a number from chat to my contacts. When I tap “add the contacts,” the keyboard comes up but the screen doesn’t change..Score: 3/5

UghhhIt’s annoying that I can’t delete any messages. I don’t want to hide them. I want to delete them. Please fix this already! It’s just wasteful phone space..Score: 1/5

Great app!This is a great way to keep in touch on kids events!.Score: 5/5

Can’t delete contacts or chatsNo dark mode. I have colleagues from a previous job that I never want to speak to again, and friends I don’t want to be reminded about. Yet they’re clogging up my contacts. I can block them, but they still show in Contacts just with an “Unblock” button now added..Score: 1/5

Age verification? Seriously?Ive been using GroupMe for almost a decade and now they require age verification or you get locked out of your account? App is rated for 4+ and you think age verification will stop a 3 year old from using the app? Has anyone on the development team ever had a child? With rampant data breaches I try not to supply any more personal information than what is reasonably required. Absolutely ridiculous..Score: 1/5

Can’t reloadI can’t refresh the app it’s having Difficulty to connect all other apps are working great with connection but this app.Score: 2/5

BAD LATENCYWe use this for my company and lately it’s been very glitchy and slow. And it’s hindering communication between my coworkers and I! Need an update soon!!.Score: 3/5

Removed from group?Why do I have to reply or get dropped from the group? I just want to see updates from our group leader. I don’t need to reply and I don’t need to see everyone’s replies so that they don’t get removed. It clogs up the feed..Score: 2/5

Not DeletableThis app falsely claims to support Sign in with Apple. I can't delete the account without it asking for my password. What password? Sign in with Apple doesn't work like that. So I went to AppleID online and removed GroupMe from my managed accounts. The app doesn't seems to know that I did this, so I signed out in the app. Now there is an account with my name on it somewhere in the system that is an inaccessible waste of resources. Not even I can recover it, nor do I want to. Managing notifications is a hassle..Score: 1/5

ScamI was just scammed out of $20 in the GroupMe app with promise of a free iPad Pro. What a joke..Score: 1/5

Basic Setting Not AvailableGroupMe doesn’t allow you to mute direct messages from an individual. All leading messaging platforms have this ability..Score: 2/5

OkayI love this app! The only problem is the that it asked me how old I was and then said it was suspending me because I was under age! The app is rated 4+! I am 12!!!!!!!! But other than that it is alright. The only thing I would recommend adding how to send a request to invite someone to join. Some of my friends don’t have text but can get app similar to this. How am I suppose to invite them? Maybe there is a simpler way tan sending an invite through text. But I haven’t found that! One bother thing- every now and then it turns my group on silent and then I don’t look to see if I got any messages. These two problems make me frustrated! But I love how there are no adds and that no one can just suddenly start a group with you unless you are in a group with them already. So that makes it safe. I would rate this game a 3.7 star review..Score: 4/5

Stupid app is so buggySo much lag when trying to send a large amount of pictures.Score: 1/5

UnimpressedPicture quality it horrible in here. You take clear photos and they come out sure blurry.Score: 2/5

I don’t like your appThe app never loads for me and I can never see what people are saying. I get notifications every now and then that people are saying stuff but I can never look at it on the group chat. I play lacrosse and I’m supposed to send a picture of me playing ever day but I am unable to access the actual chat to send picture and comment on stuff. 😤.Score: 1/5

I’m at homeGot ready for summer school.Score: 5/5

InsightLiked app early on and now it randomly it will keep showing connecting, try again later, connecting. And messages will get delayed … New to freshen up site to give it life like Discord.Score: 1/5

Date of Birth (DOB)Why is the app asking me for my DOB? There is no way I would ever send that kind of PII to any Social Media App. I just thought you should know it was asking for it..Score: 4/5

Deleted the ChatsY’all... pls provide a delete chat button. Hiding doesn’t do anything for us..Score: 4/5

The app glitchesI always thought Group me was amazingly great, but now I’d say it’s just great... now it glitches and we’ll that’s “great”. I used to enjoy this app honestly but ever since the last few months I’ve been experiencing weird, random glitches, when using the app on my phone. After a while you get tired of it. I don’t experience these kind’ve issues on my computer. When I’m on my phone I’ll go in and then it says “Welcome, you look great today, ####” and then it kicks me out the app. This error or bug, is a serious issue for the app if it wants to continue gaining users. Not to mention this happens numerous times. I also notice group me rarely has updates. It will not let you preview backgrounds in group chats. If updates were added maybe a greater # of people would keep the app. I hope my feedback was helpful, and that the company will know my honest perspective. The app is great, there just needs to be, equal time. Thank you.Score: 3/5

It’s great, but...I’ve been using GroupMe since high school and into my college years. I love the app and I haven’t had any problems logging in until recently. Sadly I am an Android user( but I own an iPad) and when I send a PIN to my phone to log in, I don’t get a pin. The only thing I would suggest adding/changing is using emails to send PINS. Other than that, the app is amazing. And before anyone asks, yes, I contacted support..Score: 2/5

EhhhThere’s always so many issues with this app there’s always features that don’t work or it just randomly crashes or say you have a notification when you do not. Please fix this. Main issue right now is with the event calendar it will not let me select going or not going..Score: 2/5

AmazingLove that I can connect with my fellow teammates.Score: 5/5

ConnectedThis app is a great way to keep all in touch with what’s going on, especially for those challenged by timing due to other responsibilities.. It allows all to be where they are needed, and disallow those that would say; “I didn’t know”..Score: 5/5

Accessibility Options are LackingNo true dark mode, no ability to change fonts or sizes of fonts, colored themes, notification preferences. It’s either iOS settings (without using iOS true black) or nothing. For an app based around messaging, it sure doesn’t do anything else to make it enjoyable or customizable.Score: 2/5

SEARCH MESSAGES BROKENI can’t search old messages / load more messages since the update. fix this bug.Score: 1/5

AdministratorExcellent Form Of Communication.Score: 3/5

Very excellentThis app is very good I’d you have a group of people that you need to talk to …………..blah blah blah just download it it has NO adds.Score: 5/5

Developers never heard of debuggingThis is the consistently buggiest app I have ever had to use on a regular basis. I have to use it for work, and the it’s had the same bugs for a year and a half. Most notably, there are major problems in functionality when posting pictures and videos. And they vary, depending on the device used. I wouldn’t use this app if I didn’t have to. Get with it, Microsoft..Score: 2/5

Invalid Ph#Was asked by work to use this App. Tried for 2 hours to create a account. Kept getting invalid Ph#. And or when it created a text to validate it couldn’t. BTW why does it generate so many different area code numbers to send a text to verify. Seems very suspicious?.Score: 1/5

Pickleball organizerWe use GroupMe to help organize our PICKLEBALL events. It allows us to see how many people and who will be attending. We can easily cancel and or change times. And it is great to add pictures. It is also nice to use the GroupMe com to help organize the group. This is so much better than group text a lot of other people use..Score: 5/5

Fix your appGroup me is the worst it says 4+ but really it’s telling you you have to be 13+ so I really don’t get it and I’m trying to sign up so I can be on track with my cheer so please someone come and fix this..Score: 1/5

Performanece Lab 🎯Performance Lab ® CORE Formulas support all aspects of human performance, across all walks of life. Boosts work performance and productivity with nootropics for focus, multitasking under stress, creative problem-solving and more. Buy Now!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

PerfectGreat app for group chats, would be good if it had more media support..Score: 5/5

Unable to use.I am completely unable to log in to my account, I know the password and I’m able to logon on quite literally any other platform. Disappointment of an app.Score: 1/5

Good AppGood app. Works well for sending messages between friends worldwide..Score: 5/5

Super gut🤘✌️Ich finde es super um mit Freunde zu schreiben! Die Grafik ist einfach ein bisschen boxig... Sonst wirklich cool 😎.Score: 4/5

Excellent appDoes everything it says and more. Highly recommend..Score: 3/5

Buggy AFThe new patch is super buggy, I can't send photos on iPad also.Score: 1/5

Image qualityGreat app all round except image quality which is absolutely horrendous... I'm continually asked to provide feed back of which is ignored. I can't see why the people at groupme are dragging their feet on this....Score: 3/5

TerribleVery difficult to register. Don't like it..Score: 1/5

GreatEasy to use and a good way to keep in contact with my game friends.Score: 5/5

AwsomeGood way to catchup with friends and family.Score: 5/5

Doesn't work!!!It keeps crashing and won't let me delete misspelled words. Really really annoying glitch!!.Score: 1/5

Group MeAwesome!.Score: 5/5

Simple and versatileGreat for small groups to keep it altogether. Can direct message members. Can post dated events. Able to post images. Suitable to post location with map..Score: 5/5

Needs end to end encryptedLove the app, it’s so simple and easily to use. Only thing is the video in gallery get stuck we you want to watch. Wish you have video calls on the app..Score: 4/5

Effective tool for group communicationClear & easy way to communicate with family & friends with varying levels of social media experience..Score: 5/5

GroupMeFabulous app..Score: 5/5

Great app. Relationship builder. One suggestion though.I really appreciate this apps features. If you could delete your comments once posted, it would be even better, but right now - it's very effective as a group exchange medium..Score: 4/5

Changes neededIt would be appreciated if when an iPad is turned around the screen did also. Ability to download longer video clips would be good. Also need to be able to add comments to a thread..Score: 3/5

Really usefulWhether it is for on-line gaming, or new ways to make connections with people from work to share ideas, this app is really great. Haven't used the SMS features, but the group environments and the running feed are good features..Score: 4/5

Still terribleOk so now I can ad captions to images again. Thank you. It is extremely clunky to do so, it seems I have to use the meme button to get back from making a caption. Please re-release version 4. I will pay money for it..Score: 1/5

Great little app!I work in a creative collective and GroupMe is great for staying in touch with my colleagues. Every little idea can be discussed and elaborated in private before we meet up and flesh the ideas out properly. Highly recommended app! I'm just hoping they'll make a "search chat"- function to find old topics discussed. That's what'll take it to five stars for me..Score: 4/5

Update still buggyStops writing if you delete, use caps lock or auto fill a full stop. Needed more testing before release!.Score: 2/5

Love itIts simple, its easy to use, its got just enough features and it works. That's all I need!.Score: 5/5

App needs to sync better across multiple devicesI don't want to read messages once I've seen them on one device. Also if I mute on one device, I don't necessarily want to mute on all. Other than that, great app.Score: 4/5

MessagesApp is great except for when you get messages that don't always notify you until you click on it but the lag is probably the worse...Score: 4/5

Update makes app unstableEver since the most recent update, the app crashes and gets very slow. It used to be much better..Score: 3/5

DisappointedDoes not send password reset.Score: 1/5

Good but room for improvementGreat but sometimes slow to receive messages..Score: 4/5

Multiple media uploads in one goWhy is that I cannot upload multiple pictures or any other media files at once? This is such a small upgrade..Score: 2/5

The previous version workedVery disappointing. Since the new version, I can't add any new members. The older version was much more user friendly..Score: 1/5

Good group chat experienceBoom Chicka Wow Wow.Score: 5/5

Way more reliable than telegramEasy to use, works as expected.Score: 5/5

Get rid of phone verificationI got this app because a bunch of my friends started a group with it I go to make an account and realise I need a phone number Easy right? Well except I don't have a phone with SMS! There is no option to get the pin via email so I have since deleted the app Add an email verification. You are costing yourselves users. I sincerely hope you read this and take it into consideration.Score: 2/5

Can we have the 'typing' icon back?Love the new design. So slick and smooth. Although I do miss in the chat being able to know when the other person is typing or not. It just kind of confuses the people on both ends. But loving the new design! :).Score: 4/5

Great appGood.Score: 5/5

A delight to use...An uncomplicated messaging system that allows u to connect to various groups and individuals of your choosing....wonderful ....Score: 5/5

QualityGreat for group chats. Use it with multiple games to chat and share pictures..Score: 5/5

They ruined itSo what's changed? Let's take a look: Pros- Does't lag nearly as much in busy rooms when multiple people are typing. YAYYYY! Text you haven't yet posted is retained in the input box of the current chat if you move between groups or direct messages sending stuff in them. Very good 👍 Cons- Taking inspiration from a blank page ... the designers never got very far beyond this. It's white. Very white. If you like your apps stark and your retinas burned this is for you. No pulse icon to inform you of what is happening. Removed from a group? You'll never know why or by whom. Adding members to a group they left will be flagged as successful but it doesn't work. How about a "you can't add this member as they previously left the group" message instead of trying to work out why members aren't appearing? Keyboard issues - it's blank, it won't pop up, it won't go away, it covers the bottom messages. Restart the app to fix. Juggling between system emoji, gm emoticons and standard keyboard is counter intuitive. Expect to pop up the store many times accidentally. Profile pic updates don't flow through. Well sometimes they do after a while, other times they don't at all. Wanna check out your friends new profile pic because it's been frames in a circle cutting off the text or image? Well good luck. Stability - or lack thereof. Frequent crashes. Now needs even more taps to remove yourself from a group, edit its name or pic and to control your muting. Tedious. Sending images and text in one post no longer works. If you want to use the incredibly useful (former) function of captioning your images eg to explain something (not meme) now you have to post the text quickly after. Impossible in a busy group. Similarly, animations from the cam roll always seem to fail to upload automatically - you have to hit retry to send them. If you are trying to write text above or below it's difficult to time this as your posts change order because despite what you see on screen, the pic may or may not be actually posted yet. Wouldn't be a problem if "captioning" worked. All in all a pretty lame update..Score: 2/5

Great appGreat app.Score: 5/5

I can’t add peopleI can’t add people I have sent invites but none of my friends and family have seen them come through please help me!!.Score: 2/5

Can't message anyone.Only one person appears in the list. Everyone has to have this app to message them so it's useless. I just want to replace the message app with a better app that I can send text via sms or internet. If I want to message people and have chats I'll use Facebook messenger.Score: 1/5

When trying to add someoneHi I'm a fan of your app however when I try to add someone with an email address that has numbers in it, it reverts immediately to a phone number and won't allow me to put the email address in. Some people don't like giving out phone numbers so there is no way to add them. Can you maybe put both options in so this doesn't happen. It's really quite annoying. Thanks.Score: 4/5

Great app!!Overall great app, extremely easy to use. Is it possible to get read receipts into group conversations? Other than that, I can't fault it..Score: 5/5

Use it everydayApp works perfectly, me and my mates use it every day, it's the easiest way to stay in contact with each other, couldn't go back to old methods after using this app..Score: 5/5

CrashingKeeps crashing on me the first 2-3 attempts takes me 4-5 turnes to finally get on. Great app overall just c if u can fix this issue thanks :).Score: 3/5

GroupMeThe program is great for the majority of the time. Just recently there was a problem in that it completely removed all rooms from the screen on a couple of occasions..Score: 5/5

Dumb appKeeps telling me my login details are in use or incorrect - which means I can’t use the app..Score: 1/5

Group chat ✅Good way to communicate with a group of people or just one. Although it has trouble keeping up on busy days, freezes while others are typing..Score: 4/5

Very goodVery fast and responsive, perfect for group chats..Score: 5/5

Great, simple , communicationExcellent for high speed chat when it matters, particularly with gaming on the side ;).Score: 5/5

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