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Need for Speed™ Most Wanted

3.8 star

APP STORE BEST OF 2012! Thanks to all our fans for making Most Wanted one of the year’s biggest hits. "The street racer that iOS devices have been waiting for" (PocketGamer, 9/10 Gold Award) “It pushes the mobile platform to its utmost limits and doesn’t even break a sweat” (Capsule Computers) Buckle up, hit the gas and hold on tight; you’re in for the ride of your life. Outrun cops, outsmart rivals – and outdrive your friends – in the most dangerous Need for Speed yet. Do you dare to be the Most Wanted? Note: Due to its revved-up graphics and gameplay, you’ll need 1.8GB of free space on your device in order to install this game. MAKE TROUBLE, GET WANTED Evade a relentless police force while you clash with street racers. Race and chase hot cars like the SRT Viper GTS, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Hummer H1 Alpha, and many more. Feel the intensity of no-brakes-allowed street racing with realistic full-car damage for the first time on mobile. LEAVE YOUR MARK Log into Origin to check the Wanted List and find out who is the Most Wanted across platforms and among your friends. Then, challenge your friends and prove your racing skills in nonstop competition. GO FROM ZERO TO MOST WANTED… • Choose and customize over 40 unique cars • Race the way you want! By popular demand you can now touch or tilt to steer • Use Mods to enhance your car and get ahead of the pack in style • Experience the action with mind-blowing graphics and intense full-car damage • Earn Speed Points to unlock new cars Your rivals will do everything they can to stop you from getting to the top – but in this world, there can only be one Most Wanted. Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement.

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Last update broke NFS Edition CarsThe last update broke the garage and you can no longer buy the NFS Edition cars. Game can no longer be completed. This is still true for the latest version..Score: 1/5

My review....This nfs game is very fun! But I wish it was the actual game like the one on pc Xbox and more..Score: 4/5

Add some more carsCould you guys please add more cars or make a new game like this!.Score: 5/5

LiarsNo free roaming in the streets just boring races.Score: 2/5

IPhone X support?Fun game but where is the iPhone X support? Update this game to support the iPhone X resolution. Thanks!.Score: 3/5

Touch controlsPlease add left and right touch controls.Score: 4/5

I love itBest game I ever played on my iphone, I play on xbox 360 and on iphone. I highly reccomand it..Score: 5/5

Needs updateIPhone X support.Score: 1/5

Please Fix the controller!!! Please update the gameThe game is fine but the controller part is soooo complicated I have to use my left hand only to control the driving on the game I wish if I can use my right hand to control the driving also I didn’t like the steer if you make the game not fun at less I can switch the control from the left side to the right side I paid $7 CAD for the game, and now I want you guys to update the control in the game to be more flexible to use..Score: 1/5

Car camera glitchWhen getting up to speed , the car camera glitches up and down . Please fix this problem. I didn't pay 7.90$ for a glitching game.Score: 2/5

I love this game but needs FREEROAM ASAPAwesome needs freeroam ea pls do it.Score: 5/5

TerribleAfter every race it freezes and I have to restart my phone.Score: 1/5

UPDATED FINALLY!Please update more often and give new cars, roads and mods options Am playing this game more than 5 year and it the first time seeing nfs update! New hot cars please.Score: 3/5

Lags on 7plusOver all a great game.Score: 4/5

Good but policeOn speed runs can you please make it so no police ruin it.Score: 5/5

RefundThis game costs 6.99$ and they make you pay money again afterwards. Inexcusable making us pay so much. I never received my receipt for the game. I want a refund.Score: 1/5

Great gameI had this game ever since it cam out it is amazing I recommend it but the second last update ruined the nfs dealership but it’s good now..Score: 5/5

Didn’t expect that at allDidn’t expect that from NFS.Score: 1/5

Nut time trailNO PUNISHMENTS!MORE TIME!.Score: 2/5

Plz correct thisGood game but crash black screen on after dark on iphone 8 plus....Score: 2/5

Controller supportOther racing games by EA on the App Store have controller support. The game looks good but playing with a controller would be 5-stars....Score: 3/5

Good gameThe game is pretty good. I finished the whole game and earned gold in all events in about 5 days. NFS edition cars are no longer available. I did not like the controls. So I’ll give it 4/5. Few tips for other players: learn how to drift, look what cars players used for certain events if you can’t beat them (the most expensive cars are not always the best), use only the two mods - they are most efficient. The easiest way to grind money for me was using Nissan GTR for winning one of the checkpoint races that gives 49,000 credits. Minus mods you would earn 43,000 if you win gold. The race was quite easy too. Good luck!.Score: 4/5

Still the best need for speed game aroundNeed for speed most wanted 2012 is still the best need for speed game out there.Score: 5/5

I like itI had this game on a couple of my devices and am very happy with the the performance of the game. The only thing is that the nfs dealership isn't selling the NFS edition cars that I need to advance in the game. I'm not sure if it's just me having these issues.Score: 4/5

Not working properly...On my iPhone 7 plus....the software is not working are bouncing around...the screen freezes when race ended...deleted software and reinstalled...still having the same issues:...loved playing this sad that the game no longer runs properly....looking forward to an update to one of my all time favourite games.....Score: 4/5

Great game. Wish it had an extension packWish there was more.Score: 5/5

Nice gameTo everyone wondering why there is no free roam you have to finish the races.Score: 5/5

Crash crash crash all the time !Crash crash crash all the time !.Score: 1/5

Not what I expectedTalks about how other cars aren’t stock but no option to mod them besides 2 one time use mod slots. No free roam. ELECTRIC CARD HAVE NOS?!? That makes zero sense to me. Just over all a lacking game.Score: 1/5

Just ride onHell of a classic.Score: 5/5

One of the bestThis game is truly amazing. The cops are on your side at the final race, and you get a free car when you beat the game!.Score: 5/5

Please add more American carsThere are two American cars you need to update with. One is the Hennesey venom GT and on is the SSC a Tuatara. Please update it! Pretty please!.Score: 4/5

Bad controlsNeed for speed “No Limits has beautiful controls. This one has bad controls, I tried both settings. If they can put same controls as No Limits, this will be a perfect game..Score: 1/5

Not worth the moneyI can’t believe I paid for this game, don’t even bother with this game it’s a cash grab if you download this game you’ll find out later on in the game that it’s a bloody joke the way faster cars are getting beat by weaker ones because after the AI cars finish their boost when you try to pass em out of nowhere their boost is instantly refilled right after their boost is empty.Score: 2/5

Nfs edition car are here!!!!!!😘😘😘😘Thank you so much for had nfs edition car your the best game i play and you had nfs car now i can finish the game.Score: 5/5

How can you get a refundHow can you get a refund.Score: 1/5

HorribleThis game kept on turning off and on it’s up I do not like this game I downloaded it but it didn’t work so I do not like this game and I will never buy it.Score: 3/5

Beats all other racing gamesThe drift and control is by far the best EA has made. Played for 5 years and still kicking. Dear EA, could you connect all the maps and offer the entire Fairhaven for a run as the last accomplishment that the driver can achieve? I woulnt mind driving for 10mins or more on a map like that..Score: 5/5

It is awesome!I have it on my old wii but it's not portable now it is so now I'm happy..Score: 5/5

NFS cars fixed!Awesome game and now that the issue with NFS Edition cars is fixed again it is possible to finish all achievements. Super fun!.Score: 4/5

FantasticI love this game.Score: 5/5

The speed kit makes no senseI used my Bentley without the speed kit to test its speed and then I tested it with the speed kit everything was the bloody fckn same how does that make sense please explain and no the game is not broken with my iPhone 6 plz fix.Score: 1/5

Cool gameThe game is good. I just need free roaming. Why won’t you add it?.Score: 4/5

Keep on crashingI have it on my iphone X but it is keep On crashing.Score: 1/5

LoadingWhy the game load load load load and I cannot play 😭.Score: 1/5

YeetThis game is awesome but PLEASE ad fee roam I beat the whole game and it was really fun but it would be even better if it had free roam.Score: 4/5

I WANT A REFUND!!!WHEN I COMPLETE THE FIRST RACE, IT GETS STUCK AND THEN I CANT DO ANYTHING!!! I need a refund now!! I paid $7.80 cad for this crap.Score: 1/5

Great game, but...I love the game, I used to play lots but lately I've been kinda bored with it, if you could add a free roam that would make it the most epic iOS game ever. Thanks😄.Score: 4/5

WONT LOAD!!!Every time I open the app it takes FOREVE to load!!! Please fix the bug...Score: 1/5

Free driveI recently read there is no free drive option, so I was wondering if in the next update EA could add that to the game to make it more fun and enjoyable.Score: 5/5

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No free roamI thought there would be free roam on this game but apparently not. I’m mad because on the Xbox game there was free roam. On this there isn’t. So I wasted 5 bucks. Ughhh. I don’t just wanna race..Score: 3/5

DishonestThis game cheats. That’s it. That’s the review. This game cheats..Score: 1/5

Complete crapI purchased this game thinking it was nfs mw 2005. It is not nfs mw 2005 and i cant get a refund. This game is crap there is no control over braking and it’s basically completely on rails like auto drive in far cry. Why haven’t y’all put out underground 2 on mobile yet??.Score: 1/5

Don’t make this mistake purchasing this backdated gamePlease do yourself a favour by staying away with such useless game.Score: 1/5

Waste of moneyThis is outrageous waste of money and time it is nothing like most wanted!!.Score: 1/5

Not like the console versionPlayed back when it first came out on the Xbox and absolutely loved the game’s open world feature. this app is somehow completely missing this major part of the game.Score: 1/5

Support controller use!Support controller use!.Score: 1/5

BackboneNeed for speed most wanted should be made to be used with a controller on the iPhone.Score: 5/5

Huge disappointmentDon’t waste your money on it. it’s not open world, it’s 2.8 gigs for being a race only game, spend your money on something good. and it doesn’t even have controller support.Score: 1/5

NFS most wantedI love this but I wish I can do free roam but I can’t.Score: 5/5

Game controls needs to be improvedOut of all the racing games, this game has the worst controls that I have faced. At some points, the car skids by itself..Score: 2/5

Add controller support!Game would be better with controller support!.Score: 4/5

More updatesI like this game a lot plz do more update like adding more cars like Ferrari.Score: 5/5

Love itLove the need for speed games. We need controller support for these racing games as an option would make it 5/5.Score: 3/5

✌️The game is very cool. I hope to decorate with new stages and updates to the game.Score: 5/5

Can’t sync save dataI just got a new iPhone and there is no option to sync data from my old phone..Score: 2/5

Awesome gameAdd the Toyota Tacoma to the vehicle list.Score: 4/5

Controller supportPlease make game to where it is supported by controller for easier play.Score: 3/5

99% GoodI’ve loved this game since my childhood but please for the love of good allow me to transfer my progress from one device to another..Score: 4/5

DecentI think NFS MW 2012 is a very cool game. It’s very simplistic but fun at the same time, which is what most people are looking for in a mobile game, although some more content wouldn’t hurt. It doesn’t have the open world like the Xbox version but I can see why, although it was sad that it was the case. Overall, I feel like this is a decently good game..Score: 4/5

NOT WHAT wAS REMEMBERED NOR WAS IT WHAT WAS In THE VIDEOSI was remembering driving around the city and driving free collecting cars but here there is none of that hate it.Score: 1/5

UnplayableThe game is impossible to play because of faulty steering mechanics. It doesn’t work right please let me have my money back.Score: 1/5

BoringThat is not like the original version and not it’s worth the money to be honest.Score: 1/5

Best game except please better graphics for iPadThis game is great expect can you give bettter graphics on iPad my mom bought this for me it’s pretty car there cars i want very cool cars that is awesome and really enjoy it there is also cop cars WOW! I’m impressed in this game also and also add touch drive please that’s all I want in addition can you add free roam in this game that’s all I ask over all great game:).Score: 5/5

ControlsThis game wasn’t made for people who are right handed because it’s hard for me to control the cars when driving so it’s a no for me.Score: 2/5

The Mustang Boss 302 😍Is 2012 NFS most wanted is An Old Game But Is Good in 2021 or 2022 😅.Score: 5/5

Controls change or add onHi I just want to say can the controls be tapping and swipe I don’t like those two controls not easy for me or not familiar to it..Score: 1/5

Most wanted is still going strong!!!Classic NFS!!!.Score: 5/5

MultiplayerWe’re paying to get this Game on our phone and can’t go on Multiplayer mode ? Please try to add this multiplayer option.Score: 3/5

CrashesThe game always crashes when I open it and I have tried everything so yeah you gotta have a strong bloody phone to run this..Score: 1/5

Controller supportNeed controller support.Score: 1/5

Make it backbone compatibleDo it plsss.Score: 4/5

Make it where I can play with a controllerCan you make it where I can play with a controller because I’d play it a lot more if y’all would make it like that.Score: 3/5

PLEASE ADD NO RACING MODEPLEASE Thank you for doing this. Ü.Score: 4/5

It’s fun but crap for YouTubeHi I’m Dead rat 77 Gaming I started this game for a series the only problem Is there is copyright © songs in this game.Score: 4/5

🤷🏻🤷🏻🤷🏻In my opinion, the game is not worth buying. When you race, it is okay. The graphics are good and races are kind of fun. But everything else is just not it🤷🏻.Score: 3/5

Add free modeWe need free mode where we can drive anywhere.Score: 4/5

Cops only attack you!!!So cops viciously attack you instead of attacking everyone they need more cars like the mucielago/ diablo/911 turbo exc..Score: 2/5

InnhThe game is all right but I only downloaded it because I thought there was a free mode but I don’t think there is yet.Score: 3/5

Could do betterI think this is a very fun game, but it is insanely hard to get the best car in the game-too hard. I have tried losing both bumpers and succeeded, however the game wouldn’t give me a reward. This is very frustrating and if there is any easier way to get the Bugatti tell me plz..Score: 4/5

ControlsYou can’t use a Bluetooth controlar.Score: 1/5

Why doesn’t it save progress?I had to get a new iPhone ,I re downloaded the game and it starts me all over , it’s frustrating.Score: 2/5

NOT EVEN CLOSEI remember the PS2 version of Need For Speed Most Wanted. It had a great story line, with hot women, cops you loved to hate and great maps. This is just another racing game. Snoresville. ZZZZZZZZ......Score: 1/5

TerribleIf you’re use to the other need for speed games and use the strap steering style, this is completely different and hard to get use to, a waste of $5...Score: 1/5

Amazing for a mobile portCriterion really nailed it with MW on console. This is still a good independent game away from the lore of the main game. Most of the cars in this version are considered DLC in the console version (like the Bugatti Veyron and Pagani Zonda R) but this is still an absolute unit of an offline game. Graphics are also quite good for a game from a long time ago. 10/10. EDIT: I will add something, in response to everyone complaining about the AI in the game. This is exactly how the cops in the console version work too. In the code, the cops only mission is to stop you. They’ll match your speed (bringing in different units respectively, like Rhinos for slow, yet durable vehicles, and Exotics for fast and agile vehicles) and will try to do pit maneuvers in an attempt to stop you. This is a game from 2012-2013. Be happy..Score: 5/5

Terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wasted My Last Money On Trash!!!!!!!!!!!!So, as being a player of the 2012 one I played it on a PlayStation 3, It was awesome!!! And tried buying it mobile since I have a different console now cuz the PlayStation stopped working, I got an Xbox One, so I don’t have it anymore, one, terrible controls, two, NOT EVEN BASED OFF OF THE REAL GAME BECAUSE ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE REAL GAME!!!!!!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND WASTING MONEY ON SOMETHING TRASH!!!!! MAKE IT BETTER OR I AM NOT DOWNLOADING A MOBILE NFS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE FIX IT!!!!! I EXPECT BETTER!.Score: 1/5

Update ASAPThey need to update it to be able to connect a controller..Score: 1/5

Needs mfi controller supportLike nimbus + then it would be sick.Score: 3/5

Love game and need few carsI love this game cus it remains me need for speed hot porsiut and I wanna say this game is une of the best ever put I wanna see few cars like lamborghini Diablo And Porsche 914 pls I wanna ser dose cars but in everiting the game if very cool.Score: 5/5

Not a fanThis was my favorite game and this app messed it up lol. No really the controls are rough playing on a phone. I would honestly want a refund but oh well I think nfs no limit on iOS should meet this game and have a baby.Score: 1/5

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