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The official Gmail app brings the best of Gmail to your iPhone or iPad with real-time notifications, multiple account support and search that works across all your mail. With the Gmail app, you can: • Undo Send, to prevent embarrassing mistakes • Switch between multiple accounts • Get notified of new mail fast, with notification center, badge and lock screen options • Search your mail faster with instant results, predictions as you type & spelling suggestions • Swipe to archive/delete, to quickly clear out your inbox • Read your mail with threaded conversations • Auto-complete contact names as you type from your Google contacts or your phone • Respond to Google Calendar invites right from the app • Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting and reporting spam • Send and receive attachments • See profile pictures as part of the conversation

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Why did it do thisI hate this app bc when i logged in all my accs where gone i was mad bc i had a lot of money spent on that gmail abd when i tried it said email unknown maybe a typo like no i lost my job i hate this.Score: 1/5

How can I delete email suggestions?Every time I want to send an email, I always see a list of email suggestions. I would like to delete those suggestion except from the people that are on my contact list. What should I do?.Score: 4/5

BootyI installed for an other email address but now when I I know on meet links for school, it just brings me to gmail address. Fix it please.Score: 1/5

BugCan’t open “ promotion” and “ social” mail on the iPhone app.Score: 3/5

No connection after iOS updateI’m getting the “no connection” error since the iOS 14.5 update. This sucks when you’re trying to access emails at curb side pickup in a pandemic lockdown….Score: 1/5

No connectionI keep getting ‘no connection’ message as I try and download message on this app.Score: 1/5

Can’t load subcategoriesRecently I have been able to view emails in subcategories, I.e. promotions and updates etc. I always have to search label:unread to view emails..Score: 2/5

What is this no connection errorFor two days now.Score: 2/5

Have to use website version to access updates or social foldersGet an error message saying there is no connection. Deleting app and just using a browser now..Score: 2/5

Great, trouble free app... exceptIt’s recently been refusing to open my “promotions” folder. Makes it a little difficult to keep on top of emails when I need to go to my laptop to sort through that particular stream. Otherwise, great app - very happy..Score: 4/5

Very frustrated after recent update.Cant open anything other than primary inbox!!!!.Score: 1/5

No ConnectionI’m not sure if there is a glitch but I have full wifi but the app is saying no connection, hopefully it will be fixed soon.Score: 3/5

UhChaque fois je va tester mon amie que peut pas voir mes contact et si je va sur Nouveau clavardage et je click une presonne sa dit errors..Score: 3/5

Search system is miserableIt’s almost impossible to search a specific email in mobile gmail application. I always need to login to my laptop to do it. Also, if I try to search in SENT only it shows that keyword from All mails. My god. This is so annoying..Score: 1/5

Social and promotions category is crashingPlease fix it.Score: 1/5

It’s okBlocked spam still coming through even after reporting & blocking..Score: 2/5

AwesomeGreat app.Score: 5/5

CoolCool.Score: 5/5

BuggyThis app was so buggy that My screen froze and why the #### is the draft not next to primary emails and I got so mad that I threw my patty out the window.Score: 1/5

いいいいいいいいい★☆♪♪♪♪♪.Score: 5/5

Keeps saying no connnectionKeeps saying no connection. I am on the latest update.Score: 1/5

Needs to lessen its mb usageTitle says it all.Score: 5/5

Conversation view offCan you please turn on chat please I have I BFF but she was not in my class so I had I to talk to I another friend but my friend got my BFF to come I was so excited but you guys turned off chat so can you turn on chat please thank you 🙏.Score: 3/5

No connection at promotion tabNo connection at promotion tab.Score: 1/5

"No connection"Getting a no connection popping up and can't check any emails..Score: 1/5

No connectionPromotions and Social tabs no longer work. Ever since the latest update 4 days ago... when are you going to fix this?.Score: 1/5

Something isn’t right!Cannot access folders outside of inbox, also cannot move items to my inbox ... please put a fix in place! 5 star rating when the app works as it’s meant too, but due to this bug rating it 2.Score: 2/5

WHYOne day I was checking my mail, and the craziest thing happened; MY ROOMS AND MESSAGES WERE GONE. I could only find a few, but the rest were completely gone. The same thing didn’t happen to my computer for some reason. That’s really my only complaint, the rest of the app is fine..Score: 3/5

Social and promotion foldersHow come the social and promotion folder aren’t able to be opened. Keeps on saying that there is no connection......Score: 1/5

Meets crash my internetWhen ever i have a meet for school my internet will crash all the time.Score: 2/5

No connection problemI am facing no connection problem in my gmail account when I tried to open updates , ☺️, any solution please.Score: 2/5

Not workingCannot open the inbox folders outside of the primary folder! Really frustrating..Score: 1/5

Connection issuesIt says I have no internet connection every time i open the app, but works fine on the web mobile version Inbox works only on the app if I open the e-mails from my lockscreen notifications, very annoying :(.Score: 4/5

No ConnectionHaven’t been able to check the promotions or social tab for days now on certain accounts. Keeps saying no connection. I’ve had to check emails using a browser. Hope you guys fix it soon..Score: 1/5

Bug with iPhone 11Can’t load emails shows no connection error..Score: 1/5

Not updating emailsSince Tuesday i’ve been trying to look at my emails on the promotion folder and updates folder and they don’t load, it’s telling me No Connection. I've tried with my data and different wifi connections and still not working. Just did the latest update and nothing..Score: 1/5

Please fix unread buttonApp is great but recently the unread button stopped working. When an email is open and it’s clicked, the mail isn’t marked as unread anymore. iPhone 11 iOS 14.Score: 3/5

Block issueI don’t understand why if you block some one their emails still get thru!goes to spam if no filter Why not create an app that totally blocks and deletes the person doesn’t allow emails any further!! And no emails stack up from them!! You block someone their emails stack up till deleted!! Why isn’t a blocked person blocked it goes to the trash if you create a filter but doesn’t delete it! It sits there for thirty days! Fix the block to really block!!!!!! Once someone is blocked their emails shouldn’t back up till their unblocked! I want an email that discards this person totally!!! I shouldn’t have to delete my email from and because one person.Score: 1/5

HelpFor some reason it says that I have a notification when I have already seen everything.Score: 4/5

No connection??Every time I go to look at my updates and social pages to check my work schedule it says I’m not connected when I am very clearly connected to wifi. I don’t know what is going on but would love to figure it out..Score: 1/5

Update caused app not workingAfter recent update the app keeps throwing no connection error and won’t sync emails. I can use everything else even google app and maps at the same time but only this app will show no connection error and won’t work on wifi or data connection whatsoever Please fix..Score: 1/5

URGENTDevelopers! I am not able to open my “updates, promotions, social” on my gmail app! Help.Score: 2/5

UpdatePlease remove spam emails..Score: 4/5

Can’t mark unreadApp can no longer mark emails as unread. Incredibly annoying. This “feature” is over a decade old on smartphone apps, so not sure what the issue is….Score: 1/5

Not receiving notificationFor some reason I’m not receiving notifications from Gmail app anymore..Score: 1/5

As useful as a tide podI don’t understand why google is in control of everything. Hotmail is way better. Come on YouTube, grow a brain..Score: 5/5

Literal b*llsThe app is buggy more times than it works. I can’t even open one email without the app crashing over and over again and then just closing itself. It takes 15 minutes to type out a simple two sentence email and before that can even happen I have to open the app again and again because it keeps freezing and closing on its own. I’m sick and tired of this crappy buggy app the apple mail app is so much better than this garbage..Score: 1/5

No more light theme in app settingsGmail removed the theme setting to allow switching between light and dark modes in the app and now always force the system setting. This is terrible news for me, I like dark theme in iOS but not in my emails..Score: 1/5

No notification glitchIts been like a year and a half since the virus and i couldnt get s job then, so ive been getting help from this agency but for some reason the app is not notifying me anymore, it acts like it forgets to show the number of emails i get.Score: 3/5

AmazingIt’s just the best.Score: 5/5

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Cannot personaliseYou cannot change the background.Score: 1/5

Loading Emails issueI have 4 accounts with gmail and I am not able access Update, Promotions label’s emails. The internet connection is good and I am able to access first account’s all emails but there is issues with other accounts..Score: 1/5

Disabling a dark modeHey I've been trying to disable the dark mode in Gmail app in iphone and watched couple of videos on youtube, i think there might be a bug in your app cause it won't let me switch back to normal mode it works as per system default settings.Score: 1/5

Not loadingMy Gmail worked perfect then yesterday it stopped loading. Mobile data doesn’t work for it. Neither does wifi. Have deleted and run again. Hopefully this fixes it..Score: 3/5

Really GoodThis app is really good in itself, it has all the features I need for work and personal use. I find it very easy to navigate! I recommend this to anybody..Score: 5/5

Broken againGreat app, pity last update broke opening emails in anything but the inbox..Score: 4/5

Can’t Delete Multiple EmailsWhat a retarded app! You can’t delete multiple emails because there is literally no delete option unless you open each email individually and then delete, then go back to list of emails, then open the next one etc... How did this app get past UX testing phase??.Score: 1/5

Notification problemI cannot see the notification at all, tried changed settings in many ways, still not working.Score: 1/5

Rebecca RailWhy oh why do I ALWAYS use the same name - MY NAME?!?!?! And you people never accept it or allow me to, yet again, do it again. Hateful Google. Dark web.......Here I come!!!!!.Score: 1/5

Bubble resetHaving to download the app again, what’s up with the counter???.Score: 2/5

Access from anywhere and improving functionality.The ease of access from multiple devices and intuitive usability are my favorite advantages. But then it just keeps developing and improving to cap it off..Score: 5/5

Bug on iPad miniClicking on VIEW ENTIRE MESSAGE on clipped emails opens a window that immediately closes. Please fix..Score: 1/5

BuggyHas a battery drain bug that only happens when using gmail app. Using built in mail app or outlook app for the same gmail accounts this does not happen. Don’t need a battery killer thank you very much google!.Score: 1/5

Terrible.So, $APPL didn’t like my review complaining about this 320MB piece of bloatware. Came back to subtract another star because it crashed first time I opened it. Back again. No rating stars left to subtract. First email included a web URL. My version of iOS doesn’t let me set a default browser. Gmail only offers other google products. Hate it..Score: 1/5


AdsWould love to be able to access my emails for free without being bombarded with ads that look exactly like emails. That’s why I’ll have to stick to outlook..Score: 1/5

FreezingThe application keep on freezing, it has been for at least 2 weeks. Please fix it. This is really bad, as I can’t check my emails. This happened when new update came out. It’s very important to get it fixed..Score: 1/5

Attachment issuesGoogle always sends an attachment link rather than the actual attachment no matter how many times you change it. logo icon changes don’t always work. The app crashes often..Score: 1/5

Unable to attach files from local directory on phoneI read in an article dated Feb 2020 that local file attachment feature is now available in this app but still it doesn’t give me option to do so. Also I checked at Gmail support forum, no mention of this feature. What is the reason for this restriction given that this basic feature is available in every other email client on iOS..Score: 1/5

HayVẫn như cẩu.Score: 5/5

Not badEasy enough to navigate and use for both personal and work purposes. Only issue is not being able to “select all” in the app to delete or empty a folder, you must select emails one by one. So frustrating..Score: 4/5

Signature failsThe signature option does not work. Although I have attached the signature through the app, it does not appear attached to the email sent..Score: 1/5

ThemeCan’t change the theme with new version.Score: 1/5

Starred ItemsPlease please bring in coloured Starred items. I use this in my desktop gmail but would be handy to show the different started colours in the app and not just yellow :(.Score: 4/5

Still cannot open clipped emails on iPad OSHaven’t been able to open clipped messages on iPad for over a month now and this latest update still hasn’t fixed it. Just stop clipping messages and the problem would be solved..Score: 1/5

PDFs will not openI don’t know why this started happening. But it has been occurring for over 6 months. Software and app have been updated and it does not happen on the Outlook app..Score: 1/5

Unable to mark email as unreadAfter the app update, now: when a new email comes in, I open it and I mark it as unread, it switches back to the main screen and no longer keeps the email unread as some of the emails are important that I usually keep them unread for me to have a look at them later after having a first glance. I again then have to open that read email again and mark it unread, only then it works. Not in the first instance when the email is opened. This wasn’t used to be previously. Annoying!.Score: 3/5

No connectionFix your bugs!!! Can’t do anything on mobile app for almost a week now.Score: 1/5

Buggy versionIf you open an email then close it by clicking the ‘mark as unread’ icon it does not work and the email remains read. So annoying!! The workaround is you have to open it again and click the icon a second time for it to work. Such a fundamental feature broken..Score: 1/5

It was good, but now can’t show most of the emailsI’m unable to see the whole “promotions” and “updates” categories trough this app. Considering that in one of them goes most of the important emails, that quite a deal breaker. Hope it will be fixed soon, so that I don’t need to go to the web version anymore.Score: 2/5

Don’t fix if it’s not broken!!! GrrrrTo the Developers! I don’t understand why you had to update the app when there’s nothing wrong with it in the first place???! Just like everyone else has said... my Iphone is in dark mode BUT WE DON’T WANT the Gmail app to be in dark mode as well! Where is the option to change it back to original setting?? Stop updating or changing anything when there’s no need to! I’m only giving this a star so I can write my review otherwise this doesn’t deserve any star at all!.Score: 1/5

Gmail has gone downhillIt’s so frustrating when you are sending yourself emails as you are trying remove photos and videos off your phone to transfer them to your computer so that you can keep those photos and videos as memories but Gmail decides to disable your account because of it.Score: 1/5

Deceitful LoginPrior version’s sudden issues with attaching images, appear now resolved. App works for me. A gripe, it seems now impossible to easily sign into Gmail while remaining signed out of other Google items (YouTube, Google Search, for example). So you must sign in to Google then individually sign out of the other services if desired. This is borderline devious; it is poor business strategy to embrace trickery or entrapment..Score: 1/5

Unread function brokenAfter marking emails as unread it reverts back to being read. Please fix it as previously it was working fine..Score: 1/5

Cannot change the theme to dark modeAfter recent update for gmail app I cannot change the theme to dark mode anymore On iOS device.Score: 2/5

Promotions tab not connecting on Gmail app for iPhone and iPadMy Promotions tab has suddenly stopped working on the Gmail app on my iPhone and also iPad. I have updated both and still not working, also turned phone on and off. Pretty much done everything! It is working on the desktop version but not on the apps. It doesn’t really make any sense as all the other mailboxes are working perfectly, just the Promotions folder on both accounts says “not connecting.” Please fix Google. Thank-you!.Score: 2/5

BrickedIt just says "No Connection" whether it's 4G or wifi....great work!.Score: 1/5

Broken app in the last 2 days.It broke before the Apple 14.5 update, so I updated to 14.5, and the app itself. Nope still broken, unable to view emails on my iPhone or iPad. Not acceptable as I use this for work and many other commitments. Need to be fixed ASAP..Score: 1/5

BrokenThe "close and Mark as unread" button inside the email view is broken. It closes and marks as read. Pls fix.Score: 1/5

UninstallingDisappointing, so many features have been removed. Why would you do that???.Score: 2/5

Nice app but2021 anyone?.Score: 5/5

Good, but no scrollbar drives me crazyWhyyyyy is there no scrollbar? I can’t tell how long the email I’m reading is and I get long articles in my email occasionally. Please fix it or add an option to turn it on..Score: 4/5

IconsNew google app icons looks like turd covered in glitter..Score: 3/5

🤷🏼‍♀️Yeah it’s fine I guess.....I don’t know.Score: 3/5

Cannot access PromotionsHaving problems accessing the Promotions folder. I only use gmail app on my iPhone. Not the default iPhone emails. I like this app very much and never had any problems before. I keep getting “no connection” when I try to go in to that folder. Can you fix it?.Score: 3/5

Can’t open promotions or social tab...Been like this for days, just says no connection even though the normal mail works fine..Score: 2/5

Promotions email tab saying ‘no connection’Usually have no issues with Gmail app, but after updating app, turning phone on/off the promotions tab still won’t load emails. Very frustrating. Hopefully will be fixed soon!.Score: 2/5

Updates tab won’t loadUpdates tab won’t load and keeps saying “No connection.” and this has persisted for weeks. Very irritating issue that still has not been patched..Score: 1/5

No light mode optionI have my phone in dark mode... but I want my emails in light mode because then I can see it the way it was actually sent without having gmail apply it’s own broken dark mode adjustments to my email... What’s the harm in having a setting to force light mode for us users who have our phone in dark mode but want light mode for emails?!! What’s the harm??? Please bring the option back!!!!.Score: 1/5

Dark ModeCan the developers please give the users the option to choose dark mode or not? I want my iPhone to be in Dark Mode but I want my Gmail to be in default. However, the app follows the phone setting and there’s no way for me to do that unless I turn off the Dark Mode in my phone, which is something I don’t want to do. It’s confusing that all the other apps out there in their default regardless of the phone’s dark mode setting but for some reason Gmail follows the dark mode setting on the phone..Score: 1/5

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