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Watch over your home from your iPhone, iPad or Mac with Ring’s Wi-Fi connected Video Doorbells and Security Cameras. Ring connects to your Wi-Fi network and sends you instant alerts when people press your Doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors. When you answer the alert, you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. All Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras stream live HD video and two-way audio straight to your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Ring devices also feature advanced motion detection, so you can focus on the most important areas of your home. And with a free 30-day trial of Ring Video Recording, you can save, review and share all your Ring videos at anytime with anyone. Whether you’re on vacation halfway around the world, or just too busy with the kids upstairs, Ring lets you watch over your home from anywhere. Because with Ring, you’re always home. Ring Features - High-definition video - Wide-angle camera lens - Two-way talk - Advanced motion detection - Infrared night vision - Video recording - Lifetime purchase protection

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Missing Rotate Video ToggleI bought the indoor stick up battery cameras to mount on my ceiling. However the view is upside down and no option in the video settings or anywhere else to fix this..Score: 1/5

Amazon want to use your doorbells Wi-fi to track items.Amazon will start using your home internet to track any items that come in contact with your doorbell. Switching to HomeKit secure doorbells instead so no one can view my videos. Also years after promising HomeKit support it still isn’t available..Score: 1/5

NOTHING BUT TROUBLEThe concept of the Ring Doorbell is fantastic, IF it worked, but it never works, my doorbell is about 2 meters from my router and is always having connection problems or constant lag to the point that someone can visit and be gone by the time I even get an alert, I even tried it my self by pushing the button and then it actually rings 30 seconds later, or I go to see who visited and all it picks up is them LEAVING the garden and not showing up, I tried different settings and it’ll either alert me to cars passing my house or not picking anything up except ppl leaving my property 2 minutes after they’ve actually left..Score: 1/5

Doesn’t open to viewTotally useless app. It never opens to view who is at the door which defeats the object..Score: 1/5

Good appWe need dark mode so the screen is not white when i open the app in bed when i get a notification other than that it is perfect.Score: 5/5

EXCELLENTEasy to use and would not use any other product.Score: 5/5

Terrible.Used to work fine, now I have no connection meaning the whole thing is useless. Support are no help, just ask me to move my wifi closer to the door (it’s practically next to the doorbell as it is). Paid for a subscription for 3 years now, cancelled it and removing the doorbell..Score: 1/5

RingBrilliant all round!, watches you car and you won’t miss a parcel delivery, even catches anybody walking past you property at unusual hours for extra security. Does a more reliable job than your cctv..Score: 5/5

Very happyReally enjoying my ring doorbell feel extremely safe with it helps alot when im at work and the floodlight camera is amazing feel very secure.Score: 5/5

Good appI have found the app easy to use and set up with the camera. The picture quality is good and the settings are basic but work ok. Improvements could be facial recognition, so you can exclude certain people from triggering notifications. Also, to have more options for geofencing, eg automatically turn on/off disarm, or home and not just send you a reminder to do it manually..Score: 4/5

Hit and missNot very impressed overall,spends more time activating than anything else.misses quite a few captures,have a cam at back door and doorbell at the front.and it is not a poor wi fi connection as you have already stated..Score: 2/5

Disconnecting from phonosI would like to say ring is brilliant had no trouble with installing it but for some reason it has disconnected itself from my phone and my husbands phone and it won’t connect back onto my phone I can’t even find it on my phone it keeps trying to connect to my neighbours house door bell I just wish I could talk to a human and on a recording.Score: 3/5

Perfect for home securityWith the cameras and app you get real time notifications of unwanted intruders/trespassers so you act straight away if required, really does help to make you a little safer in your own home..Score: 5/5

Can only view for 10 minutes at a time…You can only view the live feed for a max of 10 mins then it cuts out. This makes ring literally useless for actual cctv and home monitoring. Surely an open isn’t much to ask for? Especially for wired devices!!!!! Also an option to view multiple ring feeds at a time would be great.Score: 1/5

Not always reliableThe app is not very good at getting updated pictures. I’ve got my doorbell set to check every fives minutes but I’m looking at the app screen and the screenshot is still from 9 minutes ago. Even if I force quit the app in the task switcher it still shows the old images. I can tap to go live on the camera but that interrupts what I’m listening to and is an extra step that wouldn’t be necessary if the app worked correctly. Also, my front doorbell doesn’t detect people until they’re right at the door. I’d like to know someone is there before they’re at the door. As it is now it’s too slow. It’s not the internet connection either as the router is just the other side of the front door and is connected to a 200Mbps fibre connection. Beyond that, I’m very happy with the app as it allows me to keep an eye out for criminals at all hours and even when I’m away from home..Score: 2/5

JunkGoes offline all the time and also says running on battery when all other devices are connected to WiFi and the mains electricity, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!.Score: 1/5

Resolved with 5.39.0 [Camera Preview stopped workingSince last update, when opening the app, the Camera Preview image doesn’t appear no matter how long I wait. Have to go into live view to get a look. Using Ring Door View cam Otherwise, app works well..Score: 4/5

Stupid help videos in historyWhy have 3 help videos appeared in history? Every time I delete them they reappear next time I open the app. I want to get rid of them.Score: 1/5

Forcing new terms as an update conditionIt is wrong for Ring to force new terms to be allowed to continue to use the cameras etc - I bought and paid for my cameras a little while ago and i should not be stopped from using them by Ring, unless they refund me in full. Their new terms also don’t use proper English - they refer to Customers as Neighbours sometimes - it’s mixed and confusing a Neighbour is NOT a customer - plain English is needed in T’s & C’s - not the completely wrong use of a word..Score: 1/5

RingatonCan we please have a dark mode background for the app, the white background kinda blind me a little bit..Score: 5/5

Disappointing and not good for Deaf peopleI’m disappointed that it does not alert with vibrate to my iwatch or to iPhone as I’m Deaf and I can not hear the beep. I keep missing the doorbell and the delivery too. Can you please please add vibrate to the setting to alert to my iwatch and iPhone? That would be fantastic..Score: 2/5

GarbageThe idea of using this rubbish system to protect your home is a joke. Full of bugs and totally unreliable. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY FOLKS.Score: 1/5

Ux needs workJust got a pop-up notification that someone is at my door. Click the banner and … does it take me directly to live chat, which is what 99% of people would want to do in this situation?? Is there a shortcut you can set up from the home screen to “go to live chat”? Good hardware let down by weak software..Score: 3/5

Poor cust software updateEvery time ring does a software update they never tell u what's been changed. I have lost count how many times i have has to reset up the live view function. Also the never tell what’s been removed!! I find out now on the dash board they’ve removed the function to turn in the flood lights from the dashboard. Why would u do this Ring? Is security not a main priority? The shortcut function you’ve added onto the app is completely useless! Who needs to know the alarms sensors function Status when your looking at it in the main dashboard screen? Ring this update has mess up the settings on my floodlight cams. The worst thing is. Ring don’t have the decency to tell us what’s been changed I’m just expect us to accept it!.Score: 1/5

I HATE ALL RING PRODUCTS !!!!!!!!!I have never written a review before I have better things to do in life!!! If you like to waste your money and more importantly your time please buy this crappy product !! I only wish I bothered to review RING before I brought it. I have expensive strong fast internet which I can pick up from across my street on my phone easily but my floodlight cam cannot pick up the signal which is 4 metres away from my router - they have sent me 3 replacements in total and 1 new chime ITS ALL SH_T I want to rip it all out and throw it at the INVENTORS HEAD then punch him repeatedly !!! In the last 3 years my front cameras have worked properly maybe for -4 MONTHS out of 3 years -great security product - whilst the rear camera has worked perfectly BUT ITS FURTHER AWAY FROM MY ROUTER -how can this be?? I HATE RING I HATE RING RING I HATE RING I HATE RING I HATE RING.Score: 1/5

It’s bad beyond words, maybe its 10 years to earlyAnother gimmick it’s more hassle than it’s worth Did not connect most time Long delay lag Possible that worst customer service known to man Just avoid ring at all costs.Score: 1/5

Excellent productHighly recommends ax.Score: 5/5

Awful, do not buy!Just awful products! Battery life on the ring doorbell 3 is appalling, you either have to chose to have all the settings so low that you’ll miss everything or if you want to actually capture movement you’ll have to charge the battery every 2/3 days which takes about 6 hours, so you don’t have a doorbell for that time. I decided to buy the solar charger to solve this problem and guess what, it does nothing at all, it shows as connected and is in direct sunlight for around 7 hours a day but the battery loses charge at the exact same rate as it did before. I would never recommend ring products to anyone and would actively recommend people not to buy their products..Score: 1/5

Mostly - very good…The hardware is great, the software and particularly the update process for some of the hardware can be an irritating experience! How can you unplug something that isn’t plugged in in the first place? Specifically the keypad. Ours is “sealed” battery powered. As per update instructions quickly pushing re-set button or actually taking it off the wall and plugging it in then unplugging it does not work! Update remains updated along with a permanent generic red exclamation mark, which could mean anything! Another issue is the occasional need to access and scan the QR code on a given device. You need to take down the device and open it up… again not very practical if your outdoor camera is up a tree! Like a lot of today’s tech with the exception of those who did actually consider user maintenance when designing their products, user maintenance can be a complex and very annoying process! And in many cases the written instructions are not good - poor written technical language skills being the main issue. In summary, it may be too complex for many to maintain their equipment so think hard before buying..Score: 3/5

UselessNo alerts go off now , apart from me manually doing the live thing to check I get nothing. I’ve been in all The settings disarmed , home , away want a load of crap. If the next update doesn’t sort this im going to buy and brand . Worked great when I first got it buy the way , so why fox what’s not broken ?.Score: 1/5

Full of bugsThe motion Alert keeps disabling itself, hence make the device useless The Alert notification takes more than one minute, by that time the intruder had gone, hence making the device useless. They have been aware of these problems for the long time, but no fix I am thinking of asking for full refund.Score: 1/5

Waste of time, effort, and moneyI am sure they will try to blame my internet but I have ultra-fast fibre optic connection so that ain’t the problem. I have been in several 5g areas with no luck in accessing the Ring Doorbell or the Ring Camera. So it would appear if you do not pay the rip off monthly fees for recording access then they effectively make your access via this app next to useless. Strange that they worked perfectly when first purchased but when the 6 months free recording access ended so did the quality drop off. Now there are huge delays so, if you even get a connection via the app, any visitor has long gone. If I could give 0 stars or lower then I would give the app -5.Score: 1/5

Version 5.39.0Rubbish upgrade, now whenever open thr history there is s Help Video which reappears each time even after deleting.Score: 3/5

Yale smart lock won’t workUntil the last update was able to open the front door with this app please can you advise what’s happened to the unlocking feature that was on the front screen we have several iPhones in the house anyone without this update it still works to open front door.Score: 1/5

Horrible lag / failure to connectAwful at the moment. Really annoyed at paying a lot of money for storage etc on devices that take forever or fail to connect. WiFi connection in the house and broadband connection are not the problem Good if or when it works. Waste of money at this time.Score: 2/5

Gets worse every time you update the appRubbish.Score: 1/5

Battery draining to fast messagePlease add an option to tick do not show again on the battery draining to fast message as it’s making me what to get rid of ring for another brand as it’s frustrating seeing that all the time i have it hard wired to a power supply and have a lot of motion triggers where I am so I expect the battery to drain fast so I don’t need to see that message every single time.Score: 1/5

Mr paul verdigiOnly issue is it does not come up on the ring app when there is a motion on door.Score: 5/5

Delighted with our new Door bell.I am amazed at the cleverness of this device, it is excellent..Score: 5/5

PoorNever connects even if i stand right next to the wifi router. when it does eventually connect it takes soooooo long that the person who rang it has gone! much better and cheaper alternatives out there..Score: 1/5

Badge notificationsIt would be a nice touch to add Badge notifications on the App. This would allow me to switch off sound when needed to and still give me notifications at a glance..Score: 4/5

Don’t delay get it todayAmazing piece of security and app - well structured and market leader.Score: 5/5

Ring cameraIt’s brilliant that good I’m looking at getting one for the back garden.Score: 5/5

Why not a ‘Rolling’ 12 month display?Why not have a ‘Rolling’ 12 month display when viewing our performances . . . rather than say just 3 months displayed if you were in March/April? You would therefore be looking at the true past 12 months, or even give the option to view the current year as well as a rolling 12 months?.Score: 4/5

SlowVery slowing showing activity on your phone. Can take anything up to 2 minutes, by which time any person who activated the camera has gone..Score: 2/5

Ring battery video 2 Volume controlMy problem is when I talk in the microphone it’s to loud I can’t see a volume control in the app so I’ve had to shut the audio off in settings. I did not want to adjust the volume on my iPhone 11 all the time. The Ring chimes volume I can control in app. If I use the microphone the whole street can hear it’s that loud When I’m away 50 miles I get streaming error my swan video cameras work great no problem so it’s not my home WiFi.Score: 2/5

HomeKitThis app does the job however I will never forgive Ring for promising HomeKit support on multiple occasions over many years and not delivering. I am waiting for the cameras to become faulty one by one so I can change to HomeKit devices. Any and all smart home devices should be integrated and smooth to run and I find HomeKit easy and simple. Will never buy Ring products again. Neither will you after using them once and finding out they’re overrated..Score: 1/5

Awful software & Mediocre overpriced hardwareIPad app is awful UI & UX not to mention slow. Like why can’t I View all my cameras while they stream live footage when I open The app, instead it refreshes every minute. Also. Still no support for Apple HomeKit, even though it has the support icon on the retail box In my expert opinion, if you have products that work with HomeKit, Do not buy these Ring products, they’re slow and have a mediocre Software from their below average engineers. Bring HomeKit support ASAP and update the UI &UX to work better. I guess since Amazon bought ring... it’d been downhill ever since. App is slow, notifications are slow and connection to live feed from notifications are slow..Score: 1/5

Weird notification behaviourSince the latest update notifications on my Apple Watch won’t stay open for more than a second before closing, over and over. Also it’s now notifying me again that someone is at my front door, a minute or so after the actual notification when someone rang the bell. Not sure what you guys have done..Score: 2/5

New version - reduced functionalityApp can’t do split screen or attach as side panel anymore. These were crucial featured that were removed without notice. Poor usability from Ring….Score: 1/5

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Solid, but zero Apple-specific loveThis app is clean and useful, but the more I use it the more I’m frustrated by the complete lack of Apple support. - No widget - No HomeKit support - No Siri support - No Apple Watch support - No Shortcuts actions I’m sure this is because this is an Amazon-owned company, but this kind of foot-dragging is pointless; I’m not gonna switch to an entirely new ecosystem just to get a widget for my alarm system or a personal assistant that invades my privacy. If you’re going to be on a platform at all, support it properly..Score: 3/5

Heavenly Ring!The most beautiful app in the universe. Without it you feel alone. I truly believe that it’s only going to get better. Order one today....Score: 5/5

TrashAbsolute trash, they’re app never works, and camera rarely works.. DO NOT BUY THIS DOORBELL OR GET THIS APP. Takes over 2 minutes for live feed to pop up.Score: 1/5

Amazon shipped a used camera locked to someone else accountI received a camera which apparently was used before. When I tried to register it using the Ring app it said that the camera is already registered to someone else account. When I called tech support and after an hour of waiting and then providing all possible information about myself and the camera, the tech support said that they will “ask the previous owner to release the camera!”. In other words, the camera that was shipped to me and installed in my house is controlled and can be watched by the previous owner only. And I’ll be able to setup it only if the previous owner agrees to release it. Is that right?.Score: 1/5

Current UdateJust updated my app, now cameras will not start right away or say offline... internet connection is strong and reset ring chime pro numerous times.. My ring equipment appears to be more and more unreliable anymore.... PLEASE HELP!!! THIS CURRENT UPDATE STILL HAS NOT RESOLVED MY ISSUES……… MY CAMERAS (3) DON’T START WHEN APP IS OPEN… STARTED DOING THIS TWO UPDATES AGO AND THIS CURRENT UPDATE HAS DONE NOTHING TO FIX THIS ISSUE.. PLEASE FIX THIS CAUSE BEFORE I MOVE TO ANOTHER CARRIER… I’VE UNPLUGGED EVERYTHING/RESET EVERYTHING AND STILL NOTHING… CURRENT INTERNET TEST 517 mbps download and 20.17 mbps upload. STILL WAITING RING!!!!!.Score: 1/5

Manque de fonctionnalitéJe viens de changer mon vieux système alarme pour le ring, très impressionné précis réponse rapide des capteurs belle finition mais sur mon vieux système ils étaient possible de ce connecté sur app comme IFTTT qui permet de à vos appareil de détecté les autres il n est pas possible de l’utiliser en domotique a ma connaissance et ainsi de ajouté à mon réseau d’appareils connecté de communiqué entre eux..Score: 3/5

Useless with Connectivity problemsCould be the best camera in the world but what’s the point if it won’t connect? Connects maybe 50% of the time and I have great internet/service it should connect easily.Score: 1/5

Cannot account verificationCannot account verification , no Dashboard on the APP!.Score: 2/5

Getting fed upAgain, no connection with latest update. I’d love to be able to say this is a one off problem, but it’s not. Just about every update breaks it..Score: 1/5

CameraIt is a good camera but sometimes it stops working then a couple of days it working again I think it’s a connection error from your end.Score: 5/5

Fast and reliableNeeds good Wi-Fi (of course). App rings / notifies instantaneously for us and so does the hardwired bell (mechanical) in the house. Using with doorbell (2020), I like it..Score: 5/5

Room for improvementThey have introduced 2 step verification and that’s fine but the app itself is mighty sluggish in connecting, so that by the time you are eventually connected and blessed with the LIVE VIEW, the person outside your door has already left.Score: 1/5

Suuuuper slowApp rarely loads. By the time you can view the camera your house would be robbed clean..Score: 1/5

InconsistentI enjoy the ring cameras that I own but the recording is inconsistent. I have discovered that the camera often misses recordable moment.Score: 3/5

Where’s HomeKit integration??Where’s HomeKit integration that was promised? And with this update Ring is asking for permission to use my location during times when I’m not using the app! Thanks but no thanks!.Score: 1/5

Need to be improvedSometimes connections is not great.Score: 4/5

Great appEasy to use, do not have any concerns. Really excited to have a product that I can easily connect to and use throughout my day..Score: 5/5

Too slowReally, what’s the point of having a video doorbell if it starts recording only after the person has turned around and walked away? And no, it’s not bad wifi signal..Score: 1/5

Ok sans plusSuper pour les nofitications Mais l'enregistrement coupe et le son , Les autos ou personne son enregistrer et l’enregistrement arrête ... pas génial comme sécurité , j’ai un internet de 387MG en download et 100 upload a la ring , et coupe toujours ....Score: 2/5

Poor batteryBattery drains fast. Afrer 1 year of use, the battery ( fix battery inside the module ) dont stand for long . The first year I didn’t have to charge the module , this winther , every 3 weeks ! Seems that the inside battery is not avalabke. Very desapointed..Score: 2/5

Problem connecting to camera & getting notificationsEverything was working fine until I started loosing all my notifications from the app one day making me questionable about the company and unsure about all of the things going on in front of my home until hours after they occur. Another issue I have been experiencing is the fact that I would press Live View when I am expecting someone to show up at my door and sometimes I won’t be able to connect to the camera at all (internet is high speed and not a problem) I’m just stuck sitting and waiting for many minutes with no luck and frustration... this really leaves me feeling like I shouldn’t have spent more than $50 on this device or company if the product won’t even work properly. Horrible product and app in my opinion... very slow with detection also. If someone walks infront of the camera, you usually get a recording starting a couple seconds after they appear infront of the camera or a small recording of them just before they walk out of frame. I believe they should have better coding and software for the price of the product. I think any Ring cameras should record people in view a couple seconds before they appear and not start the recording while they’ve already been in view for a while and end it right when they walk out of frame with no ability to scroll back to any minutes and seconds to check what was missed. Wyze has an ability to scroll back and see any missed footage, they have way cheaper cameras, amazing detection services with Wyze Plus and have way better camera quality in bright and dark conditions. Price difference is huge also and the cheaper Wyze product from Amazon works way better which is very weird to me. Ring just seems to be overcharging people for a failed software and broken product which is a shame..Score: 1/5

App is okay, but it signs you outI’ve had to sign in again after almost every update. Seems like a security issue. I don’t open the app often, but it would be very unfortunate if there was an incident and I wasn’t notified because of an app update..Score: 2/5

GoodNow I can monitor the kids in my basement so they can’t escape.Score: 5/5

Doesn’t do what you bought it forBeen trying to trouble shooting this and it’s so glitchy. Takes 30 seconds to turn on the camera (anyone who was at the door is gone). Then when the app updated it won’t let me back in with the security code that the app itself sent me. Great idea, hope one day someone figures out this technology but Ring certainly didn’t. Save your money..Score: 1/5

HorribleNo matter how many updates they come out with, the performance is dismal. WiFi is fine, it’s hard wired, etc. No history today and it has detected motion at least five times today. Update: I still have the same issues. The latest app has all kinds of new features, but having the unit itself work properly should be the priority. Building on a poor foundation. Fix that first. Update Still poor performance. Lately, video shows a black screen. What use is that? Not 100% of the time, just 60% of the time. When a person rings the doorbell, everything works. Just slow. I have Shaw Internet 600 and ookla speed test shows amazing speeds. Anyway, I’m going to install another brand and compare the two..Score: 1/5

Manque plusieursImpossible d’utiliser sur Apple Watch ainsi que IFTTT on pourrait activer ou désactiver sur Apple Watch ou encore mieux avec IFTTT le système alarme ce désactive a notre arrivée.Score: 2/5

App won’t even openMy app is updated and yet it won’t even open. I can’t get past the blue “ring” screen. Disappointing..Score: 1/5

Shows as offlineUpdated App. Performed all recommended steps. Still showing as offline.Score: 3/5

Barely worksNot sure why Amazon paid $1B for this. Most of the time it just barely works. Try enabling Live View and be prepared to wait. I have a professional high speed mesh network with the latest iPhone and iOS. Doesn’t work most of the time..Score: 1/5

1 star for Forced 2 step verificationIt's super annoying. Period..Score: 1/5

SpotlightSince having it I’ve caught who was coming to my house every night. Just last night we caught someone coming to steal most likely the Cadillac converter from our cars. Just knowing we have this protection is comforting. We just don’t know why it shows spots late at night that doesn’t seem to catch everything. Cost more than other devices but well worth the money.Score: 5/5

FrustratingVery often have to re-connect and re-setup with wifi. even though my wifi speed 96mbps. Its nice when it works but horrible to re-setup or re-connect, spending 1-2 hours everytime- dont know whats going on. No support from Ring either, even though I subscribe with their plan. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼.Score: 1/5

I have enjoyed using the Ring app & have found it very easy to use.I would recommend this to my Friends & the companies I work with..Score: 5/5

Please fix speedLike all the other complaints of the speed of getting the video, I have to agree. The motion sensor detects someone at my door but by the time I actually get the video, they’re gone. I know my wifi speed is not the factor, it’s on the RING side. After my subscription is over this year, I’m going to look into getting something else..Score: 1/5

Doesn’t always workThis app is not good. I just downloaded it a little while ago and it doesn’t always show when there is someone at our door and when you go to click on the link to view the history it doesn’t always open. Not happy I decided to go with ring..Score: 2/5

Doorbell still doesn’t workThe only 2 people who Know what they are doing is B and A. (NOT GOING TO GIVE FULL NAMES) It’s a pain to get in touch with these 2 people because they are on a a switchboard. And I was lucky to talk to B today :) so Thank you B. For helping me today and I hope to talk to you again in the Future. Cheers..Score: 5/5

RingVery helpful to the right people in a recent bad neighbour incident.Score: 5/5

UpdateSince last update I lost live view..Score: 1/5

Slow to connectIt’s rarely a smooth experience connecting to my camera using this app. I checked router my camera is connected but the app just spins and spins and says failed to connect. Often I have to try again or more to connect..Score: 2/5

Great. But.Lovering fantastic anything Amazon is involved with of course. Here are my issues with the device.... if you don’t have fantastic Wi-Fi then it is not what I would call reliable I’m sure that they will address that situation. other than that absolutely love our ring system. The one thing I would like to see adjusted in the app is every time one exits live view and then you and you go back into the app next time you’re stuck in the Geo fencing feature! It’s like they want you to enable it! that you must enable it! get the Geo fencing out of my face please!!!! Im not using it and I don’t want to have to exitThe Geo fencing feature in the editing of it every single time I try to use my ring doorbell app it’s ridiculous please update this feature so get out of my face. Please and thank you. This is the only reason why I did not give it five stars that in the weak Wi-Fi connectivity issues of course. But they do state you need quality Wi-Fi to get the best out of the device..Score: 4/5

This is an amazing app but..I love this app, it helps me see if there’s anyone coming to rob or someone is coming to visit. But when you press a certain button you get to talk to the person at you front door or where ever, but you can’t for long only for like 20 secs you can with the person with ring. Please fix and make talking on ring faster..Score: 4/5

Bon produit et bon serviceBon produit et bon service.Score: 5/5

Get a nestUsed to be good a couple years ago. I got a nest and love it. Got rid of my ring.Score: 1/5

Home securityMy home feel a lot saver now.Score: 5/5

Wow this sucksFor service that shuts off for zero reason look no further. Bought it for security, I get alerts but it won’t connect to the internet? Oh and they’ve double billed me, sent a credit to a closed account and count that as me being paid back. Rip off artists.Score: 1/5

Ring Spotlight Cam WiredVery easy to install and has work so well..Score: 5/5

Where’s the MyQ compatibility for Canadians?The app works great, however, I specifically went with Ring because it said that it would work with my smart garage door openers through connecting with the MyQ app. After buying and installing my home system, I find out that the compatibility is ONLY available to US residents. Incredibly frustrated by the misleading advertising and the inability or disinterest of Ring to make this work across an imaginary line..Score: 2/5

The worst support in all of techAs an owner of many Ring products in our family, we’ve just met the breaking point with Ring. Forget that they’ve had security issues. Never mind that some of the products are finicky. But their biggest problem is their support. For the past three weeks we have called Ring often as we cannot get into the very security system that we own. We are literally still on the phone with them while typing this review - but they cannot figure out how to login into our security system. Thousands of dollars wasted and much anguish..Score: 1/5

Min recording lengthPlease go back and offer 15 seconds. With the last update the min length is now 50 seconds.. That's way too long. This kills the battery even more then before.. Why not give the option, why just remove the 15?.Score: 1/5

Good but ..Nice gadget but when someone knock to the door we can only hear it on the phone. If you are on silence, you ll not hear anyone Otherwise, good gadget especially when you are away ...Score: 4/5

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AwesomeLove the ring even though at times I get no notifications and they come in late especially if no wifi service.Score: 5/5

Would like alert if a camera goes offlineIt would be very helpful if the app alerted you that the camera(s) have gone offline..Score: 2/5

Safety Reports = irritantYou cannot turn off the stupid “neighborhood safety reports”; you will get these stupid notifications at least weekly & you cannot disable them. This will turn us to a different provider, so good job..Score: 1/5

EncryptionIt’s a door bell not Fort Knox. Don’t ever loose your phone or change phones without using your old device to help log you in on your new one because you get an error message telling you “must use an old device” to log. A little stupid, banking information isn’t even that encrypted..Score: 3/5

People only mode goneI spoke with one of the higher up advanced numbers the other day. My ring will be replaced due to audio issues. But my other concern was that my people only mode option is gone on my certain devices. I have about five devices. Since the last update, people only mode only works on two out of five of them. Obviously replacing the one device is not going to fix this on the rest of them. I have uninstalled and reinstalled your application. Tried on numerous devices. Like I said this just started happening during the last update. I have an iPhone 12 promax and everything is up-to-date..Score: 3/5

Different week, same issuesThank God it wasn’t an Emergency... cannot Even get this app to Open!.Score: 1/5

UnsafeDeletes stored videos during free trial 10 minutes after trial period ends. Once you subscribe and pay money they still have already deleted your videos. Ring doesn’t care about the safety of their users..Score: 1/5

Developers — Longer Snooze times pleaseSorry for the one star review but needed to get your attention. But seriously, I hate that it only allows a 1 hour snooze per camera. I want to snooze 8-12 hours when my dog is outside and I don’t want to be bothered with his every move..Score: 1/5

SecurityI feel safe and ready for intruders.Score: 5/5

Yard SignRing thanks for the sign .(swag) looks great everything ok.all 7 cams working great ,no issues..Score: 5/5

Excellent doorbellIt works great the only problem is the solar charger only extends the battery life and it does not fully charge the battery..Score: 4/5

Do not Buy.This company is a scam. Our camera batteries die once a week. Ring blames it on the Wi-Fi and having walls up in our house. It would be laughable if not so sad. Spend your money on better security systems and do not this product. Their customer services blames the home owner and takes no responsibility to solve the problem..Score: 1/5

Google “Amazon Sidewalk”It’s not OK to share your customers’ home wifi without asking..Score: 1/5

Bring back front, side, back yard alert soundWhy did you remove the alert sound lds that make sense and left the ones like barking dogs, turkey Halloween, etc? I want to know which sidenthe alertnis coming from..Score: 1/5

Ring is always buggyCalled tech support no less than 12 times. I run a tech company. Their products and software are undeveloped and half-baked. That is as kind as anyone could be considering the constant headaches ring products and software have caused. The doorbell has actually become even less reliable with updates and time. It never connects and has become completely unusable. Can’t see who is at the door. Can’t answer rings. App stopped even alerting me by text if someone is at the door or detects movement..Score: 1/5

ScamAbsolutely useless without subsctiption. $20 wyze products offer 10x times more value without any subscription.Score: 1/5

DependsThe camera is great….just depends on the level of determination from those that have malicious intent….aka professional criminals. Speaking to ring support my issues were not the camera it was interference from outside source. I agree. Cameras are great, infrared night vision fantastic. WiFi interference from those that want to get on my property at 2AM and I have no ability to get my cameras back online. Customer Service was great called three times, called the sheriff also, and at 8AM called the fourth time to speak to a higher level tech specialist. Before this WiFi invasion/takeover happened, my camera captured suspicious events. Never a person, just there flash lights, or them triggering my security lights and other weird incidents. I posted the appropriate videos showcasing suspicious activity on Ring’s Neighbor app, but my videos/posts were deleted because my descriptions did not prove safety concerns. Thanks Ring..Score: 3/5

The app is worse than the hardwareAn App Store rating only covers the app itself, not the related hardware or service. The Ring hardware is pretty decent, especially for the price, compared to other brands, but the app needs a lot of improvement. The layout and navigation are very confusing. Response is slow. The display disappears when switching to another app or back to the Ring app. The app keeps flipping to portrait mode even when your device is kept in landscape position. Viewing videos does not automatically rotate when rotating your device. A lot of room for improvement..Score: 2/5

Ring appThe Ring app was a successful app when it first came out,few years gone by, and Now they are 0 stars App and force to rate 1 star so I can be eligible to post my review for the app, keeping it real Ring app is not user Friendly anymore everything being posted on here are not crime or safety awareness. Many disturbed people have turn the app into losing all stars from me..Score: 1/5

Ring app unsecured networkSince Ring has an unsecured network. This mean criminals can hijack my device and seen in my home. The address listed on the neighbors app is not mine. Apparently my ring device (information) is routed to another location. 2ndly I could not upload videos of criminal activity but others on the app could. What’s up. With that!?.Score: 1/5

App great ISP..&;$:This is one of the easiest step by step devices ( ring doorbell and security camera ) my isp though. Ring 5/5 and with the neighbor connections we can all keep each other safe of course..Score: 5/5

Honest reviewI started with the ring door bell then added to spot light cams one for the front yard and one for the back yard I absolutely love them I use the back yard one to see the kids on the swing set or in the pool while I’m cooking I do wish the sound was a bit better also I have noticed the back spot light will be just on at all times until I go in the app and turn it off but still love it.Score: 5/5

15 Seconds to Activate Camera After MotionIt might as well be an hour. Updated the app yesterday (6/9/21), hoping it would make the load time for a Motion Detected alert a little faster than it used to be (7-8 seconds), but instead the time has doubled, rendering it useless for the most part. It doesn't matter where I am in the house or out in the world, because the load time I've mentioned is best-case scenario sitting on my couch next to the router. Other unhelpful perks about this device: There's no way to manually record video to your phone or cloud service, except to Rings paid one. So you buy the expensive equipment AND you're required to use their monthly service, despite owning the hardware. If you get a notification about motion at your door, if you don't click on it within 1 minute, when the app loads it pulls up a screen saying you no longer have a free trial, giving you the option to pay, or clicking the close button, then the Live button, then a long wait just to see a live feed. Basically they've designed this to almost force you to pay for the monthly service or have it rendered useless. Oh and the most recent update has somehow reduced picture quality by half. TL;DR: Find a different front doorbell..Score: 1/5

Love the appWorks well most of the time. Sometimes it takes awhile to open when you haven’t used it in awhile. But it is the best video app out there. I have tried many..Score: 4/5

Great SecurityOur home is on the beach on 16’ high piling with a completely fenced yard and electric gates. Our Ring system of 4 cameras allows us to monitor everything going on at ground level, including visitors, UPS deliveries, stray animals and strangers! We once had a delivery to our home while sitting on a beach in Jamaica! The video and audio were both crystal clear! Just be sure you have a good modem on your computer to handle everything!.Score: 5/5

CameraAllows family to observe my elderly mom.Score: 5/5

Modes not switching correctWhen switching between Home & Away & back, not all cameras switch to the record/not record preset from settings. I have to manually change the setting of each camera every time I click Home or Away! This just started happening yesterday. No update so I don't know why it started doing this! PITA!.Score: 2/5

No longer worksUsed to work well now it’s virtually useless. Notifications are delayed and won’t reply video from history. Audio also fails fails often when trying to communicate to someone at my door. How does something that once worked fairly well become so flawed?.Score: 1/5

Latest App Update is the WorstI have enjoyed my ring over the last 2 years but the latest update to their app has been the worst! Im considering canceling everything and just going to motion cameras..Score: 1/5

BadNot getting the why am I going to pay more for video recording when it doesn’t work fix your video problems or I’m sending it back.Score: 1/5

Don’t give up your rightsGet ready for these guys to collect even more information - delete.Score: 1/5

Pathetic app and camera don’t record all motionThis app and camera are useless. They don’t record everything and it’s an admitted limiting by ring Buying this camera is my biggest regret. It hasn’t helped 1 bit. The video replays are awful. They don’t capture everything, they miss lots of motion and the resolution and stuttering in the replay makes them useless There is nothing good about ring, get something that actually works.Score: 1/5

Not freeNot free like I thought. You only can get "live" for free. Waste of money and I should have really dug deep to see that nothing is free. Arlo lets you have up to 5 devices and saves for a week. It's a way better deal.Score: 2/5

Seems like junkI get notifications for motion detected but more than half the time- can’t connect and see live view. The kicker? When I click “more info” on the can’t connect notification, it brings me to a webpage that says “oops! This article isn’t available.” It’s not like I’m in the middle of nowhere either. This just seems like a piece of junk..Score: 1/5

Takes forever to see what’s happening at your door.Every time I get a notification of motion outside my door or even just to look at the live feed it takes at least 10 seconds for the footage to show..Score: 1/5

The app is anoingIt doesn’t let me in and I’m flowing the directions.Score: 5/5

Opted in by default??!!Amazon has added all ring owners into their ad-hoc network, called Sidewalk, by default. In essence, you are sharing your network without your knowledge and opted into Amazon’s Community Finder “feature”. To opt out you need to go to your ring app, Control Center—>Amazon Sidewalk—>Disabled—>Confirm. This is also active by default on Alexa devices. It’s a shame that the Goliath of companies that continues to try to bury small business America is now hacking your network and personal information..Score: 1/5

Latest app update Rich Notifications and Live View issueUpdate 6/13: Still one Star rating, almost every update to the app removes current settings to each camera especially the “tap camera preview for live view”. Stop removing user settings after app updates. March 22 v. 5.37.1 - this current version does not allow Rich Notification pop up to enlarge in current iOS 14.4.1 iPhone 12 Pro Max. When clicking on to view on a camera, it does not go straight to live view as current version. Please revert back the changes to allow these features. Keeping it at 1 STAR June 2: Camera motion notification would go off on chime but not getting notified through app on phone unless app is open on phone. Please update app or go back to previous version prior to June 2..Score: 1/5

RingLoading time is more sometimes and doesn’t record sometimes.Score: 3/5

Not reliable, lousy video playbackOur Ring doorbell generally activates and records when motion is detected, but not all the time. Often, all that records is the person walking away from the device, which isn’t very helpful in identifying the visitor. Other times it completely misses the visitors. The video playback on the iPhone could be improved greatly by displaying the recording time of day. It used to have this feature, but I guess it got “improved” out of the app..Score: 3/5

OwnerWorks great.Score: 5/5

Speaker Volume too loudMy main problem is my immediate neighbors. The speaker is so loud you can hear ma down the street. Even whispering, my voice carries. There needs to be a fix for this ASAP!.Score: 4/5

RingLike the App.Score: 4/5

This is taking longer than expected…I like most of the features of the Ring App but recently after an update it takes quite a while for the images to load. It almost always says “this is taking longer than expected.” What ever was done in the update needs to be fixed..Score: 3/5

Exposes home to danger rather than secures itI’ve had Ring devices for several years now. I am removing them all due to the new default feature of “SideWalk”. Not only does it expose my household network to malicious attackers, but it also routes my home security system through others’ private networks. Even though I can opt out of exposing my home network, I cannot opt out of exposing my security system to another’s home network. Absolutely horrific..Score: 1/5

Creepy “Sidewalk” setting on by default, Neighbors is unseals nowYou should look into disabling the “Sidewalk” setting that Amazon conveniently turned on by default on June 6th if you value privacy.FYI all Amazon devices like Echos, Tile Trackers and Ring devices are affected by Sidewalk. Also the “neighbors” feature is basically useless now as they will censor legitimate concerns. I was asked by my well liked local police to share a video a while back of suspicious behavior at my home and Ring blocked me 3 times from doing so. If the people in the video happen to be a minority, regardless if that is irrelevant but their behavior is, Neighbors will consider it a racist act of sorts to share that and block it..Score: 1/5

No Slider Button to Opt Out of SidewalkHow the heck am I to opt out of Amazon Sidewalk if you don’t provide the slider button to disable it??? I’ve called the toll free number and all she could tell me is to watch my email for an update. SERIOUSLY!! This should never have been enabled automatically by Ring, rather it should be where I would have to opt in rather than opt out. Maybe you guys should change it ASAP!!!.Score: 1/5

Amazon SidewalkAfter accidentally learning that my Ring device is, without my knowledge or permission, is part of Sidewalk I cancelled my account and have removed the camera. Pretty sneaky..Score: 1/5

GarbageNot allowing me to change my video settings... dashboard camera views don’t always update. Not good. MAKE DASHBOARD THUMBNAILS BIGGER ON IPAD IN LANDSCAPE MODE!!!.Score: 1/5

MicrophoneI use the app to speak through the microphone, and it stoped working properly in less than a couple of months. My voice gets cut off and sometimes it doesn’t come out at all. I tried restarting it and moving it closer to the wifi, but it still doesn’t work. But the voice from the setup mode works properly, I can here her voice very clear. Its just so frustrating..Score: 1/5

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Doesn’t load at all or takes too longLove the idea but it’s really disappointing that it takes so long to load. Whoever is ringing the doorbell has already left by the time it actually loads so you can’t even speak to them. The pop up notifications always fail too. All in all just a let down 😞.Score: 2/5

Live ViewCan’t get live view to work Just keeps spinning around and around (says activating device) but it doesn’t activate.Score: 3/5

Ok but could be betterOption for local recordings over LAN say to a NAS or a PC/Mac. Option for cloud storage with multiple cloud providers, I.e. google, Amazon, Microsoft etc. Native support for Apple HomeKit... These options would make a ok product, a superior product..Score: 1/5

Solid, but light on featuresThis is a great app for the basics of managing a camera but it’s lacking in a few essential features. You can create “modes” such as ‘away’ or ‘home’ but you don’t have good granular control of how the system operates in different modes. Eg, I always want my camera to record motion, but only send me alerts when it’s set to ‘away’, but that’s not an option. The app also asks for access to your location but it can’t do anything with that location. It would be useful it changed modes automatically based on my location..Score: 3/5

Live view doesn’t work!Everytime I click live view it doesn’t load! Day time it works better but night, it’s impossible! I’ve closed and open the app and redwin load, it’s still the same problem. What’s the point?!.Score: 1/5

Watch SupportGreat app, great product. How about support for Apple Watch.Score: 4/5

Good, but could be betterTwo things I think would make the experience better: Push notifications for battery level alerts (e.g. 25%, 10%, 5%) A desktop app (like macOS) so I can see an alert when people ring and answer them via my computer.Score: 3/5

UpdateHey. Just did software update and now cannot connect. FIX IT.Score: 1/5

Was goodUsed to be a good app but now won’t load. Crashes each time I try and load the app. I have tried deleting and reinstalling, along with restarting the iPhone. Still won’t load. The system is pretty useless without a working app. Really disappointed with it..Score: 1/5

Bad waste of moneyDon’t buy haven’t been able to use for months used once brought second battery wont recognise that both batteries are charged kept saying find ring wifi. $4 monthly fee. Joke.Score: 2/5

Motion detectionHi. Great idea to allow a motion detection. Works well great product. Thanks..Score: 5/5

Ring app does not detect solar panelRing app does not detect that a solar panel is connected to Spotlight Cam Battery - so unable to select ‘snapshot capture every 5 minutes’ Device health also says ‘no solar panel connected’ I know the solar panel is connected and working fine as I have never had to change battery.Score: 1/5

No live view on cellularSince the last update I can not access live view on cellular only on wifi, reinstalled app and it’s not the device as I have 2 a multiple locations it’s a bug within the app.Score: 5/5

Verification code doesn’t get sentTo log in it requires a 2 step verification via email. However the email doesn’t get sent. No option for text..Score: 1/5

Car play problemNot been able to get messages or notifications while driving. Request update.Score: 5/5

It needs RTSPAs an avid smart home owner, the lack of RTSP is a huge turnoff. I don’t understand why ring can’t let it’s pro plan paying users just use RTSP in order to use the cameras with a local NAS..Score: 2/5

Better not have wind outsideI don’t mind it. Customer service is pretty good but I have two cameras for outside and they go off every few seconds on slightly windy days and when it’s very windy you need to turn them off as the battery even with the extra solar panel chargers get very low very quickly. The solar connection disconnects on a regular basis for no reason so if I knew how annoying all this was going to be especially when wi-fi isn’t strong all around the house and all the way to the back yard. You are limited with where you can set up the cameras. Save a bit more and buy something better is my opinion or pay extra to get an electrician to connect them and buy Wi fi boosters..Score: 3/5

Recent updateAfter the recent update, modes fail to change from away to disarmed to home..Score: 4/5

Ring app for Apple TVHi alt the app Is good and the systems work well I would like to see the app be compatible with Apple TV.Score: 5/5

Impressive hardware and AppEverything works really well has done some for 2 years. Notifications come through to Apple Watch . Today noticed that live feed came into my watch when doorbell was run. Can’t seem to replicate that know. Would appreciate feedback.Score: 5/5

Ringtone issuesGreat purchase and have three devices - Doorbell, Chime, Camera But ringtone default OK but will not allow change of ringtones- help FAQ suggests common issue! Needs fixing at Ring end not mine?.Score: 3/5

AlertsHello have u thought about an update where u can put in a schedule of when u want alerts like say get alerts between 6pm -7am.Score: 4/5

GoodGood.Score: 5/5

App doesn’t workApp doesn’t work.Score: 1/5

Updated to New doorbell, worse than old oneSo disappointed. New Doorbell does not always connect to phone, if it does its very delayed.not a wifi issue bc my old one was fine. Don’t get notifications even tho settings are fine. Very disappointed after spending so much money. Is it a software problem??.Score: 1/5

Very poor app qualityUpdated to the latest version yesterday. I always select the silent notifications for the front door bell motion and it works quite ok. However now it keeps ringing when there’s motion in the front door, and keeps ringing even I turn off the motion detection?!!!!! What?!!!! And doesn’t matter if I select different video record time and only record for 15 secs. Very disappointed with the app now..Score: 1/5

Brilliant and easyRing doorbell and Ring chime are brilliant products, easy to configure and install. Doorbell even comes with a masonry drill bit, screwdriver and a tiny spirit level to help you install it straight. The app is very easy. Whole thing exceeds my expectations. I might get another Ring doorbell for the side gate to improve security there. Double thumbs up!.Score: 5/5

Don’t buySo dumb they make you pay for a subscription after you spend $200 on their camera how money hungry can you be terrible people don’t you have enough money already.Score: 1/5

SimonI am reasonably impressed with the system the zoom on the camera is not really fine Utan the response through the speaker is not very clear they are about the only two things that I am disappointed with.Score: 5/5

SO BAD!Since this app was updated a few months ago it just HAS NOT WORKED! For almost 2 years I had no issues then suddenly as with everything else in 2020 it turned to S!*T! There should be something that can be done surely?!.Score: 1/5

I love ringThank god ring saved my life..Score: 5/5

TiresomeForces you to re-login after each update which then makes you go to your email to add another code apart from your password. Getting pretty sick of this bad UX..Score: 1/5

I have to pay MORE money?????I’ve just spend almost $500 and only now discovered to watch ANY recordings I have to PAY?????? What a R I P O F F!!!!!! I can’t even watch back my live view. Blackmail!!!! Pay money or don’t see your security!!!! I’m going back to Arlo where my recordings are free..Score: 1/5

Overpriced, slow to connect, poor WiFi extender, Can’t set schedule for chimeDeeply disappointed with my Doorbell and ChimePro and Ring app product for a few reasons 1) The free account only allows you to see live video. If you want to go back even 10 seconds you can’t without paying Ring a monthly fee and there is no option to save footage locally. At least give the free account the ability to go back a few minutes? 2) There is a noticeable delay in answering the doorbell and by the time you connect and can see the person they have often given up and left. 3) The ChimePro WiFi extender capability is a joke. Signal is blocked by a single wall only 5 metres away. 4) There is not a setting in the app to set what times of day a particular chimepro makes audible noise. You can manually snooze the chime but not tell it what hours to operate on a schedule. Overall this is an overhyped, overpriced, and under delivering product..Score: 1/5

Apple WatchNeed live view though Apple Watch..Score: 3/5

Remove Help VideosEvery time I go and clear my history I find that I am having to remove tutorial videos. Every single time. Take them out of “my” history folder and put them into the help settings. I pay for the app not your advertising..Score: 3/5

BuggyPiece of junk, prompts you to update camera firmware and completely manages to break its own setup process..Score: 1/5

Garbage, live feed never loadsLook, it’s amazing when it works, but thats so infrequent it makes the whole thing pointless. Avoid buying this useless garbage. Complete waste of money..Score: 1/5

Some issuesLove the app.... when it works. Lately it’s been having connection issues even tho my wifi is great. Since the update my doorbell doesn’t seem to let me view it live which is a pain.Score: 3/5

A piece junkDon’t waste your time with these pieces of junk. Who ever wrote the software has no idea how to make a quality product.Score: 1/5

Ring supportHad a few issues caused by myself. Contacted Ring call directed to a rep in Arazona USA, did a remote assist and fixed my issues in a few minutes, great service, great product would buy again.Score: 5/5

Upgraded finallyI very like the latest upgrades and the fact that they did not abandon the first gen of their doorbell like many other brands..Score: 5/5

Please fix the delaysPerson long gone because of delay in app and cloud service. My internet is fast and phone on good signal and still delays on ring cloud. Please fix. I hear UEFI doorbell does not need cloud service that slows down alerts and door bell rings..Score: 2/5

Poor connectionTakes to long to load. Overrated..Score: 1/5

Makes a great paper weightFails to connect when I need it and alerts me every time the wind blows the trees.Score: 1/5

Waste of timeThe only person I would strongly recommend purchasing this to is the zoo keeper of a tortoise enclosure where speed is not a factor.Score: 1/5

Apps Reconnects When Mic Is Enabled During Live ViewPlease fix live view reconnecting when mic is enabled. It happens when you have another apps open such as radio or music apps..Score: 1/5

Live view doesn’t load up and quality is badLive view doesn’t load up and quality is bad despite 50 plus speed and there’s no AU based support. I wish I had an alternative..Score: 1/5

Need the original zones backI do like the new motion zones but can we have the option for the default zones again please how they are separated into three areas..Score: 1/5

Waaaay too slow!!I have super fast internet. By the time live view comes up (and half the time it never does) the action has passed..Score: 2/5

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