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Learn a new language with the world’s most-downloaded education app! Duolingo is the fun, free app for learning 35+ languages through quick, bite-sized lessons. Practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing to build your vocabulary and grammar skills. Designed by language experts and loved by hundreds of millions of learners worldwide, Duolingo helps you prepare for real conversations in Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, German, English, and more. Whether you’re learning a language for travel, school, career, family and friends, or your brain health, you’ll love learning with Duolingo. Why Duolingo? • Duolingo is fun and effective. Game-like lessons and fun characters help you build solid speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills. • Duolingo works. Designed by language experts, Duolingo has a science-based teaching methodology proven to foster long-term language retention. • Track your progress. Work toward your language learning goals with playful rewards and achievements when you make practicing a daily habit! • Join the community. With 300+ million learners worldwide, you’re part of a language community on Duolingo. • Every language course is free. Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh, Arabic, Latin, Hawaiian, Scottish Gaelic, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, English, and even High Valyrian! What the world is saying about Duolingo: “Far and away the best language-learning app.” —The Wall Street Journal “This free app and website is among the most effective language-learning methods I’ve tried… lessons come in the form of brief challenges — speaking, translating, answering multiple-choice questions — that keep me coming back for more.” —The New York Times “Duolingo may hold the secret to the future of education.” — TIME Magazine “...Duolingo is cheerful, lighthearted and fun…” — Forbes If you like Duolingo, try Duolingo Plus for 7 days free! Learn a language fast with no ads, and get fun perks like Mastery Quiz to measure how much you’ve learned and downloadable courses for learning wherever you go! If you choose to purchase Duolingo Plus, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. Privacy Policy: https://www.duolingo.com/privacy Terms of Service: https://www.duolingo.com/terms

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Very good app with lots to offerI think this app is very good for people who haven't really done much of a specific language and want to start learning. When you start it gives you an option of what language you want to do and it will ask you how much you know of the language and you have a opportunity to start from scratch. I also find helpful that there are streak freezers so when you get enough Gems you can buy streak freezers so when you miss a day it will save your streak. You can also edit your daily amount of time you want to do until you get your daily bonus. So personally I think duolingo is the best language app out there and I give the people who made it big credit..Score: 5/5

Loved it for 5 years then they made me hate them with a cheap trickMore than 6 years using them and as of today a 1670 days streak… loved them and they helped me learning German and Italian… but who is the idiot who came with the cheap trick of using the last update to invert the click for practicing to refill the hearts with spending diamonds to refill the heart? I don’t really care about my diamond balance but still the trick is cheap and disgusting… shame!.Score: 1/5

Original & Fun but Many IssuesIt’s a great and free way of learning - no books or having to write stuff down, but I have been frustrated by many problems with it. I am using the free option which allows you to learn but you have to earn hearts to permit any mistakes - so if you have 3 hearts you can make 3 mistakes before your session is forced to end (unless you subscribe to the chargeable version). Hearts are awarded after a number of hours and then you can earn more hearts by watching an ad. More hearts = more mistakes permitted for you to carry on learning. No hearts = you cannot continue until your credit of hearts is topped up. My issue with Duolingo is that I used to be able to earn hearts by watching an ad but after 3 days when the tab appeared for me to earn more hearts by watching an ad, whenever I press it nothing happens. Which is rubbish. Also I was awarded 2 days free use of Duo Lingo Plus (a paid option) when I soared through the training. But when I clicked the tab to access the 2 free days of Plus I got message saying ‘A problem has occurred please try later.’ Im sure these are all tools being applied to force me to subscribe to the paid option - which I will not purely because I do not like to be manipulated by an organisation!.Score: 3/5

Why u need title!?I am learning German, and this app is definitely good, but Full of bugs, and is really glitchy, and I think that it’s ok to have ads, but the amount is completely unnecessary. I think that it’s really harsh how long it takes the hearts to regenerate, and I think could really use some updates to the English to German course. (Also please make streak freezes cheaper!!).Score: 3/5

Easy peasyWhy did I never try this before. Even though all the adverts are annoying it’s still great fun and I’m learning really quickly..Score: 5/5

Fun to use but removing keyboard option limits its usefulnessI renjoy using Duolingo and feel like I have learnt something from it. I especially love the podcasts. However, the fact that it no longer has the keyboard option on the app makes it of limited real-world use. Having word options in bubbles makes it too easy, we need to be able to practice it as it would really be used in real everyday life. Also, I have reported the same bug multiple times over many months, and it never gets fixed. For this reason I stopped getting the paid version and now just use the free one as it’s too buggy and not useful enough to be worth paying for, but it’s still fun to use..Score: 3/5

The bestI’m learning so much!.Score: 5/5

DuolingoЕсли вы хотите учить русский язык то эта программа самое оно, я пользуюсь уже достаточно времени и за всё это время меня учат как правильно писать и говорить на русском, а не на английском, а на английские ошибки они не ставят акцент, я бы хотел учить английский а не русский.Score: 1/5

Good app badly executedThere’s a lot to like about Duolingo, I really like the interface and the characters within it, I like the fact that I can touch on a word or phrase and see a translation, however, there’s an awful lot not to like. As a UK English speaker wanting to learn Spanish as spoken in Spain I am seriously up against it, yes the app is developed in America and yes Latin America is the more likely destination for Americans but the option to choose would be a valuable addition. The new world variant of either language is very different from the parent. Also, the league system that operates encourages you to learn more and more in order to climb leagues but the points scoring system they use seems to favour listening to stories over and over and over again above working through the tutorials and actually learning the language structure and phraseology. Good app, brilliant interface and wonderful characters but badly executed.Score: 2/5

Nice app but too easyThe majority of the learning is putting together sentences using a small number of pre-selected words or matching word pairs which are super obvious. I think this is almost too easy. I get 100% all the time and I’ve done quite a lot of levels now but unsure if I’m just getting better at the ‘game’ or actually learning Italian. Wish it was a bit harder (e.g. having to actually type the sentences from memory). The sentences are also really random so not remotely useful (I’m never going to talk to someone about giving a horse ‘candies’) Overall it’s a great app and I will keep using though despite the flaws..Score: 3/5

Methodical and funI am enjoying the programme … so much so that I have to tear myself away once I get going!.Score: 5/5

Amazing! (´,,•ω•,,)♡This app is amazing, its helped me learn spanish! i've always loved spanish so im really glad i can now learn it with duolingo!! ...can i have my cat back now..(っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ.Score: 5/5

Fed up of deleting appNearly everyday I have to delete the app. My screen goes blank and freezes. When claiming the chest for gems, it doesn’t always give me gems, also when having earned a heart I don’t always get that either. I like the learning part of it though. My partner has the app and has never had trouble with it. Very random..Score: 3/5

What languageI like to know if Duolingo has English, Farsi package for people’s who are interested?.Score: 5/5

Great app but..Love duolingo and it’s brilliant for learning a language. But it now stops me getting new gems and hearts, the links fail to work, and you have to have gems and hearts to do new lessons. I’ve tried deleting the app and downloading it again but that works just for a short while. Help section doesn’t help as it’s all auto faq's. Such a pity as it really is great otherwise..Score: 3/5

LanguagesI rate this 4 stars only because there is no Urdu on here. When they add Urdu, I will give 5 stars..Score: 4/5

DuolingoI fell like the hearts aren’t very good. Can make me lose interest in the app. Sometimes you will be so close to finishing and then you lose your last heart, making you wait or gain more, they both take ages..Score: 3/5

Updates can wipe out years of progressI have been using duolingo since 2018 and have 3 languages with a completed German tree. I had a number of ‘legendary’ crowns that duo said wouldn’t ‘crack’ but then did, and recently they’ve updated the German course and instead of introducing new topics and making an additional level for all of the impacted crowns they’ve completely re-set my course to 0 all the way down to level 6. I will have to re-take over 140 courses to take me back to where I was and I’m on a 309 day streak. It’s so disheartening. It’s even re-set courses for people who have paid (using gems) to get their legendary status. The app itself is pretty good. Could be structured better with explanations of grammar and possession etc. however it can be fun. Until they erase your progress..Score: 2/5

DuolingoAbsolutely mad, marvelous.Score: 5/5

WrongGreat activities but some of it is wrong for Spanish activities. For example computernador is meant to be ordenador. Perhaps this is American Spanish because it also says dollars so could you make an English Spanish please??? Thanks losers!🤪🤪🤪.Score: 1/5

AmazingI love this. I didn’t think I would ever be able to learn another language. If I can do it… Anyone can! Really anyone! This app is fantastic! If you want to learn another language. This is the app you need!.Score: 5/5

Just one issueThis app is great but one issue. Once I’d made my profile I could NOT reset it! I tried deleting it and downloading it but it wouldn’t reset..Score: 4/5

Languages are so much easier now!Duolingo is honestly just amazing. I am learning Italian with my friend and it is helping me so much! Within 5 minutes (literally 5 minutes) I had already learnt how to say man, woman, girl, boy and apple fluently! This is the best language - learning app that I know, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!.Score: 5/5

Good but problem with one languageI think it’s really good on other languages but it’s pretty bad in Japanese and doesn’t really teach you.Score: 5/5

Great app, latest version is buggyThe app is great overall; the free option is quite ad-heavy but it is free! There is quite a variety of exercises, with vocabulary and grammar, some listening and speaking exercises. The teaching is not as structures as a "real" lesson but works around repetition and regular practice - the reminders are quite effective! The exercises are improving over time, however it is a shame there is no feature parity with the desktop website - for example, no lesson theory is available for some course while it does appear on desktop. Recently some bug is causing high processor usage, heats up my phone (iPhone SE 2020, iOS 15) and drains the battery very fast. Please fix this as it makes using the app difficult!.Score: 3/5

Duolingo is greatI have only been learning a week but I have a strong understanding of some words and I am starting to put phrases together into sentences. I have learned super fast.Score: 5/5

Lightening roundI am fed up that this is not working properly- when I start it takes at least 10 seconds to record first answer which makes it almost impossible to score 40 points. I have sent reports in to no avail so far. Plus costs a lot of money and feeling cheated.Score: 2/5

Good easy to use and helpful appGood easy to use and helpful app.Score: 5/5

YThe primum subscription is to muck money.Score: 3/5

Lessons have changed..Why has the word matching pairs lesson, and the speaking phrases lessons disappeared off the Norwegian course. I really liked those two lessons, they helped me to understand the language better and remember words better. Can’t pay for the ad-free version because I’m poor, but I hate those pale pink and light blue Duolingo adverts, with the annoying music. The colour is too bright and jarring for my eyes. I use my iPad in Dark mode. And so to suddenly have these bright ads pop up, hurts my eyes. (Especially now when I’ve got a headache). Also there seems to be some bugs, a pop-up on my app keeps asking me to congratulate a friend over his streak when I’ve done it ten times already. And when I try to click on the button to watch an ad to win a heart, well it’s not working, nothing is happening… So no free heart… 🥺🥺.Score: 1/5

Great appReally good app but I wish there were more languages to learn ..Score: 5/5

GgFggggff.Score: 4/5

It’s the bestI’m a person who didn’t like languages when learning it in school but with the app it’s fun and gets me interested.Score: 4/5

BrilliantThis is a great way to learn and improve your Spanish..Score: 5/5

Amazing AppThis is an amazing app and I would recommend this to anyone!.Score: 5/5

When you are correct but it says you are wrongI’ve been playing this for over two years. Since the update, 80% of the time it says you are incorrect even though your answer is the exact same from their suggestion & that you are correct. Don’t bother with their hints as it is always wrong. They clearly need better translated as they are not doing their job at all. I have to cheat most of the time and rely on Google translate or the iPhone translate to give me the correct answer..Score: 1/5

DuolingoIt’s a really good app but it might not work for everyone, I personally do around 60xp worth of lesson a day (5 short 2 minutes lessons) and I have learnt a lot of Spanish. But just a warning that it may not work for you so don’t expect it to:)).Score: 5/5

Won’t let me sign upGood for reviewing language, however I can’t use it every other day because it requires me to sign up but every time I try there is an error.Score: 2/5


Excellent but a pity it’s only available in US EnglishWorks well but very irritating to have to translate 'biscotti' as 'cookie' rather than 'biscuit' and 'autunno' as 'fall' rather than 'autumn ', shop as 'store' and chips as 'fries' It is time it recognised English and allowed for variant translations..Score: 4/5

InconsistentI have been using this for a month to learn Swahili. The translations are inconsistent. After spending multiple lessons and practices being shown one translation it will suddenly decide that it is wrong and give you a different one. It will show you an alternative option, then when you you use it, it is wrong and show the original version as correct. Then when you use the original it will show you the same alternative that it previously showed and then said was wrong when you used it. There is an option to discuss but there isn’t an official moderator so it is a group of people discussing what they don’t understand. So you have no way of determining what is the correct answer. There isn’t any direction on sentence structure or why there are multiple ways of spelling the same word depending on its context. Currently unable to access after IOS15 update to iPad..Score: 3/5

Warning! I spent £8.99 and got nothingI paid £8.99 to load up ‘gems’ so I could continue working through the levels but these were not applied straight away so I lost all my progress for that day. Three hours later and still nothing added to my account to enable me to play without further charges. There should be a warning that points bought will not be instantly available to use. Not sure when I’ll get these but the money is out of my iPhone account already - a bit peeved to say the least!!.Score: 3/5

Subscription cost shrouded in secrecy!I enjoy using this app and was interested in taking up a subscription to Duolingo Plus. Why is it so difficult to find out how much the subscription costs - it seems to be shrouded in secrecy! Nothing on the website, nothing in the shop within the app other than an option to sign up to two free weeks which I don’t want to do without knowing beforehand. Really irritating and has put me off getting a subscription. Duolingo - why can’t you be upfront?.Score: 3/5

Good app but STOP THE EMAILSIm liking it but please stop spamming the emails it’s annoying.Score: 4/5

It’s not freeThey keep wanting me to buy gems, add-ons, watch ads, anything that isn’t free. They are a business so I understand that, but don’t say it’s free, because it’s not.Score: 1/5

So many ads nowUsed to be great, now has tonnes of frustrating ads, and not ads that are interesting, just crap mobile games. At least YouTube let's you skip them after 5 seconds and usually have better quality ads.Score: 1/5

Great app. But it has become soooooo slow!I’ve been using the paid version of Duolingo for 2 years and the free version for a year before that. I really love the app. It’s a great learning tool and the grammar content is slowly getting there too, making it a fantastic. BUT in the last year or so the app has become increasingly unresponsive and slow. I can sometime spend more time waiting for an exercise to load than I spend actually doing the exercise. It is getting so frustrating to have the app freeze constantly for 30sec to 2min whilst the content loads. In addition finishing exercises very often doesn’t get registered. So you have to complete the same exercise multiple times to register some progress. So overall a good app but Duolingo really needs to sort the bugs and the response time. Hence the 3 stars. When you pay £80+ per year on an app, you expect it to function properly..Score: 3/5

Why it’s so goodIt helped me so much with my work and now I know all my Spanish.Score: 5/5

Amazing! 🤩Ok I used this for 1 day+ and on that 1 day I knew how to say :boy,man and cat (cat is chat boy is Garçon and homme is man!) amazing app all over 3+ SHOULD use this! 🤩 It’s amazing 🤩.Score: 5/5

Spanish or vanish-dulingo.Score: 5/5

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Crashing repeatedly!!!Restarted my iPhone multiple times, the app is crashing repeatedly and not allowing me to login or even sign up with a new account!!!! Unbelievable!!.Score: 1/5

Great appI don’t think that there should be hearts but that is me just being negative, otherwise the app is great and I am only 10.Score: 4/5

I love the appI like to learn lots of languges it helps me a lot i'm also learning arbic.Score: 5/5

What’s the pointWhat’s the point of learning on this for free if there’s a limit - hearts regenerate way too slow.Score: 1/5

These guys are hypocritesThey say that people shouldn’t have to pay for a better education. Well then what the hell is plus. And guess what they make you pay to learn. Learning is about learning from your mistakes not being punished for them. So really your not learning with Duolingo. Wanna know why? They take away a heart for each mistake. And each heart takes four hours to replenish. Also their mission page specifically says No Premium Content yet again plus comes into play. So don’t download this it’s a waste of storage and they are scamming little douchebags.Score: 1/5

To duoDuolingo is good app to teach a language I like the duolingo plus.Score: 5/5

Not best for learning KoreanI’ve been learning French with Duolingo and i loved it. I recommended it to my Canadian boyfriend so he can learn my mother tongue, Korean. We were both very excited but your Korean lessons are so bad. So many errors, a few vowel audios are just straight up wrong. I could tell these are just cheap text to audio function. I see that you advertise that you teach many ‘endangered’ language, but now that I see the quality of Korean lessons, not an endangered language but just less spoken, I highly doubt that those lessons are any good..Score: 1/5


BuggingI love this app since of how helpful it is but the voice recognition kept bugging out because it wouldn’t register anything I said. Even something as simple as eleven and twelve. When I finished the ad at the end of the lesson it carried on the audio of the ad on to the regular home screens as well..Score: 3/5

Legendary crackingI love duolingo but my complaint keeping it from a 5/5 is that the legendary level was supposed to be so that the skill never cracked. This is not the case. Don’t say something if it isn’t true..Score: 4/5

Problem…..I don’t like how you need to listen to a sentence because I’m hearing impaired so it is unfair because I can barely hear the sentence can you get rid of it or make it optional It would really help me and other hearing impaired people enjoy it more ( p.s If you are hearing impaired please don’t take this comment as offensive it’s only my opinion ).Score: 3/5

Excellent. Best thing ever invented.I helped me a lot studying languages. Great and awesome. From beginners to master. Everything you need to know to master a language..Score: 5/5

GoodGood.Score: 4/5

Glitchy ads don’t give gems promisedI like this app but I’m SO TIRED of not getting the gems promised after watching an ad because the ad didn’t load properly. It happens EVERY DAY (just now I lost out on 45😡) and I’m getting to the point of frustration where I don’t even want to use the app anymore.Score: 2/5

Great app!This is my favourite learning app! Love it!.Score: 5/5

This app is amazingBut can you pls add sign language.Score: 5/5

Still good but..It’s really good but I don’t like it when I have hearts because I run out and I have to wait for 4 hours.Score: 4/5

IPhone app not letting me sign in.For two days now I have not been able to get into my mobile Duolingo app. It signed me out while I wasn’t using it at some point and when I went to log in to practice, it told me there was an unknown error. I try to change my password, I type in my email to get the “forgot password” email sent to me, I get: “unknown error”. I changed my password on the desktop site, I can log in, it’s all fine on the desktop! But no dice with the mobile app and I’m frustrated because that’s normally where I do all my practicing..Score: 4/5

Best app! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩Even when I make mistakes it makes me feel proud it’s not like the stupid IXL😑 nothing to say but THIS IS THE BEST LANGUAGE LEARNING APP I EVER HAD!!!!🥰 the only thing that weirds me out is the so called evil Duolingo owl and I love the audio listening.Score: 5/5

I guess its fine... I guess its not?Its good for learning languages but the health system is pretty much garbage and that affects how you learn. Sometimes you make mistakes, but at this rate, you can't learn that fast. Sometimes not even at ALL. So i rate duolingo 3/10.Score: 2/5

The dot in i is “totally” controllableDuolingo I can’t control the dot in the I what the heck.Score: 3/5

Most fun, amazing way to learn as many languages that you wantI can’t say enough about Duolingo! I have taken the German, Italian, French and Spanish courses. I did all four every morning until I completed or nearly completed the course. I have, my whole life, wanted to learn these languages. We love foreign films and I can understand some words, so cool. Then, I started learning Vietnamese, so much fun! I tried Chinese, I love how the letters look, more like pictures and Duolingo makes it wonderfully easy, because you can repeat over and over again a sentence that is difficult. I am back learning Spanish because I have Spanish friends to practice with. It is such a great mental exercise. The cheerful, colourful course makes it a positive experience. The course it very motivating and encourages you to move forward. The microphone you speak into checks your accuracy. There is a lot more to say, just love it!.Score: 5/5

Muy buenoSí.Score: 5/5

Fantastic learning experienceI have wanted to learn Spanish all my life and my brother mentioned duolingo and I’ve been on it for three years now it’s awesome! Podcasts, lessons, chat, stories! It’s amazing!.Score: 5/5

BruhI want to learn Farsi but you don’t teach it please add The language.Score: 1/5

Simply Amazing Learning Experience!There are so many features and interactive components to Duolingo! It makes learning a new language fun and easy! Highly recommend!.Score: 5/5

Love itIdk why there are so many negative reviews this is the best app out there, i use the free version and its amazing.Score: 5/5

:$Used to be nice $$$. 💵.Score: 1/5

Love thisI love all the ways you’re required to learn with this app. Written, spoken, matching, choosing. And the repetitiveness is excellent..Score: 5/5

Fix or banI was learning French and when I reach day 7 it says start duo plus.Score: 2/5

AggravatingThis app is absolutely ridiculous. I updated my phone and Duolingo deleted all of my progress, it was so aggravating! Another annoyance is the adds that keep popping up for me to get Duolingo plus, how many times do I have to say no!?.Score: 1/5

I don’t like the heart featureAnd I don’t want to wait 4 hours for more hearts.Score: 3/5

Needs some improvements. Please take out the health bar!I like the app overall. But I feel some of the early lessons of the language I'm learning (Japanese) are very easy and then they suddenly get extremely hard. There can definitely be some improvements (i.e. there's a section to learn hiragana and katakana, why not add a kanji section as well if you're going to start throwing it at me? Being a native English speaker, how am I supposed to know which kanji is which?). Health bar and ads get a little annoying, but the ads I can at least understand - the app has to make money. As a learner, I'm going to make mistakes. However, if I make so many mistakes that I can't continue because I have no health, I'm going to turn to another free resource instead of paying for lives or for premium. I (unfortunately) understand the business perspective but you truly aren't helping learners learn by doing this and it's offputting..Score: 3/5

Customer service nonexistentWorst customer service ever. You would think I get a pass as a plus account holder but no. I needed to have my password reset but app doesn’t recognize my email account. An email account that has been used to bill me every year. I reached out to customer service but no response and there seems to be no way of reaching them by phone. The interface created for customers to report issues is just a farce. The thing doesn’t work. I don’t remember when last I was this frustrated..Score: 1/5

I cant learn my own languageIt saddens me that Filipino, and tagalog is not on this app…. which is the main language of the Philippines! Please add this..Score: 1/5

Family progressPlease update the app so I can see my child’s progress. Currently it just says private member and I cannot see his progress. Thank you very much for the app. It is really great..Score: 5/5

Dumb and frustratingI despise this app. horrible at teaching things. i speak fluent french and they said i was at a beginner level. they also don’t explain questions well.Score: 1/5

I hat itI hate the there’s harts!!!!.Score: 2/5

Ad content and glitchesI’m very grateful for this app and that advertising keeps it free. However, can you please consider removing the ads for the game ‘Evony’ during which one has to watch one guy behead another, complete with blood squirting everywhere? Also- fully 75 per cent of the time, when I am presented with the option to watch an ad to get a heart, I am unable to select the option to do so. In order to move past the screen, I have to hit No Thanks. This is a glitch that slows me down and is frustrating..Score: 3/5

Why?How are you supposed to learn anything when you can only get a few questions wrong, while being thrown into a language you don’t know and you have to figure out these stupid sentences like “I am a horse” you are going to get more than 5 questions wrong. This app barley teaches you anything, it’s not the proper way of learning a language anyway..Score: 1/5

Duolingo bird please give me back my kidsIt’s been four days and I haven’t seen my wife and kids. I’m sorry I didn’t do my daily exercises, it won’t happen again. Just please give me my family back. Also great layout and easy to use 10/10.Score: 5/5

Infinity failIt keeps showing we didn’t way full price and our hearts run out..Score: 2/5


BugsFix your god damn game. I wrote the answer correctly and it won’t register as correct the question was to translate “Qui, je travaille à Paris “ FIX YOUR GAME.Score: 3/5

The heart thing sucksThe heart thing in the game sucks they should’ve never added it I can’t continue my fasting because I keep running out of hearts. Otherwise the game is really good and it’s teaching me how to speak Japanese very good way it is a little difficult but it’s okay. I would be happier if they made it easier to learn a language. I’m sure everybody else would be happy about it being easier to learn a language to do a DOLINGO please make learning a language easier I beg you. And if you don’t at least add the language Japanese to do a Doulingo kids. The game is really good for learning a language do you want to speak but it’s just a little hard and difficult especially if you have A hard time speaking languages that you don’t know.P.S no heat to the game really good in my opinion (just not the heart thing)..Score: 4/5

MeHello! I love learning with Duolingo. There are just a few problems! Sometimes, the microphone won’t hear what I say, even though I have said it correctly! Then, there is a sound glitch! When it marks something wrong, it doesn’t make the duh duh sound anymore! Also, I like the leagues, but is it really fair that someone in the diamond league gets like, 1000-10000 xp a day????? It makes me feel like I am not doing enough. Is it even possible for me to be at the top for once?? I never get put with the easier people anymore. If you can fix at least two of these problems I will be satisfied (the third one is just a complaint) Thank you!.Score: 4/5

My familyEvery time I lose a heart, I get an emergency alert for a ballistic missile threat.Score: 1/5


Tik Tok Marketing TeamCancelled my babble subscription and downloaded this app only because of the Tik Tok Duo marketing team. Very smart with a new generational attitude on marketing. Nice touch..Score: 5/5

Not all langugesI wanna learn tagalog but there is no tagalog there.Score: 3/5

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GreatI love Duolingo, I’ve used it to learn Spanish and Italian. The only problem is the hearts. I don’t like having to wait 4 hours for a new heart and have to quit during a lesson. Still it’s a great app and I recommend it to anyone.Score: 4/5

Great but…This is a great app that teaches a variety of languages in an easy to understand way. The only problem is that if you mess up in a lesson you lose a heart. When you run out of all your 5 hearts you have to wait an hour to get 1 back. If you get plus (a payed subscription) you can get unlimited hearts but otherwise it’s a great app..Score: 4/5

Micro Transaction TrapThis app is mired with micro transaction pitfalls, even if you pay for the year of Duo Lingo Plus. Gems are part of the gamification of this language app. Gems get you further in speed lessons or allow you to access additional sections of a language. Gems are now harder, if not impossible, to earn in the app. When you do earn gems it seems to cap how many you can earn a day. Eventually due to the lack of obtainable gems you are forced to purchase gems, even after paying for Plus, to take part in aspects of this app or to fix issues. One such issue is that even if you use the app daily it will randomly glitch, and you will lose your daily usage streak. How do you fix that? Why gems dear reader, it will cost you gems or real money to get that streak back. Save money, and buy the lifetime licence to Rosetta Stone or another language app. It’ll be a better value, and way less of an outright financial scam than Duo Lingo & Duo Lingo Plus..Score: 1/5

Cannot login whatsoeverI cannot login to the app anymore. I tried EVERYTHING. So what’s the use of it if I cannot login? I could give zero star rating. I can only login via browser. In the App, I tried normal login, Login with Google, resetting password. Absolutely NOTHING works and it doesn’t even tell me what is wrong. It just says try again later. This is a bug in the iOS app that duolingo has been refusing to fix..Score: 1/5

GenialGenial solo que sea gratis todo.Score: 5/5

Duo is actually helpful when you cooperateI've been doing my lessons on task, duo isnt hunting me down and i get to learn czech :D.Score: 5/5

Love learning here!I already knew a little Spanish but I have improved tremendously. I feel like I am playing a game but learning at the same time which is great. Tuns of ways to make you want to come back! I recommend 100%.Score: 5/5

不要通过中文学习其他语言不要通过中文学习任何语言,不然你会发现你连中文都不会说了.Score: 2/5

This app is amazingThis app helps you learn a language really quick.Score: 5/5

Animations too longThe app is nice, but when you finish a lesson, the animations giving you your score are just too long. I’m a grown adult, I don’t need watch the cartoons dance across the screen when I finish a lesson. The time it takes between the moment you complete a lesson and getting back to the main page is far too long. Just my opinion! Thank you!.Score: 4/5

Best use of time, it’s fun and well done!Thank u guys for making such an great learning tool available for anyone! The animations and characters makes it fun to learn, the vibe and energy it’s great, and I gotten so much from the app, having fun while learning with all the tools available, the stories and audio, it’s amazing, thank you!.Score: 5/5

PriceThis used to be a completely free app and now you can’t do anything without paying. The app is still great, just dumb they’re now they’re charging for everything..Score: 3/5

DuolingoI love this app bcz it’s helps me learn Spanish bcz my dad is fluent and I can talk to my uncles.Score: 5/5

Pretty goodI think the app is very good and the fact that you can learn many languages for free is amazing. I really hope there will be more languages available like Thai. I really want to learn that language but it’s not available yet..Score: 3/5

Mixed feelingsI have been studying Spanish for four years with Duolingo. I am grateful for a free software that has helped me a lot. However, the app does not explain grammar rules, it just expects you to pick up on them in context. It also is not consistent with how it wants you to answer certain things. These two things combined, make it UNBELIEVABLY frustrating to use once you get in to the more advanced levels. I fear that I will need to abandon this app because even my boyfriend, who is a very educated, fluent, native Spanish speaker is unable to anticipate what answers they want. The inconsistency is maddening..Score: 3/5

Amazing app, just one problem.This app is amazing. I downloaded Duolingo to learn how to speak Spanish, and I’m doing great. But there’s just one problem- I was learning, and lost my last heart in a mistake. But the heart came back, somehow. I kept learning, but at the end.. It told me that I ran out of hearts. This heart system isn’t even that pleasant, making mistakes shouldn’t limit you from taking lessons!.Score: 4/5

Best language learning app but please add FilipinoThis has more languages to learn than babbel but please add Filipino. It is spoken in the Philippines and I want to learn how to speak it so I can understand and talk to my family there and talk to my mom in another language..Score: 5/5

¡Estoy aprendiendo!Voy a pagar cuando empiece el descuento.Score: 5/5

Not greatHi. I missed one day of my 59 day streak and I had 1 streak freeze, Duolingo made my whole streak go to zero and didn’t use my streak freeze. And now I am confused if it will restart my streak or keep it. If this happens to you pls write a review about it and I hope it will get fixed..Score: 2/5

Needs to be used in conjunction with other tools.I would highly suggest using this app as an aid along with other forms of teaching tools (apps, books, online or in-person lessons, etc). My biggest issue is the lack of explanation with grammar. They show you sentences and I guess they just expect you to memorize it — for instance, with grammatical gender (which is completely foreign to English speakers). They also don’t start out with basic pronunciation of the alphabet, which I think is strange. It would be helpful to learn the alphabet and pronunciation of the letters along with a basic tutorial on lip and tongue position to help with that pronunciation. Another thing I found odd is that too often during the audio (when you can’t check your work) they’ll throw in a word they haven’t covered yet. Of course it’s hit or miss whether you’ll get it wrong. Hearts —or lives— are required to continue the lessons. You lose a heart for every incorrect answer, but only earn ONE heart every four hours. Oh, but guess what? Yep, you can PURCHASE hearts to continue learning. I might understand this if the lessons were ad-free, but they aren’t. I just don’t feel like this is conducive to learning, especially for those who spend more than half an hour per day on the app..Score: 2/5

Love itIt is the best my mom had it and told me about it and when she told me I was learning Italian whith a teacher and did not get it so it helped me a lot.Score: 5/5

Duolingo is great but...The Arabic section is not helpful. I already know some arabic and have not been learning anything. All the so called challenges are not challenging in any way. They are all the same: recognizing the sounds letters make. I already know all that, it’s nothing new. I know Arabic is a hard language to make people learn but you should be able to feel challenged and this is not what I feel. Thanks!.Score: 2/5

DuolingoDuolingo is a great place to learn and is very fun! Even a 8 year old girl like me can learn Finnish!.Score: 5/5

SusI love how you can make your name amogus690.Score: 5/5

Duolingo ReviewOverall, I enjoy increasing my knowledge of Spanish on Duolingo. However, it takes too long for the hearts ❤️ to refill after a lesson. There are not enough Audio Lessons or Duolingo Stories. I.Score: 3/5

Room for improvementThis app is great if you already know the basics of your target language. For some languages, they do a pretty good job at providing explanations for the grammar points, but if your language isn’t one of those, then good luck figuring anything out. I’m learning Dutch right now, and because I have a background in German, I innately understand some of the rules. But certain ones, like adjectives, are incredibly poorly implemented. There’s no explanation at all about when to use certain declensions of adjectives. They also don’t provide a pronunciation guide, so I am stuck guessing if the way I’m saying it is correct or not (because let’s be honest, voice recognition is a bit bad)..Score: 3/5

Maybe get all the real languages before the fictional ones?I was disappointed to see Tagalog didn’t make the cut for languages before Klingon or High Valyrian but even more disappointed to come back to the app and still see Tagalog as an option..Score: 2/5

Please Duo…Dear Duo, I am very sorry that I could not do my german last night, I did double the amount today, so can you please give my back my family? I will do anything..Score: 1/5

Sign Language?I absolutely LOVE Duolingo! It’s helped me so much in my Spanish class, which I was majorly shocked by considering how much I struggle to grasp the language. It’s charming and funny, but there can always be more things to add. I think it would be delightful to have a Sign Language option on Duolingo. It’s desperately needed and I believe it can help a lot of people. Gracias and adios!.Score: 5/5

Best language learning appBest app in the world!.Score: 5/5

Need enunciationsTrying to learn Japanese and the ‘spoken’ versions are very hard to hear. (ie: “shiro shido, shilo”) I can’t make out what’s being said and there’s no instructions on how to pronounce things… the audio is so quick and difficult to hear it’s not functional for me..Score: 2/5

Focus on user feedback more, please.Please go through the “my answer should have been accepted” feedback quicker. Some questions have been rejecting answers with perfectly normal English phrasing for years now. Also, there have been a lot of really good additions to the app lately, but having to wait for all the animations after a lesson (and hit continue a bunch of times to move past all of them) is WAY too much. Just summarize the lesson/accomplishments on one page, and let me hit continue once. Please!.Score: 4/5

So funI have learned so much Spanish in two days it is so much fun.Score: 5/5

Dictionary would be helpfulIt would be helpful to add a dictionary of words you’ve learned after each level to keep track of everything.Score: 4/5

Best language learning app hands downUsed this to come up to speed before moving to Bolivia. Now I’m learning Portuguese! Love all the features - stories are a nice addition.Score: 5/5

AmazingThis is the best app ever and I recommend it for anyone all ages even baby’s. They help me learn very quickly and way quicker than the other place I learn it. I wanted to learn Duolingo as a side thing but it is so fun. Definitely recommend it..Score: 5/5

Pretty GoodThe application it’s pretty good. Although the heart system that is used for the phone and iPad can be a pain. I wish that for iPads it would not use the heart system when you are trying to practice cause it just makes it inefficient. Other than the heart system practice, the application is pretty good. It lets you practice and uses the voice repetition and pronounce the words..Score: 4/5

App does not workI signed up for the Plus version and the app stopped working. I have been unable to log in since then. I sent an email to customer support over a week ago and I have received no reply, much less a solution to the issue..Score: 1/5

Very Disappointed with NavajoI’ve only gotten through the first few lessons and it’s littered with technical mistakes and proper punctuation hasn’t been added so you can’t even complete the lessons. This is my fifth language on Duolingo and first bad review. Please fix it..Score: 1/5

Easy LearningSo far so good.Score: 5/5

Next Level…I love the App so far. I took four years of Italian and High School sms a year in college. I find the App a great review and for learning new stuff. I will be in Italy for four months for work, so this App is perfect for me to brush up and work on my grammar and sentence stricture. My only little critique is, I wish the app had a more obvious way to find tech support. Right now I’m trying to advance to the next level and I can’t seem to do it. I’m a Gen X, so sometimes it’s not as obvious for me to figure things out with Apps. Giacomo Capoverdi..Score: 5/5

TrickyI used to use this app constantly. Not anymore. They have placed roadblocks to learning in this app. It is no longer enjoyable to use due to constant commercials, limited hearts and the increasing difficulty of testing out of levels, even though you don’t want to test out, therefore stopping your progress in its tracks. Maybe Babbel wii be better.👎.Score: 2/5

Persian!!This app is absolutely incredible, but it would be better if you add courses for persian speakers! I’m sure you can get more than 2,3 milion users just by adding this!.Score: 5/5

Easy to learn!As a 10 year old, I find it surprising that Duolingo is so fun to use! It’s easy to select the languages that you want to learn, and the app also makes learning those different languages more interesting. I think that Duolingo is a great way to learn..Score: 5/5

Pretty coolI actually really like the app it’s awesome the only thing I could really suggest is that the prompt sentences they give normally aren’t going to be said in real life. In the fallou app you can have conversations and I think that would be really helpful. The updates that the app has had are really good though.Score: 5/5

Needs the kanji allyI love this app and love that it teaches Kanji with hiragana&katikana. The only thing I would add is the kanji alphabet with pronunciations. It would help a lot. But all in all I am 100% satisfied with the work put in great job.Score: 5/5

Plz HelpI forgot my Spanish lesson and now Duolingo bird is hunting me down. Help.Score: 5/5

FrenchI’m learning French and I really do think it is helping me learn better than a lot of other things I have tried but it is still kinda complicated the way they pronounce it and they don’t really do it in an easer way.Score: 5/5

Good but annoyingIt’s a good app but I haven’t had time to do it because Ive ben behind on my homework but the app creeps on reminding me but I just don’t have time.And on thanksgiving we wanted to have some family time and it still won’t stop so I’d like a option we’re it would let you pause it and still keep your streak..Score: 5/5

Spelling lessonI subscribe to Duolingo, to learn a language not to learn how to spell names, like Herr Bergman, what a disappointment this is!!! All the German is correct, but the name is spelled wrong. I think Duolingo would rather be a spelling app, than a language learning app. Just saying it again, if my German is correct and the spelling of a name is wrong, you reject it. Shame on you!,,.Score: 1/5

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DuolingoGreat work!.Score: 1/5

Unable to do hard practice on legendary levelsI have been unable to do a hard practice on legendary levels. Why waste time and gems on getting to legendary levels if it doesn’t let you get the perks of this level. I have started using different apps to avoid this frustrating issue. Definitely won’t be upgrading to Plus..Score: 1/5

Great app :DDuolingo plz don’t come after me /j.Score: 5/5

Good!Duo very good! I like Duolingo ..Score: 2/5

Give my family backGive my family back I only stoped for an hour please melt me.Score: 5/5

DuoligoI really loved this app but I would really like to see Filipino and more countries languages there.e.Score: 5/5

Duolingo makes learning a language funThis is a great app.Score: 5/5

Trash app.Doesn’t teach you anything also when you type in the translation it has the be the same exact words they just want to make money off you to purchase the subscription also the good reviews here are fake..Score: 2/5

Great app but could be betterDuolingo has really helped me with learning languages and it always turns boring lessons into something more fun and engaging. However, once I’ve completed a certain topic, it always needs to be restored. This isn’t great when you’ve got many topics that need to be restored each day. I understand the need to revise old topics, but it’s almost like they break every week. I love the app but the frequent need to restore old topics is really hindering my learning of new topics..Score: 4/5

More languagesI downloaded but couldn’t find the language I wanted to learn I wanted to learn Māori but it wasn’t there so could you’s pls add it.Score: 3/5

Audio Lessons are a Game ChangerI have used Duolingo for years now but have struggled to get on regularly. Now the audio lessons mean I can listen, talk and learn on my commute to and from work and already I am learning so quickly. Absolutely love this feature..Score: 5/5

GoodDuolingo is such a good app. I am learning Japanese on Duolingo and at school and Duolingo teaches me better. I highly recommend if you want to learn a new language..Score: 5/5

New voicesSome of the new voices used for the Italian version are great, others are not. The young child is almost impossible to understand and there is a man who pronounces ‘v’ like ‘b’ so words like vediamo sound like beviamo. This wouldn’t be so bad but some of the sentences don’t make sense and so you can’t guess what is intended. I have been using Duolingo for more than 5 years and it’s great for repetitive practice but please, get a native English speaker to check the phrases. No one says ‘The cat of the girls drinks milk’. I do love the app though..Score: 4/5

DuolingoBest way to learn !.Score: 5/5

It’s great.Duolingo is an amazing app that can help you (and me) improve our languages. There are a few problems that I’d like to bring up. Firstly when and if you get a question wrong, you will lose a heart. A heart are your lives for the lesson. Every 4 hours it will reset and go back to 5 hearts. The problem is when and if you run out of hearts or lives, you have to do a practise lesson to earn more. If you do not want to do the practise lesson it will ask you if you want duolingo plus. My solution is that once the add comes up one time you can press a button that says “do not show me this again. ” I know that if you don’t have duolingo plus, you will have adds. I believe that if the ONLY reason you are doing this for is for the money, then do this: you could not have hearts ( and yes I understand that when your out of hearts people will want duolingo plus) so then people will want your app more because it’s totally free! How would that be. Now I know your thinking but how are we going to earn money. You could have a seperate app that has better quality things, such as more topic words, more languages, more activities, ect. Secondly, Duolingo has to have Wi-Fi to go onto it. I know that is normal for apps but maybe just maybe, somehow you could put a little section on the app that is available any time any where! This way people will use Duolingo more when they are at a friends house, driving around(obviously when they’re not driving) ect. Thank you, if you get up to this part of my message... You are awesome and you are loved by someone in the world!.Score: 4/5

Soo goodGreat app.Score: 5/5

Why is has helped meHelp me because I know much more than I would’ve ever known in French. I feel like I’ve done good and I’ve been proud of myself I completed a couple goals and I feel happy now. I feel like that I have made a big accomplishment French words now greetings and basics two..Score: 5/5

Room for improvementApp is good for the most part, however there is no consistency with the XP system. Today I was on 90 points, then I earned 12 additional points and was somehow on 92 on the leaderboard. It makes no sense and is so confusing..Score: 4/5

Good app, lagsThe app is good but it lags. Like seriously lags. Sometimes I couldn’t even scroll and it shuts itself for no reason. Don’t even attempt the time challenges because it will freeze for 20 seconds after you select your first answer and you won’t have enough time to finish it. It has been heavily commercialised after its IPO and is rigged to get you to spend more money on gems.Score: 4/5

The last update ruined the appThis last update has really messed up the german course. I’m getting words that has not yet been introduced and the content has been shuffled around i don’t think i will pay for this anymore.Score: 1/5

Record New WordIf there is note to record the new word, there may be better..Score: 4/5

Not bad, but some irritationsDuolingo hasn’t been a bad way to improve my German, and I’ve found I can make quite good progress with 20-30 minutes a day. Aspects of it can be annoying, though. I don’t need to be told alternative ways of saying something in English - I already speak English. It will mark a correct answer wrong more often than it should. Most annoying, though, are the timed XP challenge rounds. These often just degenerate into frantic speed-typing of long sentences in an effort to beat the clock, from which one learns basically nothing. They seem to have become worse recently, too - the cynic in me suspects this is to encourage people to buy Timer Boosts, which is a bit cheeky given the cost of a full subscription..Score: 4/5

BEST APP EVERDuolingo is the BEST app ever in the entire world. It is so fun and I’m learning a language while having so much fun! I’m encouraged to do it every day and now I have an 83 day streak! The lessons are entertaining to do, and you would use the words that you learn in real life. Best app ever, thank you so much Duo..Score: 5/5

Brilliant!This app is amazing! I have just started using it to for learning Japanese for school, (I’m in fifth grade) and I can already tell how good it is. I will definitely write a review in the future, but as of right now, it’s so great, especially considering it’s free..Score: 5/5

Demoralising gameplayThe new percentage score is just another example. They don’t count the number of questions you got right like normal people. They count the number of mistakes you made. So if you have a number of tries getting a difficult question right, you get a shocking result..Score: 1/5

BobExcellent way of learning a new language, the apps use of gamification makes the process stimulating and helps in the retaining of learned info. Head and shoulders above any other app I’ve used when trying to learn a language.Score: 5/5

Love itDuo Lingo makes learning a language fun and entertaining.Score: 5/5

Very good game for children and teenagersThis game is really good for people under the age of 15 i totally recommend this game for kids and teenagers. im an adult so I got all of my 3 kids this game and one is learning Spanish the other French and then the last one is learning Korean. i even have this game for my self. it’s totally great. the thing is my children get no hearts left then they tap “ practice to earn more hearts” but it says there is an issue so please fix that immediately i am personally learning French also. Au revoir!.Score: 4/5

Easy to Learn but hard to Connect FamilyThe App is easy to learn but it’s not worth the subscription if you want to set up a family account. If you’re family doesn’t have whats app or email you can’t connect them..Score: 3/5

New coursesNew courses have been added and it’s saying ive completed them, and I haven’t..I would’ve really liked to learn them.Score: 3/5

The plural youThe plural you is rare in English, but this personal program has equal weight learning on Duolingo and is therefore confusing. I can’t imagine it is used very often in other languages either. Maybe it could be taught later in the course? One way to make it easer to learn for English speakers would be to always supply the answer on the app as “you all…”. Also, could you take a longer breath between sentences in the audio exercises: they are very hard when barrelled out so quickly!.Score: 5/5

Great App - PLEASE BRING BACK OFFLINE LEARNINGI bought the app and use it every day, it’s easy to use and quite intuitive but it was advertised as “Duolingo Plus” having the offline function. This has now been removed and does not suit my requirements. PLEASE ADD IT BACK!.Score: 5/5

#1 best language appOkay for starters Duolingo offers pretty much every and any language there is (even fictional languages such as Klingon) the app makes the languages easy to learn and if you continue with the same sections until all the lessons are completed you remember phrases and words very easily. Other alphabets such as Greek or mandarin teach you the alphabet as well. It does not require money to pay for but does have in app purchases same as unlimited hearts, oh I have forgotten to mention that there are hearts in game but they do recharge, the hearts make you think more about submitting your answer. There are also monthly challenges and leaderboards, the higher you climb the more gems you collect to buy things in the game. You also have a streak where you also earn gems for things, the streak keeps you going and the longest streak I know was 1000 days. In total Duolingo is a very good app, download if your are visiting a country, doing language in high school or just wanna learn a language..Score: 5/5

Easy use and effectiveThe program is enjoyable and seems to be working. I’m enjoying it a lot!!.Score: 5/5

To Duolingo:Please give me back my family I slept in, i couldn’t do my Spanish lesson!.Score: 1/5

よいたのし.Score: 5/5

Great appThis is a great app, if you want to use it for learning a new language as a hobby or in you spare time..Score: 4/5

Ruined by gamesLessons are ok, could do with more explanation sometimes to understand things better. But really hate the gamification - all the stuff with hearts, streaks, XP etc is just super annoying..Score: 2/5

Ok app, one flaw…Ok, so, I had a 52 day streak, and I was proud of it. But yesterday, the WiFi thingy broke and the app would not connect. When I found that I lost my streak, I was so annoyed. I worked hard for that, even getting up one day at 3:00 am because I knew I wouldn’t be able to practice. Could you maybe add a couple more streak freezes or something like that? Or something that would protect the streak the better it got? Thanks..Score: 3/5

HEARTSOverall its a great app and really helps with learning, but theres a heart system which seems silly to me. If you get something wrong you lose a heart. If you run out of hearts you have to wait FOUR hours for just ONE! Ridiculous . When you lose lives in the middle of learning, it ruins the experience. Makes you not want to learn anymore..Score: 3/5

Good app, but difficult to understand voicesApp not bad, but all the childish and other voices they have make it difficult to understand at times what they are saying.Score: 3/5

Please fix the log in/connection bugWas logged out of the app and can no longer log in but works fine on my iPad and desktop/mobile web app. On the iOS app, it has been saying “We couldn’t log you in. Try signing in again later” when I attempt to log in. When I try to get started (on a new account) and tap a language, I get “Sorry we couldn’t connect to Duolingo. An unknown error has occured. Please try again later.” When I try to ‘forget’ my password and reset it, I get “An unknown error has occured. Please try again later.” Uninstalling/reinstalling didn’t help. I submited a bug report like others have, no response. Googling the issue proves it’s a common issue and has been for years with no support or fix from Duolingo. Pretty frustrating as I loved using Duolingo but am now can’t on my phone. Help..Score: 1/5

Such A Fabulous User-Friendly designI love Duolingo. It is for me a hugely C21st system that engages all age groups. I hope to achieve a basic level of fluency in Romanian by early 2022..Score: 5/5

DuolingoThis app i a fun and easy to learn with daily streaks and much more I think people would really enjoy giving this a try it pushes you and you learn so many new words and it makes learning a Language a little challenging but fun and interesting at the same time I still have much to learn and people should really give it a try.Score: 5/5

Audio lessonsThe audio lessons are soooo helpful and fun love your work duolingo keep it up!!!.Score: 5/5

App won’t open after latest iOS updateAs per title.Score: 1/5

Digital interference in new voicesDefinitely a case of what isn’t broken should be left alone. The new voices are sometimes very difficult to understand and pretty badly implemented. It’s a brilliant app, and a real game changer and nothing can really be held against it except I now fear that more needless changes will be brought in..Score: 5/5

DuolingoGreat program. Even a seventy year old man can learn another language thank you.Score: 5/5

ReconsiderThis is a great app to practice general vocabulary, but as you progress you’ll find genuine correct answers are rejected. Also it is extremely sensitive to the smallest of spelling errors. If you are a confidence based language learner (like I am) you’ll find your motivation can be zapped from you pretty quickly. Half the battle with this app is knowing what answers Duo will accept rather than actually learning the language. This is just my opinion from studying Spanish over the past 12 months, other languages will obviously vary..Score: 2/5

Update made German course worse.I was loving using this app for my German until they updated it. Now it’s all over the place and has made it harder to learn as it’s not in the same order as it was before so they’re expecting me to know things I haven’t been taught yet. 👎🏻.Score: 2/5

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Duolingo - Language Lessons app imageDuolingo - Language Lessons app imageDuolingo - Language Lessons app imageDuolingo - Language Lessons app imageDuolingo - Language Lessons app imageDuolingo - Language Lessons app imageDuolingo - Language Lessons app imageDuolingo - Language Lessons app image

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