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Poshmark is a leading social marketplace for new and secondhand style for women, men, kids, home, and more. ***Shop over 9,000 brands in every size—including plus size, petites, and juniors—and score deals up to 70% off retail ***Sell and make money from home. List your items for free! Shop. Sell. Style. Party. SHOP Whatever you’re shopping for, Poshmark’s got it—at amazing prices. With 200M+ new and gently used items for sale, you will find amazing deals and discounts on fashion, home decor, beauty, and more from the hottest brands like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, MAC Cosmetics, Nike, Brandy Melville, Anthropologie, and more! SELL: CONSIGN YOUR CLOSET FROM HOME Do you have items in your closet that didn’t work out? Maybe a luxury handbag, statement shoes, or even your old wedding dress you wore once and won’t ever wear again? Poshmark is a simple and fun consignment solution for anyone to sell their used clothes and make money for the new things they’re coveting, providing an alternative to Goodwill and other consignment stores like Buffalo Exchange. Over 70 million people across the United States and Canada are on Poshmark—join them today! STYLE Need ideas for what to wear to your next date or that upcoming wedding? Do you hate getting dressed in the morning? Poshmark has millions of outfit ideas for you. Shop the personal style and closets of other Poshers today, or request to be styled by your favorite Stylist! PARTY Party on the go, no matter where you’re at! Join the thousands of people who come together four times a day, seven days a week to participate in our themed virtual Posh Parties, featuring everything from loungewear to luxury. Create new listings, share and shop together! Have Tory Burch, Forever 21, or Zara on the brain? There’s a party for you. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING “Poshmark is a great online resale platform.” —Vogue “The social marketplace is great for hunting down a cult-loved item that's otherwise sold out everywhere as well as finding deals on popular brands like Lululemon, Free People, and Anthropologie.” —Popsugar “Poshmark is a brilliant way to sell and buy clothing. This side hustle app (or for some people, their full-time job!) allows you to take a photo of something in your closet and upload it to your account in less than 60 seconds, all from your phone.” —Parade “The marketplace that’s so posh that celebrities use it—especially to raise money for good causes, like DJ Khaled, Serena Williams, Katherine Heigl and Rachael Ray” —Buzzfeed

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Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

ListingWhenever I go to list an item after I have put down all the information it still says “Error -Must have description”.Score: 3/5

$10 shipping ughBassicly the thing that’s putting me off from buying anything is the fact that it cost $10 for shipping!!! But over all ppl seem to be friendly and I’m just gaining new followers for no reason so idk.Score: 4/5

Glitches for the past few updatesFor the past few months I’ve noticed that the like button on the iPad Pro app version has been unable to work along with the option to bundle for an interested buyer it will come up empty with no products in the like section this is not the same with the. iPhone app version which is working much better than the iPad versionI brought this up to posh Mark customer service and nothing has been done about it and it’s been probably since January 2021 wish this was fixed.Score: 3/5

So much spamThis app is just a constant flooding of useless notifications and in a moment of someone not inviting me to something, there is a stupid captcha to complete.Score: 1/5

Rip offPoshmark takes 20% off everything you make. That’s a huge amount. On top of that, shipping is $13+. I could by a $5 thing and all of a sudden I’m paying $18. On top, If you want to give a discounted shipping for your buyer, the money comes out of your earnings. It’s such a rip off and such a major loss. I tried to give it a shot but find myself losing more and more.Score: 1/5

Not usefulAnytime I post on the app I never receive a message just endless of followers . What’s the purpose of this app if you aren’t rich or some kind of famous that’s the only way you sell on this app ..Score: 1/5

Few IssuesI have to say I really enjoy the prepaid shipping label, especially for things like coats and shoes, however, there are a few issues I have with this app that I want to understand. Right off the bat, something really simple and small, why can’t we delete comments? It’s absolutely infuriating to have a ton of comments on a post that are either irrelevant or are just unneeded. The 20% fee is a bit insane honestly, especially since they tax on top of the 20% fee, so it’s actually even more than that. They also state they have a solid fee if you sell anything under $20, yet, that fee is around 18.5%.. You can’t sell anything for less than $11 because you’ll be out of money. You’ll literally get $0. Why isn’t there a messaging system or a way to contact someone that bought an item from me? Someone purchased platform knee high boots from me and I found it impossible to get a box that fits the shoes in their original box inside a mailing box. I wanted to message the buyer if it would be okay to send the shoes without the original box or send the shoes in the original box as the mailing box. However, I can’t do that. At all. Completely stupid. Also, I feel really uncomfortable with the idea that I have to depend on the buyer for me to be able to access my earnings, especially when it could cost me losing $200+. People can easily toy with the system. Lastly, can we PLEASE remove sold listings? It irritates me to no end because it just fills up our profile with sold listings and looks cluttered. Let people leave reviews so there is a record of the item being sold and we can delete sold listings. Everywhere else does this so I don’t understand why Poshmark doesn’t allow us to..Score: 2/5

Best Site for Selling ClothesI’ve been using poshmark for a few years now! Sold a bunch of items. Very easy platform to use and sell your items. The best of all is the staff. They respond so fast and are so supportive and understanding. Really out to please, it shocked me how understandable they always are. Justine.Score: 5/5

Lots of sketchy buyersThere really needs to be an option to review buyers as there are a lot of sour apples on the app! I have been a top seller with almost 1000 sales on other resell apps for years now and i have never had such frustrating experiences unlike some of the buyers i have dealt with on Poshmark the past few months since i have joined. From buyers wanting to cancel their order the second it has been shipped out to even having a buyer requesting a refund because there was hair on her clothes, the picture showed patches of straight blonde hair on the clothes yet my whole life i have always had black curly hair :/ not to mention all my items are cleaned and lint rolled before being shipped. As someone who has been scammed from buying resale i understand why poshmark has made the system of payment in such way to protect from scam but unfortunately seems like fraudulent buyers are taking advantage of this system..Score: 3/5

Dishonest sellerWaste of money! Dishonest sellers selling some pricey and useless stuff! Never again. Scam..Score: 1/5

Shady!I like shopping here however they are shady! They only gave 1 day notice that they’re increasing shipping price. I’m not even angry about the increase but it’s so blatant that they were trying to avoid backlash by announcing it only 1 day before 🙄 Also, when you sign up with a referral code you no longer get the free shipping on first order promo. It’s not my fault the app is forcing me to use credits first! 🙄.Score: 1/5

I never write reviews for apps.....but I had to for this one. So many emails and when you click unsubscribe, it’s for a specific email type, so you still receive 2-5 every day. The app also does privacy-violating actions (following random people) automatically without your permission. I keep thinking getting this is a good idea and so I downloaded it a second time, then experienced all of this again. I’m going to remember this time..Score: 1/5

Terrible buyer support!I bought a thing says “new and unopened “ but it came with already cut and damaged strap. Its 4th day and i still wait for case’s solve and return or refund! Still they want photo etc. I am buyer! I have rights!! Refund me!.Score: 1/5

Easy to useI love this app because of how well structured it is :).Score: 5/5

I’ll admit itI really like how it makes selling things easy and the website creates a shipping tag for u. So far I’ve had a good experience. It’s like going to platos closet but u actually can sell things for a reasonable price.Score: 5/5

Easy to useFeel free to use CUTECLOSETSS and get $15 off your order! Easy to use because they give you a shipping label so you don't have to figure out your package weight and shipping costs yourself. They take a little too much from your profit though..Score: 3/5

Scam!Sell your items on Facebook marketplace, at least then you don’t need to lay 20% commission to Poshmark. They flagged all my items as counterfeit without even asking for proof of authenticity. I have reciepts for all my items. Their policy is actually quite dumb because they get to determine if your item is real or fake just by the photos you take. There are so many fake items on their site but they let those slide. Absolute garbage..Score: 1/5

User friendly & makes shipping easyPretty user friendly and they make shipping items super easy, but I can’t stand that the feed shows “recommended” users and messes with seeing the people that I actually follow. I can never actually see activity from the people I want to see because it’s always recommending people with things I don’t like. Not even brands I follow so not sure how that algorithm works. Really wish we could buy from the US and hoping that rolls out soon. The mix of the $13 shipping (fair price however) and 20%+tax fees makes it super difficult as a seller to sell at prices people would pay. Also wish we could set a minimum offer price so that it reduces wasted time with $5 offers on everything..Score: 4/5

HorribleEvery purchase I made just sat there for a week until I cancelled it because nobody actually sends their product.Score: 1/5

😳I’m pretty astounded at the amount of really negative reviews for this platform. I’ve been selling on Poshmark for roughly 2 years and some and have been fairly lucky in terms of buyers. I am, however a very honest seller and will not fib or lie in regards to the state of the items I sell. I also don’t sell designer items and will point out that if you’re looking for designer for a little less in cost, Poshmark is the way to go. Yes, shipping is a little on the pricey side, welcome to Canada. This should be no surprise to fellow Canadians. Not sure why there’s so much griping about this lol it’s expensive to ship items PERIOD. Try shipping ANYTHING in a box in Canada and you’ll be charged more than what Poshmark takes from you. You know I’m right lol You can make this a full-time job and make bank if you put the time and energy into it and you’re honest. Not every buyer is going to be a saint. Some people are mean, move on. Not all buyers are this way. One sour apple doesn’t ruin the whole batch. Another complaint I have to address; you get your money even if the buyer doesn’t accept your item within 3 days. That might be a while for you, so perhaps maybe Poshmark isn’t the platform you’re looking to sell on. I love Poshmark. It’s a great platform with (for the most part) good people just trying to make some extra money. I’ve purchased many times on here myself and have had maybe one or two of, like, 35 items I’ve purchased not be in the condition described and I gave that seller the appropriate rating. Listen, I get it. You want money and fast, but Poshmark isn’t the way to go if you’re only looking to sell a few items and be gone, it’s an investment. It takes TIME AND PATIENCE. Anyways. Peace and blessings. You’re alive. Be grateful..Score: 5/5

Will allow people to SCAM YOU!Will allow people to SCAM YOU!! Used the app and someone issued a return and it was accepted. Not a big deal. But when I received the item back it was worn and had visible signs of use including several markings, creasing and dirt!! Poshmark did nothing about this and finally gave me a non redeemable credit. Now I have an item that was brand new to used or switched out! They charge so much for shipping and fees and yet do nothing when your item is damaged.Score: 1/5

Okay app, won’t let me delete my accountI’ve tried three times now to delete my account and each time it says either to update the app or go to the site. It doesn’t work when I go through the site and the app has no available updates. I’ve entered the verification codes and everything. I could just delete the app but I don’t want my data associated with the company. I’m 20 years old and I understand how phones work, not trying to be a Karen but I get 3737477373 notifications per day and it’s horribly annoying not to mention the shipping costs in Canada often outweigh the benefit of this utility..Score: 1/5

Love!I sold 3 things within the first few days of selling! Love this app!.Score: 5/5

MehIf you are going to use an app to sell use your local buy sell this app is full of dishonest buyers that lie about you send them to keep the products and get there money back. There is no seller protection like they say there is at all..Score: 2/5

Love it this app for buying & selling!The whole second hand shopping experience couldn’t be easier and more streamlined! Lots of variety and good deals if you know what to look for..Score: 5/5

Can’t deleteWhy do you need a verification code to delete your account? I’ve tried six times going through this. They just want you to keep your account to report user growth and put a million errors in the way so you can’t churn Update: still can’t delete account and customer service won’t respond to emails. They’re now sending promos emails every hour..Score: 1/5

Needs improvementsLeaving this review for make one main complaint: The party notifications and popups are annoying af. It’s constant and impossible to shut off. AND THEN when you actually RSVP to a party, you don’t get any notifications that it’s started. I’ve tried this twice and both times I could not find the party I rsvp’d to. I like buying and selling on this app. The fees are steep but I’ve found some good enough deals and sold some things I needed to get rid of..Score: 2/5

Can’t redeem my balanceWhen I want to redeem my balance the website kicks me off and I already logged in 20 times and 20 times the website logged me off. Can’t get my money. No useful support. Very disappointing..Score: 1/5

No option to cancel orderOnly issue is there is no option to cancel order from sellers end.Score: 5/5

Not so goodSome least expensive brands overpriced because of % for Poshmark + delivery. Prices not that realistic,people resales a lot stuff from « winners » and « marshals » by same price they bought it there. I don’t want to pay for somebody’s mistakes. More expensive brand are very much questionable. Better buy original brand in shop ,since service part of experience you paying for..Score: 1/5

Shipping is expensiveAnd as a seller you get pennies. The buy and sells make more sense.Score: 1/5

Annoying but overall goodMust add. People will lie and say “only worn once” then the condition looks like they lived in that item of clothing for years. And do not buy without good quality photos of the real item. Great for decluttering and finding a great deal — So annoying however if you ever press like on any item at all whatsoever people automatically add it into your bundle which ruins and pushes down any other item bundled you were actually interested in. I have 50 separate bundles of items that I have no intention buying.. Then they constantly send sweetly worded yet aggressive messages. If you accidentally pressed like good luck because they still go on attack mode. No I won’t buy your t-shirt stop forcing it onto me..Score: 4/5

LOVE.POSHMARKSO MUCH BETTER THAN DEPOP, depop strict af and poshmark is so well designed and relaxed.Score: 5/5

Great place to buy secondhandI found it a little complicated to use at first, and the user interface regarding setting up a profile seems really clunky and outdated that being said, after a few weeks, I really got the hang of it. The downside is shipping, it’s a killer! I ended up spending 35% of my budget on just shipping. It would be great if posh Mark could offer shipping and local rates for people in the same city, and I would also appreciate tall sizes..Score: 4/5

Love it!So many cute stuff!.Score: 5/5

Love itThis app is great I love it soooo much!.Score: 5/5

User friendly AppIt’s a very user friendly App. Very easy to upload photos and navigate. Just you have spend a little time to get it. Easy to transfer money. Gives great buyers protection. However I wish they would provide shipping label in Canada that can be just scanned (or both options) not to b printed since not everyone has a printer or convenient printing place. also I wish after a certain amount they wouldn’t deduct 20% as sometimes it’s hard to sell higher priced items here. I love using it! I recommend..Score: 4/5

Great app!I recently started using Poshmark and have already made several sales. One defining feature of the app is the guaranteed shipping price of $13. This is great for sellers but as a buyer it sucks when I’m buying an otherwise cheap item! Overall highly recommend for closet clean out..Score: 5/5

GET $15 WHEN YOU SIGN UPWhen you sign up onto Poshmark, use mayrayne as the referral. Poshmark will then give you $15 towards your first purchase. I’m a Posh Ambassador and this site is an amazing place to buy, sell, and make new Poshmark friends. Sign up today and enjoy the amazing experience you’ll have. Hope to see you soon 🎉.Score: 5/5

Love this appThis is My favorite shopping/selling app. So easy to use!.Score: 5/5

LoveI love Poshmark! great place to go thrifting, especially now bc of covid when all the actual thrift stores are closed.Score: 5/5

Auto refreshCan you please debug? There’s an issue where when I’m in my closet it keeps auto refreshing and bumping me back up to the top. Very annoying when I’m trying to share my items..Score: 2/5

Dumb notifications “shine bright” “you are special”Turned notifications off for this garbage clutter of cringeworthy quotes and they still “notify” me. Not when someone makes an offer or when I get a sale...no. It sends notifications that say “friends don’t let friends miss a deal” or “you are special to someone” or “shine bright” etc. I turned them off in the poshmark notification settings snd I still get them all the time. Worst app. Use something else like marketplace and don’t get charged for taxes on the items you sell..Score: 1/5

Customer Service Sucks!You only get a robot when you have an issue and the issue doesn’t get resolved!.Score: 1/5

Stop. The. Party. Invites.Good platform, but the never-ending party invitations are incessant and unwelcome in my news feed. Please allow them to be disabled..Score: 3/5

Do not ever install thisThis app is a scam. Thy are selling garbages and crap in this app. I try to uninstall, unsubscribe and delete my account several times but they just wont let me delete my account!!!! They always send multiple emails per day!!!!.Score: 1/5

Love love love poshmark!!The BEST app to buy & sell clothes!! i’ve been selling clothes on this app for over a year and made so many sales that it’s basically a side hustle for me at this point. so many different brands you can buy and sell from luxury to regular stores you would find at your local mall. for security reasons especially i prefer poshmark because transactions are made through the app, they email you the shipping label and shipping + tax are clearly included, whereas other apps sometimes make transactions through etransfer or paypal which can sometimes lead to being messy or scams (which i’ve encountered before).Score: 5/5

Have to be carefulBought a link bracelet that was advertised as real silver. Broke first time I put it on and turned my arm black. Paid 70 bucks plus shipping. Complained but nothing was done. Buyer beware..Score: 3/5

New to PoshmarkSo far I’m having fun but I haven’t had a sell!! Waiting for my first sell so I can celebrate!!💖.Score: 5/5

Poor customer serviceThe sellers often make mistakes and Poshmark does little to remedy it. Also, if you have a negative experience with a seller and Poshmark does “help,” you can no longer submit a negative review for that seller because the case has been “resolved.” Give me a break..Score: 2/5

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Buyer BewareI am an avid Dansko buyer, and every clog I have purchased from here has been so used, they fall apart when you put them on! Shady sellers!!.Score: 2/5

Poshmark review 101Nice app i love it lol.Score: 5/5

Seasoned SellerI have to rate this app one star. I’ve sold over $20k over the past year on posh. Recently I sold a pair of authentic Valentino rockstud heels. The posher received the heels and then opened a case claiming I sent replicas AND I sent the wrong shoes(both lies). Posh approved the return and now this scammer is keeping my heels and sending God knows what back. Mind you I am a TOP rated seller with posh and have never had someone open a case with such claims. Still poshmark approved the return for someone who’s new to their site and is literally selling replicas on their website. If you’re a seller please RUN or make sure you record yourself packaging the item and pay to have the item authenticated if you accept anything less than $500. We pay this app 20% of our sales for their service but they can’t offer basic seller protection..Score: 1/5

Lily Pulitzer swim suitGreat fit! Loved it also it was shipped to me immediately after I bought it!! Love Poshmark Very satisfied 😃.Score: 5/5

Favorite Selling App🤍I have been using Poshmark for about 7 years now. I started off listing items as a way to get rid of my unwanted, gently used clothing, and have since then begun reselling. The app is super easy to use, and I personally think reselling things is a ton of fun! With this app you really do get out of it whatever you put in. The more listings you have and people you follow, the better you will do. And SHARE SHARE SHARE!! Sharing other poshers listings is so easy, and it’s a great way to get their listings out there, and they will more then likely share some of your listings too. Everyone on the app is always very nice and I have never had any issues with buyers. I have tried using other selling apps too, but they are really no comparison. The best thing about this app is that even after you initially post a listing, every time you edit or share it, it will come up at the top again. I feel like so many of my listings just get lost on other selling apps. There’s honesty nothing negative I can say about the app, and customer support has always been very prompt and helpful!! I will probably use this app forever🤍.Score: 5/5

HORRIBLE APPDo not get this app they removed all of my listings and it is an awful app.Score: 1/5

Selling? Don’t download this appIf you want to make a profile and have random bot accounts follow you all day long while selling nothing, this is the app for you..Score: 1/5

JEESHIf you purchase 2 items from the same person u have to pay 2 separate shipping costs. The shipping is $7 and some change. You pay this much for 1-3 day shipping so youre supposed to get the item in 3 days.. thats false. So not only are you paying for something to be here in 3 days youre also paying a “fee”. If youre looking at something for $85 youre spending $100 for it.. and it will not get to you in 3 days unless of course they live semi close to you. Theres lots of great thing on the app as long as you have hours to look through everything and you update your size in the app every time you get on it..Score: 2/5

App is fine but Poshmark itself is horribleEverything is ridiculously priced for buyers. The $7-8 shipping doesn’t help. As a seller, you have to ridiculously price items in order to make money and cover Poshmark’s fees..Score: 2/5

Shipping Fees OutrageousI’ve been selling for a few years on PM. I haven’t sold anything in about a year but decided to hop back on and see now that’s it’s over $7 dollars! How are we supposed to make any money when the buyer is it going to want to pay for that? A big draw is offering discounted/free shipping and they’re taking away from the customer. The 20% fee is already insane. Looks like I’ll be looking for another selling app..Score: 3/5

Not always reliableIt can be an ok service, but four times in the past month I ordered something and the seller never shipped it, didn’t respond to messages, so I had to cancel the order and wait for a refund. They need to have better quality control methods in place, like if someone doesn’t ship an order their store gets suspended for a period of time. Or something to insure this type of thing doesn’t keep happening..Score: 2/5

SHOP MY CLOSET@ScorpioMVP FREE SHIPPING or discounted shipping on bundles of 3 or more items + a discount 💖 SAME-DAY SHIPPING BUNDLE ALL YOUR LIKES FOR A BIGGER DISCOUNT ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Would you like to add any other items to your bundle, I will give you a good discount send me a offers on your bundled LIKES❤️??! I Love to make my customers happy! Try our 5 for $25 any items $7 & under bundle up 🆙.Score: 5/5

CrapThis app is crap to me. I’ve posted something to sell and all I’ve ever gotten was a lot of followers and no one buying. Like wtw I have to do to get someone to buy my products.Score: 2/5

Encourage communicationEncourage communication between buyers and sellers and I used to sell on a different site and I tried to communicate with a buyer concerning their order and what I had found out from the Post Office about his package and I got a warning for trying to communicate with the buyer and I was trying to do it on the site. Thank you Poshmark.Score: 5/5

Made several purchases and very pleased!Highly recommended.Score: 5/5

Enjoy my experience with poshmarkI have only been a member on poshmark since January and I am enjoying my experience. I think postmark communicate nicely with sellers as well as buyers. I hope to be both for a long time. Thank you.Score: 5/5

GoodI’ve been a user for while now– both selling and shopping. Poshmark is good except for a few small things. I wish you were able to filter things out in a more efficient way. I like that Depop uses hashtags, so that way if there is a specific item or style I’m looking for, I can find it quicker. As a seller, I also think something like hashtags would help, to teach a wider, or more specific audience. Another thing is, I wish they would add a specific “Juniors” category under “Women’s” that you can search. So this way I wouldn’t have to search through a bunch of sweater vests and mom clothes..Score: 3/5

Old ladiesI didn’t have great experience with this app all it has is old lady stuff so I guess if ur a mom or something this is good for you but I don’t recommend 🤷.Score: 1/5

Mistag DESIGNER labels 4exposure-selling cheap Wish clothes for $$$$NEED TO AUTO DELETE DEAD POSHMARK ACCOUNTS! it’s obvious the Poshmark seller is no longer active on Posh, (haven’t logged in YEARS) should automatically delete profile & listings- really discouraging finding items you really want, but realize Posh user has abandoned app. Poshmark pls do something - bcz it’s a waste of time!! If it's Walmart Faded Glory, but looks like Marc Jacobs - It Ain't Marc Jacobs, please stop listings mistagging & misleading items are Designer- It's not fair to rope people to get viewers. Other ANNOYING issues: Majority of clothing listed buyer can buy cheaper on Alibaba, AliExpress, Shein, DHgate, other Asian online shopping websites most w/FREE shipping (u wait a month, still worth it!) even Amazon Prime some a lot cheaper & FREE shipping- SORRY but not sorry it’s taking advantage gouging buyers Mercari App auto generates both seller/buyer ratings, can Poshmark please have same auto rating system for this? Poshmarks Commission fees, especially for items under $10 dollars seller gets nothing, u sell $2 for nickel commission-seller loses Sellers posting items & if u show interest, seller changes mind selling stating “not for sale”- sounds like bait games, I've had that happen several times, its frustrating.Score: 1/5

They allow sale of KNOCK OFFs. BEWAREI received a knock off when I contacted them they refused to make it right and said I should've asked questions..Score: 1/5

LoveNot only do I love the great deals and the stuff they have on here. They give you daily reminders on quotes that are very positive and always puts a smile on my face. Highly recommend.Score: 5/5

HorribleHorrible. I got a fake designer dress and I was told that all sales are final..Score: 2/5

High fees and shipping rateThey automatically make new users follow certain people which is very annoying. I created my profile and I already follow like 140+ users that I am not interested in. Plus,the fees for sellers are inexcusably high as well as the shipping rate. Back in days, I loved this app but now it just feels like they are trying to make as much money off you as they can..Score: 2/5

Shop Thrift FreshBest deals on Poshmark Thrift Fresh.Score: 5/5

INADEQUATE PROTECTION FOR BUYERSIf you have trouble w/a seller do not expect much from help from Poshmark. The only time they take action (besides shipment reminders) is when sellers offend repetitively, otherwise there is ZERO governance of accountability. The buyer loses out. I do not recommend Poshmark unless you are just selling stuff..Score: 2/5

Options are fantastic!Love the variety and super fun and sweet community!.Score: 5/5

Best selling app yet!I have been on this app for 3 years now and have nothing to complain about! Take all the questions and difficulties out of selling and use this app! Shipping takes second, one price with no headache! This is a very social app that connects many people around the country and truly brings our community together!.Score: 5/5

App is a jokeMost items listed aren’t “really” being sold, don’t try to buy on here, it might be good if you’re a legit seller, but that’s about it..Score: 1/5

Dog capI love it Thankyou for the mask and wrapping it so nice.Score: 5/5

Scam!User Beware! Don’t waste your time or your money with this app. They will not honor refunds even if the item is defective. They allow their customers to be scammed by other users. I recently purchased a pair of size 8 Chaco shoes. In the picture they looked perfect, when I received the shoes this were defective! One shoes straps were shorter and tighter than the other shoe and almost seemed like the incorrect size. I reached out to the Customer service team explaining the shoes issues. Instead of listening to the problem they said the shoes looked like the picture and were sorry they didn’t fit. My issue wasn’t the shoes not fitting it was that the shoes were defective and unwearable. Because the item looked remotely similar to the pictures on the add, they refused to refund my money. I tried reaching out again and telling them it wasn’t a sizing issue, then they basically blamed the problem on me. Saying I should ask more questions in the future. Who would think to ask if the straps were the same length on a pair of shoes? Or if they fit the same for each foot? If you order a size 8, you expect it to be a size 8 for both shoes. Why would you be expected to ask if the item was defective if they looked ok in the advertisement? They will tell you to try and resale damaged items. The most help you will receive is $5.00 off your next purchase. Over all don’t expect to get the right item or to be helped if your item is defective, they do not care..Score: 1/5

Love the site.I love this site. My only gripe is to many people when making an offer low ball so much that it’s an insult..Score: 4/5

Overall, it’s an easy user friendly appThe app itself is great. Selling is easy, buying is easy, communicating is easy as well. Customer service is fantastic! The one thing I wish would change is a pop up continue to appear on the app or on the computer when logging in for buyers until they accept their order. So many buyers don’t ever accept their order. The sellers always have to wait and it’s frustrating! Sellers work hard to constantly be waiting. Something should change..Score: 5/5

Great- some suggestionsI have been using Poshmark for several years now and have been very pleased for the most part. The few issues I have encountered have been met with overall good customer service. I was pleased when they began to offer various shipping fees (4.99, 5.95, & 7.11), as I agree with what many others have said, that since the market for USED and AFFORDABLE clothing is the main focus of this app, a $7 shipping fee can often be the price or near the price of the item you are buying. A suggestion would be to fix the categories people filter, shop, and create listings by. As an example, the women’s dresses category has numerous subcategories that are varying descriptors of a dress. Mini, maxi, one shoulder, long sleeve, strapless, et cetera. But what if you have a one shoulder maxi dress? Or a long sleeve mini dress? Which category do you select? I believe changing these categories to be more cohesive would make it much easier and less confusing for people to find what they are looking for. For example, instead of all these random subcategories, perhaps all the subcategories could pertain to the same aspect of a dress. Like the subcategories are mini, midi, maxi. Or sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve. I believe that could greatly improve how quickly and easily shoppers can find what they have in mind using the filter tools..Score: 5/5

DO NOT TRUST!!It was my FIRST time downloading the Poshmark app and made my first purchase only for the item to be counterfeit!!! The seller wrote the WRONG name of the item and therefore I received an item that I was not expecting! And Poshmark did NOTHING about it. Very disappointed and NEVER getting this app again!.Score: 1/5

Great customer serviceI received one item that was not authentic my first purchase which made me apprehensive but I took pictures and reported the problem and received a full refund I just made sure that the post did not state that it was inspired by an authentic brand otherwise my complaint would have been in vain. I have had nothing but great experiences after that and I am more careful with my purchases and definitely ask questions and for pictures to confirm what the product looks like to avoid it from happening again. If it does though I fully trust poshmark to make things right!!!.Score: 5/5

I like itI love it in some what’s but in other ways it doesn’t work because it’s bundles not one whole cart.Score: 5/5

TerribleYou list your items for very little and they end up selling 6+ mo later after you’ve already donated them. Listings should expire after 30 days. After little activity on my closet then get a sale 6 months later making it like we are the bad seller. No thanks..Score: 2/5

Pretty goodIt’s a pretty good app. There are some good and bad sellers. I’ve only shopped a few but I can definitely recommend a member named “FAB_FASHIONISTA”. She’s helpful and sweet, gave me an awesome deal on some jewelry for my mom and a free gift. I used her user name as a sign up code and got $15 to use on my order! She has a tone of jewelry so I’ll be back to shop again lol. She’s one of the 5 STAR SELLERS for sure!.Score: 4/5

Poshmark is the absolute WORST!I DO NOT SELL YOUR ITEMS ON THIS SITE. They violate their own terms of agreement with sellers and do not protect sellers at all. They make it difficult for problems to be resolved and refuse to thoroughly review bogus cases brought against sellers. They are only interested in taking a cut from your profits and are willing to have your items returned destroyed and unsellable. *Can someone please create a competitor to poshmark that actually has customer service and cares about those they’re profiting off of?*.Score: 1/5

Why isn’t there a swimsuit size setting?This app is great for selling/buying clothes. There are a couple things that really need to be updated though and I’m baffled this hasn’t been fixed already. One, there needs to be a faster way to share all of the items in your closet to your followers. I only have a 50-80 items listed at a time and it takes forever to share them all. Second, there needs to be a setting in the “my size” section for swimsuits and bras!! It’s so frustrating scrolling through clothes with every swimsuit and bra/bralette size in the world in the way..Score: 3/5

:(I’m pretty sure it’s a great app but it wouldn’t let me create an account I tried many times ..Score: 4/5

Do not listen to the 5 star reviewsThe app used to be great for easy sales. Now, it is just a breeding ground for fakes and spammers. I swear I spend more time blocking spammers than anything else. Apparently, Poshmark cannot be bothered to hire a team to help reduce the spammers and fake designer product accounts. You can check yourself: just check how many fake Louis Vuitton items you see within a couple of scrolls because it is probably over 50. The commission is insanely steep. The company just went public and outsources most of their information tech. department to India to cut back on employment costs (you can even fact check this if you want it is true most companies employ this method to cut costs and if you check Poshmark’s hiring page, most IT is being outsourced). Maybe front shipping costs or give better options for people or maybe do not take so much of the seller’s money. Especially when a lot of buyers just see Poshmark as a Good Will and offer very low prices on designer items. Save your sanity and use another platform. Do not listen to the 5 star reviews..Score: 1/5

Great app, but please fix Cancel an OfferIt is impossible to cancel an offer. It is supposed to show up under “Need Help” under Offers but it never does. It just has a link to the FAQ page. This is an issue that has cost me a lot of sales. For example, a buyer wanted to add a third item to a bundle but it wouldn’t let me add anything since I had already sent an offer on the first two things she added. I tried to cancel the offer but I could not (even on web/desktop.) I asked the buyer to cancel it on her end but she, for whatever reason did not, and I don’t love having to ask the buyer to do work anyway. She ended up buying only the 2 things. This also is an issue when you counter on someone’s offer but you decide you want to change how much you countered at, but can’t. (Which happens A LOT, at least to me, because I usually feel pressured to respond to an offer right away and sometimes rush the decision of how much I want to offer back.).Score: 3/5

Low ballersGood luck selling high end luxury items. Because people will low ball you and basically want them for 5% of what you paid for them. Not keeping in mind the excellent condition your items are. You could be selling almost new in good condition items and they’ll want them for free. Heads up for people selling luxury items. The commercials for this company are a scam. I want to also pay for my wedding too LOL or make THOUSANDS of dollars using this app. BUT after commission is taken good luck. Also the shipping price plus tax on items less than 10 dollars is RIDICULOUS! The sale tax doesn’t go to the seller which is a scam! I have been so disappointed in the many things I’ve found on this site like something that cost 10 dollars plus almost 8 dollar shipping and tax adds to almost 20 dollars! You can find yourself something BRAND NEW for less or about the same at a local store such a shame. Oh and if the seller decides to lower the shipping rate it gets deducted from their earnings. The sale tax should be something that should definitely be removed. Like I said the tax doesn’t go towards the seller. I’m paying this company commission and tax leaving the seller with only a 2 cent profit..Score: 1/5

Better than Market Place!!Love everything about this shopping/selling websites! Love that they handle the money, the handle the returns, they arrange the shipping by providing labels...so easy, so awesome! Poshmark gets results!! 😊😊😊.Score: 5/5

Fragrances and dryer sheetsPoshmark is yet another profit taking company that had zero accountability with consumer protection because all their “retailers” are unregulated individuals who don’t conform to business practices or standards. I want to buy used clothing to help curtail the disposable clothing problem we have globally. However, almost every item of clothing I’ve bought via Poshmark is doused with perfume, dryer sheets, or “normal” detergents that also have toxic chemicals. It’s hard to find clothing that is scent free, as well meaning sellers will even spray their clothes before mailing them out with febreeze or perfume or tuck a dryer sheet in the container. The platform doesn’t lend itself to coordinated standardization or regulation of any sort, and anything shipped to you is left to the sellers devices. I have contested one purchase through the platform - with an inability to return the item. It’s very hard for a buyer to have any recourse, consumer protection or voice in this platform and how it operates..Score: 2/5

Great Shopping 24/7!A beautiful and addictive site! All the closets and Fun Fun FUN!! I appreciate Posh as I’m a cancer survivor and I can almost earn as easily as spend! I have a small Nordstrom in my store! I still have 85% not even photoed....Score: 5/5

Awesome appThis is my personal favorite app to sale on and to buy on I understand why the shipping is what it is.Score: 5/5

WelpBlocking users doesn’t work because I still get their notifications..Score: 1/5

Crepe EraseExcellent product and came with unexpected samples that I love!.Score: 5/5

Performanece Lab 🎯Performance Lab ® CORE Formulas support all aspects of human performance, across all walks of life. Boosts work performance and productivity with nootropics for focus, multitasking under stress, creative problem-solving and more. Buy Now!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

Best seller appThis is the best app for selling that I have used. They think if everything. Hopefully the community grows on there a bit more in Australia !!.Score: 5/5

Love Poshmark and the appSuch a great app and an amazing and easy way to sell unwanted items..Score: 5/5

AnnoyingGives so many unnecessary notifications.Score: 2/5

Love selling on posh markIt’s super quick and super easy to upload your items to sell. Making money has never been easier.Score: 5/5

Fresh way to sell pre-loved items, app easy to useApp is very easy to use, albeit noticeable performance loading time in the non-native screens when loading static contents, such as FAQs and other articles (this can be improved). Other than that, listing, shopping, joining parties, and notifications all work smoothly. Even generating labels for shipping can also be triggered from the app easily. Poshmark itself is a fresh way of selling pre-loved items, it remind me of ebay’s early days when it was easy for individual’s listings to be noticeable (not buried under commercial shop’s stocks)..Score: 5/5

Very bad experienceHad a very bad experience with customer service and app. Was hoping to sell preloved/ vintage clothes, but after making few listings, Poshmark blocked all my listings and stoped letting me post more. I wrote them for support but they never get back to me. I was trying to create new account but they don’t let to do it even when I use different email. They should at least explain what was the reason..Score: 1/5

Poshmark reviewI really love the idea and I’m really happy that I found a way to make money as a 13-year old..Score: 4/5

Not user-friendlySo many unnecessary notifications as another reviewer has said and the app is incredibly hard to use and not user-friendly compared to other apps like depop. poshmark also takes a big chunk of the profits made so i’m forced to increase the prices on my listings.Score: 1/5

FEES WAY TOO HIGHDont bother as by the time you sell, your way out of pocket. 20% fees deducted is way too high! PFFFTT.Score: 1/5

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Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion app imagePoshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion app imagePoshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion app imagePoshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion app imagePoshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion app image

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