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Delivery anywhere you are. DoorDash offers the greatest selection of your favorite local and national restaurants -- more than 310,000 menus across 4,000+ cities in the U.S.,Canada and Australia. Spend more time doing the things you love -- we'll take care of the rest. YOUR FAVORITE RESTAURANTS JUST A FEW TAPS AWAY Choose from a huge variety of cuisines, from your local sushi spot to the comfort food you crave. Get your favorite meals faster with quick and easy ordering. SUBSCRIBE TO DASHPASS DashPass offers lower service fees and $0 delivery fees, with thousands of local restaurants recently added. NO-CONTACT DELIVERY Deliveries are now left at your door by default and you have the choice to select “Hand it to me” if you prefer. If a no-contact delivery is requested, the Dasher will know you want them to leave your food in a safe place and alert you when it’s ready for pickup. SCHEDULE DELIVERIES Advance ordering allows you to get your food when it's most convenient for you. REAL-TIME TRACKING See when your order will arrive. From food quality to prep-times to traffic to weather, we've factored in all the elements that come between you and your food. NO MINIMUMS Order as little or as much as you want. PAYMENT Conveniently pay via Apple Pay or credit card. ABOUT DOORDASH DoorDash is a technology company that connects people with the best in their cities. We do this by empowering local businesses and in turn, generate new ways for people to earn, work and live. We started this by facilitating door-to-door delivery, but we see this as just the beginning of connecting people with possibility -- easy evenings, happier days, bigger savings accounts, wider nets and stronger communities. Growing every day and currently serving over 4,000 cities across the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia. Visit to learn more.

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BrokenThere’s a problem with your app - entered my name, email and phone number on the sign up page but then it keeps telling me to fill in all fields before I can proceed. All the fields ARE filled. Cannot use this then..Score: 1/5

Worst service seriously.. it’s really badLiterally the worst food delivery service I have ever used. Food took almost two hours to arrive and had actually been waiting at the restaurant for a good 45 minutes but the driver had lied about his whereabouts to both us and the restaurant. So no surprise food was stone cold and to add to the hangriness even more, worst pad thai of my life. Please use another app or pick up instead!.Score: 1/5

Scam appDon’t download it it’s a scam.Score: 1/5

BugI always get this “unable to serialise J-son object, on the orders screen..Score: 3/5

Uk?Make it in the uk.Score: 5/5

StupidDoesn’t even like you change it 2 pounds or like any address in England You’re so annoying it’s you in if I tied a house in America cousin my cousin is living it still say no restaurants near you and I know there is a restaurant name of a live so yeah I get a Uber eats if I was you.Score: 1/5

Expensive, Tax is ridiculous tooExpensive delivery, tax takes the absolute piss for one item.Score: 1/5

Charged me for items I did not receive. Refused to provide refund.Scammers. Rude staff. Take your money and don’t deliver the items you order..Score: 1/5

Rude Customer SupportI’ve been unable to access the app for days now. They have deactivated my account by mistake after I asked them to stop spamming my inbox with commercial emails. They have not been able to reactivate my account since and make it work. Their customer support has been the worst I’ve ever experienced. These two agents, catherine g and chatresh m, were not able to help so they just ended the chat leaving me speechless. Unacceptable and rude. Go with other apps, if something goes wrong, they usually appreciate your business, and offer reasonable compensation. Doordash? They don’t care and you are just wasting your time!.Score: 1/5

Need more discountsNeed more discounts.Score: 5/5

I love youThank you for your work. I am very inspired by your activity. Great job, bud..Score: 5/5

Promo CodesApp doesn't allow me to add promo codes, however the website does. I referred my girlfriend and she tried to apply referral discount but says it's only for 'new customers' which she is. So unable to use any of the current promos.Score: 2/5

Awful appWe are 💯 % in a tech bubble. This app is shockingly bad for a company worth billions.Score: 1/5

Delivery never arrivedDelivery never arrived after clear instructions were given. Waited 90 mins for nothing. Also time kept switching. Started of with 25 mins and went up and down. In the end I waited 90 mins with no food..Score: 1/5

No UK phone numbersCan’t make an account because I’m not from North America.Score: 1/5

Orders late and cancelled all the timeVery unprofessional and allowing restaurants to be late and to cancel after an hour. Left me hungry so many times. Customer service on the phone is completely useless. Chst is good though.Score: 1/5

CakeMore cake please, and photos of the cake currently listed. Many thanks..Score: 4/5

Keeps crashingKeeps crashing and sending back 'JSON object' errors. No real time help. No idea if order is cancelled or gone through..Score: 1/5

Pretty goodGood value but keeps logging me out.Score: 4/5

First and only orderMy first order four different dashers were assigned. The fold was cold. The order was wrong. The app doesn’t have any way of contacting a human to resolve this..Score: 1/5

Mrs j CorkanEasy to use fast delivery time food hot and tasty.Score: 5/5

Keeps tipping 30%Hate that it keeps adding a sneaky 30% tip to my order - I’d love to tip but can’t afford that much during COVID xx.Score: 1/5

User friendlyUser friendly app Good service and as marketed.Score: 5/5

Mr A V TophamRUBBISH app won’t accept password (very secure) or email (wants to open a gmail account) Don’t waste your time!!.Score: 1/5

Second and Last ChanceFirst order arrived stone cold. Decided to give DD one more chance. When I got to the final screen the app insisted the restaurant was ‘currently closed’. It’s not. I rang them to check. Moving to the competition in the hope they are better..Score: 1/5

PromoCodeApp is not adequately designed to delete past orders. Some promotions advertised don’t actually work. Not very impressed. However, some lovely restaurant choice selections..Score: 3/5

BugsDash! competes with CyberPunk!This app doesn’t work guys! Always returning browser based error messages !!!.Score: 1/5

Very slow loadingThe app interface was good but the app was slow loading.Score: 3/5

Worst customer serviceMy food was picked up by the driver but he didn’t deliver for over 30mins so food was cold and sundae had melted. Complained and they just send a stock answer saying your important and they’re sorry. six emails later I eventually got an answer saying they could do anything. I’d never used again $19 wasted..Score: 1/5

Moved from uberThis app is better with its delivery( faster and better)which is why i have left uber eats. well done doordash!!!.Score: 5/5

Don’t botherMy first order and the food was either not delivered or stolen, I’m $30 down and hungry.Score: 1/5

WORST FOOD DELIVERY APPDon't bother getting this app, never works when trying to add a new card, or login through Facebook etc. So many bugs, and a complete time waste!.Score: 1/5

Cancelled orderOrder cancelled 40 minutes after ordering. Not able to call customer service or chat in the app. Poor quality - not sure why highly regarded.Score: 1/5

Great way not to get foodSign up, order, pay, wait, wait, wait, order from a different app.Score: 1/5

Food never arrivedOrdered take out for delivery. Food was never delivered despite the app stating it had been delivered. Was offered refund and credit but won’t use again as I waited for a family meal for an hour and it never arrived. Restaurant then closed so I couldn’t reorder and we went without dinner..Score: 1/5

AppI’ve had problems with the app and customer service. I tried using a referral link for the $15 off 3 orders, but it didn’t work. So I downloaded the app and thought it would work, but it didn’t. Tried explaining to customer service, but they couldn’t help me..Score: 1/5

Drivers always steal the food after picking it upI’ve order 4 or 5 times and 3 of them have picked up my food and then cancelled the delivery to eat it themselves.Score: 1/5

Errors - can’t even sign upDon’t bother. Just keeps saying Error 406 Not Acceptable..Score: 1/5

RIP offI’m a new customer and they wouldn’t allow me to use the code they provided at checkout for my discount. Won’t be ordering again.Score: 1/5

Not able to sign upI’m visiting the USA and was looking to order some takeout through door dash... unfortunately if you’ve not got a US phone number, you can’t sign up..Score: 1/5

MehMeh distinctly average at best.Score: 5/5

AwfulWaited until i spent ten minutes making an account just to tell me that my address is out of there delivery radius also a very slow app and crashes all the time.Score: 1/5

Do NOT sign up for DashPassI signed up on a whim, and have regretted it ever since. I am charged every single month without fail, regardless of the fact that I have CANCELLED my subscription. Numerous emails later, they have refunded the previous charges, but CONTINUE to charge me $9.99 every month. I don’t even live in a DoorDash service area... I’m in the UK. This is ridiculous..Score: 1/5

This application is not workingI am not able to sign up.Score: 1/5

NOT IN THE UKWhy is this app in the UK App Store when you cannot use the service in the UK?!?.Score: 1/5

Bad promotions that are not accurate.Your 15$ promotion cards you hand out for new customers do not work. The instructions are wrong as there is no place to enter the code at check out. This should be reported to the ombudsman..Score: 1/5

Was alright until I got banned for no reasonWent into the chat feature on their website to see why I got banned and they couldn’t find an account associated with my email. They said they’d look into it and get back to me then ended the chat and never got back to me..Score: 1/5

This is where I’d talk about my order. If it arrived.There isn’t really a word intense enough for how bad this is..Score: 1/5

Unreliable serviceThe app is actually quite good but the service is terrible. Failure to deliver food is not acceptable. The response from support is credits to your account for a future purchase!!! Absolutely no chance - if it happens to you, insist on a full refund and not credits. Then promptly delete the app. Trust me, it’s worth heading out and collecting your own order and cutting them out..Score: 1/5

DiredashWe’ve ordered 3 times - first time the order was wrong, it took them three hours for them to do anything about at which point they charged MORE money and sent out the correct order at 11pm. The second order was correct, third order they told us half an hour after the order was made that the restaurant doesn’t have half of what we ordered - now it’s too late to order anything else. It’s bizzarely overpriced with massive variations in delivery fees (why aren’t they all the same given how this model works) and DoorDash use the tips you give to pay the staff their standard wage I legitimately have no idea how this company is gaining the market penetration it is.Score: 1/5

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Invalid promotion codeI got a promotion code in my email, but when I put it in, it said”invalid promotion for this location”, which is quite disappointing. :(.Score: 1/5

Mandatory [email protected]&$&DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE! You don’t see the mandatory tip till order is placed! Are you freakin kidding me..$15 tip?! Never never again!!!!.Score: 1/5

Garbage serviceAbsolutely garbage service app. Poor delivery, mixed up orders, always a mistake. A huge inconvenience to order from. Never ever use..Score: 1/5

UnacceptableDeactivated my account for no reason as their faulty system flagged my account for fraud. Used my own credit card (even scanned it for verification), never defaulted on a payment, left hefty tips every time, and only complained about missing items once out of more than 20 orders. I complained and the customer service refused to give me an explanation nor investigate it further. Just told me that the account will continue to be deactivated. Daryl Irish P. lied about his manager calling me in a bit as he was on a call just to make me go away. It’s been a few hours, enough time to make 10 lengthly calls, and I’m still waiting. Shame on you! Will be taking my business elsewhere..Score: 1/5

Keeps crashingNot sure what the most recent update fixed but my app crashes constantly now..Score: 3/5

Love the appWorks awesome.Score: 5/5

SucksDidn’t take my Visa cards only MasterCard.Score: 1/5

Horrible customer servicePartial refunds for inedible food. Will not use again.Score: 1/5

Not worth itMost of my orders were wrong plus it’s cheaper to order the exact same thing to go to the same place on Skip the Dishes!.Score: 2/5

Another app with fake boostsIt got 4.6/5 stars ⭐️from fake accounts watch out. Real rating is 0.1/5 ⭐️ Worst app and service everrrrrr They made a mistake and never refunded!!!.Score: 1/5

ScammerNever try to subscribe for dash pass. No way to cancel them. They have their own imaginary cancelation button at their app and web site!.Score: 1/5

Worst customer service ever! Fake promotions!They announced a 2 per 1 promotion in their app for a restaurant. I ordered. But they just sent a a order of 1 meal to the restaurant. I tried to cancel. Called them. 3 times. One agent even hung up on me! After all, they reimbursed me only HALF of the what I paid. RIDICULOUS!.Score: 1/5

Trop GyuuLes resto est vrm bon kieett.Score: 5/5

Apple Pay doesn't work when buying giftcardsAs title says. Nothing happens when I click on the Apple Pay button.Score: 3/5

Charged for DashPass after unsubscribingCancelled DashPass, received confirmation of cancellation, then was charge the next month for DashPass and they refuse to refund the amount..Score: 1/5

Payment changing is not workingThe payment changing feature is not functioning It’s not clickable if i want to add new payment.Score: 4/5

Jerusalem ShawarmaAlways great service, quick and efficient.Score: 5/5

Mauvais serviceMauvais service à la clientèle si je pouvais donner -5 étoiles je le ferais. Très incompétent et les livreurs aussi. Plus jamais je ne vais commander sur DoorDash et je ne vais jamais recommandé personne..Score: 1/5

Horrible customer serviceI used DoorDash a lot paying with my credit card. After a while I bought a 50$ DoorDash gift card. Right after putting the gift card on my account I tried to order and I received a message saying that my account has been deactivated for fraud. I contacted customer service 4-5 times after the fifth time I was transferred to another department that basically told me that my account has been deactivated forever and it would be impossible to recuperate the 50$ gift card. Horrible customer service....Score: 1/5

Way too slow + inaccurate timesNot always, but oftentimes the orders take ridiculously long to arrive. Even when I order something small that takes about 10 minutes to prepare at the restaurant, the total amount I have to wait for the food to get here would be 90 minutes. Whether it’s the restaurants not preparing the food in time or the dashers not delivering the food on time, if something is going to take THAT much time, the customers have the right to be notified beforehand; that is, before they actually have a chance to decide whether they want to wait for that much. The system needs to be fixed to reflect REAL waiting times..Score: 1/5

Bad service-They added a tip I did not authorize -The order was wrong and cold -They took a picture of my doorstep. I find this REALLY creepy. -The delivery person had my phone number. Also really creepy..Score: 1/5

Ages for delivery and lying support staffMy order was 2 hours late and still not delivered, the restaurant told me it was ready a long time ago and no one came. I contacted support staff and they told me someone just got assigned. Another 15 minutes and nothing. I was forced to cancel after 2:30h of waiting with no food..Score: 1/5

Poor customer serviceAbsolutely disappointed at how it handles changes to the order and cancels, 5$ back on a 60$ order absolutely unacceptable. Can’t BELIVE company’s like this. Lost my service!.Score: 1/5

Greedy company, hidden fees and false advertising galoreStopped using app because there were lots of hidden fees and markups. Got an email for a $25 coupon - tried to use it and could not because it "wasn't available in my area". Just shady all around.Score: 1/5

Too many bugsSome of the pages are just blank. And the driver see the wrong address although I entered it correctly. Caused a lot of problems. UI is also bad but it’s too far back to talk about UI design.Score: 1/5

Bad app and bad driversFirst of all, the app is terrible at updating the location and status of food. I have to close it and reopen to get updates on my 12 Pro Max. This happens with past phones too. Second, the quality of DoorDash drives is just awful. They always linger around doing other errands before getting your food to you cold. Lastly, they advertise promotions that aren’t even “available in your currency”. Why do you place a banner in the app saying I can use it then?! Lastly, their customer support is atrocious compared to Uber Eats. Do yourself a favour and just go with Uber Eats, they actually do a good job..Score: 1/5

Poor qualityThe times they give for delivery are understated, takes forever to relatives, gets orders wrong and wrong deliveries and the support team refuses to help you..Score: 1/5

Not a good delivery appI have used DoorDash at least 5 times now and every time my order is at least 30mins late. I know this is the drivers fault and not the restaurant because the food is always cold. I didn’t want to judge the app as a whole for a few drivers but now I can see it’s poor management. I will be switching back to Uber Eats, it is more expensive but more often then not on time and hot..Score: 1/5

Sukha AmliBery bery good food.Score: 5/5

Really good serviceIm seeing a lot of negative reviews here but they are 2-3 years old so I just wanted to give an honest opinion in 2021. The app is great to use, and I’m content with the service. One time a restaurant forgot to give my drink to the driver, so the customer service was able to give me few bucks back as credit for next order. I’ve had no complains so far and I hope it stays this way!.Score: 4/5

Bad experiences with thisI work night shifts and one day I forgot my lunch and decided to use door dash. I order my food and kept waiting, the ETA kept expanding first said I’d get at certain time and then nothing happen. So, nobody came, the app finally lets me cancel the order after 3hrs that I didn’t received the order and waiting for refund. The app says refund was provided but after almost 1 month I haven’t seen that money on my PayPal or bank account. Total reap off. I decided to give it another try and asked the driver to deliver it to me, my bag was left at the door when I went to pick it up I noticed that the drink was all spilled and the bottom of the bag completely wet that’s why driver decided to run instead of handed it to me... it’s ok they credited me $2 for the bad experience when I complained..Score: 1/5

The best!Good app.Score: 5/5

Useless appThis app won’t let you download and use unless you have an iPad that can update to 13.0. If you have anolder iPad, and not that old, it’s a useless app..Score: 1/5

DeliveryI have never had a problem great service... thank you.Score: 5/5

Click baitSends all kind of referral bonus but fails to delivers it. Stay away from this app.Score: 1/5

Good appReally easy to find restaurants you like . Good app..Score: 5/5

Don’t use!!!They post promotions that don’t work. You call only to be hung up on. Finally talk to someone about the buy one get one promotion. They tell me I must order, they charge me for both and I have to call back to get my rebate for one of them... did as they said, 30-45 minutes into the process. Only to get paid back partially..!? Seriously! Not the first time either I have problems with them! Use Ubereats!!! Door dash is a joke!!.Score: 1/5

Amazing customer service!Door dash has the best customer service of any food delivery app. Always a phone call away if there’s any problem, on the rare chance there actually is a problem..Score: 5/5

DoordashFake advertising and very rude when it comes to contact support.Score: 1/5

Good but some slight u/x changes would make it greatThe app would be better if it incorporated distance as an optional variable for search results. Otherwise I do enjoy using the app and service..Score: 3/5

TerribleThey have no idea what they are doing.Score: 1/5

App works wellApp works well on iPhone. But does not support the size of iPad. It’s just the same thing but bigger, with black borders..Score: 4/5

5/5La navigation va vraiment bien! Moins de bug que uber !.Score: 5/5

Invalid promotion codeGot a promotion today from DoorDash, turn out is not able to use due to different currencies, but why you gave me promotion code which doesn’t not work..Score: 1/5

Love the appDrivers are always friendly and great service.Score: 5/5

Use Uber eats insteadAwful app, can’t use the promos at any restaurant, orders cancelled for no reason. Wish I could give it zero..Score: 1/5

Poor order queuing/routing to restaurants in VancouverIve noticed a trend - ordering through DoorDash is routinely taking much longer to have my order ready than through UberEats or OpenDining order interfaces. This appears to be a problem with the order routing to the restaurants, as Tacofino told me when I arrived, 20 minutes after I ordered, that they just received it. Similar problems were seen with Nightingale and others. Fix your routing DoorDash, or I’ll be uninstalling this app..Score: 1/5

Worst Food Delivery Service EverCannot believe the high review. This company applies different service fee rate for different people. This blatant discrimination clearly indicates this company only cares about the profit and not its customers at all..Score: 1/5

Horrible serviceIf you receive your order in unsatisfactory condition, be sure to complain within 24 hours. They do not warn about this policy and do not provide any refund if you reach out even two days after. I contacted their chat operators regarding the refund (I was extremely busy and couldn’t complain earlier), I was promised to be contacted by another representative, but as a result they just ignored my and my complaint. If you have an option to use alternative delivery app - do it..Score: 1/5

Refuse to refund on errorDoordash advertised a certain discount amount at checkout and still charges full amount. Then they refuse to issue refund to credit card....Score: 1/5

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Horrible delivery costsNearly costs as much in delivery fees as it was for my entire order. $14 in delivery fees for a location less than 0.1 miles away when my order was only $20. Totally not worth it! It’s unreal how many delivery fees they tag onto your order in Seattle. Never using this app again or delivery apps in total. So not worth it. I’d rather walk and save half of the cost..Score: 1/5

Change payment methodHad to get onto laptop to add a payment method. Phone App would not allow this process.Score: 4/5

Over pricing and not being able to change the meal how I ask for it in the drive thruNeeds to be fix asap how am I paying for two sandwiches from McDonald’s and it’s gonna cost me 20-30 dollars.Score: 1/5

My reviewDoorDash is cool if your the only person using it. Otherwise expect to wait an hour for your food. Also be prepared for your food to be cold. The only thing interesting is watching your DoorDash driver make several stops before they get to you. I’m going to stop using this for awhile..Score: 3/5

Constant issuesI.Score: 1/5

They make it unnecessarily difficult to customize or even add a quick noteThey make it unnecessarily difficult to customize or even add a quick note. All of the restaurants that allow this on their site don’t have the option here, yet for some reason the do allow it on GrubHub. GrubHub is also cheaper. We only use DoorDash when I absolutely have no other option and are too tired to go pick the food up..Score: 2/5

AwesomeHey excellent service thank you.Score: 5/5

DisappointedWas sent a Discount Code for first time user and there was no place to input the code. App was not easy to use..Score: 1/5

Won’t allow me to add payment methodsThe app won’t allow me to add pupal or credit card only Apple Pay..Score: 2/5

DawgXxx good tik.Score: 1/5

PostmatesService fee has gotten so high...might have to stop using!.Score: 3/5

Overpriced cold foodDeleting app and canceling subscription because I’m tired of waiting 20-30 extra minutes for my food because the drivers deliver food from other platforms and have your food sitting there cold. Maybe time the delivery and routes to make sure this doesn’t happen. Really not worth it anymore and paying $10 a month..Score: 2/5

Yay burgerMy wife is the best !!! Love you!!!!!.Score: 4/5

Difficult to scan card DoorDash got zip code wrong. No explan as to error or what to do about itSee above..Score: 3/5

GoodGood stuff.Score: 5/5

Great order quick easy5.Score: 5/5

Cold foodRoute their drivers to too many locations, with no consideration for the volume, cost, or type or food the driver is delivering..Score: 1/5

OverpricedIt’s convenient but a $8 coffee ends up costing like $25.Score: 2/5

Door dashIt’s a great app when you feel lazy.Score: 5/5

Constant issuesAbout 75% of the time the food is cold, wrong, or something’s missing. Last straw was when my food was delivered to the wrong door, the restaurant was then closed, and the driver got an attitude with me. The fees are ridiculous but that kinda goes without saying with these kind of apps, but for the food to constantly be messed up it’s just not worth anyone’s time or money. Stay away no matter how hungry you are, you’ll just end up even more hungry..Score: 2/5

First time user disappointedThis is the first time I have ever signed up for or used DoorDash. I had received a 10$ off promotion which is why I signed up. When I ordered and was paying I tried to use the promo code and it wouldn’t let me, said “This code is only for new users”. Paying monthly for an app that can’t uphold their end is probably not worth being a part of..Score: 1/5

One star for recent activityDoor dash used to be great but now there are only 7 restaurants down from 30+ in my area. Of these 7 only 3 are active the others say no longer taking orders..Score: 1/5

JDTakes way too long to get food..Score: 1/5

InterfaceI wish DoorDash looked more like Uber eats..Score: 4/5

Bad deliveryHe was supposed to be here in 8 minutes which is as far as the store is to my house but the driver went to deliver to the opposite direction and then came 30 minutes later. And you know the rest..Score: 1/5

Gotta Love Not Knowing If Food Will Actually ArrivePlaced an order at 7:30pm. Restaurant (and everywhere else) closes at 9pm. 8:45pm rolls around. I contact DoorDash Support. They cancel the order and apologize. Everything is now closed, we’re hungry, and this company simply does not give a crap. This isn’t the first (or second) time this has happened with this App..Score: 1/5

Canceled order.We have a family of four that we ordered for from Popeyes. We wearied for over an hour when it’s 5 minutes down the road. The driver was very upset that it was taking so long. The driver canceled the order and now it’s in a refund status. We can’t touched that money for five days. What the heck DoorDash. Like really?!.Score: 4/5

Terrible service! Food orders are always missing or incorrect. Door dash does not careThe service from door Dash has gone downhill exponentially this isMy last complaint of their service as I will no longer be using it again and I will be canceling my dash pass subscription as well. The quality of service and communications is nearly nonexistent at this point and door Dash does not meet any sort of decent standard when attempting to remedy the problems having to deal with orders that are over two hours late and orders that are missing food items or incorrectly prepared. I am sick of not even having a refund or cancellation as an option when the driver is over two hours late or the order disappears enrought and Has to be redone and re picked up from the store. I do not appreciate that the restaurant delivers me food that looks nothing like what they advertised it to be and door Dash simply apologizes for the inconvenience without letting you speak to a rep. but does not refund you for the crappy food that you don’t want to eat. I am sick and tired of their service and I will no longer be using it. Shape up..Score: 1/5

Incorrect orders and poor serviceThis is my review on doordash. I’ve had doordash for a couple of months now and used the service 5 times. 2 of the times I had ordered, they were correct and came only a couple minutes after the promised time. Now the other 3, one of my orders was completely wrong, one of my orders was a chipotle bowl and all that came in the bowl was about a scoop of sour cream and nothing else, and as for the other one, it didn’t even show up. I contacted doordash and they credited me for 2/3 of the orders, and the for the third one I was they were unable to help me due to my other requests. I’m not sure how doordash is able to punish me when my orders come incorrectly 3/5 times and are able to tell me I can’t be credited for the order that is completely wrong..Score: 1/5

My DoorDashFees are too high.Score: 2/5

Needs some tlcCan’t see the driver on the app. ETAs are highly inaccurate. Could use a rewards program 🤷‍♂️.Score: 3/5

Often missing small itemsSo we use DoorDash a lot and overall it’s been good. But lately, there has often been something missing from our orders. Like a drink or an ice cream cone we ordered with our main stuff. I don’t know whose fault it is (DoorDash or the restaurant) but I’m tempted to just start picking up my own food from now on..Score: 3/5

TerribleHow can a food delivery service be worse than nothing? Try DoorDash - you’ll understand! How does this company exist? I feel bad for the restaurants that partner with door dash - as door dash service is terrible, if you can crack the code and find their customer service number , their customer service will blame it on the restaurant -meanwhile the restaurant has no idea, and is left holding the food! Terrible, terrible, terrible, I’s terrible..Score: 1/5

Adding itemsThe BWW section does not work properly for me as I am unable to add ANY type of wing regardless of size or style to my orders. Please fix this.Score: 3/5

Sides missing!We ordered this evening and one of our sides were missing. And we never received any notifications like we usually do to let us know when the order was picked up or when it was delivered. Not happy tonight!.Score: 2/5

ReviewCertain restaurants you can’t get certain sides, such as you can’t order extra salsa from places or extra sauces for the side.Score: 4/5

Delivery radiusI’ve had three stores recommended to me of which my house is outside the delivery radius. Please stop recommending stores for delivery if they won’t even deliver to me..Score: 2/5

It’s okThe app it’s pretty good besides one thing. They need to add the option to pay with cash, it would make a lot of peoples lives so much better. The people delivering the food come to the doors anyway, Sure why not have the optionTo pay with money?.Score: 3/5

My food wasn’t delivered twice same dayI just want Doordash to fix the problem of giving someone the same dasher who did not deliver the food (and twice in a row)! I reordered my food because the first time it was marked delivered to my door 5 minutes after I ordered, which I thought was really weird, because the place was like 30 minutes away. So I refunded and reordered and got the same dasher and they did the same thing and said they delivered to my door. It wasn’t there again! Like how can that happen twice in a row????.Score: 2/5

Door dash yeahOh yeah door dash yeah. Gotta get me some of that door dash yeah. Yeahhhh door dash yeah. Oh yeah snacks yeah. Door dash yeah..Score: 5/5

Dash pass :(Terrible don’t read the npc reviews.Score: 1/5

Hidden 2-Step verificationApp decided to buffer after placing order and hid random 2-step verification after I drove 30 minutes and the order takes 30 minutes. I’m sure this app is intentionally blanking out this text box so I can’t see what I’m typing either I’ll make sure to use literally any other service besides DoorDash best time. Terrible app..Score: 1/5

My food keep missingIn this month, my food been stolen by the dasher twice. Really need to manage who your dashers.Score: 2/5

Received promo that didn’t workReceived a promo code and it didn’t work.Score: 2/5

Never received my foodOrdered 55$ worth of food which I never received even after giving the dasher special and exact directions then when I informed doordash about my issue they said it was my fault for not being “available” but then only refunded me 75%. Will never use again EVER.Score: 1/5

Horrible AppI order food waited an hour so decided to call the restaurant for them to tell me that they did not have a my order.Score: 1/5

It variesIt varies on if the delivery person weather or not your food is correct, cold, or correct. I’ve had great service and horrible too. A flip of a coin I wish the amount of time would be better..Score: 3/5

Lazy peopleThe last couple of times I haven’t received the right order or the wrong one and y’all always want to do the credits and it’s sad because if I order something I pay for it and I want all my order it’s like the people don’t even make sure and I should not be paying and tipping them if I don’t always get the right order. The people are starting to be really lazy.Score: 1/5

Raised prices?I might be uninformed but certain restaurants I’ve ordered from have higher prices on DoorDash than their website/in person prices..Score: 4/5

Constantly disappointedMulti times food is wrong in some way. This time the whole order is wrong and all they can do to make it right is 5 bucks. Thought this service was better n safe than risking corona but I’d rather venture out. Thanks door dash.Score: 1/5

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Promo code not workingThe restaurant gave us a door dash card with a promo code but the promo code is not working.Score: 1/5

MadnessGot free stufff brahhhh.Score: 5/5

Food price marked upRemember to check the food price. They mark it up!.Score: 1/5

Nice app but promotional codes don’t workI received a promotional code as a new user, but wasn’t able to redeem it. Apparently not valid for the selected location. This looks like a bug and needs to be fixed.Score: 2/5

Service is very poorFirst, didnt get $45 refferal ($15x3) as advertised for first time member Second, after apply all the promo code available, tried to order. When i submit was $11.62 and suddently i had got my card charged for $19 Lol Such a unprofessional service.Score: 1/5

Kfc delivery cost to muchDam.Score: 1/5

GoodOrdered wrong soon rectified quickly and efficiently thanks.Score: 5/5

Second everything that’s everyone is saying - do not use!Out of my last 3 orders 1. Showed up so late it was cold and disgusting I got a full refund and apology from the restaurant themselves 2. Came with a note inside about how late it was picked up and how they’re upset 3. One pie, almost 2 hours later and it’s been sitting out of the oven at the restaurant waiting for a driver to even accept the order. Genuinely what the heck? I wanted to support because I’ve heard U**e isn’t great for their drivers. But I cannot anymore. I’m so hungry and they’ve taken so much of my money and delivered on none of their side! (Customer service will not refund if it is “confirmed” by the restaurant. So you’re signing your money away indefinitely almost immediately).Score: 1/5

Ruined food, no refund.Driver was late, also managed to carry the bag the wrong way up, bag got soggy with spilled sauce and tore, dumping my food out on the street. Support gave no refund or replacement despite the dasher ruining my meal..Score: 1/5

Delivery cancellation at the last minute when waiting for 45 min and food was almost hereVery unsatisfied with this service, the last few times food has arrived cold, we haven’t complaint as we try to be understanding, however today our order was cancelled at the last minute after waiting for 45 minutes and when DoorDasher was almost 5 min away, we received a call saying our order had to be cancelled and payment would be refunded to our account straight away, then we got an e-mail saying saying that money would actually be refunded in the next 5-7 business days. Unacceptable and annoying as it was also an Easter present for my partner!.Score: 1/5

Worst customer service, terrible app and insane delivery timesThe only reason you should ever use this app is to make use of the initial order discount. I had a kfc order that was cancelled last minute. I've wasted over 2 hours over 10 phone calls and emails trying to get my money back. Ensure you use PayPal so you can have buyer protection!!.Score: 1/5

🤩Wonderful.Score: 5/5

Easy to Use AppEasy app to place order.Score: 5/5

Scammers, DO NOT USEThey messed up the house number on my order, deleted the note i put in the address, then refused a full refund. Also tried to claim i didnt inform them first about the address but quickly doubled back when i pointed out i wouldnt have contacted them otherwise. UberEats is SO much better.Score: 1/5

DO NOT USE THIS APPALLING BUSINESSI used doordash once and it worked normally as it should. I went to use it a second time and changed my card details (because I wanted to use my other card) then my account was automatically deactivated due to “fraudulent activity” which was absolutely not the case. I contacted support, after an unnecessarily long process, they reactivated my account. I tried to place another order a few days later and then my account was deactivated again for the same apparent “fraudulent” reason (when NOTHING was changed after my account was reactivated). For an account to deactivate when simply a credit card number is changed, is absolutely appalling. Do not waste your time on this ridiculous business.Score: 1/5

Lies about promosAll of the promos about saving I just lies the night add on extra charges.Score: 1/5

First time userFirst time user trying to use my promo code from a $15 of promotional received in the mail and won’t let me use it good work doordash.Score: 1/5

Not worth itAbsolutely terrible. Could’ve saved myself some time and frustration sticking with Uber eats.Score: 1/5

Tracking OrderWhen I try to track my order on the map it came up with Error then sent me to a different location!.Score: 1/5

Cancels orders at last minuteI’ve had a number of times , more than five in this year alone, where the app will put through an order, have it accepted by the restaurant, take the money from my account, then cancel the order for technical difficulties at the last minute. Yesterday it happened twice in one day. The driver was waiting to pick up too. Customer service is unable to do anything. Just awful experience..Score: 1/5

Don’t download the app, it’s not worth it!I’ve literally had this app for less then a year and I’ve pretty much had a bad experience every time I order through this app. I’ve had a Dasher pick up my order and drive around with it for 40mins before he dropped it off, then held on to my door being aggressive until I accepted his apology and gave him a good rating. I’ve also had my orders canceled without reason more times then I can count and have had to ask for the refund instead of automatically having it sent back to me. I nearly always have something missing from my order, I’ve also had a dasher go crazy at me just cause I messaged him about the order I hadn’t received yet (it appeared as ‘delivered’ on my app) and he said he had delivered it (I found out he did but to the wrong person and on the other side of town) I told him no I haven’t received it and I checked outside, then once I contacted door dash he was made aware of his error but once he got to my house with the new order he was yelling and swearing at me and my mother whilst calling us names, I did contact door dash about it but they never let me know what happened about the driver(I actually didn’t order anything for quite some time after this. The last time I ordered from them(a few weeks ago) I waited for 40mins before I contacted doordash to see what was going on and they said the dasher is having issues with his vehicle so they ended the chat without reason and mid conversation, they then canceled my order instead of assigning another dasher, I then ordered again in hopes I wouldn’t have the same issue then after another 40mins I asked why I wasn’t assigned a dasher and they said they’re are none available (this was 11pm, when several other restaurants were opened in my area) they then asked if I would like to wait or would I like a refund, I said I was over it and I’d just like a refund to my original payment, he then only gave me a partial refund not even half of what I paid, then I had to contact them again to tell them they messed up, then they gave me the same amount in doordash credits when I told them I wanted it back to my original payment method, I received one of the refunds by the next morning and then for the next week I tried to fix it and any time I contacted them I was spoken to rudely, hung up on and told there wasn’t anything they could do. I spoke to one lady that was happy to help and was very kind but apparently there was nothing she could do either she said they would get someone to contact me within 24hrs but i still haven’t received my refund for an order that was canceled by them and no one has contacted me about it..Score: 1/5

RidiculousIt literally always tells you to retry then never actually puts through your order..Score: 1/5

Worst delivery app everFirst, the delivery guy was not willing to drive closer to the door and was asking the customer to walk across the roundabout to get the meal on his own .... in the rain!!! If I wanted to walk in the rain I wouldn’t have called for delivery. Second, the customer service promised to refund the whole amount within 7 working days. But it’s already 3 weeks, and I have to call to find out that they couldn’t issue it for me. So if I didn’t ask, they think they can just ignore the whole refund thing. Third, the whole system is nonsense. They have my reference number, and the store number, but they just cannot contact the store for their customer. THE CUSTOMER HAS TO DO IT ON HIS OWN!!!!! There is no point of the whole customer service department existing since there is no single service will be provided. And then the last, when the customer service feels not happy, THEY END THE CONVERSATION STRAIGHT UP!!!!!! Best app to use if you want to experience hypertension and stroke, because I think I’m having one after talking to them :).Score: 1/5

Delivery timeTakes way to long to deliver, estimated times change, drivers will pick up and and deliver other orders during there travel to destination so I have to wait longer and my food gets cold..Score: 1/5

Won’t use againWon’t accept PayPal that isn’t USA registered!!!! Asked for picture of credit card and ccv number. Way too much security info required to order some chips! Feel like I just got hacked.Score: 1/5

TrashWhy would anyone use this trash.Score: 1/5

DO NOT USE. SCAM.My flatmate referred doordash so i signed up to get my $15 off on first three orders. So i went onto order right away and While i was raising the order i could see that $15 discount was being applied, however, after placing the order the discount didnt apply. I contacted customer service and they said i "might" have an old doordash account so i am not eligible for the $15 discount. This is a complete BS ! First of all I have never heard of doordash before and secondly the promotion DID apply while i was raising the order, so why did i see the discount on my order in the first place if i wasnt eligible? Beware, customer service will just ignore and hang up on you if you try to argue your point. TOTAL SCAM TO GET YOU SIGNED UP AND TAKE YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS. They then start spamming your email with BS promotions..Score: 1/5

Absolute rubbishThis company makes promises to rectify situations, but does not follow through. A totally poor so called “company” who time and time again takes forever to deliver cold food with items missing. These people are the worst ever. Stick with better companies like Uber and Menulog. DoorDash is a backyard 4th rate comedy operation. ZERO STARS!!!!💩💩💩.Score: 1/5

Delivery fees is too much and long waitingLong waiting.Score: 1/5

NoI ordered bubble tea form a place about 2 km away from home but they came like an hour and a half later, without a straw!?.Score: 1/5

ThanksBest app and best deal.Score: 5/5

WARNING: DO NOT USEAfter finding plastic cooked into my food, I made a complaint and submitted photo evidence. I was told I would hear back within 24hours. 48 hours later, I have to chase up the issue with them, and am told I won't be given a refund because I have recently received a refund for a past incorrect order. DoorDash will go against Australian consumer laws just to keep your money. This company is DISGUSTING and I will NEVER use them again. I have NEVER asked for compensation, only ever have aerial or full refunds when my order was incorrect or food safety issues have occurred. Use UberEats and Deliveroo instead..Score: 1/5

Worst delivery serviceMeals were missing items several times so I did a charge back. Never again..Score: 1/5

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER FOOD NEVER ARRIVEDDriver refused to answer my calls to find he’s location FOOD NEVER ARRIVED NO REFUND THE MOST HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. Should be allowed to give one star!!!.Score: 1/5

Takes TOOO LONG!It’s good pricing and all but it takes far too long to get your food delivered. Not only that but once you have your food it’s cold. Not worth it..Score: 1/5

Do not useHave used 5 times now. 2 orders were incorrect. 1 order they had listed a store (Kadmus Drummoyne) who had not even signed up to DoorDash. DoorDash said restaurant was closed but I rang them and they were open and I placed an order over the phone. Avoid at all costs..Score: 1/5

$15 off + $0 delivery fee on your first orderCode didn’t work.Score: 1/5

4.7 out of 5?This has to be a scam because all I see is 1 star ratings yet they’re rated 4.7 out of 5.Score: 1/5

Promo disappearedThe $15 3 lots promo disappeared in my profile..Score: 1/5

Not greatI’ve used door dash quite a few times now as they’re only delivery service that delivers to my area from my favourite restaurant, however if anywhere else delivered here i would use them. Every time i’ve ordered from them they’ve given me an estimated time of about 30-45 minutes only for my order to show up an hour and a half later, this really doesn’t make sense considering the place i’m ordering from is only a 15 minute drive and the restaurant only takes about 10 minutes to make my order. When i look on the map the driver is always in places they shouldn’t be when driving to my place.Score: 2/5

So intuitive!!!This app is one of the most user friendly and professionally designed food app!.Score: 5/5

Trash scammersDoordash adds restaurants that aren’t even contracted with them so the restaurants have no idea people have ordered anything. Ordered something and ten minutes before it was due to arrive it was canceled (we waited an hour and a half) saying the restaurant had difficulties. When we called the restaurant they said they’ve told Doordash multiple times to take them off their app..Score: 1/5

WORST CompanyTheir referral credits are a hoax and never work for any parties, customer service never responds with a proper message, they copy-paste the same message without understanding your query..Score: 1/5

Don’t be tricked by discount vouchersReceived a 50% off discount voucher in mail. Went to the effort of signing up and ordering and door dash not accept code. Because of this, will prefer alternative delivery apps in future..Score: 1/5

Don’t bother...I waited an hour and a half for my meal to leave the restaurant before it was suddenly cancelled. I can’t imagine why this happened and I still can’t get in contact with someone for clarification. For a wait time like that I would expect some form of compensation, but I’m yet to find a place where I can actually lodge a complaint..Score: 1/5

Do not get this appAbsolute waste of time, it’s worth paying extra and sticking with Uber eats or menu log, our order has been wrong, missing items, over 2 hour wait for stone cold food with no option to refund and no customer service to talk to, what a pathetic app.Score: 1/5

DoorDash deliveryDoor dash is outstanding. The website is easy to use, the online tracking is excellent and the delivery staff are friendly, courteous and efficient..Score: 5/5

Horrible serviceWaited 65 minutes for a delivery and then the driver cancelled delivery...was offered no hep and was left very hungry. Customer service is absolutely horrible and this happens quite regularly would recommend sticking to uber eats just because of their support services as this happens too often for me and my housemates..Score: 1/5

Payment options are difficultThe app wouldn't proceed with payments unless you scan to verify the card. However the scanning functionality is inaccurate and therefore I could not complete the payment. Tried the PayPal option, but unfortunately it only allows this method in united states. Then finally 3rd time lucky it works with apple pay..Score: 1/5

Loving itLove :).Score: 5/5

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DoorDash - Food Delivery app imageDoorDash - Food Delivery app imageDoorDash - Food Delivery app imageDoorDash - Food Delivery app imageDoorDash - Food Delivery app imageDoorDash - Food Delivery app image

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