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The Pulse Oximeter app measures both Heart Rate and Oxygen Saturation. The app integrates with Apple Health. There's no need for an external device. YOUR PHONE IS ALL YOU NEED.

The Pulse Oximeter app is for use by sports users who are interested in knowing their blood oxygenation level (SpO2) and Heart Rate. The Pulse Oximeter app is NOT INTENDED FOR MEDICAL USE. The Pulse Oximeter app can be used in a wide range of settings, including between exercises, running, hiking, and in relaxation management.

Pulse Oximeter uses your iPhone’s camera to detect your pulse and oxygen levels from your fingertip. Track and record heartbeat and blood oxygen levels. Instant results, easy to use, simple charts to save your progress.

Whether you are training, doing simple exercise, or just monitoring stress levels, download the App today and use your camera's flash to monitor your progress!

Place the tip of your index finger on the iPhone’s camera, and in a couple of seconds your pulse and oxygen levels will be shown. Results are also recorded in a graph.

- Measure pulse and blood oxygen saturation
- Pulse Oximeter range 93-100%
- Record and store history of data
- Real-time PPG graph for immediate accuracy
- Apple HealthKit integration
- Swipe for label selection

1. Start the app
2. Calibrate
3. Cover the flash and camera lens with your fingertip
4. See your results instantly

iPhone cases need to be removed. Does not work on iPad or iPod.


digiDoc Team

Some of our trusted users experienced a bug which we should have fixed now. Let us know either way: support@digidoctech.no. If you enjoy the app, please leave a review in the App Store. Thanks!

Source: https://appsrankings.com/app/775632066/pulse-oximeter-heart-rate-and-oxygen-mon

Pulse Oximeter - Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitor App Comments

Pulse Oximeter - Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitor App Reviews (441)

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1 star

Incredibly unreliable. Please refund.

2 star

So the pulse rate is reasonably accurate against a professional finger Monitor but the blood/oxygen reading is way out. Finger monitor reads 90 but this app always records 100. I wish I had put the £4.99 towards a proper pulse oximeter with Bluetooth connection for complete accuracy and recording. My health care professional required this on a regular basis because of my medical condition. Please see if it can be made more accurate. Thanks

1 star

Doesn’t work with iPhone 11 pro

Michel L
Michel L
1 star

Je fais du sport régulièrement et de longues courses, sur mon Oximetre pro j’obtiens un résultat de %SpO2 -97 et mes pulsations sont en moyenne 42 à 50. suivis médecin. Sur l’application les résultats son pour %SpO2 très instable mais presque toujours à 99 même 100% et mes pulsations sont entre 75 et 80. Donc ce n’est qu’un gadgets non fiable en ce qui me concerne, que je ne recommande pas. Michel Laflamme Québec

1 star

Worked with my old phone, with my iPhone 10 it won’t read my heart rate about 90% of the time and when it does gives false readings.

1 star

I think this is an excellent app, but I give it only one star because It does not function properly. The Pulse indicator does not always work, however when it does function it is usually correct. The Oxygen indicator is very quick but is always higher than it should be. If these problems were corrected it would be worth the money I paid, otherwise I feel you should return the money I spent. Thank you.

1 star

Does not work

1 star

i need refund asap

3 star

The O2 seems accurate but the pulse meter is not reliable.

Pearl E Graham
Pearl E Graham
3 star

This app has potential but it’s a bit inconsistent as it is. Would like to see it developed further.

1 star

DO NOT GET THIS APP......it is totally rubbish...it doesn’t even take your pulse correctly let alone measure your oxygen levels. I want my money back.

1 star

Loaded the app to monitor oxygen level while at high altitude. App advised me that my oxygen level was 96-97 whereas doctor and eventually hospital visits showed oxygen level was 84-87.

4 star

Great app that works well and I use it. Happy with it.

28 March 2020

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Application Data

  • Relase Date11 December 2013
  • CategoryHealth & Fitness
  • Price$4.99
  • App Rating2.7483
  • Current Version2.2.9
  • DeveloperdigiDoc Technologies AS
  • Operating SystemIOS 10.1 or later

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