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Powerful enough for creative professionals. Simple enough for everyone. Award-winning Procreate Pocket is the most feature packed and versatile art app ever designed for iPhone. Offering hundreds of handmade brushes, a suite of innovative artistic tools, an advanced layer system, and the new Valkyrie graphics engine – Procreate Pocket has everything you need to create expressive sketches, rich paintings, gorgeous illustrations and beautiful animations. Work on the couch, on the train, at the beach, or while waiting in line for coffee. It’s a complete art studio in the palm of your hand.  Procreate Pocket includes: Highlights:
 - Ultra High Definition canvases - up to 16k by 4k
 - Intuitive Dark Mode interface made for iPhone 
- Revolutionary QuickShape feature for perfect shapes 
- Smooth and responsive smudge sampling 
 - Powered by Valkyrie: the fastest 64-bit painting engine for iPhone
 - Connect a keyboard to use shortcuts
 - Create art in stunning 64-bit color  
- 250 levels of undo and redo 
- Continuous auto-save - never lose work again • Breakthrough brushes:  
- Packed with 100s of beautifully crafted brushes
 - Brush sets keep your painting, sketching and drawing brushes organized
 - Over 100 customizable settings for every brush  
- Brush Studio – design your own custom brushes 
- Import and export custom Procreate brushes
 - Import Adobe® Photoshop® brushes, and run them faster than Photoshop® • Full-featured layering system:
 - Layer your art for precise control over details and composition 
- Create Layer and Clipping Masks for non-destructive editing 
- Stay organized by combining layers into Groups 
- Transform objects simultaneously across multiple layers 
- Access over 25 layer blend modes for industry grade compositing • Color without compromise: 
- Fill your line work with color fast with ColorDrop
 - Disc, Classic, Harmony, Value and Palette color panels 
- Import color profiles for color matching
- Assign Color Dynamics to any brush • The design tools you need:
 - Add vector Text to your illustrations
 - Easily import all your favorite fonts
 - Crop and Resize your canvas for perfect composition
 - Perspective, Isometric, 2D, and Symmetry visual guides 
- Drawing Assist perfects your strokes in real time
 - Streamline smooths out your strokes for beautiful lettering and expert inking • Animation Assist
- Easy frame by frame animation with automatic onion skinning 
- Create storyboards, GIFs, animatics and simple animations
 - Export your animations in full resolution • Dramatic finishing effects:
 - Gradient Map – remap your image’s colors with a customizable gradient
 - Glitch, Chromatic Aberration, Glow and Halftone to add new dimensions to your work 
- Gaussian and Motion Blur filters for depth and movement, or Sharpen for perfect clarity 
- Advanced Noise filter gives you more control for a classic retro look
 - Adjust Hue, Saturation, or Brightness in real-time 
- Powerful image adjustments including Color Balance, Curves, and HSB
 - Let the mind-bending powers of Warp, Symmetry, and Liquify Dynamics bring your art to life • Time-lapse replay
- Relive your creative journey with Procreate's celebrated Time-lapse Replay 
- Export your Time-lapse recording in 4K for high-end video production
 - Share a 30sec version of your Time-lapse recording with your social networks
 • Reference Companion: 
- Keep a full canvas or reference image always with you, or paint on your face with AR.
- color pick right from the reference window. • Share your creations: 
 - Import or export your art as Adobe® Photoshop® PSD files 
- Import Adobe® ASE and ACO Color Palettes
 - Import images files such as JPG, PNG and TIFF
 - Export to AirDrop, iCloud Drive, Photos, iTunes, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Weibo and Mail
Drag and drop artworks, brushes, palettes, and fonts between applications

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Procreate Pocket App Reviews (8,521)

SadHi so acidentialy deleted procreate and I want to get my work back but how?! Plz help I’m crying!.Score: 4/5

When you’re bored it gets your life 100% more times betterLiterally.Score: 5/5

Bruhhhh!Ok, this is actually amazing! I love this app. I just feel like the new update isn’t as good as the lighter colour scheme but it’s still an amazing app..Score: 5/5

Amazing app! I need some help thoI love this app so much and i use it all the time! There’s one thing that’s stressing me out though. When I do colour drop it comes out just as a filter, on top of the whole canvas. I don’t know how to fix this and is there anyway i can? But overall great app :) thanks!.Score: 4/5

HelpWhere is the bacck button?? I can’t find it!!.Score: 3/5

Get it!!Amaizng, just amazing, it’s word or funk how much I can do on my tiny screen! Thank you so much procraete!!.Score: 5/5

GoodHello, I can’t afford procreate🥺I got this on my I pad instead. Can you add face paint feature? Thanks!.Score: 5/5

Before ppe (procreate pocket edition) had an option to add an photo while on a drawing why no more??Why did they update it how do you add a photo while drawing?.Score: 4/5

I have no idea how to playI use my Apple Pen and every time I pick my two colours and I use my pen to you draw it just doesn’t work what.Score: 2/5

LolIt's really good for me and beginners and pros so I love it 👑❤️😊💚🤍😇😇😇.Score: 5/5

Sad by. j cd ja jks saCtt try rescfdxxdszssxs.Score: 1/5

Not goodThis app is not great as i can’t use many features and i wish you could get your money back from the app ☹️.Score: 2/5

It’s rlly good but. i changed my mind!!I love love love this app and i love it sm but could you add maybe some templates to colour in??? or like a thing where it outlines everything so you can colour it in if it’s a picture? overall it’s 🤩:)!.Score: 5/5

Amazing but ...This app is amazing super fun and got me to start getting into art in more detail however when you first get the app it is quite tricky to find all tools but this app is 100% worth the money I would highly recommend and you can find tutorials to help get started this is the best art app I have ever used on mobile 100% worth it..Score: 5/5

IdkIt won’t let me draw what do I do.Score: 4/5

DOWNLOAD NOW *updated*First when I downloaded this app I was proud of it and it’s starting to get better and better I saw trends on tiktok of procreate and it had a lot of views so I downloaded procreate and I’m working on my first video and I’m so excited,SO DOWNLOAD NOW!!!! Update:it has no glitches.Score: 5/5

A glitchHello this app is absolutely amazing but it also has a down side.Im not sure if this is just me but most my brushes wont work like they wont apply to the page i have tried reinstalling it but yet nothing has changed. Crystal :).Score: 4/5

HelpIt’s amazing butttt I’m and to the app and I dont know how to change my brush size please help.Score: 5/5

This app is trashI decided to download this app as I thought it would be like procreate.but it was not.if you could get a refund I would. It is not worth £5 it is not even worth £1 i wish I did not WASTE m6 money on this app please if you are looking for a drawing app then please just get procreate.Score: 1/5

Save?How do u save the image because I spent 2 days on a drawing and idk how to save it.Score: 3/5

BadIt was really bad and I wish I didn’t purchase.Score: 1/5

Procreate Lover ❤️❤️🥳🤩😊Ok, I literally love this app. 🤩🤩🤩It’s so amazing!! You will be getting your artwork🎨🎨🎨 to the next level with procreate. There are tons of brushes 🖌🖌🖌and tons of set colours 🌈🌈🌈that are super easy to access, and loads of other ways to make a cool piece. 😎😎😎It takes a while to get used to but when you have got the hang of it it is really fun and SUPER effective! 🥳🥳🥳.Score: 5/5

I wish I could give this zero starsThis is a terrible app for digital artists because it is stupid and impossible to use. Dint waist your money on it because there aren’t even any instructions to use it do when you start using it you have no idea what you’re supposed to do..Score: 1/5

Pro createWow ! I love this app. I got it a while ago,I was going to get the large pro create but I didn’t want to spend 10 pounds on an app when I didn’t even know if I would like it.I got this one as it is cheaper and it is AMAZING ! Recommend it and definitely worth the price🎉.Score: 5/5

FunI have had no problems and it's really easy to use it's 10 out of 10 for absolute sure! Hi it's ok I'm just wondering what time is it going ok for me please do me a good day ok thanks for your time I hope you're doing well I love it bye love bye hi hi hello hi bye hi hello hi do I do hi hi hello hi bye bye hello hello hi bye hi hello hi bye hello hello hi bye hi hello hi hi bye bye bro I have no clue why I'm going now I'm going out of the way I got my text and my dads and my car I will text you when you can come over and I'm ttyyyyyy be home bye love bye hello hi hi.Score: 5/5

I’m cryingI spent all my money on this thinking it would be as good as the regular procreate it isn’t ibisPaint is free and is way better than it I recommend buying ibis paint or normal procreate.Score: 1/5

Ok :)It’s so complicated to add images idk how to lol.Score: 4/5

Pretty goodHow do you draw or colour in.Score: 4/5

Will not downloadIt will not download to my phone at all, can’t get the money back for it.Score: 1/5

I absoulutely love this app:).Score: 5/5

Waste of moneyWhat a waste of 5 pound first u don’t even know what ur doing and I got it bc I saw on TikTok u could do stuff with names and more and all u could do is draw like the free games u can get rediculous.Score: 2/5

Can’t downloadI cannot download this no matter how many times I try!!!!this is so sad because I wasted £5 damn quid on this 😔.Score: 1/5

IssuesThis app was working perfectly but now the brushes won’t work and there fade+size doesn’t expand. I hope this gets fixed so I can work on my projects again!.Score: 5/5


Okay but not amazingNow I have to keep going over the colour when I am colouring and I don’t like that I prefer just doing it in one wipe.Score: 4/5

TerribleScamed u can't do anything.Score: 1/5

Good butCertain brushes won't work, I was trying to do clouds in a painting and the brush wasn't working for some reason,no matter what I tried it just wouldn't work.Score: 4/5

Missing actions - *fixedWhen I click on actions menu I see no options for inserting photo/modifying canvas/adding text etc. I used the app a few months back on the same phone and all was working fine then. I can’t find any support on why most of the actions have disappeared. Frustrating. Thank you for your response - very simple fix. :).Score: 4/5

MehI got this app on my iPad thinking it would be like the other people and it is YAYYY but if u can can u pleaseeeeeeee ty making it full screen other wise if I complain to my parents they would really scold me saying I wasted their money on a app that doesn’t work so please make it full screen on iPad.Score: 3/5

GreatThis is a wonderful app but on TikTok I see people mask clipping but I do it ,it doesn’t work.Score: 5/5

Odd glitchesOverall I really like this app. I’ve had some weird glitches on pocket Procreate which I use on my phone. The app will suddenly just close for no apparent reason which gets very frustrating..Score: 4/5

ReviewBEST APP EVER!!!.Score: 5/5

How to exportHi could you tell me how can I save a picture and export it to my phone?.Score: 4/5

OkGood.Score: 3/5

AppThis app is quite bad,when you try and fill it will coluring like when you drag it it dosent work! It just makes it brighter? Im npt so sure i like procreate pocket and also i think it should be less than £9.99/€9.99/$9.99.Score: 3/5

Great app bit some issuesThis app is great and i love everything about it. I love the fact that it has built in animation but i think that they should add a animation blender so the animations look smoother and nicer. As well as, for me, i think that having a limit on how many layers you can have is bot great. This is because if you want more than 7 references then it is quite a bummer. As i said, overall the app is brilliant but i hope in future updates, the developer adds animation smoother and a bigger limit (i would prefer 30) for layers..Score: 4/5

It won’t workI can’t draw or anything with pen or finger and I’ve checked everything but nothing is working pls what do I do it worked on my other phone and there the same type.Score: 1/5

Procreate pocketIt’s really good I enjoy it a lot there t a few difficulties But except from that it’s great.Score: 5/5

Brush sizePlease make it easier to adjust brush size.Score: 4/5

Really goodI absolutely love Procreate Pocket! It’s is cheap and it brings out my inner self. I don’t have an iPad but I don’t need one as I can do all my editing on this app. One problem is that it’s quite hard to find brushes but that might be because I’m new to the app. I will still rate this 5 stars as I don’t know if it’s just my iPhone with the problems that I have, and honestly it’s just as good as ibisPaintX. I used to use ibisPaintX but I saw people using this on tiktok and decided download it. I love this app so much, and thank you for reading this. Bye!.Score: 5/5

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Pen Pressure GlitchPlease fix the pen pressure glitch. my pen works perfectly fine on my old devices that don’t have the latest procreate update but on my new device I have been trying to get the pen pressure to work for over a month and it’s still frustrating. I have even reset the pen pressure..Score: 3/5

It’s ok but has a problemIt’s a good app. Lots of cool stuff. BUT it has this weird habit of going all pixel-y sometimes it’s great but then it gets all weird and pixely. Idk how to fix this..Score: 3/5

IbisPaint is better than this.Yeah, I like the paint brushes. The way you can make arks and other shapes by holding down? Amazing. But the thing is, it doesn't have the magic wand tool. You know, one of the BEST tools to have? This would've been fine if they had a decent paint bucket, a good work around could be used, but they can't even do that right. You want to color under your line art? Nope. You get the ENTIRE CANVAS. It sucks. The lineart is amazing, but the colouring SUCKS. It can barely rival a free colouring app. My suggestion is to either stay with ibisPaint, or use procreate for its lineart only. (even its use at editing is bad) Please fix this. I know you can do better. The moment this is fixed, I'm going to change it from 2 stars to four or more. The paint took bucket is a huge help, and with this its more of a burden..Score: 2/5

Alpha lockHi! Each time I try to use alpha lock, it just outlines the whole canvas instead of my shape. Can you help?.Score: 4/5

Awesome 🤩It’s so good you should download it because it has so many cool features and brushes.Score: 5/5

AmazingI love this app with my entire being. While i haven’t used the iPad version, i think this illustration app is amazing! I recommend just splurging your money and buying it, because it’s so worth it. Also, please buy a stylus! It’s super helpful instead of using your fingers..Score: 5/5

???How do you get other fonts? The new update kinda has me confused. 😅.Score: 4/5

OkI love this app, but it doesn’t let me write anything???.Score: 4/5

Pretty good port!Basically all the functions are there so that's nice and handy! Except I saw that procreate pocket should have the private layer option but I can't find it. Using it in the regular iPad procreate was great cause I use a lot of references and so posting the timelapse on social media is a lot clearer without seeing all the different reference pictures floating around in the background. Anyway, has anybody been able to use private layers on procreate pocket? How do I do it?.Score: 4/5

Not the bestI have an I pad mini and the screen is on a phone screen. When I draw my circle is a mess how do you auto crack..Score: 2/5

It’s okIt was very hard to use and I have been trying for a while, I don’t know where the undo button is, it is kind of hard to operate but overall a pretty good game!.Score: 4/5

LolTroppppppp coooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllôlllllllllll.Score: 5/5

Not fairI bought procreate last year and tried to download it today then I HAD TO REPAY FOR IT!😡not sure why but plz help me.Score: 1/5

NiceI use procreate on my iPad and i wanted something to doodle ideas while I’m away. It is basically the same as the iPad app same features. Don’t listen to the reviews saying that there is no undo or other features missing they are just not used to procreate and too lazy to look it up on google..Score: 5/5

GoodThis app is good if you know how to use it there is noting wrong with it! 4/5.Score: 4/5

Worth the moneySo easy too use i love it so much i definitely recommend 🥰<3.Score: 5/5

It won’t workIt won’t let me draw.Score: 1/5

Love it but...It’s the best thing ever but it takes a lot of storage on my iPad and I can’t make lots of TikToks.Score: 5/5

Favourite drawing app but...If you don’t have a highly functional stylus such as an apple pen, it’s not very easy to use.Score: 4/5

I like it butI downloaded procreate 2 years ago to start going digital and it was fine till last year and most of the brushes stopped working so I deleted it from my phone and just downloaded it again today but it’s doing the same, I’ve tried looking up on the internet how to fix it but nothing is working :(.Score: 3/5

IgIt’s great.Score: 5/5

Why won’t my brushes workI’m trying to run a business, but with this new update I seriously cannot draw. None of the brushes work. The brushes I was accustomed to no longer exist. Really not happy here. Update: brush problem was resolved. Thank you.Score: 4/5

Love it!I think this is amazing, but I’m not a good drawer so I’d give this 5 stars for doodles and just proper drawing and every other type of drawing, sketching, or just for fun!.Score: 5/5

HelloHello I love pro create its so fun! I would recommend it for anyone who likes to do digital art. The only thing though is I don’t no how to blend. How do you blend? Apart from that I love this app thank you for making this app! -GreenDinosaursAreCool.Score: 5/5

Good app if you only have an iPhoneThis is a really good app and I’m happy that they did an iPhone version but the side of the screen is a little hard to work on if you are planning on doing detailed art..Score: 4/5

Bad appDo not get it because it doesn’t fill in colours and if you want to get a app like this there is one with a black pic app pic so do not get this app.Score: 1/5

What features separate pocket for the iPad one?My main drawing platform right now is on pc but I wanna try procreate but I don’t have an iPad Pro yet so I’m gonna practice on my phone. What are the main differences on the two versions of procreate?.Score: 5/5

My brushes have stopped workingMy monoline brush has stopped working all of a sudden.Score: 4/5

Très médiocreTrès déçu. Je pensais que je pourrais préparer mon tatouage en prenant une photo et en ajoutant un autre en effacent le contour de la deuxième, mais non. Payer pour cela ça ne veux pas la peine..Score: 1/5

QuestionThe app is just amazing ! I just have a question, how we can make the lines become rounder like to make shape. I saw poeple doing it.Score: 5/5

Amazing!I’ve been looking for a nice drawing app to start drawing on my tablet; i started out with this version of procreate to see where i would land... and i’m so happy i did! i really started enjoying my tablet more just because of this app. i find myself picking it up more than before, just so i can draw. i have sooooo much time on my hands, since im pregnant and staying mostly home. while writing this, the «full» procreate app is installing on my ipad pro, and im eager to try this gem out!.Score: 5/5

It’s ok, but there are better alternatives with more capabilitiesThe ui for this app is genuinely not the greatest but better than it once was. When I first got this app you couldn’t even adjust the canvas but thankfully that issue is resolved. I’d assume that within the years there would be some better changes that make this app more viable but a lot of standard things are in most art programs aren’t in procreate. One of this biggest issues is the paint bucket tool in this app, you can’t reference “all” layers or specific layers you need to merge everything or colour it manually by hand, and when you want to work fast this is a major drawback. Especially the dragging colours to fill something as well is not as fast as just quickly tapping areas you want filled. This app is not one thats really great for art that requires outlines unless you’re doing the outlining after. It’s definitely more suited toward a painting type of art work with brushes that feel good to paint with. But compared to a lot of apps, including FREE alternatives, it’s not the best. I’d suggest using artstudio (legacy is cheaper and still works well) clipstudio paint, medibang paint, or ibis paint. I’m honestly not sure why this app is used so often despite how limited it is in a lot of ways..Score: 3/5

What happened to the pressure?I used to love using procreate pocket with my stylus or finger but now the pressure doesn’t seem to work anymore and I don’t have another stylus that’s compatible with my phone. Is this a new update? Or does the app do a stylus that’s Bluetooth?.Score: 2/5

Refund pleaseI spent 8$ on this and honestly doesn’t work like it should please give me a refund it was a waste of my hard earned money..Score: 1/5

TerribleI seen people using this app on tik tok and they did and amazing job but what I do is wrong terrible.Score: 1/5

NoI can’t exit things and over all I just don’t like it.Score: 1/5

App crashes when gif exportI bought this app 3 days ago. It’s a great app, BUT when I try to export my animation to animated gif, the app crashes. Exporting animated png or mp4 is working. Even the animation project that comes with the app cannot be exported as animated gif. Keeps crashing. I hope you can fix that very soon! I’m using the latest iPod touch with latest iOS version..Score: 4/5

Brushes won’t workI’ve used this since 2018 and it was always super simple to navigate. But now the brushes don’t even work for me. When I change the size on a brush like the studio pen it stays as a small line with random big lines like it’s exploding. Or if I just use something like the round brush it’s super opaque even tho it’s at 100% :(.Score: 3/5

Good appIt’s a great app and easy to use. The only request I have is to change the size of the text easier because when I change the size of the text using the slider i have to guess what size it’s gonna be..Score: 4/5

Amazing!!!!Best drawing app out there :D.Score: 5/5

HmmmDo you guys have the Color drop option and were do I find it.Score: 4/5

VERY GOOD!!!This is a very good app and i really recommend it!! the layers and brushes are amazing and i love drawing in this app, it is my main go-to for drawing digitally :) very impressed, worth my money!.Score: 5/5

The pencil is broken fix itThe pencil is broken it would always stop working i would have to delete the app and reinstall it it is pretty annoying sometimes when i do reinstall the app it still doesnt work.Score: 1/5

WHERE IS THE INSERT IMAGE BUTTON?I use to love this app until u guys removed the inert image button where it normally would be, under Modify. Where is it??.Score: 3/5

Private layers?Hi I was wondering if procreate pocket had private layers because when I swipe left on add image it doesn’t say private layers so I was wondering how to do it.Score: 4/5

Worst 7$ I ever spent.Sorry but I thought that it would be like the original.... but it’s just like a cheap knock-off brand, it doesn’t work... there is no undo button, and it’s just horrible, that’s why I’m giving it a one star :).Score: 1/5

ColouringI like it because I like colouring the picture..Score: 5/5

Deleted all my projectsJust got the new update and it deleted all of my previous projects i was working on. i’m so sad..Score: 1/5

I love itI am in love with these brushes and the option to create your own, ngl if they were a person i’d get on my hands and knees for them.Score: 5/5

It’s greatI love it! I read some of the reviews that weren’t great, so I was a little nervous to get it. Especially because I got a different app (called inspire) that cost the same and it was horrible, It’s the best digital art app I’ve tried..Score: 5/5

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