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Dark Sky is the most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information. With down-to-the-minute forecasts, you’ll know exactly when the rain will start or stop, right where you’re standing. (It’s like magic.)

Featured in: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Wired, and more.

Dark Sky is able to create forecasts for your precise location, giving you minute-by-minute predictions for the next hour and hour-by-hour forecasts for the next day and week.

The same technology that powers Dark Sky’s predictions also allows us to make the world’s first perfectly smooth radar animation. Other apps show you a chunky slideshow that makes it nearly impossible to tell how storms are moving. But Dark Sky’s radar animation lets you see the actual path of the storm: how it moved in the past, and where it’s going in the future.

Dark Sky comes with advanced notification options: Receive down-to-the-minute alerts before it starts raining at your exact location, get notified of government severe weather alerts (for such things as thunderstorms, flooding, hurricanes, etc.), or even create your own custom notifications covering the next 24 hours for things like temperature, wind, precipitation and more. Even if you haven’t opened the app in days, Dark Sky will tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it.

The Dark Sky Notification Center Widget tells you at a glance what’s going to happen in the next hour and the next week, so you don’t even have to unlock your phone to quickly check the weather before heading out.

Explore weather in the past or future. Choose a date and see historical weather data or future predictions based off of seasonal averages.

Dark Sky looks great on your wrist. Get notifications and check out the weather for the next week with the Dark Sky app built from scratch for Apple Watch.

In-app Dark Mode is back!

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1 star

After reading reviews I thought yeah this’ll be good. I was wrong. We pay £3.99 for this in which yahoo or even the iPhone stock app which are both free do and are better. The part it says it’s spot on. It’s only spot on if location services are always on which DOES like any other app kill battery. So the workaround is every so often you have to open the app for it to pick you up and then you have an up to date forecast. Pointless as I can look out the window for that. I wanted a precipitation to work on my watch that tells me rain percentage, well we can’t have that. You only get weather now. Pointless. Save your money people and just get a free does t exactly the same option.

5 star

Easy to use. It's nice you can see the globe and look and weather in different locations.

5 star

Brilliant app and very accurate. I always consult this app to inform how I dress and when to make journeo

191fig/LGX, widebody
191fig/LGX, widebody
5 star

Excellent app

Champagne 2
Champagne 2
5 star

I always check this accurate app to find the weather forecast. It is amazingly spot on!

roy Nickelson
Roy Nickelson
1 star

When the app first launches it is necessary to activate the notifications tab then the conditions tab before the current conditions are announced by VoiceOver. Other functionality such as timeline is not accessible with VoiceOver

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
27 January 2020

Chuck Norris types with one finger. He points it at the keyboard and the keyboard does the rest.

Maxine Kingston
Maxine Kingston
27 January 2020

To me success means effectiveness in the world, that I am able to carry my ideas and values into the world — that I am able to change it in positive ways.

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