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FiLMiC Pro v6 is the most advanced cinema video camera for mobile. Ever. FiLMiC Pro features cutting-edge capabilities and is the most responsive manual filming app available on mobile. A multi-time iOS Video Camera App of the Year, FiLMiC Pro has been used in more high profile video projects by award winning directors than any other app: Unsane & High Flying Bird - Steven Soderbergh Tangerine - Sean Baker Lose You to Love Me - Selena Gomez music video Supid Love - Lady Gaga music video Detour - Michel Gondry Snow Steam Iron - Zack Snyder No Love Like Yours - Olivia Wilde The Best Years of a Life (Cannes 2019) - Claude Lelouch FiLMiC Pro provides filmmakers, newscasters, teachers, vloggers, and artists with the capability to shoot in a true LOG gamma curve (included in the CineKit optional in-app purchase). LOG V2/V3 allows for greater tonal range and flexibility in post production by expanding dynamic range by up to 2.5 extra stops and setting the iPhone’s capabilities on par with traditional camera systems costing thousands more. † Note: Multicam support is not included in FiLMiC Pro but is available in our free app: DoubleTake. v6 Banner Features: •Dual arc slider controls for manual focus and exposure. •Live analytics suite including Zebras, Clipping, False Color and Focus Peaking. •Dolby Vision HDR support on 12 series iPhones (limited to 4K 30fps and not compatible with the CineKit IAP). • 10-bit SDR support for 12 series devices. • Clean HDMI Out for monitoring and webcam use (adapters required). • Ramped zoom rocker control. • Waveform monitor including tri-mode histogram. • White balance adjustment matrix with custom presets. • Content Management System for file naming. • FiLMiC Sync account to store presets in the cloud and share between devices. • Gamma curve controls for Natural, Dynamic, Flat and LOGv2/V3. † • Live shadow and highlight controls. † • Live RGB, saturation and vibrance controls. † († Available as an optional in-app purchase and limited to 30fps at 4k and 60fps at 1080p. Log V3 available on 12 series in 10-bit only). Foundation Features: • Standard, manual and hybrid shooting modes. A shooting style for any skill level. • Apple Watch support for remote start/stop and live video preview. • Vertical and landscape orientations. • Variable speed zoom. • Sync audio frame rates of 24, 25, 30, 48, 50 and 60 fps. • High speed frame rates of 60,120, 240 fps (hardware dependent). • Slow and fast motion FX. • Time lapse recording. • Tri-mode histogram, including waveform. • Downsampling to multiple sizes/resolutions. • Saved shooting presets. • Aspect ratio framing guide overlays. • Image stabilization. • Support for FiLMiC Remote. Remote allows you to control an iOS device running FiLMiC Pro with a second device running FiLMiC Remote. Full manual controls with pull capabilities for: • Exposure: ISO and shutter speed • Manual focus • Zoom 8 aspect ratios including: • Widescreen (16:9) • Super 35 (2.39:1) • Letterbox (2.20:1) • Ultra Panavision (2.76:1) • Square (1:1) Share your video through any iOS share-capable apps like: Facebook, DropBox, FTP. 4 encoding options to balance quality and file size: • FiLMiC Extreme (offers up to 150Mbps encoding at 4K on latest gen devices) • FiLMiC Quality • Apple Standard • Economy 3rd Party Hardware Support: • 1.33x and 1.55x anamorphic lens desqueeze • 35mm lens adapters • Horizontal flip Supported Gimbals: • Zhiyun Smooth 4 • Movi Cinema Robot • DJI OSMO Mobile 1/2/3/4 Advanced Audio Features: • Pro audio formats: PCM, AIFF, AAC • 44.1 & 48kHz sample rates • Headphone monitoring • Pro audio meter • Manual input gain • External microphone level control Note: Not all features available on older devices.

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RubbishI purchased the app because i learnt that in the new version i can get clean hdmi output. Unfortunately it doesnt work on my ipad pro 2018 12.9 inches. I am using a usb-c to hdmi dongle which is giving output signal to elgato camlink 4k which is linked to computer as input device. However the output is just a green screen. Tried it by repeatedly switching output off and on, removing and reattaching the dongle, powering the dongle as well as without power. Tried the hdmi output button on app multiple times but no success. All it outputs is a green or black screen. Tried every setting under the roof but it doesn’t work. Feel like i have been robbed off my money..Score: 1/5

Amazing 4-Year Experience On The Filmshooting FieldExcelent overall experience for four year in the terrain. Sometimes some annoying bugs, VERY QUICKLY fixed. Never spouled a single shot during action. Setup: DJI Osmo, iPhone (Max sizes), external batteries and HDD/SDD’s, DJI boompoles accessories when and where needed. BOOM! Go and experience yourselves. 10 Stars out of Five ! ❤️.Score: 5/5

No log2 at 60fpsAfter paying twice over to get the app then unlocking the log2 I find that it doesn’t work over 30fps. I’ve spend about £30 on something that doesn’t actually work!.Score: 2/5

GreatGreat app.Score: 5/5

Great video quality but UI desperately needs an overhaul.The flat v2 profile is very good. If I need something in the best quality, nothing beats this, not even iPhone 12 Dolby Vision. But in any situation where you may need to change the frame rate, lens or resolution etc this is where this app fails. Just to change any setting is about 5 taps including getting back to the recording screen. Any other app including the default or Beastcam has this available on the main screen, my hidden away in settings. Updating the UI would easily make this a 5* app..Score: 3/5

Great and also frustratingOverall I really like this app. It could be 5 stars but there are a few little annoying things and 1 big annoying thing that drive me nuts. That big thing is setting the exposure. The general idea of the interface is nice unless you want to dial in a specific value because it’s not precise enough. If I want ISO 200 to match my main DSLR settings, it’s not hard to get 198 or 203 but getting 200 is nearly impossible. What makes it more annoying is that it would be so easy to avoid. Option 1: make the dial less sensitive Option 2: have the dial snap to the main ISO values that are on every other camera (200, 400, 600 etc) Option 3: tap and hold on the dial or the numbers and have a box pop up where I can type in the value I want. As for the little annoying thing, one happened when I did finally manage to get the dial to ISO200 so tried to save it as a preset to avoid the frustration next time. Apparently exposure doesn’t save as a preset. If you offer the option of saving setting, save ALL the setting, not just the ones you decide are relevant. Like I said, I like the app, it could be great but it seems to lack some common sense which result in making it frustrating to use. Ok, rant over..Score: 3/5

Best camera app for any mobileUsed filmic pro for a few years now, this is an app that is worth taking a bit of time to get used to using. Captures video perfectly, especially if you are going to be doing a bit of work post production, works well with external mics but I recommend taking time with them to make sure settings are right. This is a professional app, if you want a high end camera in your pocket that will take a £50 rode mic to plug in and produce serious quality that you would otherwise have to spend thousands on a camera for, then this is the app to buy. This app is extremely cheap for what you get..Score: 5/5

Not what I signed up and paid forVery disappointed. The filmic pro (a costly app) along with the add on app for color control (another costly addition) - does not work with my iPhone 11 Pormax. The iso/focus toggle does not work at all despite clicking on it a 100 times and repeatedly refreshing the app. The video is very grainy and I made a few in different settings and light conditions. Tried contacting Filmic Pro support page for help but the page and support is unavailable. What’s the deal? Are you planning to help customers or just charge them monies for apps that do not work???.Score: 1/5

Sound is dreadfulThe management of sound recordings on the iPad is dreadful. Completely inconsistent on the same settings and worse quality than the standard control on the actual device. Certainly not worth the money..Score: 1/5

Not everything is included!The app is very good and allows lots of control over your phones camera. Although I was disappointed to find that not all the features are enabled you have to pay another £13.99 to get everything unlocked. I wasn’t aware of this as I had watched YouTube clips of the app and this hasn’t been mentioned anywhere to my knowledge. If I had known this I may not have been so keen to purchase. I purchased the remote app too. So in total already spent £19.99 now need to spend more to enable it all!.Score: 4/5

Best video recording appIf your just starting out or been mobile film making for a wile this is the only app you will ever need it hots all of the features of a DSLR but a lot cheaper and just as good I've tried other apps but once I tried this app I thought why did I waste my money on other apps.Score: 5/5

Standard iPhone remote shutter release comparability please.Good app but it would be nice if you could use a cheap Bluetooth shutter release to start / stop video, as you can with the iPhone camera app..Score: 4/5

Beautiful. But painful 😣Sooooo Filmic is beautiful. But painful 😣 The setting makes things sharper and wider, but!!!! The memory needed to film through the app than through my phone was way more than a video shoot through my phone. I had to delete loads and still didn’t have enough memory to film a video 🙈 My ibuds which I used as a mic, echod everyword I said. So I had my own voice repeating back into my ear. Andddddd it made my phone so hot thought it was gonna over heat and stop working. So maybe not a great option.Score: 1/5

Still not improvedNeed to be able to have a button on the recording screen to choose between the cameras .... this in the long run holds you back so much having to go all the way through the settings.Score: 1/5

What an amazing app, but wondering is it possible to zoom and pull focusI love this camera app, it’s amazing. I was just wondering would it be possible on the next update to be able to control both the focus and zoom independently? Maybe it’s not something even a dedicated camera can do, I’ve actually never owned a dedicated camera so I have no idea. What I’d like is to be able to zoom into something and also be able to focus into whatever I’m zooming into..Score: 5/5

No soundUsed to work fine but now I can’t record any sound I’ve tried every conceivable option but doesn’t work.Score: 3/5

Great appI am really enjoying using this application it really adds value to the functionality of the cameras on my iPads and iPhone..Score: 5/5

Amazing app! So much more detailI love this app, i can great results from it. I love how good the video looks. I was going to invest in a separate camera for filming, but since ive discovered this app ive just bought moment lenses instead..Score: 5/5

Grain/Noisey footageI’ve used this app now twice on well lit walks, used good ISO setting etc, but the noise on the footage is just frustrating. I’ve tested the native camera app in the same conditions and it comes out with absolutely zero noise in comparison. Also the app is jittery, even with stabilisation on. Yet the native app looks like it uses a gimbal it’s so steady. One other thing, the Cinematographer Kit, which is an additional £13.99, doesn’t work in anything over 30fps. Even though, it advertises it to you when shooting in 60Fps. Apple are just as bad, refusing to refund the money, even though it’s false advertising. I would like a refund. I can’t afford things like this in the first place, but when they’re not what they say they are, I don’t expect to have to keep them. I’m having to lock AE/AF in the native app to get better results than Filmic Pro. If Apple just put manual controls as a feature nobody would be getting ripped off by FP..Score: 1/5

Not workingThis app isn’t working on my iPhone xs. How do I go about getting a refund?.Score: 1/5

Not pro really, not even close.Tech companies use the word “Pro” like hotels used the word “quality” back 20 years ago, so it’s turning into an oxymoron sadly. This app desperately needs integration with ALL gimbals not just two. I have a Zhiyan Smooth X, which is newer than the 4 yet it’s not supported. That’s poor, really poor. Hopefully the zoom functionality uses all the lenses to smoothly zoom in or out ultrawide like the stock iOS camera app does excellently. But I can’t test that sadly. Until then this is not a Pro app for anyone that truly needs pro functionality and uses a variety of equipment depending on their needs..Score: 1/5

Cheap tricksIt was not necessary to hide the in app purchase !!! I read and watched many videos ,didn’t notice anything about in app purchase and it is frustrating to know one have to pay extra 14 dollars to use the log profiles( only good thing on the app). Really cheap strategy..Score: 1/5

Bad qualityI have an iPhone XR só I didn’t think I’d have an issue. Sometimes when I can’t use a DSLR camera I’d turn to this app to record footage for my YouTube channel “Little Miss Josephine”. But, this once the videos are transferred to my hard drive ready to be edited on premier pro the footage tends to be very poor. Therefore not a nice sight for viewers. I’ve had this issue twice now and I wouldn’t recommend this application..Score: 1/5

Not reliable keep crashing after few minutesNot reliable keep crashing after few minutes of recording even my new iphone 12 maxpro. also this phone can video 4k 60fps but filmic allow only 30fps if you want to use vlog or flat. They should so an update.Score: 2/5

LiveGreat software are use it all the time. Is it possible we can have live broadcasting from this app? It will be a killer feature..Score: 5/5

Overheating known issueThere’s a known issue with this. Shooting for ‘longer’ periods overheats the iPhone 8 Plus and possibly other models. The devs know of it, there’s nothing they can do other than tell you to cool down your phone with ice & towels :) 15 minutes into a shoot the app freezes. And the solution offered is to wait until the phone is cool enough to use again in short 4-5 minute bursts. While none of this is the devs fault, it’s the phone that overheats, it annoys me that they advertise it as a pro level movie capable camera app. Which is true, as long as you only shoot in 5 minute intervals with a 30 minute cool down window, or an ice bucket ;).Score: 2/5

And wireless clean video output tooI’ve had Filmic Pro for a good few years but haven’t used the iPhone for video much recently. Today I redownloaded it again the reason... it provides clean (no overlays) wirelessly using Airplay to an Apple TV. HDMI from Apple into an ATEM Mini and voila, a wireless camera using an iPhone (12 Pro so it can use any of the 4 lenses too). That’s just outstanding. Oh, and it’s still a very good video app too. The whole setup cost me nothing as I had all the bits already but I’d buy Filmic Pro just for that one feature..Score: 5/5

Did not work with my iphone 11 and external micI bought this to film a video but unfortunately when using this app my mic did not work, instead i got a loud static sound. The mic works perfectly with the iphone camera app..Score: 1/5

Have to pay extra for the good stuffBought this app for the log video recording and then had to pay extra for it!!! Seriously! Double the cost for this already not cheap app. Seriously frustrating to be treated this way. Make two apps: Standard and Pro, and give the free one away..Score: 2/5

Awesome appThis is an awesome app which has helped me improve my videos and audio content. I love the fact I can use my AirPods Pro’s with this app, and even can control my DJI Osmo gimbal. Keep up the great work. The sister app Double take is also an awesome companion to the main app..Score: 5/5

No rivalsDon't get tricked into ”there are better alternatives” or ”filmic is not stable” or ”it heats phone up and eats up battery unlike that other program”. this is the best camera program for iphone that has controls for every meaningful parameter within its neat uncluttered and easy to navigate UI. there is nothing like it from competition. you can also use another iphone as a remote control / monitor for it. it's unbelievable!.Score: 5/5

No way to hide overlayed buttonsSo much stuff on the screen and there is no way to hide it all to get an undistracted view of the scene. Just a simple toggle would be enough – even if it meant a discreet button always present..Score: 2/5

DisappointedHighly disappointed with this app. Everyone said it was THE video app for iPhone, I was comparing it to a £2.99 app (which gives you a 30 day trial) called ProMovie. Decided to fork out the £20 for this and the remote. The quality is significantly worse than on ProMovie, especially in indoor/low light, I have done multiple comparisons and the video taken with Filmic pro is always much more grainy than the one taken on ProMovie. The controls on ProMovie are also much easier to navigate and adjust. After a couple of comparisons FilmicPro has now crashed on my iPhone 11 and force closing the app will not fix it. Very disappointed especially for the price tag, will be trying to get a refund unfortunately..Score: 2/5

No persistence in white balance or tintThe product is poorly put together and unstable. Mainly though, the persistence and preset functionality for white balance and tint are broken. So you cant adjust either. Unusable for real work. Nice marketing though.Score: 1/5

Ruined a video shootDissapinted. Bought filmic pro and remote together and used once to test and worked. Did a shoot today and due to camera position had to rely upon remote to control main canes phone. Unfortunately even though it says recording and lights up red it doesn’t actually record and so a whole day and load of money down the drain. I’ve since tested and the same thing happens. Once to sync second phone as remote it says recording but the counter doesn’t go up and hence no video files. Does not work..Score: 3/5

Good but sound problemEvery few hours video recordings have no sound and I have to restart the device to get it to work. But just now the restart didn’t fix it, this glitch needs sorting out. Also I would love to be able to film in whatever aspect ratio the app Death Lens allows you to, in this app with beautiful 1080p and 60fps. It’s like a more zoomed out image that allows you to get more out of an external fisheye lens. Surely this is possible here? I’d be happy to change my rating for at least a reply, it’s a great app overall..Score: 1/5

Black screen and frozen buttonsI didn’t have any issue with Filmic Pro for a while and then plenty of issues happened in one day. A video was out of sync and jumpy so I upgraded the app to the latest version on my iPhone 7 Plus. It then stopped working completely. A black screen appeared when I rotated the phone horizontally and no button worked. And it happened when I was recording a family concert on Christmas Eve..Score: 2/5

Glitches in videoUsually works great but just did a shoot and in 2 separate takes the video glitches out after about 4 minutes and the sound no longer lines up with the images after that point. Now I’ll have to reshoot everything . What’s going on guys? This is a pro app.Score: 1/5

DJI Osmo 3 Compatibility.This is the very first time I’ve written a review for any app but feel I ought to for Filmic Pro. In my opinion this app surpasses any other smart phone video app available from anywhere. The one thing I would dearly like though would be full compatibility with the DJI Osmo 3 gimbal. Is there any chance that this will be likely in the near future ? Many thenks..Score: 5/5

Honestly don’t get it.This app has caused me so much headaches I can’t even describe it. Just because of the bugs here it’s taken my process of filmmaking to double. Don’t get it, IMO..Score: 1/5

Still missing a lot...We expecting soon iphone 12 and still no multi camera support. Also still no support for the new DJI osmo mobile 3 plus Extra $$$ for cinematography kit (which cost more that the app...). Filmic blame DJI for the sdk, may blame even apple for the multicamera support delay but they asking to been paid for 1/3 of what they promising. Honestly, in not an app worth to buy, at least for now... 2 stars only because they are providing some manual settings on the “base” version, that the stock app isnt..Score: 2/5

My go to filming appThis app is fantastic on iPhone 12pro Video quality is excellent Frequently use 10bit 4K 30 extreme. Dolby hdr is awesome too. User interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Being able to set project titles and label clips saves loads of time in post. Film, air drop edit then deliver..Score: 5/5

I shoot 4K 60fpsHi I love this app, but I have tried multiple ways in trying to shoot 4K, 3k, 2k resolution at 60fps, it always has them frames rates greyed out, only works at 1080p at 60fps Please help.Score: 5/5

10-Bit BugLots of functionality but 10-Bit 1080p seems to be locked at 30 frames per second instead of 60 frames per second as advertised. Presumably this is a bug that will be fixed quickly..Score: 4/5

It’s about time multi cam appeared?It’s now 6 months since you featured multi cam at the Apple showcase. Please, please, please release it. At the very least, when will it be released?.Score: 1/5

Great app!Been using this for a few years now to film a CRT for video game replays on YouTube. Being able to adjust the iso/shutter speed to match the refresh rate and incrementally adjust the FPS is a godsend. Brilliant app..Score: 5/5

Cannot activate the exposure on iPhone 11I am appalled to discover that the exposure and focus wheels won’t open. It works when I delete and reinstall the app, but then they don’t open after that. Shame on the developers. I want my money back. DONT BUY THIS APP..Score: 1/5

Wasted £14.99Terrible sound quality. Now uninstalled. Gone back to using the generic iPad camera for recordings. Any chance of my money back?.Score: 1/5

Doesn’t do what it says on the tin.Professes to have much more functionality than it does. Can’t change the aperture, just the ISO and Shutter - which is very odd. The LOG profile is weak and I ended up with so much more noise in the highlights and shadows than just by using the native camera app on the IPhone 11. I did contact them but they never replied, so I’m afraid it’s a thumbs down..Score: 1/5

RefundHi - how do I get a refund. I bought the app to work with my instamic but the audio quality is very poor..Score: 1/5

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Update Request: Zhiyun Smooth X CompatibilityCan you make this app compatible to the new Zhiyun Smooth X as well? it would be really great if you add it as compatible gimbal. Anyways, so far im liking the app. A little learning curve but the output is really impressive.Score: 4/5

Paid very expensive and does not work at 60 fpsWhy Flat and Vlog does not work 60 frames per second! I’m really angry at the price I paid.Score: 1/5

The camera seems great but...You have to pay an extra 13$ for the remote??? I understand paying for premiums like the log mode and other add one (though I don’t like it either)... but so many other apps have remotes for either free or 1$ Had I read more closely I would not have purchased. If you don’t care about that than yeah, it’s a good camera app. The analytics overlays are worth it alone..Score: 3/5

Multi-function supportI am one of the subscribers and bought the app When is the multi-function support coming what we saw at the launch of the iPhone 11 Pro Max ?.Score: 5/5

You have to buy more to work your shadows!It was being a great app, until I needed to adjust the shadows, it makes you buy another extension for $20 more! So, having paid for FilmicPro, I still Have to use the iPhone camera app!.Score: 1/5

Zhiyun connect issueApparently the Flimic pro stopped connecting to the Zhiyun gimbal in January of 2020. As of July 1, 2020 it still does not connect. I heard the issue could be solved by resetting the data on my iPhone, but this did not work. I wasted $20..Score: 5/5

DamnI just bought this app to use with my Zhiyun Smooth 4 and it’s still not connecting to it. Hope this gets fixed soon..Score: 3/5

Supports Osmo Mobile 3...NOPE (a year after release)I keep waiting for the update to make your software compatible with the DJI OSMO 3...nearly two years later, nothing. Guess it will never happen..Score: 1/5

Bluetooth audio recording?I love this app Ames the remote features but I can’t seem to record audio using my AirPod pros. I keep getting video with no audio. Would love some support..Score: 2/5

So disappointedI just paid $20.00 for buying this app and it says again to spend more to get some other features. This is really frustrating and I wish I could get the refund..Score: 2/5

Greatest!The best there is!.Score: 5/5

The Comparative ReviewThis review is for those of you contemplating between this app, and Mavis, both of which I consider roughly equal in usefulness, though vastly different. I’ve written another review for Mavis. Filmic Pro is the true run and gun filmmaking app. It’s target reticles are unmatched in flexibility and accuracy. It will nail your exposure, WB, and focus fast, and I do mean quick. Unlike Mavis-the-Deliberate, Filmic is all about losing yourself in the Art of the Moment, and giving you the tools to make it happen...without getting dragged into unneeded details. I think this is the defining difference between Mavis and Filmic Pro. Though I love the technical prowess of Mavis, and I would actually suggest it in controlled scenarios where you have time on your side, you’ve got to ask yourself: am I interested in the technical or the artistic side of getting the shot? Since you’re shooting with a phone, I suspect you’re looking at the latter. And it’s not that Filmic doesn’t provide manual ability. It does, and then some. But with exceptions, it’s simply not to the endlessly tweakable, technically-motivated Mavis. But is this a bad thing? Minutia is good, until it stops you from getting the fleeting shot. And there’s the difference. Mavis is the deliberate art of the set. Filmic Pro will set you free to document life, and to do it with gusto, and as a bonus, with stability. (Four stars for issues holding onto “mystery” storage space after videos have been removed. As with so many Apple apps, the only solution is to uninstall and reinstall the app. FWIW, Mavis does not have this issue.).Score: 4/5

Keeps freezing when trying to recordThe app won't let me record after taking few shots. It freezes when I tap the recording button and this happens a lot. It resolves after few minutes though. Overall app quality is nice..Score: 3/5

What the hellI paid for this app and it was working fine until a day ago and all of a sudden I can’t save my videos on my camera roll. 3 hours of work wasted. What the hell is this.Score: 1/5

Mic issue!!!Latest version 6.12.8 has mic issue!!! This FilmicPro is my main camera app. However, I can’t use now as this issue. Please fix this mic issue..Score: 1/5

About AppI have purchased filmic pro in my mobile but unfortunately my phone camera is not working because of some issue, can I use this app in my wife phone with out buying new purchase ?.Score: 5/5

Missing Basic FeaturesCan’t lock “aperture”, shutter angle, and ISO, at the same time. So, right away, this is a useless app missing the most basic, fundamental and essential camera features. You try to set one thing and something else comes unglued. It’s like Whac-A-Mole! But histograms! It’s got that! Cuz that’s important. I’ll trade the histograms for a decent manual focus... But there’s tons of very, very well hidden features you can discover by reading stuff in online forums if you have time ... lots of time... OMG! Pass....Score: 1/5

Please add NDI!I love this app for recording but it would be soooo sick if it could output NDI|HX to bring into OBS! Maybe someday?.Score: 5/5

GreatThe app will randomly lose audio. It works fine for a while then one day I’ll arrive at home after a shoot and discover that there’s no audio. The “video only” button is off in the audio settings also so obviously a glitch..Score: 1/5

Storage recognition way too slowThis is overall a good app, but the storage recognition is way too slow. I would completely delete a massive video off of my phone and it takes around 20 minutes for the app to recognize that that much space is now available. Also, instead of making a video essentially useless if you’re out of storage in the middle of filming, the app could consider automatically saving the video up to the storage limit point. These storage related features need to be fine tuned because it is an app or storage-sensitive smartphone users..Score: 4/5

Great AppI’ve been using the app for about a month now. It has great features, and many settings for your video needs. Though, for some reason, the app is no longer connecting to my Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal. I hope this is a problem that can be fixed in the near future..Score: 5/5

Fake LOGLove the manual focus.Score: 3/5

Thank you for the response...The video on the new se is very good, so it makes sense to have quality control over focus selection, exposure, colour and FX right while you are shooting. It all looks and feels very slick (in a good way), and is worth the asking IAP price option..Score: 5/5

No Audio on iPhone XS MaxI just purchased this expensive app. Took some videos and no audio!.Score: 1/5

Having issues opening appI just downloaded this and everytime i open it shows a black screen then crashes a second after please help me with this I feel like my 21$ went no where..Score: 3/5

Pretty goodI don’t know if this is possible, but if someone can do it, it would be you guys... I want to be able to use my Apple Watch as an external Bluetooth microphone when recording in the app... not sure if it’s possible, but plz try. I’ll even purchase this feature as an in app purchase if it becomes available..Score: 4/5

Close to perfect for ease and creative controlI look forward to contributing a comprehensive review, but decided on the occasion of the recent update, to raise a few points. Most importantly for users: your presets may not work as expected after the update. My 240 fps > 24 fps slow motion preset lost the retiming preference, so I am stuck with a number of takes at just-plain-240 fps. I suggest that users test and if necessary fix and re-save any custom settings that they need to rely on. For FiLMiC Folks: Not only for occasions such as this, please include the ability to retime clips among the post functions that you offer under the Play menu. Too: •When saving copies at reduced resolutions, please do not resample professional 48 kHz audio to the amateur 44.1 kHz “CD” sample rate. •Please consider including choice of saving recompressed versions at the *same* pixel dimensions as the original clip, but at a lower data rate. In fact, choices of data rates and 2-pass encoding would be extremely useful for film makers needing to share rushes over limited data connections. •Perhaps Apple has a lock on use of the H.265 codec. Especially as we seem limited to low data rates on our iOS devices, please allow us to choose if we wish, to use H.265 “Extreme” as the capture Codec for *any* pixel dimensions and frame rate. •This applies to post options as well. I wanted to save and share a reduced-size 720p version of a (successful) H.265 1080p slow motion clip that I’d trimmed, and the re-compressed 720p H.264 clip was much larger than the original 1080p file. •A minor, but annoying matter: please save recompressed files in .mp4 or as suitable containers. In the real world, we can’t keep banging our heads against the wall with clients using inferior operating systems that balk at or provide inferior performance displaying .mov files. •Storage management is probably Apple’s issue. Long after I have offloaded all clips, deleted the originals and cleared Recently Deleted, iOS 13.6.1 Settings still attributes many gigabytes of file data to FiLMiC Pro… as it does for other apps even though *all* their data has been similarly removed. Only by deleting (not offloading) the app then downloading it again from the App Store am I able to “recover” space that iOS should have shown as free in the first place. As a side note, a few colleagues and one friend have observed that it’s been some years since a major version update to FiLMiC Pro, and they do not want to buy the app and necessary in-app purchases, when in their opinion their money will be “down the drain” when the “long overdue” update arrives. To me this defeats the business model of developers who depend on income from existing sales to help fund costs of developing new versions. Finally, as our phones are often more powerful than our computers made more than a few years ago, a (new, separate) transcoding utility which saves ProRes files to external media, would be superbly-useful for those of us who would like to have edit-ready files upon return from filming. Many thanks for a great and continually evolving film making tool..Score: 4/5

Bug fixes needed and better audio control for iOSSee title. I use this app exclusively for work on my iPad Pro 10.5, so I know it pretty well. The lack of easy volume input control is beyond annoying at this point. Temp won’t stay locked. Focus lock is a mess.....Score: 3/5

No level tool in appIt would be excellent if you could add the level tool on the screen please. Thank you.Score: 4/5

Don’t have long exposureDon’t have long exposure option for motion blur time lapse and light painting really disappointing from an app that cost 20$.Score: 1/5

Super appli !!!FiLMiC pro + un gimbal c’est vraiment le paradis dans le sac à dos ! Rajouter lui un pti drone comme un mavic mini c’est la vie. Je suis vidéastre et j’ai du matériel pro plus gros mais ce kit est vraiment extraordinaire et portable ! Montage avec final cut x et colorimetrie avec résolve 😍😍😍😍.Score: 5/5

How many purchases needed to have this app?I have purchased it for 19.99 us, but when I open the application there is a banner with more info, and asking me to pay 19.99 is or restore purchases. I click restore purchase but nothing is restored. The question is , should I re-pay 20 dollars for this too? Thank you if someone answer me..Score: 3/5

Missing live analytics when shooting in 4K 60fpsPlease update to allow live analytics when shooting in 4K 60fps. Filmmakers rely on focus peaking to manually focus. Zebra stripes, clipping and false color are equally important to check exposure. Thank you..Score: 3/5

You might think this is a great appIt will be. Not today, not how it’s sold, not today. Splitting the cine features was dumb. They should had been more upfront on the features. Nice attempt thought..Score: 1/5

Perfect for anyoneThis app is definitely worth every penny..Score: 5/5

A complete ripoffI purchased this app for the ability to shoot LOG footage. But it turns out if I want to do that I need to pay an additional $19.99! Which is, basically, the cost of the app again!! The basic app has a couple of cool features but nothing that justifies paying $20.99 for it. I’m so annoyed by this that I’m requesting a refund. If you want to have the full features of this app, you’re looking at paying over $50 for it. NOT WORTH IT..Score: 1/5

Backup problemsI like the app but i recently had to restore my phone from cloud backup. It turns out clipped videos are NOT backed up! I lost all my clipped video segments. I clipped the portions i wanted and deleted the original in order to save space and now they are gone. Infuriating..Score: 3/5

No Log support over 60fps what is the $20 for?How do they justify a $20 in app purchase for log support that isn't available over 60fps ? Moment offers all of this for a flat $17 with Log being supported across your devices supported frame rates. Complete rip off as this makes the entire point of the add on moot..Score: 3/5

Idk what to say.Bought the app for $20 yet you gotta pay extra $20 to unlock the profile settings? 😖 And the profiles [ Flat and log ] wont let you shoot more 30fps. Hopefully they’ll update it to up 60fps🙏.Score: 3/5

YikesLove all the advanced features. Kind of pointless how many features and effects can be applied when the app doesn’t record properly. Spent the weekend taking multiple videos only to find out later that the video recording glitched while it kept recording audio. Then after the video finally caught up, the audio and video weren’t in sync. This was on five different videos. The Apple Watch preview often gets stuck on the first image it loads. Directors view function (I think that’s the name for remote screen viewing) is cool, but lags a little too much for a $30 app. Trimming function needs works, seems to only allow for trims/cuts of larger proportion. Doesn’t allow for editing out the 1-2 seconds of me looking at my watch while initiating recording. I’ll redownload and see what happens. If the same, I’ll be asking the App Store for a credit..Score: 2/5

Be carefulFor 21$ cad you purchase the app but you can’t use the Log or Flat profile. You need to spend another 20$ cad for the cinematographic bundle if you want to use the app’s full functionalities. I wish i had known before. I am disappointed. It is expensive. Other than that the app is okay..Score: 3/5

Great appJust needs to support DJI Osmo Mobile 3.Score: 4/5

MOMENT has the same app for $7I wish I could get a refund, nearly $50 for an app that doesn’t do anything different than the $7 app from Moment :/ I wish I heard about that app beforehand 😰.Score: 2/5

Zhiyun Smooth 4 not connectingThe app is great except for two things: - From time to time, it freezes and I loose precious shots. - It stopped connecting to the Smooth 4. It was working very well and suddenly it doesn’t connect..Score: 4/5

Not worth $20Save your money. I wish I did. Almost instantly regretted buying this. Doesn’t work as advertised with my smooth 4. The whole reason I bought it. Stick with the software you get with your gimble, cause this is garbage..Score: 2/5

Still unable to connect zhiyun smooth 4Always no response for my zhiyun smooth 4, my gimbal works well on zyplay can you guys fix it?.Score: 1/5

Dropped frames galoreApp was useful but now every few seconds I get dropped frames. Stock camera app doesn’t do this. Yes, I’ve restarted my phone, restored it from new, closed all other apps and put into airplane mode. STILL DROPPED FRAMES! And this is on a iPhone XS Max, so not an old phone..Score: 2/5

Great manual optionsLove the app but please add 60fps for 4K recording on iPhone 12 Pro..Score: 4/5

Need Osmo mobile 3 support!!!Hi! It’s a great recording app. But come on it’s been months the Osmo 3 mobile has been out and still no support for it. Any eta on this??.Score: 3/5

Absolute GarbageThe amount of times that this app loses footage is too high. I’m seriously considering getting a standalone camera because of all the frustration this app has given me. I really don’t recommend anyone uses it.Score: 1/5

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Almost.Fantastic app.Score: 5/5

Where’s the. Overview button?Where it should be is now a link to FirstLight on the App Store - an ad..Score: 3/5

No 60fps in 1080p with 10bit on iPhone 12According to the App iPhone 12 can record [email protected] 60fps in 10bit. but the frame rate is limited to 30fps on my iPhone 12..Score: 1/5

I feel cheatedI bought Filmic PRO to use the flat profile. I watched their product video and it shows it there but once you purchase the app, they want extra money to enable that feature so now I’ve ended up with useless app. Great..Score: 1/5

I LOVE THIS APP !!!Me as a content creator I always missed that crisp quality in iPhones but with this app I literally don’t need a camera anymore , I think the only thing that would make this even better would be a editing app for video and photos , I would be honored to test it for filmic , if you want to check out what I have made here are my ig’s @rubensofficial_ @lunesthehusky.Score: 5/5

Not fit for webcam use (yet)I bought the app as a replacement for iVCam and Epoccam to route HDMI into a Blackmagic Atem mini as a HQ webcam for zoom teaching. 2 major problems: 1. no clean HDMI out on a lightning based ipad pro (A1701) and 2. I have clean HDMI on my 2020 ipad pro (USB c) but you cannot turn off the screen during a session and only route the signal out! turning off the camera screen preview stops the HDMI signal. makes no sense. 14 Euros wasted....btw, shoot app has clean HDMI out that works on both of my iPads at a quarter of Filmic's price!.Score: 2/5

I’m conflicted on itBefore buying this app I watched a few reviews to see if it’ll work for my needs, and I was happy with what I saw. What the reviews didn’t mention however, is that they were using the full package, with Cinematographer Kit, which isn’t included in the steep $14.99 app price. At the $14.99 price you’re buying a basic camera app, which doesn’t give me much more than the free apps that come with my phone. The Cinematographer Kit, which is the entire reason I bought this app, costs an ADDITIONAL $13.99, and must be purchased to gain access to those features. This practice is called ‘Bait and Switch’ and used to be illegal, but apparently not anymore. Secondly, some of the features of the app, such as switching between lenses, can easily be added to the front interface without the user having to click a tiny cog wheel, finding the lenses section, selecting another lens, then clicking away twice. Seems to me like there are easier ways. I like the idea of the app, but the extra cost for something that I considered the sole reason to buy the app in the first place, left a sour taste in my mouth..Score: 3/5

Stabilization doesn’t workUnfortunately I can’t figure out how to make the stabilization work. Native apple camera app works much better. Can’t use the app because of this..Score: 2/5

Features not availableBought to work on my iPhone 12 but no manual controls show up. No access to white balance. Maybe all these features are in the extra bundle. But at this point $15 is already wasted for a camera not very different from the standard camera on the iPhone..Score: 1/5

No Sound!!!It’s frustrating to purchase this app, only for it to not work properly. Video looks incredible, but I’m not trying to create silent films over here. I’ve seen others complain about this issue. I wish I could saw them before I purchased the app..Score: 1/5

This USED to be a great appBut now it can’t do the simple things the stock app can, for example no 4k 60fps for Dolby vision on 12 series, AND IT STILL WONT RECORD STEREO AUDIO!!!!! Edit: stereo is available but not on by default, why? Who wants to record mono audio? As for your response to the Dolby “ As for 60fps Dolby Vision - we use a more complex video pipeline with higher bitrates. As a result we needed to limit max frame rate to ensure reliability of capture” Then why not give us the option to set the higher framerate but with lower bitrate options? Quite honestly this app is no longer capable of taking quality video for the money being charged..Score: 1/5

Costs 15 extra for 10-but logThat whole reason I bought this app was the 10 bit log capability, but that costs extra. 30$ in total for log on a iPhone. Not ok. I do like that false color overlay though..Score: 2/5

How much is it....Really?Up sell city!!!!!!! First the moderate Initial price and now asking Approximately $7.99 more for this package , then approximately $16.99 for this other package. So please, what’s next? Can somebody give me an honest answers. All in. With full capability no more up sell available; assume I bought them all; they’ve all been purchased... dear developer... how much is that? How much to not get asked to buy more and more and more and more. Thanks for those tricky tactics during such hard times for our country. I just want to know, is it take take take take take infinitely? Or is there a point where I can just work? If so, how much? By the way as soon as I started to deny upsell the app starts crashing. I’m talking night and day. Before, I could record in slow-mo by adjusting frame rates; today, either a black screen, a frozen screen. Or, you guessed it, an up-sell redirect. If that’s just a coincidence and not because I passed on upsells; blank screens, and freezing up, too is concerning. Please tell me? How much to make it work all bells all whistles? Let me decide by knowing the full scope, whether I want this product. This is like an installment plan that I didn’t agree upon. Because I want the features but thought I already paid for them. I just bought the app. I liked the product I just need to now what it’s really gonna cost me overall to get fully creative..Score: 1/5

Where did focus peaking go???Purchased this app 2 years ago and latest update the focus peaking and exposure peaking is completely missing in HDR mode. Please bring it back it’s extremely important! Just upgraded to iPhone 12 Pro Max and there’s zero focus peaking no “A” button anywhere on when in HDR mode!!!.Score: 1/5

MisleadingJust diving into the app, is alright so far. The zoom feature lags horribly going in and out and renders it impossible to get a smooth zoom on my brand new iPhone 12 Pro. Also, you pay $14.99 for the app and then don’t have full access to all of the features. Example, you’ve got to pay an addition $13.99 to access various color profiles and another $13.99 to alter saturation, etc. That’s a joke..Score: 3/5

Almost thereThis is great app. But I just need shortcut button to make shutter speed 180 degree and lock it. It is frustrating to set shutter speed every time when opening the app. And there is no way to know which shutter speed currently am I shooting with..Score: 3/5

Great update... with 10 bitGreat to have 10 bit video.Score: 5/5

Can’t recordTried everything. Will edit review when you explain what I’m missing or fix the bug. Literally only got this app to record with AirPods..Score: 1/5

Great but needs a few featuresI have been using this app for years and I love it, but it needs a few features. Number one the ability to switch between phone cameras at the push of a button on the main screen, not buried in a menu. Even better would be the ability to switch between different phone cameras without having to stop recording as can be done on the native iPhone camera app. Number two is independent volume controls of the left and right audio channels. Finally, and this may not be the fault of the app, but monitoring sound with wired headphones has a small latency delay. It’s annoying but not a dealbreaker. Wish there was someway to fix it..Score: 4/5

Unethical scammy company with misleading upgradesI wanted to change the contrast of the current 4K 60fps mode I was in. It told me I’d need to pay $13.99 for that feature. A popup appeared with no small print. I therefore paid. As soon as I paid it told me that feature wasn’t available in the current mode. I only ever use 60fps. I therefore requested a refund immediately. It was denied by Apple under appeal. I reached out to the company directly feeling sure they’d understand how that was completely misleading, and how they would not want to cling onto $14 of a customer’s hard earned money. They repeatedly refused to refund or credit me, at first blaming me for not reading the small print in the App Store. They then accepted that I wasn’t in the App Store and the upselling popup appeared over the app itself. But “MANAGEMENT” refused still. I’d like Management to know they just turned a 5 star review into a 1 star and completely alienated a successful YouTuber with nearly 10 million views from ever recommending their misleading product and scammy business practices. Congratulations! Enjoy my money..Score: 1/5

No go as a webcamDont bother using this as a webcam. Latency makes it unusable. My set up. Iphone 11. Apple dongle. Elgato Cam link. Tried it on 3 computers with filmic at lower resolution and fps, but there were no differences and latency was still problematic. Emailed helpdesk several times for support but no response..Score: 1/5

Absolutely incredibleWith some time put into the technical details of film you will or just checking out the tutorial videos online you can get up going with well thought out features and functionality that has been hidden away in you Mobile camera. I can’t believe this is the same camera.Score: 5/5

Nice Camera but cant do much with the film afterwards.I’ve enjoyed using the app in place of a video camera, but its starting to prove to be a worthless app if i cant send the videos i make to my computer. I have an iMac. This should be a simple airdrop or file transfer, but its only been frustrating trying to actually use anything recorded within the app..Score: 2/5

LogV3 on my iPhone 12 Mini?! I’m a lucky man.The best just keeps getting better!!.Score: 5/5

Works great with XRMaybe I’m lucky, but I’m not having any issues on my iPhone XR. A clip-on ND filter + Log recording + Davinci Resolve have really stepped up my home movies! For the quality I produce now, it’s hard for me to justify spending thousands on a DSLR + lenses. A++ app..Score: 5/5

The best keeps getting betterI appreciate their commitment to quality and timely updates. Filmic is truly the best.Score: 5/5

Shots ruined by exposure shiftsVery excited to pair the app with iPhone 12 Pro. Easy to use UI. But disappointed to find odd exposure bug when panning off bright light sources. Selective parts of the frame change brightness When framed on the light,the areas on the edge of frame will be bright but as I pan over these area darken. Tested this with native phone app and this issue does not occur. Exposure settings are locked, so exposure should not change. Also slightly annoyed that presets don’t store the lens choice and the locking of the shutter speed. For each shot or lens change I have to make sure 48/s is locked. Generally love the app if these issue could be resolved it would be amazing..Score: 3/5

Air pod issueI have emailed about this issue in the past and there has been no resolution. I specifically bought this app to use my air pods as a wireless mic for recording YouTube videos. Every single time I open this app to make a new video and I connect my air pods I get an echo. I know to turn the volume down, I do this every single time and the echo continues. For me, the only solution is to delete the app from my phone and reinstall. Sometimes it works, sometimes it’s doesn’t. Today, it’s not working and I’m super frustrated. Please fix this issue or tell me how I can fix it, other than just turned the volume down, because that doesn’t work..Score: 3/5

Why wouldn’t you allow remote to work from Macbook ProIt’s a great app but why wouldn’t you allow remote to work from Macbook Pro? Please fix. Thank you..Score: 3/5

Any support for Zhuyun Crane M2?This used to work with the M2 and since the update it no longer controls the M2. What happened? May I please have support? I do have the filmic settings to trigger on volume keys. What else can I do?.Score: 1/5

Not impressedI purchased app so I can use iPhone 12 as camera into ATEM mini pro for church live stream. It is supposed to send clean hdmi signal out. Will not work. Have attempted everything I can to make it work. Tried to contact support on their website and when you hit submit it says bad link. Not worth $15.00. Hoping I can get a refund..Score: 1/5

LUTs and beauty effectsHow can I apply Luts? And I need Reshape, beauty, skin and body editor effects please!.Score: 3/5

Everything was going fine until todayI just wasted 27:13 minutes of my life. I was recording and the audio is nearly missing. This is not the first time, this is the reason I stopped using Filmic. The video looked perfect I finally learned to use the auto focus but the audio makes the video useless. I can’t get any good audio out of my iPhone 11 even after I switch to front mic, back mic, main and Bluetooth with my AirPods. I’m seriously mad, where is the quality control? I’m not using a old iPhone, I’m using a iPhone 11 with over 100GB of available space. Is this going to happen every time you update your software? Should I put work on pause just to accommodate the lack of quality? The sound bar ain’t even moving..Score: 1/5

Bluetooth AirPodsI only got this app so I could use AirPods as mic and now it always echoes. Even when I turn the volume all the way down with the buttons on the side.Score: 2/5

Add Integration to RŌVPlease add integration to RŌV sliders! 🙏🏼.Score: 4/5

Good, but make it beep!I’ve only had it for a few days but am liking it and the remote works well on my iPhone 6s and 5 (the remote) Protake makes a beep when you start/stop recording and I found that very handy- FiLMiC pro would benefit from this, and also a beep if you run out of storage..Score: 4/5

Problematic on hdmi outWhile the video quality is excellent there are somethings that simply don’t work very well. I have never been able to get the hdmi out function to work properly. Support sympathizes with me but never offered a solution. I probably am going to ask for a refund. If anyone needs it for other functions it’s probably ok.Score: 3/5

Getting worseThis used to be a great app. Now when I try to use it, especially with Remote, there are SO MANY interface problems. Controls disappearing, improper connections between devices, blank screens. Sometime I have to reboot my whole phone. It's like you stopped updating and testing it, which is "fair"; I paid years ago. You got me :-\.Score: 3/5

Only 30fps when using HDR? Disappointing.Really? This is very disappointing as with the 12 Pro Max, I can do HDR in 60fps. Seemed like a no brainer for Filmic Pro to be able to do it, but I guess not. I’ve always filmed in 60fps and one of the reasons I got the 12 Pro Max over the others was to do HDR while continuing to film in 60fps. Looks like I won’t be using Filmic Pro as much now. Pro Camera looks to be the go to as they are able to do HDR/DV at 4K 60fps in 10 bit too..Score: 3/5

Broken appOpen the app and get either a completely black screen or a brief still capture (very dark) of whatever the camera was pointed at when you opened the app. Zero functionality, completely broken app. Uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. Toggled permissions multiple times. No fixes..Score: 1/5

Shutter Speed?I adore this app and I want to attempt a style like it was shot on film so I want to follow the 180 degree rule however unfortunately 1/50 is the lowest limit and I want to go to 1/48. Is there anything I can do or is this part of an upgrade?.Score: 5/5

Bad UpdateLatest update is stopping recording without warning. Terrible to happen on the day of a shoot. Really terrible..Score: 1/5

Great app but could be betterI have been using Filmic pro for quite a while an I think this is a fantastic app for what it can do. However there are some limitations which I think can be resolved with updates. Like there is no overlay controls (Focus peeking, zebras, false color etc) if you switch to dolby HDR mode. It took me a long time to figure out where the controls were. You also cant do 4k 60fps if you choose 10bit or dolby HDR where as the native camera app can. I know dolby HDR was only introduced few months ago. I hope they will come up with a solution on the next update. It would be a waste not to be be able to use the full capability of ones camera hardware..Score: 4/5

Huge leaps for Filmic Pro in latest updatesI’m a long time fan of Filmic’s unmatched LOG and FLAT gamma curves for added dynamic range when color grading in post. They’ve recently added 10-bit SDR support for iPhone 12 series devices. This, in combination with LOGv3, produces previously unthinkable dynamic range for video captured on a smartphone. This app continues to be a must-have for any professional filmmaker shooting on an iOS device..Score: 5/5

Stitch frustrating on iPadI want to love it, but it doesn’t work well for one thing I need it for: Quick stitched social media selfie videos made on my iPad. It has a stitch feature, but the record/pause button is in the far right bottom corner of the screen, so my eye has to track all the way down for me to see where to tap it. And, it often doesn’t respond to my first or even second tap, like it’s not registering unless I tap it exactly right. I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s different between a successful and unsuccessful tap. If I was using this on a smaller device, or if it allowed different positions for the record button, it would probably be great, but as it is I can’t use it for my most-needed, albeit very simple, use case. 😞.Score: 3/5

Zoom is the same as UltraWideDon’t know if it’s a bug but when I select zoom the length it covers is the same as using the UltraWide. Basically two lens options for the same lens with the same amount of zoom available in both. Shouldn’t a zoom lens actually ZOOM in? Like all the way from minimum focal length of the UltraWide to the maximum available in the Telephoto?.Score: 2/5

Used to be goodI’ve owned this app since the iPhone 5 and it worked wonderfully then. But now it’s just not reliable. I’m currently on the XR and the app does all sorts of things. The main issue it does is to freeze frame. The app or phone isn’t frozen because the record time will still be counting. It’ll still be recording audio. Or even worse, when it does decide to record, it’ll use a different frame rate like 16fps when I have it set to 24fps. This is in both front and back camera functions. Completely unreliable at this point and I’m better off with using my phone’s camera app. At least I can record something there..Score: 1/5

Not what I expectedI would like a refund. Please. I wanted to desqueeze my videos and it didn’t work..Score: 1/5

Not reliable when it countsI have this software for android and iOS, and I set it up to work with the DJI Osmo 4, as it is part of the features. Not the first time I record several videos in succession on my iPhone 12 Pro and once I am done, the video files are nowhere to be found. 1080p/24/FilmicExtreme. Yesterday I got one of those “once in a lifetime” opportunities, and the only two one minute clips I have were recorded with the DJI app and iPhone camera. If it works for you great. As for me, I will never use this app again. I’d rather lug my pro gear than to count on something that does not put out. Happy to provide device logs or any other information. 100% disappointed..Score: 1/5

Useful App, but Has BugsIt’s a powerful app. Too bad I really can’t depend on it. The biggest issue I have is loss of audio. While recording, audio will be fine and working. Then, sometimes for no real reason, when I start a separate recording, no audio input at all. When that happens, I’m stuck with video that is no good to me. The only fix I’ve found is to switch to the default preset, then back to my saved preset. It’s a real pain, especially if I forget to make sure the app is ‘listening’..Score: 3/5

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3 stars just for one nuisanceWell though I have just started using it but one thing is great Nuisance for me which I don’t face in many other camera apps and that is without phone orientation lock opened app doesn't change it’s orientation. Please correct it. Because orientation lock of iphone helps in many other nuisance but camera apps should be free of it..Score: 3/5

Upgrade please, can you guys upgrade your app so I can use the record button on the Q2 pleaseThanks.Score: 3/5

Disappointed and frustrated with so many limitationsThe app has some good features but honestly there are so many trade offs you have to make that it is very frustrating. Granted some of those limitations may come from the phone’s abilities/APIs (iphone 11 pro) but nevertheless it is frustrating because at the end of the day the app doesn’t really deliver. Got the app to be able to get manual settings. Shooting manual is supposed to give you consistency across your footage... The white balance setting works well, the manual exposure works well, both have a great user interface. Well that said it changes shutter speed by itself at times even though it is “locked”. Presets are good but some settings are lost when you change lens. Even if you rotate the phone it looses the settings. Log profile is good for dynamic range but is only supported at low frame rates and/or low resolution so no consistency across footage if you want to mix it with slow mo. Really not worth the extra money. For me the worst thing is image stabilisation though. It just doesn’t work well. I thought something was wrong with me holding the phone on my shoulderpod that made me get so jittery footage (it’s like it skips to catch up with the overall movement) but then I tried the native app and it is so buttery smooth there... so it’s definitely Filmic lacking seriously. Moment app is no better, by the way, it’s the native app that is way ahead, but hey isn’t filmic pro supposed to be the one ahead? I suppose it may depend on your project, it may work if you take your time and shoot static but for action it’s just not very good..Score: 2/5

Great app! HoweverFantastic app, I have linked my Dji Osmo Mobile 3 but I cant seem to use the zoom function?.Score: 4/5

Phenomenal AppShooting a short film recently, I decided to use my iPhone 11 Pro as a secondary camera. Using the Filmic Pro app, it quickly became the primary camera on shoot. The seamless and intuitive nature of the app made shooting a breeze. And the cinematographers kit expansion turned this little machine in my hand into a cinematic camera. I’m so very impressed, and keen to submit this short film to various comps.Score: 5/5

Great app - please integrate with Newtek NDIGreat app - would be fantastic if it could integrate with Newtek NDI for more professional grade streaming.Score: 4/5

Simply cannot recommendAfter using Filmic exclusively to film all the videos for my YouTube channel, I recently discovered an issue where frames are dropped during recording at 4K 60fps for over 4 mins. The devs advised Filmic is meant for only recording clips shorter than 4mins, ideally 2 or below. This was never stipulated in the App Store page and had I known this I’d never have switched from Pro Cam. Until the audio and video glitch is fixed I will be switching back..Score: 1/5

Can u show us which mobiles is compatible for the Log2 mode, including iso and androCan u show us which mobiles is compatible for the Log2 mode, including iso and andro ? Cheers!.Score: 4/5

Still No Osmo 3 SupportCan we finally get proper Osmo 3 support please?.Score: 3/5

Disappointed does not work with DJI Osmo 3!My initial excitement for this app has turned to massive disappointment in the fact that it does not support the Osmo 3. After reading further down on your preview statement in the App Store, you do state that you support Osmo 1 & 2. Unfortunately you do not make it clear that currently you do not support the Osmo 3. It is the only reason I purchased the app. Hopefully you will address support for the Osmo 3 soon..Score: 1/5

Not that greatIt always glitches and goes out of sync with my voice. Annoying when you film a 30 minute Pilates class to realise it’s glitched after 5 minutes so the class is a waste. Happens nearly every time I video..Score: 2/5

False pretenses.Well this is a great App. I purchased a brand-new iPhone 11 on the strength of this apps demo at WWDC. I have waited patiently for a year and it has not eventuated. And even worse there is no advice as to when it may happen. I purchased a very expensive phone which will be out of date before the feature is released. I am sure Filmic Pro won’t assist which a new phone purchase so I’m not happy! Our than that it’s a good app..Score: 3/5

Great app!Please add compatibility with DJI OM 4 Would love to be able to switch modes with the M button! Thanks guys and great app!.Score: 4/5

Great app now even better!Filmic pro has been my go to app for a while now, but it was niggly with respect for the Movi gimbal. Hardware support always felt half baked. But with 6.9 we have the integration with the Movi and its superb. Have been playing with it this morning and cannot wait to actually get outside and do something! The integration appears to take stuff straight from the Movi App (modes, window, tilt/roll, support for the D Pad etc). Have tested the basics so far record button, speed and love it. Well done Filmic!.Score: 5/5

Black ScreenCurrently not working in iPhone SE. Went through troubleshooting steps - made sure app had permissions it needed and reinstalled, still shows a black screen when open..Score: 1/5

Something wrong with appI’m on an iPhone X and like someone else’s review the videos are corrupting. Sometimes it’s ok other times the audio continues but the video is all messed up and doesn’t play. Causing me to go back and reshoot a lot of interviews. Not happy.Score: 1/5

Ripped OffI brought the combo pack @ $30.99 AUD thinking I was getting everything I would need to start shooting great videos, but when I tried to use the flat profile settings guess what ? I needed to pay another $21.99 to have that privilege, what a Ripoff. Forget this app buy something else instead..Score: 1/5

A+ appBest video app I’ve come across.Score: 5/5

Amazing functionality.This app has amazing functionality and the manual settings for focus and aperture are awesome once you figure it all out. It does take some practice. I would love integration for the Kaiser Bass XS3 gimbal. This would make Filmic Pro my absolute primary app for shooting video..Score: 4/5

10bit Dolby Vision? What is this madness!Not long ago clean HDMI was added meaning I can integrate this into my Atem Mini live stream, and with this update 10-but Dolby Vision on my 12 Pro! Crazy for a smartphone. Update: thanks a million for SDR 10-bit with LogV3. Best update in ages. Great job. Keep the new features coming. Owned FiLMiC Pro since 2012 and has only gotten better and better. 5/5.Score: 5/5

Too buggyGreat feature set but too buggy for a pro app. We have list video (corrupted files unable to be repaired) and one clip that was recorded with no sound even though the audio bars indicated that smothered was no hardware issues. Have had these problems on multiple iPhone (11pro and 11 pro max). Also preview seems to be super slow on the new iPhone SE (2nd gen) when HEVC is turned on. This app doesn’t seem to cope with HEVC. Such great potential but poor implementation. Shame :(.Score: 2/5

Buggy nowFilms upside down when in lock horizontally mode. Just about every startup ends with a ridiculous twist and shake action to re- correct the orientation..Score: 3/5

Great app but slightly disappointedI am loving this app! The thing that disappoints me is that I have to pay another $20 for logs when I already paid $20 for the app. The prices should be cheaper or the cinematographer kit for free..Score: 3/5

How do you edit videos?I bought this app last week and see no editing features. There is an online tutorial on editing videos but the app does not support it. Where are your video editing features hiding?.Score: 3/5

Now works with Zhiyun Smooth Q2Awesome, bought this app to use with the Smooth 4 and was awesome. Changed to the Smooth Q2 for a more compact gimbal when 4wd’ing. Was disappointed at first that filmic would record with the gimbal button, but now with the latest update it works awesome with it🤘 Love having full control over what I am recording and look forward to future updates👍.Score: 4/5

Great app but (developer please respond)I bought this app it’s really good, the best on the market but when I opened the app I saw that I had to pay another $22 I thought that’s what the first $22 I payed this would be a perfect app if you could remove it and for $22 its not very important to upgrade anyway it’s just annoying please fix this and make the best mobile filming app on the market 🙏.Score: 4/5

WANT A REFUND!Purchased in-app add on to access Flat and Vlog recordings for 4k 60fps. When unlocked, the app states Flat and Vlog only works up to 40fps, and not 60fps. I feel screwed over! Raised a refund request with Apple who denied my request without further explanation. Doubly screwed! GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!.Score: 1/5

Great app but often produces frozen footageThere are so many great things about this app but the footage is often corrupted at several points where the audio continues but the video freezes. The footage for those parts is unusable. This is becoming very frustrating as I am a teacher trying to film lessons for remote learning on a tight schedule and it is seriously upsetting that I have to re-film entire segments of lessons because of this issue. Also, the audio gain slider is way to small and attempting to slide it often activates the home screen handle/bar. It would make more sense to integrate it into the actual audio levels meter on the right hand side. (Yes I’ve checked my storage. It’s fine. I’m on an iPhone Xr).Score: 3/5

Audio let downI’ve liked this app for so long, it does great and incredibly professional video. However the audio seemed to bug out on me and was recording at a very low rate despite the fact that I changed no settings. Very disappointing and frustrating..Score: 2/5

Still waiting for multi cam support!Bought this a while ago hoping for multi cam, months later, still waiting. Coming soon is it?.Score: 1/5

Waste of moneyJust downloaded the app and didn’t like it already, you can’t use the front camera for all cameras which’s very disappointing.! Also very disappointed that you have to pay for the Cinematographer Kit as well.!.Score: 1/5

Bait and switchBit of a bait and switch. Pay $13 for the app. Then have to in app purchase another $13 to make it usable for film makers. No wide angle lens support on iPhone 11 pro - yet. Now whilst the update they talked about in the iPhone 11 event isn’t due yet; but will this be yet another in app purchase to unlock?!.Score: 1/5

Please RefundBefore I bought this app, I saw $22.99 Australian dollars, but I don't know why the payment was $37.98. I want the rest of the money refunded..Score: 5/5

Very good!This app is very good! It gets the job done and has lots of customisation. Really impressed with this app. 10/10.Score: 5/5

Great app — Needs DJI Osmo Pocket capabilityOnly thing that’d make this app better would be compatibility with the new DJI Osmo Pocket and better compatibility with the Røde SC6-L Interview Kit..Score: 5/5

Extremely buggy on iPhone XJust bought this as it came highly recommended. Nice functionality in controls. Continually crashes on playing back of videos, and many times doesn’t capture audio. It has also completely rendered my iPhone frozen after crashing on playback, twice now. Please fix how horribly unstable this app is and I would rate it highly. It’s not a cheap product, with such huge bugs..Score: 1/5

Lose quality after export to camera rollI recorded 4K and when I save it to camera roll it be comes 1080 . Doesn’t support well the zhiyun smooth 4 , doesn’t work the tracking mode. And many many more, I think I lost my money..Score: 1/5

Amazing app but doesn’t support active trackingFilmic pro is a very nice app. Unlike iPhone’s default camera settings, you can do manual settings in Filmic pro you like and record raw videos and later can edit in advance softwares like Premiere pro. But it doesn’t support active tracking like in DJI Mimo. So, I would like to provide feedback to the developers team to add this functionality so that users can have amazing extra feature and don’t need to think any other app to shoot videos..Score: 4/5

App actually cost $29.98Knew about Filmic Pro 2 years ago but finally purchased it as I’ve watch reviews of it over the years and just got the iPhone X’s max. While trying to dial all the settings the colour profile is locked and require an additional $14.99. Seriously? It’s like one of the most expensive app already but gotta pay twice for what you would’ve expected to have it included in the first place. Wish I can get a refund..Score: 2/5

A great app!We use this app in conjunction with an iPhone 6s Plus to document a micro dairy construction. I have a 5D Mk3. Filmic is fantastic and I seldom use the 5D. I can barley fault the app. There could be a little better integration of the screen rotation feature so it works properly once viewing clips. If you haven’t rotated the screen back at the video screen it stays in that orientation. But serious, this is a fantastic app. Highly recommended..Score: 5/5

FiLMicProDoes not move past 1st screen re camera,photo request,why,thanx,function v useless,why,does it happen often,on iPhone 8+,ipadPro 10,5 as well,why,thanx,please respond,thanx,Michael.Score: 2/5

PLEASE READ DEVSGuys, fantastic app really. One addition would solve so many problems for me. The white balance always reverts back to AWB even if saved in a global preset! Please make it a saveable setting that persists after program is restarted(like every dslr camera behaves) or at the very least saveable to a preset where it does not reset to AWB(auto white balance). I realise it can be set each time but that is time consuming and easy to forget when you need to shoot something quickly, fixing a rapidly changing white balance in post is a nightmare. Once fixed my review will go back to five stars..Score: 1/5

Shame on youScammers also in the online shop of apple, this apps so expensive and it won’t works as advertise.cheating people also their trades I think..Score: 1/5

I’d give it 6 stars if I could!Fantastic app and now they’ve added support for Movi Cinema Robot this app has really gone to the next level if functionality and film making creativity, with the latest update id give it 6 stars if I could! For any budding mobile film maker out there do yourself a favour and get this app, the in app purchase for the cinematographers kit is also well worth the money, go for it!.Score: 5/5

Amazing App! But...This app is great, it has all of the settings and requirements to produce high quality video from you mobile device, and HD been a great help when filming videos with my friends in the absence of a camera setup or a gimbal. However, the second $22 paywall within this $23 app is just absurd, I understand that developers are often underfunded and under supported but seriously!!.Score: 4/5

Great App but..Love this app, it’s the best Filming App for iOS, but please add support for the DJI OSMO Mobile 3 hardware gimbal, a toggle to use the Zoom controls on the gimbal to control Focus or Zoom of the camera would be a winner. DJI has updated the firmware recently so please update the app to support the Mobile 3, this is a must!!!.Score: 5/5

Why the Multi-Cam Delay?I enjoy using FiLMiC Pro and was turned onto it when Apple showed the new iPhone 11 multi-cam feature using the app. It was a huge promotion for the phone and the app yet after all this time still the multi-cam feature is not available. Why the delay?.Score: 4/5

Audio issueAs much as I love this app. It truly is amazing, there is major problem I am having when using my iPhone mic and it happens 50-60% of the time, a loud repeating beating/vibrating sound that drowns our everything else and 10 seconds worth of still frame at the end of each video. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.Score: 3/5

Can’t change shutter speedWhy The minimum shutter speed is 1/50? I can’t chance that..Score: 1/5

A must buy app for your videosUpdated review: You cannot live without this app if you love shooting videos with your phone. Especially when the developer is so proactive to review each feedback and respond. Thanks to the developer for getting back to me. I had some issues using it on iPhone 11, however it is all working well..Score: 5/5

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FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera App Images

FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera app imageFiLMiC Pro-Video Camera app imageFiLMiC Pro-Video Camera app imageFiLMiC Pro-Video Camera app imageFiLMiC Pro-Video Camera app imageFiLMiC Pro-Video Camera app image

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