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EpocCam Webcamera for Computer

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Easily turn your phone into a high definition Mac or PC webcam. Perfect for business, online teaching, live streaming and more, EpocCam works seamlessly with popular video conferencing and broadcast software. Connect via USB or stream camera footage to your PC over Wi-Fi, and move freely while broadcasting anywhere in your local network. Shoot in portrait or landscape mode with background blur or enhanced chroma key. Easily add a secondary camera angle to your existing setup. With EpocCam drivers installed on your computer, your phone automatically appears as a webcam in apps like OBS Studio, Zoom and Microsoft Teams (Windows PC only). Employ EpocCam to leverage the superior processing power of your phone, and look just as polished online as you do in person. Highlights: - Webcam App: convert your phone into a high definition computer webcam. - Professional Quality: conference call and live stream in 1080p, HDR, and more. - Software Friendly: OBS Studio, Zoom, Microsoft Teams (Windows PC only) and more. - Modes and Effects: portrait, landscape, background blur, chroma key. - Perfect for Remote Work: business, online teaching, content creation, etc. - Easy Multicam Solution: add another camera angle to your setup. - Wireless Freedom: connect via Wi-Fi for unrestricted movement. - One-Time Setup: phone automatically appears as a webcam in computer software. - Compatibility: works with Mac and Windows PC. Turn your phone into a webcam in minutes: 1. Get the EpocCam app 2. Download and install the computer drivers 3. Connect phone to PC via Wi-Fi or USB 4. Set EpocCam as the webcam on your computer Requirements: - EpocCam App: iOS 13.0 or later - EpocCam Drivers: macOS 10.14 or later / Windows 10 - Wi-Fi network or USB cable Learn more: https://elgato.com/epoccam

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It works with Mac, just not on discordIt works with Mac, just not on discord application. If you want it to work on discord you have to use the chrome page and not the discord app on your computer. I use it with OBS.Score: 5/5

Paid version doesn’t work on MACPROThe free version worked great. Not a single hiccup. I decided to pay for the full app and was excited. The pro version does not work at all. Connection will not establish. I would like a refund please..Score: 1/5

Bugs and more bugsI had a hard time using it when I needed it last year. I did finally get it to work but the screen is a blur..Score: 1/5

The free version works betterThe camera freezes. No amount of closing and reopening fixes. It just sorta fixes itself at some point. The microphone worked once in the past 5 meeting I’ve had. The blue works well. And the camera works well when it works. But as I said, the free version was more consistent..Score: 2/5

Super confusing and doesn’t work very wellI am tech savvy but I’m wondering if this application is incompatible with macs. My friend uses it and highly recommended it to me for streaming but it did not cooperate and kept having to reconnect despite being connected via USB and wifi. The support links are extremely unhelpful too lol.Score: 1/5

Awful lag!!Had a lag that would be 30 seconds or more behind while I was connected via USB. I do not recommend!.Score: 1/5

Buggy and inconsistentI found this buggy and inconsistent when switching between modes, and frequently had to restart it. I think it should be refined for $8, and also allow basic camera functions so you can have a portrait mode/blurred background..Score: 2/5

Fantastic substitute for expensive webcamIt would be great if there were some filters/ picture controls. The image can be pretty harsh compared to webcam imaging..Score: 4/5

Stay with the free versionHad the free version and it does exactly what a camera does. Nothing more, nothing less. And I was happy with that. I started streaming some games on my PC and so I figured I’d buy the pro version to get additional features. The green screen doesn’t work at all. It’s choppy and cuts off parts of my face and body, then it will totally fail to appear. When the phone is flipped while green screen is on, the app crashes. When the green screen is enabled, the camera is flipped either upside down or horizontally flipped. Total waste and it hasn’t been fixed for months..Score: 2/5

Crashing windows 10Driver update is crashing windows 10.Score: 1/5

It’s really good. A+ app!You’d be hard pressed to find anything that works this well. It works amazingly well with my 12 Pro Max and M1 Mac Mini. I use it for Zoom, Meet, Loom, and Screencastomatic. Well worth it for $8! It doesn’t work with FaceTime. That’s the only drawback for me. :(.Score: 4/5

Worth the moneyI’m an iPhone 11 Pro user and use this on my M1 MacBook Air 2020. This application has allowed my iphone brilliantly as my webcam and it is NOTICEABLY better than both the build in webcam AND better than the Logitech c920 webcam. I personally use the usb connection as it is more reliable and no delay when using it with zoom. FaceTime cannot see th phone which is no big deal. Zoom is my daily driver for video conferencing so this is perfect. A plus side I was not expecting is I can use the ultra wide lens on my iPhone! Didn’t think I’d care but it is great especially with a smaller space to work in. Truly worth your time and money for this application. Makes your iPhone even more valuable tool that you use all the time..Score: 5/5

Money saverThis helps me not to buy a webcam and just use my phone thank you.Score: 5/5

TERRIBLE!Purchased the pro a few days ago thinking i was going to get high quality webcam for my live streaming-WRONG. It has caused so many issues, disconnects frequently and has become unusable completely. I want a refund!.Score: 1/5

Great appThe App is very useful and convenient. It’s nice not having the ads. I would recommend this over the free one because of all the additional features. For the the software side I would recommend that you check for there latest drivers. This helps connecting to the computer more easily..Score: 5/5

Before you buyIf your are a MacBook Pro M1 owner, let me give you an advise before you work. I’ll give you a list that the app does work first for macOS 1. Skype 2. Zoom 3. Signal Apps that don’t work as for now 5/2021 for macOS 1. FaceTime 2. Messenger 4. What’s app 5. Microsoft teams The quality on the camera is good … too bad they don’t have center stage option for the new iPad Pro … please fix updates … so far 4/5 stars 🎥.Score: 1/5

They want me to pay twiceThe app is total trash It’s only 8 dollars, that adds up if you get Ten thousand suckers to purchase it It will also burn your cam up, a phone is a phone. If you have the old paid version of epocam and the app icon is read the Kinoni version -elgato will not help You on support, even tho the bought Kinoni out, such greed to ask you to purchase again..Score: 1/5

Epocam did not work well with my iphone xrI bought this app based on the reviews and found it disappointing. I wanted it to use it with zoom to teach a class. Although I selected the video in zoom and it worked for a while, I found that it quit after only a few minutes. I got it restarted, but it would not keep going for any extended length of time. It was very erratic..Score: 1/5

Recorded sound is often laggy and cutFor the record: I am having a decent internet connection using Wifi-6. Over wifi, the recorded sound will often be laggy and pretty unusable. I don’t use the app wired (I purchased this intending to use it via Wifi), although I can certify it does work via USB. So after a few attempts, here I am having wasted time with this app. Not reliable and thus worthless over wifi..Score: 2/5

Extreme LagIm using this app with an iPhone 7 Plus connected via USB to a Windows Pc. The lag is unbearable. No exaggeration it’s at least a 5minute lag and nothing I do improves it. Very disappointing..Score: 1/5

I love this app but...I love this app but the only problem is we can’t fully control the camera, I wish u add exposure control and iso + please add 60FPS and 4k resolution that would be great ..Score: 4/5

Quality not worth the priceI was excited to have a camera of good quality that was easy set up but the camera built into my mac looks better than what this app produces unfortunately.Score: 1/5

Camera is Delayed in Obs it’s so hard to fixPlease fix this.Score: 1/5

Works great but the screen locks unless I go into the settings and turn off screen lock!Otherwise perfect! Thank you!.Score: 5/5

Constant crashingIt crashes constantly every time I tried to stream. Waste of money. Tried different phones and iPad and Mac & windows. All crashing. Waste of money. Wish I could get a refund.Score: 1/5

It’s okNeeds more camera settings.Score: 4/5

EasyIt works!.Score: 5/5

UnimpressedSo far I’m impressed with this app. It completely crashed during a funeral I was trying to live stream. When it works it a great. But I can’t use something that crashes so often. Better off using “Shoot” which is more stable..Score: 2/5

SpottyIt will work then all of a sudden it stops working. I go to Activity Monitor on my Mac and stop EpocCam and it starts back up sometimes. Meanwhile my broadcast is interrupted. I wish I could get a refund and purchase a better app..Score: 1/5

No camera lens optionsI purchased the pro version because I wanted the wide lens options but they are not there. I downloaded it on my 7+ and Xr phones and it’s the same thing, I cannot change camera lens. Would like a refund if it’s not compatible.Score: 2/5

Game Changer everyone should use.I am constantly being asked about my web cam and its exceptional quality. I constantly “win” my Zoom or any other streaming platform meetings. Why? My EpocCam via my iPhone 11. So clear and crisp and honestly it not even a contest with traditional or built in web cams. People think I’m using a dslr or camcorder. Get it today and don’t look back..Score: 5/5

It was fantastic until the last update…This was a solid alternative until this most recent update. When trying to open EpocCam Viewer on Windows 10, the faulty drivers cause my computer to BSOD. It’s the “kinon” driver that’s causing the issue. I have tried to install/uninstall for the last 4 hours but it still is happening. Hopefully this issue can be resolved as soon as possible..Score: 3/5

UsefulVery useful, I don’t have a webcam so this helps out a lot. I don’t know why it’s 8 dollars though, could’ve been at least 5 at most..Score: 5/5

Won’t connect half the time.The fix is have to go into activity monitor..Score: 2/5

Good app10/10.Score: 5/5


CRASHING MY PCI bought the app just now hoping it won’t crash my PC, but I was completely wrong. It was a mistake buying this. Why does it keep crashing? Please fix it. I tried using it on Streamlabs and OBS, but my PC keep showing blue screen of death. PLEASE FIX ASAP. I’ve loved this app before even when it was the lite version..Score: 1/5

Crashes Every 5-10 Minutes While StreamingThe free version of the app is stable and I used it for roughly 2 weeks of 6+ hour streams with no issues. Paid app crashes every 5-10 minutes and I need to stop what I’m doing and restart the app to get it to work again only for it to crash again after 5-10 minutes. Going to try and refund this..Score: 1/5

A bit fiddly on Mac, excellent while working.FYI the Mac OS drivers don’t do respond well when the computer goes to sleep. I have to force quit the driver from Activity monitor to allow a connection again. It’s an easy workaround, but not for all users. That being said, while it’s working the quality is fantastic as promised. And you get to take advantage of your phone’s excellent microphone as well (using a 12).Score: 4/5

Great camGreat cam!.Score: 5/5

Me gusta funciona bienLa App es perfecta para conectar a tu Macboock pro.Score: 5/5

Works terribly for macOSThe app works about half the time. Each I time I use it I either have to redownload the driver or open and close the app several times..Score: 1/5

Scam?So all in all the app is good, but there are a couple of things that just grinded my gears. For one the free version and the not free version are basically the same, you claim it can go up to 1080p yet when I import the camera into OBS it’s only 480p on the “best quality tab” (you can’t even select the resolution) but I mean if you use the free version great! I’d recommend not buying the pro. (Also after trying to set a custom FPS/res it just blue screens my PC).Score: 3/5

Allow microphone selectionWhile using discord on my phone I learned that my voice was better than my voice while using epoccam on the same hardware (iPhone XR). Allow us to select microphone we wish to use as the webcam microphone please! 🤞.Score: 4/5

OkLooses connection.Score: 2/5

BSODThe new update has crashed my i5 thinkpad twice in a row now after installing.Score: 2/5

Video delayI got the paid version of the app and i tried to use the camera for discord on my windows pc and there was a 30+ second delay in the camera.Score: 1/5

Does not workThis app doesn’t work with almost any of the listed apps.Score: 1/5

Does not show you what computer connected to or power to switch over WiFiSays connected but won’t say to what pc. All devices off so how is it connected? Waste of money.Score: 1/5

Would give zeroWhy does it say it works for max if it doesn’t. Complete waste of my time and money. Useless to all max users so do not even attempt….Score: 1/5

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Terrible after sales serviceNice product when it worked, but trying to get technical support to resolve wifi connection issues with Bonjour has been hopeless. Like the product when it worked, but disappointed on the level of technical support with Kinoni software..Score: 1/5

Good image, poor soundImage quality is pretty good, but you need to buy the full version to get sound as well. And that is really not worth it. Tried everything I could, including a dedicated microphone, but was not able to get steady and noise free sound. The app by their main competitor did give me good sound with the same equipment. So I deleted this one and will use theirs, I am sorry to say..Score: 3/5

LatencyThere is a big problem with latency, we are trying to fix it, but it’s very hard..Score: 3/5

DisappointedI bought this app understanding that it would fully replace a webcam and provide the quality of an iPhone camera. I attempted to use this for a livestream and it was thwart with constant problems. The camera dropped out several times during the livestream for no apparent reason, and it eventually got to the point where I gave up and started using my webcam on my pc 🤦‍♂️ my iPhone XS is recently purchased and the charger lead was brand new and these problems still persisted. I would get my money back if I could, feel like my time has been wasted and a very stressful circumstance arose from trying to use this software..Score: 1/5

Blue screen of DeathEvery 5 minutes I get BCOD on my PC when I use this.Score: 1/5

OkayOkay.Score: 5/5

Worth the upgrade.Very impressed. Does exactly what they say, turns your iPhone into a high quality webcam. I’ve had zero issues and has always worked as expected..Score: 5/5

Wasted moneyVery disappointed, phone camera always drops out connected with usb and takes soooo long to connect. Very disappointed..Score: 1/5

Doesn’t keep the screen onThe app closes after a couple minutes unless I tell the phone to not autologous from the settings. No other camera app seems to do this. Please fix..Score: 3/5

Not for Business UseNot very good at all. Unstable and not good to use for business meetings, unprofessional when you can't hear or be heard. Gave up and bought a Webcam..Score: 3/5

Great App but a few tweaks are welcomeI would use this app more frequently if the following enhancements were included: 1. Portrait Mode 2. Performance stability - there are times when there is a lag in the camera. The times where stability isn’t an issue and when Landscape mode is suitable...this app is superb!.Score: 4/5

Expensive toy - uselessIPhone 11 Pro with current iOS I bought this for zoom calls, very expensive upgrade from free version. For one this disconnects and drops USB connection all the time, very frustrating when leading zoom calls Secondly it broadcasts the resolution settings of my iPhone live, ridiculous.Score: 1/5

Didn't work with latest software on iphone 11 pro and Macbook pro 2019With the cable. Teams can see mic but not a camera....Score: 1/5

Do not buy this appThis app is absolutely hopeless! It did not work AT ALL linking between my ipad and iPhone 7. The help instructions are laughable. do not buy it!!!!.Score: 1/5

IncompatibleIt may be a good camera but i have been unable to connect it so the tradition so software apps mainly because apple will only use the default laptop camera. after spending nearly a day trying to fix i give up .....really I have to delete X source terminal code. all a bit too hard.Score: 1/5

Cannot use with ZoomEpocCam is off when iPhone screen is turned off. Have to turn on screen all the time..Score: 1/5

Doesn’t work as a webcamDon’t but this, it doesn’t work as advertised as a webcam in skype or slack or zoom or facetime etc due to Apple security changes in Mojave / Catalina.Score: 1/5

Doesn’t hit the markWhilst a great concept I’ve found that this doesn’t really hit the mark for a webcam replacement. Audio is laggy on both wifi and usb connection. Background noise is amplified but video is good. It was a cheap alternative but one that I won’t be keeping..Score: 2/5

Wasted my moneyPaid for this to connect to my computer for zoom meetings. Worked really well to start with. I could choose what resolution I wanted in settings (480p/720p/1080p) then the app was updated for the new iOS 14. And now I can’t choose my resolution and the video lags more the 60sec when using the app. Complete waste of money. Really disappointed!.Score: 1/5

Consistently failed to connectReinstalled twice then I gave up.Score: 1/5

Landscape mode is not intuitiveI upgraded to the pro version for the HD definition as I’m doing screen tests over Zoom for roles. However, finding out how to get the app to relay the image in landscape was not intuitive and I couldn’t call you guys for help as it was out of hours. It would be great if you can add this into the hamburger menu or somewhere else to quickly guide someone whose using this app for the first time..Score: 4/5

TerribleThis app is horrible, every time I used it, it cut out and it refused to work via cable so I had to use WIFI Half the time it wouldn’t even connect. If I had an option of a refund I would do it..Score: 1/5

Crashes when using it for over 20 minutesI use this app with a iPhone 8 and every 20 minutes it crashes and it’s annoying because I have to take it off the mount and put it back on could you fix this problem please that would be great but the app it self is amazing to use just need to fix that one problem I’m having.Score: 3/5

Auto lock issuePlease fix the auto lock issue, otherwise 5 stars..Score: 5/5

Mic issuePictures are great on zoom Skype but paid for full HD version no joy with mic ... please advise.Score: 1/5

Watch this spaceI paid $12.99 for this app and was pleased with its performance for the first videoconference. It stopped connecting within 24 hours and despite reloading the app and the Mac OS drivers 5 times, and restarting my computer 3 times, it never connected again. The developers responded quickly to my request, suggesting I update Zoom. I advised them this had no effect. Watch this space..Score: 1/5

Waiting on audio for MacThis will become a 5 star review when audio support for Mac arrives. I really need it!.Score: 3/5

Beware: App never worked and support desk offered no supportFree app worked fine so I upgraded to paid app. Never worked in a month of trying. Contacted Kinoni support and they suggested I ask for a refund. This product must be so flawed that not even the support desk can offer support to make it work!.Score: 1/5

False advertisingI bought this and found that it did not work as a camera for Microsoft Teams and Skype. When I reported the issue to the developer they told me that Teams was not supported, even though Teams features prominently in their screenshot..Score: 1/5

Temperamental setup and connection with no micJust purchased the pro version and had to reinstall driver several times for connection. I now have the issue with no mic. I will be asking for a refund after wasting 2 hours of my time on this issue. Shame, because it looks like it would be a good app when working..Score: 1/5

AmazingWorks as described.Score: 5/5

Getting more reliable nowNow that Zoom permits virtual cameras again, EpocCam is a great piece of software to use to turn your iphone into a very high-quality webcam. I was having problems with it crashing but updating to the latest MacOS drivers (downloadable from the EpocCam website) has made it very reliable..Score: 4/5

Below averageMicrophone keeps dropping out with Zoom forcing me to use a separate device for this. So basivcally paid $12.99 for a camera up I could have got for free..Score: 1/5

Until recentlyJust stopped working randomly.Score: 1/5

Does not work with OBSThis does not work with OBS on mac. Paid for the app downloaded drivers and works on iPhone but OBS does not recognise as a source. Don’t waste your time or money if you need it for OBS..Score: 1/5

ToDjdjdnx d.Score: 5/5

Latest update breaksEither the newest update or updating my MacBook to 11.2 has broken it and now the app doesn't connect (either with cable or wifi).Score: 2/5

Great but missing one thingWould be 5 stars but it is missing 60fps and full usage of the phone camera eg wide angles and fov.Score: 4/5

Use Iriun Webcam InsteadI purchased EpocCam HD after getting satisfactory results with EpocCam Free. For my purchase, I received 20 second plus lag and multiple blue screens of death. I’d ask for a full refund if it were possible..Score: 1/5

GreatWorks as expected..Score: 5/5

Complicated and got nowhereHelpful videos on YouTube useless. I’m buying a webcam and avoiding all the heartache..Score: 1/5

Forces VirtualMic & iOS Mic Access when all I wanted was an external webcamYou guys know you could make the iOS Mic Access & macOS VirtialMic make a choice for those who don’t want it. Also the necessary software to use this on macOS is always running aka loads @boot & User is given no option to turn it off...Score: 1/5

Fails for meUsing Win 10 this product failed me. So it works, but then you realise that clear picture comes at a cost- bandwidth . Essentially you go back to your devices camera after one or two calls , another con really....Score: 2/5

Rating to use front camera for a paid app poorThis rating is just to use a function I have already paid for. Terrible choice..Score: 5/5

There is a price!!!!!NO ONE TOLD ME I HAD TO 12.99AUD EVERY MONTH TO USE THIS APP WHAT THE HELL. I get told this app is really good and I use it and boom I pay something that im not even aware off because when I watch youtubers they say its free. Most have hear that wrong!.Score: 1/5

AverageGreat if you do not have a good webcam or camera, except I do not appreciate being forced to review it. Would also be much better if they could support 60fps over thunderbolt.Score: 3/5

Trying to make it workWill let you know soon.Score: 5/5

BSOD and Chroma OffI purchased this app last year (the pro version) and it worked flawlessly, with the original Kinoni drivers on Windows 10. With the latest app update, after being acquired by Corsair, I was met with several breaking problems. I now could not alter the restricted Field-of-View, and the colour output on Zoom/Discord/camera had a blue tone over it - I assume the wrong YCbCr configuration. Worse still, opening the EpocCam viewer on my PC resulted in a Blue-Screen of Death (BSOD) - i.e crashing my computer. I even updated the windows drivers but it did not help, resulting in a second BSOD that I had to use recovery mode to resolve. I am aware that your release notes mention this BSOD issue but, clearly, it is not fixed. I also do not know why the update would cause such a severe issue on your part. Overall, being unable to downgrade this app to the previous (flawless) version, I can no longer use it. I paid for the app when it was working, but with its current state I am writing this for the dev team; and to warn future users..Score: 1/5

Keeps turning offKeeps cutting off while on calls.Score: 1/5

The bestNo need to buy a webcam.Score: 5/5

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EpocCam Webcamera for Computer app imageEpocCam Webcamera for Computer app imageEpocCam Webcamera for Computer app imageEpocCam Webcamera for Computer app imageEpocCam Webcamera for Computer app imageEpocCam Webcamera for Computer app imageEpocCam Webcamera for Computer app imageEpocCam Webcamera for Computer app imageEpocCam Webcamera for Computer app imageEpocCam Webcamera for Computer app image

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