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Watch thousands of hit movies and TV series for free. Tubi is 100% legal unlimited streaming, with no credit cards and no subscription required. If you are looking for a way to save money, Tubi is your cost effective solution. Choose what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, with fewer ads than regular TV. Tubi is the largest free streaming service featuring award-winning movies and TV series from studios like Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM, and more. There is something for everybody; from comedy to drama, kids to classics, and niche favorites such as Korean dramas, anime, and British series. Download now and start streaming entertainment for free on your iPhone or iPad, today! Check out our variety of well-known titles and exclusive categories – including “Not On Netflix” and “Highly Rated On Rotten Tomatoes” – always free. You can find award-winning films and TV shows that span more than 40 genres from comedy, drama, family & kids, classics and horror, to niche favorites such as Korean dramas, anime and British TV. The videos have commercials, so you get everything for free legally and don't have to spend a single cent. Using Tubi is a smart way to save money. Tubi Features -Watch the biggest stars, movies and TV shows (series), completely free -Discover amazing international hits and hidden gems -Browse unique categories, including our “Not on Netflix” section -Create and manage your own personal video queue -Pick up watching where you left off -Explore fresh anime, Korean dramas, telenovelas, reality shows and more -Check out new videos added every week -Sync your account between online devices, including Apple TV, Roku, Xbox and Amazon -Cast to your TV with Chromecast and Airplay -Stream on the web at tubitv.com Download Tubi and free your entertainment today!

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SiI has ouran so pog🥰.Score: 5/5

AmazingLove the app it has some ads but works perfectly no glitches no nothing you just have to sign up and the best part is that it’s free really worth trying this app.Score: 5/5

TubiThere is too much violence for me to watch. I cannot pass the fun violence to watch a decent show. The rating is poor. I love Tubi but my heart can’t take the violence. Violence on humanity is violence against God. Those will suffer for it that caused it. I can’t participate. Please delete my account. Sorry for hurting your feelings..Score: 2/5

Yikes :lIt’s a great app but the fact it doesn't have Pokémon on it is just sad I only downloaded it because I was looking for somewhere that had all Pokémon series.Score: 2/5

BETTER THAN NETFLIX😍Bro this has everything. If you go to anime, you get more anime’s than Netflix has.Score: 5/5

See downIt’s free and all but like what is this 1. most are scary 2. THERE ISNT INBESTIGATORS I think it’s great but like WHAT WHYYYY.Score: 3/5

It’s goodU don’t have to pay so I’m in!!.Score: 5/5

Nothing good to watch.There isn’t anything interesting in the selection. Why isn’t the nostalgic tv shows like Teen Titans, Justice League, etc. It’s nothing but boring kids shows with horrible animation or crappy off brand movies you would see in the bargain bin at Walmart..Score: 1/5

It’s great butPLEASE GET TWILIGHT PLEASE.Score: 5/5

Best free movie appIdk how they get you these free movies without making you subscribe or pay, but it’s seriously a great app. I’ve been using this for a few years now and a lot of the movies are relatively new and relevant and sometimes I find hidden gems on this app too. Luv it I hope it stays free forever ❤️❤️.Score: 5/5

Really good app but...This is more of a question but does anyone know if this works with pictures in pictures?.Score: 5/5

Cool appIts has jojo.. nice.Score: 5/5

Say NO to giving forced privacy infoUsed to like Tubi until they tried to force me to enter my birthday, now I can't get in until I do so - which I never will give them. Too bad some good ole shows on the service..Score: 1/5

Too much adsI like the app but 2-3 ads is too much maybe lessen it up? Like maybe at least 1 or 2 short ads.Score: 4/5

It’s okIt’s nice that this app has free shows/anime’s you can watch but the selection is awful as every show I wanted to watch only had part of it available. This app has a worst selection of anime then Netflix does so I really don’t see the point of using this app when you can use other things and if you have Netflix this app is almost pointless..Score: 2/5

No good anime’sYou have no good anime’s like my hero academia, demon Slayer like that sucks 😡🤬.Score: 1/5

NostalgiaDamn there are a lot of old movies on here, ones I remember from when I was really young. It’s so nostalgic and I love it. I cant believe people are giving less than five stars just because they don’t have all the most popular shows out there. There is some new stuff. I haven’t been using Tubi for too long but it’s not all super super old. I’ve seen some movies on here that i’ve completely forgotten about- I only just remembered them once I saw them on here. It has some really good anime shows. Remember everything on here is free and there are no ads. It’s completely free. This app is awesome..Score: 5/5

I Wanted What TheAd Said I Would GetY’all are a bunch of liars. I downloaded the app after seeing an ad that said you have the hunger games... but you don’t. Don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed in an app before..Score: 1/5

Sign in failsLast update removed my login and now asks gender and DOB. However you can’t submit once you enter your data. Rendering the App useless..Score: 1/5

Hunter x hunterLast time I saw this add it had hunter x hunter can u pls add it again ?.Score: 4/5

Hmm..It’s OK, but the sad part is it judges from your age. I put my info, of course I won’t put it here but it literally recommended kids shows. I like horror. Ask for genres, please..Score: 4/5

Great free alternativePlenty to watch.Score: 5/5

NoI tried to find a movie but I couldn’t.Score: 2/5

BrokenCan’t cast to the tv.Score: 1/5

I love tubi!!I love tubi so much!! it’s free and has all the anime’s I like! if you can’t find frozen then it’s not their problem. go look at Netflix or some other app or just look at your TV! for real. you guys are complaining about little things that your favorite shows aren’t there. Netflix doesn’t have half of the shows I like! Netflix also is taking away shows and movies which makes it worse! seriously, get over it. Tubi gives you so many free things! the whole app is basically free!! you could even connect Tubi to your TV. if you don’t have your favorite show or movie on Tubi get over it..Score: 5/5

1 star because....Can’t find any movie or anime that’s in English.Score: 1/5

Bad but free 🤩Not a lot of popular stuff but it’s free.Score: 1/5

Amazing! But maybe needs more for everyoneTubi The app is awesome and I’m so so sooo grateful for the free movies and shows but I feel like there could be more new things for everyone for all ages and preferences. There’s not a lot of (good/popular) anime’s (only a handful in my opinion) I don’t want to be rude at all but i was hoping you guys could look at my list of things you guys could maybe add on there? I’m going to list movies, tv shows, anime and k-dramas (Just suggestions tho😊) but if you cant I’ll understand (and sorry that there’s so much I kinda got carried away😅) Movies: Harry Potter Fantastic beasts Twilight The hunger games It It 2 Godzilla The hobbit Jurassic park Lord of the rings Logan The hulk Alice in wonderland Soul Onward Home alone Venom Dead pool Rings Come play Follow me Host Us The boy The boy 2 Antrum The assent Jack in the box Pirates of the Caribbean Jumanji The lie Suicide squad Wonder Woman Amulet Call me by your name After After we collided 365 days Spiderman Thor Iron man Mulan Batman Slender man The nun The empty man Bright Baby driver The blind side The half of it Isn’t it romantic Train wreck The dark tower Birdbox The upside Tag Open season Daddy’s home Daddy’s home 2 Grown ups Ted Ted 2 2067 2017 Alita Maze runners Tomorrow land La la land I am mother Kin Over the moon Dr do little The croods The croods the new age Coco Sing Detective pikachu Home Inside out Cinderella Show white Ariel Sleeping beauty The jungle book The lion king Frozen Frozen 2 The lorax The grinch Toy story Toy story 2 Toy story 3 Toy story 4 Trolls The incredibles The incredibles 2 Aladdin Brave Enchanted Coraline 9 Cars The bee movie Ratatouille Narnia Alvin and the chipmunks Madagascar Chicken little The little mermaid Where do all the wild things go The nightmare before christmas Monster high The hate you give Shows: Euphoria The chilling adventures of Sabrina Shameless Deadly class Legacy’s Ozark Locke & key The flash She-ra The fuller house A series of unfortunate events The office Outer banks The last kingdom Vikings Umbrella academy The 100 Stranger things Lucifer the walking dead Shitt$ creek Shadow hunters The order Dracula Arrow The Witcher You Lost in space Ready gamer one Origin Westworld How to get away with murder A teacher Sons of anarchy Hanna Adventure time Rick and morty Miraculous ladybug and cat noir Black lightning Cloak and dagger Titans Bat woman Winx club The amazing world of gumball Inspector gadget SpongeBob The legend of korra The loud house Jessie Girl meets world Boy meets world Anime: Attack on titan seasons 2-4 Hunter x hunter season 3-4 My hero academia season 1-5 My hero academia: two hero’s My hero academia: hero’s rising The promised neverland 1-2 Demon slayer March comes in like a lion Japan sinks 2020 High rise invasion The garden of words Kakehurui Haikyuu!! 1-4 Haikyuu!!The movie Erased Your name A silent voice Spirited away Your lie in April Cowboy depop Monster Hamatora Eden at the east Horizon in the middle of nowhere Black clover Mob psycho 100 Great pretender Psycho-pass The seven deadly sins Soul eater Seven deadly sins Blue exorcist K-on! Bro yokio Kengan ashura Sirius the jagger K B: the beginning Violet evergarden Beastars Devilman crybaby Blue exorcist Free! Beatless Last hope Basilisk The lost village Dance with the devils Anohana Kuroko’s basketball Boruto Cells at work! Food wars CLANNAD Forest of piano Sword art online Maid sama A whisker away K-drama: Alice in borderland Sweet home Itaewon class Love alarm My holo love Run on The uncanny counter Start up Hello, my twenties! Navillera Extracurricular My first first love The king Oh my ghost Save me My mister The miracle Accidentally in love My secret romance #alive Put your head on my shoulder Wish you The call Switched Love O2O Abyss These will most definitely make loads of people happy! (And maybe more users too) Sorry if this came off rude, I wasn’t trying to at all! I just feel like there are not enough shows and movies for everyone tastes :) Thank you for your time!(if you read it lol).Score: 5/5

It’s great but...I love it, there’s a lot of great hidden gems here and there but on the iPad version there’s this annoying little glitch when you scroll through movies and the previous section of films repeat (idk it’s hard to explain this odd little glitch).Score: 5/5

Not badGot the app for Texas chainsaw massacre, stayed for terrifier. Those two movies alone are worth it for me 😂.Score: 5/5

It’s free..choosie beggarsIn between those 50 year old movies some folks are whining about (a few of those are cult classics to B movie fans, & some like Susperia are just great films),are newer gems that aren’t free anywhere. Korea’s The Host, Train to Busain, Cloverfield, tons of animé.. what are you meat sacs complaining about? Excellent free app, no glitches, & regularly added fresh content. Zero complaints.Score: 5/5

BadI like how the app has free shows but it doesn’t really have the anime I’m looking for so if you can add more shows it would be great 😊.Score: 2/5

FREE MOVIES AND SHOWSHonsetly for the people getting mad because of ad’s just be quiet. You should just be glad to be getting so many movies and shows with oUnt having to buy Netflix or prime!.Score: 5/5

Why suddenly must you force me to identify myself?I do not wish yet again to provide free information to an app, information that you will use to control me and bombard me with unwanted publicity. And just because I do not wish to reveal you who I am you prevent me from using your app? Well go f y..Score: 1/5

Great!It’s very good! I just wish there were more popular movies like Pacific Rim and pacific rim uprising also hunger games and much more I don’t know if that’s to much but PLEASE add pacific rim uprising it’s the best movie ever if you can that would be great 👍🏻 Otherwise this app awesome 😁.Score: 4/5

Starting a episodeWhen I want to continue watching a episode of a show that I stopped watching halfway through it, it resets the whole episode and when I click the show through the continue watching thing it starts me on the next episode.Score: 4/5

Pretty good!Everything is actually free!!!!!!! But I just wish there was a way to change the language- please do that ha ha-.Score: 5/5

Chrome castMy chrome cast isn’t popping up. I know it’s not my cast bc it works with every other app..Score: 5/5

Too many addsI got 6 adds while watching anime.Score: 4/5

MehKinda bad No good movies Not even any avenger movies Very disappointed.Score: 1/5

Great appHonestly I didn’t know what to expect considering it’s movies for free. There’s usually a catch. But I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve already found a couple I will watch soon. They might be old but you can’t really expect them to have the latest releases for free. There are some good ones that are only a few years old. So just dig through and you’ll definitely find something worth watching..Score: 5/5

Great!!!Great for an old timer like me...Score: 5/5

Can’t make an accountFor some reason it won’t keep my account. Other than that really good app!.Score: 4/5

Sailor moonGimme Sailor Moon Season 3 now.Score: 5/5

It is greatLike how muck anime you can watch like naruto and death note if your in Canada.Score: 5/5

10/10Free movies and shows I had a issue with my chrome cast not connecting they emailed me after I left a review saying that and they made me open the setting on my phone and open the network settings and now all is good but good app to have.Score: 5/5

OLD and AdsYes this app is a good app but everything on here is old how bout putting thing like Netflix does like having different shows on there that don’t even look old like yes,Netflix’s anime is I pretty good but at least it isn’t old AND u don’t have to watch ads every damn second.Score: 2/5

Amazing!The movies and shows are indeed old, but they have plenty of anime and things! They have Ouran high school host club so i’m happy. It’s free so it’s still amazing! Glad i found this, it also has an option to broadcast it on your TV. which i haven’t tried but still cool.Score: 5/5

Not greatI can’t believe how much anime it had it only had like 19 and it doesn’t even have my hero academia it sucks and it only has old movies/tv Shows it’s 👏horr👏i👏ble👏🤬.Score: 1/5

Adventure time plzIt’s a pretty alright app and since it’s free I can’t complain, but could you add adventure time..Score: 4/5

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VERY TRUE!Completely free and no ads whatsoever. The ad for Tubi also said no ads, which is true. I am very happy with this app. Thank you.Score: 5/5

Love it!I love this app so much I don’t even mind the adds. What would make it even better is if you updated the app with Picture in Picture please. I can’t watch while doing something else. Thanks so much!.Score: 4/5

:(If you love old movies that no one has heard of then this is the app for you but if not there is nothing new or popular on here. I don’t recommend it..Score: 1/5

Thank You Developers🥰☮️☮️This app is so awesome I am worried it’s going to start costing money. Seriously, the description they provided far & above what they say! This is the best app I have ever download it on my phone. This is a true app, no gimmicks, no sneaky fees or intrusive information needed. This is unbelievable! And as I stated, I am so surprised they have not charged to have access to your app! As I said as well, I’m a bit nervous y’all are going to start charging like 99% of these type of apps! This is it amazing! So thankful for anyone like myself, people that aren’t able to afford cable TV, or big screen TVs, those of us who are poor folk, you’ve provided me with the best entertainment ever! I’ll admit, it no shame,I am poor disabled and on Social Security so I don’t have much going on in my life. And as I stated, I have used that term many times in this comment, because I want to make sure you developers know how thankful I am to you! Please please don’t change anything ! This is the perfect set up you have! Actually it’s the best I have seen in the App Store… Ever! Thank you thank you thank you so much!!!! Developers, you are awesome! Thank you thank you thank you☮️☮️.Score: 5/5

They don’t have the show I watch ☹️So I downloaded Netflix cuz I was bored so I signed in and it didn’t work so I downloaded tubi the app that I have and I wanted to watch stranger things my favorite show and you guy’s don’t have it like all apps need to have that so.. I got mad and cryed like tubi plss put stranger things in there I would die to see it :/ so tubi if you see this put ittt.Score: 3/5

Am a 10 year oldSo like it’s says for 12 year old and am 10 I watch shark movies and I found two of them that I like..Score: 5/5

How?This app is beyond good..Score: 5/5

My #1 movie appTubi is my favorite app for movies, I would gladly pay money for an ad-free version, but I still love it either way..Score: 5/5

Good for it being freeIt is a good app because it is free to watch but it doesn’t have a great selection.Score: 4/5

Mediocre AppTubi provides great content!!! The actual App is full of issues such as no subtitles and very inconsistent quality in the design of the App. Often times, Yiu have to restart the App after commercials are shown as it comes back with Audio only and no video. These issues happen on my Apple TV, iPhone and iPad..Score: 3/5

Worst I can’t even I can’t even sign aminI just got this app I thought it would be really good but once I started it I was like what I was saying and I tried 1000 times and it still I tried to resume but it was a sign in and I was like OK I will have a OK because I keep doing it but it’s like I try to resume it’s it’ please please fix that up if you can develop or you’re out there and knocking out the reviews please please respond to this.Score: 2/5

I get that it’s free butThe ads are excessive literally 3 ads every 5 mins of movie. I’m deleting the app..Score: 1/5

Thank youThank you for letting me watch all my favorites never please remove Dark Shadows. I love it never take it away.Score: 5/5

I’m going to keep watching this for the rest of my lifeI like about Tubi is it’s completely free no monthly payment and some good anime shows but this gets a A+😃 straight up!.Score: 5/5

TubiNice App But please reduce the Ads.Score: 4/5

Great selection but glitchyI love the titles you offer but the app is troublesome to use. Sometimes one the of the ads gets stuck loading and have to restart the app. And other times times at random the show I am watching will constantly restart from the beginning by itself after a few minutes..Score: 2/5

Generally rather goodI liked it when tubi added a feature a few months back so one could see if a film was (probably) leaving the site in a few days (a “5d” for example countdown appeared on the small icon for the movie. Something similar is still available on the ROKU app but not at the website or on other apps, and it’s good to know semi-precisely :)) This feature no longer exists on the iphone app- I hope it will be brought back. One feature that seems unique to this app is a rating feature. Not sure if it affects recommendations but it’s nice looking for movies I’ve seen and giving my thumbnail up or down impression, and will do with films I enjoy here in future. Thanks, it is a rather good app and site and very nicely varied..Score: 4/5

Dont make it cost moneyI think if you just let it be free like now, it would probably get more downloads since people look for apps to watch stuff for free.Score: 5/5

I recommend this appI like all the choices of movies and tv show. Plus all the veggie tales and christian movies. This app allows you to have a lot of options to choose to watch. I like the fact I can watch tv show I grew up on. Unlike Hulu and Netflix. I can watch older tv shows. Which is nice. You can watch The Nanny, Midsomer Murders, to the Mask Singer. I don't even mind the commercials . There is a lot more options to pick..Score: 5/5

NO PICTURE IN PICTUREMakes it almost useless for me..Score: 2/5

Sweet!That has kid vs kat, Jimmy two shows and other kid friendly shows but unfortunately they don’t have gasp! (2009) i never got a chance to watch the part where weykeysha stole ginger’s clothes I wish it was on Tubi please?.Score: 5/5

At least it’s freeBut the quality is horrendous. I can’t even get 20 minutes into a movie because it keeps disconnecting and restarting and giving me error messages. I’ve had better luck than this with shoddy 3rd party sites riddled with ads..Score: 1/5

Good but could be betterI like the fact that it has a lot of the older films and comedies, it’s a great service only thing that lets it down is the ads I watched an hour and half comedy and there was so many ads it wasn’t worth watching lost the spark but if there was a paid version people would pay for the no ads coz like I said it’s great service but hr and half comedy and 7-8 ads ruins it.Score: 3/5

Good content. apps got some issues on iPadThe Continue watching interface needs to have a shortcut to the show so you can pick the correct next episode when you watch on multiple devices. The feedback window also doesn’t work. Feedback window is stuck behind the keyboard and doesn’t scroll while a film is playing. Jokes on me though the send button didn’t work if I clicked on it. Just stayed grey. Would have been nice to send this as actual feedback instead of using the rating system..Score: 3/5

This app should be rated 17+ not 12+It has mature and R rated content. It is irresponsible for this to have a 12+ rating..Score: 1/5

Great App!I’ve had Tubi for a while now and I like to watch some animists and believe me it’s awesome! But I have noticed that some things that I watch are missing some seasons, which does make me a bit sad but overall app is great and everything is running smoothly!.Score: 4/5

Best appIt’s a good app to view movies that are free :).Score: 5/5

You would usually think this is nice but noFirst of all I thought this app was amazing when I saw the ad but here in 2021 there’s no my hero academia anymore of if it was never there neither or not I’m mad so if you’re thinking about buying this and watching anime they have missing animes they also missing count and blue 🈳☦️ so if you’re thinking to download and you want to watch anime don’t.Score: 2/5

Best App Ever.Absolutely amazing and this is a super cool and very useful and easy to use app..Score: 5/5

AmazingEverything is free I really like it but there isn’t my hero academia or assassination classroom it’s my fav anime’s lol but over all amazing app.Score: 5/5

New signin doesn’t workIt just spins and spins. If I wanted to use beta release programs I would run Windows. I’m switching to the other services. You used to be a good service, one I would have paid for. Now Tubi is just trash, spoiled by inferior programmers..Score: 1/5

Love but…Love the options but please give the access to minimized videos.Score: 4/5

💙I love it. They’ve been putting a lot of good stuff on here!.Score: 5/5

Actually legit and simpleNot a bot talking here, this app is actually legit and simple to set up. It does have things that Netflix doesn’t have, which is a huge plus, and it’s free. There aren’t that many bugs either, and the ads are so short compared to what you would get on tv. Overall, a perfect app..Score: 5/5

EhIt doesn’t really have a lot of anime but it’s also really good I’m re-download it to see if it was just a glitch on my phone.Score: 2/5

It a great appSo I like Tubi but can they add more anime like I need more I love anime I feel like I watched almost all of them.Score: 5/5

FeedbackOkay. So far this app is pretty dope. But just a little request, you should make it where we can still view the whatever we’re watching in like a sort of small or off-center picture even while clicking out of the app..Score: 4/5

How did I ever live without it?I absolutely love TUBI Really don’t know how I lived without it. What a great deal it is and there’s so much to choose from it’s unbelievable I’m going to tell all of my friends about it.Score: 5/5

TerribleToo many bugs. Tubi keeps asking for my age/sex. It repeatability asks for my age and sex even though I’ve done it multiple times for them. Evasive app would not recommend..Score: 1/5

HorribleThe show kept starting over and over and over again. Extremely annoying and if I could give it zero stars I would..Score: 1/5

I don't completely recommend it.It may have some shows and movies that unless you already have, you pretty much can't watch at all that exists on this app, but boy, is it a cost! I watched a 2 hour movie, and it had 15 minutes worth of advertisements. I recommend Peacock more, because it takes UP TO 3 minutes of advertisements, and you could watch Harry potter with no more than that! So yeah, the advertisements on here really need to be decreased! Badly!.Score: 2/5

FreezesIt’s really an 5 star app but haven’t been performing as it was when I first discovered Tubi in for a month now and I really can’t seem to know why it’s slow to play movies and the movies continue to freeze.Score: 3/5

AWESOMETHIS APP SHOULD BE ATLEAST $20.99 A MONTH BUT IN REALITY ITS FREE!! I cant wait ti show my dad this so we dont have to watch netflix and pay fir hulu and disney plus!! one word, SUPERCALAFRAGILISTICEXPIALUDOCUS.Score: 5/5

Me encanta !En esta app puedo ver las películas de mi infancia el problema es que no tiene idioma español..Score: 3/5

This app is a-ok with me. 🙂I just downloaded tubi, and so far, it looks like a great app. I like how when the app welcomes you, it doesn’t trick you and urge you to pay extra fees, and I also like how it doesn’t have one of those pesky subscription advertisements that pop up out of nowhere..Score: 4/5

Don’t change a thing!!!I recently downloaded it and was a little bit skeptical of it saying free no payments at all but they were telling the truth! I don’t mind the adds because the ads are sponsors helping paying basically so no one has to pay especially if if we can’t afford another subscription! Please don’t ever change a thing except adding more movies and shows for free because there are movies that I’ve always wanted to watch but can’t afford to pay for!! Thank you Developers for this awesome and amazing app!!!!.Score: 5/5

Card chargedMy card was charged 33 dollars that I don’t have after downloading this app and I don’t understand why.Score: 1/5

Bro its freeBro its free and also not illegal what more is there. ya get what ya pay for, and here you get MORE for inexchange for nothin..Score: 5/5

Does not work wellLots of ads, and every time a block of ads are done playing, goes to black screen. Restart app, change channels, restart TV seems to work sometimes. More time spent trying to get app to work and watching ads than show..Score: 1/5

It dependsI have watched all the other hunger games movies on there and I was on the last one and now I can not find it so if you want to finish all the movie I recommend not getting this..Score: 1/5

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Where is the MAIN STREAM ANIME!!!In your ad it clearly shows a lot of main stream anime but when I went on your free APP it came up with old school anime this is a joke.!!!!.Score: 1/5

FreeThere’s a reason why this is free. Enough said..Score: 1/5

Please readTubi TV isn’t letting me sign in, I was born on 12/16/1991, so that is what I entered, it’s just stuck on the Age Confirmation screen..Score: 4/5

Thanks for the replyWhy doesn't tubi work on my iPad 4 but it work on iPad my latest iPad please help,than I can change my review thanks.follow all your instructions and update to 5.9.1 version but still not work on my iPad 4 but have no problem on my other iPad 7 please help thank you.gave 4 star than 2 star because developer did not reply for help so sad.Score: 2/5

ReviewI selected my age (23) and it would not load it was stuck I re downloaded the app and restarted my iPad and went back in and out of it but it still was stuck at the age.Score: 1/5

HumperHow can you update an app and now I cannot get past the birthdate screen what a joke. How Murdoch! back to pirate bay. My birth year was the 4 digits it was definitely your end..Score: 1/5

No shows at allThe ads lie there’s no latest sows or anything there’s 40 shows from before 2005 and that’s it DONT get this app it’s not worth your time..Score: 1/5

Great findThis was something I found by accident. Great selection of movies that are different, and highly watchable..Score: 5/5

DisappointedWon’t load when entering DOB.Score: 1/5

Legal?Is this even legal or no? Someone tel me.Score: 4/5

Has trolland on itHas my favourite anime Trolland. The greatest movie ever made. Instant 5 stars. Trolland is the finest work of art humanity has ever produced and any cultured genius would agree with this statement..Score: 5/5

Great movie appI’m really liking this app have found some great horror gems, I only have one issue is to many ads I would be happy with 2 ads though out the movie..Score: 4/5

Never got past entering birth dateThe app will not accept a birth date. Deleted and downloaded again and still the same result. So deleted it completely and moving on.....Score: 1/5

It’s freeCan’t believe so many ppl complain about a FREE app that much !! There is a huge mix of everything from straight to DVD movies, trashy reality shows, old classic series and serious documentaries. If you can’t find somebody worth watching then your too fussy. I do however feel the ads have become more frequent than they used to be..Score: 4/5

TubiI downloaded the app and asked for my birth date and when I put it in it tells me it’s an invalid birth date . I was only born once and the date was 16/11/1946 . so how do I fix this problem ? PS . I’m not one of those born again Christian things . Thanks !.Score: 5/5

AnimeeeCan you please add popular anime and more action ones like hxh 7ds or asassination classroom I would appreciate it I hope you see this.Score: 3/5

Ok...This app is great, it’s free but it doesn’t have a lot of good movies like Harry Potter, Pretty little liars, A dog’s purpose and ESPECIALLY a movie that I love and think a lot of people will like it it’s called A little princess. Please put these movies on here if possible PLEASE !!.Score: 3/5

Back to adds feels like going backwards also not family friendlyThe idea is good in a way, but I always hated adds on free to air tv. This feels like going back in time, and you can bet that more and more adds will be squeezed in over time just like YouTube. Warning for parents and family there is a lot of soft core porn like films on here and there are no parental settings to stop kids from accessing it! The content is old and quirky so will suit film buffs and people who like odd and fringe tv and cinema. There’s things on here you can’t find anywhere else :) not much mainstream recent content, but that’s why is free and with adds. I will most likely delete this as I would rather pay to not have adds, they annoy me, always have :).Score: 2/5

Needs more animeHi I downloaded tubi to watch some anime only seeing that there animes ive seen already i tried typing some up like the promised never land and kakegururi but non of them were there,.Score: 3/5

More AnimeSorry I thought there was going to be nartuo sailor moon,attack on Titans,Hunter X Hunter,and Haikyu I already hate it but love it you guys need more ANIME that’s the reason I came and got this app.Score: 3/5

So badAn app that has movies that’s free but don’t have any new movies.Score: 1/5

Where’s Picture in Picture?You guys have updated the app many times but you still haven’t updated it to allow PIP on iPhone!? When are you going to add that feature?.Score: 2/5

ANIMEBruh give me my anime you showed in the ad. I downloaded the app and yet there is just trash everywhere and it’s all trash anime.Score: 1/5

Lied showsBasically if you see a show you want to watch that you see in the add eg naruto you are not gonna find it even if you search it up. This app is total bs.Score: 1/5

Not a fan 👎🏼I mean yeah it’s free. But all the shows are boring and the worst choice of anime. So I’m not a fan. And why does it need my gender?.Score: 1/5

ALL IS RIGHT AGAIN ...There’s a new update, that fixes the date of birth Issue .. This is a great app and it’s back to what it was .. well done ...Score: 5/5

Ant get past birth dateUsed to work but now can’t get past birth date. It has a date picker and you can’t accidentally put in a 2 digit year so not sure what the devs are talking about. You have no option but to pick the correct 4 digit year. After submitting it, nothing happens....Score: 1/5

Was Great Till Needs DOBJam Packed with bad bad Horrors which is great for me as I like those. Just searching through Movies is a little tiresome. So I have app. Now app wants DOB, well all great and fine, and I’m well over legal age, so is my son lol ok enough said, but it won’t confirm so deleted app, tried to reload, same issue. So delete again..Score: 1/5

Don’t download this appIt supports the lgbtq community and has a massive range of those movies I’m not being rude but it is wrong so delete this app.Score: 1/5

Such a bad appTubi looked decent after the 100s of ads I got for it, then when I go in the app, I get a stupid “age required” message, I select my age and then all it does is freeze and nothing happens or loads, I also noticed the selection of movies are terrible. Please just give up on making apps and take it off the App Store, it’s so terrible.Score: 1/5

DisappointedI downloaded because i saw kitchen nightmares on the picture, and it wasnt there when i searched for it.Score: 1/5

Not goodThe ads I saw extremely fake and yes I know that they are not gonna put this in here because they don’t want their secrets to be revealed but the ads are fake it said that it had naruto it didnt and when u log on in the app it tells u to turn on notifications and of the cover it has mega mind also not on their just bad in general all old movies.Score: 1/5

Don’t Waste Your Time On This App!When i first saw an ad for this app it looked amazing so i got it and was extremely excited to use it, when it downloaded i rushed to open it and the screen said “put in your date of birth to move forward” so i put in my date of birth and it wouldn’t let me in. i am 16 years old and the app is 12+ so im definitely old enough for it! this is highly disappointing that it would not work and i had to delete it because it did not work, i expected high results of this app being really good but i guess not..Score: 1/5

THIS APP IS A SCAMDon’t get this app it says why get Netflix when u can get Tubi but i just spent the last hour searching for not only one movie I have watched just a movie I have heard of I found nothing it just has B grade movies there are nooooooo goood movies i didn’t find one movie made in Hollywood trust me AND DON’T GET THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Score: 1/5

Can’t get past entering birthdateInstalled app. Opened app. It asked for my date of birth. I entered it. Hit confirm and ....... nothing. Restarted, deleted and reinstalled. Still nothing. A perfect example of you get what you pay for.Score: 1/5

It won’t let me confirm my ageTo get in you must confirm your age but I can’t.Score: 1/5

MUST READThe Review This app is great for people that can’t afford Subscriptions for movie apps like Netflix. It has many movies kid shows/movies, anime, action moved and way more. Suggestions We need to be able to set what rated movies we want like G, PG, M, MA+ and more.Score: 4/5

Its alright.When i saw a couple ads on this, i thought i should download it. But just saying, it doesn't have much content that seems interesting. It doesn't have as much shows as netflix does. And the app also glitches..Score: 2/5

More Anime RangeI rate Tubi 5 stars because it has great range of movies & tv shows, it would be great if the anime could be expanded with shows such as: Haikyuu Sword art online Hunter x hunter Dr. Stone Fairytales But other then that Tubi is great.Score: 5/5

Free, but they lobotomise you with addsI still don’t know how this app got on my devices, never less finally had a look. Click a movie and you are greeted with adds, I thought I made a mistake selected wrong programme, nope went back and saw the add again. Then throughout the movie, more adds. Some up to 30 seconds, and not just the one, and several times during the movie as well. What a terrible experience! I am more than happy to pay $ for the option to remove advertising, than to be insulted with mindless and pointless garbage. I know it makes your platform work, but not for me..Score: 1/5

Free and amazingLots of good choices without the monthly cost..Score: 5/5

Wow really amazing app!Yes it doesn’t have blockbusters but it’s actually has a really good anime selection for free. I didn’t even know this app existed until a few days ago. Hope it gets more popular..Score: 5/5

Scam scam scam !!!!Don’t even bother downloading. it is nothing like the advertisement. i couldn’t find any decent movies or shows. it only has old movies and very unpopular ones. i also read the comments before downloading and i wonder they probably are fake too.Score: 1/5

IPhone 11This app is not available in iPhone 11 iOS 14,2 Please fix it.Score: 3/5

For tech supportHello, for some reason you app keeps asking for my date of birth. Witch i put in. But nothing happens. Can you help. Would love to get back to watching Degrassi.....Score: 2/5

Not workingCannot get past age verification at startup. From reading reviews this may be an iPad Air 4 issue ?.Score: 1/5

Great cult movies!I love this App! Totally cool..Score: 5/5

Alright, but disappointingTubi is great for people who can not afford subscriptions to paid streaming apps like Netflix or Disney+, though the movie and Tv choices are a little bland. When I looked in the preview for Tubi it said that it had blockbuster movies from huge industries (such as The Avengers from Marvel) though when I actually got the app the movies and Tv shows were quite old, and I had hardly even heard of any of them. It would be a decent app for people who like the sort of movies they have, but it’s just not for me. I would have very much liked a proper preview, that didn’t present movies that Tubi doesn’t offer..Score: 3/5

Age verification bugUnusable at the moment.Score: 3/5

Wth-Bro i saw an ad for this app and it said it had anime, good movies/shows but it doesn’t have any of that. Not even Harry Potter-.Score: 1/5

Coursera 💡Start your future on coursera today! Build skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies. Join for Free!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

Tubi - Watch Movies & TV Shows App Images

Tubi - Watch Movies & TV Shows app imageTubi - Watch Movies & TV Shows app imageTubi - Watch Movies & TV Shows app imageTubi - Watch Movies & TV Shows app imageTubi - Watch Movies & TV Shows app image

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