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Dark Sky offers hyperlocal weather information. With down-to-the-minute forecasts, you’ll know exactly when the rain will start or stop — right where you’re standing. (It’s like magic.) YOUR WEATHER, DOWN TO THE MINUTE Dark Sky delivers forecasts for your precise location, giving you minute-by-minute predictions for the next hour and hour-by-hour forecasts for the next week. BEAUTIFUL WEATHER ANIMATIONS The same technology that powers Dark Sky’s predictions also allows us to make beautifully smooth radar animations. These animations show you the path of the storm, including how it moved up to now and where it’s going next. NOTIFICATIONS Dark Sky comes with advanced notification options. Receive up-to-the-minute alerts before it starts raining at your exact location, get notified of severe weather alerts (for events such as thunderstorms, flooding, hurricanes etc.) or even create your own custom notifications covering the next 24 hours for things such as temperature, wind, precipitation and more. Dark Sky will tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it. WIDGET The Dark Sky widget tells you at a glance what’s going to happen in the next hour or the next week, so you don’t even have to unlock your phone to quickly check the weather before going out. TIME MACHINE Explore weather in the past or future. Choose a date and see historical weather data or future predictions based on seasonal averages. APPLE WATCH Dark Sky looks great on your wrist. Get notifications and view the weather for the next week with the Dark Sky app built for Apple Watch. Dark Sky is available in the US, UK and Ireland.

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Most Accurate Weather app I’ve usedI’ve tried a whole bunch of weather apps, ‘Weather Zone’ was incredibly accurate while in Australia but wasn’t the same in the UK and was really missing the confidence that it gave me. I’ve looked a bunch apps since being home and most left me very disappointed. Dark Sky has been a god send, I do a lot of outdoor stuff and the reliability this app gives me is unbeatable :).Score: 5/5

Map is easy to use and combined with App very accurateAlways use map combined with App to get the best forecast Use a lot of other apps but this seems to be the best Important to use map as well as App and in conjunction with each other a great weather App.Score: 5/5

A great app.Dark Sky is one of those apps you can’t do without. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve avoided being caught out and soaked because of its notifications. My only issue is with the radar map, which appears to ‘smear’ whenever I hit the play button. It could do with an overhaul..Score: 4/5

No longer accurateThe app has been unreliable for months now. I used to rave about it’s accuracy, but no more. What’s happened to it?.Score: 1/5

Love This Amazing AppBy far one of top 5 apps you will ever buy, it’s a must have. So precise and so accurate life is so much better knowing what the weather will hold with such accuracy..Score: 5/5

WeatherI use this app every day. Playing golf and cycling are my past times with wind and rain my main concern..Score: 5/5

Excellent daily guideHelped with outdoors plans & laundry 🤪.Score: 5/5

Reliable app, not perfect, but hey it’s the weather!I use this app regularly, it’s accuracy is a little off, but if you manage your expectations it probably the best guide out there..Score: 4/5

Dark sky superbExcellent app superb app.Score: 5/5

Very good.Beats the met office app by miles. Pretty accurate. Some weather apps are just zero stars..Score: 5/5

Could be betterLess accurate than it used to be, and still lacking new widgets. If this app is being abandoned then you should say so..Score: 3/5

No longer accurateThis app used to be brilliant - I’d get a notification for rain and three minutes later down it would come. For the past few months I’ve been caught in multiple downpours because the forecast said ‘no precipitation for the next hour’ and have delayed going out (missing valuable British sun/dry spells) because it said rain was imminent. If I hadn’t paid for it I’d delete it. As it is, I check other weather sources rather than trusting Dark Skies as I used to. So disappointing..Score: 1/5

Highly InaccurateBefore the apple takeover this app was brilliant always accurate and could always count on it. But ever since the apple takeover. It is so unreliable for example recently we had storm christoph in the UK. It said clear all day and it did nothing but rain and snow throughout. To be honest apple this is looking like a way to kill what was once a perfect app such a shame. Update May 2021 it’s still inaccurate notifications now don’t send half of the time and I get stuck in a massive downpour..Score: 1/5

Needs a proper widgetNeeds to be updated with an ios14 widget. I thought the Apple purchase would be great for darksky, but it’s becoming less accurate and the updates are languishing, meanwhile fees to none of the features we love darksky for have made it into the official Apple weather app. Worst of both worlds..Score: 2/5

Gone downhillAccuracy is down the toilet with temp and wind these days. WeatherPro which is pretty much a dead duck is way more accurate. Old review: What makes an app great is devs who listen and respond to feedback. So far zero response over a year. 2020 - Always great but can we add Wind Gust to the notification options please for predicting good drone flying weather. Also would still like to see cloud cover notification too for astronomy. Old review: Thank you for this amazing product! One wish. Can custom notifications include Cloud cover. Because sometimes you might want to do some astronomy in the evening and clouds are a huge problem in the UK. Or during the day you want to make a video and clouds ruin it. Would be good to notify if X < > % over next 4 hours. That way you can do an alert for morning or evening. Thanks!.Score: 1/5

RubbishThis app is junk. It continually gives the wrong forecast and even the current weather is wrong nearly 90% of the time. I spend most of my time on it just sending it feedback of what the weather is currently like. What’s the point in that - it’s supposed to reliably tell ME what the weather is going to be. Don’t waste your money, most weather apps are crap and this one is crappier than most. Not sure why I thought it would be better just because it’s now an Apple owned app. 😡.Score: 1/5

DissatisfiedThis used to be highly accurate until Apple took over. I had 100% confidence when planning exterior projects, not now. It’s like Kier Starmer, delivers the news after the event. Please bring it back to old.Score: 2/5

Very UsefulVery helpful but recently not as accurate as it used to be Still very useful though.Score: 4/5

May ShowersIt’s working well for me. I like the Map view as well as I can see how the rain cloud splits around my local hill and then I can guess whether the rain might just miss me (or not)..Score: 5/5

Always accurateI always use Dark Star to check in the weather every day as it is so accurate and weather here in London has been very changeable! Love knowing when and for how long it is going to rain as it helps me plan my day ie when best to go outside and what to wear etc Have recommended it to lots of friends..Score: 5/5

Widgetless good weatherLove the app. But being owned by Apple, I would expect a widget on my home screen by now.Score: 4/5

Radar doesn't work on map viewIf you're gonna keep this app going for another year, at least make it work.Score: 1/5

Good. It not cross-platformWorks well on iOS, but was removed from Google Play Store, which in effect makes it only half useful to me. So, half stars it is..Score: 2/5

More radar data pleaseI used to use this app all the time when I lived in the UK and it was spectacular. Since I moved to Spain I’m no longer able to due to the lack of detailed radar data. I now have to use the much inferior rainalarm app which is able to get the data. Pretty please can you increase your coverage areas to include Spain. I assume it’s not trivial do so but you have the heft of apple behind you now to get some resources on it. Thanks..Score: 4/5

AwfulMay as well just prepare for the opposite of what it says. I believe their analysis must come from one farmer in the middle of the country. Don't waste your time or money..Score: 1/5

DisappointedNot really tgat accurate.Score: 2/5

Recently very poorReally not impressed recently. Free apps are providing better real time weather updates. The prediction is crap, Apples free weather app is more accurate. Consistently looking for better alternatives, since Apple acquired the company it seems to have taken a nose dive..Score: 2/5

Forecast accuracy has plummeted recentlyI was the world’s biggest Dark Sky fan until recently. It had forecast rain for the next hour down to the minute. Incredible! But something has happened recently, at least for England forecasts. The app says it’s raining, and it’s not. The app says it’s not raining, and it is. It seems to coincide with when Apple bought the company. Please please fix my number one app!.Score: 3/5

Not as good as it wasThis app is not as good as it used to be. I now get a different forecast from the top current weather section to the ‘today’ section? It also seems to have lost accuracy..Score: 1/5

Don’t botherGood app on the phone but if you are looking to use it on your watch then don’t bother. Free apps work a lot better. It either wouldn’t open on the watch or gave a wrong location . Save your money.Score: 1/5

Lag in informationThis used to be an accurate app, great map and weather predictions. I’ve used it for over 18 months but the last 6 months the predictions / forecasts have been wrong. Can’t trust it for accurate forecasts!.Score: 2/5

Not accurateUsed to be very accurate, seems to be getting less accurate as time goes on..Score: 1/5

Best weather app out there. Worth the £3.99After using almost every single app on the App Store for weather in the UK. It was always missing a feature. e.g. standard weather didn’t let me look precisely into the future. Met office took ages to update. Accuweather was laggy and slow. But after trying dark sky. I love the precise 1 hour forecast. Easy to read radar and future weather with in depth detail. Notifications are a lot better than other apps and to top it all off. Widgets and an app on the Apple Watch. Perfect weather app for me.Score: 5/5

First day of use and it was wrongI rarely purchase apps but thought I’d give this one a try because of the good feedback. So I bought it but on the first day it gave my location as overcast all day...I looked out the window and it was total blue sky and stayed like that for the next 3 hours!.Score: 1/5

Fallen from graceThis app used to be perfect. If it said you had a twenty minute dry spell on 12 minutes you could set your watch by it. Nowadays it will tell me it’s overcast when it’s a beautiful cloudless sky or that there’s light rain when it’s dry out. As a long forecast app it’s not necessarily as nice as others so losing its short term clairvoyance makes it useless.Score: 2/5

No Wind Speed on mapBUT DarkSky website has it. If that would be not enough it has 3hrs Wind Speed prediction on map. Is it too much for Apple to.... just copy it? Isn't Apple owner of this app so they are not allowed to do this? I could understand if that would be FREE app and pay £4 to gave that option but - it is not :(.Score: 1/5

Unwarranted use of exclamation marks!Excellent app, but are the exclamation marks really necessary? “Drizzle starting in your location!”.Score: 4/5

Update needFavourite option only 5 cities very less please allow to add more cities and some more new design Grapic also try to give option for app logo colour change option..Score: 4/5

Poor layout for the priceMost of the information that you have to scroll though and select could be made available on one single screen. We don’t need to see a long line to show a higher temperature and a short line to indicate a lower temperature, we know what a number means and it’s a waste visual space. It’s not even like it’s a visually appealing bar graph. Then we have to scroll down and press buttons to go to different screens which also contain buttons to see other basic information. Please add the symbols for sun, wind rain etc on the same screen as the temperature along with wind speeds etc or at least allow a flick-through page-style layout. For £3.99 I expect a decent amount of effort to go into the visual experience..Score: 2/5

Used to be fantastic butSince Apple bought it is as accurate as looking out the window.Score: 2/5

DisappointingMy experience over first two months of use are that these forecasts are too frequently inaccurate. I can’t rely on it so I’ll probably delete it. As I type this, Dark Sky says it is overcast here whereas the sky is clear and the sun is shining. An all too common experience..Score: 2/5

Once great but, sadly, now over the hill.Since Apple’s buyout, the accuracy has a taken a turn for the worse. Ugly UI, lacks support for new widgets, very rarely updated. Nowadays, only gets the forecast correct once in a blue moon..Score: 1/5

Great App - Don’t Shut it down in 2022This is the best weather app on the App Store, and puts the Apple weather app to shame, even with the the improvements coming in iOS 15, it still falls short of Dark Sky. Apple DONT shut it down!!! Embrace it!.Score: 5/5

‘Real feel’ temperature no longer worksI used to use the app for the accurate real feel temperature, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore (doesn’t reflect any difference often when other apps shoe there is very clear difference on some days), been like that for a while, shame. I have note gone back to Accuweather.Score: 1/5

Gone severely downhillWhen I first got this app quite a few years ago now, it was amazing. It was so accurate! Now, it’s awful. I get alerts to say it’s about to start raining, 20 minutes into a downpour! Whether it’s coincidence that it’s declined since Apple bought it, I don’t know, but someone PLEASE sort it out….Score: 1/5

Nagging gets you nowhereOne star for any app that nags you to rate it..Score: 1/5

No longer accurateOver the past year the forecast accuracy has gone down hugely. The app has plenty of functionality, but it’s all wasted on poor forecasting..Score: 1/5

WeatherLove this app it is so true and updated fantastic for me.Score: 5/5

Great appDoes ALL that you could expect that a weather app can tell you.Score: 5/5

My favourite weatherman.I spend lots of time in the outdoors, and this is my go to weatherman. Lots of updates and warnings as needed. 10 out of 10 every time..Score: 5/5

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Best weather appThe best of the best..Score: 5/5

Best weather app out there.Wish it would run on Mac..Score: 5/5

Thing changeUsed to be the best weather app. But now it’s great at telling the weather at some islands in the middle of the ocean. Waste of time if you live in the states..Score: 1/5

What Happened?????For years I have enjoyed the accuracy of this app. I was concerned when Apple bottom that it went through the step. It did not happen right away but it has happened. I am not sure which update it was but it doesn’t even get the temperature right in my area let alone let me know when a storm is coming in. Apple whatever you did please undo it..Score: 3/5

Travel safelyOn my motorcycle or in my car, Dark Sky keeps me abreast of an dangerous weather I might be facing. I can plan because of its accuracy. 👍👍.Score: 5/5

Great for what it providesThis is one of my two go to weather apps. I really like it’s layout. Can quickly see what I want. But it’s radar really is lacking in detail. IMO, next to useless. For good radar and storm tracking I use Storm Radar. MJM.Score: 4/5

Intellicast was the best; dark sky a distant secondThat says it all..Score: 4/5

Bright review for Bright DkiesBy far the best weather app I've used. It uses all the bells & whistles but simple to use wt lots of details if you so choose. Choose between weather for present location that follows you or check the weather in other locations..Score: 5/5

AppPlease update with newer features like my radar or just better graphics.Score: 5/5

🍎 will kill this perfect app🍎 will kill this perfect app not only is the data perfect, but the layout and functionality is incredibly more useful and attractive than the stock app. Yet Apple will kill this at the end of 2021. Why, oh Lord?.Score: 5/5

Find another weather appTheir information is no where near accurate. Find a different app..Score: 2/5

Dark SkyI love this app it answers all the questions you may have about the weather, and is easy to use.Score: 5/5

In the knowIt’s good to have an accurate weather app and know when to get indoors..Score: 5/5

Love ItGreat weather source. Love the past and future radar. Forecasts seem spot on..Score: 5/5

JHh xHmh v bb.Score: 4/5

App has reached EoL sadlyIt’s nice the app creators made some $$$ by selling to Apple. Sad to see this app shut down since it was pretty accurate!.Score: 1/5

BestThis is the best/most accurate weather app that I have ever used. It also auto switches to your location..Score: 5/5

Terrible AnymoreUsed to brag on this App but for a year it has sucked. Never right and radar takes forever to load. Resorted to Weather Channel app.Score: 1/5

Excellent weather appWorth the one time cost.Score: 5/5

Best weather appHate it’s going away next year..Score: 5/5

Just disappointedDark Sky was one of those apps that I heard about for years. Developers loved using the API, and the App Store showed some great reviews for the iOS app. After losing trust in the reliability of some other well know weather apps, I finally pulled the trigger on the paid version of dark sky. It seemed to work well for the first few weeks, but it has become oddly unreliable, and the radar seems to show an alternate reality. It’s now just another generic weather app that hardly ever tracks precipitation correctly. Even if it wasn’t much to purchase, I regret it..Score: 1/5

Unbelievably inaccurateAm amazed as to how inaccurate this app is. It was recommended to me by my son as being a great weather app. It is so far off what the local weather services say and even the likes of AccuWeather and other apps. Very disappointed.Score: 1/5

Friend IndeedYou can always trust this app to deliver accurate and reliable weather predictions ❤️🙏🏻❤️.Score: 5/5

Best weather app everMany like this in the app store but unlike others it's stayed true to use beginning. It's accurate and easy to customize. You can't go wrong, I'm guessing that's why APPL but them..Score: 5/5

Keep it aliveBig fan of this app well before Apple acquisition. Latest news says app will stay in operation until end of 2022...please keep it going unless all features including hyper local, minute by minute forcasts and end user reports are ported to the new iOS weather app..Score: 5/5

My one and onlyGreat app...use it multiple times a day...accurate and up to date 👌.Score: 5/5

Not accurateWrong temperature, bad forecast, doesn’t even get the current weather right.Score: 1/5

Does it’s job but notifications are lateI like the app but notifications are mostly delayed..Score: 4/5

Dark Sky is a great weather app 🌞⛈🌊💨I have been using Dark Sky for some time now and find it easy to use and very accurate. I have recommended it to several friends and always hear they are happy I suggested it..Score: 5/5

Use this dailyThis is my go to weather app. I use it daily with my work and it hasn’t let me down yet..Score: 5/5

Not worth itNot very impressive. I thought paying for it would mean better quality. Not so, on 6/12/21 there was a storm several miles to the east of us, but Dark Sky showed it was on top of us. It wasn’t a time problem. The storm was not here but to the east of us. Bill509.Score: 3/5

Almost perfect accuracyHad the app for like 3 years now, have it set to give me my daily forecast every morning. The most accurate weather app I’ve ever used when you want a very specific area.Score: 5/5

Apple bought a good oneApple bought a good weather app. This is probably the best weather app on the App Store. If you have it enjoy it while you can..Score: 5/5

Best weather app out there10+ stars.Score: 5/5

Does not work at allDark sky is great if you don’t want to know that it’s raining until you’re standing in the middle of a downpour.Score: 1/5

What happened to the accuracy with this app?The temp accuracy lately has been bad, telling me the temp 10 degrees less than other sources. It was really off in Door County WI and now still is off in the Chicago area..Score: 1/5

Disappointed - no new widgetThe description mentions a widget, but it’s only the old style widget. From the Apple-owned app. I bought because I want a weather app with no ads, and a decent home screen widget. I guess I got two out of three..Score: 2/5

My reviewWorth buying..Score: 5/5

Radar not accurate.I live in the Chicago area, so there is no reason why the radar is not accurate. Ever since Apple bought Dark Sky, it’s been going down hill. The forecast seems accurate, but the radar isn’t. Currently in the middle of a thunderstorm, and the radar doesn’t show it. It shows nothing. Really?.Score: 1/5

Needs a widgetWould be 5 stars if it had a widget..Score: 4/5

Soccer Mom/ Rancher Most Reliable Weather SourceI never write reviews. This app is my go to source for weather when I need to know by hour how to predict our day. Texas weather is notoriously unpredictable and often soccer practice for my kids depend on watching what the rain fall will be hour to hour. Also for ranch chores and decisions - I always go straight to dark skies. The most accurate way to plan ahead your day when it’s dependent on the weather..Score: 5/5

ConfusingDark sky used to be the most reliable app ever. Now it gives you one stat on the top and different stats below that. Confusing.Score: 1/5

Missing WidgetI wanted to use the widget for this app but for some reason it’s missing for me :( Otherwise, great app.Score: 4/5

Dark skyThis app he is incredibly accurate. My friends even comment on it..Score: 5/5

Kaleb’s DadOur son introduced us to this app and we love using it. It can’t be beat for accurate up to the minute forecast on local weather conditions no matter where you are..Score: 5/5

Not sure the local weather is accurateI got this App because NOAA radar wasn’t working on the phone. The radar seems to work fine but the current conditions don’t seem accurate, the temperature is way off, and the forecast doesn’t seem accurate. I wouldn’t buy again..Score: 2/5

Best weather app- 😎👍🏼🖖🏼Best weather app- if it wasn’t the best why would Apple buy it to incorporate it into the iOS 15 weather app? I wish they would let it stay as a stand-alone App 😒.Score: 5/5

Dark Sky is a must!Simple and easy to navigate interface with the most accurate of weather forecasting of apps I’ve used so far. I don’t write reviews, yet this one is worthy. Worth every penny I paid and now my whole family uses it too..Score: 5/5

Always accurateIt’s always right on..Score: 5/5

Inaccurate TemperatureIt sure what’s changed over the passed 6 months. This app was always spot on, now it’s consistently +5-10 degrees over the actual weather..Score: 3/5

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